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The daily journal. (Buffalo, N.Y. ;) 1916-1916, January 05, 1916, Image 1

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:»;.~s “‘\‘~“.$‘ :5 ‘( V 7.‘: ¢w*:%.s . »; .y‘ 9‘ . ‘ V ' all 3 3 V b.‘ ‘ ~ J '= ‘ ‘ 5 '7 > -»«..«;w1=u«;& « .v A . ‘ , . 1 . a , - ; ‘ f:;%,<.3~‘(;:p,,W' 1v , ~ . : _ ; 2. 5 — v ‘ ‘ J ‘ 1 $21.. *.;'..; ’ . 3 1 __ _ ' _ ‘ ; 7 g _ ' '; 1 _ ‘ 1.’ l i .1 §r.~.\.4. : ‘Rb ~ ; * €145? ‘ ' §\’}yv _j_._,___ __ _ ,»_AA _, l 3!! ~—'—i’.\’ ‘”‘?‘;\“~:;7:‘:=: 7 '*\_\—\\*\\-'3“ \ ”-\-L :—- \:—‘—=——~—;£-——=»:- Lrz.\ .': _—_—.—.», ,_ V-. ‘.,_““r.‘ 5 __ ‘ ~ , , ', ; _. : -, V0L- 1- BU 1« l«‘A=LO, N. Y. WED‘NES%DAY JANUARY 5, 19316‘ LACKAWANNA, '1 YEEEE M Eé ? MEK \‘”$£i(‘.i‘1§§§'M$§EI’s\%kaL£‘§x?;'§$§%ERESEEESQQV”E‘ REW KVUWWWIACZ KEEPER '?é'EE‘!\RE /'=;»FTE§€c‘ MFE T0119 “IBoh\ Ems! l§'.‘;.:ii1>§ His (Bid Gag of R:-mm‘in«,-; lJ’\-ople from O CWRAD KOWT ARRAIGNED W COURT BY EXHSE COMM:iSS%l0NE‘RS Di(1n’t l.em-- His ()1(1 'I‘1uit \\\l1ilL- \\'21i1im,-‘ Two \'vzu's ‘l\01‘:1 1’0liti('a~l Jul) Stepping ‘Down l\-rom the High [\edestu‘l of l\1a_v.m* to (‘ity Clerk he l’1‘ev:|=ils on Police Commissioners ‘to (‘alrry out His Grud,9;es. We (eolitm‘izLl1,\' we) are :1 .-apvvial pulive n muvy-1-)0 you didn't know it bt~l’m'c, but it‘.< so. we czwry :1 real bzulge, but we d¢m’t get paid for it. Whu i.~ \\'hu2' 1.~ ('um\zul Kant Puuml K<'L'])t‘2 ur ix‘ Amlrow K4m’1uwicz? l\'o\\t:owi<-1 M-u.st‘ Take Oath of Office. He ('-ould Not Ynderstand “Bob” Reed, ext-tlse us, EV-;\Iz1y()1‘, present City Clerk Reed, \ an old grudge agzti11st us. he is the guy that was going to put THE JOURNAL out of business, wouldn't sign our checks for seven months and did the school boy act on every occasion. “Rnb\ Reed the Free Mason who has no oath registered in heaven to clestruy us while he has a most sacred one to protect us. He said he would destroy our business, we lived, we grew, we became greater than he, he’s sore, he's jealous he lives from the public trough. ‘ The Judge Tuesday Will T‘hc_\’ .\‘wL-a1‘ Him in, in Polish 01' English? Amlrew Kuwtuwicz alias (mmui Knwt Wu> urrestecl some time agn nn L-ump‘lziint of the IC.\ci.<c (‘un1mi.~'.~'inne1's for holding salrmn 1iCvn.\'c>' in his name fur mm-L-it.izens of the L‘. S. to con- duct 21 sa1mm———That's Business. ‘ Amlrew Kowtodicz while under are-st, his name on the police. blotter as Conrad Knwt. was appointed Pound Keeper to succeed an American born, btlsiness man and property owner of the City—- That's Politics. Two years ago we were ztppoiiltecl a special police officer for newspaper work, every newspaper in