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P ,»;,._. '*.w.\_ » ea . ~* x3’ , _,y, 51‘ ,:’>_ we.-.‘..;, 1 ‘''v.'\‘ ‘ .31. EV} :3 \.f \ V» V ‘ ~ ‘ VOL. I. BUFFALO, Y. FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, 1.916 LA'C‘KAWAN.NA. N. Y THE JOURNAL has secured :1 been able -to secure the represen JOURNAL beginning Monday ne. first class reporter who will begin next Monday and cover South Buffalo territory. South Bulfalo is the main objective point of 'l‘Hl'_3‘. RNAL and we have just tative we wanted: This territory will be covered thoroughly every: (lay and South Bulfalo will be given its full measure of zjepresentation in each issue 01 THE DAILY xt. WHAT BRINGS CONSUL BACK. ILLNESS OR WAR? THE Anson nonn smnut MOVABLE GUNS AND PLATFORMS ARE FEATURES QF NEW PROPOSED COAST DEFENSE PLAN \i '3')‘/'.‘-“’ {NR JOHN A. DIX Seeks Feydel‘-al Job Ii: Hawnii In F‘=‘o:-t to Rehabilitate Fortuno. Since we printed the story abtoutv the condition of the Abbott Road ‘bridge we have gotten several let-n ters and telephone calls in response to the matter; it seems that the general public has been afraid of this structure for some time. but like other things they lived some one to set them thinking seriously. Its high time the publ_ic was aroused to this situation. Since digging out to the depth of- 21 feet on each side of this bridge the foundation mustmbe \veakene<l and its only a matter of time‘: when the din will be washed away from under these pim‘ and down goes Mn). Bridge our iunl all. if Are you going to wait until this happens before you make a demon- stration before .the (‘oum-i1m¢=‘n of Buffalo. That old bridge is just as strom.-; as its m-ulu-st part nntl if you would interest yourself, as much as we have. you would get off the car. next‘ trip and \have to. look,\ the clxances are that you would 'go around the Seneca street why therea_fte1:. Send us in a. letter what you think of this bridge so we may ‘present ‘a big bunch of them to the Councilmen of Buffalo. “Do it now.\ [Slaw (lrpzn'nneug o decllned. to 5:13 \\'hetlIe’r Olney Arnuld. American consul gvneml at (‘a.lro. Eg.vpt. was ‘being re- calleu on ac-ununt of all--ged unneutml unorumes. All that omclals would ad- mit was that Consul General Arnold had asked for a leave of absence on account of Illness and that ‘It was granted. He nlno asked for the privilege 0! using an Ameriwn warship. mad this request was granted. Mr. Arnold la: a Democrat and has been pmnglnellt in the polltlcs of his tune. Rhode Island. Ho ran for gover nor in 1908 and 1909.1 eemnu gayms 1..-y/..: V ,1.» wANIe$n¥5;L§ny1A x V’ # §‘:5W= man if 3:51 2 fmfror23:ninu~i longshoromonllongnnthcoasls‘ Photo by Amarxmn Press Assocuilon. “~ I \.‘m.. »—g [I§Qp§'.§jgJr§§g}:fi_I§'1I. 'i'I.\.(;‘£‘I.pi\lGK at New Jamey hus imroduvexi u must defense -bill asking 350_ouiu,oui for largest suns und ..i-u~ tug, inehminently‘ minted on eap¢_:(‘ldl|)' constructed ‘railroad cars which; it is asserted, can be quickly .t'ra.nspurr.¢d -.-~ And pecurely iockéd upon previously constructed heavy concrete bases distributed on short spurs in railroad cuts behind . vhilimon railroads niong our coasts and intgrior. This new plan for national detense is the invention of Lawrence W 1.»:- pilin gnd-Cecil‘: , Dhjtson. both or Naw York city The bill calls, for an hjnmj-dials appropriation or xio,oo0.oou for A!