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4-,«‘'‘,‘a \> -.4 W . ‘.513 .-5. ,)l LACKAWAJQNAV - ~ 4 THEDAILY JOURNAL I DAILY JOURNASL Vol. 1 No. 1 ‘Two Jnoys with a ‘lime wagon full\ or green walnuts, rbulllng -them in the back alley, is one of -the grandest ‘ex- periences of atihis mortal career. There is not much ot this Joy «tlxe-Re (lays. says Ohio State Register. The boys now «:haven‘t ‘the -time and pauem-e to ‘build: a precarious wagon, pull it. to me woods and return with it \\--th big nuts with their haml- staininxz nulls We haven't seen boys so ~nz1{;p_\' for many 21 day as those two ‘bms humm: tho green vcnlnuts Ami (ht-n \'»:h<-n they are’hu1led.‘to spread them out on the kitchen -or shed root‘ was an .-vn-ut so crowded with anm-x~ nation that it the coming \vii1te1' (lays with golden summer. A pun 01‘ (-rzwlu-:1 walnuts of an evening about which the children would gmlmr 'h<3- rforv going to bed. was an ancient cus- tom whosu memory will ever remain a elem-inns delight. We fear the boys of today are not as entonprising and (Iiligent us may were forty or years ago when they not only gath- ered walnuts. but constructed the lit- tle wagons to haul them 111. Those solid win-(=15. ‘those c-.1‘-eaky axles. that frail and awkward bed. was a greater achievement in those da_vs.tvhan a twin- aix auto is In these degenerate times. ‘HU LLI NG W“A'L‘N‘\‘1T=S Be r%wi4i%s§h !I‘?))e vU.:S'.4GoVer'nm'en't has nowéénsef ‘'3 ii if if S -h§ i E ‘in . of propriety -or they would keep thef _, £4’ ‘ .-_.= '-' = » $1, I ngrht «house in commission .unt‘il* News‘ \ . 3 Years, -50 -the fog horn could join /in? g ‘ . H J the chorus New Year's eve; I E u !n :1; u b 1 U u t ‘ ’ ‘ ' Them!-i‘ffe1'ence ‘be the chzpnge -in ‘Buffalo and Lzwka\va1111a. is, ‘But- «fa‘lo's zu1‘mi11istvra.tlon 1-<mldn'.t be any woi-sv than ‘it was and ‘Lzu-kawa11v11a.\»s (‘ml JONES Ts :PAYm‘a'»ntaa1s ,. ,:%»:: 3?. ’>+.'::.‘ Lackawanna, January 3. 1915 Michigan Foizger «on 13a-rdle ’DIsbui‘iea $3;000 ‘to’ ’Hi\s Greditofs Gwned and Published By E Detvrdit, Jan. 3.—~'Fvaxrk G. Jones, au- !'h01‘~f0I‘ger,\conlDlé-tcd his first year ‘on ‘parole ‘by (li.<<bm-sin‘: more than $3,0I0 «to ‘his cx‘e*d;t0I‘s, f0r:nv1' bl(‘(.‘1(- holders of the‘ A111r-rit-'.u1 E ev:,x'i<‘ i‘~‘»uLsn ('('mp;m._\, of .\I-1x~'Iu~s-on. whith \\‘~\1t lo‘ the wall as 1:119 rwnlt. of M4 C')I1r:‘:-5911 forzories amounting to many (hou- suuds of »<loILu':=. In uddilinn to the monoy from his \\'x-it.:x1:.:.~* Jon--s hw PE1l'Ilé'llP1’lOlU-III to prnvidv for ‘hil1lsl'l|\ \\'il'u an-‘1 son, ‘Elia-'-Joslyn ‘Publishing Co., Inc.,* I'nfni'tun.ucly, bring rhusy does nnt a|wu)'s mt-un that W9 |1.1\'e :u-c*oin- »pl|:~l|x-(I u.-«-L‘u1 wur|<. Zwrsistent hur- lung IF mure often due to .1 .\I.It-\ of mnul (‘tum tn :1 stnlu n1‘ rirmuns|:LI|-4.-.5. ‘1'u>x1-etuu‘l bustlv muy cuunt for wry {lulu In the way of u.t‘1ll\‘\'1'Jnk'Il(. :Intorm 411 ’ELEC’l‘R'I‘C AVENUE Lackawamna, -N.. Y. LMER E. HARRIS. . . . . .President ‘ S. W. ELLIS... . . . . .Vi(-e-Pres QAYN. . . . . . . . . . . . .T-reasurer I. G. ‘,ELLIS. . . . . . . . . .Secretary Some of you fellows who sit zn-mrml and road this column w=i1‘1 haw to -help out :1 vlmle on it, if its to be (la-ily. Send in somevhing. you ('a11't. 1nz11u- it. any worse than it ‘is. FIRU‘l'T DESSERTS CHARLES ‘V. ELLIS For‘ the ‘fOI‘€‘h€Uldl‘d liousewivc-s who u1zul_n hay while the sun shone or in other words put up fruit in its suas<n1. there are dainty dishes which may ‘be [ll'r,‘[)Ell‘O(1 with but little trouble a‘ll tlirough the winter months. The berries which have been put up without cooking. simply mixing with sugar after crushing, will be just the thing for these dishes. ,5-‘anina with Fruit.