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NASSAU CTY HISTORICAL UUSEUU EISENHOWER P&RS EAST HEADOW, 8 X - U554 FREEPORT BALDWIN .\ > '-' ROOSEVELT MERRICK FREEPORT'S OFFICini NEWSPAPER '~40t!rYEAR,No.26 FREEPORT, NEW YORK, OCTOBER 23,1975 PRICE: 15^ PER COPY .; Stacks Up. •v. :.-.•.:: ..:. . ; '.: - \--.::;;• \ '\.'....\- \\'.]. m '.'.';.«.. To Be Honored ^> ..- ^ . Of Worsening Conditions FREEPOBT — Those Freeporters who had not already noticed the addition of 20 f eerextenslon stacks on the roof of Power Plant tt, .learned of them at Monday night's Village Board meeting. (Residents of the area across the creek from the Power Plant were baclragabrto regtaterixrapla^ odors, burnlnglumes id liiti cased \vibrfltlOns. ITS:iLLiGAt: Freeport Police have.l^h.irrfoycfog: Stats' and .Village laws governing tJw riding of bicycles. In the above posed picture, ''culpitts'^ Chip (Lyend Danriy Moynihan have their names and addresses taken by Pbllcf Officer Robert* Carlson for Hdlnflitwo on a bike. The procedure is for their parents to receive a letter telling them pf the violation arid aikingrtheir cooperationLin educating the children to the rules. Ajsecond offense could require the parents' -appearance at Pplfce Headquarters. The week of November 6 will be \-3-Bicyde Safety Week? In the Village.. There will: be > parents , meeting at Atkinson School, 8pm, November 5, end a Bicycle Rodeo FTlEEPORT/—;Wes; Carman, .-. ChalrraanCof thecVTAteffrirot Divisions of ;< the^ 'Pree'iiorV -Charribefr bf-ComrarerceVana prominent Freeport-Marina owner, has been named by.\ THE LEADER to receive its -John Peter.Zenger : Award at. the; 1 Stanley Rode, of East Bedell Street, told the Board that they have raised the stacks and yet from' Friday evening through Sunday, \the stench was awful.\ He complained that a telephone inquiry to. the Electric Depart- ment's office proved to him that \Ihey didn't know which-way the wind was blowing,\ He reported : .-.that the flag at the Plant showed, ^ v that' t6e?winoV was -coining train.: tber,Northeafii;\-hrlaging the of- fending .-fumes , toward the residential dlstrict,.and that the . type of oil •should have; been automatically changed to |2 oil. Spanish-speaking -people in — ticketing their cars on that street Mayor White told him that the police- give parking _ meter violation tickets throughout the village . without knowing what language the violator speaks. Parking on the streets, he said, is hot supposed to be for the all-day use. of the business people .and suggested ' that \EsppsUo' & . cooperation; along'with that of. . ;other_inerchant8rla heeded, r ;;_;. '.; \ T Nassau County pres^\Mayor White suggested that it is Association's Annual Installation ' the *2 oil (hat has the odor due to its wax content. -- - - ~ -.- When other residents Dinner.- Carman, a 'native' born . Fjreeperter, will be among those honored at the : Dinner at Salisbury Restaurant, . W t* • » £»_••» ** » • J • • ; *» V> 0 t «* U J. HUlrj tor students on November 8, 10am to *pnv « the Armory, 63 .Eisenhower Park, Friday right Babylbn Turnpike. The project Is a cooperative effort of the police,. P?^ ?*• for \* C0ntr »buti0ns school dfatrirt. PTAs and the National Guard.': ' > . -- - r^^^JJ^-fatbei^and grandfather were aiso.Freepbrt residents for;;-their, -entire f* ^T4pfn3tor voiced their .-complaints- and .dissatisfaction with the effect the \stacks were having. White told them that an indicator would be During the earlier 7:30 pm . session, the Board, was told that they could not change the speed •limit on Bedell Street to 15 mfles per hour as it is contrary to State .law. They .asked Village Counsel to confer' with the Police \ Department to determine a proper method of controlling the traffic situation on .that street. A public! hearing was set for ' November 24 to discuss a Village Homesteading —: Freeport held its firat puoUc nieeung aeaEng .with its Homesteading Program under Community Development Act funding last Thursday; at Bethel A.M.E. Church on North Main Street dose to 90. people attended and heard Superintendent ; of Community- Development; James Dunne explain the Act, its\ .implications and. the.federally, mandated process by which it must be implemented. I —The meetingrDuiH«-eiplaineoV ' was to bring about a partnership . Dunne explained that CDA monies could also be .used in drive behind the successful First Annual Canoe Race held this past summer in Freepbrt Long a 'proponent of a .vital waterfront area, he is presently working on the organization of an \In-The- Water\ Boat show for Freeport put on Power Plant ft. . .. ,-,.;, —In-convereation-Monday-af—^oi^nance_jaaridating_j:Qnu ternoon -, with Lou ::Long, pactors in apartment houses four Superintendent of Electric or more. stories high. At a Utilities. THE LEADER learned P\^' 0 \ 3 , mee . , n f'^ r p sldenui of that the Stacks nnur ovtonrf W ouc apdi Uiiejil Iiuu&c I between* government -and the people it effects, and he called for citizen, input ATrdtizen's\. com- mittee of area residents wfll be\ formed by the Mayor within the next - —few—-weeks.