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The Long Island advance. (Patchogue, N.Y.) 1961-current, July 27, 1961, Image 3

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— IN ¦ __ — ^m ^mMMMMmmmwmmmmmmmmmmm ^mmmmmmmM¦¦—— —^—^—— ^—^— ^^^^^^ M ^^^^^^^^ M ^^^^^^^ ^ ^ M K^ GtiNts ^tjj^g^S^SBSflBBJ HflTO fl^^ ^^ E^^^/ i&Sk «¦¦ ^ ^\ ^^E^^^ ^i*^' ^ SELECTION... VALUE... STYLING at bigger ^ £^5**^ th an ever savings during this sale event! > - —f t&nnf eif / f i- — , % ^SlP^ i ^g#$^^ v W? -\ I \^tn&io/L ^^. + \\ GRANTS GIVK f ' & } % } ; I CREEN / )f , ihri f r r ,r < v <- • \ * : i ' \< ' ^ \ f t > 'i ' { i - ; ^ u > :ni $r* \* '$ \ \ I ' '? • < ' , ' !! f | f | f |/ A< u ' - = £ ¦ - - ^* ; ' *\* li* ii ^' r - / %JT ~™li * ' J ' - J 1 H ' $ '?! J Jrf< ,j* I T 1 ? f SAVINGS HARMONY... SOFT , ABSORBENT COTTONS FOR FATHER AND SON Men ' s Rib Knit T-Shirts Boys ' Flat Knit T-Shirts m mm HP^T P^TWMi . - ¦HBBH^&BHHBH^H \ ' * ^ I _ ; ^ Full-cut cap sleeve shirts close- i Closely knit combed cotton. Mora i - \l ]y rib knit of selected cottons. . stitches to the inch mean longer \ l Full cut for comfort. Sizes 36-46. J wear. Absorbent. Full-cut. 6 to 16. \ I - Men ' s Broadcloth Shorts | Boys ' Rib Knit Briefs Regula r HE J HUH 1 J Aegu/ar L]L WU i > 64c each ^ ^Mf!! 1 J 4* |pJ |§rff }' : HI I ^B^^MM ^ \$ Grants 'Magic Value ' at 64c \ . You 'd I Quality cotton rib knit for elas- ^ ' \\- pay 79? elsewhere. Vat-dyed prints , ticity, absorbency, strength. Heat- r j *\ solids. Sanforized. 2 styles . 32-44. I resist elastic waist. Sizes 6 to 16. > s ? m % * - •\ ' ? <¦ ¦;— - - - ~: '/ ^^> ^ SPECIALLY PRICED! J SALE SAYINGS! /£ iH iiV y WOMEN'S GIRLS' // , - - __ . \) |Y V/^ RUNPROOF j EIDERLON* ^ ^- >1 \J/ %SS5^^' ACETATE TRICOTS J BRIEFS V ^£S i/ Regular 39c-49c B jHSjl ffl * Regular 39c each g^JSjLl Fsis band and elastic leg briefs ai»e 'Ginger Lane ' . Blend of rayon for lus- full-cut , run-resistant. Woven elastic - tre plus cotton for absorbency. Ma* guaranteed for ga rment life. 5 to 10. J chine washable , shrink-resistant , 6-16. \g^ SHOP GRANTS SAVE CASH ^gJ ^5 and GET JJ^/ GREEN STAMPS ^p m ^I ^m. \ *mm tfci ;#tioii yr B»f?S BMBHHBi atltH ¦^^¦H&||9HBVE9^ffiH9QB^B^^^HR9E^K^^^^^^^BB^^^E^S5SSB^^^^^H^BHB^B^HBr ^¦J p l tiAWJ JJl^g^BgBggBtmBmwMmm&Bml&mmmmtimmm OPEN MONDAY NITE TO 9 FRIDA Y N ITE TO 9:30 Shop with Confidence^—Member Patchogue Merchants Division r-\\\\wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww»www»wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww»i 36 YEARS OF RESPONSIBLE GUARANTEED WORK I Re-Roofing • R^-Siding Aluminum Windows y/ ' ^lt aBk I Doors and Awnings I S MI I i wBmlll ! Nothing Down ... 5 Yrs. to Pay! M^^BM^S/ I ^r ^ft^e^SlBB^HBBBPm JJ&Bt M Mc RA E BROS. ^S ! 410 West Main Street Patchogue tfffSft r^ tLvJJsl j GROVER 5-4200 \ i j NPFD to Sponsor Invitation Drill ; Six Events Set An invitation firemen ' s drill sponsored by the North Patchogue Fire Department will be held Au- gust 5 in North Patchog-uc , near the firehouse. Scheduled to start at 1:30 p. m. there will be six events with many departments from Brookhaven Town expected to participate. In conjunction with the drill a block party will be held on the firehouse grounds with refresh- ments and games. A colored con- sole television set and four other awards will be made that evening. Saturday night , the North Pat- chogu e Fire Department with its band and Ladies ' Auxiliary have accepted an invitation to parade in Oceanside. Oceanside and Free- port , which have the top fire de- partment bands in Nassau County, have been rival competitors of North Patchogue for manv