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NOTICE LEGAL NOTICES-; treet.set, firingng-to -to-. >m 24.276(d) of Freeport, N.Y. i . obtain a ance, to penhit the ies a t 296 North Main eport, N.Y. aa a rJor without con- miniirium parking quirementa. Sec. 55, 252. B ti^ e s s “B” bearing due to a d - O NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed bids subject-to aU ln-' slr'uctions,’ terms and conditions hereon and pursuant to the I will be r cceived \ ''\—‘ specifications wl the Purchasing VUlage Clerk In re by Agent or the the Village Of­ fices until 4:30 P.M., or s P.M. in the Main Conference Room o fU ie Village-;HaU on_ - MondayrMarch 10th, 1975, and will -be be opened _and iead ... ____ they w ill- opened _and r il and-AppUcatiaa::raloud al:A publtcjnieetlng of the ti Morgan Bodmdm .... BoardofTrusteesafter9:00p!m., . Soulh=Long^Beach— Rreyailing time; on the said date ieport, N.Y. for a fo&the material as-specifled-gtfd hearing I - .............. .. ............tract ............ ■ ■ - ; of premi : Beach Avenu< 'I.Y., a'a a m wo-famlly dwellU .158,-Xori. the con a w a r d ^ - a s &oon -375 thereafter as practicaLior: . lue, , Various Office Supplies for the lon- PrintShopi-as-per-BpecificationSr Application ind Buckley, East Sunrise Hlgl> t, N.Y. as agent for ieyer, -for variance Ordinance Sections 24.104,24.276,24.108 erect an apartment e Southwest < . Village Clerk” ' \ Specifications, proposal and ' proposed contrTcls may be ob- __ ' tained at the office of the Pur- -- chasing Agent, 46 North Ocean ■’■orkJ Avenue, Freeport, New York.' The Village—of Freeport, i Purchai a apartment award aU or any part iwest com er also, to reject all or md Wallace said bid. • Ifr, which exceeds __ , erm itted-height; :.IT 2/19 #290 units Wallace Street, ich exceeds ed- heigl e r of dwelling ur and area; lessflioor g Stalls tl parking sU it of set-back of the I no-provision for tal B ^ ce. Sec. .55, ’to 9. (“Apartment llage—o f Freeport, reserves the right to lit of said bid, any part of Henry J . W atts,' Purchasing Agent apartm i parking V, less fl Jacob Shongut, Inc., E. Shongut,-, .went than B. Magid, S. Shiire,'Auctioneers, ig stalls than wUl sell a t 84 Bowery, New York irking stalls N.Y. at 9 am on F ^ r i a r y p, 1975 for the Freeport Loan Co. (formerJyjBi-So. Main Str. Corp.); -SoT'Main St., Freeport, N.Y., fed— pledges of iilver, -jew e lry, :h ^ , musical 95- unredeer diamonds, secondhand waiA;iica, ijjuaiucii instrum e n ts, optical goods, - cameras; typewriters, furs, and odds and ends from H13475 a s of February 21, 1974 to H16602 as of July 25, 1971 ‘ - Freeport Loan Co. 2T 2/ 13.2/ 20 #2B9 _____________ and”*Appiication-' NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING dR. Abisch—3900 (HEARING) is hereby-given to ay, ^eaford, N.Y;, b e - h e ld —by the Cojnmunity Apartment and~AppUcation irick’D. Valenti — Streeti Freeport, .-finding hearing to ed use of premises erfield Avenue, .Y. as a non- o-family dwelling. 