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7 HOT THE FREE ure esli the Klin of hlstor ith the n of til MM In Hi •y were re personally a to I lien a Theute auspices i I, Knight other pli •tlon wit nees wer Ittee comprise Meyers Assistan Me Affair il 15. electloi y evening com held on the \>. <»H II I tin- aiuiun will the depart USslstall atea to, O. King • \I H,,-.,. 3 of Truck ward nice n T NEWS VOL. I. NO. 7 FREEPORT, LONG ISLAND. flL.Y., FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 1921 PRICE FIVE CENT1 MEMBERSHIP OF ELKS LODGE NOW OVER 2,000 MARK Reception to Exalted* Ruler Al- bin N. Johnson by Regiment of Hit Initiates. 500 NEW MEMBERS MARCH THROUGH STREETS Big Tim* at Clubhouse Follows Initia- tion of Clan of 164 Candidates. Johnson Receivei Jewel. FREEPORT CLUB NOTES Johnson's regiment of Initiate* Into the Kreeport ladff of (.he H. I*. O. Klks made, u heroic mid SUUOfstful ultiick on dull cure on Thursday evening, sidded Hit captives to their ranks lilicl then, with the exulted ruler, Alhln N. Johnson, whose HiH-i-cssful record they wero celebrating, made merry during nn Evening which cMinprlNed I'uii, frolic iiinl ceremony. Exalted Killer .Inhnson IIIIH during hit tenn (if olllce lukcn Into the lOiga 7#0 members mid therehy not only reached the 12,001 murk which ho. set for liiiiiHcIf n yenr ago, hut exceed- ed It hy a few, for the membership of I he order Is now 2.0IS, wlilch repre- senis an InOreaM uf 52 per ecu I in it yti r. He fore Ihe ceremonies at the elub- liouse there was 11 parade, mid there wns (jiille a turnout for this intrude. Masquerade Dane* This Friday— Elec tlon of Officers Next Week. The mill masquerade of the Kreeport Club will be belli on Friday night of this week at the clubhouse. It promises to he the big social event of the post-lenteu season. The election of officer* of the Free- port Club will take place on Tuesday evening, April \i. The nominations made are: President, Forest H. Duu- bar; vice-president, Theodore S. Votiglil; secretary, Joel Pitcher; treas- urer, Leonard s. Kaytwa; trustees, 111- rain It. Smith, Albert L. Eurle, David Kennedy and Arthur Frank. A meeting of the baseball committee of the club will he held Monday night. ADVOCATE BRIGHTER RAILROAD AVENUE ALBIN N. JOHN8ON X^rai 500 of the members taken In dur- ing the year were on hand prepared to march. Bareheaded they started from In Merrlck road, passed Pearsall and Bindrim Approach Street Illumination Problem From Different Angles. \A Ilrlghtor Railroad Avenue\ was the slogan which Julius lSindrlin was talking Up with considerable effect last Saturday night among the KuM- road avenue business men und store keepers. Trustee Howard i'earsall antedated him hy u few days with a similar proposition, or rather one hav- ing the same object but with a soine- whut diiVereiit means of attaining it. Trustee Pearsall has offered the sug- gcs'lons to some of the business men on the avenue that they get to'getliet and have a string of Incandescent lamps strung for the full length of the block from Grove' to Muln st Last summer there was such u string of lights extending about half th length of the block from (Jrove street, the lights being placed over the middle of the. street* in the most convenient pluce to light the streets for the block dunces thut were held there almost every Saturday night. When Trustee I'earsall brouched the subject, he suggested that the business men OH the hlock chip In their share f the cost of such Illumination. This suggestion mot with some little favor, mi the counter suggestion was .offered