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I • PAGE EIGHT THE FREEPORT NEWS With the Joyous Easter Message SOUTH SHORE HOTEL GIVES WAY TO MODERN APARTMENT HOUSE rpfporT* flrnt H|>Hi-tm<>nt IkNN will noon l«* rendjr for oorupnnry. It will be known H« the \South Shore A|»irt- ntu\ nnd will lx» the *nrrv*mn of the rorin«T .South Hhori» Hotel. whUh l« located nt HoHf utre^t and l/nnn Il<-nfh nvcniif 1 . Mp«nrn. 1'otiT nnrt John Crolkatenk, who tan i><'''» coatforang tfcs South Www RoM tot tht pitHt two yi'iirs, found H KtronK clemiiml for nn npiirtimwit liouw IKTC mil dwldi'd to iiK'ot thnt dcTiinnil. Tin- alteration neemMfy to rhange llu> ImlldliiK fro m ti hott-l t o mi Bptft- M M hous e iir.'.lM-ltiK niiido lit n BOtl if ove r $10,000, an d H (frciit purl ion )f tluil ninoiint l« lii-lni: Wed In \.i l nK the linlldlnn I'von tnoro attractive, In the inntti-r of Ititprlor dM-orntlon limn It wan formerly. The •'oruinodloiiH pftrlora ami dlnltiK rooinit, nn well nn thp dining room wrTlcf, will he ittllMd, hut material r'hnnK<*fl «re inndp In the room* iip- ctnlrM. Th*re will be four rlnnwd of apnrttiipntH, ftire»--rmmi nnd four-room unite*, and OM unmu fitmldhed nnd unfurnlHhml. The plan of tlm huIldln K Is Hurh that iH ll art outolfJe rooinx. Bach fipnrtimttut wl|l hnvc kltrhi-n.il.' nnd bath un«l Will he HtPam h.-nt..! In UM rfdccorntlon of t|». ImildliiK the woodwork will !.<> flnlnhed In a <olor HfMerne Involving the uw> of ma- hogany and old Ivory. J'h<« work will he completed shortly n* apartment* who Is <!lKhteen years of aj?e, on In- April. The Rabbit and the Easter E «/„!. How did the niMilj «'•• Into the neHt of Knster eggn? Of all the curious leg- ends tlio centuries have Kutliered about the Baxter wiimm none an- auoro wlilnly circulated than thoHe havliiK to do wKt) the ruhblt und the Master egg*. Raster eggd are seen nil over the Chris- tian woria on KuHter- Sunday, ami wherever ttife) eggs are there Is the rabbit also, JiiHt whan and how such a total abstainer from eg|&; N HUCn a dourly non-producer of eggs aB a rabbit, not mixed up In a nest of them the blog- of -neither the hen nor the rabbit are able to say. I tut there he 1M. and thero lie IIITHINIH In staying, however tDOOOMQUant, Ir- relevant and Im- inaterlul his pres- anda may be,. Myths of the KIIHIIT egg ure more easily IU 1 - counted for. The Ancient 10 g y p- tlllllM, IVlsiallS, i JMIIIH, Greeks und UOIIIUIIH miw In tho e^g ii» em- blem of liiimor- tallty. In 1t life lay dormant. An In- Hensute thing, a mere object, It hnd tin' [IOWLT to bucoiiii- a llx (IIK lieliiK- To thu early ChrLstluna Uie egg sym bollzed thi) resurrection. BocauM \f this, and also because eggs wen- looked OPOO UH meat, Koliinn Catholics of Jtuiy, Spain uud Vrancit wort formerly forbidden to eat eggs during Laat Af- ter the fautllig wag over, eggs were the JlfHt meut to be eateu. I'.viry Blaster table held eggs dyed red, to rapraaant the blond of Christ, mid pllad In pyru- mlds ut varloiiH iiolntH of raatajw along the table. I lei,.it' llu* .'KMH MM broken they were hlasaaii by the priaat A Hpeclul hi min i for the Kuster eggH was given out by Pop* Paul V, who Hut In the pupal ctiulr from ltHl.> r to Hl-I 'I'lils bleMHlng, which IH mill UHed by inuny Uouiuu Catholics, la: \ltless O iMVtl, we beseech thee, this thy gift of eggs, that It may become a wholesome HUHleiiunce of thy faith- ful HcrvuntH. eating It In thiinkfiilne.sH to tbee on the morn of thu resurrection of our Lord.