—Put a quart of milk ‘on to heat, when boiling add a cup of farina, stirring until perfect- ly smooth. Cook until well done, cool, add two ‘beaten eggs, a halt cupful or sugar. the grated rind of ‘half a lemon. :1 teaspoonful of lemon juice and a tourth of a cupful of chopped almonds. Pour into a buttered ‘pudding dish and bake vuntil slightly ibrown. Serve -hot or cold with curtants, put up with- out cooking’, All tho fmuls. furn‘ h--«I hv Jmxes lmvu L'UH(‘ to small .-~lmk’IIoItl<~r:; of ms» f'Il~0 c-nmp'.\n.\'. 1?m'nwx- c-mmoyom mid ’\~:'- and nr|~h:ms who are Iis - (*(I mnong; tho cx‘o<lIIm‘.~:, (‘lailns still ‘huld 2L‘<'lil1.\‘t Jones amount tn mmrl-. $.l_:mu.m0A Jrnea is ('()IlfiKlI-I11 t.!:~1t 11-‘ will be able to rvxmv (‘\’(l‘_V uemt of the debts out- st.zmdin:.r. 'l‘l1<- Jmu'na'l ex-temls its sympathy to ‘*\(‘-omr. Souter. No Laun 1460 South Park Ave., Lackawanna SPENCER C. ELLIS Circulat-ion Manager *(V<mn'. is for comrade not (‘om in Ab NEH): ter. nlimaiullur S. S. YOUNG General Advertising Manager Scout 3I):1lo_\' wants to -know, if a lie-ro 0t\1l1usit“is w1'it‘t«en in “A Flat.\ :z1n you play it iu_A :I3unga‘low‘.’ ‘ A >‘ \ fa I 5 K/phington Correspondent. Bon BIdg., Washington, D. C J. E. JONES, A M'A‘N’S GUESS >.0n>'. i ?[|6*HWi§?i3%S~E KEEPERS ‘(IN VER GEDF STA HVJNG .1i\’ es w WM. WIRT MILLS New York City Corresponclem, 6 Broad Street, New York City \\‘.ElS Saul » g~\:\,“»: 3“: ean. ‘the are tam Unle.-z Complete Book -Bindery Attached ‘You‘ve lwzml about the boy who loads at school. And the n1a«n’«l,\' kid of six who swam the pool; Of -the boy who knows his Homer—— famous he. And the one who playecl the violin ‘beautifully at three; 01' the girl who knows her Shake- speare ‘through and through, Of the maghematic marvél and his sums or two and two. But there's‘ another‘ Infant .P1-odigy, Who is greater tar than ‘these, ‘He's not ‘the perfect ‘lime boy who minds his q’s and .p's; I know 1;)‘; spherg )3 lowly, ‘He deperves g_r.e_'a3.gr renown, He's the kid who amyg gt home and‘ worlzs. When he -circ'us comes to town U I We don't know it we can keep this ‘gas going every dc? but were going to ‘try «it. We may with the help of the L. F. I). No, 2. o c o YOUTITS VANISHED JOYS. time Reason ‘In Gulf sol Mexlcu scene at Hunger and Death. infox-ma. cunxstax ficials 0 ed last ex-nmen to dem Two PHONES Federal 792 Bell. Lacks 905 After 6 P. M., Sundays and bolt- I‘ The old proverb which assents that there are as good fish in the sea. as ever were caught may have been packed with delphic meaning. At any rate many varieties of gnce per- mitted «to go to waste are now ‘being sent to msrket,.and some of them are found ‘to he wholesome eating. For a considerable time the Japanese have cnnnedthe whole. which is reported‘ to In nntntloun and not unpolotnble, New Yorkers of late have learned to like sword Now come: a report that the meat of the shark is sold for thnt of the sword Perhnpl the‘ ‘shark has been neglected. Perhaps from the standpoint of economists it‘ is one of the good fish in the see. thlt formerly were not caught. ‘days-. can Boll. . . . . Abbott 11 9‘2-W New York, Jan. 3.—’1‘he West 'I‘rl-- angle lighthouse. in the Gulf of Mexi- co, 150 miles west of Progresso, is: so -far from the disturbed districts» of the revolutionary republic that everybody on and of! the firing line in authority forgot about the gallant Mexican lishtkeepers and their tuni- ltes, and even the steamshlns, for whose safety the lighthouse‘ was es- tablished, gave merely a. pusslug glance at the -beacon at night and ln the ;day hardly noted the lonely little. reef-like islet's existence. It Thus the -fac ‘be dete 1-W ed ‘by mine. ‘col-mtarch Pudding and =Blackb’er- riot.