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V. ‘ ' ... . \ 3, . » .-. . . . ‘ -= > ‘ \ .- ‘ ' ' ' N ‘ “; Ev -‘\‘ ..= its‘: ' , —w-‘@148. _-‘ 5 ' ~- f’ WW I. .. ‘V . V ~ , 0- e la. ; ~ V-ea: - '1. . ‘ A V ig 4 V N ‘ ‘V Ya‘ \I ‘ “E -4 ‘ ‘ \C: ma . 7 ‘hr ‘We 730‘? - »’» '3‘ 3 i -'- , “A V . » A . , - u 2 V . , . .,qeau- .5342» v---amt: mm» r-uvv «ism .'~ V..<¢-“:1 '_‘.’- '*‘ ' ’ “ W17.‘ 5 L'''' 441 - . - 1‘? H31 —.”\.‘, .....'.;..' »u all .;_£,X!:'i£i BUFFALO, N‘. Y. FRIDAY, JANUARY 231.» I916 LACKAWANNA. N. Y \nnunmuu or I‘IIE I7GE 5 ml umnuax ,lMBE‘B:0U‘S 4SApeec:h Is ’ ‘Worth Reading PRES-IDENT WILSON‘S }'GiRAN~DDAU'GHTER' FACES CAMERA wxmour FLINCHING VILLA Iscmun ¢BvmAaTANzIsIAs xtfn, / \.. v. . I. 3 ’ ‘ , ; . 3'. ! -'._' KING GUSTAV. Swgdigh Ruhr Wnrmx V8,:-i_uii'\: Againsk ‘Proposed cont ‘Blockage. TAXi-PAYERS SHOULD THOROUGHLY DIGEST IT} ‘Rebel Leader ‘to ‘Be Executed at Juarez Race Track. BRITONS‘ SAVED. NEH F ELI) AND CALL H [M I-N.GRAT'E. 1‘-iling} on the Taxes ' SPEECH ol HON. J’. HAMPTON MOORE, NA3 EMZSHT IN MBUNTMNS. 1 ,9 '\‘§: E V . ‘ g. V» \**f¢}<‘.:'< ‘e ‘ on l’ENNS¥LVANiA—. Message: From chihuahua city, Con» firming Reports of Capture of Villa, Say That Number of Bandits who Participajecj in Santa Ysabel Mas- =acre_ will Also Be Captured. In ‘The House of Representatives '-I'hurs(1ay. December 16. 1 9 1 5., The House in Committee of the- Whqle ‘House on tlle state of the Union had under consideration the ‘joint, resolution (H. ‘J. Res. 59) ex,-3 -tending ‘the -provisions of the no; em; t«lt;le(l “An act ‘to ‘increase the internal‘ revenue, and for other purposes.\ ap'- provecl October 22. 191:4, to Decem- .ber., 31, 1916. Mn. Fortlney. Mr. 'Cl\a.l1ixna‘u, ‘ yield 10 minutes to the gentleman‘ irom Pennsylvania (Mr. Moore). Mr. Moore. of Pelmsylvaula. M1'-,‘ Chnlxfman. as ‘I shall not be able to 533' what I desire in 10 minutes, I ask lll'.l_8lll_l!l01_l_S consent to extend my remarks in the Record. , The chairman, Is; there vobjectlml? El Paso, ’1‘ex., Jan. 21.4-‘rancisco {ma has [been captured at Hacluda. h-runimo, by (.‘ar1‘-anza forces under n-neral Gavazon, RC(5(Jl‘(ll!1g '10 a pm \a-te telegram from Cunlnnahua City, n-ceived here. T-he telegram came from the source that first reported the rnassacres of ymericans at Santa ‘Ysabol. Guvazos was last report:-d‘ as bring~ ng prisoners tram Guerrero to cm- huahua City. Reports of Capture con ! There was no objectioli. ’ Mr. Moore. of Pennsylvania. Mr. iClialrI.I1,8,!|.. if I were a cavtoonlst 1 would draw two ,p_ictul:es wl.I,i.eh_ -I think would adequately describe the predicament in which the Democratic ‘Party itself on the revenue question. First, 1 would depict .a _vha,DD.¥ home in the country. labeled \1912\, with evenythlng bright 811d cheerful and the chil‘(lren- jumping into the family wagon on thaiv‘ way to school, I would ‘have the ‘young teacher, who had just a_rri_v‘ed“!rom the city. otter hing‘ aemjlcoa gs..d‘ with a query no :rol_n“,th'e_-blli farmer as to whether‘ he\l¢néw‘ln‘>'ir to drive. am]. a {monpayilllibic \Sul‘e\'« elnerglllx ‘t‘rom‘*tl'l_]e ‘lulu,-—'ot~ -the -‘-theo-1 reticdl, young man. In the second lylctnlre. la,b«3,led~ \191-5'.'