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«.;'.__s ,.. Q ov_‘éns;, . -,_ _ , _ ' 1‘~f'?I‘1i1_a o1*T1:g~i,na‘1 s‘ys’fejrn, esti'm'atédé.t0;'..co$t $10‘ million, has a1I‘¢a'dy“.béen installed on two of. the Lackawanna plant's . coI<'e.'o_vens. ' .. ' - . . ‘-Even‘w.i.th= thie shutting down 6f. Republic Steel Corporatiqnfs South Park.A*venuepla~ntearliér this :_)_'ea§{, .am§_l Sc-alédxdoxvn pro‘ dué at Bethlehem, state m0njto1;i_r_1gj gsystems. ‘Still reflect levels .of.- ;’§ol11itit$Ii”§hi3:ve those set by fe<leral~g11idelines; ?Ho.wevei-;,. .-st_a‘te_' ‘air. quality ., engineer Robert A, Armbrust said: the-,-po‘llu levels are \“coming.down.” _j He >a‘dd'_e7d~ that he is. hopeful A n.e3v,.. _s'tiaté—‘i.nstalled monitoring device in the, area, the ‘location .of which was cal_‘culated'bya~ computer, show-A ed initial‘ readingé of pollutitm levels ‘at '91; 7xfx'1icI,-‘o.Eram‘s per cubic meter. _ ‘ The federal limit is 75 micrograms per‘ cubic meter. 0ffi<;ials~ say [that .a_ longer pe1iiod,,pf time‘-, is :11e:qui,red’«-to; verify €56 actiura,cy’oT_ the e/arly readings. _ .,_ _ “ ¢ . Bethlehem is one~e_f. sevgfal“ state companies that; have\ been trying to get higher lirnfit§ through lobbying efforts while Congress. is.,.tryin'g‘to rew/rite the Federal Clea \ Act. OUR’ OF VICTORY BASILICA The-Basi1ica’.s beautifully detailed ceiling 1;1utal\—is.‘piétured‘here._A wide-angle llense-V\Mvi3§ iiéed but even that wasn’t even tacapture the breadth of the dome. — ’ l K... . .. ;0I.V Infant Home’s Assists Unwed M%othe»rs 9., \ . ru... ,... (§at’hqlic.~:Daught_¢rs Tu7N|‘e'et‘ Nbv-.i By Kathy Cogfta , Ihe~IJp]1nk;:T.%Qsbiirhe Local History Museum ~0pens%in; Lackawanna f“The foundation of the ‘Choose \Life Program‘ is\ that every woman has the right to choose to. catty‘ her‘ child until‘ birth:-and theright to whatever help<sh,e needs to do so.“ These-wgrdst were taken from a pamphlet. describing Our Lady of Victory Infant Home. The pamphlet [deals with the ‘Choose Life’ Birthright_ Pro- gram and the tMa‘te1‘ni_t‘y Group ARésiden‘ce Program. These-pm gramswere developedin 1970-as the more modern alternative to the original Father Baker In- ;fant;Ho1fne. \ adult rqle . Clients are taught the Lamaze method of prepared childbirth. Accordingstoms, Purcell this is done in an effort to help the young women regain a sense of‘ self control over .thei‘rf [bodies and the situation in which they find. themselves. The Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Court Monsignor Baker #1043, will ._hold* its monthly meeting on Monday, Nov. 15,- 3&8 p,jm. in the Knights of Columbus: *Hall.on South Park Avenue in“Lackawai1na. A Mass for deceased _members be celebrated by 'thefRev_.. William Doerflein, chaplain of the court. The court’s regents Mary Jaycox, has announced that $10 will be donated to the ‘fvictory .Project’»” to bene the_ ‘Our Lady‘ of Victory -Infant. Honie, The [Seminary Fund, a special project of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, will vbe~.gi’ven-$39. A At the‘ September. meeting. the memlgership agreed to donate $100 to the‘ Our Lady of Victory Organ Fund. _ Dorris Steinmetz, Court St‘. Ages #817, has been‘ named districtldepmy for Court J.'1'04_3.in Lackawanna. decision. At that time. the child. is ?taken’ out‘ of temporary foster‘ care and either returned to the mother‘ or placed’ permanenfly with adoptive parents. The program works ciiixsery with Our’ ‘Lady «if Victory Hospi’taI.. anti white the Aclient. goes _infto.the first stages‘ of labor at the home ‘she. delivers her baby in the hospital delivery -room. On Tuesday, Oct\ '26, the Iackawanna. Public Library of- =ficia11y70PeIled the John P. Osborne Local LHi‘s;t-ory Museum; The» guest of \honor\ was M‘). John P. Osborzfe. He ( gréeted the many friends and Qnly about 10-15 percent of the fathers are involved igythe pro- gram. Those who, are involved are “involved extensively,\ The ‘are. also taught the?