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GARDEN CITY N~WS, W~DNESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1923 Page Five . . GARDEN CITY TREES • wlll be shown at the Hempst e ad Theatre n e xt Tueeday, Wednesday and Some Mistakes and a Look Into the Future . Thursday, is said to be one of the J most powerful scr e en dramas pro- More closely than any other village that comes to mind, with the duced by Paramount this season. . . . Miss Swanson has the role of Mona exception of Cazenov1a, New York, Garden C1ty _ resembles . a sleepy de \Briac a French girl whoee parents Cathedral town of England. Clutton·Brock and Thompson have written volumes on what makes the . charm of such places, but shorn of all frills, it . r is the trees and 'Village green which set the tone for the whole picture. e The area from the Hotel to Sixth Street and Cathedral and Hilton • Avenues was ~ stroke of genius by the planners of the village, . even if one WEDNESDAy and THURSDAy could have w1shed that the other streets had not run so rectangularly. are in financial difficulti e s. Their last straw is to marry Mona to a ri c h man . John Brandon, an Am e rican multi-millionaire, play e d by Huntley Gordon, Is chosen as the intended husband . The marriage takes place and many thrilling Incidents follow. • ea e October 3 and • Cherry Valley Road meandering along the bottom of one of . those ancient . REX BEACH'S ' \THE SPOILERS\ glacial water courses is, scenically, worth a dozen straight str . eets. Starring MIL. TON SILLS and ANNA Q. NILLSON There are, around the Hotel, over thirty different sorts of trees, and ed th h th · f th · 11 f th A photoplay c lassic of the most thrilling period In American history; scatter roug e streets representatives 0 ese, m a stages 0 grow ' when the cry of gold sent a tremor through the world; when men of Iron and make shady aisles that few towns can boast. But some towns, notably women of a strange and reckless beauty trekked to the frozen fields of Brookline, Mass. can easily boast a better selection of street trees. We run the Yukon . . so heavily to Norway maple that th~re is some element of monotony in the FRIDAY and SATURDAY October 6 and 6 VIOLA DANA in \HER FATAL MILLIONS\ • • steady succession of their dome-like crowns. Not all residents of the village know that the soil on the Hempstead Plains and the tremendous evaporating power of the air in summer make an unfavorable combination for tree growth, which the planners 10f Garden City did not always take into account. Norway maple will stand this. The pine also. But elms, Don't miss this love story of love, laughter and lucre. ashes, hornbeams, tulip-trees, dogwoed, and certain other native trees will SUNDAY either not thrive l\t all, or only make a partial success. Thoroughly satisfactory trees for Garden City are Oaks, Lindens, Planes, . Ginkgo, White and Red Pines, Austrian Pine, Maples, . Horsechesblut, Beech and perhaps the Varnish Tree. With some of these groups containing many different species, there is a MONDAY FIVE ACTS OF VAUDEVILLE MADGE KENNEDY in \THE PURPLE HIGHWAY \ ' VAUDEVILLE SAN CARLO GRAND OPERA COMPANY with the famous Japanese Nightingale - . TAMAKI MIURA in PUCCINI'S . . \MADAME BUTTERFLY\ October 7th October 8th - • large choice, either for street or small-place planting. There is, then, no reason or excuse, except ignorance or worse, for scattering Lombardy poplars and tulip trees along our streets. And yet the forlorn skeleton of the first, and l ·own withered leaves of the s~ond are right now object lessons of wha hot to do, notably on Washington Avenue to the east, and along some of tne streets near Nassau Boulevard to the west. , DIRECT FROM CENTURY THEATRE , NEW YO.RK CITY PRICES: Orchestra $3 . 30 to $2.20. Beyond the selection of the right sorts . of trees, there is the care of them. Recently, gangs of men were trbnming out branches that interfered SEATS NOW ON SALE Balcony $1 . 10 to 76 cents with walking or driving, and not doi:ng it well. Such branches, as the TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY. and THURSDAY October 9, 10 alld 11 merest tyro knows, should be cut oft' .with · DO stump protruding beyond the GLORIA SWANSON In - • • • parent trunk or branch from which they . have been cut. To leave such ' 'JfLUEBEARD'S EIGHTH WIFE\ --.r--- stumps invites disease aud decay. To properly remove \hem · allows the tree to heal over the wound. Garden City, having already a splendid heritage in its tree lined street and its incomparable green, ought to take steps to see that only the right sorts are planted in the future, and take a lesson from another Long Island town in their care. A village improvement society in Easthampton spends a considerable sum on what are easily the finest elms on Long Island. Can Garden City afford to do less?-NoRHAN TAYLOR, Brooklyn Botanic · Garden. , Miss Delcine McCullough of New York spent the week end with Mr$. Arthur W . B. Wood of Carteret Place . Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tapscott and sons who were in Schenectady for the eummer have returned to their home on Fourth Street and theh Dann • family, who s pent the season in their c ottage have gone to the St . George Hotel, Brooklyn for the winter. Mr. and Mrs. Donald S . Wood and sons are back in tefr charming home on Third Street. Mr. Wood and one aon spent the summer at the Stewart Inn and Mrs . Wood and the other son were in the Adirondacks. Mr. and Mrs . Stanley Brown and children have returned home from LakevUle, Conn . , where they epend their summers. Mr. and Mrs. Howard B . Dean and c hHdren have returned from Sal Harbor, where they have been all s ummer. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Danielson ot Memphis are visiting their daughter M r s. Donald W. M c Kellar ot Frank.lln Av e nue . , • THEATBE NEWS \Which appeals to you more, the stage or the screen?'~ This was the question put to pretty Madge Kennedy who comes to the Hempstead theatre next Sunday, Oct. 7, as the featured player In the Paramount picture, \The Purple Highway.\ .. \On the stage , \ de c lared Miss Ken - nedy, \everything seems so intimate. It's just as if the audience and I were sitting down together. That doe s n't exactly explain, of c our s e, but what I am trying to say Is this, that there is an intimacy and closeneSB of touch be- tween player and audience which isn't pos siJ ble to attain In the movies. But, all in all, I like s creen work best of all. The screen llas such possibilities for the shifting of s cenes - It is more akin ~o life in that respect than the stage, and that Is why I prefer it.\ In \The Purple Highway\ Miss Kennedy Is supported by Monte Blue, leading man; · vincent Coleman, Pedro de Cordoba, Dore Davidson and otheT well knowu players of stage and sc~ea. It is a !really wo~h-while production. Glor)a Swanson's new Paramount pi c tur e, \Blu e beard' s 8th Wif e, \ which • • THEODORE B. KLAPPER • Associated I . GEORGE L. HUBBELL • Real Estate and Insurance HILTON AVENUE AND SEVENTH STREET ' GARDEN CITY, N.Y. · TELEPHONE 1180 GARDEN CITY PROPERTIES A SPECIALTY • • • • • • ~ Garden City's · Leading Grocers .. 53 Hilton Avenue Phones 994 · 995 Garden City The Store of Service • • • •

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