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<1 ...‘ ‘\ 2:5»; % ‘ 'C):F:F'-ICIAL FOR -OF‘ LACKAWANNA _ \vg; W THE Al JLGDURNHL 5;\ VII‘ ‘er LS- ul- ‘OFFICIAL ‘PAPER FOR ‘THE ENTIRE TOWNSHIP ‘OF WEST SENECA N. ;| X733 ‘:1; n VOL I BUFFALO, N. Y. SATU‘RDAY., MAR‘(IH .11, 1916 I.A(\KAVVAl\'NA N. Y J nmmun In sum PARK SEE ‘WHO’S HERE MR. cm cnnmncnm IS mun cuutnm VALID? WILL PUNIS|'| AMEXISGAN BANDITS.’ ELISCO ARRENDUNDD; Mexican Diplomat Handling situa hon In Washmgton for Carra..za. The University of The State of New York, The State ‘De- partment of Education, Albany. City Did Not Keep Faith With Mr. Elbers On Lake Clean- ing That Injunction May Throw It Out Statistics Division. Hiram C Case, ‘Chief. Contractors Better “Look ’em a Little Out” They be in Bad COUNCILMEN MU ST PAY Ji. «W-.,, Mr. Elbers Has Been _a Friend To The City And His Reward ‘ Has Been Abuse Mr. (‘harles W. ‘Ellis 411 Electric A:venue Lackmvanna. N. Y. Dear Sir: 8. Troops Stan When Mr. Julius 1. Lowell, travel-I ‘ing solicitor for the Buffalo IE11quirerj came out to Lackawaxxxla and strong- zirmed the Old Town Board. into giv- ing that paper the official ‘pi-inting for this city. ‘against the provisions of the -city ciiarter and at 36 a line more than the JOURNAL was charg- -mg, -'3 N :2 Albany. Mar. S.-—A-greoable to your request of Ma.1‘<3h uh I am sending‘ you under separate cover om‘ ‘last printed annual report which is for ‘the school year ending July 31‘. 19,13 and refer you to page 840 where you will find :3. table gi‘v~ing the average cost. per pupil ‘based on average daily atteiulance in the cities of the state. Mr. Harry -Elbers, Supt: of South? =P;;rk. is under no obligations to the‘ city of -l.acka~wanua.. Mr. Elbers is working -for the city; of Buflalu, on city of Buffalo property‘ but his broad ‘guage and libera‘1A mindvdness. =tha.t endeared him to the‘ people in the vicinity ‘of Humboldt: Park. from which «place he eame= here. has been exhibited in our city,‘ more times than often. Who worked hauler. to make our last yvzu-‘.~; fourth of July celeb!-ationl in the Park. a success. than Mr. E“)(‘l.~«‘;) Why the man took off his coat a. vest and buckled in like :1 member of at committee. I>le- worked with us to save this city ‘numlxveds of dollars in the South 1'zl1‘k sewer matter. I-In tnuk an interest in Lm-ka\vanna. He said “Come. on in boys\ the 1’a1'l(.~. llne. the first time Laoka- wamiimls were alloworl to use it. After Vilila. City Is Not Holding ‘For More Than One Payment 'I‘~hex-o most be some ties that bind the Old Town Board to Mr. Lowell. ,st.ronger than the ties of the taxpayer or else. how could the city dare ‘pay 3:: :11 me more for_.a.dve1=tlsing in the Bult'a1oEnq11irer than they were pay- ing in the hmno paper and with out advertising for bids too? GARRANZA MAY OBJECT Some people think the Jnurnal has put the taxpayer tn a double expense by getting the injunction against the Buffalo Enquirer, but such is not the case. Forthe purposes of comparison this‘ table is unfair to it View cities. I! you‘ will tux-in to page 806 you will note‘ that