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1,“, .‘.a-,~‘-_:.~_..5r.«~‘33_.«v‘ ‘ -: .,4Y-, vi» \ n/«\' 1. ‘-u_‘v,.' ‘ M m 4, V g,‘ :'.;.‘\.;ji§ I“ ‘_._ ,:.?f. A f.,,,; E 5' 7‘ sf’ u _ 2‘ . E§\,\‘ , THE HILY JGDURNHL =OFFlCIAL PAPER ‘F OR ‘THE ENTIRE TOWNSHIP OF WEST SENECA N. Y. ‘VOL I BUFFALO, N. Y. FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 1916 LACKAWANNA, N. Y V K! {*4 xx. ; UR-P'LU1S ‘IS, according ‘to the vbookshinery, “that which remains when use or need is satis excess beyond what is required; over plus.”—Now if Buffalo pumps MORE water than it uses, ‘please tell us vjvhere she pumps it to? élf Buffalo does NOT pump more water than she uses, then she has no surplus and if she should sell Lackawanna water and she has not got it stored up some where she will have to start extra pumps to pump the water and pay for labor, coal etc., to ‘do it, then be it resolved that it is NOT SURPLUS water and becomes a marketable pro- duct so that Buffalo would come under the head of a public service corporation which would be une‘onsti‘tutiona«l, therefore be it further resolved that any business r or city official who put; this city to the expense of their going to Albany to try to have a ‘bill pased that everybody who uses their thinker knew was unconstitutional, should be made to pay back into the city treasury the sum of money each expended on the Junket to the capitol IF BUFFALO HAS so much water that she does not ‘know what to do with it, will Mr. Wicks et al please inform us why South Park uses Western N.‘ Y. Water? Why the (‘ITY OF BUFFALO USES Western N. Y. Water in her Almshouse? ' You can't pull this stuff 011' in this city any «more without the citizens knowing what's going on, since the DAILY ‘JOURNAL got on the job‘ V from that Junket trip, as it was authorized by the Common Council, and they can CLAIM “for the good of the cause\ but it really was for the purpose of a few “dead ones“ to get their name There is no law that will get our money back in print and while the Assembly at Albany gave ‘them the “hook\’ as they always get, yet some of them asume the airs of the signers of the “Declaration of Independence\ since their return home, after a brief visit «to Albany at the expense of’ the fellow who has to work 12 hours a day, at the “plant\ and then borrow money to pay his taxes. Will Mr. ’I'=oomey, Wicks et al tell us why Bulfalo don’t supply their Almshouse—-we’ll tell you-—eshe can‘! pump water on the second out there any better than she could deliver it on the 2d of Father Ba'ker’s Institutions When those institutions got their water from Buffalo. REMEMBER THAT TIME? TVRAAMP TRAMP TRAMP THE BO0Z‘E IS ‘MARBHING FINE EGEI-T0 MEETING YESTERDAY JUDGE REFUSES T0 DISMISS INJUNCTIUN » WIIIMEII ADMINISTRATION AME.‘-SS 4.110 7. GERARD GUMPLIANGE WITH THE CITY CHARTER Ream-tad That He may Be Beaur- of Message \o End the War. Republican Meeting Yesterday at Headquarters Showed Fine Spirit Existing Among all of the (iommitteemen Chartel‘ ('allL=(1 for (‘ity l\Iaps to JUDGE ‘HISSELL HAS TWICE REFUSED T0 DISMISS INJUHGTIUN WITHOUT AH ARGUMENT FROM BGTH SIDES be )'Iude (\onlyrzlcted for and Work Super- \is'ed b_\ Manx ell E. Briggs. J us! Completed Mr. Sisson Made a Very Patriotic Appeal to all Committeemen to (‘ut Personalities in This Campaign. ' Big Adjunct to the city Corporation Counsel O'Conno1 Has Been Twice Refused G000 STUFF Tin m.1;. ~.