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I0; 4.. |‘y', ‘ »‘ J.-. 3~.'—-‘en J \ «:4 .r,,',“nf.*': .,4V,., .¥s;j«_; \Yin W \ 3- :,»,:4.‘~’.';»,.v.‘,{.-}~L'~‘.;'»f.\1' ‘: '{ ?-31‘{$?'-‘ 1...}, ¢-j I. .- ;_'.- {,1 ~.:,, ~:;- .3399‘ THE l LY J®URNZXL aw-mg .5, -by schodl uk is ‘VOL. I BUFFALO, Y. TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 1916 LAOKAWANNA, N. Y . cost. s with 5 hi‘g;h muiug ;E5D\’0R' S Ilruslmm uwxte ANY ®T MURDER OF AMERICANS MAKES EL PASO 7 CENTER OF AVGITATION AGAINST MEXICO :cio:usn”mn.u or ms me am PM 2L-A=KiET(l|]IA’Y mu sxmuc SENATOR BEN R. TILLMANA Noti Carranza That Mexican Band‘ts Must Be Punished, 8’O% op-ause ll 80% .ich is ).00 is is S x )'0'l),.00. mt the :13’ and #00,. or xpayer er who 1, [the »f their =Di From Thatof Business or Professiona‘l Men of His Community. ‘NEW PLEA WINS ‘MONT’fil’S GRACE FOR S'(‘HMIDT. N0 PRIMROSE ALONG ‘PATH Kind of -Newspaper Men Who Get Mosttoutof Life-—*A‘lways Will Be Those Who Doubt Honesty and Fairness of Scribe. 0 valu- house, ,-W0, is 1.80 to privil- have. .$ 3 , 0 0 0 .d baths x swim- 'l‘renton. N. J. -The ‘trials of the “t-<litor\ were depicted v-ividiy to the members of the Round Table club =l)_v Thomas B. H01-mes. editor of the State Gazette. at the meeting of the club the 0131101‘ day. His remarks were sprinltled with humor, as well as being‘ full of facts regarding the work of the newspaper man. In ‘part, he said: \The editor occupies a peculiar position in tlie community where ‘his lines are cast. It is unlike that of any other which has to do with the making and unmaking of individual and collective fortunes. He is ex- pectcd to stand for an that is good and true and honest. In the main he does this. but. unl‘ortunately for him. and perhaps for others. his idea «of what is good and true and honest doesn't always harmonize with that of a good many men and women to whom he is called upon to talk dail_\ He has his opinions and his ('onvi('- tions. and if he is the right kind of an editor, he has the courage to ex- press them and stand unswervingly by them. But howevei‘ sincere he xnay he, and however sure that he is right. there is always someone. and sometimes more than one. among his readers. who is convinced beyond (Continued on page two) ts more have to ms and ve‘ their er day's ed pro- \ means, Ls mean ir child- rd” and Photo by Amermin Press Associatloil DAVIS SHOCKED HOUSE Texas Cyclone D.splay:d First White‘ Collar He Has Worn In 25 Years.. \\’u.~‘h.m.'z: n, Jan. I8.—(‘yc-lone Davis of TI‘M:~_ .~hmkI'd the ‘HOUSE _\'C5A‘:t6!\-“§ dug \\lu-n h-~ .~1'1m‘.r- mm the chamber llI«1-Iu_nn«.r the f1r~l white linen collar he haix mom in :35 year:». Mr. Davis came to \\’n~hlm:tnn proclaiming___t_1;gt_'- m thr .~(mtl1 he was knmxu, as “Cy~ clono\ and that he was henceforth ‘n l-v knmxn tn fame as the “collar- less .~tav.e>~nmn\ lei ukidn hmg be- e (liter- 1 Omar last 5.000.00 lon’t pay NY PM you not 'K‘zo\'ernor Xvhuman of New York an- nounced that he had an-.mte-d zu Hans ‘Schmidt. cnnx-med M‘ the murder of Anna .