\ Greek CHIIHIIICH believe that eggs laid oil (lood Friday have within them thetr own blessing, anil that he who ••ills them an hU Him food on Balttf Sundiiy will be blessed throughout the yeur. They, too, hold thut the egg In symbolical of tint resurrection. ltllt all of the.se eggH are the fruit of the hen, ishc that Vaekles over her product, when Why All Mankind Hails the Morn, of the Resurrection Banter morning—the most Joyous of all the inoniluxH of the year, the one great day of gladneos, Hupreme above nil others on the calendar, the Morn of the IteHurrectton. And vAiy '.» this the gladdest day of th.e year? It Is the gladdest of .all days because It typifies the hope that beyond the grave there Is another life than this. It speaks the ^promise that we shall rise again from the dust of death, that , wo Hhali be reunited with those whom <m hnvo loved and lost, that we Hhall open our eyes In another world where there Is no parting again, no sorrow, no IOHS, no pain. Compare thin hope with, all other hopes Unit man enn IMIVO, und they Hlnk Into iMKlitiilncnnce. If the sons of men belloved that thlH life were the only life lhny could ever know. If they believed that Hie irriivn IN the end and that when they wore laid away with the dust from which they enme there would be no nwakenlug, not only would the di-arcst ho|>e they could poealbl; have he taken Uii'ii rroui them, but the world wnulil then become a place uutit for bablta- ikon. without the hope of reaurrectloo from the grave man wonh) attrely Mink lit once to the low level Of the bWUt Hut that thin Is not IIIH hcllt-f, ami thai mini hjiH, liiHteud, a tlrm mill a full hope to live iiKitln, IH what niiikes KiiHler the ono gr.-ut Joyous duy of ull dayB. KitHter eggs, prayed earueMtly and fer vently. On the night before Master llie.v made a nest for the eggs they K;I coDndanUy baUavadiha morning would bring. Wheu they awoko the next Dtomlng they run to tin. mst, anil there, 8»ni eijounb, lay three lovely every child be- ttgga, and Kitting buck of them, verj lleves that the I 1'ioiid of hliUHelf, WIIH a big white nil. rabbit IH region- Wt, the very ruhblt that hud laid the Hlble for the KIIM ««•». fer agjBL Hut the KuHter rabbit U» fur, fur iJeiiimiiv for a ' OMat Hum thin tale, undSlhe myths IIHIK time claimed ! \''out the mbblt, many of th.un aaioel thut Hhtf wan the utlllg the rabbit In one way or another moUier of the with eggu, are i-euturlinf older tliun the KtiHter rabbit, KaKter femlvul. She anld ttiut It Ifci Moon festival In China COIIICH happened, one '\ 'he Hprlngtlme und correNpendH with tlinf, that tho BaatSf, It's a great hullday. Nobody rhlldren of u very wurkH. Kverybody puta en hltt t>«xr been they poor peuHunt hud told thut could Inive no eggn at Kunter time becuuHe their parents had no ttouie and were too poor to buy u htm. The children grieved over this at first, and then decided that they would •ivy grieving aud pray chillies ami goeit out for a general Jolli- fication. The culmination of events coiii.it on what Is our Banter, which. UH old-ftiHhloned people will, tell you, comes \ou the lUst Suuday after the tint full uioou after the March.\ ) It Is ou tills night that \the rabbit la Uie uiouu\ 1« beat a«ten. Th« Chi npue, In their Moon fentlvnl, pity hom- iige to thlV rabbit. Their ancient rell- KIKII, TIIOIBIII. tatiKht them that this rabbit wan the Hlave of genii who kept him everlastingly busy pounding herbs und drugs to make the elixir of life, lie H«|iiatH in a CMSHIII tree to do Uie pounding, and If yon will look at the moon any Raster . 8unday evening when (he flky Is clear there you'll nee lir'er Rabbit pounding away . And when yon see It, you will see a mixture of Taolot' belief, Kant Af- rican mythology, southern negro folklore nnd early ChrlHtlan legend The .Inpiinese have a legend, doubtless jiHMHed over to t b u m froin. India, that the goHpel of the reHurrecllon WIIH first sent to the earth by the moon god) who used a rabbit as his IUCSHCII- P'r. Tho inesHiiKo given to the rab- bit WIIN thlH: \Like UH I die and rise to life again, so shall you die and rise to life 'again.