|:\y\~, \\l.1-.3 4»--1 [hi- -1I_\ $,,...-u_¢-.1-~ mm in the -‘I,\ {run- ..x:'~ --E?-~ - ..1-»m\'.u:. ~-~x.'.~-1~ 1-» -In .I..-I 4-»IuH!.~~)nnv-\ uf [nil-lav \\<n'k~' 1':-um and 211'!»-up-EL iv: nu-gm - nun |>_\ lhv ]Hu1Il«- nf xhv . m 'I‘m- nn:.~lnng of ms-w l1..:[~- mm- pl:-It-s ‘.1 ml} Illetlm-1' ~t-- K\--u !u.1I. had In-nu |,{un:‘rv] fur _\r:.n'~ 'l‘lu- Wixlmu 1' u-lvum:~tx.n -n '-In ‘r.1-'--‘I I'M!’ .4 «ml ',~ .I, \: w’ \ - v-, [lluliun uf lh--es» mzu-~ nm an -iv’ n‘~ lwmz axrum:--:1 .:.ud t:ur n‘...: u:.. 1. 1'.- lu blur px'mz.~ I-xt-.-lull-ll lulu 1.1.1» _\'<-m‘ HANDED EVENINIE NEWS Must Be Argued Out and Settled 600!) ONE’ For Once and All The ta.\‘1:ayc=r.-. of I.zu-ka\\'zu1mL shuulxl prairw the nvtiun of Judgv Uns- sell in matter of the iujum-L-mn gut- tun by (‘lxaaz W. Ellxs against the rity rt-~'truining [hr «-it)‘ from vuminmim; an illegal vuutrurt it maul» with Un- liufiulo Enquirer to do the vm print- ing. ‘ It is not so much the amount of real money involved In tlll.-a item as it is to establish the corrert meaning of our vity charter, on this subjerl. .\lln1n_\'. .\I:n‘r-h 21%. (\nnnui-.~inne~r ”|'l‘lIl1llll1 M. Bigg.-2 of thv Statr Health I)u1mrt1nm1t Imp: nu t)]\]In|‘t- unity tn uxgc (hr llcIt'.\‘.-ll._V‘ of II1I{l’lI|lJl hu L11 lI\ tmtntlxu; out that hlrlh t'('l‘tHll2ElLes aw nfte-1|-lluu-~ new- .-.<.-al'y in ul‘torllf9 to pro\':« lhv right to voter. marry. inhf'l‘ii ;::'n1wrL\‘. huld -4-rtain puhlir uffiw-s and for .~-huol and Pl1\])l0_\‘X1l|‘lll plll'pU.st'~ The l1e\\'.\'[):l1)l‘l'S haw })l'()\'l|lt-(1 ln: Blggs with twn 11:-xx nr*.:unxent.~ fur regirstmtiott of births. A Buffulu nvws story notes that as ex re-.~‘ult of William Siultlons. t‘ormvrl_v of Buffalo and now of S(‘Oty1£lll(1. being able to. secure (*erti(lr-atiun to thu favt that he was burn in Buffalo, he willj escape being ful'(»C!(1 lntn tlw Brittsh arnty and sent to the l-Jurupezut wart front. [ A l'tit-.a pant-.l' tells how 1| young man of .\Inlll.L{Ol1!(-'l‘_\' munty \\'£l..\“ saved from being smut to prison by' the fa--.t that hls pastor was able to; produt-e a birth certitltzute slmwlngt that tho prxsoner was only sixte-z-H; years of am‘ at the time of the com- mission of the allegml crime-.. The] young man was il1di('.t8(1 by the grancl jury and farm] a lnm: H-rm uf prison, hut the inte|'\~'»~uiiun of (lu- lmy's ministm‘ set-uretl 1‘e1vz1.~'(- uni parole. The State Departxneut uf lleztlth. tl1rnul:h its vvry cum1)n-l1<-nsi\'t- .~_\.~‘- tl-u1 ul‘ l‘L‘t‘nl‘lLs, is able to supply. «upit~.~ ul’ hirth r.o1't.i at any\ timv. and the munlwr nt‘ l‘I't[llv.~t.~‘ for suuh t‘.t‘l'll Á L mu--h larger than \\‘m1hl lu- o,\‘1wmvtl. Rm’--nt re- qttosté frmn (‘uuzulu in'«li’-.ut.v that N'- ~id--uts nl‘ tho llnmininn. ltlm th» mung mam lm\\ in S. ntl.1u-l. :m- w- -urlug hlrlh H‘l‘lt‘.f‘l\.(1I.\'.