Buffalo has 21 police reporter with badge of office. We’ll give “Bob” Reed ours if he can get it, but he’s got to for it, he’s afraid we'll shoot him, he swore so on the witness stand last summer. But. we won’t. When we shoot anyone it will be a low down criminal, in self defense. ora man high enough up in social and political a that would attract attention so “Bob” Reed's safe. Below is the letter we got from him _ve.<tL-rday. M1‘. Ellis, I.:u'-kzivmiiim. N. Y. Dear Sir: Nuw THE JOL\RI\'AL Ca1‘<:s not whether a man is born in Europe 'Airop(* or Eampe but it does care when City admini.~'.tration ap- points a l“m'eign born citizen. under arrest by the Excise Depart- munt of the Stutzc uf’ New York whn when he is arraigned in Court lhzts to have the city him» an int.e1'p1-otnr to ask him how he pleads, .;:uilty or not guilty and at tlmt can't uncle-r.~xtan(l his native tongue '.\u]iic.i(-n1:]_v In knm-. when g'uilty ur not guilty me-am. ‘ .I‘u:l;,ru Munuglmn hu< in in.<t.ru¢-I the (‘uurt Clerk to enter a plea ml’ nut guiltgx‘ :..~ it. “an i‘m;u»~<il>lt- tn have Mr. Kowt alias Mr. l{u\\'Iu\\-iv:-7. mulr-1'~I‘:n-\I e-itlu-1' --tn‘ l‘|IIlg‘u£‘ u1fl1is1mti\'e one. January 4th. 1916. The Police ('mni.<.-imiers requested me to order you to return bzulgv zuui any other Police p1'ope1‘t_\‘ in your po.<ses.<iol1 imnu-(lizilvly. lle.~'pectl'ully yours, Iluln-1\: ll. I%‘l‘l(4l‘ (‘lurk oi’ the iloard. I\'otir(~- \('l(-rli ml\ t.l'lr ‘liU:Ll'(l“ l'1«—-‘s rlr.'1'l< of the .-<a\_\' dust (on. An e<litor'l1a< ulw gm-at blessing he rnuy not get much enjoy- meni out of life, he (‘lies 21\\'2l_\'. night and day but every once in :1 ‘while he is called upon in the course of his duties to write an obituary, we are awaiting that pleasure to write his and when that silent old be\\'hisl<ed, b't'_V'l.l\(‘ bearing gentleman, with hourglass-*- in himtl. liI10('l<>' at \1305\ R€0(l'S C1001‘ and SELVS Come hither Bro. you have fillecl your mission on earth. ii‘ the old reaper hasn't come for us yet \V¢-‘yo going to write at man’s life history as (Sod would write. the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. _ So then future generations may know that “Bob” Reed once lived, but that every body elses life was miserable owing to that fact. But hold \we came to bury Caesar not to praise him.