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,.}_‘‘.m” ».\=>‘ 3327:’. . ‘,,s;.‘.; ,7.‘ -:' 4:. '7 .7:-> ~' 32-‘ ~ 2 ~‘ » -.; -=~,'a.,..*-.;*-,. .:.,.;: r..-mi} V_‘.r- X‘: ~ « ‘ I ‘ M‘, ».«-*1x'“ «- . ;-<:_., .- «gu‘:\‘ -'12‘! '-“.-'.f“- - .r \5; --I*~~!'... E THE ILY .1®uNAL .' ) I‘ .9 ’‘£‘\. VOL. %I BUFFALO,N. Y. WEDNESDAY, ‘JANUARY 12, 1916 LACKAWANNA, N. Y \$1911 ?BA>B1K 0KLAHOMA.OUR NEWEST GIANT SEA FIGHTER ;cuunmnI or Imus: no; man. sun runny 20‘PEN. rwmsa T 77 NZWRAL _J73LnC9E: . Commander of the British Fleet. Who ‘Lost Another Bi'_g Wérihip. , «' 4\’?-‘.\\\.*\* 21\\. -' 2\?-\\““Zi? ' , A. '5: I ‘-34’: : ’ ..§.»’;=:;:zz;;.: 1'»:-,:¢:£§';’».-.v,\-'-..o ' I 3-2 2 -:-«:=':\! >=- ‘ -‘-' ‘:\:=.'v‘~\: '-‘mi-\.$“’:\l:'4:-1:\$f;<?%‘-«-4-:9\ a’:-'-.«,/:-.~1-::~’,.f‘4-‘~ .1:-A . ‘- .:~ » . . <2‘ . , 44-, ‘N, :;., ‘;->.’-.-.‘,~‘:;v.:=~\. .\‘:::=. ‘.=5:==:=,w:.:;:a....g:g:‘»'-=.,;_2¢:=:;.g:;s . v\v ,,.'- , ‘‘'-..:;.»;;«:=':,- 3-1. - -» ‘= ~~-'4:->-.--'-‘?!=“'::g:z.--J2‘ ...._.v.,», ‘ ..-.-. ,_ , ‘. 4 <.g%rm;:.r:v:;:;:-.';.21:45:?-5-£3-%-:-:%:»2-<-:-:=-{(4 -* —. . 5 - ' :-‘ N 1% '=:v -\>'.~'=5-I\5:‘«'.'$.1:='.‘I:=5$3I':3:*‘ , 14.‘.:,,v ,. ‘. ' '. — -, .. ,' 3,.’ . _ 1 - , H . ’~ R1,: i ,9, '1 ’ V 1’: '. NEW IRON W IN S HONORS FOR 'ILI1:IN0IS PROFESSOR Why Are They Not Advertised For? ' '~ ::'«.«., _. .V MIGHT REDUCE ‘TAX RATE- During tl1r- last advmiixistrat-ion here H16 _Cummou Cuunvil directed that the (‘ity ’I‘1'u-asux-c-r advert-ise for sale the prope:=t.v ‘on \\'hiL-11 taxes had not been paid for ‘p<~1‘in(1.~:. in some ¢z1.~:v.<. ox \ over the time the L‘il‘_\' hd:-I ‘be-en invm'.1)m‘nt(-<1 H we undc=rstaml it rcun-only tlwse but-k taxes arnonnt to sum‘u $1‘.9,uun_ 11- m-u.t sum for tho ’l‘roasury. Just why the (‘ity 'l‘roasurm, does not make :1 legal effort vitlmr to get lhv mont or sell the land we are not quali to say, but we can say that if the city should take ovor some of this land that is being held at fabu- lous .prires~, when you come to buy lt, and ‘upon which no taxes have been paid for years. it might give the clty a solution to the play ground prob- lem, if not some cheap sltes for school buildings or otherwise. Here's a chance for the new admin- istration to carry out the resolution of last summer, by the‘ old common council and enrich the city by a large number of thousands of dollars. Let's get this $19,000.00 or get the land or let some one get it that will put it to use. We need houses badly, maybe ‘someone would buy in this land‘ that would not be satis with their money earnlng 4% a year and put It ‘on a new job where it could earn that much monthly. ‘What do you say _“-Jim?\ _-m\.~..,.._‘ ‘_ ‘ _ Photo by Amorjcnn Prom: Ansooiulon Photo by American Preu Anocinuou. [Tho new Inmsrdreudnnuxht Oklahoma. which was rscently completed at Camden. N. .I.. arrived at the Brooklyn navy yard to be nuuie randy for an omcisl ts-Isl» trip on the coast of Maine. The giant craft is still in the hands of her build- ers. tho New York cnmmmy of Camden. and ‘will not be turned over to the United states government until shs has uuoeoufuily complement her main. It is expectsq that she will tie placed in commission within two months. She is to ho drydockocl. uisnnod and‘ Immectod betore iesving {or her trial trip. The Oklahoma is one of the most pow- orlul warships snout. she II I Ilutor ship or the Nsvsda and has n displacement at 27.500 tom. sin is expncted to dovolop ll spend at st lust. twd‘ht>'-one knots in hour. Her main armament consists of tenrfoux-teen-inch gum, cur- ma [chm In g turrgt, um um tmmadiutaly ‘above in- n superimposed turret. and twenty-one ! guns. She alsx clrrlu I button of three poumiaul LEAVES FORTUNE ‘I70 CHE!