. have the farlnél; and his h-lends rushing to the scene of a disaster along the‘ «roadside, where the horse. wagon, (Continued on page eight) Messages from Chihuahua (.‘—i1y cou- iirmlng reports of the capture 0| Villa stated that a number of bnndi-s who participated in the Santa Ysabel uassacre were also captured and are being brought to Chihuahua City for «-xecution. woman nus SELF Ann Iwocnltnnzu. Carranza Consul Garcia explained that his con ! of the report of the capture of Villa was based on unomcial but reliable information. Triple Tragedy shockr Town at Allmy. . JA ‘He telegraphed at once .10 Chihua- hua City asking immediately of information from General Jacinta Trevino. the mllnary chief at me northern scales. At the same time a nxessqge was nrepuad to be in the event of, formal lnfofmatlon, requesting that Villa be sent to Juarez to be executed an the race track. (1: ln 1,-eport'ed' .th_a1 -a puomlnem apart In the attempt inade «by tlxegenemy to In ence Mohammedan sentiment al the Allies ha: been played by Karl Nédleld, the well -known ‘Garmeh, eafaternv tredgr end traveler; Neuron l; llidebted ‘tor his life to Lprd Kitchener end the Brmlh troops who. unqler mg commend. over: threw the khallle at -0m’<_!urnn,In In ,0!\-O!!'IN.!l‘. 1.8% luv the yam!-..h, - can illlged,-to hqvo l'o!\l!'lI_O¢l:0V0n!lllI1 ly go Berlin \wlth_n rpagn uqqtul 1}: - torngtlqn lmlpn llggk og'n3_lrnjculeuI'w_ne tor. WW-th ;.Ar.,1b ~I.!_l.'!“I.Itl ‘hem:-nt to !'lpl;l“'~)ln's-Illa! voxr Htndenbhfc II ‘I, rnqvo go: hjs gqutlf The \ml;-qculotg; :&\ セ te'nlI'» Duihgblyz Vang? man, ’.t.h,e tnmgpss yell 41!!!!-Z919 .I!—’¥o,9e: co} which -1: hold lonall_y'to*be»-at ‘milieu; .;q“6,9rlgln.] __..4 . .‘ (lip) _ , g. r_» _:';Ig._ 9- 2. <', V .' ,1 ‘ 3 Lyons, N. Y., Jan. 21.-—l1etu home to supper at 6 o'clock last “'0'.- nlnz, Edwin Payne or Alloway song: the dour of his home locked. Looking through the mm; windows. he discovered the bodies [at his wife and two children trom the ceiling, pxeces or clpthonlllo suspending the bodies, U Breaking into the bangs, Pun’ found all were dead. ‘,5 \M r’. \ ~' .. (Tho llttle HQ! _ln v.IIer\j§lcthI‘-o\;ui:l‘n¢‘Q> xtoug_e_:ILy_r,1n.§1q~ mptvhgi-'_u up and using It the photouuphar 1; MI: Ellon Wll]un‘IféAdt_:_o‘,‘ zrgajuldnuchtor of P:-ei«_l'gm' W_Q}|on sud dguthtcr of Seprctary of the Trohuw l_¢‘A&Io. MI-I. L(oA_don. [I9 -vyu 1ljII~;B_|.ndq|p Wilson. was nurrlgdv to Mr. uoAdoo, who III I_ widower}, on M131 7. 1914. Ltftlo Inn Me’-Adoo II at; months old.) This -message was wrltton at the 9!- I104} of Gemral Gabriel Gavin. coma mandnnt at Juarez. who said he had received nothing omcial concornins the capture of the outlqw chlénaIn.. vmn Caught in an 'MountqlnI, THE MEN WHO LIKE’ IT *W}KNW?llVEiI”§’AL» H _»- 7 The‘ inn}. yylgg. love: mi bones, when he seer {lumen pal!-mama; along sllppery street}. carrying hone into blazing buildings scaling lofty l|_c1d_gra angl wqarlggg cogts of ice.-mall, marvels thgtany other ‘man can vhqve‘ appetite {or the job. He would’ {not take‘ It hlmaau gt the point gt is-sir-, 1“. \‘ Ttlva 'VI_/[9 »!o‘Va,g Ms‘ ponegvls‘ qonnrnieii \tn‘~Igj;z ogmlpn or 'th6‘\_i'n.