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‘‘’7.‘-' ‘§.’-;'.;‘ '*,'.~‘:\ -.:».‘~,-«-,\{ '2'-'.~“M‘,‘.)‘,\.’~'-. '~'~: \'}l‘- . Y\: 1.-\sf;-' \ .“._'T_'e= f£T:\';;\:[»~:3'~ 1* 7x\ n.‘ ‘>‘.' u A z,§3§_\a;;¥=‘:: .1‘ ‘.55’ -(_,g.;;&. v -.\“‘_-1-.':« . \s»‘-v';~';.‘_. ._—-3.4,; “Aw,-,‘,’“‘., #2:: . « wr- ..‘. »~ \ ‘ '.'>,- '-. 1.’ 3 \‘ ;,-:.' '_.x.' v 5 ‘I iv‘ —: ., ri A1 .-» _ ~‘.,.,.,«..A » ‘ ,,4),_ ' _ » --» I .-., V‘ W . ‘_ . .;L V ._. _ ',' » “ ‘A «. '2 \- , ~' . K7\ ‘ 9 ‘('.‘4?“.‘»s.)'r»u . « ‘ 4 f‘ 3» .' .2.‘ ,- _ - _ _ , v r ' - : , K » ‘ '3 ' \ ' ' . . . ' ' ' _ .\ ‘ ‘,-.'n‘-’-a~a-‘:-wk\ . W:-V A .9\ ‘ - \ v-. ‘ ~ -;»- ‘e. i V ~- . , '- ' ‘ 2 <~.«.wv.w. \ ,1! -~~: .. ..,~. ~,.. ' . _. , , . ' . _ . ', - \r . ., . . '- ‘ ‘ < ‘ - ' ‘ X ‘ ’-su-''' .' . ‘ ’ ‘ j , . ~. . ’ ‘ . ‘ x m ~ ‘ ' . ~ '7' -. ’ .1 . — .. -' - ‘ - , ,, V . M. ,‘ .‘ _I _, . , _,;,‘ .. \ __ . _- .. my , . I. - ~, 3 ¢ r ‘ V; »» i_; - I _ _| . , I , i : . ‘ a,,.~,:; te ., 2 -W. » ; = 4 3v;’v‘ » “= . ‘:2 .~ ‘ ~ gm -‘ , V, , ' , . - ~ g . J. x , v 1 . = 7_ ; \ ',.'_',j'. 4 ~ 1. ‘ ' 140-? ‘ t f '4' :’ ..‘-“E ‘ ‘ . ' I _ r F ' ‘ ‘ . ‘ ' , ‘ ' '5 ’ 3, a » . Ir V‘ ,._‘, . c . . .~ ‘ ,. I ‘I . _ 4 3 ‘ 2 ; V , . ' * .~ » «, , ’ ‘ ., ~ ' ' . » \ . _ 3 ‘. ‘ I v . _ . 3 1 ; ,. . . K‘ _r ‘ . , . . .., M V. M1‘ .r ~. .. , . . .. .. New \. .. .. .«. ,._ 1 0 ...::,’__, . V “,1 a .‘ . ' . I ‘ ’ ‘ ‘ ‘ . -F ‘ 9 W5“ { VOL. I BUFFAI10,-N. Y. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26,. 1916 -LACKAWANNA-, N. Y ‘ ABM! RIM B%R|VG:E B*R|I|S?H~ E8:llFE‘5EfR SEVERE REVEERSE STEEL PLANT Off- HfC§lALS W‘|TN; vi» ‘g;_P%lCTiURE SHOW woman ur mum : Ill pm uxmnn % um wmn PaiEsVInemwAms T.AiB4I¥wF BMRD. KING LUDWIG 0}‘ BAVAEIA‘ Compliments Troops on Conduct - Taward Civilians at the Front. This Bridge Most be Abolished Before it is Demolished by a Trolley Car. Turks In Heavy losses on Kul-El-Amara Relief Force. Believes It ‘Is Necessary ‘Under New Industrial nunditiuns. The Doings at Ellsworth, I’a.. Last Oct. 12, Columbus Day Shown on The Screen £:ATT:|L.EMEN SBHE BN £601. ;BRY5AN. Don’t Wait ‘Until a Hundred; ‘People Have‘ Been Drowned Like ‘Rats in a Trap ‘Pictures Shown Should Be Show at a Regular iPrefor1_nance at The Savoy BET ‘DEKIJ ‘WIFERS WITH %LE|llERiKv|Fl}HlN\ Yesterday afternoon at the Savoy Theatre a JOURNAL representative was present and witnessed two large reels of pictures. thrown on the‘ screen for the express bene of the ol of the Lackawanna Steel (‘o.. In the theatre at the lime was Mr. E. A. S. Clark. presldeim Mr. C. H. McCullough. vice-president and gen-. eral manager: Mr. C. H. Robinson. genera‘! sales manager; ;\Ir. J. P. Hig- ginson. treasurer; Mr. F. F. Gra-ham. general secretary; Mr. A. C. Bryan. secretary to the vice-president; W. A. James, chief engineer and ‘general manager; Mr. Hazen ‘Br-own. ass't. superintendent; Mr. L. W. Hesse!- man. comptroller: Mr. Joseph E. Don- nelly, paymaster-. and Mr. F‘. G. Slagel. sociological director. At vEllswor1t_h, Pa.. is located co_al mines No. 1 and No. 2 of the Steel Company and‘ about 60 miles south west of Ellsworth is ap lace called Cokeburg. where mines No.3 and No. 4 are located. say He Allowed Juarez ‘Packing Plant Run In llnsanltaryway. Buffalo Papers Should Act, This. is a Case of Man[’s Human- ity to Man. Turks’ counter Attack Drove Bnltish Back Several. Muss, the British Leaving 3',000\D‘ead on Field of Bat~ t|e—Turklsh Lone; Smal|—-Little Fighting of: Other Fronls. , Chief Executive Dec|ares Thax Situ_a' tion’ of Entire World ‘Is so Unusual as Re Industrial and Politicai Devehpment That This Country ‘should, Adopt’ Every Means to Pure Pare Itself. , , Z I .1» . ha : »,-?