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!*»%#^j*^ ,%^j^,%!;.;^ 1^^^!?^ :',,v-^:-^'y;2^^r--r: •' • V-i, -rr. •' %rc^zz%±:_v.j:.^_j: J^L^^^^ ^-Lii^L-^L .. ;,...j.,.-.±i- E^^r/.:: ..•77^\ -' - -'••'V T^. - - vv; .^^J;<r _ •'. .,;•, r;; %•'_^^r. ..^ •• \ :-....;- '•••'•/'..•'% \/ -V/'''',' '^'\-' ^ = T -\ - , '\A/-. .'\ •• .-.''-7 •J ''*\•'\? \.y\' y^r.'':':jy,:v^i;-<^;: \ f.r r •••'*•* -. HHMHM<HMMHMHHHlHMMKHMM< *^^^^!^^tT^ '\.-^' -^ V(%^j**'!?4 < <^-J_ ™^-.»» ^-yV^^v-Hc*^ ^ -. • -y' ..- '•' ' ' v'—^ .. .-./'-^ .• \ • ' ' .'' - .%'.. *• *;.:' THE LEADER MAY THELEADEA AGE 9 1936 Published evexy Thursday Long Island, N. a* -^.'* :! Editorial and Buslnesk Office* 22 floe Street, Freeport, N, Y. ^eL Freeport 4445 _..!.... .— ,,-..- ... ,« / * . ^Entered ma sedonddaw maJTlpat' ter In the Post Office at Freeport, N. ?., under Act of March 8, 1870. ONLY HALF A LOAF •; A half a loaf Js better than none — but It isn't a whole loaf. 'The Freeport Salvation Ai;my Corps has raised only about $8pO in a two week's campaign tor $2,000 with which to carry \on Its work of aiding needy Freeport residents. This is the half loaf to which we referred. A. few weeks ago, Adjutant Jo- seph E. Heard, after taking all things into consideration, advised a citizens' committee headed by .'former Mayor Robert E. Patter- eon., that $2,000 was required to enable the Army to carry out its program for 1941 and meet any emergencies that «mighl arise during the year. He gave assurance that if this amount was raised there would be r»o additional appeals for funds during the year. Because previous \idrjves invariably have failed to net the funds required each year, €xtra appeals have had to be maddrfo' provide Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets forjjeedy fam- It was hoped to avoid this won't a record of nearly forty years in the newspaper padie, w,e*re going torglve the people of FreepQM? *t paper ^we believe they will like. The,Leader is not going to be a crusading, muckr@ck)n^p.r_.po- lltical publication, but it is going to print Tthe news without fear @r favor, and call a spade a spade when necessary. We'll be as care- ful to avoid coloring the news as it Is humanly possible^\to .be. In the event of a controversy, each side will receive equal consider- ation in the news columns, and only in the'\editorials will sides be taken. Our only aim is to enhance the welfare of the Village, by print* ing all the helpful news we can! get, and also to promote com-' munlty spirit. \ ; For the present this Is to be practically a \one-man\ publica- tion, but With every'Frceporter as g reporter; looking out for news, and with Frceport's progressive By GEORGE W GOELLER Just what caused the consider- able increase in the village tax rate for 1941-42 over the previous fiscal year? Could the rise have been avoided if the village had adopted the Town of Hempstead assessment-rolls Instead of reduc* ing the village's own assessed val- uations of the previous , years by 20 per cent ? These and other questions have aroused the Village taxpayers to a considerable degree since the original figured were .announced' even though later substantially re- duced. The wrltec has endeavored to n\ Vtlie answers to these questions with a view to enlight- ening readers of The Leader. So far as the actual budgetary figures are concerned, it was found there were two principal merchants freely advertising—edu-) reasons for the .increase—for one However, although the two , week's campaign has passed the ^ be to send j?our contribution to L. Bur- _tpn Cassin, cashier of the First J3ank\\& Trust Co., the treasurer, why not do so at once? it is not tod late. Two thousand dollars represents only a dime for every adult in Freeport. Ig'that too much to ask for so worthy a cause? Let's put the fund over! A BID FOR COOPERATION The, leader. Invites every person in Freeport to help make .this a live, newsy paper, giving every week a complete cross-section of our community life.. At the outset, The Leader will be circulated chiefly in Frccport, but if the 'inerchants evidence a desire.? for us to serve a wider territory, w<V carry along with them* As for news, wo want every \ any \that DsTc? .».lj!reeporter. We want social news »jus]L obdles.bf.lt. But we are not pmnlpreseh^^and so must rely on readers lo supply social\ ITems, advance notices on events and tips oh stories of all kinds not prevl- publlshed. We want to make \\t)ie columns not only newsy, but —^breezy and entertaining. ' .V.Tin thla^ opening Issue we are ^c^rrylngT\a hobby stor^, concern-* ifing^Chief 4)f_Police-peter Elar* •? We happened to know of the 44G3)ief'e Hobby,,but there are other . .. 