\ Here’s the letter we wrote “Bob” Reed, Ex-Mayor City Clerk and Clerk of the Board. Mr. Robert H. Reed, City Clerk, Lackawanna, N. Y. Dear Sir:— I have your letter requesting me to return my police badge, any other property etc., and I would kindly refer you to Section No. 19, Title 2 of the City of Lackawanna, which says that any appoint- ive City O ‘r, and I was appointed, before he can be removed must have reasonable notice there- of and a reasonable opportunity to be heard and such hearing shall be had before the Mayor, Board or Commissioner appointing such officer, upon charges in writing, a copy of which shall be duly furnished by said official. I demand a written charge against me by the Police Comissioners and an opoprtunity, as the Charter sets forth, to be heard. Hoping that you and the able Police board may be able to dig up something whereby you may be able to take the badge I have away from me and not until then will you get it from 1.1:-im: :1 (‘iI‘_\' uH\u-r-1' --nu mu.~i \‘.~m-an‘ in.\ Mr. Kmxl. um‘! un(lcr~i:md :1 mwd of Engzlish, uzm M1‘ All‘. I\'\--1 n\.,1~ I.t~1'§iu (1 !§Z’E$3fF3E’.’:‘:zE'N'fi{ TIVF A-1 .';'~.I:—< aura-x I-4 Uh‘ nu’... « [A v_|l. 1 r.,L\-flu! .-i Jury, \xhil.- .\x[r_ Kuw H'h-1:1--~-I.‘ nleur I-‘x.n.‘. I'm x|n.m .f : )-l-l~~ .:'‘-r :1 .~..m.u- “.- \\.I.‘ I1... Lu» 1-. \.:n hurt. :.. ,.,..\., 1,‘, ,. ls ’l'hi~ l.e;:.il'.’ \\‘i..li ‘- in-\ iii!‘ {ti ii. I‘ I iIt'l.Ivi‘(' ill\ ii‘l'2l.ll'i JUl'_\' luu-ix an in-‘l -‘inn-I:1’.’ Till‘) .l(}i l{;\'.-\l.. \\ill \.\:il‘(h with an \hie like an Hegal.\ g lI'1lu- --mg»-n~ oz 1hi~ (‘H5 :~xr-- gn'.i1~,;‘ in in: represented in its ‘ nnnnvmul ali'ai1*.~ in this manner for the next two _vear.~ God help us The citiizuns oI'L.l1i> city haw mm-1' until now ilzul u l)uil_\,- Paper to rt-pix-writ them. They have one now and it's going in rupre-.,<ent them and (in it right. TIIE J()l’l{I\'AI. is umlc-r the 1-ul1l'l‘oi of noimd_v L‘X('t‘[)l the 1)l‘I)]‘Iiu whn.<e name-.< fly at. its mast head there is no man living got it by the throat and nx-ver did have and if it t.an’t' nmke Zl living by being honest with the citizens the ones who pay the bills. it's going out of business. We think the people, the tax payers of this City want to know what's going on and we're going to tell them and we don’t give what is commonly known as a liclcllers darn who it hits or where it hits em. A ..~ \vi Let us know Mr. Citizen what you think of the appointment of a City of who can't understand his own language say nothing about ours. He has been in o 5 days he must have been sworn in. did our City Clerk acquire the Polish language while he was on the retired list or did he hire an int.erpret.or to read the oath of o Conrad Kowt alias Andrew Kowtowicz? The Pound Keeper is a man you may have to do business with at any time your Bow Wow should get into his clutches and if you go to get him out you will have to pay a professional interpreter ‘ to ask your Pound Keeper for your Touser. How Do You Like That? ' It seems to us we heard something about a fellow in the first ward tapping the water Co's pipe in violation of the laws governing such things and his >‘uDI7l.'v’ was cut off as soon as the Co., found it out. I «..