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Ask State Educatio n Chief Act on Principal' s Tenure BAYPORT—A length y telegram urging him to intercede in behalf of Dr. Robert C. Whitsitt , Bayport Hi g h School principal whose tenure there may be in doubt , has been sent to State Education Commissioner James E. Allen , Jr. The wire was signed b y John T. Obri g of Bayport , tempora ry chairman of the Citizens Committee for Better Education of the Bayport-Blue Point Union Free , f School District 5. Mr. Obri g, who is also a former mem- ber of the board of educa- tion , requested the imme- diate intervention of Dr. Al- len to prevent \ the indis- criminate dismissal\ of the principal. The telegram claimed that in private caucus Dcct mber 1 , five members of the nine-man school board agreed not to extend tenure and asked Dr. Whitsitt to resign despite his nomination by the dis- t rict superintendent (Waher M. Ormsby, superintendent of the Second Supervisory District) and ecommendation of r h? supervis- ing princi pal (Mr. Hill). Mi' . Obrig said the committee \ speaking f or at least 070 voters in a district where the average total vote in the last thre° years was 777 entrea t ed Dr. Whitsitt not to resi gn. \ The 670 were sign- ers of a petition to the school board in support of g 'anting ten- ure to Dr. Whitsitt. Action on the part of Commis- sioner Allen was asked \before a legal vote by the board is made in this matter on either Decem- ber 15 or January 5. . . \ It was added : \We earnestly request you to intervene to prevent dam- age to our school system. \ Roth December 15 and January 5 are dates on which the school board has scheduled meetings. They will be held in the new hig h school cafeteria here on Snedecor Avenue , Bayport , at 8 p. m. A large Continued on page 5 , this section Federa l Spud Program Will Get Rolling Soon Sales Crucial. The Federal Government' s decision to lend a hel ping hand to po- tato gtowers. announced last week in Washington by Secretary of Agriculture Orville L. Freeman , has kindled new hope in the Eastern Long Island farm community, depressed in sp irit and pocketbook by penny-a-pound returns on the 1901 •?> — \¦op- r-w _ v* Loca l farm organizations and governmental agricultura l agencies are now striving to start the hall rolling in the direct purchase pro- gram ^ initiated for spud growing areas which are barred from the starch-flour-feed diversion pro- gram by lack of conversion facili- ties and large livestock herds. Plans drawn up by the U. S. Department of Agriculture call for the limited purchase of potatoes in such areas for donation to school:- and other eligible institu- tions within the sta 1 e of purchase Purchases arc to be restricted to Quantities which these outlets can use without waste. The o fficial announcement states that purchase. - will be made on the basis of 5U - or HJO-pound sacks ol ' 17 S . No. 1 gre.de. Size A, two- irch minimum potatoes , with not more than one-half of one per ci nt . -oft rot. The price will be Sl. f;. \ > per hundredweight , load 'd on railroad cars or trucks at ship- ping point. Purchase operations will be handled locally by the Suffolk Countv Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation C o ni m i 11 e e , which has its office at 127 Fast Main Sti eet , Riverhead. Yesterday, Elmer J. Mather secretary of the committee and its executive officer , said he is* awaiting official instructions from the state office in Syracuse, and predict ed the program will be in operation by Christmas week. Mather described the program as \ a step in the right direction. \ He added: \As presentl y set up, it will not be a big deal, but it should hei)) to stimulate the com- me' rial market. \ Walte r ITisko of Manorville is Continued on page 7 , this section Town Board Adopts Anti-Litter Ordinance Increases License Fees: The Brookhaven Town Board Tuesday adopted an anti-litter or- dinance following a public hearing. Special Town Attorney Norman Lechtrecker of Patchogue. who prepared the amendment to the town ordinance , explained that the