‘-' Butte Cook Wllled s1oo.ooo..auid wen. i»_ an’: Family :5. ‘. T Butte, Mont. Jan. 12;——Joseph Res“, \ chef of the silver Bow olub, Butte’; ' most exclusive organization, !s_ that, sole heir to a $100,000 estate left, by _?:._‘ Bredget Artery, who died here aevglfll _ ‘T~ days ago. - w '3 . A mother, brother and three 5 f ’ of the woman are 1eft'$1 each. Mrs. Artery was {he owner of “ j\=f7C'~’ business blocks in the central pa ‘- ,.;-.3 of Butte. with other property. _Sho‘\t:~n V, and Reau had been associated in but mass for the past 15 years. 1‘ |P,ro!eg’noi 'l;ryg\ie D. Yemen, research ‘gulstant m-otefsi_or of giectrical ;q_nginear- ‘in; in me Univq-aity at ‘Illinois, at U17- bina. Iii, hu dfscovered _a. method ol producing in vacuum an iron that his yemarkable magnetic p_toperties. It in Inserted that if Professor Yensén's vacuum fused silicon iron occupied the gpnce now niied by the common silicon value] in all or the élacu-icnl ti-anstohners in the United States‘ today the angjxual savihg would amount, to 810.000.000 to 820.- 000,000. Professor‘ Yenaen is a native of Norway anti is in mg tmrty-second year The universltv has recognized the value of Mr. Yeri’sén's rfiiscoverr by raising his rank In'it;: teaching stairij sums f romuznt uuuun 1. M. Mcsulnz PASSES AWAY |7A AM%ER|0AN%S ARE SHBT T0 DEATH. A RIDE WITH THE ]R0ll_B:|.E ‘ HUNIERS Stand Up Against a wall aii Executed by Mexican Bandits. the los Angeles Ramses In Be Ilelegate-at-Large to National Republican Meat. HUSBAND OF IMMENSE CROWD HEAR} SUPT. B|lEY’S DEFENS MARY MCGUIRE A :.§ ‘*':m .lx\moH i\h'Gult'u_. 59 yours of age. (Hod ycnwrdn,v M um residence. 229 Kirby uvonuo utter a short lllnoss. Lust Sumlny it was noticed that Mr. Mc-Gulrn wns no; in his usual houllh. but no one at that time thought xulyllxluu; was seriously the mnttor. South Park Car Which Leaves Ridge Road At 2.30 A. M. Was Stalled. REASONS EXPHESSEII IN LETTER ME MAN ESBAPEII T0 TELL TALE charges That 0sborne's Friend [Said They would \set Him.1’.. Thnouéh the courtesy of M1‘. Har- rison Gray Otis, Editor and General Manager of The '1‘imes-Mirror of Los- Angeles, Calif., we received a copy of the mm-winter edition of that paper and surely it was “some\ edition, 190 pages. Mr, Barnes Believe: It would Bo In- ju_dic|ous for Him to Allow His Name ta Go Before state Republic- an Convention {or Delcgato-at-Largo with His Well-Known Houlllly to Colonel, ’ It is believed That Men Were Killed by Troops Under General Jose Rod- riguez, a Follower of Villa, and With VIIla’s Approval-—All were Stripped of Clothing and Robbed Before Being Shot. DUE TO GROUNDED CABLE '|‘hn muse of death was acute dill- tutlon of the lmxtrt, Mr. MvGuh'o came here from I.h'nnkI_\'u. I\'.,\’.. about 10 years ago, und worked at the Steel Plant until hn 1mc.