-u (I. mun. - - -l U-:11 ;\U‘ fin. l'- mud that Mr 1 v -f In ms nu '- I l.‘-« I‘: «em if! 4- ‘ PP, “n '1: ., -c-.-xsted an-v l- R ..u--J -rt 1' xl. '. ~u I Yours truly, Chas. W. Ellis. nst “yours truly\ that would prevent him wearing a badge of the ((‘ontlnued on page eight) \_ H This fellow started to dig a well but that will b.‘ against the Public Health Law. It seems that every thing's against the fellow even his under-'hirt and if it wasn't for a City ad- ministration we \vouldn’t be printing‘ his name. Well we're going to watch the Grand Jury’s di-‘D0>iti0ll Of the mattel‘ a11.V’\\’3¥- If this burg has any thing aga I A '..' a ) V‘ J, . . ;a‘~\ gg . 3 - .7‘? Hope The News Seen Decides Who's Who ' srsaxsn T. c swear MESSAGE OF 4 GOV. WHITMAN BIG ‘RECEPTION RT SWEH NAMED run GOVERNOR MET SUDDEN DEATH FAR FROM HOME Will be Re.el¢ct:d by Republicans In N.cw Vork Assembly. WHITE HOUSE. SPEAKER 0F ASSEMBLY Fiscal changes Suggested In Interest of Economy. Mrs. Wilson to Make Initial Bow {to Public Friday Evening. Much Harmony at Republican caucus at Albany. ll .~H'nl:4 (hall lwn IN-\\’.-1)) In Lhxllnlu am'- having qultn 11 mm» In puk mu. :1 hunt] for the .IJ«-p:u'I.n1c-nt nl‘ Pnhlir \\'url.~ (‘mu I1‘ Iw pnssihlc um um ('.mux--H H calm: Lu pick the 1-In-*~I mun Ifnr Hw ml)\ PHUMINEXT PEOPLE TO COME. AH-:In_\. .I.sn 7. ~ [:}'.‘r~r_\tlnug want. I.‘ ranch u.'h~m .« h'l« h 21!. ‘hr .L‘~~'I*H1~ bh I I .rn- ..:- nn:'n' BUDGET WORK REVIEWED. Thu R4-puh;:: .m- r- zu-Imn:u.«=-1Smok- m- >'-\-I‘! aw! I\:---I B H.unn1un.i 01' -n.-- : .:.z “'1! n.-'.un hr ritrk of the ln\\I| I.-HI-I\ H.n' l:.a\n-~ n[ \\'v.~'.- rh<-‘~‘t-r \\u~ ll~'!hHl.|'I 1 13-1 .~'«-l'Qt=alIl- n('zmu.— .\.u n:‘ Hu»:.n nonllnuuons ur-rv nu win ~ '~ Central Financial Control of State's R°°°pt'°\ w'“ B” °' Oren‘ H'5‘°\'°-1' Affairs to Be Placed In ‘Compu-oh \‘\-\“‘5‘- N°1 0'”) B°°«\“59 °' 5'93‘ ler's Hands-—-superfluous Olflces to Numilvrs of F°F¢I9M‘!‘5 From South. Bo Abo|lahed—-Further Rccammcm ern Countries, But Because of De- ll Iunlh ikv \lr llvnlxl is Lznim: lo Iv Lhv Innn and ru-all) tho only tlizht l,l|a|l 1». nu in l|u- (‘nun-il is in the 1.. \\ .pu]w.r Thu ;‘\‘ru.~. 1ll'l\I' t:«-Luruu ('hi4~f Re- unn‘~ «nip tmzulu-J is 1‘:-1-ling pretty Ah--.~I\. hm whnn Ilu-3 xx-znm-:1 in put nv-r nn nrrlimnw hu.~im-~~= man for Ih-- jnh. who ])l‘uIHll||\ .uuldn‘t ar- v.~r :uI.\ murw t.l:.‘1n um-‘s :1,l.