\ The rabbit, however, iliTnlilng It would be a good Joke on the people of the earth, reversed this gospel: What he said to the people WIIH: \Like UH I die, und live no more, no Khali ye all die and he no mBre alive.\ The people took (MM gOHpel very sorrow- fully, which amused the rabbit, and he went Imck to the moon god and boasted of what he had done. The god WIIH MO ini'urliiled with Ids mes- senger thut he threw a hatchet at him and Hpllt his Up wide open, and that. If you would like to know, Is why tire rabbit's lip Is Hilt. In certain pifrtfl of Kngland, particu- larly at Hallaton, there wus uh old custom of celebrating Kastrr Monday with a \hare pie Hcramhle\ und \bottle kicking.\ This celebration MglS with a procession leudliu: to J|be DOOM of I lie rector of the parish and consisting ' of two men ahreant, currying sacks with cut-up pies Inside; three men iibreiist, two carrying wooden bottles llllcd with beer, und the third a large dummy bottle that -was to, 6% kicked about; one man, cnrrylng u pole on which WIIH fastened a bare In a Sitting I ION I ure, und, last of all, a hand of music. The band was followed by all the people of the parish who could walk. The dummy bottle was kicked Into the neighboring parish, where It wus burned, or \drowned after which bits of It were taken hmiie as trophies by the people. The custom fell Into disuse about 17117. Hut other cii.stunis In which the hare tlKUred were eontlniic<1 te/'tr muc h Inter data, one baring to do with thtf InintliiK of a him) 00 OOQd I-'rlduy. tu be euten on llaster day. the alternative, being thai \h who does not cut a hate 1 rlnn - At least one mythologlHt hus tried t\ account for the Easier rabbit In Kuglaud. by muklng htui the civature of the Anglican ^oddeHs Kontre, whose liiilae, ucciirdliiK to liede, wan given to ihe iiiiauh of April, whjch wan called KM. rmnnath. Urtinm culU thU god- dens Dstarii, \divinity of the radiant hi\ i, ,,i iipKprlnglng tight.\ Y. W. C, A. DRIVE FOR LOCAL WORK STARTS MONDAY CnrillniM-.l from p*gO 1. (li-s pliinne.l to nils.- mniiey for local ithnnctNi, Their annrlcea hata boos wl.lt- spread, nil the way from local hoepttal* in Braaaela, Armenia, India and Jtepen, Tims ii.tivitic - hnv « glie n th e toe - pie who m Ili.-.v toiiihi-d nti active In- Mgbl t o tin- Id.-iils nn d alm s of tin- V. W. C. A. which, in Hils tlrst yea r hn * been able to touch 86 rillagea on Long [slnnd. n la hoped thai tin- enthu- slnsms which ha\e lii-.-n nroil.Me d this first year win be continued and that with ihc raising of a WOiOOO fund for lh<- lenrlcel of t|i.- Y. W. ('. A. on Isinnd may be greatly extended. f'heck s ma y IK- Hindi- piiynlile t o LOtlg Island V. rV. C. A. nnd sent to bead: luartem, itlneola, N. Y. On TiK'sdny the FrpHhmun C'lnh of he Freeporl \Y\ went on a hike to tHt 1 Pour itrooks, in Hooscvcit where a •velner const WSJ served mid enjoyed. On Wednpsdiiy the Itotsy Itoss True line Chili wont on n hike. The Hit-'li School Club held n St. Patrick'* party lust Friday tiltrht- A loneenae song contest was one of the ntereitlng features of the evening, SEAMAN AVL AT OLIVE BLVD. TO BE PAVED Continued from 1. Of the pipe Hne i)assthg throuch Free port, IM nn Important artery of travel In the VIIIIIKC even in Its present < dition. Seaman arenue, which is the racrion of the alternate route through Freepott, and tin- one favored by the Board o f Supcrvls.n-s , is in th e ex - treme northern jmrt of the village and is comparatively little used. The city of New York, which owns lln- pi|i(( HIM nnd pays taxes on It, is in favor of Improving the pipe line route, us it would then l><- relieved of Its taxes on the property.' The Hoard of Supervisors of Nassau county Is op- pitaed to losing these tuxes and fuvoi-s the Seiminn avenue route. Begwdloaa of which route is •elect- ed, the state pays (S5 per cent of the cost of the Improvement nnd the city of New York nnd Nassau county pay :!.