- ‘deslgi ghe ! Job when dttidlaa the casualty ml}. The i.percenta,xes of kméd‘ and wounded’ ‘place Qrqldapartment service out side‘ Sghe consideration o man who jgnalyzen one-tenth of one per cent.« x'nol1‘ycq_dgi_le. other ‘men; hpwéver. have other tastes. P,BESlllE. nxen smurluc Iounnm-:3 Mrs. Payne wag 36 yen‘! 93¢; dgughte: (our 3nd “the gag tvy¢.__@gg — oh (erg hanging with ‘_ Hgcienila _S|n _ Geyonimo. ‘where Villa is rt-ponjed tn'.l'|a’ve‘bee1'x taken. is on the boundary of the Hearst property! named the Babricofa ranch. ,negu'- the railroad station of S_'|n Thomas. southeast of Madera. MltlT'A‘RY8E|WlcE A» E\ \\.~;§,.5 n?i,zl 89.! AtI_!oe.ates.nt Pt.9narIII.I.I.!=s- backs to th'e'mother. ’ 3,; l'..‘.?‘_,-,, The Paynes had been lljr years. 1} In a statement last night (go land and father says his 11!; ~ V been acting strangely of lute \ bade him goodbye as usual when 19, left at 1 o'clock in the aturngqn. work. ‘ __g .. . Three separate noose: were mg! \‘ hang the woman and cm; chllqggp, ,._.‘ All ropes were attached to _ hanging lamp hook In the ce£lj_n_c_. The children. nhysicilns any, ,.~.._ been dead some time longer th_a|';t_Ij ~ ;.'= mother. , man |i-=I0l8E_ ; ‘ _uuAum Hins’t‘o‘ Niki spoecinslln sev- ‘ii ; -.-2 3' ’ ’ 4 714153.‘ nepmjts ‘received here indicated tligt Villa had bebn hennyne-d in in 8 triangle formed in the mountains. Colonel Maximiano Murquese was on the southwest point marching from Madam. Colonel Jose Alexondo was closing in from the northwest while General Gavazos advanced from the southeast. Last night a_hout,.‘12::40 Omcer Burke, while travgllggg his l;99.,t~u1gu Gates avenue heard 1; noise like a sight it; the big v.a,\cI_n,t 10; between ‘Gates avenue and Simon avenue. ml [Western States. _ s'or9e'ch, mm-es moving rapidly ‘!;1,1.’§!1.e. almost. c9m.p.!.ete datkilasd. hrbuxht ‘~‘Jitn\ rm. ptiéyiob ‘in double (JlH‘c1_; time. ' Commanding the mob to stand at attention uhder thréht ‘or prétofmlng an operation on‘ them. Burke \blew\ -for help and omcer Bowen responded at once, Washington, Jan. 21.—Preslglent Wllson on a tentative ltlnerary (orhis stumping tour. As now plan- ned. he will make speeches in Penn- §)jlVju1i1i, Ohio, Illinois, Mlssourl and Iowa, through a period of six days: A seeond trip further West and into the South is being planned to. tollow closely on the president's re- turn from the one. BRYAHRU KITGHIII IIEIDIIIIGED Six hundred and eighty of these othenmen are taking the examina- tipn's‘,'i‘iiey sfe burning with_ eager- ness to get into a service that de-, mands their lives and limbs. Those who fail will be greatly cast ilown. because they have missed an oppor- tunity that calls‘ Iipon them to be smothered, smashed, incinerated any minute. Waghington Without De News. Washington, Jun. :1 —(!unm-maliml was lacking at the slain dvparmwut late last night of reports from El Pan that General Francisco Villa had been G8pllU'9d by Carranza soldiers In northern Mexico and taken to cm- hunhua City for executlon. § ‘. \ £3 Ddmqivd was Farmulqtod in I