>.“:'i.*\i =T«.\—: -154$; ., |=‘:3:5\: ;\ M‘. ;~7e‘.‘P* xv: .33 ‘ .3 J 3 .?,'«. » ' m I‘ “L-._.»:‘§\. r =a.\:.. 17 £5‘ xii‘? «£:-?»— 95? . . iv.\ \Vl3%‘-t are the people ‘going «to do a‘bo1_itg the Abbott Road bridge over Buffalo river? STOLEN STIJEK KILLED‘ THERE. This bridge was [built years ago, trolley cars have been enltgrged (three or ‘tour times since this -bridge was built. London, Jan. 26.—It reports» from Purkish headquarters coming by way of Berlin, are exact, the British forces in‘ Mesopotamia have suffered 3- some- what severe reverse in their endea- vor to reach the besieged town 0! Kut-el-Amara on the Tigris river. some twenty miles east 0: Kut-el- Amara the Turks in counter attacks drove -the ‘British back several miles and the British let; on the about 3.000 dead. The Turkiéh losses are declared to have been comparatively ili It was after this tight, which lasteu .»lx hours. that General Aylmer is de- clared‘ to have requested and obtained .t truce of 0!}e\da_y in order that the dead might be buried. The British «advancing from Muntw ilk, -‘on the Shatt-e1e'Hhi river or Km.- el-Amara, -‘toward’ Kqrna, also were <con'1pel_Ie'd: to -retreat before a Turk- ish lattaelx, says the report, leaving 100 ‘men~<‘iead,. Gnttlemen Claim Bryan Allowed thb Juarez, Packing Plant to Run So Thgt Villa’ could Get the Needed Money. ‘Deqpllc In Being once It's unsafe. exceedingly so, and‘ every time you cross it on a street car and land safely on the other side you should rejoice. Are you goingto weigh the human lives that cross this bridge twice, three times. and smile times more of- ten daily, with money? With taxes? Mr. South Bulfaloian what are you, going to do in uzisj matter? Water-front Taxpayers Association, what are you. going to do? The river has been deepened on both sides of t_his<byidge. the i!o\_1_nd'a- tions were laid when this was a mere shallow stream. ‘today we 21 feet deep. don’t you thin); it has barjed the foundations under water? What moment are they going to slide into the center of the river? Washington. Jan. 26. -—- President Wilson has requested Majority Lead ex) Kitclzin oi the house to take. u; with the ways and means ‘committee ‘immediately -the matter or tormuiat ing at lav»: creating a tarlfi board. rlr. ~a. long conference with the majority leader, President Wilson set forth at .len_'gt‘h his views as to why the crest ltlon of a, tutti board is advisable a: 5 means of «enabling the United States to cope with the new industrial con ditions to. be created by the war. Mr. Kitchin altered no objection tc the new step advocated by the admin istration gnd atterhis conference with the president he expressed the belle! that the ways and means committee would report a. tariff commission bilt in tour or five weeks. President Favors Tariff Board. Clbged hy secretary of Agriculture. El Paso, Tex., Jan. 26.-—\Carothers convinced Secretary Bryan, who saw his friend, Pancho Villa, needed the ‘money, that the Ju_ax-ez packing giant, where stolen cattle were aeinx ilaughtered; was being‘ run ‘in a uni- uty manner and it was ordex-ed~ _1'-eois- ened, after the secretary 0! agricul- iure had ordered it closed,” declared I). D_. Jackson of Alpine, Tex., presi- dent of the Cattle Raisers‘ association of Texas, before the convention of the Amerieen Netiqnal ‘Livestock gs- gocietlon. The gtgtement was gréetew with cheers by the cattiemen. Ellswonth by the