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The Freeport news. (Freeport, Long Island, N.Y.) 1921-19??, March 11, 1921, Image 3

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Oar basketball tram pla.rfd and de ' faatpd tb« girls' ImitkfthAil team nf I-lndonhurst Tupuday nlfrtit. In the first game, at f.inrienhur*t. Kwjiort easily defeated I,lnd*>nhun»t by a score of 11 to &. -Very few sp«rtators from Freeport attended the game. At the latter game, » liichwiisvlHyeil at Frceport Auditorium, qolte a crowd Attended and Kreeport HKIIIII showed that it was a better team than I.ln- denburst. The wore was 29 to 9. In the beginning of the game Free- port set the pare and kept on Increa*- Ing It during the latter part of ttie L-HIII.V Linden tmrm wan unable to IK.hi the jxie« nnd wn< left far behind The game was mopped many time* on acitiunt of bloody nose*. At one time I»ot Clark, Freeport'n i-enteV, »«« put out of the (rmne for a few min- utes but she returned again. The line-up and |>olnt« urored by •H<li player VM H« follow*: THE FREEPORT NEWS Chirk Doyle Mark Hubbard Biggs C. I.. F. I.. tJ. H 0. B. F. (Tilvvls 1 Aberle I'g* * (Serhwlnd 4 Argust FOR BUILDINGS ELKS HOLD ANNUAL ELECTION George Pappenmeyer Mad* Exalted Ruler—Sylvester P. Shea Wins Contest for Secretary,'—Visit of Delegation From Brooklyn Lodge. I.lveljr content* fur H couple nf of fliVrf In the Kr««t...rt LttlgV Of Klko nt the nn mi Hi MVttBjg hfUI-on Th\ir»- dny evening of lust week were <le cMe.l by imikltii: flu'' leadlllfl rmidl- datea nanimNHlj fleeted on tha in«>- lecturing kolffci Ba »n> ajpaai hi Kilwnr.l II Si John of r'rvoport gylfaataf f SIICH of Ftespatt w«s re ele. te.l SKUtafy The »troliin*«t contest was fof iiii« afles Tfca other randldata «>•* Anhor It Watlaca Kr That will stand the test of time and usage, and when finished will be what you expect your building to be, put the job in the hands of CHARLES LOWE Contractor and Builder 182 BEDELL STREET FREEPORT THE MIDNIGHT FIVE Music for Dances and Other Social Affairs Furnished at Short Notice-*-Reasonable Terms WRITE—THE MIDNIGHT FIVE 139 N. Main St., Freeport, N. Y. WBW1BBSBBS WE NEED SMALL HOUSES For Rent, Furnished and Unfurnished, and For Sale. Send Yours in Promptly Henry J. McCord Edward J. Carroll 35 Railroad Ave. Phone, 978 Directly Opposite Station LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIALS Timber, Siding, Shingles, Doors, Sash, Trim, Brick, Lime and Cement Builders' Hardware and Paint JOHN I RANDALL CO. 15 N. Long Beach Avenue FREEPORT, L. I. Telephone 525 1 throughout thr country. He l« «up<>r Inteiuleiit of Oiwnfiel.! IVmeteM. (which p.«mon he tin* MTVpM f,»r the |<a*t ihrev rear* He IIHN been nn ni-tlv«- flremnn. ami l« one a| die : t>rvmiliern »f the K««l tlcTiipMmd Ktre j l»|Hirtme«t He l» • member nf M.