-Take 3 tnblespoontul «and a. half of cornstarch, add a. 2113]! cuptul of sugar and mix’ well, than stfr in threo cuptulm of rich‘ milk. cook until well done, add ‘I beaten egg‘ gnd pour into molds. Serve with sugar. cram and blackberries. put up uncooked. ‘Peach Puddln¢.—-M1x~to;’etI_;er n cup- tn! of halt a cupfnl otnut, meats. a ‘pinch of salt. two cuplqlg of bread cmunbn, then ‘add ‘thyee hejten eul. two tablenpoontuls of lemon juice, A cuptul of [sugar and ‘two oupluln of nenches. Pour into well-buttered molds and steam two hours. Serve with cream. THE JOURNAL AND BULLET!-N OFFICIAL PAPER City -of Lnckawnnnu -and‘ T Tbwh of West ‘Seneca, N. Y. 2-H whethe German me or Until tained departn governn await t from \ Aiexand get as sible f port fr graphic. Vince tragedy such im '7 =3‘ :tl:-.k‘:I 9‘ .,,__‘..$' ‘I :§.:;‘i‘..:-‘; 5 '-‘1r*':%Ii , §f1‘;: \} T‘’i ‘ «Dulingted u the omcinl pnper of gnouxenugngtoni Buillness Men’: Asno—- _a on opt. ‘, 913, and South lu Social I:|i Athletic ‘Club June: \ 18. 1315. “What will be fashionable this sea- ~pon ?\ \Whatever they -happen to be over- stocked with In Paris. I suppose.\ The message of the light» vkeepers to the outer world, telling of their plight was ‘brought here by the- Ward liner Mexico, in from Mexico, -Havana and Nassau. Captain O'Keefe~ happened to turn his binocular on the~ lighthouse on the afternoon of De» cember 23 and saw distress signals‘ from the reading: “Want. inmediate assistance.\ Letters to the Journal must beat writer: signature as evidence 0! good‘ (pith. though withheld trom ‘print It dolirotl. ‘\Ii'rh'B'i ਇ \eff?\ Many people believe that the aurora borealls us a phenomenon peculiar -to modern times. But this is not true. The gnclents used to call It chalnmata, bo- _lldes and trahes. nnfnes which ex- pressed the different colors of the lignt_s. The scarlet aurora was lookeq on by the superstitious barbarians as an omen of <ln'el’ul slaughter; so it is not unusual for descriptions of bloody battles to I-ontum allusions to north- ern lights. In the annals of Cloon- mac--noxsv it is rcr-‘orded that in 638 A. \D. u(-c.on1p21n,ving :1 terrible battle between l.p~inst.er and Munster. Ire- land, a purple aurora lit the northern skies. forvtolllng the slaughter Fifteen-Minute 'Puddlng.—Take | cupful of gifted flour, 9. teaspoontul of baking powder, a ‘halt teaspoonful of salt and a halt cuptul of milk, This is‘ usually enough. though it may be necessary to add a little more milk. Beat well and drop into buttered cups, a tablespooutul to each cup, then add a teaspoonful of sweetened, crushed fruit, Juice and all (cherries are especially good), then another spoonful of the pudding mixture. and set the cups into a pan of boiling wa- ter; cover closely and let them cook for 15 minutes. Then serve with sugar and cream. We hear it asked. “What has become Of olden-time 0o'.n pone; Of Mammy's bentnn biscuits with The all their own; But would they taste as good again If they were served tonigllt? Would memory make up. pex-chance. For jaded appe-me? New York Traffic Policeman Has Voice which Reaches High D. New York, Jan. 3.—Longer than the way to Tipperary is the distance be- tween a seut_ on one uf the c-t;»“s mo torcgcles and a place on the operatic stage, b'u1_ ‘Policeman. Howard D Smith of Irailic squad G has higu hopes of bridg,ix1:.'