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THE FR TNEWS PAGE THREE SCOUTS CO-OPERATE WITH SCOUTS In connection with the boy scoot co- operation In tin- national observance of Forest Protection week last May, the stnte forester of Minnesota wrote •/follows to the national council: 1 hove always been very much In- terested In the work of th» boy scouts and will gladly avail myself of any opportunity to co-operate with this organization. While In the pest there has been a certnln amount of co-operation between the scouts and thfi forest service, I think It Is pos- sible to greatly Increase this. In my opjnlon, this Is one of the best means of educating the public In regard to the conservation of our natural re- sources. The boy scout of today Is the voter and business man of tomor- row, and his actions In the future will be determined largeli by the training and education be receives now. \The forest officers In the state serv. Ice ure all very much Interested In boy scouts. In fhct, some of our men are ncoutmastera and others act In an advisory capacity on matters pertain- ing to woodscraft nud forestry. We frequently give talks to scout troops and meetings of scoutmasters. At our recent rangers' meeting we asked some of the scoutmasters to take an active part In the discussion. This they did, and some very valtiublo Ideas were worked Qut. \We are furnishing some 1,500 small trees which are to\ be planted and taken cnre of by tfrt» boys at their sum- mer camps. These plantations will be In the nature of boy scouts forests.\ TALLEST PLAYER ON OMAHA TEAM ('Intuit* I>n\t-nport is the biggest player-on tlM omuliu baseball (emu uml pn>inbiy the tMsKist in professional iiasetmii. Before K'min to the Nebraska nine In played with the Sao Antonio southern league team and the bojn «a.v It was the Texaa sun that did It. (Mamie Mauds six feet anil nix Inches hi|;h. The photograph shows cinmie Davenport with two <>f Omaha't mnuiU'sr playt-rs: \Whitey\ Citslason (left) anil Krrtl llaney. . Kancy being mi umpire with LI'l Claude ut bat. SCOUTS THERE WITH FIRST AID. Diamond Squibs Yellow Horse Is ti buil lniii»B In the 6ox for the Pirates. The homo-run epidemic BiOcens the hull owners. They liny the hulls. Pitcher .Toe lloelillnv %u. «f<?n re- Ieased i«y the Toronjw tMsbatl ciuh. IJiimaii of CIn*tltj»at< recently lifted tin* hail ov«rr tin ferae ut the Bed's imrk. • . e i There alienrty have neon more home us made this year than there ure men. • • • Toronto has sent Williams, n rookie pit.-inr, to the Baglnaw doh of tbe Mint league. • • • f lie »f the |:1ays Indicate that the bill Isn't t« only think' on the. Held III' £<• of we .11. INDIANS SIGN UP SOTHORON Spitball Artist, Shunted From On* Club to Another, Finally Lands With Cleveland. Allan Sothoron. spitball pitcher. Is tiacfe In the American league. After the BrOWaa had released him to BotV ton on walvert and that club, after usink' him in three games, discovered Suddenly thai bit contract had not been made clear, anil tlierelore re- turned him to St. Louis, he was sent to Ooluroboe. Before he could got Mo aCtlOD In the aVaSOClatloa TrlS Speaker concluded he aright i f use to the When One of