way, has about 3090 inhabitants and Cokeburg about 1800. both of these places are slip- norted entirely by-the subsidary com- pany of the steel plantrand no other industries are chew. WOMAN OUT FOR CONGRESS Kansah Enters Rae: on ‘a ‘Na£ion,I_| Prohibition Platform. When they slide there will be, no doubt, a. trolley cqr on the bridge. Are you going to be in it? Is your wife going to be in 1;? Maybe you mqthen, your sister or brothev. On October 12 last. (‘olumbus Day, all four mines were closed down and a special‘ train was run fmm Coke~ burg to Ellsworth carl the I-iti~ zens of the former to the latter place ‘to celebrate the holiday. The superintendent of the mines had a \movie\ man on the job and got the lot of unstaged pic- tures that had up to yesterday come to the attention of THE JOURNAL. Topeka. Kan., Jan. 26.-—‘Di'. I-‘ Harding, :1 physician of this city, In a candidate for the Democratic cono gressional nomination in the kirat. Kansas district. 'l‘-he eflect of the day's develop» ments was not only to commit the Wilson administration definitely tc the tariff board, but practically to in sure the enactment or legislation 95 tablislilng a board at the present ses slon of ‘congress. An eutlioritutive statement of the president as to the need of a term board, as well as his ideas as to the proper functions of the new body, wa: scoured lest night. It was legrneu that the .president had expressed the belief that guchxan organization can play a highly iniportant burtlin pro rnoting‘ the tutors economic iirosper lty 91 the country lay provigligz the government with the necegsari data to guide it in dealing with the in duetrlal problem; in the ~year5 ahead like president emphasized the neces any that the ‘activities of the \board ‘he conducted without partisanship He _.expr_eued the conviction that it should not serve any particular tisca; theory or policy and especially not any political ‘theory or policy regard- ing the tariff. The situation of the entire world is so unusual as regards industrial as well as political developments, the president declared, and the interest of the American people in the out come of these new conditions is sc vital that it is mandatory that the government of the United States adopt every means to p1‘e.pare itself Proposed Board’: Functions. Prealdeni; -Jackson. sarcastic. someone'a going to pay an _awlul penalty foi\ this negleqt. Why there inn’! 3- viaduct in the city but what has a sign on it warning drive;-sjo! vehicles not to be on tiiemlinore than two at a time. Pres1<;qi1t’s Jac‘lison's‘—sarcas‘tlo re!» erenge to Ca:-others, ‘Bryan a1_1d “his 1\.'!9nd Vi1b_1\ cagne at the end 9: the M33118 men's eutszress on we came in- éu-§t¥ of Mexico. Mr. Jackson. with H. A. J;istr'o Qt Cglitornia and Colonel Ike '1‘. Prvnn oi San Antonio, were nppqlqted a -opgngrgitteg to age San Francisco con- v;ig1;gn,.o; pap: Am9Hé:n~nso¢1auon Qpiqstijatlbn the‘ lxhpoitition ot me.I.¢Is -Mexico. The British reverse at the hands or the ’fI‘uri;s, hpwgver, is somewhat 01!- set by'tiie Turkiéh losses in battles with the Russians in the neighbor- hood of Erzerum. A news itxency dispatch from Petrognad uaérts that apart from the casualties in actual battle the Tnrkg iostmty omcers and 43900 man made apriatsners; together with scores ot machine guns and quan- titigq..og mugitinga csptuggd. ' page ‘the I[l_i!