«\umullor. n rupriovo tn the week of ‘Feb. H ! ecnuso Srhmlvh nmv s'1\'s he did not murder um uomun. hut that she died :15 mo x-«sun 4.! an npnrntinn to wlm-h he nml uthors m-re nnrtles and that he then cut her lmd_\‘ In pk-<-‘cs and threw H in! - the Hudson rive: Schmidt's nttormays have <'(-rmk-<1 In 1'ln- governor thnl thov n-m vprmo. this vnmomlnn by the evixielwe of 1:\l1\slt‘h|ns Schmidt was to be exovulovl at Slur; Sun; on Jan. 14. The 5:-»\'x-In--r wt‘! musul:-r tho evidence] and tell 1.80 acci- rilling to J-m “hm mu~.-d the Texas recruit Io -«cm-“ xbv grey muffler that con- ceal:-«1 his A-lamka appln and long lean neck h:1~ um hr-Pn explained. The collar “hi:-h (‘ycl-me wore was 2110 \choker brand that was popular 20 yenr< ago The in me only concession he has madn to the com‘:-ntion. HI! shirt “as «in rninu.-= :1 tie. but it in pn-1,ty well covered by his luxuriant whiskvre purpose n the (‘or the pub- BUFFALO NEWS A KEY NOTE S PASS- HDAY ALBERT FOX Real Estate. and Im'u\rancei THE ORGANIZATION OF PLAY AMONG BOYS Saturday who can the old PRESIDENT HA8 HIS ‘*“‘” FIGHTING BLOOD UP. 50 TRIANGLE STREET. We often make use of the old saw. “Boys will be boys,\ but forget to remember that “Boys WILL be men.” And a ‘great deal depends. we be- lieve. on the proper organization of the play of our youngsters what sort of men they shall ‘become. 1g to say age limit, gree with SOUTH. ‘BUFFALO. N. Y January 14th. 1916 The Lackawanna Daily Journal, Lackawanna, N. Y. Photos by American Press Association. setul. she “Morning may tell about the ‘ because like the [Nowhere in the United States ‘have the murders of Americans in Mexico lmi to more indlgnution and agitation than in El Paso, 'l‘ex.. the border city on the Rio Grande, in which many or the victims are known. El Paso, which is opposite the Mexican city of Juarez, hm many Mexican inhabitants. Thomas D. Edwards. American consul at Juarez. was re- ceivod with shouts of derision when he appeared in the lobby of an El Paso hotel with mining man. \You cannni . intimidate me,\ he calmly told the miners. and. turning his bark. he strode fmm the lobby. \Go bark to Juarez. when- you belong.\ the mining men shouted us they surrounded him in a threatening manner. \You are .i Yllln cnnsul. You me not an American. Go to Couhuila or wherever Villa is. We have eighteen American boys he murdered You ought in be proud of your friend.\ Consul Edwards asserted that prn!e(‘.lltIl\ for the maasaoreil Americans was promised hv General Gevira, commandant at Juarez, Jan. 4. He was instructed to domnml of i\i..»x-loan authorities the itnnu-dime protection 0! property of mining companies in western Chihunhnn. in the pictures No. 1 shows a squad of Mex: .m caveirytnen, similar to the soldiers sent to apprehend and punish the murderers of the .