. the gap, thanks to a voice ~whic.li climbs easily to high D. and the help of Mrs. Archiball. \\'l1ite, u SOCIEU woman of this city Believing that he had :1 line voice Smith. six months ago. went to ON or the o of the .\1eu'upolitan on em house and askvd to have hi voice test--d. This man was so fu _I\or:lbl_\' i1n.pro.~':sed with the police x:-z1n’.< \-om» that he .~(‘l1i, him to Pro i‘v.~s0r Bos.~'m‘[ to have it. tried out. Captain 0'Koefe changed his course and Sm-ond Otiicor Hassel got a life- boat provisinned and ready to launch. The surgeon found inhabitants of the isiand much emztciatml. having had nothing to subsist on for three weeks except. Mm-r and a raw fish. The iigh \ keepers said that tim sup ply boat had not been to the folorn» isle-t for four months and that they had run omnhlvtt=1_v out of food, but .~tilI had wutx-r. or ut.hvr\vise would izzu-o p€'riSh(’d, and ample oil to keep. the light burning. the wax Lusltam -The 1 an in t lief that near hi trying 1 gram D officials have be was set Tlmt (1hit‘k(‘I1 ;\fa1'_vl:Lml we knnw In guldcell bygnlw dz1_\'.~: Shams 1.0 lmvv 10% its nuw. Tho pies that mullwr u:-vd to mzxke. So flaky and an light, Go well in v(-r.-c- but would they tnmm Thu jam-<1 n.mm(i(.u‘.’ u ‘:3 And thus in 1':-1nini-.:-out vein. (me nxigh-L ask \\VlIat's hc-mmo\ ()fL]1i.-zamd Hm! and I‘ nt.hm' tiling —' or dnu,s.'luuxt,.- and thvm <unn- 'I‘ho,v livn hut in the nmn1mg\* As visions of <11-limit: \\'v «-.nu1dn‘t oat (.h('I’11 unw bf‘-c{ll1S(‘ \\'¢- latk tho nmwtiiv. 8 8 I minutes other h: that an the wal without No P Wmio nu-uplo are eating peaches. how mum‘ of them stop to think of the history of tho poa('i1? Very few, of course 101- tho number of folks who care almut 1n-an-hes is greater than that of folks who care about history. NOVOI‘lhPi(*S!= xi. is interesting to many to know that the pouch is not aborig- innl to Am0|'it'.a. but was brought here from China. it must be ndmitted by even the mttorost enemies of Chinese Immigration, and assisted immigra- tion, that the peach is a Chinese im- migrant and an assisted immigrant that could not well be spared. HAD ORIGIN IN DIPLOMACY }wEATHER EVERYWHERE. }0bservaLions of United States \ uathpr burvnu taken at 8 p. Hi. esterdny follow: Temp. Weather New York .. . . . . . 39 Cloudy .‘\H){1ll_v .. . . . . . . . . 34 (‘loudy .-\t'ter li.~'te.nin_; to Smith sing, the man who trained Edmund Burke. Henry Miller and many 011191‘ noted human songbirds, told him that with proper training l1e might reach the top of the ladder. He added that lessons would he $20 for each half hour. CONGRESS MEETS TOMORROW Famous Phrase Which I: often Used Has Been Ascribed to at Bishop of Milan. !-‘oreign Relations, Incident to war, Whi!( is state been n ship, tt Informs Will Dominate Lawmakers \\\'he-n you aw in Rome do as Rome does.\ is one of the provvrbs that am so old that their origin is lost in the nxi-is of antiquity. IL is generally’ asserted, however. that. it arose from the ibliowlng incl- denl. given in one of St, Augnsxintfs v.1-i:-(l<-s: “Augustine was in we habit. .0!‘ dining—; upon Saturday as up-in Sun- d:x'.'. but. being piixzied with the dif- l\|'l'(!nt prnt-tioes than prevailing (for the-,\ had begun to fast at Rome on Saturrluyi he consulted St. Ambrose, the bishop of Miluxi. on the subject. The answer of the Milan saint was HHS. '\\»'h(».n I am here I do not fast un SuIurd'.1y. but when at Rome I do rust on Saturday.‘ \ Washimnon, Jan. 3.