distinctive aspect of the ordinance is that the charge for operation is p laced on the business of the refuse collectors as opposed to charging a fee for those vehicles using a town dump. The new ordinance provides that an annual license fee of $100 ba charged for each vehicle of a re- fuse collector. Previousl y, the or- dinance stipulated $100 * for the first vehicle and $25 for each suc- ceeding vehicle operated by one firm. At the public hearing Council- man Harold Chapman indicated that he opposed the increased li- cense fee because of what he de- scribed as the \hardship \ it might •\ause the small operator. License Fees Sanitation Superintendent John Reidy said he recommended the $100 fee for each vehicle. \Each truck brings an equa 1 amount, \ said Mr. Reidy. \Each truck should pay the same amount The former requirement ($100 for the first truck and $25 for each succeeding truck) favored the big operator at the expense of the small operator. The man with one truck pavs $100 and the man with three trucks pavs $150. It isn 't fair. \ The ordinance further requires that +he nropertv owner is re- sponsible for keeping his property clean and free of refuse , even if the property owner did not cause the refuse to be placed on his property. On this point Erich Dallro er of Holtsville argued that \it is not fair \ to make this requirement of the propert y own- er. He said that often unknown Continued on naee 6. this section WELCOMED TO BOARD — Supervisor August Stout , Jr., Tuesday presented plate commemor- ating Civil War Centennial to Miss Grace Auch- terlonie of Dundee , Scotland , exchange teacher at Bellport High School. John Sharp of London , exchange teacher at Bayport Hi gh School , also received p late. They were introduced by Miss Laura Ebell , town historian. In background are Councilmen Frank Coveney, left , and Howard Rowland. —Maple Leaf Photo Service Patchoguer Coaches Fencing Carries on Husban d' s Work: ON GUARD!—Mrs. Thomas P. Cakouros , who is David Wetsell, left , and Terry Giannone. Both coaching Newfield High School varsity and junior Mr. and Mrs. Cakouros are professional fencers varsit y fencing teams while her husband , the who arc also teachers in School District 11 (Gen- re gular coach , is serving in United States Army, tereach-Selden). demonstrates correct \ on guard\ position to —Hanley Photo By John McLain Mrs. Thomas P. Cakouros of !)(* • Map le Avenue , Patchogue. is carrying on one p hase of her hus- band' s work while he is serving in the United States Army in Fort Bragg, N. C. She is coach- ing the fencing team which he es- tablished in 1960 when he came to teach history in School District 11 ( Centereaeh-Selden). It is the kind of work Mrs. Ca- kouros likes , for she is a f_meer of professional rank with her hus- band. But it is not the onl y work- she does. She teaches English to seventh graders at the Oxhead Road Junior High School. Five afternoons per week Ellen Cakouros instructs a varsit y and junior varsity team in the ancient art of fencing. Both the varsity and JV won the first meet of the season December 2 . -lgainst Sewanhaka High School in Floral Park and the squad members look forward to a full season. A sig- nificant \target\ date in the neai future is the Sewanhaka Electi i- cal Foil Tournament in which Norma n Nord and Pete D'Esposi- to will represent Newfield Hi gh School. Mr. Cakouros was able to be present for the first meet and he and his wife launched the teams on their new season. A reservist , Mr. Cakouros was called into ac- tive duty during the recent mili- tary build-up ordered by President Kennedy, but he hopes to get back to Patchogue on periodic leaves: 1) to see his wife and 2) to keep in touch with the fencing teams. Fencing has been important to Mr. and Mrs. Cakouros. In fact , it was through fencing that they met each other. Both were stu- dents at New York University, where they were on the men ' s and women ' s fencing teams. Mrs. Ca- kouros served on the team three years and was captian of the team in her senior year. Mrs. Cakouros , who is original- ly