-xmericans No 2 is the miiroad nation at El Peso. No. 3 is a train wrecked by Mexican lmxvihs] t Mr. Editor——l have been watching‘ your valuable paper very closely since you inaugurated the Daily issues. welcomes All Attacks on Policies He Has Followed. “ Health. morals and education are closely interwoven. T he provision 06 means for the mere exercise of the intellectual faculties (which. of course. every child inherits from the maternal side‘) without correspond- ing faculties or natural outlet for the flow of animal spirits. will only re- sult in a one-sided development. As a matter ‘of fact, this half-and-halt method of education has manufac- tured most of our young hooligans and juvenile criminals. There must be play and plenty of ‘it in child life to rightly develop it. We are making citizens, remember. and we must seek the happiest re- suits. a help to citizens. anywhere haven for 1'’ papers to philan- The first item we. the public. look for from our servants. and that is what you are to the public, is truth- fulness. You have done this up to ‘the present writing. The second item is completeness. An article which is lacking in parts is almost as harmful as untruthtu1- ness. Washington. Jan. 18.—-From the president hunseli‘ there came n ricot- ous statement of his willingness to face the utmost criticism that his W iiticai opponents may direct against him. Siibatantially the president. chai- Ienged tin='opposition to do their worst in attacking him, whether upon his .\ie.\;icaI1 policy, his foreign policy or on }1t'i'SOIiRl grounds. The pn=.~ids~nt‘s utterance was made to a friend who had called his atten- tion to the‘ recent widespread criti- cism ui iii» mimini.stration. Mr.Wi1- son lie-ciarmi lint the Republicans warn xu-iv-iim to produce every cimrqo they unondod to make against Hm Nu imiicnted that he not only has in) vi-.n-ght oi fiinching from il.e-~:- .m..A~i\~. nor of trying in an!‘ “m r.- :1-uni llii< cumulative criti- r'i~m. hni l'.\li11f‘i‘ welcomes it. n its first 1101) some ho-never nd whose 1d for, the the The third item is honest advertis- ing. It is your duty to urge adver- tisers to advertise honestly. Fake advertisements are It menace to the -country at large. I am very anxious to see your sub- scription list. double in the coming six months. Express for in its 5 childish t exhibits only wish 1e and the about is 1'ez_1d that Boys have always a barbaric in- stinct. They develop throggh the cave stage and the Indian stage to citizenship. And they exhibit these instincts in raids upon the neighbor- ing orchards in the country or «hooli- ganism in the cities. As boys grow they respond readily to the idea of chivalry, and this trait is fostered and appealed to by the ‘Boy Scout Movement. Speaking on this interesting phase‘ of mlucation by play organization as applied to the Boy Scouts. we quote Dr. James E. Russell, Dean of T03011- ers' ‘College. Columbia. who said: \This movement is distinctly non- military. but it should appeal as much to the most ardent militarist as to the non-militarist. it is non-mil- itary in the same sense as manual training is non-vocational or non- .pi-oiesslonal. but it is preparatory to good citizenship and everyday ser- vice. It furnishes physical training to the boy and at-customs him to out- door lite and camping. it gives him a purpose that is suited to his age and appeals to his boyish traits. It titli- izes