\> per cr-nt of the cost of the Improve- ment on the section within their llm- tt BRING $60,000 ACTION Edwards & George of Freeport Repre- sent Babylon Lad In Suit. William H. <!r , us guardian for William H. &race, Jr., has brought an iirtio n iii the Snpii-nie Court o f Nassau county, through Edwards & 0 -ge, his Bttnorneyi m ICreepart, Bgalnsl Kli/.iilieih K. tfpjohn, promlneiil soci- ety woman <>C Babyldn , for $.~,o,iMMt damages. The action grows nut of se- rious Injuries received by young Grace, who is eighteen years of age, ou De- femhe r 10 hist whil e riding noitii dn Deer I'ark nvfiiue, Babylon, on his hi- cycle, when (iis right let.' wus hroken in three plni •• and he siiHtulned Inter- n:il injuries. The <'iise 5 ill In- tried al i in- May term uf Uie Supreme Court. WOMAN'S RELIEF CORP8 , Of Mott I'ost Hold Annual Din Three Hundred Attend. The Woman's lMii-(J±*tfC 188, Of the \V. r . Moti ViixK^C A. It., held its annifal sup|H>i-*nt Odd Cellows' Hall, in the Uerrlck Road, nn svedneadoy evening of last week. There were alioiit i'lio gueats, Who were entertain- ed wit h :in I'Milleii l dinner. • The hall wus tantOfUlly ttfeoriiled for the evenl. AII HIM,,. «inI were fortunate to bo among those preeenl expreaaed them- KHlveK UM well pleaned with the dinner ami the nrrangeuientH. The committee in charge was headed hy tin- president. Rlluibi'tli Hunsett, IF IT'S LUGGAGE For Traveling WE HAVE IT RETAIL AT WHOLESALE PRICES ESSENKAY TRAVEL- ING BAG CO. MANUFACTURERS 36-38 North Main St. FREEPORT Repair Your Bicycle ; Now Frank Daniels Expert Bicycle and Motor- cycle Repairer Headquarters for Hifch Grade Tires 15 West Merrick Road FREEPORT, L. I., N. Y. For a Quick Sale List your property with the POST REALTY CO. OLIVE BUILDING Phone 18 T W Freeport FREEPORT Wm. G. Miller, Inc. Raymond J. Miller, Mgr. Shoes Auto, Plate Glass, Burglary Life and Fire Insurance Renovated and Good As New More Comfortable 24 S. Grove St., Freeport, L. I. Eagle Shoe Repair Co. JAMES PISCIOTTA, Prop. 37 Railroad Avenue Telephons 863 M FREEPORT, N. Y. nist rut u red her- Do Your Spring Cleaning Early I BECAUSE— The Early Bird Gets Rid of the Germ We Wash and Clean Rugs to Your Satisfaction GIVE US A TRIAL Godfrey M. Gilbert, Jr. 22 WEST MERRICK ROAD Telephone 1312 Freeport FREEPORT, L. I. \ THE UPHOLSTERING, SLIP COVERS AND DRAPERY SHOP 32 SOUTH GROVE STREET Telephone,! 263-W FREEPORT We are ready to do all your slip cover work at great- ly reduced prices. We re-upholster your furniture equal to new. Slip covers made for alt kinds of fur- niture, draperies and portiers. Write, phone or call and our man will call with full line of samples.\ .:•;>.:•;.:•;>:.:•::•:'•:,:• .> > > • •:•;:•; THE SUGAR BOWL I 58 SOUTH MAIN STREET Our Candies Are Now On Sale At Pre-War Prices Reductions Are Too Numerous to Mention a: m :#&:.&;.#> v :<*: ^ The Bone of Contention Is Yap—\Yep\ We're on the joh—ready at all times to serve you with PAINTS—VARNISHES^-WALL PAPERS * F. L. J. LEE PAINTS —WALL PAPER Telephone 129 71 8outh Main St. Freeaort John H. Raynor, Jr. DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF GLASS Wind Shields and Limousine Glasses Glazing in-All Its Branches a Specialty 132 SOUTH MAIN STREET FREEPORT, L. I. Phone 743-M GATTER & £ON % BEST REAL ESTATE VALUES Wanted—-Furnished Houses 35 RAILROAD AVENUE FREEPORT, N. Y. Telephone Freeport 996 ATTENTION! ^ ALORlG Pipeless Furnace can be installed on twenty-four hours notice. A card directed to Caloric Furnace Co., of Brooklyn, 5 Railroad Avenue, will be given prompt attention. HOLMES M. NARWOOD 5 Railroad Avenue FREEPORT, N. Y. Phone, Freeport 848-R BUY NOW i

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