in the column headed \Newl buildings and schoolhouse sites\ there are included for a few cities‘ lmtge expend‘-ltu1'es for this purpose. It is lizwtliy fair to compare the aver» age cost with these items includezl with other cities where this item is omitted. It is included only in those cities which are unable to give us separate data on their bond issues. We have no information giving tho xielative cost of the Gary system. If the Ju\u'nn.! wins the knurk out. the city will have to pay the Journal from January. 1.31 1916 to d'.m- of the semen1e=nt of who's whn. Army Fear complica- tions with -Mexican Republic. THE .‘l()l'[’.l\'AL is still the omcizul‘ paper for the oily, and don't you for- ;-;ot it. And unless the C‘it_\' officials can show Judge Bissell ‘good r(=ason.~1 why they should ignore the City Cllxnrtor. just for personal spite. at advzmce costs to the taxpayer. \V'(\1‘e going to nmko them ztdvertise for bids. in'espective of the boy mayor. The Couxwilmen will htL\’r‘: in pay the Bxlffalu Enquiror. it‘ mat papers managenlent presses the rutiun of its representative M1‘. Jului:-. Luwvll. Whether the Enquirer will go so deep is only known hy tl1e1nsel\'es. but the city is only liable for uue 1ayment and the Councilmen. the other. MTEHVENTIUN I8 LUUMING UP. Respectfully yours. Hiram C. ‘Case When Mr. Julius 1. Lowell came out after the first “copy\ of minutes Bobollnk. wouldn't give the copy to him unless he had a written order from the Mayor to do so. thinking we presiinio, that that would release him, Bobolink. from liability. but. this sage 7 thought that Bobollnk‘s thunk was about as wise as his usual thinkings. “Ignorance of the law ex:-uses no- body\ and just ber-.anse- the boy mayor tom him to ignore the (‘ity (‘liarter does not release Robin Rt-(l Breast from his personal liability to the tax- payers. Got us? If 'I‘l-HE JOUl{N.>\L wins the 2d round in this scrap the city will owe Ils $40 each month. plus the amount of the notices printed in the Enquir- er at «to :1 line. RUSHING REINFORCENENTS TO THE FRONT .}'IC‘(‘-M-F Sent Lu-at full the Journal suggested skating: in Park Lzvlte. Mayor Wid- mnr aunt his council look it up too, lieury Elbers took it up and. what was thc result? The deal was closed, we were to use the lake and Mayor Wirlnu-r called his council in. he in- vited .\luyor elect Toomey and his council elect and both sides agreed‘ to furnish men to clean the snow off the i\c. so our citizens would not have to go to Bu to skate. 'l‘lu-n came the “Snow\ down Then came the show clown and when the show down came Mayor‘ Toonu-_\' or Tim Luveile renigged. They wouldn't shovel off the snow. Our girls and boys had to go to _‘Bulfzllu tn skate where they sent the city printing. S0 thorv you are the city didn't keep faith with the Park Depart- ment and wnen we come along and ask for it base-ball cliamon(1—well Mr. Ellwrs says “You'll probatlly get (mo in the Park in fact 1 might say yes. but I am very sorry the city did not keep its promise and do so small a thing as shovel oft’ the snow from the ice. it is too bad and it that was the only promise the present adminis- tration broke we'd say very little about it. but it seems that very few of their promises were kept. Washington, Marclr 11.