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PAGE TWO • ¥ THE/ FREEPORT NEWS A Man for the Ages // Story of the Builders of Democracy By IRVING BACHELLER f'Trrlrht, IT A LONQ JOURNEY Hynopulii. — Hi.in~,in and flflmh TrHylor. with thi>lr twn rhlldrm, Jo«iali nn.l llrlrry, HU M I liy wmcin In the miiiiMur of IMI from tl..-lr liomn in Vtra**nnM, vt,, t<, ti>« W.m, th» In n.t •,! iil.nly. Tfl«»r (I'-miiinlliin 1« Hi* Count!} '•< Hi\ Fxtninuniin, 111 Illliiol. Tlit-y linfl ruad a Mill* hm>M mi II. H.-IKIHMOII «t| a wnnl of ttl* I'nllHuriilMinlHii inoanin* lan.l of plenty. It »\'» lli« rininti of u rlv.T In IlllnolH (InilnliiK \lioiiri'lloiH. (Inwitry ninul OWS of iin)'*!ifii|il>-il tii»iily iiml fir - 1111»v t>»ui-fi with tlmb«r, iii.•-•..! with piiiii.lv rrovas, oovsrmi with IM.-IIM and moally Invnl, wllfiniit a ml'k or a stona lo ><•• lh« plow man •• Thither thfy war* bound. lu mka up a •action of >•\-•• -n.n» iii land, Through Ni'w v,,ik stats thi*y camp t>y tha wity oftsn HM-V BII- Invited In l.y farinara for tlia llt I In- 111:111 ii'Niiinril IIIH tone of con- fidence, \Nay I'll til l ft,\ In-Hill- \A mini that'a BS U fbo) IIM I mn ought DM I \ mlvertN II . croaaeal the river. Odoti of balaai and pine nnd tiunaiaik (-nine In light, cool bWOBa up Bba river vnlley \I gBOM we'll atOf at IhlN litver A drain tlmt hiiN treated ItM nwm t IIM till tomorrow,\ HIIII) NnliiHon. •hamefnl an mine ha Khoiiid he compelled i<> do us owaLtftf th i blanketa w Ihlnkln' er die. I'vfi Invented wnni'I ready. thnt nmy BOll, I've bOOa h\p(| BOOB nfler BSBpaf SIIIIIKOII dhot a WIIH HHleep nnd they laid hii pe.r wa In' my link would turn.\ . CHAPTER l.-^Contlnued. The man looked around and leaned •ver the wheel nn If nhniit to linpnrl a secret. \Sny I'll tell ye,\ BO \aid In a low time. \A real, flrSt-ClUIS Idiot naror iiii.'M. Von ought to see my ictlona.\ , \This hind N nn Indication that you're right,\ Samson laughed, \it proves it,\ the stranger whla- Dem' \Have you any water lure?\ Bmn son aaked, The Stranger leaned nearer nnd •aid Irt his mnsl conlhletitlnl tone. \Say raster, it's «boui ihe heal in ihe United StiileK. It 1 if I] t over yonder In the ed|;e 0' Hie Woods a Spring culd (I* Ice Slmiiii pure Water, 'BOUl the only thing thlM lu in) 11 raise IH water\ \This land looks tu me Bbotll IIM valuable m HO mticb aheel llghtnln' and I gDOBB It Can move |usi ah.ml a* qnlek.\ said Bamson, The Mran^er nnswered In H low tr-ie: \Sny. I'll t»ll yn, II'M a wild cow—don't stand Ntui iiuiK *noagn to give ye time 10 git anything nut of It I've tolled and prayed, hut It's Unrd^o get iiiinh out of It.\ \JPrnyliiu wont do IIIIH land any J ii<w/d,\ Bamson anawared, \What u newts IH manure and plenty of u, deer which h,,,| wii'le.l Into the rnpldN \It'Tj turn when you turn It,\ Sinn- I Kortmiiirely, It tnad<! mm aaonred him. Brfmatead leaned ctoaa to Kammin'K ear and Maid In a tone HI arcely mid \ brother Bobart him hi» own idiot aaylvo, It'i n roaJ handsome one nn' BO hns iiuidr It pny, hut I wouldn't swafi wllh him.\ SniiiMon mulled, remembering tlmt Robert lufd a llqDOr Store, \Look here, Henry I'.i Imsd-nd. wer e hungry, \ he said. \I f ye furniHh tha water, we'll •ttlnnlafa around for broad and gltfa ye IIN good n dinner IIH ye ever had in .ver life.