years. On August 20 , the NPFD band conducted by Eugene Romeo will give a free concert at Hallock park in North Patchogue under the lights starting at 8 p. m. The concert is being sponsoi^ed by the Noz'th Patchogue Civic Associa- tion. The North Patchoguers will tra - vel to Rochester August 25 to participate in the annual New York State Firemen ' s Association convention parade. An Advance specialty ! Wedding invitations whose perfection in printing, design and paper qual- ity cannot fail to please the pocketbook. —Adv. No te d Phys icis t Named Director of B'haven Lab UPTON — Dr. I. I. Rabi , pres- ident of Associated Universities , Inc., has announced the appoint- ment of Dr. Maurice Goldhaber , an outstanding authority in nu- < leai ;)/)( ! fundamental particle ph\Mcs , as director of Brookhaven National Laboratory, which is op- erated hv AU1 foi the U.S. Atom- ic Energy Commission . Dr. Goldhaber succeeds Dr. Le- land J. Haworth , who was appoint- ed a member of the U.S. Atomic Eneigy Commission April 15. In the mteiim . Dr. C F . Tape har son ed as acting director of the laboiatoiy, and will continue to seive as depi.ty dnectoi under Dr. Goldhaber. Hoi n April 18. Wll , in Lemberg, Austria, Dr. Goldhaber has had a long and distinguished career in p h\ ^ i ( s . Ho st.u ti'd his education m tlvs field at the University of Keilin. He then went to the famous Ca\endish Laboratory at Cam- budge University, under the di- rection of the great Lord Ernest Rutherford. Another well-known physicist with whom he worked , Sir James Chadw lck , was also at the laboratory at that time. Dr. Goldhaber took his Ph. D. m phy- sics m l!KW . He continued at Cam- bndge as a Chailes Kingsley Rye Fellow at Magdalene College un- til \9' A8. In that year he came to the United States to accept a po- sition on the faculty of the Uni- \ersity of Illinois , where he re- mained as piofessor of ph ysics un- til 15)50 . Ho became a U.S. citizen in lit 14. From 1!>46 to 1950 he also sen ed as a consultant to the Ai gonne National Laboratory near Chicatro. 111. Dr. Goldhaber joined the phy- sics department of Brookhaven Na- tional Laboratoiy in 1950; from 15)ii0 until the present he has sei'v- ed as chairman of that department. Although his main interest is in the experimental field , he has al- so shown a very deep insight into theory. His work is recognized in- ternationally, and he has lectured ¦widel y on his researches. In 1955 he was honored by giving the Moms Loeb Lectures in Physics at Harvard University. He has been a visiting lecturer in phy- sics at the Weizmann Institute in Israel , at the Italian Summer School of Physics , and at Nordita , the Scandinavian Institute of Theo- retical and Atomic Ph ysics. He is a consultant at Los Alamos Scien- tific Laboratory and is a nvember of the advisory committee for p hy- sics at Oak Ridge National Lab- oratory. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a member of the advisory panel for physics of the Nationa l Sci- ence Foundation. He and his co- woi kers have contributed numer- Dr. Maurice Goldhaber ous articles to the physics litera- ture. Among the important disco\eries in which he participated are : The nuclear p hoto-electric effect; the reactions of slow neutrons with light nuclei , such as the reaction with lithium-6 by which the vitally important isotope tritium is made , the reaction with bo2'on-10 which is used as a neutron detector , and the reaction with nitrogen-14 which leads to carbon-14 , the iso- tope used in investigations of or- ganic materials; the first observa- tion of nuclear disintegrations in photographic