--President \\71ls.on laat mght order:-Ll a.ppx'o:;.\- vuately 5.uuu u-cup.» imu Mr.\1|'.‘0 on A punitive e-.\;p¢~(1itiu11 to “dxaperae or capture\ the \'1lJa Iurc:-s. whxch earxy dnlraday mornmg attacked the town at Columblxs. N. M. Execuuou oi the order» will be car. ued out at once. \By u.xyb1‘~.-uk tuna) 1: is expe-uteri the Ann-xlczm force: “)1! bv null into ;\1e.\ican terrxtory. Wnh mu pfuaptcl gru\\1ng oi aruva uplxunxuon by l:‘tuc~r«u L'.urranua_ [here 1; upp1'ehru:.un xu umctéu u\1xu'lcI‘3 mat ll mean: uu- u:.,:numg uz‘ gruuu. mu-rvo.-mnun. Puu.m;». h0\5e\'e1\ the ..<Luuursu'auon 2-.~. taking jwry pre- cuuuon lu prewut autll a pus:~m.1n.,\. in n1i:acua~mg Ihu COIJI‘:-K’ 10 [av pur- aued, I’I‘e:m(*uI Wilsun 1:. I‘:-purled to n.n'e do-cxarcd to the nu=mb\-r.~ of lx'1.~ cabin:-L; \Gc'-ml:-.u1eu we haxe set our ..auu Lu [hr plow. and must go to me and of {hp furrow.\ Alihough Khv c-nure day was gxven by the ru1rxnxn.~trulion and the war Llepnrunent to a considerzmon 0! the c-xact cour.~e to be puraued, it was not until 7 3n o‘c1ock 16:1 evening ' (Continued on page four) The public was told at the last meet ing of the svhool boai‘(l that the ‘Lnckmvannzx schools were the second (2nd) lowest in the state as to cost. per pupil. We did not helieve it when we heard it. but we did not believe it rather than look for proof. We wrote the Statistical Depart- ment of The University of the State of New York. at Albany and Mr. Hiram C. Case, its chief. zuiswered us as per his letter above and also sent the 1914 annual report. of the Educational deptutmetit. State of New York. a volume 2% inches thick. and it's so hill of school information that it's brimming over. But the board of Education in Lacknwanna told us “we were the 2d lowest city in the state. as to cost per pupil. Here is what the State of New York, Board 0: Education tells us: .Lm:lmwuunn ls tho fortlcth lowest (40th) not the second (Zd) as the boosts would make you believe. Here is the list, not our list. but /the state's list of the cities that oper- ate at u lower cost than we do: Albany. $39.52; Amsterdam, $41.54; ‘Binghumton. $28.69; Cohoos. $36.i‘»8; Coming, $43.74; Cortland. $20.28; Elmira. $40.02; Fulton. $29.60; Glenn's Falls. $46.18; Gloversvlilo. $41.56; Hornell. $46.03: Hudson. $32.68; Jamestown. $43.42; Johns- twon, $46.88; Kingston. $37.21; Little Falls. 46.10; Lockport. $44.94; M-lddletowu, $45.01; Newburg; $36.- 14; Niagara Falls. $47.90: North Toiiawaixdn. $44.63: Ogdensburg. $29.37; Olenn; $39.36; Onelrln. $37.- 92; Oneontn. $44.04; Oswego. $28- 39. P00l CUE VS. CRANIUM Thur» has hm-n <u«'h a great de- nnuul fur the run-rchandiae ‘Hamlin’: are mfcrmg in the Department Man- agers‘ Sale that the big store‘ has had to telegraph to an the lug nm11u!act- an-r;~ with Whiril it has placed order; «: fur thu sale. to rush remfmw-emenu _. through for the second week. (‘1‘()e»&- ()D‘.