from , the Bronx , is in her se- cond year of* teaching in District 11. Her husband , a Long islander from Freeport. began teaching in the district in February 1000 , and taught ninth and tenth graders un- til he was called up. In 1960-01 he established a full fencing season on the junior var- sity level. The squad was unde- feated with a 6-0 record. At the end of season tournament Mr. Ca- kouros ' team was the victor. One squad member took firsl-piaco in- dividual and another wu.i third- place individual. The pres\nt 1901- '02 season is the first time Newfield has pric- ed a varsity in competition. They will meet Huntington , Northport, , Islip. West Babylon , Easte rn Mi- litary A c a d e in y, Haroort'ields , Plainvievv and W' neatley. Their coach is Mrs. Cakouros. Town Leases 2 Acres At AAastic Air Strip To Federal Government: The Brookhaven Town Board Tuesday authorized Supervisor August Stout , Jr.. to lease 1.95 acres of land at the Mastic Air Sni p to the United States Corps of Engineers for use by the United State. - Air Force Reserve Recovery Group. The motion was made by Councilman Harold Chapman. The resolution stated that the lease was in \both the national interest and the interest of the residents of the town. \ The town authorized a five-year lease from December 5 , 1901 to December 4 , 1966. after turning- down the Army ' s request for a 50- year lease. Quonset huts will be located on the area which will be surrounded by a fence. Parking Lot The board voted to lease prop- erty for t* town parking lot be- tween Canal Street and Union Avenue on the south side of Mon- tauk Highway. William Dranitzke of the Patchogu e and Center Moriches law firm of Dranitzke & Lechtrecker , submitted the executed leases for si gnatures at tho Tuesday meeting. Final ap- proval of the project will be sub- ject , to a permissive referendum. Since taking office in J 960 , Mr. Chapman has pressed for comp le- tion of the project . In addition to providing off-stree ' parking faci- lities , he said , the lot w ill p ovule a means for emergency veir -1 ¦< to parallel Montauk Highway in case it is filled with automobile- . The five propert y owners who leased their property to the town for five years are Security Na- tional Bank , Suffolk Pharmacy. Inc., Mr . and Mrs. John Hallfeld. John Ftrlazzo and the Township Improvement Corp. CM Station The Long Island Rail Road answered a query by th \ town board about the possibilit y of im- proving the appearance of the former railroad station in Center Moriches. \It looks b'ke a devil' s rag hag, \ said Councilman Chapman. \[' ¦o- p le say don ' t jud ge Center Mor- iches b y its railroad sta T inn. \ Earlier, tiie Chamber of Com- merce of the Moriches asked tho Continued on page 7 , this section Plaque Honors Village Service Of Ex -Mayor In an impre -ive c ' rem. my at the beginning ot ,h • Patenogue Villa g e Board meeii.i g ' , Monday, ioro.tr Ma\er (ieoige E. Lecn- ti ' ecker wa- pre . n .od wit h a , . \ .. • •it\ to. - n tiitoriu - . -eivice to th ¦ villa g e ' \ .Mayor Rmiert T. Waldij aucr and the v liage tiu-- :<es. 1 he pi , .que no\ ,1 the 10 y ar- oi -erv.it , ' wo yi ar- a- a tiuiuee and e ght ye ii' s a- mayor , and the ' .iccompii-hmer.t- dun. 'g Mr. Lechn cker . - ad aini. -li ation . \oted on tiie p laque wen : The building of the Patchogue Muni- cipal poo] , the development of the Four Sist\i- ( oni'i ,unity ( enter , t'le variou- recreational facilities , and tne advancement of the vil- lage to the hi g h degie\ of pro- gr ess that has made PatchoL- ue the leading village on the South shore. Mr . Li chtreckor . who practices L.w in ihe ti , m of Dranitzke and Lechtrecker of Patchogue , accept- ed the p laque , -lgned b y Ma\wr Waldbauer and th \ trustee. - , and -tated that he wa- overwhelmed by the fibute paid him by tiie village administration. Captain Irving Week- . Fifth Piec net Po ' . ' c\ i on*mander , re- ported that If -ca-ona! patrol- ic- 'ti have been added to the reg- ¦ .;!»