emulsions; and the observation that beryllium has a sufficiently small capture cross section for slow neutrons to be a useful neutron moderator in reac- tors. These discoveries have form- ed the basis of a good deal of modern nuclear science and tech- nology. At Brookhaven , Dr. Goldhaber has specialized in the stud y of nu- clear isomers and fundamenta l particles. Isomers are nuclei which do not diffe r in either their pro- ton number or their neutron num- ber , but possess a different inter- nal structure and lifetime. The first evidence for the existence of nuclear isomers came in 1921 fiom the German radiochemist, Ot- to Hahn , who found two isomers in the natural uranium series. Since that time , hundreds of ex- amples of nuclear isomerism have been discovered , many by Dr. Goldhaber and his collaborators , whose researches hel ped to bring order into this comp lex field. In most instances , there are isomer- ic pairs onl y, but triple isomerism has been observed in a few cases. A few years ago , in a most or- iginal experiment , he and his col- leagues established the fact that the elusive neutrino has a left- handed spin. The sun and the stai s of our galaxy emit neutrinos , but if any far-away anti-galaxy ex- ists , its stars would emit rig ht- handed anti-neutrinos. Dr. Goldhaber will remain chair- man of the high energy advisory committee which decides on the experimental programs for the two Brookhaven high energy accelera- tors , the 3-BeV Cosmotron and the 33-BeV Alternating Gradient Syn- chro toon. Dr. Goldhaber resides in Bay- port. His wife , Gertrude , a well- known nuclear physicist , is also at Brookhaven National Labora- tory. The Goldhabers have two sons , Alfre d , who just graduated from Harvard University and is now entering Princeton University for graduate work in p hysics, and Michael , who is a junior at Har- vard University. MEMORIAL TROPHY was won by the Hager- man Fire Department for placing first in effi- ciency contest at Brookhaven Town Drill held at Blue Point Saturday. Trophy is in memory of George Brunquell , who had been a member of North Patchogue Fire Department for over 25 years , and had served as custodian for many years. Trophy was made possible from contri- butions from North Patchogue firemen and Mr. Brunquell' s many friends. A department must place first in efficiency contest for three years in order to gain permanent possession of trophy. Pictured from left to right are Harold Wor- rad , captain of NPFD drill team ; Robert Christ- man , NPFD deputy chief; James Metcalf , pres- ident of Brookhaven Town Volunteer Firemen ' s Association , and Robert Todd of North Patch - ogue , president of Brookhaven Town Drill Team Captains ' Association. —Maple Leaf Photo Service NP Civic Assn. Praises Stout . Municipa l Units Commends Industrial Zoning: The North Patchogue Civic As- ' sociation recentl y commended Su- pervisor August Stout , Jr., the Town Board and Planning Board on their decision to lezone 77 acres on Sunrise Highway in North Patchomi e for industrial use. In a letter signed by PhiL' p A. Alloy, public relations dhvetor , the association also praised the rezoning of the propert y on East Main Street in Patchogue for a new movie theatre. \As you know the North Patch- ogue Civic Association has gone on record for more industry in the area , '' the letter to Mr. Stout con- tinued. \At this time more lands should be set aside for industrial and business puiposes in the Sun- rise Hi g hway area. \We are happy to note that your Planning Board has drawn up an orderl y plan for industry and business on Sunrise Hi ghway. Such