\ , %• ,.' m , ' • Henry look the liorwfc to RT ban and watered nnd fed them. Then he brought tWO pallS Of water froni the spring, Meanwhile sauiNnu started a fire iii n grove of small pnplara hy ihe roadside nmi began broiling »enj Son, and Sarah tfiit' out Ihe hread board mid the flour and the nilllim-pin nnd the teapot. AN she waited for Ihe Hiiler Kite called Ihe three Killing' o|.|>«Klt ajwra before it r.-u. A H inin.is epai Unit ••veiling draaalaf the tfaat till. |,|. N t ,,f t|,,. •!],( they did hy rutlliiK the meat Inl Ntrlpx ahout the nlze of u mini x him and salting nnd InylnK It on it rink some two feet nhuve n slow fire, an covering it with green bodgha, Tn brat and smoke dried Ihe meat ll ihe course of two or three hours nm gava it a fine flavor. DoUctOM l> yond liny kind o/ meut 1%. venlsoi treated In ||i| H mnifncr. itt^Bw dry II will retain It- Huwir ni^^rWswi-el DMi for a month or more They Net out rather late next morn lOf. AH usual, Joe stimd hy the hem of Colonel while the Inlter lappei brawn wipir from the timid palm ol Ihe hoy. Then Ihe horse WIIH wont ti children lo her side Kllll'Ht «II1 11 xiri of ten, with u face uncommonly 1 IIIH.I mid ntlrncilvf. In iplte of her threadbare clothes, aha bad n neni mid cleanly look nnd gantla man iH'i-K. Tha yniiiiKCHt WIIH a boy nf four. They were • pathetic trio, \Where's your inothi-r V\ Snruh IIMI<II| of Hie ti'ii fens (ll 'l c |rl - \I Mud. Died when my little hrollier WIIH born.\ \win. takea care of you?\ \father uml find, (father miyH Qod dues liioxl of h.\ \< HI dear I\ Barab aiclaltned, witii • lonk of pity, They bad « good dinner Of fresh blacnlta and boney and venison mid g-gj nnd tea. While they were ting Siiitisoii told HrliiiKleiid of the Inn.I or on euu't rnl.se niiylhliiK here lull It INII'I deeeiit to extierl Qod uuiki- 11 llvlnc % I wouldn't llk« «• live where the wind eould din my DOU- At'iiln the HtrmiU'er lenned toward « <II d mild in H natf-whiapar: \Sny mister, 1 wouldn't wnnt you lkl' ' B a I'm to mention It, bul talkln' «>' llc '\ s lin her down. Ilka with he body hiiH got t» aoap him or he'll die f I body g You Nee, 1 trad ny farm over In d M 0 Venn.Hit for five hundred BCTM goln' awaay «ff to fl\<l my mother. I d«.n'l like this place. Thera Bln'l ,„, Simla ClOUB here. I'm goln 1 away.\ She Clung to Ihe wagon sl- at -\iind ,-ii,.,i loudly \hen her father took 1.null Hie 1.1 Jot- wllh his hie hairy lips as n tribute to his generoa ity. Colonel bad seemed to a-cqulri n singular attachment for the boj and tin' ijo«, while I'ete distrusted both of them, lie had never n mo- ment's leisure, anyhow, being always busy with hlN work or the flies. A few breaks In the pack basket had been repaired with green withes, it creaked with it H load of jerked venl- si.ti when put aboard, Farther on the hoy «ot a m>re throat Sarah hound n Slice of pork around it ami Bamapo bulll H oamp by the roadside, in which, alter I I good Bra WBI slarted. they cave him a helnlock Hweat. ThiH they did hy steeping hemlock lu palls Of bOt water and, while (lie patios! sat In H chulr hy tin- fireside, a blanket was spread nli.nit him nnd pinned close to his neck. Under Ihe blanket they put the paila nf steaming hemlock tea. After Ids sweat and a day and nlirlit Innvk. - they HIIW tin- roof of the forest dip ilv.