‘ ~lnI'uilat|o’n. é Int’,-territory to be selected by the war: department to_ demonstrate its ‘practicability before the remain- ing uo.ooo.ooo is Ipont. The estimated cost of a concrete base is 84,000. and of gun and car 3151.000 each. it is said that the cogqt line from Maine to Delaware could be covered by the tint inuiailatlon. Gunfire ushoro in about eijrht time! up lcéurnto ll gunfire a and thg Lueiien~Dawson run car is About a fqrtieth the size of 1 battleship. Low cost. nudity and acouI‘|.9Y 9! hrs. mobility. nrmiicabuity and. D are called the {autumn at thc synom. but cc-an dotonpo experts -hive not yet roportod on it.) BIG PUBLIC PROTEST RED CROSS SEAL VIPRIZES AWARDEDA Kansas city People Object to gala 00 Boxe: at Hall Where Preaidgnl Speaks. Kansas City. Jan. 28.-—The bi; ml)-, lic protest agamat the sale of N30,! at gonvention hall for the meeting which President Wilson will the night of Feb. 2 drew out t_ho_ that originally the big hall 7”‘-GBQOP ed bx its directors tree at cl-.I.rs‘9.' 1; 1;». been unite _.a iolwto count and award the -prlzés for the schools tolling the largest number of red crqsa gala, but _the ornnlgy tion has. mhda iti;_’r.e1:‘o:'-t. _ . sm E)k:“.Li\iE; Hod.-: 9 2:13 AMERMN NOTE ‘ \ StI\ql§fq5i'lqg; lyirbden untied- gs pm,‘ aqt;izql‘,,pelllus the lumen: mun- Iger (>1 §tfafI_Ijji and a pflle of 815 VI: avdrdod it ‘for its energies. ,, _ The uni-<_l was hand ‘onniélllnu the moat stumps‘ per pupil; \ Anlllui Eltyne Wnrdnetrdnugllter ox lfxl.-and Mu. Dpotorlwtrdner won I 1o‘ldwntg_:lr. as :..-422* .:- ‘ urns med (:1-on Socletyz,-an may mule/~.all:~uwards nsqgitlckly In the could be compiled and that the delay in Itlamlnx the -vglnulert; ‘fan . ccoujl. .,.0 All _._8c 0 . '1-€S\A§:§‘3““‘.‘.‘—“.$9'1“':5$;l«‘;5;'3‘4!l9'§P’§‘*?°?';'%¥' .HBKE ‘IIIILIMIS: nmusln me am us < umnEu%emm— It ivgin accepted by the club. Then the. Commetcisl ell!) CO‘ aided to sell the boxes for $10 I, piece; hnbor is aroused. Eaoplp IQ.- tnnnd to know ills?‘ the ‘b6x'as“VC_'l_|, sold in the (see or Prostdent::W1l!_~ son‘: explicit, inltrncuona Q9Q'I be no displly and no price at sion charged. _ , U An army of working mu) ‘I, much on the hall and occupy thy boxes the night of the president’; speech. Another Army of Ignemgloxoj will ba there to aid. . 2 S IMMJNERT ” HP“ EXT '1]. '4’ ‘ ’ BF SIM gr?‘ ; 615\‘-\ ' cl.\ 1 1 ‘ ‘1'§“V§\t§'t:3li‘in6 3?'I'n't'&\ri‘i-‘ tlenel -i.onulioI'eme'li'e Union. Ap- preeelud‘ by Corinna Acente and gilered I’;-‘lb’e‘ to Aid; lQevement— PM ‘M-st-_u9v2viu M9!- Tiew’ York. 28,-L'1‘i’e ve ň German ntente, backed by‘ more than n iniliion dollars at Gerhan money. to swing a atrilte of 23.000 lonsshore- man alonfithe Atlantic’ and Pacino coasts were dles_cribed\_to the federal grand jury. It hinted the \dough\ men in the backtrounds of the plane hoe not been named as yet, but that interesting developments are ex» pected. The chiei witness before the stand jurors was T. V. 0’:Connor, president of the international Longehoremeirs ., union. to whom a bribe was made and \°“d°“' '-hm’ z8\'\Th° tau °' Dma” through whom the whole piag_ mm 50. the chlet seaport or Northern Al- the ‘aid to! the secret service, was b8n1|- l3 1103“ The A“3“'!3“ *“\mY- exposed; which in its southward sweep took ‘ pm 3,3,.