(~pIo(l Um position of stationary mmlllr-01' at um (-My pumping station. win-ra ho was employed up to the time of his death. Two Journal Employees Have Thrilling Experience Early Tuesday Morning. Albany, Jan. 12.-—ConfIic£ing'staté.- 2 ments contained in a letter written . to Thomas Mott Osbame, as warden of Sing Sing prison, and to Governor Whitman by John B. Riley, state 5!!» ~‘ perintends-nt of prisons, were e_n1phaF' sized by the executive at a hea he gave on charges bx-ought by;‘him- ’ ~35; self, seeking the superintendent’s'}b- moval from office. ’ . As a booster for a city this edition of the Times eclipses anything that has as yet come to our notice, in the shape of a newspaper publication and it reflects great credit_fo1' ability to do things by the management of the “Times.” Albany, Jan. 12.-Tlmt Theodore Roosevelt in itching to not lmck into urllco to use the power of national do- fense which he is urging and that no sum: mun, or woman nhoulll permit him to do so, is the uonumont, ox- pressed in n letter sent. lust mm by Wllllnm Bnrnosl to Prolleriok G. Tun- ner, chairman of the state connnlb tee. Mr. Barnes‘ own comzrvsslonxnl district the 28th, met; hero and select» ed State Senator llonry M Sngo and Republican County Chulrmnn Ellis J. Stuloy us (lelogntes to the Chicago convention. Barngg Hostile to Colonel. El Paso. Jan. 12.—Stripped of their ‘clothes, robbed and stood against. an adobe wall 17 Americans are known to have -been executed by Alexicazx bandits near (‘11sih11iriacl1ic, (.hihua- .hua, some timo Monday. The news of the killings was brought to (‘hihuahua City by one or the party of 1s .-unericans who left Chihuahua. City _\1unda,\' morning tor Cusllmjrizlchic. He was the last man 9;; the end of the line of Anwricans stood against the adobe “all to be shot and succeeded in >li1)pmg away from the lwlexican bandits and reach- C‘hillual1ua. A.< he ran tln'out.'l\ the underbrush he heard the shots of the firing squad and is positive that the 17 were killed. The South Park our line was out. of com-missinu from 2.12\ a. m.'ux;til after 9 a. m. Tuescl-.1)‘ mornimz. due to :1 grounded cable. It nmy be foolish. but when you wait for the 2.34: a. In. South Park car. after working from 5.30 p. 111.. until 235. and than at last see :1 light appear away down 1110 trark. which draws closer and closer. only to turn out to be tho on1erge-n,r‘_v truck of Hit‘ Intorxxatinnal Tractinn ('9. lnukinz for trouble «but it isn't. Well they didn't :m_\' in Ln(‘k \\‘:1una_~-t1'm1hle I mean. The spirit of the growing West could be no better re than through such a medium as a city or -t‘<_‘nvi1 may be quite rightly judged by the enterprise of its newspapers. We thank Mr. Otis for having in mind. one st.) til!‘ i1;\\>a;/from him as THE-LACKAWANNA JOURNAL. mm we have shown the copy of Um \Times\ already to a score of people who have come intoour omce. Therefore It pays to advertise. - Mr, M(‘GlHl'0 leaves a wife, Mary. one daughter. Mrs. John Keefe. of Ivlul'!'ulo. and one daughter. Mrs. Ber—- nurd —’l‘um.:uI(lcr, of this city. and a. sun, Snhlvus. '.l‘hu will he held from ‘his law rosklomee, 229 Kirby avenue. on l\rldn_v morning. Jzumary 14.-at 8.30 and frnm St. f.