4',if3L . , \* -f* people bles too. ha%&jnteresting hob* kho)v about them. This applied to other articles of Jntereat. Jus*}..glv4, us a ring or ajinejghdf we'll be seem' i%?,\'-'.'-'''^%^. -\.\• <C '\ /•' .v'yy-j.-r- !%p^v.:.^rAs/2p^*^ F*8d@™?n'\9fy?' *h i^K^ ^Ahhouncin^FTKInformatloh Please,\ Iti. KWf\ T/r4>1v-?^T *\\'•_ 7 •: yJ • •'_ • 1\- ''_. •< .2 j * ^. M^.'7^;»e?ns/,\' wai %9^\-j6%&_jOp_jcj)qpge •^•!'''NN?^ ' %^WS »^^ ; J.'*W='^4. ivfl^TJ^^ ;g catcd, we ought to make it a com- munity paper second to none on Long Island. We want every resi- dent of Freeport to regard The Leader as his paper. For the present the publication offices will be at 22 Pine St., telephone Free- port 4445. Tuke advantage of these facilities and the success of The Leader J& assured^ Lcacfcr will be .delivered at your door every week. Be on the lookout for it. A TEST FOR MERCHANTS Kor years, Freeport merchants have been preaching '\Trade a* Home\ to Freeport citizens. Dur- ing its three months uf reorgan- ized life, thisjias been the theme song of the Chamber of Com- merce. It sh'allt be the continuing rally cry of The Leader. Merchants,. ,say, with^ .perfect truth; \that.'.\jf./^e\% Slee- per ters buy their necessities here at home they. can find just as good stocks and values as are available in any nearby community or In New York City. They insist, with obvious logic, ..that, jf . toe, ?6,000 Freeport ers spend their dollars at home, . those dollars will have to stay here, will circulate here and ultimately return to the local spenders, and the local merchants then will not have to depend so much for thWr livelihood on othei communities of the South Shore. These same citizens, thua ap- pealed to b^ local merchants to do tnelr\ trading. at home, have a full right to look. qVer this issue und succeeding Issues of The Leader to see what merchants practice^ their own precepts. Free- port now has a local newspaper, 100 percent locally owned and edited, ..reach Hyp eyery /'home in Freeport, a perfect. IpcM adver- tising 'medium. Those merchants who advertise in The Leader and support It rather .than spending of which the voters of the Village alone were responsible. First was the action of the electorate in voting two bond issues, viz., $9J,000 fop the im- provement of the Village disposal plant, and $27,000 for the pur- chase of two pieces of aparatus for the Village Fire Department. Also they voted an increase in the pay of ttie .members of the police force, at a cost of approximately $7,000. Secondly, a year ago a balance of $56,846.80 was carried over from tne previous year. This money was derived from the tax sale, of arrears which had ac- cumulated over many years. Un- der the then existing statute, this money had to be used immediately for the reduction of $ the budget,' though the law \as' since Been amended to permit the distribu- tion of the .receipts of tax sales pyer the budgets of \several This\ action/- however, came too ]ate, as each \annual tax, sale In the future will only balance a suc- ceeding shortage. Other Income Lost A further loss in the village re- ceipts .for 1941 amounts to $10,000 which has been received\ for sev- eral years for the disposal of refuse from an adjacent sanitary district. Because of the growth of the Village, the Incinerator has reached almost the limit of its capacity, making it impossible to contract to burn refuse for any other community than Frceport. further, the Village has to re,- turn to—tw/ large properties a portion of excess