“-3~,r,«.,,i¢»§ M“ wt“. seutarl and San Giovanni di Medua. ‘Naming coma be chum“ .5 in .5 now only seven hours‘ march from what‘ Mr. o-couvno,-.1o1d me 3|-ma Durazzo, whose capture will put the jurors, but from information nther- Austrians into complete possession ed, prior ‘to the time he went into th of Northern Albania. grand jury room, and part or which Avlona, the biggest Albanian port, was printed yesterday. it seems that is threatened by the Bulgarians‘ in- Mr. O'Connor has admitted that I vnding army. The paramount Q1183‘ man. named,Metthew Io‘. Cummings. lion regarding the whole Albanian 01' B08l0I}. was introduced to him in -Ituation in: Will the Italian exile- Albnny. The than who introdliced ditlonary force at Avlsia make a (_.‘.'nnimin§'s .10 0’Gonnor‘ was Win, P- «Stand and defend the port to the last? Denlpao‘y'.'at'; oilijcer ol-thennion. 7C,“! No reeietence is looked (or at l)nraz- nilnge had been -taken to Dempsey by :50, where and Feeha. with his com- Dennis D. Drlacoil of Boston. pnrativeiy small army of Aibaniane Dempsey is mild to have called up nnd the remnants ot the Montonezrln v0'COImiil' from Mbllny Mid IBM!‘ him nnd Serbian armies. could‘ do little to to eolne there from lluifalo to meet Atom the tide of the greatly superior :etr9n§8i\)- llIlB\_.|‘|’l‘Ili.l0 i0|Hz‘Wh0l0 in?” mm well-equipped Austrians. er was roncim o ' onnor Wm - - decided to take the matter under Iul- aF‘“h;|\°bN“\‘: rrurh :r°M'm(_ vluomi,i,nt.. Meantime he not in touch ~°m' 9'“ '9 \V2\? 9:‘ °‘I‘_,\ on with William J. Wyllll oi the aeornt ‘\3 N\°° \\°“‘ ‘ ° °“‘ \3 r°“° “\”°.“\m\\y'.I1'.i. ‘3:°'»“i .fL'if“:’:’;i.§.‘.§‘.’ Several conferences followed and M“ - _ °, - at one meeting in the ~MnrIhnrongn “'°\° ‘‘''‘’\“‘’d I?’ ‘M G°\“''-'‘“ \‘ \\3 ,vicinity ot Ncnviiio and that French hotel in this city Cummings called counter attacks were without result. up George Sylvester Vireoit_ editor or i ‘ Fr 11 an the Fatherland. and told him, it is “K “W \8 °“- “\5 W0 ‘\31 0' said. that O'Connor wanted to know \W G°\“““‘“ \'9\ ‘1''\‘’“ “'°“-‘ ‘“ “ where the money would be pinned. ‘j\'“‘°\ “my 1?“ °°9‘““°d “M :\° After leaving «t'he‘telephone Cummings‘ '°m“3°'3 ‘H \Yin! to recapture t am. is said to have told O'Connor that the: ‘WNIO the British report the progrtes: money would he placed in a -safe de- M“: oocuvstgnn by ti nten of on-om 5;: ‘;::;::.,e :.:::::: 1°\ \°“ o Tm’ H°\' cur\ ‘\bp°\\“d' Perish also announces German D‘'‘»5°°“ 7“ ‘ \\”°'»—‘ bé'°'9 \'9 r ranches in Belgium and to the north 3““‘d “'7' .D°\“’”9y 915° ‘ms presfcl the Alene have been badly hum- ent. but -hbfwas not‘ .c§lled.i He‘ will Lméred by im8\m.méb 8-‘ms um um‘ ‘h\°‘t° \°“\'“ \5\\ T\°°d'y Wm?“ “I” the Germans euifered serious losses nit-nd lull\ m°°‘5 I right for ermine crater in the perks also were subpoenaed to an :4'rg0n‘ieV>Vtore'8t. “ r lziiglrinttx \flitting on other Fronts. dunes ‘of. persons rezietered at hotels ‘ Wm“ °°“§ld°'“?1° 3533“? \99 ~ «~ ,1 _ ,—been 3 i_ on alolls the guealen where the co'l‘1‘_f9l‘e![4 3 took» 3°‘ I t .8:.'