‘:1u'ivk's ohux=ch~nt 9. T-ho intnrment will be at Holy (‘rnss or-nmtory. Mr. 1\1r'-Guire had a large circle of frlumls in this city and was a man whom once known was aI\vn.V‘S re- nuemherod for his genial companion- ship. The awzulgements for the funeral are in charge of Mr. Frank O‘.\'ie1l. The re-.mu-e of Mr. Riley's unqualfo drfvnse of his stewardship wins. the frr-qnem reference made .111 questions by his counsel, former Sen‘- ator Edgar T. Brackett, to the effect that friends “of Osborne were trying “to get\ Riley The hnnrin: mas adiom’- ‘ ii‘- Friday or Mvnday morning to t Riley to submit at intended IQ support his contention that he had not tried to ‘embarrass Dr. George Kirchwey. successor to Osborne :3\ Sing Sing; '~;\‘-arden. in the perform- ance of his duty. .\r\‘nr he got t.h1'nngl1 telephoning: to the po\\-or .~tni,iun un Smumax and lmson SIN-t‘t~‘ he asked one of us hnw far xw wnrv _<.rnin:. BEGINS COUNTY TAX COLLECTION MONDAY Main street\ rosponded thn stran- Mr. Barnes makes it. plain to Chair- mun Tanner timl. lie wlll not 'p‘t>rmlt his own name to go before the Re- publican mute convention as one .01: the tour (loiegnies-at-large to the na- ilnnnl convention. because he believes lxln well-known hostility to the col- onol would mnlio it lnjudlclous for him to servo in that capacity. Mr. Barnes made public last night his letter to Mr. Tanner, which is as follows: Appropriation For Child Welfare Helps Boost Rate To $5.75. Manager Watson Headed Party “’l‘:1lu= you as far as Seneca.“ said the guy who was looking for I|‘OL_XblP. but (1l(ln't any. Then he added. to the stranger. “Git up on the lull- der:'' and to us he said. as wv made -.1 l1op—skip—jmnp for the running board. “Better not stzmrl on the foot l)ozu‘¢l, you'll git all splasllml up.\ Tho last lhvntiom-cl was the only inkling we had of what was going to ((‘ontin1w.d on page four) The party xvas in charge of C. R. Watson, general manager of the Cusi Mining company. This party left El Paso Saturday for Chihuahua, en route to Cnsihuirachic to resume op- emtion on the mines. A nu-ssgge was received Monday saying that the min- ing’ men had arrived in Chihuahua safely and planned to leave some time Monday for Cusi to begin operations. This was the last heard of them until a niessnge \\'n.s >rm:vi\'_'od :1! th-- offices or the company here reporting the ex. ecution of the entire 17 at noon. Because of the controversy over the prison situation and in anticipation that sensational testimony might be p1‘t*Svl1tEd_. the greatest crowd thattna executive chamber has held in the memmzv of the oldest Capitol employs packed the big red room, where the governor held‘ his court. MEDIBAL STUDENTS LAIJB JOHN WIDMEH Next Momlay lnnrnlng (‘nnni7.v Treasurer Fmnklin E. llnlrdr will lio- gin the collection of ihv ('0lllll.)' iuxva for 1916, at City and (\minty Hall. The tax rate fm; this your in muvli higher than ii. lms lwnn in yunm mull. It is $5.75 per $1.000. Lmsi. year it was $4.09 per $1,000‘. The high rate £‘llllH0(‘ l)ut-nnno oi, 1| (llroct tux lcvlotl by the slum \\_'|lI(.