~‘ in «ml--1 to prwvunt thvir be-lug tlrut't:--l fur xnil~' mu-_\ .~v:'\'i-1-. Yesterday afternoon the llemtbli- can County Gotnmittee met at lli-2ul- ([l.l2ll'lt'l'>. uu til“ of Mr. Sissull. (‘lmlr man, and the largest gatliorimz of Committeemen responded. than has been the custom for years. It seems that the people are arous- ed to the latest attempt to split up the G. 0. P. and they don't propose to allow smother break. like the one that. thru its operations. elected a Democratic prnsiclent. Mr. Sisson in his i‘ema.i'ks said in part: “I insist that each and every one of you. refrain from personali- ties In this canipziigii and if there is any one here who came here and they feel that they are being mislead. I want them to stand up and they will be allowed to with(li'a.w. “The Evening News has said we invite committeemen here. they not knowing what they cauiie for and if they (lid they would not have come. “If anyone present is in sympathy with the Pi'iInzu*y (‘onnnittee. that's their own affair. this is a meeting of the Regular Republican County (‘om- niitteee and ive do not want the Eve- ning News to say. you “fore enticed to come hora. not knowing the pur- pose tliercfor. (‘mt fru m.:p~ xv.--rr 1-uni ft-x h_\ H»- l.1~t udlnxln‘-truhnu ~u Illa! \~-u .41- not asked tn pa,‘ WI‘ thvm n--\\ Be that as it may. yet there is roas- ons. and good ones. why our tax- payers should object. they should not. stand for this ztdministratiou paying 7 cents for something it was getting for 4 cents and auothvr roas- .ou is. they are sending. purely Lark- awzuma business into Buffalo. THE HAT THAT MACKEY WORE P\oto by Arnetuuxn Pres: Association. If you think Mr. Taxpayer and Businessman that sending business to Buffalo. espet-ially (‘icy husiness is conducive of building up I.zu-ka- wanna. you want to get after Mr. 0‘(‘onnox' and urge him to work hard- er than he is doing to st-e that the- city business continues 10 go tlu-re But. In-l uu.\‘une~ svv the hat Lhut. Man kr-5 \\'m'P. I‘;-nu S1 I‘zuri«-k'.~ Dzu. Talk about re.»-.ps-rt. With his 1198.11 we--1. ;\’~ hv \\'.11k<-cl alnm; .\IaIn Hu:h\\.|_\ Nut :1 man in lun- Lnokwl half so That's what Il1f'_\' all $Pt'm('d to 5-1_\' A4 ;\la«ko_v (ml. with his old {imp lid l'pnu St I’mriv1i's I>u_v A Sl‘B.\‘(‘HIB1-IR BmTz1ln. Y .\'Inrnh 2;’, 1916. Hdilm‘ Thv Juurnnl l)r.zn' $11‘. I auu t'lltllL\1llL( lutrn-\\:Lh a short H-xw on St I'a.1,x'1-In «l.a,\ purmlr Tilt‘ [uplx 1.~ \l'ln- Hal That. ;\1.nlu-_\ \~ \\'m ‘.\lu-l\~\ ilw -.un1,\ mm m‘ Smut: lm \ I “M: (Jan! 5.-u ‘-vault! imulix mum 11 nu {hr .'<«uuh l~'url\ n-~\\~ 11- 1m «-1 \‘-u: rIllt'I1Il'I~- 111;: mun-1. DR. WAITEIS CHARGED - WITH DOUBLE MURDER Mr. ’l‘axpaye1‘ and Busines.~u11an if you think we should keep our busin- ess in Laeknwanna. especially‘ if we get the smile goods at almost om--lmlf less price. then you should tell .\lr. O'(‘om1or that he is making a serious niistake in spending _\_‘()lll' time and your money in the injunx-— tiou Mr. Ellis obtained. to t.r_‘-' to keep busine.-s in Laekaxvannn '1‘llE J0l'Rl\'.