taxes they had paid on valuations which were ordered reduced by the courts. The gross-budget for 1941-42 Is $616,304.39, while that for 1940-41 was $603,291.97, an Increase of only $13,012.42. But it was the . Tills was indicated by Village Treasurer Stephen Hunt, who f?ited the fact that a person who owned property assessed at $5,000 last year paid a tax of $50. This year under the 20 per cent re- duction, the same property is assessed at $4,000, and the tax bill will be $54.80, an increase of 9.06 per cent in actual tax pay- ments. The assessed valuation fixed by the Town of Hempstead for Free- port, on which t&e latest taxes are,levied, is $47,841,991, includ- ing $46,909,541 on real estate and $923,450 on special assessments. This is slightly more than $2,000,- 000 In excess of the Village valu- ations for 1940-41. Taxes Lower Mere drop of revenues from sources their own dollars n .out-of-town publications are thd ones, the only ones, who have* a \Wght!, to urge Froeporters to do likewise. Those whu plead for home- town loyalty and cooperation with local institutions arc how going to demonstrate, during the next two or three weeks, by their 'adver- tising, whether thpy are genuine- ly In earnest— whether they have any right to ask Freeport citizens to trade at home. The advertise- ments WJll t«H , glory. Check them. And , The Leader warmJy commends to Freoport buyers the merchants advertising herein as -meriting their full confidence and Hearty BoySdo^Dnve Fonwer/Aaypr Robert E. Pat- lersoh jg^bhajnhan for Freenqrt in the annual- KasSau l%unty Boy Scout other than taxes that caused the increase in the net budget and consequent tax rate rise. A year ago\ these additional re- ceipts totaled $154,736.30, ' MiMe for the ensuing year the .^antici- pated yield is only $116,p!9.66, with the result- that the new net budget agregateg/ $500,174.73, against $448,555.67 for 1940-41. *As a result of the success of the two property owners in winning reductions In their assessed valua- tions after a court fight, the Vil- lage Fathers voted, to reduce all assessed valuations 20 per cent. This was done In fairness, to all property owners, ag under this plan every taxpayer will pay the same ratio of taxes as he has done in,.the_pas{ despite the ad- verse dedsjon, of the court. Only SAghk Rise -Thu&_lh« $l?p&?ta»;ra*e-of last year was based oil a, total assessed valuation o( $44,85^657, while the rate, .of .$%.37 adopted for tfie dur- 3%ar la based on a valuation of ineorrect to say. that the tax ra,te has-been Increased 37^ ^plntsJlt ls^ really only an increase of 12 Ml&^ .Scoutif&mdK}drl%VwmchV]WjU get has-been increased 37^Ints. M&%%w officially7\lo3norrow is ^really only an increase of W%^^ ,^^•^7;^;^ !v?%'\y'U•:• \'\.•'.''• •••'^'''• • • • }•' \\- \-\' ''...'.\•'\...' _'. '• •- • . , ~ . '\..•'. WW .a%j^%;;)^ I B™»^^ other\ sources than local taxes, are derived prin- cipally from income, beverage and mortgage taxes, levied by the State and distributed among the towns, cities and Incorporated vil- lages of the several counties of the state. There are other sources of revenue, but they are negligi- ble. Ralph C. Cook, Receiver of Taxes for the Town ot Hemp- stead, revealed that the only, state tax distributed by the town au- thorities was the beverage tax, which he said was apportioned on the basis of the population of an incorporated village as indicated in the last census. Consequently, the assessed valuation of the vil- lage has no affect on the return to Freeport oif this source of revenue. Other Income Sources Though the tax laws indicate the Income tax and mortgage tax are based on asaasscd valuation, the budget a ry*t*6stlmates show that the prospective receipts from The Village Board'issued a cir- cular Uils week containing com- parative figures for taxes in Freeport, Hempstead and Rock- ville Centre, indicating that tax- payers here have a slight edge on Hempstead property owners. ' One house in each village as- sessed by the town at $5,000 is pictured, An whlph it is shown that the local property owner would 'jpay $51.65 in taxes, the