Their Troop Meets With an Accident, the Others Know What to Do. *oiir of Veus h tve been made off B II pbble ibould worry. h run drive > i) pitcheri SCOUT PREPAREDNESS. Tt certainly payH to he prepared. A scout may work his lingers nearly off on first nld practice iuid never have n Chance to put his .skill to real, suns . enough rescue work, but then again— when lie least expects It the oppor- tunity may be his to do a real Job \f life savlmr. Here IB n ease In- point. A hoy unil his little sister were alone In n boose. The little u'lrl, running acroSI th e room, slipped and falling forward run her arm throuft the win- dow pane, severing an artery, what would the -average hoy doi I' . for help? Telephone for the doetoi I Well and good. But, In the tneantlnie, a levered artery means terrific loss of hhflw, nnti even death unless it is f checked Instantly. Then- isn't time for ordinary precautions, it is • ease of Lnitanl action. Luckily I n the In - stance l,.-ie ill . .1 I lie |,o y WHS a l.oy plus, that In. ft hoy scout and he took charge of the situation himself. Im- provised a tourniquet to stop the Bow of Mood and then sent for the doctor. When the latter arrived he declared ttiat the hoy's prompt BCtlon undouhl- eadjy saved the child's life. SCOUT TRAINING SAVES LIFE. I.litle Mlldn-d I'nnuon, d llve-yeHr- oij youngster, started n uttit* camp- fire of her own In her hack yard. Her etothtng Caught tire am i th e child ra n screaming toward tbe bones Hef brother •ugafiSi u fourteen year old tout, h.-ard the little one's outcry and rushing to the rescue rolled her In the Kami, extinguishing UW tlames, undoubtedly saving ihe chiiri from he lag hiiraeil to deatli. Anothur inci- dent which k'i»'s to prove that a scout really Is prepared and d\.-sn't lose I head in time of tmergeney. ASK THE SCOUTS. Two hundred lirooklyn Hcotits a n acting as volunteer pullet* In PfaSBjM park. lldlBg In the park department' \S:i\e the 1'lllks\ drive. Rverj year our fnrettt are Illegally robbed to obtain Cfcrlatauu trees, imii of which are never sold or used. l>ep miy S*Qnt| Supervisor Klii,y of Arl SOaa enlisted II sr,,ut troop H seivlcen last winter In preventin g the ualawfaj mid vandallstlc ••»< l Hyf •< kreea in ti n irouk Niitluiiul fureeT* Falling to tret Kohlberker from I.it lie Bock, the Atlanta dub decided to hold oil to Ollle I-'uhrniiiu. • * • Seattle's whole catching stnff Is more or less erippled. With JtCS Adams being the worst off. The Beading dob Is In a sail way mil seems destined to drop clear out of tight In the International race. Atlanta has sent Pitcher William K'.«*Tmn, it young right-hander, to La li-itn>,o r of the Georgia state for sea- soning. The International league rare will look like a kitten chasing Its tall In a circle if Baltimore persists in adding Victories. The ColUfflbUS A• 11< riean association team has announced die poretiase of outfielder Kddie\* Murphy from the Cleveland Americans. The White So \ have Signed a player by the name of wiiinrd. His iir-i name is Lee, ii\t Jess, Lee hails from Den- ver, a mile higher than Kansas, Perhaps it would Be .lu^t as ju> pleasant to be run down by \Babe\ Etuth's-speeding automobile .'IH hy onu tlnven by some com i parson. • * • The marvel of marvels this season has been Phil Douglas of the Giants. onl y tw o on.