planning will eliminate all future ' spot zoning. ' \When we have an area set aside for industry and business all future home owners will know that this area is the industrial and business area. Then , they can buy with confidence that they will not aw ake one day and find a gas sta- tion in their back yards. \This has been a p lan ' we ' of the North Patchogue Civic Asso- ciation have fostered for a number of years. You have p lanned well for the western end of Sunrise Highway. We are hoping that you will plan equall y as well for the eastern end ( east of Swan Creek) of the Sunrise Highway. Continued from page 1 , this section and east on Middle Road to the site of the drill. The grandstands were set up in the parking field of the new Brookhaven Town beach at Corey Avenue. The pa- rade winners were for best ap- pearing men , North Patchogue; best music, first place band , North Patchogue and second place , Med- ford Drum Corps; best appearing ladies ' auxiliary, North Patchogue. At 3 2:30 p. m., the drill got underway beginning with the in- dividual ladder. Eastport came in first with the time at 5.4 and Center Moriches and East Mori- ches drew for second and third places respectively, each with the time at 5.8. In the three-man lad- der . North Patchogue took first place with the time of 8.2 , Cen- tereach was second with the time of 8.3 and Hagerman was third with the time of 8.6. In the run- ning hose , the Patchogue Van Guards took first place with the time of 13.4 , Eastport drew se- cond place and North Patchogue , third , each with the time of K5 .L In the running hose rep lacement , Hagerman took first p lace with the time of 26.1 , Centereach was second with the time of 28.0 and East Moriches was third with the time of 29.3. Hagerman was also first in efficiency with the time of 11.9 , East Moriches came in second p lace with the time of 14.1 and North Patchogue was close be- hind for third place with the time of 14.2. The final contest , buckets , presented the leg trop hy to Blue Point with the time of 39.0 , but because they were the hosts , they were unable to score in points , therefore , first place went to Ha- german with the time of 40.4 , se- cond place went to the Patchogue Van Guards with the time of 46.2 and third p lace w r ent to East Moi- - iches with the time of 48.5. Ex-chief Richard Berg of Blue Point was chairman of the affair , which was sponsored by the Brook- haven Town Racing Team Cap- tains Association. Judges were as follows : General judges , Walter Ruland , Haskell Warner and Wil- lard McGinnis; timers , Frank Hol- mann , Al Stig and Fred Slater; loading and starting, Richard Bod- dy, Lonny Maletta , William Petty and Fred Bachtelei ; at the finish , Henry Raymond , Howard Brown , Arthur Mapes and Charles Miller, and at the h ydrant , Wally Roth and Cyril Davis. Parade judges were Hi Smith , Jacob Kellas and Arthur Miller. Ow en Heal y was the announcer. Guests included supervisor Au- guest Stout , Jr., who spoke briefly , Councilman John Foley, James Metcalf , president of the Brookha- \en Town Volunteer Firemen ' s As- sociation , and Jerome Sadofsk y, commissioner of parks. Fireman ' s Drill Polic e Are Seeking Hit-and-Run Driver; Bayport Man Injured Suffolk Count y police are seek- ing this week the hit-and-run driver of a vehicle which struck a Bayport man Tuesday night on Montau k Hi g hway near Ecke Avenue in North Bell port. Struck from the rear as he was riding a bicycle west on the high - way about 10:30 p.m. was George Lalliberty, 28 , of 84 Bayview Avenue. Brookhaven Memorial Hospital authorities said he is in fair