with some enthusiasm that the village should more noYrptntfj Illuminate Hie avenue. It wu» pointed out tli.it the Village now has no lights In Uiitlroad avenue, although there Is an arc light at both ends of the streets, one In Main street and the other in (Jrove street. Another counter suggestion offered was that boulevard lights he installed ou the avenue, and this was further extended to include all the principal business streets. Hindrim's '.den for brightening the R. R. IMPROVING STATION GROUNDS K. OF C. Views of Vatican An interesting m hitlou of the tour peun battlefields mid _ -, . . i « L I'^w.i iFiniiriiriii n 1IIIU New System of Electric Lights ,.„, i mereKt l n ,„„„,. Being Installed—Posts to Mark Off Driveway. The Loin: Island Kallroiid started last week to do some Spring clean-up work around the station grounds and building. New lights are to be In- stalled both on the grounds and In the building, and some changes are to be made on the driveways. The present gM fighting system w II be eliminated, and the use of gas will be discontinued In favor of electricity. Toll concrete posts have been plated On both east and west bound platforms nt about \«O foot Intervals and each of these will carry an electric jajrip. These posts are reinforced with mil rods, and the railroad Is In hopes that rhey will withstand the onslaught of automobiles which have caused a great deal of damage to the gns light lamp posts In the past. Another change contemplnted ln con- nection with the present Improvement work Is the erecting of a series of re- inforced concrete posts about 7 feet high along the north side platform to separate the portion of the plaza re- served for pedestrians, from the drive- way, reserved for automobiles. The local representatives of the railroad have noticed In the pust that drivers if automobiles have not always re- ipected the right of pedestrians to a .mall portion of the platform, and to insure the protection of people these posts are to he Installed. Some wll\ cent war and of Knights of Columbus Vatican at Boots, wt eel red by the Pope, ministered Holy Co: was shown In th.- Tuesday night und the Holy Redeem** of Columbus turns were shown this feature, well attended. T charge of the enter* Joseph Moivls, Elv Cornelius Itegun. where n placed along the soul Ii ded.% side principal streets jmd re- Hh batleaa and the clul through turned to the club {Exalted ituicr Johns* in id s swallowtai l regatta, beade d th e procession. A t Ills side was I h o com - manding officer, \General\ .luck M.>- risse, a s Mephlslopheles o f th e re d clolh. Th e aids were Cecil 11. .lolni- s Waleihur y Fleming an d llllbert pr avenue wns to have every business man on the avenue illuminate his store or olllce In ffie evening. He made a tour of the avenue and pointed out the plan's WlMra the attractiveness of tho avenue might be Unproved by groups of oiiices leaving a li-in burning until about ill 'O'clock in th e evening. The mercliiinis would-poolit by such ure, he pointed out. T o prove o a merchant let him be oaked VILLAGE OPERATION EXPLAINED TO CLUB Attorney Clinton Flint F. d Bap- tist Men's Club Greatly In- terested in Subject. / Ladles' night was held by the jtfen's 'tub iif the Freeport Itant 1st Church In he church parlors on .Monday night, In spite of the lnclenien»>v'cutlur l tfiere ivus a very fine attendance. It was a very Informal and also a very enjoy- able affair. There was an open dis- cusslon following an Interesting ;,d- dress by Attorney Clinton M. I'Hnt, Vfflajga counsel. Ills topic was \The (Jovernment of die Village of Freeport.