-hit gamea have been pitched and l'tni got both of them. t e s Waii.-r Gerher, shortstop of the It i.ouis Browns, had hit rlghl hand brok- en In three places whe n lilt by a pitched hall delivered liy Sa m JoBOg, t e e Shorty Long, Inlli-lder. QoorjS Ntnl- Kngt sold t.i \\ nt.-iliury of the BaSt- ern league without even looking him »ver, Is hittlBg JflO In the Hasten circuit. • • • A fine of 00 0 and one dav In Jnll nuirht to •invini-e Mal.e Until that K|ieed on the BUM leads more effec- tively to popularity than speed on the ')oulevards. The Cincinnati cluh him turned Pitcher Rube Khrhardt over to the Peorlll cluh or the Three I league. He Is a faltlgT l \' 1 \ 1 Dfe Who refused lo report to St l'aul, MO the Ked.s made t deal for him. The nuclnnatl club IN trying out twn intii-iders lust ou t o f rojlag e Oae is (\ixin-* a ahartatnp af the PaJtarol- i « o f fun inniill . tinit th e othe r Joh n ion, H iiiii.i hisamta t»k>a aaaMa from >« Ni.illi <;urulluu Slute eolUgO, Allan Sothorcn. all around under whlrh Cleveland t over the player's .contruci and s oron i nine a baby member uf world't champlooa. SOCCER FOOTBALL IN'FAVOR Receipt! for Spura and Villa G.ime An.ounted to $3 > 3.0OQ—Crowd of 51,991 Attended. The popularity of soccer faofb.aU In Eni land wu» again ihuwn bjj Um M.- celpti for the Spurt and Villa | time til White Hurt Lane recently which amounted to nearly IH3.U00, M i,,oi'i for'any tCngllah 43ip y.uw ool ld« nf th e Bnuls . I n order th.i t th, - crow d nil^'h t h e I n keeping Wit h th e a,-i., II I QlodatlOO , S'pur s made th e prlc a o f sdmlatloo '.' shllllnga, which kepi ih>» atteudai 4own lo 51,901. MOLANDHR TO ASSIST STAGG CHICK FEWSTER SAYS FATE PROTECTS HIM Victim of Bean-Ball Crowding Plate as Much as Ever. Star Infleldttr ef New York YtXtfpM Attumea Crouched Position at •at With His Head D.»ct. ly Over the flats. CUefe Kewater, star Taakee infield* »>r, who »»s hit by a beaa ball laet year. In crowdlnit the plat* us mm ii as ever thi» tjajgsav ••I'll never h e beaned train,\ - >-. Kcv. ster \Kate doesn't t-11,1 MI, II •eddeata to taWPM twtcu. it> true 1 crovvtl th e plitte . 1 t>a. * H i-reii. h.-d positio n a t I<\t BO thn t m y Lea d i s .11- rectty over the plate, A pitched ball mmed directly at my head wrald eeuaUy l>e a strike \i duck the 'laetafs' and id 'era snoot past tny head. Zhfl good toes I nail.\ I mis hHV« sp«HMiliite<1 much ,,n Few. Nier'*-cnse. 1.11st »prlii(! at Jackson- ville, l'l.i.. Kevvster wa s bmned t,.v Jeff lTeffer, Urooklyn pilch, Ills skull was frm tured. I T houn he hiy unconscious Ills >lf.- wai tit spalrfdof. i-oi- weeks h«-coal i nw talk A piece of his skull ill of a .li»itM|,'_wns removed. Fovvttar | i now H iwrntiil person UP vvenrK Ills cap well down nn t, i- Fide of his head .'nut InM.!.- the can FIRE ALARM CALLS t'!n» anil Drtiv* Mfnan «.v.nu» • IHI t« n.-h A r -• « it . Maat and r«|vmt . NOaiTH o r MEWRICK NOAO W».« rf Ottm Avtnu* • 1 tman ]'. iu,»iv«iii« JM,,( wiiarvn !<tr»»« llamian r Av«n I'mr-ili >n,l Onnnytranta A ' fa.'h m..i Ran , I |>. ...