§ e in W “'1“19\7‘!!¥11..°.9”°$'=‘ 1'“ “ii a. ,-°i!‘.§~.»l3.1i“i«\t.' . - \cm; an-uni nrélw. «I2 2 mi--=-4' ° ‘s “it” ‘“°“i’l£‘g§rii‘(”!J'#e1iii'iIlQ}\'h5.\§' '3... or introduction tn*'iCI1mminlI.: ‘r “9 ,. - ‘“.i»3« “ 3\ -_\-K V 6‘ 0‘ mm M. .-u’ um. gm. attained by either side. _ The same %:iooncusIo:inp*Ii‘,'oatoo;.iqr:.t5 . ,miI‘I (\°9.'!\'I!!_i\LaQi he-tgmggr) i ‘ ‘ Zii¥i‘il:.*l.ii.9;ii!n‘?..“}.t»\‘f:1? :l»‘é‘l=“~ \l\\«\»*~\‘~.‘V‘1'. .34‘ \it\ >’.“:.€3.‘ W\n'2n~’ Use High 's‘c‘hoo1 Auditorium Iusmanf j 18335’? Hours’ Marcntram‘AlhaIWsoapon. While setting. in the high school Instr Monday night twaitl the ar- rivgl 0! the entertainers we were quite lorqibly impresged with the use at the auditorium and immodiatly the thought struck us. \-why don‘-t this qchonlv use -this big room more thgn 15 “minutes a day?“ Prola§fs A\i%iln;_ffBnIIsh Inm- ~*mncs-Wifh U:1\S: v! 3: [H31 sinus nous rnencn mm. '1‘-hare hppéhrs tqbe ‘enough room in this aildito it the seats were movable to relieve all of the conges~ Hon jthere. I0 BEFIHITE REPLY BEBEIVEIP Txiiél Alfi 5\“ \7.\ T ' \GI-JN'I“S FURNISHER PRESIDENT IJPEN8 A nerensr GAMPAIGH There is also a lhrge room at the end 01 the stage that would accomo- date a good size class. The people of this -city must not be asked to buy something they do not need and for the expenditure of $500 or $600 ‘dollars this big audi- torium would he made to answer all purposes for two or three years at least. ,,. _ 3,. ,. .1‘ , Administijfifiojl‘ ‘hiya’ arlmh Must Halt unnawlul 'l_”'l\m-.ti¢ ofg.Taking Ships Into 'R‘53;}{9r Search, Rather Than $9Itc on High Sun, at U. S. Dog§\Nbt Rqcognize Lt- ‘Tyser Brpt._h.e\'§._ wgnq run a chain of -Gentfs Furnishing _& Tgllor Spores have signed a long’ time lease with Whit, for the store where he uaé to have his hqm-aware atom. Avlong, Bluest Albanlnin Part. In M- Io 1'-hroltenod by Army or Human --Frenéh Claim Gorman Trenches In Iglgium a Bad Ham- ‘morlnn From Their Big Guns._ Makes Several Addresses In New I \Ylll*'|}iIY:‘ ‘>1 we Tysm-‘B'x*o9. wan occlivv the store on or about February 13;. gality of British Bl9‘9£§_:“qej Carpenters and putting in the ‘shelving and Larry Christopherson is redecoreting the store, so that every {thing will be like new ‘when the new firm an-ivaa hero ‘with their goods. They say that in buying from 6 or 8 stores they obtain prices thnt al- 1ow them to compete with any store ‘in Bonnie and in making arrange- ;menta (or their advertising in THE JOURNAL. we are lead to believe that they will quote prices that cannot ;help but get the business, the tiring this firm did Vaifter leasing the store ‘from Mr. White was. to in: quire where the newspaper oiii’¢_:e lwoa locet_ed‘x_md Tiim JOURNAL otiloe was their next stop who're‘ arrahgeinenta ‘werh made for advertilsing to «let the people know: .every any wlmt they prnpoaecl to offer the next (lily. This iltlli [hBH~_lc;rge~ houses in six or eight cities in the state and their “buying power,le troniendoup. This will he on tulditlon to Lacke- ‘wunntva lmsineea houses and 'i‘I{E JOUIINAL wishes Tyuer Bros. Imu- cess in their new venture. Washington, Jan‘. text 01'4- ot Ame-rIca‘s formal pI\c3§’ost to‘ Great Britain against interference with Anuvrzcmn mails and Great Britain: ad interim reply was made public at the state‘ dvpartnn.