hotter From‘ Rouuvelt and by several Dia- tmguishad speaker; who Dncusnod Vlriouo Phuen of Problem at Na; tional security Leaguig Meeting, BAILEY TO HELP suc ! One; Tony Kundack was found to be suffering from, a ‘stab wound in the b;u:k,. so a hurry along call was sent in for‘ Mr. O'Rourke’: Taxi, Paul Boode (stage name) 26 us. out at 412 Simon avenue. Zac- ’aY-‘lch -Tréboriclx. (studio Qmliation) 24 years old of 451 Gates gweuuo and‘ John Yankovich‘ (last name pret- ty close) 29 years old, of 417 Simon avenue were‘ taken aiong with Mr. Kundack and he identified the three men as hjs ass&ilaI1ts.. As the schedule now stands, the president, who previously had arrang- ed to make two speeches in New York, Jan. 27. will start from Wash- ington on the night of Jan. 28 After attending Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo's dinner ta the president and cabinet. the president, with Mrs Win son and Pl‘iValP Secretary Tiimuity will leave on a late train for Pitts- burgh. He will speak at Pittsburgh on Saturday. Jan, 29, and thereafter will pursue this itinerary: Cleveigndp Chiczttzo, St Louis, Kansas City and St. Joseph. M0,, Des Moines and luwenport. la. The president is uncertain how runny speeches he will be able to make on the trip. His advisers ex- port that ii number 0! olwortiinities will he given for wayside speeches in addition in the regularly scheduled oiieé in the cities to be visited. The president intends to make just as many speeches as he can. Ex~Tcxu Senator to Act A; Attqingy‘ (or Cong:-eumlan Acqyud» at.-M jg‘ C°MPi!‘!GY- ~ ‘ New York, Jan. 21.~—Ex-Senutq. 1.. Joseph A. Bailey 0! Texas. npp‘e;u_'ed before Judge Clayton in the Unite; 3 States dxslrict court as attorney (of ;-‘.~ l‘DK1grB:~.s11)(\n Frank Buchanan in l_l- ‘§ 1moi.~.. urn was indicted with ‘I\(I_l_I8 ' Von knmah-u. the» German dseht; David Lamar. \the woit‘ of Wgll W sires-.1.‘ .m': others conxwcted with .5 Lab‘ r » ;\‘ Lrona. Pr-are Council, who f’ ur- rh r.- l w\ h t‘ »n:=;.irmg to-~vio- 3 lute» (hr Sh‘-1~r:~..n ‘.m-.- by calling 4 5,; <tn\l'.r4 armnu munition workers. V Washintton, Jan. 21.—A demand for universal military service as the only solution or the national defense problem was made the rallying cu at advocates at national prepared- ness and amalgamated under the lead. ership or the National Secunt-y league. The demand was formulated in a letter from Colonel Theodore Roosevelt and by several dlstlu_gu’ish- ed speakers who discussed various phases of the problem. - Colonel Roosevelt clmracterlzed the cominentnl army plan proposed by the adnllnlstrltlon In a sham and in- efficient rlvnl o! the National Quart). If you see a chap in a ! uniform, he is 3. man, It you see a chap who wants to get into n lire- ~mau’s uniform. he is a man. too, One has been tested and the other would be tried out. No coward can must- ver that hurdihood to apply for the ! job. It is one test at cour- age even to think of the daily busi- nesa of slapping death in the face. SEARCH FOR SPY EVIDENCE’ Pqtige scrutinize Books and Papers of woman who Suiclded, \\~\iXl:esbnrrc. Pa., Jun 21.