with advantage the ‘gang’ spirit. It is rernarkahly appealing in teach- ing him team work and instills in him high ideals. This. in a sense. is more than military training over can do. in as much as it develops character. initiative and intelligence. Hoping you will take this letter in the same spirit I am sending it, I am. Yours truly, ALBERT FOX. “i ‘ R :1“ I E whippeta md at thl FEBREY RE-ELECTED HEAD OF BUFFALO BASE BALL ASSO(‘IA'l‘lON. His r-~m.u~k. while not reported in :1 fa~h;m~. that permits their quota- [inn nan» xho impression that the pr..~n1«-in h:\“- his blood up. The komnto of the Wilson cam- Albert C. Fehrt-_\' was re-elected president of tho ilullnlo iviunlcipal Bnsehull assoolntion at :1 meeting in the Slatier holol yr-sloniuy ‘Afternoon. He was also appointed chairman of the board of (lireciors. The following ofiicers were elected. for the 1916 season: President. Albert C. Feb- rey; vice-president. James Kane. Jr.: secretar_v-treasurer. Louis J. Bolt; bomrd oi’ (lirectm-9. Albert C. Febrey, chair-mzur, Louis J. Bolt. secretary; Tliomns Mercer Jr.. Matt W. Jordan. Leo Costln. Joseph Collins, Thomas Berncr. pnign will be peace and prosperity. It will b-‘ oomendr-d that relations of anmy have been maintained with all the bolligerents without the aucrb of Amr-rimn honor or the yielding of .»\n1erim\n rights. No necessity is oxpnctvd for arguing that prosperity has come durin: Mr. Wilson's admin- istration. Accused of Breaking Drug Law. 'I‘ru_\, J.. Jan. 18.—-Dr’. E. Jay’ I-‘Isk and Fred W. C‘ux-tis. druggists, both prnnmmnt. were arrested here on :x I'ni'tod States bench warrant’ clmrging a violation or the Harrison net of Dec. 17, 1914. relating to tlie» dispnsitinn of prohibited drugs. The imlu-tme=ni:< \\‘t*r(‘ found by the United Status gram jury at Utica. The pris- mxnr< xwrv !'P1(‘ZL=f‘.d on bail for ap- pPn\::nc'¢- in zhv district court at Utica, lulmmliz-tr~ly_ COLLECTING (‘OUNTY TAXES FOR 1916 f. 1.» . Q. 5‘- Collection of county taxes for 1916 began yesterday foronouu at City Hall. (‘ounty ’I‘ronsuror I~‘1=:mklin G. Bard and n corps of asslstums on-u—- pyiug the main oorrldm and of- spares fmntllo purpose of lmnrling out we tax bills. MlllT1H_.EB HEW INDUSTRY Axlticlpatillg tlm boom tlmt‘-s smvn Ln rome in ‘the building lino a mumb- ing pm'tne1‘ship has been f()l‘lll(‘(1 h_\' Messrs O'Donnell and Kano of tho Rldr:,e iload. The Ellis— Jnslyu Pull. (30. are now tux:'uin1.r out the statinncry for the new and they will begin doing lm.=:i|w.=:s today. Sevelrnvl large jobs were being esti- mated on last evening when our sol—- icimr called for their copy, the senior member of the being quite con- tldent of landing at least. two of the jobs. THE JOURNAL will report two other new .lndustrlea to be located in Ridge Road -with In a few days _how. LSKATEBS ATTENTION Men Admit Conspiracy Nmv Ynrk. Jan. 18:-Ed\\'nrd Web- er. I‘-.