~\L. thinks Mr. l<1lh~ has the support of nearly even hn~in vsstnali and taxpayer in this ril). in irying to keep business here. iml when the Buffalo Enquirer r.n|n-- ulll here and without any u-utmu-mu-u. suppmtell nnly by in few pnlm-mn.~ with 0. political grollelt. rzlrlml .1\\n_\ li:u-kuwzuunl bllsin(‘\'s from l.:u'k.-|- \\uuu:1indu~tr_\ Mr. I42-Ilia j\”l|n'll II-Lu i'1'u_v. and slnmned it Illld he .10! Flu- :Hll‘l'0l'l. of 1.110 h‘ll!|l'I')Iu~ (\umt ml’ the- State 01' \'ew York. We still atzmcl 11 n-llzxmo tn :l'N\A 11' \\‘e do you 11111sLpu_\‘ T ex-nt~ an lm-< fut‘ printing matter that Till-I Jul liN,\l. \VH\‘ g(~ll.illl! 4 (:1-Ht.» int‘. 5.»; that “hat ,\nu rhnmzx-.1 ..-lmmm tr::tiun.u for. just to .~‘(~t- Ium l.I~1 then‘ run 51::-ml ynn nmne,\\! Junhet..<: In .-\lhzu1,\'. 7 cents for 4 cent: $l3Il.I)nu, f.or the ]5l1l1l1l'l'~Tl'll*i. ’ Surplus wmur. Mine Gut such 21 llllilli an hu- Ailegeu He Poisoned His Father- ln-Law and Mother-In-Law. Next Sniulav is the 2d anniversary uf Mr. S. D. Nichols entry into Gospel Missionary TOI1l[)0l‘£lllL'(\ work and he will. on Suiulay might, be at the Cov- enanl; I’x'osl)_vte1‘ian church. cor. E. I“er‘ry and Nllcliigan avenue. to deliver 11 t<enipm~am=c address. Mr. Nli-liols in his \'l‘i'amp\ l9(‘flll‘F takes on tho garb of a rpgular “holm\ and his appeal to (-amnion reason. is so <-onvim-ing that he has made: many (‘()I1\’Pl‘lH to tho cause of tonlperam-9. Mr .\'icliols is assisted by Anna Starrott l\'i('hnls who is a violinist. of su1\m'im- mnrits and the lialf-hour (zone:-rt. wliic-li al\va_\'s pret-nmls his lN‘t\1x~o-4 is of sut-li a high quality that when his In:-[.1111-2: are S('lll\{l1ll(‘(] at the (liffm-c-int <-lilii-r-lies, he is always greet- ed by a vor_\' largo numlmr of pmple from nthvr (listriv.1< wlwrv hp had been pro\'inu.~:l_\'. It is a treat to hear lmth lml.i1i'm' and xnusi<-inn. all are xvolomnu \It €Ll\_\'011(‘ is here 5110 fevls that ho is not in synxpatlxy with this org:m—- ization let him speak now and he may withdraw before the regular buslnesc is begun to be t1‘am«acto(1.\ Just why uw Evening Nvws jumps from pillar to post. is not vle:u'l_\' un- <le1‘sloud by sumu. hut. (lu-x‘c= only hp one wall rnusnu why tho .\'<-ws is trying to boost the .~'.t0r1{ of the Prim- ury Cuxu1nittue1u1(1 that is. they must have \vzLmod sunw ])olit.iuz11 1mlx'u11agv and fail:-:1 to gm it so now tlu~_\' .111- going [.0 start 21 little organization of their own. I-in-r_\' mun:-.ntim1points to a s\\'(=u.p~ in: \rivn,n'_v of tho nrgzmizatiun \\'l\irh has stood Llw Lost 01‘ _\‘uz\l's. with oven Hm c-ut.i1'n I)o1uu«-1\.u.i(- press of l¥ul‘l'aln suppmting it. An_\'onu- (‘X111 sr-o. in this l’rlmu.r,\' nmvvnwnl‘. :1 row '.|upim11t‘.~x In ln-r.nnu- “l<-adt-rs of men\ and wluu we wmlhl like 1.0 hr .-.huwn '22:. \\'1u-rv uml whu-n did t.1le‘y (‘V(‘I‘ lm\d‘un,\ t-hing s11(=x:e-ss- 1'u11_\'. Non Yufk. ;\1..rL.h 2-1—Dl‘. A. W. \\'.u'i 1~ .1 pr:~u1.~ r in his own apart- mwht. a’. 44.‘. Riv-r~x-.11» In-iw. charged mm Lhr mmdv: b_\ pu1.~un of his Lula: u. an an mnt:.:-rln-law. Mar. .Iu..x. 1-: Pu k or Grand Raw uh-1 .\1r- 'd~ .\l,'r:h, bv arruzn-ml In (119 Tombs ' '94 — a!‘- fmmn If his COD.- L J 1.121.: he lay in « - ~ L-.u_\ doses of .;: . ,.v ' \‘l‘I-[ml sodxum, -«t..