Hempstead owner, $61.44, and the RockvJlle Centre owner, $52,20 based on tax rates of $1.37, $1.28 and $1.16 .respectively. These fig- ures indicated that the assess- ments were much higher in Hemp- stead and slightly more in Rock- ^ville.Centre than in Freeport. It was also shown that the owner of a house assessed at $7 - 900 by the I town would pay $67.95 here, $89.60 in Hempstead and $69.60 in RockviJlc Centre. them will 'be the same as last year. The figures follow: Beverage tax—Received in 1940, $26,556.95; Expected in 1941 $26,- 500. ' State Income tax—Received in 1940, $24,325.93; Expect^ in 1941, $24,300. Mortgage tax—Received in 1940, $2,580.69; Expected in 1941, $2,500. Consequently, it would seem that regardless of the assessment figures used, the taxes for 1941 would have been the same under either . the Village bases as adopted or under the town figures, while had the 1940 assessment - rolls applied for 1941, all other taxpayers would have had to make up for the loss in revenue from the two property ownerp who succeeded in obtaining reductions in assess- ments ,by recourse, to the courts. Judge Bidsell Delivers Address, Musical Program Given— \Anything one attempts to say about mother leaves so much un- said one .could say, cpncejrning^the noble one who brought him Into this worjd,\ Presiding Justice Pel- ham St. George Bissell of the Municipal Court of the City _ of New York, and a Freeport resi- dent said in his address at .the Mother's Day exercises of the Freeport Lodge, 1253 B.P.O. Elks, in the lodge room Sunday night. He referred to the golden recollections of childhood when mother \could do for you as, she wanted to mold .your life a)ong the lines* she wanted it to be.\ \All through life,\ Justice Bis- sell continued, \we have had the protection, care and love of our motherd, a love both with us and In us. And though the day has come when she has gone from :%nsny o&us; that mother-love con- tinue^ to be both in us and with us, striving still to make us better and worthier for our country/' Justice Bissel cited the solictous care of Jesus Christ for His molhcr, as from he crgss he called to his beloved disciple John, \Son Behold thy mother.\ He referred ,also to Lincoln's declaration, \All I am and all I ever hope to be I owe to my angel mother.\ He considered the heroism of the mothers of the days of the Pilgrims, of those who went west, across the rolling plains'in prairie schooners and the Gold Star mothers of the WOrld War who \gave all for the common good.\ The Justice called on those vSFose ;mothers are still living \to Home Legion As organization director of the Home Legion for Nasau County, Mrs. Worden Winne, Wife of the Mayor, will name the chairmen to conduct the activities ofythe or- ganization in the various towns and villages. She has requested women interested in the communicate with her at rcher st. She is particularly anxious to gain the services of Bothers of boys in camps. Mrs. Winne was appointed by the Home ifcgion president, Mrs. Irving James, of Northport. Freeport Women To To Aid National Defence i Elizabeth Greenleaf Will Marry Teacher The engagement of Miss Eliza- beth Grecnleaf of 29 Elm Place to Lester C. MiMard, member of the high school faculty of Brook- field, N. Y., was announced this week by the bride-to-be's parents. She is active in the Daughters of the American Revolution, and with her fiance was graduated in 1939 from St. Lawrence Univer- sity, Daughters of Uwion Will Meet Tuesday The Daughters of the Union will meet Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. Charles Kehm, 24 Clau- rome place, at which time it is expected that' Mrs. George^D. Smith, State Regent, will be pre- sent and dedicate the flag. *-*.:_=*_.j^ky Aireltey Putting the %\\' P'^ Are old debts and the overflow of extra expenses pressing your back against the Perhaps we can help you out with a PERSONAL LOAN We have performed a similar service for many others. If you are reliable and steadily employed, you \can borrow and repay monthly. It will be a pleasure to cooperate with you in any way we