>r ti«n l^xlrf. T «nd A M. sad H aj«« her of the Hemimtemi lodge ,>f o,hl Follow*. The rtegaa umler which he will work ittirlnir'bU PMrtag ii.lmlnl-.trn- tlon will t*- •tlet more inciifi.er. (>ul. (ret p»od memlHT* \ tie will mrU e t.. mnk e th e hwliw motv >*lnnl.le I., it,,. BJMMMBSVI limn th e member l« I., ii,,. l.xise : to mak e th e dxU'e MM tss>t In Illie membe r M «el l H« tin- member nn MH to 111.' MM * In.le r th e ii.liiiliil-iniii l .ii nf r * Slt*4 Itnler Albln N. .lohnw.n tbi IIIIH ln.reii'OMl ItS ml.er-lii|i nearl) \xi pur ••'•iii mid has Rtv«tl) wMvfieO the Sr«|M of llv M.lhlll.'- On 'I'liiirsiliiv eveiiln^ u( thlx «,i>k MM Brooklyn io«iue o* Blki luiya us olllrlnl MHII to III.- Kii'i'li.'ll kldmi i:\nlte. l HnliT .loliunon iirriinue.r H line reie|illi>n mupW, Im Imllni; n ptirmle from I h o Ntiitloii wlien Hie <|., •, ml irniii nrn>.-., iifiei ulil. h H larg* rlaaa or miiurttn'i<>a won tn1111 i l\be r*<ltatloti> ([tven by MllM.vni Slont nitit It.wlvn rVUenmclii on rr\ IIH* pleHXrtl the BttMpMtS »er> <im. li Tliev wer« verj HIIIIKIIH; HIMI nt llme« the «|H>nkent hull ro rvniMln gillel until tfH- iHiichter hml mibKlileil <»u Apri l 23 Ml\ HMjIIS stOsjIiah I Illottc will (he a reel In I it I tlm Mlth Mkn l Au.lltorluni for Hie l.en.rtt sf HIK HiMrti. •sMdatMl »i\l !•.>.>•.« for Die tilth MkM| l.ll.n»r> Slie will ', (t'»e nil nil Ainerlemr )iro^rmn «i s p , in , bin will itl*> (hi' unolhei |HUgiam for Hie voini(r»(f |H.«vle «t 140 Mas ; I ill,.He will be iememlH>n>.l n< the rAGE THREE parann who r»i-it«»d itn«> » |v.wm« at ttw »>o»|vor( Illfh Si-hmil laat year. 1'nllke lhlnr» In provlcnn year*, fhe frei'port Oraaamar ftrheatt «m vttnn- Ire hma-tmll train*, on* frotu each *. hool Ttir> will p!nr among them- aafvaa for MM fteal Mia Mr n>«m, «ho hm don o «.. mnijfi fo r ilie Krw- |Mrt nduM.U. will Kjoiln n'tiiK |o (It * iv«< n e nn.I bull.I u p tht> four MUM tl In IIKelx tlmt th.-Mhlell.' AUHMIH- lio n at th a Kreopoi t 11 lull S.I..Mil wil l |tva n tn^'liv t.r banne r W> tb e bent temn Ht tlie em l o f Hie Hennon High School News By KID SAM NOW IS THE TIME TO HAVE YOUR CAR OVERHAULED My 21 Years Experience Enables Me to Estimate Your Work Vulcanising, Welding, Batter Charging, Carbon Burning, Ford Parts, Repairing Freeport Garage & Supply Co. JOSEPH HIRSCH 18 Brooklyn Avenue Phonr, Frerporl 1157 FREEPORT, N. Y. GEORGE H. PAPPENMEYER New Exalted Ruler of the Freeport Lodge of Elks tio n o f th e iip|ioHJtiC ciitullilnteM. Wnrh 71H > \,.t.'s wer e >i|M tie..ru e IT. I'lipiienlnejiT o f Ilctn p sleni l WHS ele.ile d ciultci l ruler will i ..in rippnultlon. Ivt.T sieiihen Beck nt lt.>..se\ell WtSS ele< lei| e-lc oil leading krtlghl without (Wpusltion. Harry I\. Wabar or uif>n Cpvi 'wm elected esteemed loyal knight 'Ma \\iis opposed by George Kcclat of K.H'kville Centre. Hurry A. I'urley of Uoekviiie Centre WHS elected est .1 iesi s Itnndall of B*reVporl «HH re- .•lei.|,.,| ff.'Msllier. .tns.'lili lilts, I, ,.