13, Lot 729. Developmi behalf of the ay,- seaiora, n.X;, nry-Cynerys — 206 iplke, Freeport, tract a on^story Trustees non-conforming 96 Babylon Tum- , N.y.-for.-,garage C. 55, Blk. 353, Lot e “A” District.) Task F o rce on t Villagi Board of of ige B of the Village i the 25th - 1975’ a t 8:00, [. prevailing time in the Main- Conference ' Room of the Municipal Building7^46 North~ - ------------------ Iffing,\ property affected - Ocean Avenue, Freeport, New tions apd appeals __ York_tp_ptovide-residents-the- iinity to discuss future jns apd appeals __ Yoi >erson o r by agent opportiihi. my reasons- for community development ac- any objections tivities, as they pertain to Title I . y may have to the of the Housing and Community ipplicatton and b e .... Development-Act-of-1974,-_whkh== '■ — -^provides for a new program of )F THE ZONING community development block ‘PEALS. grants, effective on January!.!, INC. v n .LAr,F 1Q7R • ----- ----------- - ------- ----------- \OFFREEPORT Any-^resident or organization . GRAMLICIL J r.-'-desiring to be heard will 1e }ufy Village Clerk OPSALE »URT'. NASSAU S/yVINGS AND MARIA judgment dated (5, and duly_en- public auctioi Stah B Court n the 19th -desirin g to be heard will b , af­ forded an opportuni^ to be heard at this-hearing. ' __ __ F^ruary 10,-1975 1 T 2 / I 3 m 2 ■ . ' NOTICE OF _ _ PUBLIC HEARINtr - BYTHEBOARDOF ZONING APPEALS 'ursuanl to the provisions of ion 12, Section Z-3.0, of the I, Imowri l i r a s LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE contract dwelling^ garage^ E / j . cor. Hempstead-Babylon \rplhe. one family dwelling First dwelling unit Uingunit $20.00 Each additional dwelling proposed contracts m ay be ob­ tained at- the office of the Pur­ chasing Agent, 46 North Ocean 4.00 Avenue, Freeport,'New York.. of' the Board of' The Village of Freeport reeport “■ 83. ROOSEVELT ^.CariBlahop, - ' ' - ‘- ’-1.2 apartments' over auto repair shop, S/ E pstead-Babylon \Tp & unit Maple St. - By order at m e aoacc oi The villag e ot F a s Saturday, F e ,0. « — T «arH t/oHftn'f-o Interested parties should ap- Trustees of the Incorporated Purchaser, reserves th^rlght to . home of Mrs, Edgar E. Mapes, Const, Co., front JAro v s ™ \ ''. pear at the above time and place. VQIage ol Freeport. Freeport, . award at! or anj part ol aald bid. Chapter Regent. M n . Rebert M. ,construct dwellmg,«nr garage, By New York. ■ also, to reject all or any part of . Thwaite, ol Manhaaaet, National THOMAS D E V , ™ . sai^ hId, (Continued from Page 14) construct dwelling, garage, E / Ice PI. 430,47 ft. SI 0 Bonhdary b ELLMORB • Franpol D A R M a a t l n g FREEPORT The Forty- eighth. Anniversary of the Ruth Floyd Woodhuf] . C h apter, Daughters of the American Revolution, was celebrated Sfilurtay, Feb. 1. al the FW p o rt Beaity Co., erect one double faced, illuminated ground sign. IS-V V-ltotsl area 320 sq. ft.). ft., N /W cor. .ArraandA. Granito, Chairman Freeport, New York S S m ^ f V :k r ereef 2-part~doable IT 2/13 #281 ■ ; Chairman 'Ed Sutherland, Secretary Febniai7 1975 IT-2/-13 K294 - . Village Qerk 1T2/13:#291 any part