§l‘ hamburg- manta. mining operations sud aero- plane talus, »ume_ Midas on in my oi the other mam. or war. vfionpa usgrts $l|€.l'e~'!l,ll -beam no re- sumption ét hostilities iii’ Hohtenr xro. Besides opposing militarism, Dr. Harding’: platform includes nations! prohibition. nationwide su mothers‘ pensions, recall ol oldgge pensions (or those who dgmkgl money for this purpose with the..q§v-- eznment, a national rural credigafl for farm tenants, a mu: tot refveliug government aid in road buiiqllngiind the construction of public Wbgiq to control the waters ‘of ~01\. lb- aourl and Mississippi nllen. These pictures showed the lite of the minor‘ when not -in the pit. his living conditions. the way his non- working hmirs are spent. and the en- virons in which he rears his chiid~ ren. And you are setting by and allow- ing these death traps to exist. 1 Maybie THE ,JOU¥I~‘IAIt.h is knock; ii: an 11.: ll, we as ‘n~ ca name 0 Justice to 'tr\o$m’6x'z aiid ‘children. who hil|lVe Eoutzoftrolboveg the xxaliticiaias, t At tie 166.9 9.|.‘¢l\l|,l'.,l;d. 1.1199- ‘case 0! .t_hJ’A)ihbt; lipid ib;-jdge, «£7. « Children? Well we should say there was, and one would have to travel a long ways to match them. Hearty. robust, well dressed and from general\ observations they pres-, ented that cardinal attainment. hap- phzsai. - We say they were happy. they must ‘be sbecnuae we don't think children ‘can sham happiness and by the gwidlty’ with which they entered into the sports at the day as shown by the pictures they could not have‘ been ‘otherwise. (Jag. Let ui“ jee ivhii ii; heli this, we cun't ~be expected to win this bu‘ttte\tox'- A‘ néw‘ In-Idg‘. alone. ‘nepogtlgig on the work oz this con- nlttee, Mr. Jackgqg said: \On A_'.pr ‘:3. Colonel Pryor and anal! I‘vb'nt‘ Wu Mr. Ju- tro being uunjslo to -be with us. When no ~u1-{via we-more not by In at- ‘ahil-nbp or the Cudniy rfgcking com- pany, who ‘was iimod with letters tron General Lula '—I'err'uas and others. snying thst they bod had no cnttle killed In the Juarez Packing “house. We any the secretary of agri- pluture‘ ipd told our side‘ of the story. ‘The result who the government sent Jan Inspector here and I am told his inapeétor subgtintiatéd what hm ul- tendy been said about the coxidlttons. as a result the Juarez Packing plant was closed. Carranza closed Plant. esnmmv mLs=1.;n W \(SI [Let us pea at the Butfalo pnpqsra wm'coihe>‘to' t e ti-bhtmndi help the jmople to mainuin their lives, or at {least help tovavert the calamity _Lhn,_t's inure _to obljjn §£«_th1s Ii;-ldge visual- ‘lowed-‘to film; open‘ to ‘t'rn‘mc 7mach longér. ‘ , M ' _ While :19 battles of lmporunco -\l}_a'_ve been; reported frog t1;9'*l;11unlan tr‘:1fx1t,?\{len have shelled -aeviemn iequons bmpu-v nae» end they are-gcavaljigeconnolter dug. Unomcial advices from Petro- grad any the recent successes of the “Russtahs hhve brdught them t6 with- in ‘less them t.Lh1-ee miles 9: the town of Plnsk in Volhyuin. THE JOURNAL representative suggested that those pictures be shown to the general public and we are con that it the Suvo)\.\!an- agoment. could get those reels {or one night and the people knew ahead that they were to be shown. his house would not hold the crowd, for an- most anyone working at the \plnut“ and living here knows someone in either Ellsworth or Cokehurg. THE‘ JO('R.\'.\I. is Imlehtuil in the o of the .~‘-let-I plant for tlw op- portunity to Witness this ‘y’(*l‘_\' prac- tical (lorunnstration of so(\li)l0[.{it¢ll work and surely those who lune the authority could do no nicer thing than allowing the population nf our i-it) tn “ the same pirtures that \\’P tiil \\. contrnversy \ SUFFS ON WlI;SON’S TRAIL Women Determined to as Heard when President Vinita New York. New York, Jan. 28.