\ He outlined 1 the theory of village government and | explained the functions of the various olli.es ami how the otllcinls carry out the duties of their position. lie an- F. D. ELECT! AND BA Conest for Chief—Mask a to Be The annual tire will take place on April 7 l at'the true 1 puny elections will Tuesday preceding following Friday 1 meeting of the de held. The only contest iiient election is for chief. There are to this place—C.upt. Ha Hose 12, Cupt. Sam • 'apt. John Mauersl and ex-Deputy (Jhie Engine 1. S. Dlnion Smith, 11 unopposed for chief, now second deputy, first deputy. The lire depnrtment will hold Its first annual mask and chic hall at tin. Auditorium on April 15. Charles Fritz is chairman of the Committee on Ar rangements. Plans are now tinker way to have the department put it baseball teojn ir the Held this summer. YOUNG'FOLKS GIVE TWO PLAYLETS xwered nimicr questions, which Hebrew Congregation Made Creditable Record as Actors in Difficult Roles. Two well acted playlets were pfe- Nc\l in lini- came the Klks Hand, it what he would ask for th e use of his feature of the lodge Inaugurated dur-l window ever) evening for advertising Ing the past year ami every member of purposes. Ib' would ask sonic reasoli- hich was taken in during 11 The leader was J. Cecil Towel South Side avenue, I'ir-l Tim I'oeland <>f 22 Slionmird aienui Second T.H.t Itohert A Miller , Roosevelt place. able amount for the uae of ids win- dow, it Is then but a short step to showed a great desire, on th e part of \\\* \ ' '\\\ U \ Isr ' 1 \ 1 J\' »UBday his listeners to have ., plain to \ % r 7,\\». V' *\\\* K \\ SK ' ******* then, the interlocking relationships -r \ ' \\ ' ™^ ew ( \\«>-\wtio The flrst the governments of villa,-, towns!,,,, \™ \ * \*• \'\y. \Ksther and Mor- , \ •»'• '\'<• the second a comedy. \Miss tl nil county. At the close of the discussion ^re- freshments were served and a social time enjoyed. J '«.\•\. BEDELL WARMING UP Fred II. Bedell \f Freeport, who .Molly.\ The evening's pro-ran, was opened with'uu address of welcome by Rabbi Kniil- Friedman, and- after the plays were presented Bender's orches- tra rendered a program or dnu'ee mu- sic. The children made u very creditable llOWlng as actors ami actresses. Tl pitched for Mlneola las! year, winning «,.,.,, W ,. M B tte*to their ,• .and wt <i Ixteen oul at eighteen games, has uel| )niin( , ( | fo| . |h(ii| . tinte d t o ge t hi s arm hac k into con - ,| in , ( . t i,,, , ,,,- Mlw Harold Smit h ..< ir ihe conclusji ai it the merchant's |^ 0O n to start bis thirteenth year ..f. ,. 1((1S) . V( !|, MUIOIU s,miii, ,,i •in.I window Is worth a reasonable ai ml if i\ 1.1 someone else for advertising pur- poses, it is worth at least that mil. Ii baseball right. The cast of characters in \Esther and Mordecal\ was • Q n Bather, Adolphlne Benowlts'; the Kintr. Davi d .lacohse n ; Prince llai^ man, Philip (lohlSnillh : Jester, Mar ltuss Randall is having a hard time I'oiirl.•.11 c.iivpmiies o f initial.•- f<>l to th e merW«inl blm«i'lf, an d h e sHioiihl .-etlin g r j,| ,,f som e unnecessar y lowed in regular'order, each being ,,,,t waste the advertising opportunity weight .\s captain of the FreeWfirt ....' , •-* • ••••\• \ ' • ••••in, • IIIIIII ' • 1 ' 11 1 ~ 111 1 1 11 , fioii'i *i;ir Ulennwd by a characteristic sign. nffurdtti by lighting his.window lu (he Baseball Club he wants to be at his lh l Ba pnae |. s.ribe. Bather SVolfson: .ry, which u.i , i-ndere d with ciT.-c i,, f n ,nt ..f Schioss' department store - • l^rettTpuck and^MlKtrewi^Brkhehi^ ,U..n..