-—Deputy Coroner Stanley Kunlosky and per lice authuritles continue their search for evidence to substmltlate their thoory that Mrs Marie |.¢=hm, 40 years old-, who éniiltxiittmi suicide. may have been a spy of the Ger- man government _ when seqrclnetl g1 razor and an ugly’ knife was fouucl on the trio, quid 41 wound about three inches deep was gonna on Kundack. Doctor (‘u!kow- ski tlréssed tho wound ‘and says that he ‘does vnot think ‘it will be fatal. A1-‘r(en,d of all Fiyemen HUSBAND ENTIILED T0 HALF court Doc-I49: Wile Mun Dlvldc Mon The private books and papers of the woman were scrutinized Letters were found from a woman in New York to whom $45,000 was to be paid and there were certi of with- drawn! from the Excelsior Savings bunk under date of June 2. 1915, for amounts or $4,500 and 32.500. The woman's husband reiterated that she frequently had large sums of money and that she claimed to have uent it to England throulb Q on cnptain from New York. Se~nnt.m- Ila l<=,\ told the judge thht he \\:1~ nut inclmed to (‘b true: the case by rnislm; the (]ll°Sti0ll og Buclunmn's pos.~ible exemption, from prosecution as a member at coizggeps, ~ The attorney. however. wanted\qlx. l weeks to examine the indictment be} T lore allowing his client to entqqami 5' 4; plea. ,1 Judge (‘lnyton was lncllned to, 110- 3 mur to this motion. but instructed . Senator Bailey to consult with Unllgd -> 1 States Attorney Marshall about at ‘ ‘ matter. After seeing Um ‘feign! ‘ nrosecutor, It was :1nn‘ounced\ $33!’: 3 Senator Bailey would wllhrlrnuv lily ff motion and would lpliobably lem8u- f c1;Qnp;u's temporary plea of X|9L.§lIl]}[ 5 «and. W *0F7FlCER BOWEN ‘GETS _ KNIFE TOTER cy 8910 and From Houu. hold Exponsn. New York, Ji1n.'21_.—-Vice Chancel- lor Stevens .in Jersey City heewiecided um James w. Donneily, mg Pennsyb vamp railroad ensineet, vlivinz at No. 7! Baldwin nvemle. is enuiled to one- heit oi the money W,XIiclI;l1|g wile hag sued out of that part, at his ulgry which he hes always liven for house- hold expenses. Mn. Donneily deposiieg in her on mine 312,000 in a bunk, placed 81.000 ox“; A noridue and paid (or the Don- nelly inon ‘ . When’ a chant tune no uonneily wnteg to know it he wag no; BI.‘ titled in one-hall of the saying, he \\D. Donnelly replied the: he yin not, He brought suit before. Vice Ohgpcellor Siemens, who ruled that he le.cIIjime_l_ go§»nu, bgctiivie whenrllrn. vangeily ntetI0.Il~.to cute use mane! IN did P9. !9.rv.i.t!za htzneniot both of them, later IIIQ irngalerred the mom or .to MI.’ on name. Frederick n. Ooudort of New York d,ecI'led‘thu canons of the puci as 111 gtqempt to Chlnaty the United States and drew upon U11: European war Jor illustration to show that the dun 9! 1,119 protepsional army were over. Strolling along Gates» avenue, chm‘-tly after cleaning up the cut- ting match clogs by, about 1:20 this A. M. Omcor Bowen picked up Yonko Rgdosovlts and oy. oypuch 1;; knlte. Well Yonko wga Youked up to headquarters andp lac-éq bn me blot; tar as a lellow \tun didn't care much aboug. sectjon 18974)! the Penal gode. By lmplicntlon and direct reference, William J. Bryan end the nuuorlty leader of the house or rapresentg} tivel, Mr, Kitchin. were denounced ‘for their opposition to the prepereu- nen nrognm of President Wmon.