- - ‘ x'*~..«h hr had mk- ~. - -- _- 1' 1' the sleep .\lnl ullhi\. .\ Subs. Hlwl HENGERER IS I’RESlI)EN'I‘ T‘u\'()-l’I..\'l~‘()0\\ FIRE h'\'.\‘- TEM l§E(§l.\’S Jl'LY .1 ts L \\\ ll.unhurg. u.\'Ir4h 2! Thu .mnuuI \'ill:\gl* l-lm‘(.iull urI‘uI‘l‘«'ll 'l'\lt'.~|l;L\ Nu I‘--Int.:->1. Ll:-V:-lulwxl uml thv ('ll.iL('l\s' l|x'1u“l. \\'zl~‘ ('li’1[.l‘l1 us f.nHu\\‘~ |‘l'v~‘- uh-ht. IL \\'. H»-ngvr--r. i.ru~i----~. :\lar- tm l.n-1u¢~rL\‘ Jud \\—' (‘<-hm. tr.-..n<’ lH‘('I‘. \V N Sl'¢'3_'4'l. .uul mill!--Nil‘. (‘- IL .\lIhnl.l. . under the I -' I a xrnlnnd : ..\- he-.1ring . \!.. tlmr or not ‘1 nnlnunz him If -nit‘ to Mrs. '.v nparllmmt on v. \n Puk, who died <‘-nun Hm--n In \'ui- uI‘.' X in ‘1 ml»;- lh-mluvzuln H11! llE~~- nu l‘l.mn In: I‘l.1u H.:'~ I~‘u;‘.-ml ~n Huh» :‘ (‘:1-.» ~ n.r~~ \V- -2!-‘-\ .\ .1~nr: My -IV GEORGE TUTTLE MISSING Thv It-nu ~uu-:11! l\\u|IL1Imm ~\~- le-nl fur thv cm me-m-~n mil hp pm :11 nju-rannln Jul_\ 1 u-:nr(1in_e.: I.-I [hr nu.» uf t_h.- muxu il __\v~I.vrd:\.\’ \\ln-n 21 r(>I11nHl.l.t-.«~ 1:-pm’! tn .un»-ml tlw thw- ruh-~ \\.1~ ilIl|l[lII'|1 by n vutr nf fun!‘ in our (‘nunrilxmtn (“.mrl:-~. I! Hi]! vntml nrzuin~l thn rs-~:nlmiuu. rimm- inu rvpurtu hv has n--c-ivml t',rmn PH‘ n-.~ \\'lIirh hu\'u- l.rn-:1 Lhv I.\\'u- pl.n.nun ~\~(,<'Il) .m- mu l'.1\-umlnlu lu than plan and [hut Lhv n‘.~n1uI.iun should lm laid nu Llw tuhlv fur a ,\‘cul‘ until Ilurmlu -un Iilnl mhHIiun~ In it: I‘:--4|I\HIv'~ |y.r. ‘.1. ,_-r in r .1HI -14.1. r Jun '14» ~ IL: r- nn H xr“ 1- '11.»-inn. \ 'X-~- ’|‘ho:<o who now sl*i‘]i tn nlmatrny thu- ladder. by \vM('h Lhuy arusu. slmuld be branded as political mxltors. and traitors are as much to ho [.'.\1i|l‘(1(‘d u,tzz\lnst. in any1\cllli<-alpa1'l)'. as the) nrc in any l'llh1.g also um] that [lu- News is so keen to he of z1ssi.~'.tu1n~o to the nmvly sell’-('(mslit.uted Prinm1',\' (,'0I1'lI}lH.tO0C. there must he sulnotllhlg \in it.\ .\1iss lluzvl Uunlwll nf Lin\\nml un- Anthony Bohr nl‘ .1.\ (‘resent phu-e reportml I0 um pulh-o than his broth- er-in-la\\'. (h-0r1.'v ',l‘u11lr-. had been mlssim: Yrmnh ls hmnu for several days. Hv tol9p:m1)lu\ul In his wife who resides in I’c1u1:4ylVa11i:l that ‘he was going lmck to Lomlon. England. but the place. xvlmro the tolvgrmn was sent hrom has nut hm-n t1'uvml yet. ’I‘uLtlc is 35 years old. foot ten inches tall. dark brown hair and eyes and smooth shavon. nuo N|t.m'mim-d L110 Lrw Amic-< Ius --xnminnd before 1.. alum! \ n 5. \~~i~'.un District ‘-\'H-'nm EH1»!--v uznp {alimony \\l ~-I. \\';\~ .. r-(‘ulna--n M‘ Hm infor-o nu’;-‘n ‘M-\ 1' «vi 1-‘ -‘H! ‘vfnrp 9119 dis- H\r! ul'nm:\ ~-\\|- Vmzra oarlier in the -Ian ~YIII‘i~~' «~rm:1x~l.z\x1tial1y ac- o‘~\n$u M T1.\ \\\\o- and which im- I-PH---1 [\‘.’~‘I'u' \'f-\rnv‘\ Fhxann ID OI‘- rn-r lhv \nm'.' -inrmx-‘s arrest on a (‘h of n\I.\-It-r uvolling |;: ’]‘n on-1_\lhing t.hu~r:- 15 :1 SI |~'-I1 and IL timo to u\'f'|‘_\‘;-A|1‘p()s(‘-.- E('\(‘u- ..xn5_ Ezvurythmg In Its Turn Thn Ilzlrmmliv .4111» vnutinu-~- it \u'-v1\'l_\' lHl‘l‘[ilU:s. I1. I». now 1-M1-ur.