—' The— -Homesteading Program effects; the northeast part of Freeport, but does not include the North Main Street corridor for which other CDA monies have been allocated. \ •. . .\ \ Homesteading. \is the_ acquisition of foreclosed houses and offering them for sale, after, tbeyjare brought up to code standards, to. a new homeowner who would live In that house. Due to the funding, the houses could be .sold Jor less Jthan_what the ViHage would have to pay for it Low cost loans might also be; available - for rehabilitation. Some of the homes, which are federally owned,-mighrbe given to the program, but of these a few are in such bad condition that .they would probably. be - demoQsbed'and the lot sold to a builder. Over ninety .percent of the homes secured would be rehabilitated. homes, now being lived in by the owners. There were also, funds' allocated 'for street and utility improvement-for the section. In . answering questions \. regarding the implementation of . the Homestead Program, Dunne stressed thatrffie=specifics-have '~ not yet been worked out, that the citizens' committee would ' provide the input out that final decisions rest with the Village - Board of Trustees.; Homes owned by -absentee landlords who refuse to abide by the Village code can be- con- demned,- Dunne told one neigh* - borhood resident; 'We know the problem,\ he said, and \we know -who the worst offenders are.\ imnmve.1--THE LEADER'S award to _tujy»vTv r»»—i^^ !- u. — J ^^>—ui»— ^j ui- now extend 38 feet over the top of the roof of the • 70 foot building. To completely' eliminate the problem at . top hurricane \ winds, . Long suggested, the stacks should 1.3 times the height \of the building. In other words, Ihe stacks would ~have~tcrbe^50-70~feet -hlgheno\ completely eliminate the .downwash at any time. Long were sufficient enough for 98% of the winds from the Northeast He also 'suggested that they would than-. those experienced- that day. \Another complaint A Sooth Grove merchant Mr. Esposito, complained of what he termed police harrassment of FREEPORT — The Freeport Post Office win have no-window service and no carrier delivery service'Monday, October 27, Veteran's Day. Special delivery man win be delivered as received and the lobby wfll be open from 9 to, 3 for the. convenience of boxholdexs. Carman is. m -recognition oTTOsT life-time contributions' to' Freeport,- particularly to its waterfront area, which Is such a- ..-Stated, .however, that the stacks colorful part \of Freeport's past and* is the hope of Freeport's future. Carman's. continuing efforts-have resulted-in renewed - mterest_ in the waterfront as- evidenced by both the popular supportjof the Canoe\ Race and the extensive media coverage - which brought this part of \The Freeport Story'' to thejattenlion of many out-of-Freeporters. Early Years Born in 1934, Wesley C. Carman. H, attended Freeport High School where he was active on the school's hggic?tb?Tl team. As ,a teenager be started building boats with the Scopinich family. - He managed-Woodcleft-Maririi? for 18 years, buying bis present - Marina in 1570. - Jn^lMS.-l^year old Wes Car- man raced m the fait soap box race. sponsored by Guy Lotn- bardo. Since that time be has won ' numerous awards racing speed boats and inboards from Florida to Canada .His father was also an. (Continued on Page 3) Board of their problems since the closing of their building's in- cinerator. \ \ ' . ; . '-• Public hearings •When the Board reconvened at 9 pm, the room was crowded with . people eager to discuss proposed -local—tews—to—amend—Villager— Ordinances dealing with Marine Industries zones. While\ the commercial property owners explained that the wording of the proposed law, which could allow : some continuous use to industrial properties In case of vacancies. wbuld\~not completely\ prbl&ct them, the Mayor explained that the Board had become aware that the wording was.confusing and (Continued on Page. 6) STACKS UP. The two raw stacks on Freeport's Power PI«nt-# 2 have been erected end are now. functioning. They were designed to reduce by 40 to 50% the gaseous pollution which has been the com- plaint of southeast Freeport residents. (A LEADER photo) :(

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