-n •MVII .1 ..,,! , u- *. ,\ nil,, llh. l - mtr a ; • VK.-ni.r. • VMIVI * II. in. i.i I'laoa ivenut 11 liixvi , , v , v;..,i, 1 ,.n« 1:, a* h \- w I V>,nu.-« Main mi.t Milt, n Rlr«*tl na Avt loi.-a i wviiii a i ' Uoiihl K *> . ....'> I \>»1MIM arov . s i MI,., I \ : ,,.• » ...in l •kh n tvenn t • anil Moun t st,.- . • 11 - . Monti »..i-t It venu e inil \. wlo n R',il.vm. 1 N . wto n i ,., i ,,,,.\ II . , , Newt , i, h o ilevar d an d II. I. a v.. - SOUTH OF MFRRICK ROAD Wr.t ef O< ran Avtnu* i M.i , l.k.U.m. i ., i M , 11 t.k itm • Smit h (Wrt.-; • Vv'un. - ..II.I Whal* ) Slic^ l i HI it- a, ii vv . ,,I,.I w ha • I vi nua ,.!,,I vv i, tl< - Stree t V\ ' > • i an d i in,,it i in.1 s . ni h Hid* kvenue i , I vv Mt I ,,,| A, , ind Ma) vli « AV I « \' i inttt- v. . im. t RnoaevaM I'IH.-K d lln Joh Hi. d ,-..l«r Sli,,.-I w. «i si.i,- avanu e and l-~r.ni sn»* i M . i tvmui and PVi n\ Irwl M.ii 1,1, Road nn,i drove ••'\••' id Mnji i ,i II . , , h Htn Si ,1 > i .> l.li. i Si r t mill At li- ft ml V:V Illlti \ \ 1,., tH ) MM-' H Htm ,,l KM.I.I .iiuli i K»vlB« i I SAVEAND LEARN oung man, if you want to be- come a leader in the world's affairs, save a part of the salary you now earn, keep your eyes on the future and study your business. Men who make good burn the midnight oil—at home with their books and plans. Put Your Savings in Our Care so that you may In vr funds on hand to gnisp business opportunity when it comes yoiir way. The Freeport Bank I LONG ISLAND RAILROAD TIME TABLE I Wl , t^ HAYS Wi-.tw«,it i iking titr, t M.iy .'I, 1921 ,, • ,., ! l u .1 ui Chic k Frwater. (p n stee l pllll e vvlil,-h pi\ t« »' . «|.ol where th e portio n Of 111 V!,, . take n away. \I've no recollection of • ri'itier vv ind up to throw tin hi t me,\ tajrt levvsier. lie •lipped II fast mil- by tBi*. \i WIIH tMnkinn to tnj elf M »i tiii« fellow has s o thing :,i,,i that I'd hei ler vv.iteii him. Theu uverytnlng KI»I MM. I. \ | Bj cpioi Idcnca c wsfi i ni n1n bnttet agalnal n,-tr.-i- ,,n ii nlvi r«urj ol th e dajf Of th e lliiMenl II, - gu\ thrt' U hits. . ai' i i.. I., n |0 '•-< 11 II,, It 1,1 I in t; w • > • - • i 11.11 |i i , . ; ; e> .- • • • • + Queer Sort of Assist. 'Ihr.v pulled a new one for the hiH.k in a game between the Phillies and Braves at Phllndel. gjila rer.-nlly. 1 r • the sixth I\ nlng, Pitcher Bettt vvus tell on the bead ny a line drive an d tha i,ai l bound* J luto iiii h.-i.i . where WrlghtStol HUgllj II fpr II putoiit. This (ilaj Is on a par v llh Ihe • u 11 MI I. M I hisi xpriiiK vvhiii Ihe ' '; i illnnls vvete playing so exhll IH\ii. Jolinn} 1,avail hi t u II rl H, whic h hi t th e pitcher , I Its-- -h I l»l MM- hen d ami bounded ba< i- ' - Um em, hoi fo r th e out . Squibs of All hinds 1 1 1 1 1 •' Ii I IS 1 1 1 i in 1 IMI • i • i I IJ in 1,11 II 1 1 \'I I.I !1 1 l'i I. • IH la I I i, i n i i ki l ]•• > !.: • \ i 14 % • 11 1 i, . i • j7 47 hi M hs I 1 lit I I ! . . 1 I\ 1 1 1 III I 1,1 II I.I I I I.' II ( * 4 ' hr, i , h , i . h<! \ i • : • MIIU V I III. M I N V I' IIM > I'M SI M ., m ,. i\ • ,i B , j I , hi II hi I, I hi I I hi i • hi \ li^ . hi M hi ii i.» |l :i I • k,iH Ii I, i»« Nil • ' ii • \ \ tin :. I li p ill in n .i . iii, , 11 Mi-, Him IM,, 1 iii 23*28 South MAIM Stret IRKII'ORT. N. Y. OrfeUUiad 1M92 Totnl Ki-itHii-tTi ()v.i $ 1,7OO,(KK) John J. Rnndall, l'r<>»i«i.iit I) W.