-m-. 111 the note of pruté-.~t. data-d Jan. 10, the L'm1§-d .~1,.m.x dexnumlad a .Ai.~copumxa11ce ot \nu-.~e unwarranled um:rt‘en>11n-s\ um] .«;~:~.mur Page uas. tn:-tructed to (-‘1lh’1' u \'H:.‘m'ou:s pruxe:-.1‘ and \HIllJI‘¢' lqnn Sn‘ En» \\a_rd Grey the ll\'(.‘L‘a>H,\ lur prom-pl. acuon in nus matter.\ Now this city can't afford to have one-third of the space in our high school held for 0 15 minute singing session a gay. We want more room in the high school, but we don‘t want the people to spend $60,000.00 or $7lI.000.00 for additons here it $500 or 3000 will do the trick. New Yor1.;,,JmL 28>-President Wil- son last\;gj¢l;t gpeued his campaign for p;ep ess in a stirring gddreps tpefore t_ .1 gihugy Business asap_ci_u- non, IL was the first of a series aha; he intends to deliver in a swing‘ through states of the central we,s_t,.‘ Heads of se\'e1‘aI 01 the country's leading railroads and manufact\lrg{rs.. whose chief business is with thgso lim-.-. gmplaunled time iilid :\galr;_ax§ the pre-am:-ujl xxssertml his policy st.o0(1- for prvpun-nlnu;~:< for peace. ' Aljtvr $111+: banquet \Vil=uu spoke I3; a banquet of me .\Iu:lon Picmre Board or Trndv of Anmrxcu. In talking to some members of the board of etlumtion, on this nigg- ier. we find they are of the same mind and, one of them said he would not entertain this addition while this large zgudltorlum remained unused. at least while the people nra groaning under the burden oi the $13 county lax. Under date of Jan. :25, ilw British foreign xuimster iilniies reply that «ii- nsiuucii as the Ann.-riczui iluir i‘riir~('.'i.| important questions oi’ principle. ai- teoting not only Grest Briutn. but her allies, the British goverxunent it necessnry to consult with these slliel before making datlnite zmswor. Hope is expressed by Sir Edward Grey that he will be able shortly to make more definite response. The American protest draws I care. tul distinction between the action at the British authorities is seizing and detaining parcel poet packages mm the action at seizing and detaining or- dinary mails-—'u practice which is des-at cribed as \vexittiously inquisitorial.‘ Parcels post articles, the_ note states, are regarded by the depart- ment of state as being subject to the same treatment its express 9; freight in respect to belligerent search, seiz- ure sud condemnation; that is to say. p\ercels' post matter. being in the class of Ordinary» merchandise, ships trans- porting it,'thougl1 neutral, are subject tiolthe agg_:eptm_i' rules. of contraband trgmg, am’; blockade restrictions; At the same time, Great Britain is informed that inasmuch as the United States already has disputed the Brit- ish order in council aifectinl‘ lluutrql trade, and has refused to recognize the British blockade as in eilebitivei one, Ill previous -protons 9! this gonn- try in regard toJw~ha't éonstilutsi the Brmuh Play Var Time Think this over Mr. ’l‘«ax|)nyor, you will‘ be naked before long to vote on this project and it will be strictly up to you whether you spend §'I0.000.00 or $500.00. ‘Pills is an important question and you should lnvastigfxte it in I; thor- ough mrumor, don't vote or decide on somo1)ody's any so. go and look the deal over. b Eurly ln the day, the preslrlent,,_g!