‘ Lamazemethod, and’ are involv- ed ‘in the responsible Aparenting education program. The home also works glosely‘ ‘with the gfatheris. _par€nts in an. effprt to help the faniijlyv deal with the situation.., * , who came. to share the time with him. Tea, coffee and .rejfreshm‘en__ts were served- by ‘the ’L3¢KaWanha Garden Club, which also provided »flower- .arrangements ‘for ’thegopenin‘g*. Once ;theg._;_:hil’d is born the home provides a \rooming-in‘? program for those clients who feel they are not ready to return home right away. In this pro- gram. counselors try~to*he1p the clients cope with caring for the -child on a 24-hour basis. If the clientgchooses to~.ret‘urn home immediately the: “after- care” social service staff goes to the client's home to provide post-natal {care for the;Vchild'. The staff also provides follow- up medical and psychological care for the mother. A - Ms..,Purc'_ell- feels the most rewarding aspect of the ‘pro- gram is ‘-‘being .ab_1e~ to build a relationship« ' with ‘these young mothers so they can trust‘ us enough to-‘come b_ack- for‘ help when they need it.\ The program exists along with -an outépatierit pr-ograni that tires vtoTp1+ov‘i_de the same services w:liil‘e the unwed smothers are at home. -Both are \funded by private .donatio‘ns. and resid‘e'nti's fees are :licensed by the New York Sfatfe 'ep‘a_x'tn1ent of ‘Social Wef ! § Mr; Oshome his served the 1_ibr’ary for many’ years as trustee and as treasurer, He ‘afso. has‘been the resource per- _s0n‘_f0r all those.questiqns about Lackawajnna’s hi's;t0_ry'for which the answers‘ were So hard‘, to firfdi From the time of its develop- ment in 1906, the Father Baker home has ‘-embraced -the [cause of the unmarried mother; To—- day's .Ii.ve-Sin home has the . capacity -for 25 unwed ‘mothers. The program attempts to téaehe ‘these young‘ mothers responsi- ble, parenting and to preparfe them for the arrival. of -their babies. For the’schooI‘-age clients who are in residence at the home there is .3 certified school ’pro—- gram for grades 7-12, 24-hour .medical care, and an intensive c‘o1mseling.ser'v.icé. Z‘ ‘Counseling is provided in an attempt to [help the clients and- their families. “Many of the girls-experiencevclassicdénial.” es,aid;Ms”. Purcell’, “they don’t at’:- cept ‘the fact that they are hav‘: ing a child. our counseling ser- viéeetriefs to prepare the girl for what it iszgoing to be like when the baby is born.\ 4 - ~ Under the program the client can choose to keep the schilci ‘or surrender it for adbption. This With» [the ‘Opening of A the museum. the libraryhopes tube .bet,tera.ble~‘t'oVlocateipformation about the city *—- its history and\ -it_s*peopIé'.. The museum; itself is‘ just béginning or, as one of the trustees. put it, “It's in the em,- bryo staTge.4” . “ToI’ful1y realiie the petential of the museum,” ‘said Lynne Nothujzn, libtrar-y director, “we need‘ \your help. You, your f’am’iliés,I c’hurche_s, -and. -businesses all share in -the pas an_d;th'e present of ‘this city-. Why not help by: volunteering‘ some time of donating-materials. for the-ém1_1seum.\ . The Catho -Daughters‘ are joining with the Knights of ‘Col-v Vumbus’ to monitor thetnew fall televisionshows. This is to pros mote morality in the media. The averageage of the client» is 15‘/2 to16 years; “The average age; has decreased over the ‘yeirs \‘said_ Ginny Purcell‘. dir‘ector[of socia‘l‘servi‘ces ‘at the home. “Our oldest client was 42 andlbur youngest 12', I guess this capiiappen to anyone;’’ M Ms; Purcell went on to say that “there are many more:pro« biems‘ when dealingé with the teen-agers. [si\mp1y~because=Athey Chamber, of commerce Schedules M‘eet‘mgJ 'There’.*wiH be at glire‘c‘:tors“ and general’ body _.membership meeting Monday, \Nov. 8, at noon. The_ meeting will take place« at J0hn’s 'Fl‘am—'in’g; Hearth, 1830 Abbott Road. Lackawanna. A dutch treat ‘1u'ncheo’n» ‘will. he served- , are not a‘b'1ev« to 'adjust —de'velopr_nenta11y to their“ new program allows. the mother ‘to give “up the_chi_]d forinze or two- inonths, until she is sure of her ._. ..'

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