can. TRUT Member FedeioJ Deposit^ Insurance Corporation , ' -^ \ 4. ' ' • •/' '\' ' I Knight John Donovan und Chap- lain Charles V. McDonald partici- pated by reading sglcclions from the 'ritual relating'*to the' pbserv- »=— n* Mother^ ?)ay. ^; e assured them that no sacri- fice would be in vain and urged his listeners to love their mothers and to let ^hat love b? manifested. Exalted Ruler Edward F. Meaney presided over the exer- cises and Past Exalted Ruler Worden E.. Winne, Esquire Geojjge, -Wv Berns, Esteemed Lecturing Knignt Adolph A. Horowitz, Es- teepied \Loyal Knight Theodore N. deGiacomo, Esteemed Leading ance Miss Kay Kauch, soptdno, and Charles M. Viney, bass, accom- panied by organist,' Walter J Blaile, Red carnations were given to those whose mothers arc still living.and white to those whose mothers have died. Past Exalted Ruler H. Alfred ! VoHmer was chairman of the Mother's Day Committee. The drill team which assisted through- out the excrcises^was directed by Capt. Joseph P. Glynn, Jr. WHEN IMDEATHOME YOUR DOHARS STAY HERE when you buy elsewhere, your dollarp are pone from Freeport forever. You'll never »ee Ihedl again. Jf you take your money (iut of Freeport, what magic will bring It back so that some of It at leapt will find Its way Into your purse again? Non«. But money spent locally is a boomerang. .It returns to yoO. If you rush off to some other community or to the city to buy artlcleg without first making nure they cannot be had here at home, you are causing your- self inconvenience, lo?s of time, and probably paying as much or more than the cost here. In addition, you are cheating yourself of any chance to get those dollars back..in normal community circulation of MEEPORT STORES FBST .. • . * . (Thle apace contributed by The Leader) *-,. ^•--i.^.^r- •'^^''^\%v:f%?%X:-^^^ 1^ ./.' .. ,' ^yiA^-L—v--' •.'^^iJ^]^.:--\! \^.^.. '' Registration days \vill be held by the Nassau County Women's National Defense Committee in alj the public schools In Freeport next Monday,, and Monday, Ma} 26, from 3 to 9 p. m. All women who desire to take part in some work and be of as- sistance in preparing for *h*Ufons:l defense have been requested to enroll on one of these nights. Numerous activities uru listed for at least jnu of which every woman is eligible, ranging from \taking care 01 children to driving cars and ambulances. Other lines are First Aid, and nursing: Volun- teers are also needed to take the place of housewives and mothers eligible for some of the more arduous tasks, but who cannot leave their homes unless someone relieves them while they are awuy. In each school the Parent- Teacher Association \yill be in charge of the registration. The various chairmen arc: High School—Mrs. Curtis T. Brail; Archer st.—Mrs. William A. Clcary; Cleveland ave\ Miss Amy Grant; Columbus Ave. Mrs. Louis Popeil; Grove si.— Mrs. Henry Single; Seaman ave.—Mrs. Allen Dawc. The Women's Auxiliary of the William Clinton Story Tost, Amer- ican Legion is also assisting, but the president, Mrs. May Larsen announced that the. members had been assigned to schools in Bald- win which had no P.T.A. groups. Freeportera To Attend Event J. R, Sprague Several Village Hall officials are among a large number ol Frceporters who have made reser- vations for the reception and din- ner Thursday night? June 2, at the'Garden City Hoto, Honoring J. RUsscl Sprague, County Execu- tive* Former Mayor Robert E. Patterson and Secretary G. Hurst Paul of the Chamber of Commerce are among the others to attend The event is sponsored by James E. Stiles, for the presentation to Mr. Sprague. of the Daily Review- Star's Distinguished Service Award for 1941. To Give Concert * . '<' At Jones Beach Julian 1). Smith Gives Talk To Spartan Lodge ... Spartan Loo\ge 956, F. & A. M., which is having a fino year under the leadership of Its Worshipful Master, Kenneth E. Vought, had an excellent attendance at its semi-monthly meeting on Tuesday night. The features were an address on the history of Freemasons by Julian D. Smith, Past Master of Wantagh Lodge, and a full-form exemplification of the