^ at li... |,r.,.er,h,,.. | ,„ s ,, lltl l Mllil | .„,..., ,', a ,rou p ,,f ELWOOD MEYERS BUSY K ln«Sl Pages, Joseph Friedman I •*' \»• n Ungol the lodge MM new mren \ boulevard ligd)>i pedestals wltHl \i, ll( .,. ]( , vv members wei and initiated ,,,„„.„ ot \\ KU I*. Ttoese make quite Bwood Meyers will I i hand this , ,. M j M , ;; «.,,1 V 1JI uere needed to n,ake the ii, ,,, UupoStUg BddWtW to the li K l.lln» w,,r NN it I, a h.-t l.-r ball team , hat. ever. ,,.,\ u ,,. ' '' \ ' ''' \ ' \'\\ ' ' • in Membership reach thai St ier fuc uiuea la Main street awl benefll Bis bard wort to give Freeport * „ , M * ifroS tm i la.irk. but r'.v.u.-.i R r j..bn ,,, )t ,,, llv „„ . Bchloes .-..,i,ii-bm.nt but ftr-i rtass repwaentallnn should be ap- ibs entire lection \f Main str.-t. Ipretiated i. lo.-.-fui, - >.f the raitten . • • i< r ne the uaa of fnrt> ntenatwrj ro • : to reac h tl..- fnirin^ rhjS DMMtAg !.•• Wai | loll.i gasA, fh^ .»(,v..r*.- <.t tK. nyad I eurnhil.ll.'W r the Philippines, Grace Rosemrteln; Jo Johnson, a trusted butler. Lawrenc S. P. SHEA GIVEN INDORSEMENT FOR POSTMASTERSHIP Pettit Secures Unanimous Vote for His Candidate to Suc- ceed T. Benson Smith, SHEA TESTIMONIAL DINNER HOWARD PEARSALL ONE OF CONTESTANTS FOR PLACE G»orge Arlng Is Also Given Compli mentary Vote — George Baldwin Finds Little Support Among CommitUwnen. Sylvester IV Shea has received the Indoi-sement of tlie Freeport members of-the Nassau County Republican Com- mittee for appointment as postmaster, to succeed T. Benson Smith. The In- dorsement WUR secured at a meeting ol the committee held in the office of Stephen I'. Pettit in Merrlck rotul 011 Toestlay evening. Although the meeting ended up wltti u unanimous indorsement of Shea, It is understood thut it Marled without una- nimity. The cuudidutes who have been seeking the indorsement of the com- mittee were NIKJU, Howard 1'eursull, (Jeorge Aring and (ieorge Baldwin. Pearsall and Arlng were ln the race early und stood put on their claims of support of various members of the committee. Baldwin did not make u strong pollticul showing, but claimed recognition on (he grounds of his long record In the postul service. Slieu wub the \dark horse.\ Little bus leaked out as to what took ilace at the committee meeting. From that little It is Indicated that Arlng re- ceived the promised support of .»u- lervlsor Hlrutu It. Smith, who, fullhifc 11 Securing B unanimous vote (ot Ar- ng then gave his scheduled support to i'earsall. Peursull likewise failed to secure a unanimous vote and then the neetlu* went ulonjf according to the M'ogram prepared by Commltteemun J ettit and supported by the four mem- bers of the faction. The commit teemen who supported Rreft- ti-Ofn^thf wij-rt wore Pettit, llob- rt <i. Anderson, Clurence Lewis and lohn iMiniwr, and those who later hliued In to make the vote unanimous vere Supervisor Smith and Clarence Williams. It •will probubly be a couple of louths or more before any cbaiige in ost musters is actually made. SMITH AND POST IN AUTO PARTNERSHIP Given by Friend* of New Secretary of Klks Lodge. A, testimonial dinner was teiiderml to Sylvester I'. She.i, who was recent- ly elected fcMNtwy of the KreepMrt. Klk» L<Klge. hy n number of his friends In the lodge on Tuesday night. Tin\ • dinner WHS held at the White Cannon Inn In Kiist Itixkiiway Shea wan pt* Rented with a Hue gold witch suitably engravpfl. Captain .lames MIIIIXP WIIM toastmns- ter. Speeches were nmde hy Stephen P. Pettit, Village PreolnVnt Hotiert U Christie, former village president Clar- ence A. Kdwards, I'olli-e Jmlge Alhln N. .lolmson. KniPNt