(.r-nt,inn rhr xnulh-r u!‘ .1 n--u~ pnli-v :-hi: 1‘ [Hr [':uH:1|n hv-«.nnuv 11- ul.-' '[‘|u- I)-1. «mu. [11)l]‘.\.|'vA] 1'-vr «.' 4-vlu 1‘ JH - pl) \l (‘,yf' ? wt TI v' [jirmu Tl. ~ numunuxm. ¢ '1‘1I» ‘.\1’h It I‘h-nuwralu lead--r.-lnp n tho 1--\\-r |xuI1~u- E .»\llmn_s. N. \‘., Jun in I.-»\uI'I:«-I‘ \\'.x~lnnul--n, Jun 5 Mrs Wond- \\‘hIllnmI'.s' nnnnnl nu-~~.n-..--. ~r-nl. «nu-e lo\\ \\'.l=->11, uhu ul'I'l\I'-I .11 nu. \\'h:h- 1t'l¥is|ut1m- uulau. 1:-‘us full--ux Hou~I- \\.Hh tin» pn~~n{- m )«-~ln-rduy Tn the L('1.fl:a'L'l[.lll'1.' Tm» [uu~'(‘ mu- 1' munnu: ~;wm Hm .411: rnmm an lhr lunr rt-u-uunu-nulnlnuns l «Ii-~H‘v lu 9:13 gull‘ lmln. ’l'ln prv-.«1un pI.._u.l mu; I-c-|'n1‘o you nil iluis: limo nrv fur 11-uh ‘her. SIIl‘ Sun-vi is .~V.I} .\1 \\:~|\ um thv co1nn.mu~ l:.~'t_. bur !n- Lu ‘Iw ‘.1-w up pr-\.\ -lv ~»-Itl»-.1 Th» p!‘1u:£p:|! vh ~ 1': mn , ' ‘I b “'11 lmm J. :\[~ -r A: >' ., ‘=.- 1‘! nn»an.~=. Jw K- \\I w‘ \\‘;-- n.m\,v mlmn Hun “ill :1. u,uu;-|L~:I1 H:c' .\1r.~:, Allllu \\.l un HI-\\r_ Lh. mu: 1.»|1nwim.: l'l‘\jull~‘, «Iv ul ~ .-1~t- I, u|\i .~x x1.nu_l.i. 1- .n:.‘1 I'1'n])l0 will «-|.;u,|u.-4» Lhvir mind--. ll <|*l‘lll‘< I|u- .’\'r-\\~ -h:Im.'t-«I Iht-ir.~: an 1.):-~ lslnutls in lluirulu l-(iv:-r. whit-)1 hulpml In lnuvv lhm-v nltl (‘yr ram‘:-.-: tlu-ru us‘ :1‘ «lis;.'1':uu- tn Llw «‘-it.\' and \\In'H wv 1-ark hm‘. xx-~ v-nu h»-zn Hu- Nv\\‘~' ()I)_|N'll‘.l' in Ilw inl|H‘I')\t'|I1l'hl ul‘ LIN‘ 'H11 I'(iv«=r. Pl‘:-\'lrlv lh(- iln luxlnn ut‘ (-H-ry nnux 1.‘ ...-..‘m-l. -1 - .1! an (hr \\ hm :- I_\ I'\)u-lllHlIll'l\ Io-1‘ l|u- -nnulu A an ..- . -. 1ul‘||II~ -In 'hv|‘r .~m«L- the \:1‘'‘ ._;,,\‘‘.H \I H ,u. H,” W,“ W, ,. \\l'lldll1).Z ’l'h._\ \\l|l rvnm.u unnl , H I“ _‘ “h_,|, _ mm,],l__m,_l_ “.. _.,‘u11',«r l|u- |‘.m.\nur1«-an nnplmu un u.n-cl llull 1| nil: yu.-~ \|-|- ‘|I'_!X\ F““\‘-‘ \\\'“'* .\1l.~.~ .\l.n..r9' W .~--:1. uhn spvnt N\~\\‘ \'eu1.~ In l’n .ulel1-mu. 1’\l-mu-d ht-rv and lean scan n m llu- e-\exnm:, fur I’hIlzu'l¢-tuhm Mx'.~. \\'ll~m1 null nmlzp hvr bow to tho 1»ul:liu as tho nrsl lady of mo [and on I-‘1'ldu_\ us:-n|n~—: at 1.n-- rm---p tinn, which m'unn.~'v.~ lo N‘-L we ca- pacity of lhr- old mllllrilull. Mrs. Marslmll. “ire of tlw vlon. president, “ill nut bv in her place in the re<'on'in;; Imp as she llzls not; su recovered from her recent illness. ‘He: place will be taken by In. Lansltur. wife at the 'aec1:ota,ry jnv1‘r:1r,\. .1-v‘n I. \I'.:H-u~- of '.\l|-.| \ «tin». Hour.-~» 1: ‘~lrm1nn1 of I{m;:< 2- nu-rnl ‘nun I.-nu‘ H We l[.~' of Com Phbto by American I’re.-9 Assn;-muon. LACKAWANNA MAN FILES .:mn-».-: \\:n|n-1 Swat Ihmnmnrl of E\h>n.~e..