Third De- gree Drama by Spartan's Fcllow- crafl learn, under the direction of Past Master Edmund T. Cheshire. Young Muaiciana Ako tb Appear m Freemen Drill Saturjay^ \\ J. Maynard Wettlaufer, director of the Frecporl High School band, lias arranged an interesting pro- gram for the concert with which the musicians will open the sea- son at Jones'Bouch State Park Saturday at 3 p. m. The band will play in the music shell on the boardwalk, and also demon- strate'its marching precision. In addition. Drum. Major Patricia Bromley will give a demonstra- tion of baton-twirling. Thr program is as follows: Chorale: Sleepers Wake, J. S. Bach. Overture: Barber of Seville, Rossini. Coronet S.olo: Annir LaUrie\ Faniiisie, Clay Smith, with Har- old Comvay (9th grade), soloist. Descriptive Fantasy: 1776, Za- CLASSIFIED FOR RENT 6-room bungalow, hot water heat, oil burner, fireplace, hard- wood floors, newly .decorated, gar- age. Rent $50 ;pe_rrhionth, Tele- phone FrecpbiPr'5662.' HOUSE FOR SALE Frceport — 6-room bungalow, steam heat, oil burner, newly decorated inside and out. Near school and convenient to station.' New price, $4,500. Terms. DaSilva, 45 \V. Sunrise Hwy., Freeport 385 . ' iSchwer Helps Plan Hofstra Demonstration Frederick W. Schwer, of this village, Is a member of the*stu- dent committee in charge of ar- rangements for the fifth Annual science show for Long Island high Rchod? students and Instructors*to be conducted Saturday at Hofstra College. He is majoring Jn science. Prof. George H. Burnham Js chair- man of (he genera] committee. A MODERN BUNGALOW PLAN in brick home, beautiful tiled bath and 2 bedrooms 1st floor, fire- place & oil burner, steam heat, & child's playroom and large bedrm. 2nd floor. Spacious ven- eered rumpus room & bar in base- ment. An ideal home set among a number of shade tfees In a fine section of FrecporL Now priced st $5,000. Terms. VAIL QF pfNES - REAL ESTATE (OPEN EVES.) 57 N. Main »}., Frpt-. 9468 WHITEWASH In PASTE VISITORS FROM NEW JERSEY Mr. and Mra. W. Puul Smith, of Livingston, N. J., visited Mr. Smith's parents, Mr and Mrs. Wil- liam .P. Smith of 107 North Ocean ave., over the weekend. They were accompanied by their sons, Robert and Walter. March: Stars and Stripes For- ever, John Philip Sousa. Tuba solo: Pomposo, Hayes* with Charles Ashley,.soloist. March: New Colonial Hall, with demonstration of baton twirling by Patricia Bromley. God Birss America, Irving Ber- lin, special arrangement by J. M. WeUlaufer. The band also is scheduled to participate in a number of events before the end of the \term! ' It wjll play In the Holy^ Name 8b* ciety. rally and parade &t hur^t* Sunday^ afternoon j/.* concert at the Freeport Theatre on Thursday night, May 29, in conjunction with the observance of the 13th anniversary of th%. playhousc; partlcipnU* In the Memorial Day parade on May 30; appear at the night baseball game at the Stadium on Thursday night, June 5; lead the \Sunday School puruQo Saturday afternoon June 7, and participate in the \ High School commencement pro* gram Friday night, J\np.37. j\Ju»t Add Wi&terand Apply\ JThis new \Redymixt Whitewash Paste\ Is reduced with equal parts of pater for both in- terior and exterior application. Non-ScaHng Non-Rubbing Waterproof COST YOU 50c PER GALLON When Reduced With Equal Partd of Water Approximate covering capacity —250 sq. ft. on wood—200 sq. - (i. on brick—275 sq. ft., on plaster—suitable for wallboard, cement and cinder blocks, to decrease transmission of light through windows, __to\ \reflect heat from asphalt gravel roofs, asbestos shingles, etc. GOOD FOOD FAIR PRICES QUICK /SERVICE Theserthinga await you at our !nuq#culate OPEN ALL NIGHT Self Service or Table Service A Trial will Convince You Abraham Slagd J. A. SIZGEL & CO. 99 S. Main St. Freeport Tel: Freeport 6100 for thfoau* Wall Paper ?- r^- SaaMaa aod paint for purp ' oae € &R CAFETERIA i. . Bill Collier, Manager \_.:' ! 1 ' , ' ' ' ' /\' 43 iSVeat MerHck Road Freepor* 'f •• ^w*.l •#*(.• 3 j ..W\ •a .: Vi j,. / K« t\V!*Kl \. ' ^ TT\—-.» V^*

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