~ ter an lnterclmnge or notes \vlL!l 205 members M the (‘nngu-cgssional unlgn for woman's suffrmzé, refused to sup- port .11 movement for an amendmeng io the federal constltxxllon provldmx for the c-nfrnnchlsmnmn of women.. To the clerlcul conference of the New York l«‘e~d¢>raIlon_ of Churches, representing all denonmmtlons, Presl- dent Wllson gas introduced by me new. S. Edward Young. who remarked that \nu other presidnnt ever had such universal prayer in his hehal!.:’:‘ F‘requent applause rrret-ted ‘tho pa-esldenrs remarks, who ‘spoke of his elfurts for peace as representing the snlrlt of the United States. i. PERSONAL Miss Com Shea of South Park swe- nue has ‘completed the» gourse of the _Buftalo State Normgn school. _ You are the one who has to {fay tllirblll. ’ 'I.‘l~IE JOURNAL is not speaking of any other school except ‘the high school, a. reporter will be-sent to in-, vestlgate schopl No. 2. 3 and 4 and the: true cqmlliloiia will be D in THE‘ JOURNAL. If it is found additions are needed’ here THE JOURNAL. will do all in its ‘powerto get them as we believe in education “ Mr. W-lll‘iani_ Archibald. of‘ Maple .g_v.unue was suddenly called to Baum vihe, Ont... yesterday afternoon. on account of the serious illness 0: ma lndther, who ‘Is not expected _to tlve. :v'l‘hei(o an house: full ot_ conven- Joncei and luxunen in which no one (lg :_1 ngmq; own and women who - 319- ‘.\“.F4“.’.'.‘! 3.?! ieémvl-2!‘- -=:.T° ml 99 -_*¥'¢:_~«''°'~.-.'!r “' .$‘=’~ 9\.‘ o!.\'* ‘W’ , £11;-',~gn to ,yhgm mg{yif;;9_ In 6 mgr! '.::c%‘i $.\=\.i‘.*“““=“\\‘“.— ‘it’ »“‘.“‘¥.:‘~.'i3f\g . 1: rr gamer.» are-n n home. no refuge 10': the uilrlt. no plan; -3;; guggrgcgggllngy mud? Ylllqfxg. .»’|‘gori gm mm .nu¢p9cIq; Ihgurjgl, 41.: A3- 1, ‘at ,.:yi?n\xhgu hohiélon «non may iuof ' o:gt_|e,:s{:. 'qm.cont‘ont- Qd‘/|nl'(,' ' 'fpf{\i'lYd‘*(It I\|i\‘b'llnd to , \ v 1 ;. mq):(1I6h.I_I |'9~.:m'c‘w‘ - # ‘_ gr 3»: ¢,:ee2;pa.n::-2 +2 -' 1 .i’x\£ ,.E3:r.-NT ;.m,fs'.'€ Thaw starts Divorce 'Proce\gsj|ngI Pittsburgh. Jan. 28.—;-«.111 divorco oourt Judge Sharer appointed Attor- ney John W. Thomas a mgstegc the divorce‘ cage proceeding; brought, by Harry ‘Kendall Thinw. sllyeis ot Stanford White, against l3vely,n,w.N..0!-» bit Thaw. Up to this time Mn. Thaw has not contested the suit _and‘n_oVQI- pearatice has been med In ’hez‘b,_ohn3t, Fdun GI-at Sboloty ll. Dunnpt, _tho_ ‘jouudor of the Bed Eton, heqtawpd his entire tqttune on vsyloug qhariitol, sud qubgequently r9_c'el.v¢' 9 pension tron that empress or ltusgu. He. no doubt. had mane lglgg or £316 {gr-rencmpg effect mu! hli itrgiagthn would brink about, tor ‘P-§,G,f[!I '13 no notion of the world that ti,'6t‘§_c;oh réached in -some way or othor byvthtu [rut lntgrngtloijal cl_:‘a_|,-A mtdniiptlop, (ltd, million; of 311 i ‘i i II; to: ram.‘ 'vcI%\’¥”‘”‘:f P‘. T ' 4!: ~’££u3 -r E steal $2,000 ‘way-gh at ‘alovu. Gloversville, \N. Y.. Jan. hers during -the night broke into glove lgcgory 0! John Eerngndei Q song, {In t__his city. and -cayridd syn‘ (§ohtln ‘ox!’ “Mo. .to:,m g)ov_o | wliued’ at ‘$3;000. \ 'r\ \ 1.: 25 5 “m ,- affis

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