—Congress rn convcmes tomorrow to begin serio consideration of momentuous legisla- tion confronting it. Before the holl- day recess little was accompiished beyond organization and extension 0! the emergency war revenue law. During the preliminary two weeks there were assurances on every hand that foreign relations, incident to the European war, and the subject of pre- paredness for national defense would be the dominating features of the session. fraught with tar-reaching pas sibilities. powers quarter ports W Alfzmtic City . . 40 (‘loudy Just as the downcast policeman was about to leave the studio. Mrs. Wihito. who had bnon listening to his warb- ling while waiting to take her own lesson, stepped up and said: “You Lzivo him lessons and I'll pay the bills.\ Bpston . . . . . . . . . . . 22 (‘loudy Bu . . . . . . . . . . 34 (‘loudy Chicago . . . . . . . . . . 34 Clear St. Louis . . . . . . . . 30 Clear That pedo w It was : marine, marine from S1‘ was a dim; t« nctuall: Persia New Orleans . . . . . 72 Pt. Clay- Washington 58 Clear Philudt-lphiu 42 Cloudy A Kansas physician has given out the wise opinion that “kissing is not the only way or catching disease.\ However. it's the surest and best way for the young man to catch something worse and more sudden than disease it the giri‘s dad unexpectedly appears; on the scene while the emulation, is in progress When seen in his studio, Dr. Bos- sert said: \The man has a truly ‘remarkable voice and I expect great things from him in time. His range is tremendous. He reaches high D with ease. The signi of this is best understood when it is known that the highest note sung on the opera stage today is high 0. or course he is a little (‘rude yet but 3!? responds readily to training; his voice is sweet and clear and all in all he is one of the most wonderful tenors I have ever listened to.\ Science has done more to enlarge I habitable world in late years than no the explorers. The discovery oi o poles added nothing oi -practical nine to -humanity; but those who fought the battles of sanitation in the tropics have opened vast possibilities. Surgeon General Gorgas. who is com tent to speak on this subject, ssya. _ cording to the Harrisburg (Pa) Patriot: “The great valleys ‘of the Amazon’ and Congo probably would produce all the food needed by the world it they were settled by the type at white man we now have in northern lotions.\ The cleaning up oi the Pan- Jms district and changing it from a ‘oritabio (loath hole to a region where its is as safe as anywht-rv on earth the proof with the (‘.\p£‘i‘iCIl('G ere gained.-and with the natural on- rise of the race which he so ably .nis.aIt is safe to predict that me the regions he mentions will developed and made to yield their are in the support or human life. I in that direction that the world 1! widen in the future. ENLARGING TH E WORLD Important international events since the recess have served to make indi- cations stronger than ever «that the legislative branch will seek all a.va.ll~ able information in possession of the government relating to foreign C9!!!- plicatlons. REE] Hurlon. in his \Anatomy of Melan chuI_\.\ speaks of those persons who :1-r ulxvays swayed in mind and‘ action In Hui!‘ sunoumlings. \When they H at Hnme \ he says. “they do there a thug sou done.\ Loud the ne pm at “Jen nteams sunk i Thursd seen 5! in no 1 the li celvod. No V A c.uI)l(- mile of river water welgha approxmmtely 4.205.650,000 tons and carries in solution, on the average. about 420.060 tons of foreign matter. In all. about 2.735,000,000.tons oi solid cmbsuulces are thus carried annually to the ocean. MUST READ NEWSPAPERS Criminal Negligence Not to Read War G. 0. P. CONVENTION GALL Edict; in Pruula THIS BI‘}.»\'l‘S ANY 01*‘ S(‘HT'[.'l\/.'S FISH S'l‘()IlIES National Body to Meet in Chicago on June 7, to Name Presidential Ticket. Vvashiniilon, Jun, 3.