~’\5l'\'Pl'S do not. wonder than [here has been amh 21 great. de- nmxul nu! su-J1 senurmuzls urowds at Hum1ln.'slhepa.~al few do.ys.. The Da-‘ ;-.u-um-11: ‘.\Ianagurs' saie. offerings lmvu been vary uppeulmg [0 any who umzht be‘ xhu least but economically“ In-lined. in {are hr the fact that whole-sale pnres are udvazmeing by‘ h-ups and bounds. Hamlin}: are ob 1.-um: the must m-eds-d merchandiao (:1 the saasulx at even lower than their usual \Lowest In the City Prices!” Last night. Ivan Lipak \vho is on probation under the name of Mike Buoh. of 428 Wassou ave. while in a saloon at 434 Wnsson Avo. gm into an argument with somo one. who's identity is not yet known In police and Ivan got a wnilop over tho head with :1 pool one that made an open- ing in his head that required so many stitches, that the use of n smving nuwhino was again clearly demon- strated. at police hegxclqiinrtox-s. Nobody seemed to know who lvan'5 assailant was and he himself rofuses to disclose the mnn‘s itleutity The pool we used in the tray was covered with blood from one and to the other looks as tho it had been going the rounds of slmigliter house. The rpoilce are on_ the trail of the fellow who did the woihling of the cue and it is a forgone (‘ont‘lus'i0n that if he sticks nrouml the city he will land in the coop liefore mum\ hours are over. The city will have to pay us and Bobolnskl and his colleagues will have to conghupski $30 a month and 7c 21 line to the Buffalo Enquirer. since January 1st nineteen slxteenaki. It's funny why the Councilmen al- low some one else to dirnvt their votes. It's funny how they will allow some one else to make them liable to pay individually and severally bills that the city should pay. But. as we would any, when ignor- ance is bliss, why not together? It is rather doubttul if contract fnr coal and garbage collection is valid better be sure Mr. Coal-man and gur- -bnge and ash collecier that you have :1 legal contrast with the city. The bids were not asked for in the otlicinl paper? Wise shoppers are vrowding mi aisles of the Hamlin store. eagerly intent upon taking advantage of the wonderful mom-.v-saving opportun- ities l~1amiin’s offer As cariy as yes- terday zifzernoou the department managers begun warming up the. lines in the mar: to make the fact- ories rush new lnorvhandise in to re- 1m‘urrt- suwks fur the second week. and before the store ilused last night. and early this morning replies began pouring in assuring the Luxuiagers iha: their requests would be honored and that shipments would be rushed forward iuinir-dials-i_v The writer made :1 tnur of inspec- tion nf the Hamlin Mink moms dur- ing the latter part of last week and fuuiui invm 1l(\'i'£1ll) «huked with brand, new _S|}I‘lli;!, I111 i‘clI£1n(HSE. Yes- l8X'dil,\' he \\’£l.‘i nskmi In iuuk through lliow mus ':=lmkl0ul1).~‘ and he is free to Lul fess ihai hu in«\»a«i' quitv real- lzml Imw Iliurh bll.~‘iln‘-.\‘.s ii big depart- mc-ni store iuuiii du in iwu short (l(L_\.