S. Kmnlall. (ieorge l/tty anil the guest of honor. When Shen received the watch IH» expreHwd his appreciation )n n very natural WH.V -hy nuylng nofhiiiK. There were a thnniwind things lie wnnt- eil to s«y, but words would not slia|«» themselves, so he spoke volumes In si- lence. CHRISTIE TAKES PERSONAL CHARGE OF STREET DEPT. Village President Puts His En- gineering and Road Experi- ence to Practical Use. GROVE ST. TROLLEY TO BE DISCUSSED Paving of That Street by County to Have Effect on Local Line. SOLVES TICKLISH PROBLEM IN MAKING APPOINTMENTS Official Paper and Health Officer Designated—Salaries ef Employees Fixed — Lean From Light Fund. The county, represented hy fctiper- vlhor Hlrain R. Smith, .and the village, rt>pr«M«>!»t«d l>y the Hourd of Trtimeen, will get togethei discuss tlu- st reet and proji Friday night ct -of paving (Jrove the Incident prohlem of p handling the trolley situation. The county has planned to lay • concrete pavement on (Jrove street and hoped i, get ahead with the work this year. To carry out the work of laying this concrete highway will mean the chang- ing of the grade of the street some- what In places, und such changes will necessarily Involve similar changes In the trolley line, which is owned hy .lu- lius Bindrim. There.is also a franchise provision that requires the trolley company to pay for the cost of such paving on the section of the roadway between its tracks and for two feet ori either side of the trucks. To meet this coHt wilt menu a heavy burden on the trolley company. In the past, befo:e Bindrim took ver this line, It was genernlly con- sidered more or less of a white ele- phant, but during the past year he has Inade Ihe expenses and Income break- even. In conversation with the ropre- lentative of the Freeport News a short Mine ago. Mr. Bindrim declared that the line was ln no position to bear any such heavy costs, and said in a more less serious manner that if forced to pay such a COSt he would turn Ihe road over to the Village, Village President Itohert I.. Christie was given a new nutrition by the vil- lage board at Its first regular meeting, when It voted to him (he task of giving personal supervision to tlip public works of the village, principally the streets, nt the present time, pending the securing uf the services of some- one who Can be appointed to the po- sit ion. There wns n throe cornered fight on hand for appointment of Street ('.mi- mlssloner. Clarence Williams was seek- , Ing re-appolntniciil, \Mel\ Bond wont- ed the Job, and also John Lewis. The situation was u ticklish one for the board. Each candldute had strohg points In his favor, und (he recognition of any one, meant the loss of the other wo. The trustees on looking over their post-election situation, took un inven- tory, und reculled thut they bad as villuge president a man with engineer- ing experiences and knowledge of practical road building. A solution reudily -suggested itself. Prevail upon the village president to put his engineering and road building experience to practical use, for the vil- lage, by hiiTlng him aaauuie the po- sition at the head of the street depart- newt, aud tut bint have aatOk -aCHMa>J three candidates for street commission- er perform a special line of work un- der (lie personal direction of the vil- lage president. This was decided upon, Village President Christie being agree- HAS MOTOR BUNGALOW Will Open Salesroom Here and H. G. Ed Handle Local Agency for Buick Car. I.eltoy Smith ami Mill.m M. I'ost, w.i of I'ret'ports niosl popular gating usiness men, have formed a partner- hip and