‘|l‘ amounts in Erin voumy to $844,- 897.39. This has boon S\HHOilH(ld in the various countiun lwnnmao the Log. islaturo (lid not nmlm npmmnriniioma in sufficient amount to provide funcln for all state clenurunmiis. Al10UlC'l' ammo i'm' mi |lI(‘l‘(!llH0 in this ymu-‘s tax rulv in Um unpmpl_'ln- tion of $i’)(l.00Il rm‘ tho (‘hilll Wnlv taro tlepumnmlt which hula lmnn l‘rn—- uted. iiirougii u lsinto inn-, in thin county. Buffalo. New York. January 8. 1916 Hon. John H. Widmer. \My Dear Mr. ’l‘unner—-The Repub- llcnn uougrmmlonu! committee of this district. mot today and selected E. J. Sunny xmd Senator Sage as delegates to the |N|p|ll)HL'ml national convention to be voted for at me primary April 4. With tho uctlon or this commit- loo 1 um In onum nncord. \Albnny Jun, 11, 1915 Former Mayor, Lackawa«nnn City. Dear Sir—\\-'0 wish to thank you for your kindness and courtesy to us. during the past week. when we wz-re «making a Sanitgugv Sun-vn_v of the city. for the University of Buffalo. as one of the requirements for gradua- tion. All the ol of your vity were very courteous to -us and assist ed us in every way possible and the snrvs=y was very S1l(‘(‘(‘SSTlll. “'0 were very ‘sorry to llezw that. rlw o of Mayor is now being held zhy a man other than yourself. but we only hope his administration will be as vtlloient us all residents admit your adn1ii1ls- ‘(ration was. THE HAPPY HOUR So fierce was the struggle for ad- mittance that attaches of the cham- be-‘r resorted to the unprecedented, notion of closing the doors at a xiubllc Iwm-imz to knop out the crowd. The loglslntnrn hold only 1: pertunctionnry 2-n‘<sion and adjourned eariy to nmmnbm-.< tn squeeze their way inur (hr hr=arh12. The mauagc-mom of. the \S:1vo_v\ Tlxeatro last Sunday hogan operations at the \Happy Hour\ again. This house has been closed fur :1 mm: mm» but since the folks have all got M working again the \Sz\vu_\\‘ on Sun- ‘days has been ow-1'»m'o\vd4-rl. A second message reachvd El Pazo from the one man who escaped con- ! tho ‘execution of his 17 Ameri- can companions. His na_me is T. B. Holmes. “In-at. this new u should lead to the lnforonro, Hut? It Is my expecta- tion. HIM Lho ltnnnlilloun Hmtn. con- WIIHOII. \\hl(-h 1 unIlm':<Inml .3 to be huh! In limbrmu-), \\1l| mnzuvst me as mm m’, Hm fmlr «lnlnumvs-nl-largo. 1 nm wrlunu Ln mhI».o ynu ur my dowr- nnnnunn mu cu m to Hm cnn\'vnt!on' un ll !|(.‘|l'L!Ill(\. \I-‘um-xlixll lnl'l’u-..m-4 Mn :1! work to hl‘~)|U{ ulmnl Lln H-'IllllH\|.l0ll 0'! Mr. llnowr-volt. '|‘hn1_ Lhln should be pre- wntml, I am onnndnm is Lhn opinion\ of MI nnnn nwn um! wmm-n. If ~\\'t‘ urn Ln 1n'o.|u1rU I'm‘ (loft-use, as Mr. Romxr-vnn. hlxmtnll‘. |n'unr-rly urges. 1: would bn Irrntrlnrml Lo plnco the now, or Hum N‘:-Mm] in this hands of one who would llch to use H. \In vimv of tho contontlon, which I f0|‘OBt‘(\ will como before the na- tional convention over the right can- didacy, it would be injudicinus for meg‘ -to be 9. dialerzntes. The New York ' \ ‘ha n_ \\\“;f&‘>’z'a‘e1‘K§‘i'e‘&‘ o':x\17§}éS‘%1.?iR‘) The complete list of Americmfsz who left‘ El P8140 for Fusi. and all of whom are believed to have perishod before the firing squad, with the u=x<‘x-ption M’ the one man wbn brnuszht hack the ‘((‘ontinuod on page eighth Last Slmdzly some of H11‘ In-st Dir tures e-ver p1=n(1ucm \\‘m‘n' shmvn at ‘the \Happy I‘Io\n\' and tho ('1'u\\‘(I certainly app1‘eciatc.d Uh‘ npuning of ‘this house again. There is no disputing thn far! that nothing is too gum] tinr oillwr tha- \S:xvoy“ nf “Thu J-luppy Hmlr\ and often times they shnw hrst run pir- tures which go fl‘(>l1) hem to 1'. Lhlln. “The Happy Hour\ will be open next Sunda_v. first show at 2.15. sec- oud show at 7:15 p. m. Admission 50 and me. ERIE DISPATCH T0 QUIT Manager Said cu, wouiu No! s‘upj._.’