~ M ’-UBKAWMINA ‘H. 8. B. 8. TEAM Al AGREEMENT FOR ADVERTISING What the disposal of the case will be with out the assailant is not known but the police no doubt will have the case completed before sundown to- night. The Lackawnnnn high school has elected it's baseball team. officers for the ensuing year. They are: Manager, .103. Malone; Captain. Jos. 1\‘1es<-all; Secretary. Earl Yetter.‘ The schedule is now being made us and the team would like to ur- ramte izzai I01‘ HIP coming season with any high school team in the liiisixwss. Address all communications to the lvlanagor. Jos. Malone. <‘/.« Lackzuvanna High School. In talking recently with :1 man who has lnadn a large .\ll(‘t‘&‘$s as an adver- tising salvsnmn in nnnther place. this question xvm askml him: \\\'hen a lI1l‘]'(‘h szlys it does not pa)’ in ml- vc-mise». what do mu tn-ll Ixim?\ \Ij\14t‘a<kl1in11l\is.\ was thu n-pl‘, \\\'hm 13rnpoH.iun uf I’1n‘~ population uf Lhis Lnwn has b(‘(‘l] ilhldtl _\'uur slurs- durmg the past mnmh.~:'.\' WHERE '1‘ H E S H A M- JOCKS USED TO GROW. IRELAND IN 1917 VERSEY FISHER TO BE BURIED Plnttsburg. $42.76; Port Jervis. $39.11; Rensseluer. $38.02; Salaman- am. $40.1-3.1; “chenecm(ly. $43.13; S_v1-ncuse, $42.72; Ytim. $42.92; Watertowu, $29.75: Watervllet. $36- 12; INTERMICNT AT :\R.\I0l'R N Y The Kaiser's (‘ow.v., am» Kru- zalng V\'he1'e the Shzunrm-ks u.~:vd to grow. How Ion); thoy’1l 1msLu1-o on tha tzreon. Nnlmdy S(‘f‘!11S to know. Funeral of Ye-rso_v W I-‘usher nf No. 14 Rosary .-\ve., who died Murrh 7th. will take plm-0 from Lhn fnmil_\‘ msiclexwo today at 2 :m n'(-lock l.A(‘v.KA\\'.-\NNA‘S (‘OST is not 2d, but 40th. . . . \':~r.\‘ fl‘~\\ lll('l'\'hillIl:s l‘\'l'l‘ chum lln-3 Inna haul ll-I1 ])l'I' m'll! of the- 1)n]vllLl[|n)l I\ln.~\ uf Llw nun-ml\'u1'- ll~l-ls \\~uul-l lw glu-l Ln gm only 21 uuull fru-uuu of mu» pm ||'“l with u:\ r»--.:uln.r1l.y “'l‘lu-I1 I Ml}, lluw nrv ull [hp rust nf l,!u- pn-.-1-Er gnlllzi. in illum allmul. \-nur uuml~' l»|.m nun iln‘~,\' Lt-ll \\'In-Ll):-r it. wuuhl be for thvlr lldVlll-I- M10 to p.1Lmnl/.n- mu ur llul ll’ gnu lmvv llnml \'.:luva. nr ~p.-. ml |mI'galns. huu do (hm knmv ulmul .1“ .\ un:.’1I nmn) nf l.ln~m llll‘I'],\ nr In-wr puss. _\mlI -«turn 'l'lm gr:-ml. lllzl)-llll.) tlmt pn~«.~' Lzlw _\uu nlll} .1. I-Udll-|' You m':- nni. gwtllng llwlr ln1.~nn-.~.-.. hm- lm: lluno nothing to tum-rnsl t.h<~'lll 'l‘m-n l. mu nu.’ h-- 1ulll.lllllt‘Ll.\tn any Ilu.~r.- .xr.- _ju~I tlmw “ax. Ln ul-I .~muu- or xln~ i.rmI-- mm ~I|mnng [u\~‘L t.h- Ill. 'l'lu~,\ -;:.n st’-ml mnnuul .~'uH-' ltoru I'l-unl (l|uIl' Lu llunr. lll-lrxlnutv un- \‘|lllll‘2S nr huml hills. nr ald\.'c\|‘liSl‘ ln In-\\.<1u.uu-ls Tlw lll‘\\'>)uL])l'l‘ unlim- l-4 n-ml r.xrrlull\ s\h--rv ll unlllitur i~' --unm'mrll,\ |.Ill'llI'-I «lnun. uml lmslulos he-1 u.¢l\'¢-rtlszlng Is 1!\ linu-2. nluruxmr rlmn ...lxn..l.~s«im.:. Aml lluml hllls un- vhux hm! illln the \\’as-Iv lmslwts. whllv 1n=\\.<pu1u-r.~u1'c- l'(‘k\ll. If you :lun't I11ll'l' In use any of thosn mvthmls. l Lull “ht-m. most of the people of this town will ('0ll!.illll£‘ ln pass you by, w1L‘huul.knuwixlg auyllling about your gnmls.“ 'l‘ho Dl.l1)1lSh(‘I‘ whn is wllling to ur- mpt money for 1l(l\'m‘Li:-'.il1g' upnn nuy olln-1' basis than with lhv under- staluilng that full value is rcuutnell in publicity whkh llriuges new and mlllod business is ¢ll.