\ul St'hI‘ni(lt_ Max Jneger mm Rtolmrd \\'ohlhr~r.::, accused in 9. fed- eral inclivnm-m uf onmpiracy to ship contraband rnbbvr to t\m Gem1:1ng0‘v'- ernment iu \’i01 ! ‘f the custom; laws. pleaded guilty mad vrcre Gm. M. Avery and Sons. luwe :1 very ('1-W pairs of skates left for this somann. xvhvn H1(~‘,\' zuto gone no. more can ho had fuom me wholesalers. Now is.thc time to rake advantage of sduuingz, one of the best of exe1'qls- as .zuu1 home-.(nd11sti'y is bidding for your business soe Avery's ml eIse~ where in THE JOURNAL and bye‘ the way it w.ou\t. ‘hurt the JOURNAL any‘ at you tell our advertisers you “saw it in '.';‘HI; ‘JOURNAL, “P8! Slate Eduard ~r,«»..L.,5 Sluts hl'.1i.n'.l tuhln.-a wart: played on In Grant Britain in 1827,, «..-3». ~.n A; :1 I ..s W1‘- A TRIP T0 Plllllll M80 ' VERY HANDY Mrs. Wickenhiser of 30 Crescent. ' Place can save you many trips \up _ _ _ town\ and we respectfully ask our ’ The Annual Hoohgamsm Again readers to read her zulvvrtisnienl on Cropped 0ut—Superintendent page 3 °‘ “\3 J°\R“\‘“‘ ' A Mrs. Wlckenhiser does not clinrgvl Mathewson Handled Them 50¢ for mnnicuring. but the modest] Without Kid Gloves. 5900130 061%. . _ _ . V ‘ o ’ -———-.— Clnldren‘s hair <?uu.mg is 1: sponal-I The lecture as the High »School ti.’ with Mrs. \\'i('ke11l1‘i.se1‘~a.1ul surt-l.\ ’ last. night was the first of tho st-ason Wu?“ ‘ll b9<‘0I1lEs lg(.‘l1Pl)dBI¥ 1’\I1':l\\nl Linn; «W1 “‘eMe<‘ °\ *1 \iv \\°““\ “°\° I:f1l%'tll(fllzl:T“§)ll0S.t‘gig::11;-8:11:25!:‘ the way They Collect m“°- he m=m.\'-. _ _ Back Taxes in Tonawanda In as “mm as me ['11it(\d gmtes _ Blouolung and (lymngof hmr. nomhl .___ is :0 vitally imeresiz-cl Hl(‘l’(‘ it should ‘WIS made up “s.d“'s‘\\‘1 3\“ “ f‘l]1i il0»nI‘.\‘ (‘. .\'laurer of \\‘i-lssmr street. have ll‘-‘en one of a very intm‘o.stin::, hm‘ 0‘: numa“ “all 110045 m i1“I'llu-gain work today as buvk tax‘ clerk nature. '2o::“’£:1gi“r:::3::'n:%‘l;1“:‘0:;iin} (‘it.\' r'1Il‘I‘ez1lsd\1x‘ex' llonx‘.\1 ~§l1|(I.\‘r*l\: . . , , , . '- i - 4- ‘x -‘ u ire. ' e a orrnen are inn’-rnlilim ,.(.,{‘(i' -tl1E:nc’*ii5t5i1\c:Iliiogrlii tr):-:xxihf\5::Z: §*,f0S};\‘1‘;;‘eS‘“ “W1 0‘ W-“ ‘“\\»~' “luv iI.ea_u_up}1xe $3:-mm in punk tux:-s am it 1°“ \W\ ‘““°h °f “S ‘‘m‘‘‘‘'' The F‘mnco-A\moricnn llvgenir Toi. M131“ mu? M mo mpqmm '3(.mm.r' “W \955 mmugh “us mm“-,.m). In W) “M .u.e.for Sam M Elm To “hr row night tie Al(luI‘l:‘ll(‘ll,.ll. is uhoil. Whetliei‘ Mr. Gibbs was unfzuniliar ‘,3 1“ ‘ ‘ K ‘ §“‘- “l” “d\l“ \- \‘*‘°“”“”‘ l‘f\“°}” with m . . _ . I . prices thnl obtain elsewhere and it mg the citv treasurer from issuing op1cf.»ure:. 01 the suh_w:0. was mi M be to mm. \ 9 to M“ _ , _ - . , . _. ,. . one whiuh he was‘ not tlioroughly g __ .. ' ‘ ‘K _:‘ 1\‘-‘ “1‘9°l\5 ‘O “P5 ““““”-‘ 05 :‘*\}“h . _ _ , . on N15. “xckenhisex before buying Tmm“-anda mm) hnpk mxm 0,.-m piepaied. we do not kno\\, hut it Msewhere ' ’ ‘ I5 seemed, at times. that both were -the ' ,. ,_ \3 ‘~1\““ \‘‘‘e b‘‘“‘‘ ‘mid case. \ \ The hoodlum elemnnt was there v and it did not take long to silence them. Supt, l\l:\tho\\'son took uno gink by the ‘ear and cliangml his soul, _ ‘T G S and than seated himself in the midst M\“““‘1 M('(: Who was gored of tho mob. quiet prevail-cl. until at \:~‘f’““l l:‘(:‘01l‘l ‘“vl’i‘(“ §1‘“‘:“”I‘) 1“5;1S,“it‘\‘d\;)' _i.. u v - v- - x ‘\ 1 - ’. S . v 1 (i‘|?u3£)eitlol.