-ii.-y I'm.-, Vi. <• I'iraidrnt William S. H«|l, ( n.l.iVr i i . , i 2!'', i • I , hi) II , I I I ' I'I I I I HI I II :, 14 • • . I h i : ;, til 4 .1,1 I I'l I I. II . ll t, im -., in YOU DON'T HAVE TO CARRY Drugs, Medicines, Toilet Articles or Candy from the city to save «; i i :, M I, M • i I II money. 'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinir I II D.UI HIM I 1)1 III III in . I 10.11 II I I nlfettit ii u I I • . i • i .,,.•11 I H 1 i II i i i M i tt «i i i i i i t ii '.,. i .. i . i\ in i It4 II i . n I, ' \ i in i> in p m • I ill i oi i t'l i • i ... . i II i. ni - a ui - I* ol a na it I in |1 IO.il II 11 '• i It . ni I M i (JOlfl . they \l'i . i , I , , • ,-hnlleii;-liig I. \\ l 10 B I I • a. til ,(i i B I \ Ills end i • Hut ii.en ele, I lame Ii .II 'Ml ,.| I! VVynri - i .1, k tl lui 1, • al l • i Hill '. Jl > Kail sut hurdler, lilt! HUU NI t fni v , 1 * bat iini Former Chicago University Star A'Mcte Accept* Offor to B« Atmatant Coach. Dr, Cbarlet o, Motaadi r of i:,,, \ ford amuamci-d tlmi he has BCCeptud an offer to he assistant to dwell aJoasa itagg af the DaJ»erslty of <in eair o an d wil l tak e u p hi s i.evv Outle t sept x. a.- played foothill si Vai versltj of Chicago and VVIIM enpiain of th e hiiNketluill teiun an d a aJaf ART OF PITCHING DECLINES Umpire O'Toole Says Twirlere of Southern League Have Degen- erated Into Throwers. .lack O'Toole, returning to th« Soiitheni league UH an umpire Inn Koine oliseivinloiis to make on the dt- dine In Southern laagttS DltOhlBg. 'Hie pltcbert in the leagme today, tayu the umpire, are Just \tlirmweiu.\ Hitch Ts of several jears ayo In tde South ern ,-oiild aradO Ihrougt the . au>] si'liloiu It «vur luave, auy* OToula, ,|,,',|,K - V Ih , III: In • • i i l I,,,, Hi., , i - , • t'ni i . i i i i II , i. iu::ttmm:nmn::t:m:t::::::ttuiH>:tt>n:t Electric Shoe Repairing Done Whilt- You Wait Reasonable Priirs Wt.rli (.Uiirniit.-i C. BARBATO 35 Olivr Ht.ul, va.tl M-.nis |,, . ridlinlelphlii, ,.„ i , ,|i,,,n oi th« nuutjm:txunini:nuum«un:ijn;imm Harvard tai lv< n.un. inn I • Bll I . I ,.-i \ii i ste m II <i l.a/ellf. II l n ',r, has beta \\e*t i.iim . Willi e Iln . \v.-r Amerl - •in, gull na i i Is i I i Uniulut to golf iii. i rail The linrder tl Urtl are the hard- er IIIII iiiii.i' i - • II in- , the hard court r ttw a>wM aov. • • • if Rock) Kaa • > •\• heal lift* •aigb l i\ • \' \\'\ •'•••\• ny vv iii probabl j I \• ' i\ ' • i l ^enellllloll • • • The din.-'.-i ' •' ' • I I if ihe hum ng teaeuat u lib g inn« »u»d lUic jl in j »ah ti . Wm. G. Miller, Inc. Raymond J. Miller, Mgr. Auto, Plat* GUaa, Burglary Life and Fire Insurance 24 S- Grove St., Freeport, L. I We have all of these at city prices, at FREEPORT'S MOST \ UP-TO-DATE DRUG STORE ARCADE PHARMACY INt . THIS IS TIIJC PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORE HARRY A. BARTHOLOMEW, Proprietor At The Depot Freeport, N. Y. FREEPORT CANDY KITCHEN 5 Railroad Avriaio ICE CREA to Centa Rer Quart ....•...*............ .. • •••«•«** »«..<

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