| rreepon iras ataetad tllw Adalpb Uelss 1111.1 Sin M.>.| nn also •anrtldatea for HIIH oin.e. i:\aii.'.1 Ruler Marl '. >ga Papiton mover IH one of the PiirlltNil mellllierx of the lodga, ami u w.-ii known 1-: A. tinner, sssistapl atata »mn<r VlaOT I n plivslrnl eiliu nlloii. \Kli,,'| nilr I ~. bool 1 -' •-1 • 111 > Ra ...nun.'in..I I 1. hl. V ..ii Hie woiK i. f ilir .slinliiiis coimlil. I erin g tha clrotniistaiu'ea un.1.1 nhirli ' ih e ( atudanta ware heinn intiKbt 11. adde d tliiit with n nrinna'sl mid IV'.ilelll <•<) 111 I Ill the f'l.'.'|.M| 1 sill , dents would h« (lie haul tftlil«te» nn ih'o 1 iMlnnd and would ulmi Indlrecll.x .nu»« inure stuUt'iitu 10 gradual.* fr»»m 1 roe poii High. I 1'.unpin mi- iiiis jronr'n nthletl. rec (irds «itii 1 litMM~m : ln»i ya«r, lie ex I'I.'NSI'.I his opinion Hun Mi llyei 1, physical (.ruining tearhfr tot Hu« Kra< port K.II.M.K. Imi done more ti n nv li'lli'lier oil Ilia IKJIIHII. It . .111 I • 1 :1 • t I • . 11 I) 11 lerliil Mr. Ryar s linn built up iuo iiiiins . 1 r.Miii>nii team and Hi., other n girls' unskstball loam Th« roothall leiim ..nu lost ka 1 • •nt of nine, while the Unskethntl tean Repair Your Bicycle Now Frank Daniels Expert Bicycle «nd Motor- cycle Repairer Headquarters for High Grade Tires IS West Merrick Road FREEPORT, L. I., N. Y. To Freeport Business Men THE FREEPORT NEWS supplies ^medium through which you can reach the people who do their buying in Freeport. THE FREEPORT NEWS circulates exclusively in the Freeport territory, and is the ideal medium for business men who dp not wish to cover the major por- tion of the county with their advertising, but who wish to confine it to the effective Freeport territory. Advertising rates in JHE FREEPORT NEWS are commensurate with the territory covered, and are reasonable for the service rendered. A purely local newspaper has been declared by business men, a necessity to the business interests of Freeport, and such a medium is now available in this paper. FREEPORT NEWS 31A RAILROAD AVENUE Phone 359-W iins onlj IIS Ml I wo .1 .'lull! ^oirj^^ THE FREEPORT UPHOLSTERING, SUP COVERS AND DRAPERY SHOP 32 SOUTH GROVE STREET Telephone 126:i-W FREEPORT We arc roiwly to do all your slip cover woi k ;it jfreat- s> reduci'd [Uicos, Wo re-upJuilftt<» r your furniture equal In lU'to . Slip covers IIKKIC fur all Kinds of fui- niiiur. ili;t|M'i ic. and poriiera. Write, phone or call and our man will citl/uith full line of Bamp'eH, John H. Raynor, Jr. DEALER IN • ALL KINDS OF GLASS Wind Shields and Limousine Glasses Glazing In All Its Branchtt a Specialty 132 SOUTH MAIN STREET FREEPORT, L. I Phone 7-1 < M THIS SUGAR BOWL 5H SOUTH MAIN STREET , Our Candies Are Now On Sale At Pre-War Prices The Reductions Are Too Numerous to Mention EREEPORT Auditorium Kvcry Saturday I H JV(> •. VAUDEVILLE mu snow NONE HHTTHH JEAN i:i;i)INJ

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