—’I‘he \boiters\ of 191:! and all otlu-r electors “without regard to past political zttiiiizmtions who believe in the principles of the Rt-miblicmi party and endorse its policins.\ are invited to join in the soic-ctinn 0|’ (ii,-It-gates. to tho Repub- lican n£l.ll(lii'di convention of this your in tho call for tho convmition issumi last i1l:.ht by :uil,horit.,\' of tho R(-puh- ilcnn nzitinnui comniittte. The call boars tho .~'«l!!llI1llll‘(\s or (‘hnlrman (‘imrlos D_ Hill:-s: mm Sw- remr_v Jmnos ll. Hl‘\ll0i(lS H mm ciully sets forth the la that the» run- vontion will met‘-t on Juno 7 in (‘in (‘ago to nominate c:1mi1'<lz1tr=.- fur iu'u:-i- dent and vice prc=:~'iti«~nt. B1ll—“I see an electrician claims to have invented apparatus by which he can measure the ten-millionth part of 11 second of time.\ Osnarruck, Prussia,‘ Jan. 3.—The court has decided that the perusal of newspapers is a duty or citizens. Rest. dents in a neighboring village sold a small quantity of wool contrary to regulations and ‘pleaded in defense that the particular regulntion was not plaearded in the village as hllg been customary and appeared only In the newspapers, which they did not read. The court ruled that \persons who now read no newspapers act eulpably and cannot plead ignorance or’ war- time regulatioin: as Jll:lUHL‘(tl|0n.\ The defendants were sentenced to A day in jail. Elkins. W. Va. Wild lungs: rushed down thu ulmnnulim: and into the homv of SunL‘m'd -I‘—’hillip~.-: in the foot hills. whs-ru ths-y :I.H1ll'lit't1 ‘Phillips’ t\vu-_vvm- old .-um. 'l‘hr- «mm. 1'ri1.:ht- mu-(l. nl.~'hul In Lhn «urn:-r xvlwrn u min-ur hum: \\'hun Hm hmzs snw Mn-ix\ I'<-nv~v1.mI1- in Lhv mirrnr. Hwy lwmunu |mulr- .-Lrivlu-u and rmxlwzl hnvk m Ihu hills. lc-nvimz (luv «-hilt! uninjm-ml. How a.1_\'c-ebly surprised all the enn- didntes will be when they are nomiml that thvy have been nomlnatod, 01' courso. they couldn't believe It nwrnly because they had mm) It in the pn- nors. .HIl~ \Wen even such an apparatus 1-ou1dn‘t measure the length of time I girl takes to make up her mind to say yes when a man proposes mar- orizwo to her.\ \Why couldn't it?\ “Because she's already made up her mind to say yes. you know.\ 3:11 bnfort‘ cordiim which Skinnu hero h Out uni cl were : yors Esym. may I: Perhaps xxftor the inventors lmvo s01v(=d- the problem of cheap yot em- clom. sutmmrinos some of tlwm will think up u way of stopping the siides in‘ the Gaillurd cut. ll 3! 1|’ (}lGl:3. \\'|:I'I'Ur} (}()II\'(} ’I‘() SPICNI) NI‘)-X'l‘ \\’l'Cl'IK l,.()()l€IN(} ()V\l')R THIS 01.!) .\lA’J\l'Hl‘JSSI')S. '.‘ |~l):.( rm: nt. 0. It 4- law of LI Humoroun I-‘act of Hbzory . . :mu‘k:~ an impurtunt epoch‘ in |'- ,m.,rr:ss of civil liberty in Eng- 'l‘hv therett to than Persia loss : Soionco invents new ways to kill in bnme and surgery exhausts its In- genuity to save the wounded. War is at best an inconsistency. N:-wvllln. Pu r.\Iau'y ;\lurphy. tom'- lmr :1 nmttrr-.-4.~' apart to thruw away, found hr-r nmtlwl\s will which had hm-n lost nnd lIi.mm in sot-ux'it~ies hidden in the cotton. The wlll has the ontlro estate to the of the lheen admitted to proba.te. It leaves securities and will. ,.m! I.