- In hi; address opening the cannon, B. Stanwood Monken, of Non York tetetred to the \notorious Inzgbility\ of the \Commoner\ for direct ‘or hard thinking on my grave nuttei}. Secretory‘ Deniers navel ‘policy VII ldeecribed no wénlt end ine _ These names brought forth. gul- tnined applause. g,rvom~-the thpuund 0!’ .Inorg delegates. ptesent on. the open- in: ‘gave of t.1ge_ éonzreas and glue de- \' (Continued on page tygo)\ Tomorrow THE JOURNAL .wiii_ print its answer to the Times of January 17 in reference to our ‘landing the past administration and we will print the TRUE‘ gtory 01' who issued the Bonds spoken of. PERSONAL ‘ Mr. Jsniejnj Mmleese Jr., at Brook- .In,- N. Y,.;ri,n.»..vlnmna Mr. B. J. M_cAjeen_e of the New Village. SEEKS SENAIORSIIIP Ohio Dairymln lay: 040'“ In Hm; - ‘Republican in Flold. Tiimotmv THE ‘JOURNAL, its answer to 'theé'l‘lnes* of neterenceftq gilt ndninhtratlon. w.c.wl.ll, print the TRUE who tho IIIOKHI.-=0f.o.~ »» . ~« ~ ‘Don't fall to read tomorrow's, JOURNAL for a full -‘expose of thief rotten story in the Times. Butler; 0., Jun. 211-—-E. E. Cussei. ygricuituriat and rdiiryman, annoimces he will be the pub Republican candi- dnte for United states Ianntor. Ir. canal is 3 tennis: contributor to tho Truth Teller a‘n(|- other (grin payers. with the -excaption, oi his platform for modlcni freedom. involving the ;reInova_l. o_! the cause of live mtocl trqixblaa, |nd.hiI bitter opposition to ‘preparrdnesa, he is In ‘hltmony ymhs the other qnndidntes. , Fin cauud ;I,M::d.e_Is lg “l,un.?\.\\_f{: New York, Jan. 21.~scom pertty models were (gimd running over the mace when |_I',!,l!§.l'~‘;;T to gun a. blue in the €.!ct0rv:o1:;l1g!> cua ! '1n:B_rook_lyIg. f _. all were 9! wt: for _t_._lwga9t9:y plodol tactory gngl.;t]_Ig gg ‘J-:1 \4993-\ Fm! 9.1.I!n|9¥0°|.~ 3.0 of-J we;-9 girls. at;-9;; mI._lppl= hgtg qr maps. ‘T!!! buualgg up umy dutrogod. \ Noah an arm Filhlnn Oniund; am: Britain gm. 1rpm_the Noith leg enough ml: to uupply ._twenty .vouI.u,!,I each year to «ch inhabitant 52$‘:’y’&‘i§3’£“i‘° u‘°“°\°'.3‘ ‘ ‘:0!’-I\ I-Ti ‘ 5¢lftlj’<i'ot¢e‘h- 5, \ in the ‘.1330. ,t!nua'¢!I.! ctitieréuoas. at Mr, ind. line .0oI.I,e!l.v d..Id net sleet t!I-1.: s!o~ I:I.m.|~.= !9.II_e.I17 -ml they no Imul ‘hpglly .$gg§t§9t, %Do'live-red Every Eve‘tgfn%;_1_g_‘t;q% Your Home By Calfrriex V For 46 ?Ce,nb A ‘ owrpru. V ...4. 4I.!'!*.v=.Ir4¢-‘¢.¢I«i.€%' .!l¢\\l_i.'oII 1.».-f¢.In\‘e.~.-\t\ out no Ql 2:; ‘_. A (metal mud [I not only lira-tut or III-mu but the we.» as ale mun . «». 3 », :9?’-‘IT m-*\’.\\-.~‘»'!'.'-7 - ~9vt.|vninIc rmm. In Aunnlta (hi bird: no pony nfad nbworj have‘ my aunt. tho unis; of gvojv pro (Ill 0: dot. In. CM Anclpcds. V no imam racial“! Oh. but t9k9n4 or u ups. guetzolg‘ in mQ.,-E. E. Halo. ‘§\\‘ 1'31: 1 £40.13‘: 1‘ an E~*‘du-‘- ti »-3 '4» I‘ I '1!c!{L 'g1vHla-;;,\v§ 1111:: ‘A / .4; 'v‘''}”. «;/< .-,' ,1 - ,1,‘ 1%‘ *,.~':»:‘ 1\ '72- \ '....-«e-0,-{~'_p~¢o,~+.... em: .2 ». ;-\;

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