• ¦ patrol in the area for the ho lidav s\a-o'i. The-e additional 1 ' ontinucd on page 6 , this section BMH Has New Heliport TOUCHDOWN by U. S. Air Force helicopter on first designated hosp ital heliport on Long Island , is shown at Brookhaven Memor- ial Hospital , East Patchogue , approximatel y 150 feet from emer- gency entrance. Emergency room nurse can be seen standing by in background with stretcher awaiting possible patient delivery. Also seen in background is Patchogue Fire Department Ambulance bringing in patient. Crew member could make tracks for emer- gen *y room to bring life-giving blood or serum. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED , helicopter lifts off. Speed and man- euverability of this means of transportation could save precious minutes in tight foi' life. White target area in foreground marks landing area. Hospital officials feel that this is step forward in providing every forseeable modern communit y service. Above pictures were taken during practice exercise in cooperation with Air Force officials and helicopter crewmen stationed at Suffolk Countv Air Force Base at Westhampton Beach. The U. S. Army Corps of En- gineers will conduct a public hear- ing at 1:30 p. m. January 11 on possible navigation improvements in Port Jefferson Harbor with particular reference to the dredg- ing of a channel of adequate di- mensions to facilitate the move- ment of present and prospective commerce. The hearing will be held on the second floor of the tax office building on the corner of Main and East Main Streets , Port Jef- ferson. The present authorized Federal project provides for an entrance channel 16 feet deep and 300 feet wide from Long Island Sound in- to Port Jefferson Harbor for a distance of six-tenths of one mile , and the extension of the east jet- ty for a distance of 450 feet. At its Tuesday meeting the Brookhaven Town Board appoint- ed Patchogue Attorney Robert Bauer to represent the town in Continued on page 6. this section Public Hearing Jan. 11 on P J Harbor Dredg ing Elect Benincasa P' chogue Village GOP Chairman Albert A. Benincasa was elect- ed chairman of the Patchogtxe Village Republican committee at a meeting of the Patchogue com- mitteemen Tuesday night at Suffolk Albert A. Benincasa GOP headquarters in Blue Point. Mr Benincasa took office immedi- ately and succeeds Bernard Burton , a local attorney, who declined re- Continued on page 5 , this section RI VERHEAD—The Suf- folk Board of Supervisors on Monday took the first step towards public sewage disposal in the five western townshi ps of the county, as it authorized County Execu- tive H. Lee Dennison to ap- pl y for an interest-free Fed- era l loan to conduct prelim- inary eng ineering surveys on the program. The vote **o initiate the program was adopted unanimously by the seven members present. Three su- pervisors , Arthur Cromarty of Babylon , Th'»mas Harwood of Is- lip, and Robert Fl ynn of Hunt- ington , were absent. Following the meeting, Shelter Island Supervisor Evans K. Griffing stated that the affirmative votes of the east end supervisors \ should show we are | not against progressive measures for the good of the count y. \ Mr. Dennison said he will appl y in about six weeks for the loan , which will be over $500 , 000. First , the county must hire consultants to prepare the surveys. The sur- veys should take 18 to 24 months , Mr. Dennison said. They will be paid for out of the Federal loan. Mr. Dennison said repayment of the loan will not be made by the county, but will be paid back gradually as the individual sewer- age districts are established. \The users will pay for the system , and it should not cost more than $5 per month foi - each homeowner within his district. \ Mr. Dennison declared. The multi-million dollar plan will be undertaken gradually, dis- trict by district, over the years , with the engineering surveys show- ing where the work should first begin. The proposed sewer district would cover the western town- shi ps of Babylon , Islip, Hunting- ton , Smithtown and most of Brook- haven. About 90 per cent of Brookha- ven Township will be covered , be- cause the sewage district will be Continued