~ ru;.;:m. I as unv of the u ‘ z.cl1'u‘\<nu-um of (ilmrles the A .d s rt-ign. (‘hurles himself ‘did - .:.nt [ho la“. but just at the time New York, Jan. :i,——-'l‘h«- White Star iiner Baltic arrived today from Liver- pool bringing $35,000,000 in specie consigned to New York banks {rom -England. This is said to be the larg- est nmount of gold brought to this port by any steamer since the war began. Ship Brings $35,000,000 Gold The people or \\'nrsnw have long 2 noted for their great consump- on of geese. A large part oi‘ the eeded supply has come from the lit- v Polish town of Dvinsk. where huge ockn of geese are tattened for the arsaw market. The Polish farmer - . not send his birds to market in pa and by train. That would he eedless expense. He drives then. on ~ highway, the flock often number- ; several hundred. That they may alk to Warsaw without getting sore . he shoes them. They are that ado to walk over a patch on-ond cov- ed with wgrm tar and ‘then over an- ér patch covered with sand. In » way the feet get a hnrdlcoating of and sand and they make the Jour- without hecdmlng lame. Dvinek 7d ‘to be the only place in the where‘ geese are shod. steam: trinn steam: the an were DEER A FARM SQUATTER \ :..< \'(-r_\' um:1u.s lo curry {aver i.;x :l.(- g.o(.—pl¢-, -..~x.d was afraid to ;....~l- so popular a measure. The .|( mi.» and Io:-5 oi’ the act were pret- -\=- nil divided in parliament, ‘but ‘n time ilnul vote it was carried. The :.....:.4-x- of its passage. however, was boll} comical ‘and illegal. While the \:0’.illl§ “as going on a very fat -lord ‘lll‘0.-0 and asked that his vote be re- vrdrd in the aillrmaiive. In a spirit 1:‘ Fun the clerk announced ten votes n- him, to accord with his great size. ll lxcy were so recorded. and for soul n -cplained reason the \error\ was never corrected. The strangest, part. :‘ ‘t is, -the majority for the meuuro ~. as less than ten; hence it would have. Lil of passage without the fat lord‘: .v.m1 votes. A Washington man named Oyster is being sued tor a divorce. alimony and other renet. He seems to be in I stew all right. ‘,3 Well the X pet.-ted has happened i I I Only Takes to the Woods When Wardens Try to Trap Him. Not only in Lackawanna but in -Buffalo too. Altoona, Jan. 3.——For some time a large male deer has been making ms headquarters in the tbarnyard of Frank Weyandvs farm In Franks- town township. Weyandt has come to look upon it as a pest, since it an- noys his cows and eats his feed. So he noti the deputy game vwa.r~ den, Lemuel C. Ale. Ale and J. H. Winters, president of the Blair County ‘Game, Fish and Forestry association. went up‘ to the Weyandt farm intend- ing to trap the [buck and take him to the mountains. The deer gave them a lively hour's work. then jump- ed the fence and took to the woods. Serbian Ruler at salonlca London, Jan. 3.—Klng Peter of Serbia. who reached ‘Italy last week from Albania, is said by Renter's Athens correspondent to have arrived at Salomon. on‘ a French bamesmp. He was accompanied by several Serbian ministers and omcers. Nevér be misled by the glamour of me. A king may rule a people and yet be led around by the nose by his wlte. A lot of Xtm men around so to speak. Well John Widmer is assistant division mad master of» the New York ‘Central lines yet. that's more than some of the city officials will be 2 years hence. - It is perhaps entertaining to read the ‘daily menus in the papers. but what man wants to try ‘them? Huerta Near Death After Operation. El Paso, 'l‘ex:, Jan. 3.——General Victor’-iano Hue‘r'ta, tormer provisional president of Mexico. who underwent an operation here, was pronounced in a. serious condition last night or his physician, Dr. P, H, Shuster. By hookie New Year's day was a‘ toggle; dark. dismal day wonder lt that means anything polltlcully for the new bunch that took office. A moaquitovwm jive a long time on .me ‘man and never seek a change on diet. And how we missed “Bill's” fog % W *a‘t-PR|N4‘0_ % U-A ;HOM ; K‘ PRWI '91»--Ix“

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