condition after suffering facial lacerations and a head in- jury. He was taken to the hospital by the Bellport Fi re Department ambulance. Fifth Precinct Patrolman Stan- ley Dixon , who investigate d the accident , said he was patrolling east on the highway when he came upon the injured man \ about 10 seconds \ after he was stiuck. \We have a mirror from the hit-and-run car , \ Patrolman Dixon said , \ and have checked on two suspects . \ Ins^e yo9{ (gf aUatte S6 *fi&) N ^ Mafe &Mt • toj d h ^ / TO BE SUCCESSFUL — ADVERTISE —_^____ -^_____________^___ * H 1%. i \YES SIR . . . A CHIP * OFF THE OLD BLOCK !\ You 'll want candid photos of your little \ chi p \ to recall his earl > j ears. We have cameras , film and photo serv- ice. Sff dcxkeortes at&ett c/ow to - WO U LD YOU WALK 4 BLOCKS FOR 4 CENTS ? . Hardl y! Yet you voluntaril y walk even further , to pay many a bill in person— when it would take onl y a 40 stamp to carry your check to its destination. And it takes only minutes to open a check- ing account at our bank. Enoug h said. ^ Peoples NATIONAL BANK OF PATCHOGUE 115 EAST MAIN STREET , PATCHOGUE GRover 5-4700 Sunrise Branch — 100 East Sunrise Highway MID-ISLAND OFFICE — RO UTE 25 , SELDEN Member Federa l Deposit Insurance Corp. Member Federal Reserve System TED PILGER ' S - \Thought for the week\ ^am ^ THE FINANCING of insurance premiums is one of the most £$m&l^^nb. ' helpful services our agency offers you. It' s a budget-payment , W ^^^^ m^^ easy-on-the-pocketbook monthly payment plan. .IJJtf * ' ' - ' \; ^B| You no longer have to pay your entire insurance premium in S^ ^'^^M^m one large cash payment when you deal with the PILGER Agency. W^wS^HmL Just make a small down payment and the balance of the premium I^^Jf^oH^^^ will be immediately FINANCED for you. \• WWm ^^M^m^mi • INSURANCE • REAL ESTATE always call .^^SwSf PILGER AGENCY af rf ig!IL ] 218 Medford Ave. Patchogue I 3lJI W W^t^^^ HISTORIC BED—George L. Weeks , Jr., presi- dent of General William Floyd Chapter , Sons of the American Revolution , points to bed on which George Washington slept at Sagtikos Manor , Brightwaters. Mr. Weeks , with Robert D. L. Gardiner , owner of manor , conducted guided tour& there in cooperation with Daughters of the American Revolution over Independence Day weekend. SAR also dedicated flagpole chapter had g iven to manor. —Advance Photo by Martin The Charles W. Taylor Chapter , Order of De Molay, will hold a car wash at Frank Ayer ' s Garage , Medford Avenue and Barton Ave- nue , Patchogue , from 9:30 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Saturday. For p ick- up service , call GRover 5-2380. CAR WASH SATURDAY Plans are set for a gala night at 8 p. m. August 18 at Canoe Place Inn , Hampton Bays, for the Play Ball with the proceeds to go tc the Youth Activities Fund of the Suffolk County Air Force Base. Chairman of the event is Mrs. Paul Waldo, wife of the mayor of Westhampton Beach. Lester Lan- in ' s Orchestra will provide the music. A fashion show will be staged by Paola Taraza of the Cockle Shell , a clothing store in West- hampton Beach. Mr. John will furnish the hats. Benefit Dance Is Set For AF Base Children RIVERHEAD — A $300 , 000 ex- penditure for the construction of Union Street Extension in the Town of lslip was approved here Monday by the Board of Super- visors. The right-of-way for this exten- sion was purchased by the county 10 years ago. Union Street now runs to lslip Avenue. When the work is completed it will run east 1.02 miles to Division Street. Supers OK lsli p Town Union Street Extension

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