are now engaged in the auto- loblle business as sales agents. They secured the agency for this tcrrl- f the Buick Car. and have d temporary ofllees to enable open- them ALL OF, FREEPORT'S PRETTIEST GIRLS Will Be on Street Saturday to Decorate You With the Insignia of Community Pride—It Will Be the Annual Ta« Day for the Y. W. C. A. Miloes; Pearl, his sweetheart. U)Uanlbia ability in SUleher: Miss Cummers, full of pep, „ v,,,,,,,!,!,. ]ls s lil v R T start work without delay pending le securing of salesr is for which ley an; now making arrangements, Milton I'ost was formerly proprie- S and active director of the |'r,.,.- ort Taxi Service of Railroad avenue, le sold that business about a year (o, and since then has been engaged s an art director with a moving plc- re concern, I.eltoy Smith ha s previously hivn lei,tilled with the sales end of the ih,mobile business In l're..|,ori. | his local connection a s salesman, h established all enviable record, an 11,is line he carries g alile'lo the proposition. Clarence Wil- liams handed ln a Ids resignation us stiv.;i commissioner, and the following day, all three applicants for this po-. Si tlon were at work on the streets with President Christie!. - 1 The hoard voted in * favor of tho proposition of v ereatlng the posilon of, and securing the services of a conmils-. si r of public works who will be re- sponsible for the maintenance and operation of the electric I ght and wa- ward. Ha , Unique Traveling „.,. .„„ ,„ „ fa .Ustrlhution svs- Conven.ence on Display. ,,. |l| s ^ ,„„ s(| . ( . < ., M||( 1 ^^ Securing funds to carry on the work lot the Village pending the receipt of [taxes in AugUSt, Was another prohlem lai klecl hy the hoard, and It was .1.- cided to borrow $15,000 from the sur- plus in the electric light fund instead nf from the aanlfl. thus saving inter- There is on display in the sli ri s of Herbert; <i. (towards, in Mer rick road, a unique contrivance, a • two wheele d trailer , which Is calle d it ' It is u Lon g I-lan.l manufactured at (Jar- tnorrrr bunguli product and I den City.jn- the Adams Trailer Cor- poration, \i t wns designed by rJiann II. Curliss and C. Carl Adams of> air plane fame fur their OWO use, hut it beci s o popular that they starte d t o ' lUfaclui v moto r bungalow s simila r cst. i't tlie demand. are I d down .they canopy folds Th vide rviicnsiclii : l.ady Rlucta, T i a. i: Reginald I'eters, with i U iirohi grouch, Mortimer Eta**: For Ih c presen t Smit h | poet, a the ne w tit-iii will b e known , will ha v their lieailiiuarler s lu Super's Uaray imi e I'eleiH. bi s twi n sister, Sadie ; |,, |,; |ls | M|( | M , Doidfarh; Julian Hurry .Incol.Hen II. welt, an arllsl, **•** -' » i.v 1 Her.. , I TO HOLD LADII8' NIQHT 'I h e I r.cporl Council, .I r I) I' . A M . wil l hold II ladles' Righ t and tainlc ..lie ei.lcrlnliimeiil In Ihc lie i \.ii|it..iiii,n on I rldnv KVelllng, \|.ill *< The. f oiiiii.lttee hi < Imri'e POIUprlM>l Uf. II Ndwarsls, immfOi t«raif, I W m>, ll . ri.. it si . wart i rill 1 Usyjf i>u< HI 1.. imifl 1..- UMi In ,trti in, f>.». vi.r k of »».« i«.<,ii Argan l i. aaM i'« *<CH<II| . <rw* *<?**'. ii.d <<1 «i..'i. \li<- \ \ . . ,i-:»ti *l\ Ufa < I.,11 llr, 1 1 Mill, r I..,. • rt 1/1 IM I I Mi l pi IlllflS f .. , - ' , . he wtttk \f i ..v.'M I; . • • • >r.v,lf 1 '•'•••• i . CgMgrcnv mi i llillldf-Ipnl 1= .. I I I AI ARM JViTtM Ini com|.i».t|, . 1 i.f • In a short time to l.,< loom In a ii'iitral I lag*, (lie plans foi drawn, Roth uiwnibe a host ..f frlwidi nul l their Hiic.c lure * bill they c\|ie. t le In a line sal. - •atlon lu the il l which :II . ,,..