of . Thwaite, of Manhasset, National /Chairman of Ihe-Flsg of the Henry J. Walts, Unitednited Statestates ^mommittee, m lttee, wasas -Purchaslhg Agent U S C w guest speaker. An American flag in braille was dlsplayedrThls Is a -^NOTICE OF. PUBtlCHEARING - _ NOTICE TO BIDDERS- Sealed' bids subject to all in—=Babyl . . UBLILLHEARINU ' structions,\terms and conditions 1969'a;;v;n!;“tY C _ Bd_ground sign, Proiraed Local U w to amend heregn^and pursuant to th e - - r e : B a r n e y - Wlngate,-4lambler sq. ft., overall. Codeof Ordmanc»SeGtion.i2;57- Speclticahons will be Tecelvwfby- VlN_Sl'00827:.rer Mr. Montauler ;back-6 ln. from ApplicaUon for rentaLpermits. -th e Purchasing Agent or the , 4 9 « CadUlac VIN, PBI8675TTe: iteadc . Subseebon (e) (2); ,e-- -viHaoP eW k to :7h«*-vniApe'nf.- p„io« i - '\ ' j EASE TAI® NOTICE that He ----- iblic hearing will be held by' _p. Board of Trustees of thal~ ficed, jllurainated. total- area- 264 sc height^O-ft., setbi , .... ..... ................ .................................. -P.Mr- in_the_JWain—Conference ---------------- Room of the^ViUage Hall bn- orporated VUlage of Freeport Monday, March 10th, 1975, and on March to, 1975 at-BjULp-m.,.. _ihey-wUI be opened and read ....... “Jlftg bme m-Uie C o n f^nce .aloud aPa' public m e e U n g ^ the _____ , I of the Municipal Btold&jg, Board of Trustees after 9:00 line -m a intain dwelling, S / s — 46 , Norlh Ocean Avenue, P.M., prevailing timi Orchard SI. 437 ft. B / o Cedar PI. Frel -M!Schiffman, Auctioneer, sells March 1, 1975 at 12:00 noon 174- “ Babylon T’pke, Roosevelt, N;Yr- kiU' to..makeThe' make The' flag are r™ K iT 6 S T O Boise Lang. *79°N o V b ^EU w M O R E ~ ^ variances,ariances, frontront Mastrototaro, v f Incorporated VUlage of Free' yard ayerage-setback, lot a r e a , - oh March 10, 1975 at-9_L«Lp side yardrfwnl width ^ Ibt-from ^! prevailfiig Uihe in lhe Conferc fc oil street line to front setback Room of the Municipal Btold i ^ /S r E e l line to tro n t scl .. ------ - dCedl BO. NR. ISLAND PARK --Vito HELP WANTED new p'rbjeci of the Natlonaliflag Commiiiee^ of-the-D.A.B.-^ronr. ) >^om kits to flag are liable: Flag Codes-in- braUle . avail w le. - _-vOn.Peb,-46-at 2 pm, thej4nnual ------ D.A.R.—and\rS.AR. Memwlal Service w U l-be- held jitm S t — . G e ^ ^ O r a r c h 'In Hempstead,— whee£guestB-are welcome,.. .. .. H O U S E S W ANTED T O BUY ^ -ALL- CASHTTOniNY HOME, L Etrico, Jr„ variances, front widlb, lot area, subdivision ot lot; lonstrucl dwcUlhg with garage, 60 It, N / o Bl. BELLMORE Bellroore, Inc., vaii«me^, ;e^nuiii yard average setback, with _ANY CONDITION, ANYWHERE.;;;-' Home worker wilh IBM i, . PresUge Elite or IBM ^'•>thO»^K.5'UNDALE86R-B^^^, Sands of varianc front' ....