on page 6 , this section . Suffolk Acts To Initiate Sewe r Plan Supervisor-Elect Charles R. Dominy appeared before the Brookhaven Town Board at Tuesday ' s meeting and re- quested the board to postpone adoption of the proposed town fire ordinance until such time as the ordinance could be re-submitted to local fire or- ganizations for further re- view. Mr. Dominy said later , \I have received numerous calls from people holding official capacities within various local fire organizations and appar- ently there are questions which should be more clearl y- explained to the satisfaction of the people who will be most closely connected with the ordinance. \ Super-Elect Asks Fire Ord. Review From Smith' s Pt. Park to West Of M' ches Inlet RIVERHEAD — Elabor- ate plans for dune restora- tion on Great South Beach (Fire Island) and the dred g- ing of a channel in Grea t South Bay just north of the Barrier Beach were re- vealed Monday as the Board of Supervisors here approved an expenditure of $1 , 330 , 500 for the project. Ini' pioject is to begin in the Spring and should be completed in one year , accord.ng to County Ex- ecutive IL Le\ Dennison. One- liaif of the total cost will be reimbui-ed to the county b y the . -ta.o , Mr. Dennison said. Tne dune restoration program will bog i'i at Smith' s Point Park and terminate at county-owned piopc.ty on the west side of Mor- uhe.s Inlet, a total distance of 3. ' .Yd mil\- . The channel dredging project calls for a channel the . -time len g th , . \ .00 feet wide , with depths of up ,o 175 f eet. The chan- nel will b\ locate , ! j ,,- t north of File I-land in the r.Ioriche- Bay portion of ( ileal South tJay. and will connect with the liuer Coastal Wa ' .eiway at . - < vera! locations , Mr. Denni s on -aid. The waterway is in need of di edging, and the county ha. - roquo t « d the Federal govornni \nt to undertake that pro- j ect. Mr. Dennison said tiie dredg- ing will be done by pi ivate con- tr actor- . The fill removed to cieate th\ channel will be dumped along the dune- , to create a mini- mum dun \ eleva tion of 20 feet above mean waf-r. (half wav be- tween hi gh and low tide). The fill will be dumped on a 200-foot count y right-of-way from Smith' s Point to Moriches Inlet. A future related project will be Continued on page 7 , this section Civic leaders of the Lake Kmik- onkoma area mc wi ' h ,o\\ i of- licials at town hall Deccrotr ti m connection with ihe offer to tne town of the Raynor Beach proper- ty on the lake. Appraisals having been obtained , the owners have recently indicated that a price of X. ' mO . Oi.O would be ticcptable foi ti.e propert y w.dc u includes three acie- along Lake Shore Drive includin g tlu beach aiea , ami 17-p lus acre. - of upland . •uitable for -poit. - , p icnicking and future d\vel.)pment. Since hot ' 1 ' [slip and , - > nit htown ! have tow.i betu..e- on I auo Ron- konkoma , tl' .e Raynor Bcu li pro- pi rty puiiha-o would make possi- ble a .ow n beat a foi t,i\ tow a re. -ident. - . At the Decembei 0 meeting, re pu-senting the town were Coun- cilmen John J. Foley and Howard Rowland , and Parks Supervisor Jerome Sadofsky. Representing the civic and service organiza- tions of Lalte Ronkonkoma were : Walter Dunham , supervising pri- ncipal , Sachem Central School Dis- continued on page 6 , this section Town Studies Property Offer At Lake Ronk . ¦ Section Pag , Mayp i > i 3 S P. .q' \ it 2 1 ' ¦nue Pt) nt 1 3 Pi' t 'okh., ' a\ ei: Sent ' . 1 Hat en • _ 1 ( > ¦ ¦) ) , ' V.u . , lV _ l.ah Cio\\ I ¦ _ Center Moricres . \ > 1 ; nam \ ¦; Fa-I Moi 'ie ' us 3 3 1- a--t Patch .gue Edit. 3 V a t*< nl 3 _ E.:s \ wood Villag e tv * Pawn Es t ates 1 2 t:o . -do'i Ib-ights Edit. \ Holt- i'le- & Farmi ' i ^ viile 1 1 FoHn oak Edit . 2 iw7inor\ ilY :; :; .Mastic •; ¦ __ Ma- ' v Kcaeh \ 2 Midi ' ord 1-i.id. >i 'dh'd' e I. -land Moi i hes Patchegtu \ - .en \ Reniseubut' g tV Speonk . ¦ ' • ' • ' • Eidc - a li> it. 0 Ronkonkoma tv 'he Lake > ¦ Selden - ;; Shirlev cv Masti' \c' - •• ; \apha'A ' - COMMUNITY NEWS INDEX

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