\v uf the tirm liavt who will I, t In their • pleased UeW lell wim AsagaaoHs That Group of Fine Looking Men KK •mining Property. 1 bal i u \i Hoc looKiiu n, wiio 1 Ilka .. mini lulhu-H anl M Im Milli LlK it|| ani l M I Into >i|>KI<lln Nl II I I\ ton Ih. «||l iiiMiihpra ..I ih, ( III, tills V I. • •u of bringing l.ill ll|i to .I..I. it ||||| „ , ,, , u , TRAINING I M|II| NHMHIIM I ' ' nl I .• • nil. one t the I ..linn i • 1.1 -i iiiilkeia, |« Irttlillllg H «Hi t\i Hi niln K mil to their own to n When the si,|, form double beds, ami over them like an umbrella. '•\<'• '* m led and equlpp _ •ninioilatil sU SlMpeTS an,^.|o pro- couiforls anil^aiienleiiccs wlllctl would seem luxuries eu tour. Inside are an Icebox, a targe lank to supply running water, a folding dining table. a small Harocfriburnlug stove Lilchcliclle, clothes clo.-et*. el lights everything thai could po help I ake HI ihe trail easy and healthful. Mr Edwards has secured the ng^ncj l'\r I I Islan d for these moto r loin KuloWaV Slephen Pettll informed the board that lie would start Immediately the erection of lit houses in the streets for- merly in Ihe Mount Kstate, and asked the board to lay :I75 fevt of water main both In Milton street and Harris a\c uiie, which astenstona would connect 111 \\'lirt'ng dL-ail iimia ill iliewate r in.uins. it. I'rank Post asked tor water main* extension in the same aartlnn Trustee Johnson prnaiiitaii a motion demanding S public retraction from BILL HERRING WIT Krs.por t Bait Ton» r Out AfU r Bi g Racord This Y«ar. Kill Herring of Freepoii. th e »l \ 1 1 ball UaMBr. iti ap|.areiiih found lii~< leather. Playing th e ouillel.l f»M Mtig durliii; th e last tw o months ,.f Ibe seiiMo,, la«l \,> !( r he hit seven II.MIIC urn H e IIIIM reivhe. l orde.x, l o i e M'lll II. und you PS* e\pe , 1 blni :ile,l If tlien' I\ be th e Ibibe Kuth ol the up alMli I I'll' I bl« l« hlH nlttth >.'HI III pi. ' hMtalnual ball playing Mtu tu n pi«\e. i Ill-I PI\ n le I li e I I I 1 lohn \|. 1 JlilI V l,mk 1.1,1 1 Honib .Inlhiw HIM sprittg \ f It ] I I,'I. ill iliin ii'cteij lim n ht m I K t pli.he r I n IHin Men Inn hmipe.l In (b e H,....|,lvi. Igua 1 tu b In UMil »K1T I'lm.'.l with ihe w.-o-iei iiiiiv 11.>« .t ii,.. Master* • • »gw ffc* '• n ittlM fojuii l him t u x. 1 \lce unit Him % wl( h 111 I n HKM h e pl«N.d \NNHII inn til l \11mnt , (lie n >v. Ihe Nassau ami, Suffolk Ughl ng Com- pany o f the stiilfiiienl irniade that i t and had tiled, a bond wittf village to trtc liideiunifN COQjSHtUerS licre against any Iblj over cbaratp. After an amendment by \•y. Trustee M.i\>.m which toned the orlg- llial motlSs] down somewhat, It wal • ' In the matter of CflOOSlDfl the olll.-hit new-paper of the Village, I secret hnl- lot was taken liu-liv- Maxsoii. Mil- ler and PearaaU voted |<T the N \oiinlN KeM.w 1111.1 Village I'lVM.Icnt i'hii>nc and Trustee Join.-on 1 tl!e |r«*|Mrl \c»> P. 1' »> Neil, pnhlisli.T of the 1 1,. | 11 S'.H» Honed tii>' rigbl of vi<>\l*>'«rd to uate the Nassau OuaU) Hswlws ai the .'III. a l pa«at r .1 - linstce I'lMi-all was uileie-l.'.l i n 11 S I \ t> e |.n »l.len t .vf tho • oi|,,.r:iito n lni>t., . . .Marrtl he Ha* willing t» h:iNi> his x.'t o rllnii n N .)i»'»tl.» n .i f H M He J«vlar*d *h»: si IM- N..I\C. | tn iw>- • • fee pa< • »11.»\H>I t.> »tl«l(.l. v i^ll h iklttwi l>i <V II .1 W 1 , .1 Mslpn-i 1 I V Uiili. to^ tn\ (isl ihrS r..« ».lx r» Sat th e I V V \1.OL., >• wm«-|- I • ..la <*t \lbiiiH wliele he Will |>h.- ihe n«mr»ei nt f»p« |n i,» it Mill Mil tiki m nW > •it V*gt K

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