-r shores nn.: the east nnd we--: ill rll» t»»ti». 01 in - TI«.II» uf I/emu* whu wore • tun boo wr not, HUH snuelly on M H Kldr of Bid head, imif H ragged hiu<- com wiih iirmw bejttona, „- Uf walked beside 'In- oxen, whip In Imiid, wit h ir<i r-«r- imk'- d In the jripn uf bfcfHHg cowhldo looto, There MM al'o a hiind-i.m.' .von-,* man la thin pHrfjr Of the mini'' Of -I'-hn Mc- NelJ. who wore 11 ruffled Khirt nnd nwniiuw inii epsrt, DOW much soiled hy the journey ii r iii ttned tu Hamonn'l Bccouni of the Ssngsmoti country nnd ciild that he tlmiitiht h« would go lli.r.- Hnnih Ka\e i| ,- I- h family a food supply of coniiii- in..I |«ked rooiaoa before ana ta n •• m good i.y. \\ hen mir tr;i\.-l.-i- h rt, next inorn- \llll. 'hey Hl«,|.pe,i for « hint look at ihe great (alia. \Children said Banwau, \ I «aj)» ymi to take H gnod loos at Hint. iP l tha moti wontterful thing In ihe world and maybe Jtpo'll BOVWTBM it nKnin.\ \The Indians lined to think that the Great .Spirit was In tld« river,\ nald Sarah \Kind a* OMM to m 'hey were right,\ lamaon remarked thoughtfully, \Kind u' seems R« if the greaj spirit of Amerlcii wns In that water. , It tnOTM on in the wa NEW AT THE GAME. H1I11K ra n si . ill* nnd no- (Jliem»H!Mi. \Wns your nccoud-hnnil truck re- ,. XI) ,. rtr gn|( J F|mner il Everything In i n current gOM along wllh II.\ \And only the Strong <iin the Journey.\ H 'I Barah. T h words were no lloubt Inspired hy nn ache III her bone*. A hard seal nnd the CaMMlS** |oltlng of the WagOl roiiKli IOIIK'. hot. dusty days bad aried than, h.en ihelr henris Were getting sore as II,ey tboUKhl of the less reaches of the roads ahead, iisiiii Ktufl.'l n nk with itraw und \I'm a little BUdplrlous that It Wasn't\ replied Furmer Brouklleld 'Tin' y< K feller who did the work took the machine ,,|| npiirt, jiut It to- gether uirnin so It rutui IIH eusy n» 11 (.-old wutch, an' charged me only *10\ Important Reduction IN THE RUNNING COST OF YOUR CAR Full Insurance at Cost Standard Automobile Mutual Casualty Co. SAFETY—SATISFACTION—SERVICE For Rates and Full Particulars Apply Local Agent HOWARD E. PEARSALL ( 3 Railroad Avenue FREEPORT, L. I. Telephone 918 Mad, Anyhow. \One .if our prominent prnfeHHnrs irnve sn Interview to otie of the re. . porters with tin- understiindlni; Unit, ut It under her nnd the children nn till name must nut appear In prlpt.\ \Then it evidently got Into tile pa- per.\ \Vt'M And now he in mud henuiRO It was spelled wrong.\ —Kunsnf Crown Hull. ?<ima Aa If the Great Spirit Wai In That Water.\ the nenV At I I wortl of complain! he piny down t tretching imd broken, here nnd there, hy smnii Ain't thai enough to slearinga Boon tlu-y dd xe ll \ ,,„ „„„'. have time to eat. Borne i rt r lie aaW with a eorrowful loot Than Samson turned t<> Krlmslend ml nsl.cd: \| h here, Henry llrlmsleud. are you a drinking mani Honor bright \\Never drink n thing but water and •|io you know anyhotly who'll Kl'e ve anytbtng for what you own barer \Iliei.'S I man In the next town who offend m>' threw hundred nnd fifty dollars for my Interest.