—W'hen Presi- dent Wilson comes to New York to talk about preparedness he had bet- ter make up his mind to prepare for ‘the suffiagists. They are ready tor him-—iifty able-bodied and eloquent members or the Congressional union ~—and they don't. mean to let him feel lonely when he reaches the Wal- dorf-Astoria, where he is to stay. He may retreat to the farthest trenches of the Waldorf, but they will follow him with the shrapnel or their srgn-. ments in favor or the Susan B. An- thony amendment now before con- grass. Washington, Jan. 26.-—GermIny h again failed in express terms ‘to 3:99! the demands of the United‘ Stltba 161' a settlement of the Lusitania oo‘nt;o- versy. The British military service bin is making last progress in the house of lords after the passage in the house of commons. The upper house has passed the second‘ reading or the measure without division. Count von nurnsznrtf was so inform, at a coxufe-rence which he had with S:-crnuu-_v Lansing. While the am- bas.<adnx- PXIWCIS to confer today‘ with the secretary. it is not now ex~ pectud Hm anything approaching I_ de und«-numding can be reaqhed until am=r the nmbnssy has recelied furt.hm- insuructions from Berlin, \Then Carothers wrote many let- ters‘ to the United States, saying that the plant was being run in a sanitary condition. I don't think he convinced Secretary Houston.‘ But he did con- vince Secretary Bryan, who saw that Iiia’ friend, Pancho vum-, needed the inoney. The piant was reopened, but rafter the recognition or Carranza was again ordered closed.\ A storm is threatened in the con- vention today or tomorrow when the report or the resolutions committee, condemning the adminlstration's pol- icy in Mexico, is introduced. The resolutions committee, it is under- stood. will dratt a strong resolution ‘lovoring motion by the United states to protect the Americans, especially the cnttiemen in Mexico. WOULD END SISAL TRUST The functions of the proposed board to be prescribed by the administra tion measure are: U. 3. Hears combine Controls lmpor tatlon From Mexico. Washington, Jan. :36. —= Evidence having been submitted to the ted.- eral trade commission and the de- partment of justice that one American corporation has a monopoly on all the sisal grass produced in the stnie or Yucatan; Mexico. adrninisirgtion of- have promisvd immediate and drastic action to break up the com- bino. All American binder twine factories are dependent on the grass produced in Yncaian, and any increase in its price is re in an inert-use in the cost or. hinder wine in every farmer in tho United States. This ad- vance, so it was pointed out, nirmuiy has boosted the price of the product 3 cents a pound. Prior to the placing of an embargo on the exportation of s'smi Krnss oy Carranza, about a your nun, prison mctoriea could buy sisal of imi:-‘pemb ent producers. 1. Investigation Q! the administra tive and nffmt of customs law- heretufore enacted or to be enacted in the future. FIRE. AT S(.‘R;~\NTO;\' Though ‘ha latest exchange sit views has failed to bring about an ngrnenxent b0t\\‘P0n the two govern- nu-uts. both at the state department. and at thv v-mbns=y, con was u.wr«=.~‘~od that :1 basis of settlement would be reached in the near future. 2. Investigation of the relations between rates on raw material»: and thuse on finished or halt finished products 3. Investigation of the on‘:-cts of ad valorem and specific duties and 0! those which are a compound of ad valorem and speci duties. 