-vrn-(litim: him- solf as well as his paper. Ne-\\'spa)u-r advertising has :1 mono- mry vzlluo to evmgv man looking ‘for buslnoss: in your town. Snnwtlinms it i~ haul in l.nm.nu-9 sunw of them of this (art. ’l‘hr= su':lilum1t almvn uluy‘ 3.. Ii: Ln ll, ‘.\- l.ulm~ \n.ll‘ lunln-nl'in‘n The burrinl will hp :11. .-\rm(mr. X Y. by ,fl!11o1'n1 cnr. Mr. Fisher lonvos an wlfv. \'v1l1v May P‘is)1nr (no lb-«Ill:-.n-1) uml :\ daughter Glxulys Max. The dc-uuusaml was at nu-mlmr of .»\uriu 413. l‘):u.'.h-sx; S:-xmuur (£11111- H35. W. O. “'4 and Luilgv No I. S. U. N. A. I-‘rionds nrv mvm-.d lu i.h«- fuxut-‘ml snrvxves. THE GARBAGE COANTRACT We invite the veri of these by the Stmerintentleut of our schools. Then lot us see who is trying to mhuzuide the people. the J()l'ltNAL. 01' Hw nutl1oriI.lr=s'? The sun kl‘nuI1L~ nf :1 large store mum luv amu.-pn.m-I_\ dubbed the pul.~(~ ut‘ lln- .~'.tu1v fur lug shipments «nmv nu. zuv unpa. In-:1 a .1 plan-ed on. Luu: t.1l»l:»>. «-11.11: prn u-~ nxmlwtl on. L1: kn-t~ and l‘.1~'iu-nml in mm 11x-ax’:-l1a11— .l1:«« rm-n [vl.'h'o-:1 nu lm-gv. roomy .~lxn-In-.~ \\1u-rv it .~a,\s umxl nee-de(l in Us pdllh ulur (I:-purnuvnt |hI\\l-.~‘-Ulil'5. It is l'L! I‘r=Il1t\1‘kahl¢- huw t'u.~L (hm. Im-n-hum1i:w z‘u'rl\e-~ and is pln-‘ml in Lhv lI¢‘|)lllllllt'lll and 1:. mini The Hamlin .~amn- is ..n.- of Hu1'mln.x' fast- :-.~I j:l'n\\m.I-Z ln~l|lutIIII15 But if we judgv the fu1,1n'r~ By what we alrvmlv knmv ’I‘hm'(-.‘Il lw nu grass for Pelt‘.-e Jiwknss. Now there urn only 15 cities in the .-Lute whose 0081 pm‘ nvm'm.rn pupils in nttcxvdmlts is lnlglmr man l.m'kn- wzumn. t.lmt's diffrent than hoing tho sam.~.¢nn(l (2) ln\wsl. In the mute. \Vhm'v the Shzllnrorks usml to grow. ()2 Johnny Bull. 0' Johnny Bull. What am you zolng In an‘? You said you \vm1l(l Hvk the Dutt-1!. So. now it's up (.0 you. The gnrlmge contract that was l<-at 'Lln'u thv advertisement in the un- orl‘k-ml paper, tho Buffalo Enquirer. will hm-onlc :1 liahillw on the (‘loun- cilmon only for this year over last. Had the bid been the sumo as last yum’. :1 holdovor l‘0lll(1 have been at- fucted. Don‘! it? Now hero is what we dnduor from thv:-us fzlets. HAMBURG PEO.I\.I.E IN Cl.E\'ELAI\7I) If you are fnlsoly iufm-mod In mm thing. why not In sonm other thimz? If you urn told that we urn tho st-00ml\ (2) lowest city In no:-It. in HM‘ state. and it is proven we are the vfm-tioth. why is it not muuonnhlo to assume. when the school hoard :,<ny.~: we must have $130,000.00 worth of swhol a<1diLiol1s. to ‘believe that we only need $30.000.00 worth. But xllllvss you got :1 him]:- (111 I \\':11‘rh tho llamlln .\-l\'u-rlislug unre- fnlh All nl‘ lhlk \\--4-k and lwxi '[‘hL-1'0 is mm Lhlurz xnu must know. (‘lcvolulul 0.. .\h' Ul.lm (‘Inu--‘h‘ ill of Hnnxhumz N \' urrh-ml In-I'(.' last Momluy for :1 am.) ur u \vo<=k tn‘ 0] days. (.Snr~c-lnl In ’l‘hv .lnurnnH MEN'S (\LITE MEETS The (‘nuncilmen will only be liable {or the nddmonnl prive contracted. for this yx-ar. over last’. This Is in nnsuwr tn :1 letter re- ceived today and is our version of -the nmt-tor. 