\ \Coma along with n* and got tha money if you tan. HI h.-ip yo fit up and ga where ye run eiirn n llv- \I'd like to. hut my horse \* lame .,,,,1 I ,-un't leave Ihe chlhli't'ii.\ \I'ul 'em rlchl In this wnpni nud ,-ome on If there's B livery In the place. I'll send ye home\ Sn tht> children roile In the wagon an d Sams nd Hrlmsteiid walked. uhii.. Barah drove tho town to tha • \t village. Thera too good woman ighl new clothaa for tho whole DJBtoad ramlly and Urlmslead aok Interesl In Ua^-aanfl plalna and Ighl n good I'nlr o f horses, will ss nu.i some aloth for a wagoi MI- nnd bad n\ v noHara in ,-ket and a new look In his fiu» put ids children on the baeka o horaaa and lad than la bla all ,., with i HI* \ f provlalona a shoulder. Ha wall to take u ,,,'k of the Trajplora naxi day u mn bla Journey lo tha • • i Rai>gat»on SmokC and spires of tba H lag* or men. CHAPTER II . Wherein Is a Brief Account of Sundry \Elijah Brlmstead Was a FrlsnJ o' My Father.\ thi* abaot Ughtnln'i uaalglitod BO 1 >m Min \\ e uus all cra/y 10 go WOB an' here we nrc. If ll WABBi fO* U, deer un' Ihe fish I gttON wed a aiarvt'd tu death loag ago \Wh.-re did >e come lieiii'/\ \Orwell. V.-n it \ \Whal'•\ y. r naiucT\ ••ii,.,,, v lirluiataad,\ ihe gtrtafi \Son uf kthjah ItrimsleiulT\ ••\.- s sir. \ snin-uii took bU baad and ah it warmly. \Well i daelaroi\ as • • c.iniined. \i:uia h Rrluiatatid acaa M,.n, i or my father.\ ••Who Hif >ouV' Itrimsleiid linked \I'm B » v' 'I\ Irayloru u' VOTgO BI'M.\ \My fulher IIM.I to »>U^ BftttU 11,-in •> linylor.\ •'Henry w«» m.v fulher llav jou let '«u* k\\» u '\' u l v \\ r ' Tiny rtaruuoii Into 11 had swnle HIM mi lamaoji bad to « „,,,. corduroy to make a f Ing fi n ami wagoll ami 'I\ much prylll , H nd Of • heavy pole Urn! ,e Hold axle. Hy and BJ 100 hOTB |IT,\I ih.'IM mil \Wi.rn ul 1 Colonel b«nda,-bia RO lVi ,,, ,. , e. .-sen if he ,,, I,, mi I.elly In Hi.' mud,\ H As ihe da) »;imd Ntay came lo l ,. l . m ,iic deep wootia II »as qiiune I'll of foroal «itii the i',- ,r a heiniii iin ti -ii ringing la » call and I vere Hie ..| The clou r || S towi i • Tue u low S'.nt \ f 'I' 1 ' rltOf „ Ihe .-I !.•.'•• Ihe sattlBg sun wbiak lighted I roiui ilka laai of tha muale gold I ,.,,,_. shaft* Of il W l thMUgh I im .•oiiumis up..!! iha >\\<i • siid ih^» . «>«ir weary travelers tto m wn s wiini I \ Bay : ••I icnon u s awful tiresome, hut we ,.,ii |n hnve pallt-uce. We're goto' lo .. i used I\ ll and liuve a wondenful lot \I in\. Tin-, llnie'll IUIKH i|iilck - vmi •-,•,'.\ Then he wiuild Bing and ,.,.i them all laughing with some eu- i I f drollery. Tliey BJOfli the in hi of July third at u taveni hi Itllffulo, I)II I I a luisy, crude and rapid CurlousCharactersMetontheHn.nl _.••• •-«ni.' nnle r for the Bblpping east nnd w>- t. At u.tieu they bought pi\ * nmi ,,,,, . ^..p,, amlgranta on their I a tin trump, i for. Joe, and a doll ,, , , )|P ,| |( , |,, a r Weilt in tUt . Ih a renl poreelHln tace for i , ,,,,,, women and children and I turnad Into the groal main • • „ anaB lr{ ^ h Bngllah, (ier- ihfare of the North leading i .,,,,, Vankeea. There wen- also Boston and weslw.ird lo - , , I, liiinilsntmt .vount; men the midland M-MM. 