*:f :l(1)pn(:1l\(ta:’t(())l(l1ll:0llltlirllv{ ilosllital l10r(£‘ 3'((‘Sl:l‘(lZ\.\'xHfll‘gl)()gllol:0T “mer “huge Lezids T0 “S (‘on‘' Villa. had just arrived. .\ir. .\latln=\v~ L“\’€‘\ (‘I10 and two o'.(-loc‘l:. servation Even in Bll son promply nabbed both lll('>(‘ row- -*_~\“\\‘”—:\‘“ ‘H ( H “ ‘TIFV-\ IE1 dies. walked them back in tho place . 7 ' ‘ ii’: '.- S\ ' ) of beginning and they re-Lirml in ‘V’ C’ 1' U' EXHIBIT , QAYQ F C I, ~ V ‘ quietude. GOES TO H.-\R\;\RD ~ - i - - ERM > There is only one romnrsn it those ————— ,, _ ‘ ‘f_“\\ (iismrlwrs are going to be all-nvevl to Ilarvarcl l‘nivorsit._v has aslml Linn ”“\ \'”“’ “‘”\\ \ '”\\l\\‘ 9°\ attoml futnru lectures. and that. i=.}17art. of the “Z (‘ '1‘. 1‘. l’21nm)1a-]‘mm.u unpitn in llnlTnln Lila‘! in mm nl,llI'l‘ snnlm lhmn out of llmir er-ale: n.1.d*vxl1ihit-be plum-cl in its Surinl .\ln-o— 1;“-go (»n,_\~ in [hp 1'm~...x _q|_.-. \ am] look them up, got their nnm--~ on th um us :1 \suI‘.x:mim.l nddiiion Lu lllv mm H“.,..—. =_, \\-._m,.. ..r mm-. 11; .-l. H poliro hiottor and than U»-~ puhlu work of social 1-aiuutnlion.\ in rtwnmnm, _;_van,,,,_.- Dr “-;,I..,- n ,l‘,, 3, n nmy have ihn m'i\'ilmzo m‘ |\ll()\\lll:§ spouse to this 1'oq'uosi.n l‘l'Dl'U(lll('l.l|lll smtmm-‘m mam. 1,, M“. ,,,.“- ‘.,,.mK.i1 who they are. of sonw of tho most st.rikl'1l.Lt fl“-lH1l‘f‘S in n ('Dln1“lUlllli\liiIlI su-nl, iii In‘ _l-‘rank ‘l‘hm=r~ aro several of (linen no-2m'5 Of the uollovlion will he svnt In UH‘ (‘. l-'1-rh‘in.< whi.h -nu-in. l\‘t'nlllllH‘ll \\ ho will not be at the nut. in--lul‘6 Musmun to mxu.inm- t.|1('ir \\'m-1; or d._,m,,,; “-1,i.~1,11l-,-.u~ \\m1|xl ;\||.-\<i~.n.- unless they not in under ihv M-nt. toniperzuu-o mln«.ut.iun in llarvzu-(l's 131,15 um. ' Tho parents should he innru. um):-cu “Do1)m'i of Sorinl l~)il1i-us.\ -rm. mmm“,,g,.,,Li(,,,‘ q;,.l,,; 3” gm_ tiative of these wonderful inst»ru-*-. — inns for .-mu 1,..-__....,._ ..,- 1-,1‘ 1_‘.n_n«|n ‘nuns fnr their children, and he more ting the cliildrx-n go it uluuv. tzullnm \H'lI‘ l‘1llIl|)\.d M, 1;‘ ‘.(.n_,,,.,. 17 with them, it would do thmn gooll Noxt Monday night Mrs. l\lar,\' inst ypm-, --\~,~m.-‘h 13 11“. ],,,~,;,.,,-[. pp,- loo. ho take :1 tri1)_m'-numi this broad Ward l’;'entiss. <'o1m'ulto; 1~‘1'unz onpith numpim: in tho \\'ur1(l for 11 land of ours, while sitting in the Wisler, violinist: and Miss I'nn Mm'- my of (‘his 3(-,,.3_-- High School. tin. as accompanist. will give a ro~ ‘\1,._ ‘perkms “mms the mom. SVs_ These lectures are for edi1ozit\.oiml oital that should not be missed by gem insmiled. The hm,,,Si“g of (3,303 l!\l\‘l!(E68. they MB free. and the PM‘, ~1\l.V0!19- W110 is D)l15iP inl.‘lin9(1; for use oi.‘ water in‘ fzwtorios from ents of this-city should show a better and it is positively idecidecl‘ that no me mp wmmf gqnp {hat pl-M». exagple to the young idea. than by shildrerg beww the 7th grade will be nee. he insists. This communica- rema ninsnway from them. and let‘ a<1mitted~ with out their holders. ' tlon wmgo to thercouncil Wednesday.

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