'l‘hey‘ll he rulsim: plants for Smuf Kraut. \V'h0ro Um S)uunrnvk~: nwd tn [.:)'Q\\'. Mr. and 1\h's. I-‘. V Uslmrno un- hnrs on xx short visvt with friondrz. (\‘V1it-ton For Tho Jmwnul) THE JOURNAL aminm we don't need $130,000.00 worth of new school mlditions. You are to vote Yes or No on April’ 7th. which is it? More taxes when -you can keep them down Or Trouble in the Sanctum Fortune in Kelp. James Pnyn tells us that llnrrlot Hnrtineml smoked cigars! She was told it was good for tloufttves and mad it. He supplied her with 11 mild brxmd-‘. and says he smoked with her nrten. Yet she would be the last unless. the most unllkely puffer of the weed ln the whole category of famous wanton‘; One would almost as sunn think of Hannah More or Sn-ztmxmlt \‘v'«:sley having an a(ter-(linner ciga~ rental Unexpected Cigar Smoker. There's always a sticky- In- dividual who somehow always his way Into a newspaper omce. Hm peculiarity is that he takes things that can he of no earthly use to him. Just now he has gone away with an the exchanges. including the para- gmnhiu 1nnterlal.—Nnshvl1le Tennes- ‘mean. The kelp beds of British Folunxhin are said to be capable of fumxismug rumually 236,000 tons of potash. which. at $50 a ton. would umount to $11,750,000. The iodine ub- taiued. at the rate of $3,876 a ton. would amount to $3,680,000. The total calculated value of these two by-prod ucta of help mt pre-war prices) would thus amount to $16,000,000 per annurn. Lower taxes ‘by you're nnl boosting them up? We ask to know? Book for Household Hints when a Book Is Worth Bomethlng. No book is worth nnylhing which in not worth much; not is It sorviconlale, until it has hem read. and rem-ml. and lovv-d. and ‘loved again; and nmrkod. -.n‘ 1.! zxl‘ you can rexor to tho passage ytou “nut in it. as a soldier can aoizo his naerlsln anaarmory, or ahousewlte bring the, spice she needs, from her stox'e.—John Ruskln. A nemnnto book should be kept for housnhum hints. These. too. should be plan\ in :I.lr':hahnth'nl qrder. If the houn.-‘..-n'n nursuns this policy she will '-m. V‘ rap Imnk :1 great. aid and comlwrt ti:-r shn mu mum to —It When- ever necessary with the aiiauranco) the desired knowledge will gl- twlyu be there. A tree grows in Aslumu and around. the '.\-\ua.- nu-ur Kuhhn resexnhling in nmmmxnu-0 the Y-‘.ug‘.h=1\ oak. and It is said to furnish excnllent butter A curious fact about this vegetable but.- ter is that It keeps in perfect condi- tion :11 the yenr round. Tree T-hat Furnlshes Butter In m-opurtinn to tho rxlr-nt of hi: a.cqu'..inmn(-0. Hm =chun‘.hny \r‘.~.v-‘nu father runs In movmg p'.cun'a show commands a larger share of envy than my other human being in this world. —-Judiro. ‘\‘<:l‘A1.nI.1 am ..1 boarders rather Li board. She wa; (Int huuineu. , gums up lumping 5m raise the price of too soft-hearted tor Annuy. v Flinglng a jar of water over your friend is one striking (arm 0: 8&1!!- tauon adopted by the South Sea Il- Indon- Peculiar Sa|utatlon c1.‘.....,K_\‘ H30‘

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