4. The arrangements of schedules of duties and the classification 01 articles in sevoml schedules. .\‘-4ramun. Pa . Jun. 21.3 Fix» 4-unly today dc-stI‘u.\‘(-d lhv ulothlng sturv ur tlm Plnlacl--lphin Sp:--mm um1uuu1), u ants:-cl .~rr1'uu.~. v.Iunm,1:e- Ln nth:-r u‘-~tu1)» li.~l1tm>ms and g; lass Of Sf‘-II.mm «In tho Ixmvrnaimnal .\'(=\\s Svrm 4- y They don't know whether they will see him today or tomorrow. but Mrs. D. H. P. Belmont, Mrs. Lewis L. Delg- Mrs. Emmanuel Einstein and the M.'l(!l‘ members or the deputation are prepared to spend the two dam in me attempt it necessary. it will be remembered that Mrs. Belmont and other sllffragists tried ‘-to deputize the president when no visited New York soon after the Eu- ropean war broke out, and consider- able exoitemént was the result. They expect an ensic-r time now as Mrs. William Kent 0'!‘ Vvnshimzton, wito nt‘ Representative Kant from Califor- nia. wired today she fhoixght she could nmko mi appointment for then‘! with Mr. Wiiiaon. Sm‘:-rul tmmnts. livim: in apart- xnu-ms ulmvc tho slur:-' Inn! narruw 1-.~u-apps. balm: compelled tn I1:-c lu the street in their night vluthmg. It \\a=- lt‘.u'I1t-H] last night Lhat 1.119 ahnnblfng block consists in the uli-. wiIlinnm:.~s of the German govern- ment '0 admit that course of he-raubq nmrtno warfare at the time the Lusi- tnnia \\a~ d-*.=trny9d was illegal. Though willinz to my ‘he United Stan\ indnmnity for the lives ottho AnwrIt:un~' \\‘(I \\‘r=rn lost, the German govornnnmn wishm to pay this in- denmlty us an not of grace rather than upon any admission of Wrong-' doing. ‘P 3. 1‘ _,, ‘i , t‘ ‘:3; 9.} '3! V ,5.‘ W K Ex-Comm-ssioncr Wood Mdfctcd Xe“ York, Jun. ‘.’6 ~ 1-‘urmu-r publlt servlcv cumml.~'.~luI1nr, Robert ('01 gate Wood. wm. indicted today on a rhurm or hnvluxz >‘n!l(‘itt!d n bribe fox hm inllunncp m swinglm; to the Union Switch um] Signal company. of Swiss vale, Pu.. 1110 contract for installing a signal system in the new subway I10 nlendvd not guilty to tlln indict ment and mu»: released in $7,500 bull 6. The study of provisions of law and the rules and regulations of Na: trvnsury tlemxrtmont rns:xu-ding entry nppraisement. invoices. and cohuc lions. amllas, 'l‘ex., Jan. 26.—A state-wide gscgirclx is under way for W. l..- Craw- ley, former Un»lvm'sl1y of Chicago foot‘ hnll sun-, who. it is c1uu'ged,ki(1nap- pod his 18-mont'hs' old son from the home at his wife's pumus -harp, af- Football Star Kidnap: His son 6. In general. to investigate the working or the customs and tnrin luv: in economic effect and adminis trative methods. To admit that, thn attack on tha _:‘ Lusitania “:1: mogul. Hm German 1:mm‘nmnnt r-nnmmlvz, xvouid involve an ndnxi=s-inn t.h':\t the entire. subml; _, rlno czmmnhzn launched against Bfll- , lsb, .<hippin;: as n rnprisnl was lllegll. Z 191- ‘knocking his wife down mm 1,01“. ‘ mg up an unilcmtlflnd mun who tried ‘Schmidt Quits Nations! Game ‘smith to Manage Richmond club, New York, Jan. 26.——BHly Smith, the miracle man or the Southern and South Atlantic league, has been choeento manage the Richmond club of the ‘International. Smith won me pennants in Atlanta. His managerial activities ‘of the past ten years were confined to the South save one son- aon, three years back, when he hand- lqd the Buffalo club. The Brooklyn club of the National league has re- leased pitcher Atchison, 1 sollthbnw. to hnlwaukee of the American asso-' c‘la‘tlon. ERIE .FISH= HAUL IS GOOD Sweden Issues Warning clumination or divorce proceedings med against Cra\\'h=y. An injunction was granted brohibmng Crawley “lr“om taking his son out or Texas. tolnterfore. The kidnapping was the Boston. Jun. 26.