'iiiis ru , alleges of New Bngland ea the greai troll of the Irj , ,,. | M . m isalonarlea \between them called the LOOH Hi ,.,, ,,, 1( i ,[,,. s ,>wn.\ Hull •\! the edge of the mld- Imd the Savor Of bUa rank, II those days- mid especl- Smin they came I \ flew ul I. , a J w(|1 . n , f WM S Ilm , ll( . ( ,f| B1OUB Brla Cajtal, hard hy llm r..n.| m ,, | r.iujfher toiijjued, iroogh ii tna gra'\ \ r \\' K \ r u ' use II had reurtied from 111. Olio Krie. nnd In their ,.,, »,.|| roofed with ti ; l just begun moylftji eu twiird In lide Hint ^^a- floWiU liiM-finlicr. Hlu burgei . ill uies and aora Ittlng ihe s on It\ waters uf Hi iey Btopped and looke.il ui id' the long tow ropi c ! On* in- I anlmnls. •Ih,-I,- Is n real ' iiln-iK o' nilles lolli t the h.*st inaterlal. » ; al lu or urablllty guaranteed hus made the liUllln - I UntOO know n B-VW ) I siond W what m\i ! \ H irnfl .•> Inim.- d They mal mttnj < iiier movers golui •- i roaperuus farms un t nd MIL\iih tlutn • . n ou a holiday, SUV*- hiiatmen off tha lakes and middle horder some of ,vii,iin iii,i im. i their training an tba • liaalppl. Th.-ri'wa.s much und BgBting In 'he ,,,,«,!, ireeta. Some of Ihr carriers of Ainerlcuii commerce heir enthilslHsni In BOOg, » h I Hie lake view and Its mi their way to Sliver fri i L'unkirk and Krle, and a . :' was In those days. ,, 1,,',-n written Of thin ,ris.»nie luurney. hut tha I ,s ahead of them much Ih,. IU'HHI i • ll In Ihe Hwamp flats | Imllann. Ill one of the »gun wheel hroke dnwn. in i ii H iia> Borah bogao to ahak* ml hum with fever. Sum- Tactful. \lie's tactful.\ \Think so?\ \When I gn\c him rn.v eZCUSe for setng lute he said It was hotter than aone.\ \When- la the tact?\ \That wns his easy way of letting me. know that I had a poor excuse.\ Telephone Freeport 26 SILVER WAVE HOTEL ROWBOATS ANP LAUNCHES TO HIRE FREEPORT POINT ' Otto St. George, Mgr. Reached by Freeport Trolley EFFICIENCY Bobble: Which of yer two fellers f nonna marry, sis? 6lster: Why do you want to know. Bobble: vVell, ! Jon't wanna wntse my valuable time bothering with tho wrong one. \SILVER WAVE FISH MARKET AT THE^ND OF THE FREEPORT TROLLEY All Kinds of Fresh Caught Fish in Season Little Neck Clams on the Half Shell a Specialty. Lobsters, Hard and Soft Clams Bait and Tackle Phone: Freeport 26 Fred Neuweiler FREE DELIVERY ^fiajSfPfiaiPfMJSI^i^JoMSJa^^ Hasn't Returned Yet. iniiiiiiK back t.> lormaloy, ii> .lay wo Bliall nee., jf |ilu. — Awywan Speaks Feelingly. Speaker Is there any one hero wh. does nut believe In the basic principle 111:11 Hie more hands there are Ihe leSl work there will be for each worker? Woman Yes, I don't helleve It. \And may I ask, madaiii, wjuit you know about II?\ \I 11 1 11 11 manicurist.\ LEWIS H. ROSS Baldwin, N. Y. Phone, Freeport 1205 Lumber and Building Materials \ Screen Material, Wire Cloth. Poultry Netting, Asphalt Shingles, Roofing, Building Paper, Builders' Hardware, Garden Tools and , v Garden Hose. sisiSJ3la!JS!SIEJBiajaSliaJaSIS®SMBIE^ Time to Keep Cool. \AH I was coming home tonight, 1 Kiii.i Mr. Dubwake, \1 waa held up—* \.Mercy:\ i-M-laiin.