-y “ha .1 mi sud ls-uh in n hotel - \ - I fr . -' mm n!’ apo- r . v .~!-1 -vs st «ml mm been I -« ..: alum: vf 1!:-m:\Im> pol- \ ' ‘ I ' Y‘ I ' V‘ U11‘. *- .\U M uss . nnd re}- s -i :1-er fr-nu Dart- l~’\l He homnie 3. v. *.- ml in l~-.‘» “as made , sun: ru :. v 4: wt - I s« hm-Is ul Alxxdelia, ,' .\!1«.. I1:- ~‘lu-In-I um, nnrl six years ,\ aft-r Iu- “.5 ':«.n‘!0 .<u|nx'mtenrlenL 0! g\ 9:-h ---'9 hp \\.:k -uhmtrwl to the mu‘. H6 ,»’ .1.-n-.m~.v .1 'v ;\1.-nu-ax-y. the nopubucu; _’ tnrln’ adwr-nu-.. fur cnngrc-ss in 1907. Foil ' thmo tunns lu=- re-pres:-med the Secontl com.:rcs“I-uml district of Mlnnrsota. Gov ernor llunnnond was the second M_|n aotu chlnt executive to die in 7' Governor John A. Johguon, zho__ nvlo-45 Dehxocnuncr 1.- A H ~.'Iv .31‘ .1 I5 In-u .Iml luv uh. I ,'.u ~:-1‘. xnvvrnnl W: h 'h- N ‘r' nf t|u- gnxrrn--r‘~ nlr-nagv tn-Ln Hur lnghlnture \\‘lU| 21-‘ -lawn to r— :'a‘Lr I-'1—I'n--~<. II, mm bu Hm! Um .\'1-\\~ will ¢lHnu,'<- in mind .I..':Iin .wnn- dau In-‘ «':L1l~=1- it. \\'t,mId h:u'tll_\' nu)’ to go Lhru lift‘ in I]u- I,ml'fnln nr-\v--)m;mr world with Mr. H1‘-uld as hum! m‘ the Public Works llvpurulwxnt. and hr» against him; at ll-ust \\'lIil1- is making good. Why nut be fair gonm-rm‘-n. You said lrefnre election that [[10 live man you \vorr- backing wm'o of H1‘ lliglmst class and r-apnble of ruunim: the city, zmd if we remember correctly Mr. Heuld win one of them. f ’ PETITION IN BANKRUPTCY 1:I.«-|.IIinn.~ l l.1\.- ...u ..n . psm-d:1ulr:II1 «-I .: Ml: uh: . ~. ..~ -I mu tn vluh-ul_\ (Mr ;-.‘H. hm. I-«-.-m..:~ uhivh euvh .-n :13-|~a--;n.1.--.. :1-I ~11-,»u -I cunmln. You “H! it In-ss «.1~) v‘-ml ':v.:!:.s than to rhrikn IL p gannnp. vlrim-5. Im not V‘ , you-r mults still ls-ss on - I mulls; In mmgv pvrsnn “ho « <1, nvur _vnII lnok 101' what is gox,-.1 :' :1!‘-m;.:. humor that, rejuic-9 in 8. .- as you L-ml. try to imitate 1:. your {aunts will drop off, like . leaves when their time comes.-——Joh. -R.“I.|. ., . . l‘( \I-nl I N.-vll\ A voluntary petition in ba.nI(rupt—- cy was Iilod yestonluy in United States district court by William F. White, uu(lc1‘t.ake1'. Ridge Road. Luck awzmim, in which he lists his liabili- ties at $6,588.76 and his probabili- ties at $3,122.60. l’-'11-'1-l.lw full mnlltul mm :1-I .1-uh I 5’/0|‘! 4I\l>:-LIHIIIH-~ II’ ~I'1'lI* I.mm; ~ (Continued on pige two) character and Will. Up'.'nI.::‘. L .‘:iou'.m(. Has he shrnk I telligence alnce ’he_ls to lg/«the head of Public Works‘: _tl;o\_ - gl Eyonlnz Ncyutyould’ Our character is our wm, for what ‘we will we arc:-Archbishop Mun- Happiness, like a Il_ll in never 9'91! ;.=* l|°‘|'-

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