-—CharIlo Sclnnidt. me big in-st baseman of the Bnveg, has quit. the national Earns for good. Word to this effect came from Balti- more and was coniirmed by Business Manager Hupgood of the Braves. Schmidt will devoio his entire tune to his business in Baltimore. Stockholm, Jan. 26.-On the EV? 01 tho dubntn in the British p2u'linn1v111 regarding the contemplated |1nc'mrn tion of a formal blockade a;zain.~t Ger many. Premier Hmnmzurskjrwkl sex-v ed \vurnim', in the S\\0di.~h rik.~da;.- that Swedish noutrnliu mus! nut in expected to survive continued inter {erence with the rights or this coun- try under national law. Plckerel and Perch Are Trying Their Blocks Newland Renolutlon. ,~_ W:u:hinzIon. Jan. 26.—Senator Nor 1-is. Ropublimn. pravnnted action Q35’-:‘_;T the Newlzmds resolution tor~congreaQ}-,5; Inna! lnvestigatiori .0! railroad ‘l65'll\||:§‘5‘ tinn. sur,v;:a==m1 by President on the .‘-'.I-unml that such an lnVQ_stll;I_i,5-, -Non would be a long one and inllll Á serve to prevent some other‘ ipcjul;\z~'.* into railroad affairs. ‘7 “. Sandusky, Jan. ‘..’6.—-From under the ice ! throughout the Lakc Erie island section began hauling their winter catch tnday. Manger report;-a indicate returns from a point of view will exceed those of the winter 01 1913-1914, wlxeu they exceeded $L‘u_n00 Yeliow perch and picker:-I are hit ing better than they have in nlnjn years, it is said. Best to Make Record ‘ , 5. ? ., 5 ,. 4‘. ‘. xv. { Asks Help for suffering Armenians. Loiulou Jan. 26.——Vlscount Bryce is making the American people to co-'op- erajo in assisting the remnant at‘ the _.!\rmPn’i§_11,’gatio11 that is now being ‘(*rlwm into the Syrian and Mesopo« 1rv'i:x;n deserts, ‘where, he says, Ill gm» r!v}v1:f nf thiist. . Duhxth; Jun. 26.—snerm Manol- son 0: Barron county, Wis., scum 01 here, wu shot. and killed by \'§'enzel Baronéokp u’ fu‘-mer. ‘while serving §DIDOI'5 on |_m,’x_1,- according to a’ brief ward recglvod he;-e lint night (mm Barren. Origins] \Gantry llrdt.\ Canary birds came orlglnnny tron: mg Cpnm-Iy islands. and wgre not ya!- |ow. but ohve green. ' Increases. Number of M|dIh! Į Washingtml, Jan. 26-.—-'_I‘l1e _. tration inn to increase the néggi 3 midshipman at the gavgl 'j:c’a§légI[: was ordered favorably _1-ézpog-’te¢,lL.b3'r\t house military committee. . ' <«.f poem‘-alien. oi War. ‘Gingham -Pnpar Dolls If one country declares in on an- -other coun0.ry-than ll; of eourie, In- “llbdlately a; \cute. qt war\ betwonr 'fIh'em. evenvthoirxh I ah¢Mnu~not.~h§on ~: d_IocI£nt1on- in equivalent to ;nd~‘t_ho- logical bo;1nnIn¢'ot« hos- ‘ _ ‘- , . . ' » ‘There the come cut-out dolls of xlnchnm nnd pcpar tint children like. The bodies no vtrncad on checked. gingham, and the colored piper arms, legs cm! 'I_G§(l_“Il'OvQl_lt< out and pntejq Ion the bogileu. , When the calling above the gas jet. Ins become dnrkaned from heat or smoke, apply 3 layer-of starch and wa- ter with a piece of Let. it ‘dry and than brush of! lightly with I brush. No mark will remain. To clnn Cemng, Our strength grow; out of our weak- nou. Not‘ unit! we are pricked and mm: and Ioraly shot at awakens the intimation which arms men with ‘ucroz. lorcel.--Emerson. Nobody 1073: I fut man, but the .u_)ggII ‘mat count tho‘\hhln oruo *u‘_u‘a* mun. gdouutnarbunanuu out. Good Advice Do not let the xx-a'ea';‘r9w Igumot lrlen Á J.‘ .: §\:.~ \ ... .. .‘ vo ‘\ .\ u .. M‘, r _; J . ., .a' 4 \.‘-vr ‘W-_ 9!. -if«*:;.

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