~ ing for its .r\1-ril mnrurt. tho wr-vl fnI1u\\'in_E. Easio1'. ',I’ossll)ly the News wants vompleto control of the Ropuhllvaxl ()rg:u1‘iza- tlon. the same as It had of the school system in Buffalo. You hnve found out what condi- tion ox-lstell In that (lc-pnrnnout. by hulng ahln toxlo as it liked best with- out any “Ne\vs\ publlclty. Every winner in the: Primary com- mittee contest would owe his vlotory to the News, as It is the only -paper in the whole city supporting them. so you may see what chance any ‘body -would have ot getting any thing. if they did (lance as \‘News\ if they won. 'l‘hr-r<- \\'m'v ulu-s-r:< from nl) parts of t.lu- big (‘()lllH‘Il rhnlnlwr whq-u .\'l.1_\ - nr Fuhrnlaml uleulnrml the 1'o.-ulutlun cnI'ri<=d after (imlnvilman Kl‘(‘illh(’(1l‘l' and .\lz1]mu= had spnknn for Lhv men. l)0 Y()l' KNOW TH.-\T-— BILL WOULD TAX RELIG- IOUS AND CHARITABLE PROPERTY ’l‘1wI'o is In» I-‘a-dz-ml in.~'1.it.u(im1 in the x-untinvntul l'nit.url Smlc-s for ‘tho 1-(-<~01)t,iun and stare ml’ lvpor::'.’ There ls no runm for reasonable lnuht ulmut thn claim of the astrono- mors lllzlt they \know perfectly well what the stars are made of\ The in- slrmlwm by the aid of which the sub- stance of the stars is determined is called the “spectroscope.\ and its lngs are almost infallible. The Sta rs ‘Plague is n disoaso of rmlm1ls'.’ WATERFRONT BITIZENS MEETING Aiba-ny. March 24.-——Aasembiymun Ross Graves of Bnifaio Wednesday in- troduced 2| biii repewling entirely the section of the tax law which permits exemption of property owned by re- iigions and ‘charitable associations. The bill goes further than 3. simiiiar measure introduced by Senator Spring earlier in the session. in that it -would do away with oil exemptions. I\'Ialxu'ia is spread by :1 spoviul mosquito’? Hose screening is :1 good disvaso preventive? Fingers. mes mud fond spread typhoid fever? \A \\ At their next regular meeting. Fri~ day day evening. nMrch 24th. at Ey~ rings hall. cornar Bailey avenue and Abbott Road, the Vvatex-trout South- ‘_slde Citizens association will have‘ Mr. A. J. Elias ‘who is connected with the Elias Lumber ‘Company, give an ‘outline of the many developments which will take place when the nut- ‘tnlo rivar in fully improved. Pellngz-a. nmy ‘be prevented or cured by proper diet? They will also have Mr. Flood. who is the president of the Dauntless club give his view together with facts and regarding the Two Platoon System. Refreshments will he‘ served uter- the meeting; All who were members last ‘year are cordially lmflted -to. st» loud, and to brlngltheir tflendu. ELLIS W-INS? FROM OTIS ‘The United States Public Health Service believes that the common towel spreads trhchoma, :1 disease of the eyes? Hdw \Quint\ drlglnngqd, New - York. March 24.—Charles Ellis,‘ champion three-cuhalon billiard- =_lut. defeated Charles Otis In a match In the lnt.erItate\'l‘l\nee-cushion bl!-I mm tournament Wbdnesday night. _ .8. In ‘sud: am, my cum ‘Quaker wu dppllgd‘ to an not Man» of (lo lounaqx-Ya lfoquent no at tho “'tI',CIbh\ ‘II MI oxlortdlqin Children from sanitary homes advance more rapidly in school than from dirty premises?

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