~ port a Morning Paper‘. ' Wn fen) very grateful to you Mr. Widmer and hope that w«- may be able to meet you again in the futnrv. ‘\V(shi‘ng yourself. the new om:-ials. and (‘ho (‘ity of I-.a('1iawannn. thn host‘ of su(‘(‘0s3 during the vowing yea-rs. \V('. rvmain. 1-um-. Pa. Jun. ‘1‘.’..-—The Erie ms- '1 pauh. :1.— uuly morning ne\vs1')z1per' in uh.» ('n_\. “ill suspend p11blicatiogi\‘ c '1 .1.m ‘I-I. zu-cording to an unno1i'nce- ~ Will] WILL BE FIRST \PWAS COSTLY SNOW In )'bgz\)'«] to I.h«,- lmlun hmnn «um-«A tion, to rvnl. nu old hnusw tnnlm llkn aeudmg good money n.I‘,I,m' lmcl '|‘hu money‘ roquh-on? in put In nlnuw un, old house rm‘ vluh and lmlgu pummun-n would buy a lot In u |()('lH.lnI1 whm-u stores on tho Ham‘ 1-ouhl luv rented, _ The-V snow stonn \\'11i<'h 1'01-e11tvlAy (‘overall (‘xrenter New York t'onsi(lor:1bIn Ins:-‘ to the Gaumont (1\lut\’1aI) company; Its studios are -located in Flushing. Borough of Queensxand furniture for (‘usion Star 1(‘omedies is secured in Max \ ‘Elle snow storm blocked traffic. and -the properties for several scenes \vo're' ;sno‘wbom‘xd for two days. Salaries for -Director Edwin Middletoxfs com-' Zpany-\ve1i_t on despite the wea.t:her,_. .«nn;_l: mg auditor =out ma-t the ‘fall of the white blanltet cost Gnu’- mont close to -$60.0. - nz-no n-.d- in this morning's issue, ~;§ ,‘3u.~1'nv~~ .\I 211119.01‘ S, O. Kegley said Very truly yours. last night that the city will not sup; port’ a morning newspaper. R_;1TSSE'LL S._ V}\'I.I=)DER, WILLIS -I3. HARRISON. ('uIvorsIt,v of Buffalo, I\I(‘di(-al Dept. Class 0t 1916,. The Dispatch is u\\‘negj rprincipallyV'¢’_': ‘by C‘. H. St.rnnL:_ prvside __'3f’tl!e Erie 4. & Pil‘t»b'1r;: r'vx\x'nad nfxrio c.oux?$, f ty EIvc.trx'<- r'nI -r‘u:~‘v and ot.I1_\.t-‘xv uoxtpor-.-,; ntinns. Th» Di.<p:m-in is more Huh,‘ half a ('v11tliry nld. Horace Gteelétj was once thn oditoi‘. T‘ It is ‘now bexliovud that ‘E L-_\;i A the bi1'(hpI:u'o of mu ~:‘.,:': ~ ‘ game. How IL was p‘.a_\'o:i lam ,- - not record Recent. E-‘x(‘:u'a:‘1<m:: :u.-u near Cairo have brought to ligm . number of small balls, some of Leathe and oelxors of wood. dating .back to at gens: 2000 B. C; These are thé oldest halls of this sort known. Baseball 4.0CD \’ea.~x: 0 J 'l‘hex!e ls u tlollllllld In l.:u~lnuvi‘nmn today for good storms In Hm right place‘. A good lodgu elublmuno In town would doul tho momlmmlllp of it ‘lodge rmd lllvlmz It (I rnvnmxo from stores’,’dannu hull. pool, bowling and ‘other nmnlcoa that would soon pay the coal: 0! lmlldlng. Who wlll 36!. to -it fu-st? T00 ‘L,§.l'l‘E TO CLASSIFY WANTED—To rent house for board- ‘ers ‘will’ buy a email -home. Address F. H. Joumal Omce» and‘-mmjne price hr first letter. _ N _ VI»-sn‘Hu in Growth stops; Human be! - generally not)‘ ’_ In; at the age of eighteen. ‘ 3 A Moosm

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