-■oachments, construct dwelling, garaj}e,_W/ Lee Pi; 672.12 ft. S/ o B< yi encroachments, re a r s to reald juiuiary. • (e) At the time of tWrfiUng of Ct. the j pplication for~a 'perinit- 82. ROOSEVELT - Carl Bishop, hereundbr, fees shall be paid in -construct addiUoh to bldg. & u se connection therewith to the prenjfees“for auto body shop, Village of Freeport pursuant to 5/'E cor. Hempsteadtfiabylon the following schedule: Tpke. & Maple St. (2) Bu'lldings-^lvith mpre-than as follows: Miscellaneous types and sizes' BE IT ENACTED by the Board of paper for.Uie P rint Shop, as per of Trustees of the Incorporated specifications, or equal. Village of Freeport as follows: __ Village Clerk Amendment to. Code of Or:^Specificatlons7 proposal and dinances : ------- - ------------- iglioti 12-57 - Application fo r _______ _ Modem Type - Bring- typing sample, fill in appUcatlbn and lake typing lest. 8:30 am t o . 4:30 pm. Ambassador Mail Advertising, 2050 Bellmore Ave.' - Bellmore, NY #567.- - d o g t r a i n i n g Problems Corr, & Olxfilienc In Your H»me-Lif«limcCiuar, Fur Free Evaluation; 354-3700 Amur. Dog Training Acatictnica- yard, rental permits Subsection (e) (2) i as follows:,- DON’S YANKEE CLIPPER MOTOR LODGE { » s : i t t * SI. ^ “ F t e i w i - j - a B m EDIffl McipSH SCHOOL OF MUSIC : EstaWishrdin 1936 Bepnneis - Advanced - College P'lepaiatoiy Courses - Rano - Violin • Violincello • Harp - Organ - Voice - Rule :— - Guitar ■ Theory • Musicianship - Ensemble - Pedagogy 4S Hillside Avenue Rockville Centre, N.I. Officehnurs. 10 t o 6 , Mon. to Fri.,9 to 1 Sat. .TeL RO4-0990“ BAG S A T E “ 'W omen's American Freeport Value Sunrise Highwtay ORT Center, 43 - ighw ■ $3 BAG S A L ^ m a n ’s, ladies,'^ children's clothing. Feb. 13-22 - 9:30 to 4 :3t_ Mon. thruuS S,a l,_ LESSO N S KSTWMWS Higii Schiiul Senior, music major H y ears experience on Clarinet, alto and tenor sax seeks 'ad (litional -students. Great will) beginners or 2nd and 3rd yeai - pupils.dtatos$5 full hour..Call FR iilt07a - your place or mine a.542 tPrARQ. P h o n iF F R 8^3133 9 am -5 pm B r i n g o r M a l L y o u r o d s to o u r o f f l e o a t 2 4 S o . G r d v a S t . , F r a O p o r t ORBS STORES ^ ' m aEANERS PUMPS y o u ™ C E N T E R - - eiefeeiF w w w B n ii* OPPICIALQIRL s c o u r » PAROCHIAL AGENCY ^■OVS-tjCHRLB llSStn IiaSi- .v’S s ^ [ s r S o M e h S U F R U I W i m i CLEM iK t B r o s : 28 S. Grove St. Fneport.N.V. ±_ FWS-24B7 F w e J e li y e t Y PAULS m a iw n s n i R E , t e . NAl?,1g“\ ’ ^ re l/6R T , j-TlOLMF.tawlB - I r AINTING r a y W I L D E R p a i n t i n g d e c o r a t i n g ___ Interiors, SM rior Wallpapering ■ :-Fully Insured ■ TREE ESTIMATES:. 868-3680-82 , : . Gerieral Contracting We welcbme~the opportunitv |—price 'your next prescription- .“ou. wW . ’ FREEPORT RfEeirtB- 3 N. .Main St: 546 -M 56 Freeport SURGICAL SUPPLIES j ___ PUMM SatnA S irvio* Induttriil A OomMk jy t t i A f u n t y t , MARTIN OIL HEATS BEST FR 8-UQO, M 283 C H U B B U K 'S - DRUe STORE — \Your Prticription Store\ 39-S. MAIN ST. fREEPC(RT FR 9-3333\— rnFR,9-7788fa HSURANCE SlfflVBORS M C A l OUTTirS Baldwin & CoroeliU! Co, Fraeiport \ Lobster Pots, w u ~ Giacken • FOB • AU INSURANCE AuNterHaiDw - ■■ ■ ■ . Atfwlce 117 w\&inri*e - •Freeport, N.Y.' FR 8-8000 f • ? II -J - ' 5 £ b S r !| 1*1* ' ...........

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