-.l Mrs. DubwaitO. \Ity u hlrhuM.\ uiiinV\ \N.i by a traftie policeman.\ * \ ;mi di.in't lose anything.\ \VCK i did. i I.ISI my temper and I'm now under hond.\ oad of buuiwliolil i ' \\ ls '\\' k ' «- Two Strings. Social Slude (l'i-owiiiiiu In perplex- ity oil hearing' ou.e mnve Hint slit? U not at bome) I womler. .Iliinuy If your sister realises thai I have treated her to three taxi rides and (our con- certs this month 1 \Von het she realizes It. Thill's why she's ket'iiin- hvr eiiKimenient to Hill llencli-r.suri a M'.T.-l.\ .lu.Ue. DISARMAMENT! Win the y go through wit h it: w. wish you to KO through our stock o painty ami wall paper. FRED L. J. LEE PAINTS—WALL PAPERS Telephone 129 71 South Main St. Freeport •*••*• *'*,'M'M'.*'..*'.'.* v ; , nn mid ievmi I S,. lli,- > lal.-! | InlKua au.l a' • I i!n ,• ,,l Uo i I • I . \\ : I.<li Mini III ' I I |,i .I.,- fulls BU i,| l ,- il•- i- \Now wrll Al.i- I In.\ anil Appropriate. It wns their wooden wedding, \And. now. darling,\ said the wife, who was In one of her sweet moods, \what nre you going to give me?\ \I nhi ' you mjself,\ Mild the liu*- , huml. \YoUi>flf7\ \Toot dost yon remember calling nib n tdockhend hist nlgbtt\ Ought to Burn Candles. ' r.'i.ple who riili' holilues are often Inconsistent.\ •Thill' s line.\ \There's Jllnvay. for Instance, 11 IM bouse la full »f candlesticks gathered from c\'cry par) of tho globe, yol bo'e tlwaya ooroplalnlng ahum tha aiaa ol hiy uleclrlc liuhi hill.\ SOHLKE^S Furniture Exchange and Antique Shop •; New and Old Furniture Bought and Sold 34 Brooklyn Avenue Telephone Connection FREEPORT, N. Y. !„•.,1 ;i il III'/ Ihe I 1 if I ll I s slta Hi Ihe «rara oa luul .-(line Iroi n til wit-- I..-1. M .•i.iuiiy. N»«i VurU 'I'lu-i - HI iii.- i i.se. Aui.'iii; •' Ol l>.-tl.'j |, r , lh • - . 0NT1NUI i ' ltu*« Still Produced. ii.lim Of many BOOM re la still produced, BJ \ iluys t>' Thackeinv ami nnd Ituskin. Tenny- lrvltiK «\d llaw- LoweK ami I LoweK fe • men and wiancii who they love It. M\.I «ho n their own way he- a.iw that, for Ui r vi H i . It In Can't Prove It. Vensl ll is snl.l If. Ihe heat- und muscular effort oxpeoded by tba aver- n^e man In a (lav cul d ba converted int.. electrical energy II would ba suf Helen I i\ run u atiwlag uacfiiiM laotof for IIKI IMIUI-H. frlmsonheak Then why lu Itiuuder tan'l MOW * lOU crank a Illvvei more -1'ci'dUyV Non* Too Good. •We huv.- a rt>yitl till**\ \Hoyul ch days.\ ur« v«i* pour tlrnwi Tlm« 1 - t 1 7.16 I II 10 I.. III- II. 'J >' ' |iM GREAT Table *, - l-' i A M \ M \ M \ M \ M P M r M r M r u 1- M p M 1' M •rri.m-v tracl CUT i.n .ii THI S -.-I'..i( PoJ I'.nl y Snn.l.i v . Sundays Mil \ Sal m ,l.i \ Baturda) . I'aiu aaai IK,111 Sllll. l ,ii asoai HiMl l o SOUTH BOAT TO POINT il inn, h Boat ,ii.l (lull . Ill .'l.'ill) •1. -II 1 Ll nly 1-1 s.iiin.i.iv BAY LOOKOUT li II « in Il 00 1:00 >>•« and HlllWBn. al l |M • m i ...i, l a i,in loi Uundk) Mt OUT AN0 TACK IT UH Allaull c .A BOO] -•IIIIIIK - FERRY Tlnn Tnb> \ \l i , P M » 1 , , • • 1 \ \ . l.u.^i i VaOHS 1 i . mounliahi sail FOR FUTURE HtHtHtNCt. i

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