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Lackawanna leader. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 1936-1982, October 28, 1982, Image 6

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L t e %Srvi ce r goal not sell ads. AOu%r goal to help promote > Only} if we you wegbe su1ccessful;sSo let us help you. Let hows‘ promote your business more effectively.. Let Show how to be successful. % --ovgra11 and design campaigns‘ % r%e1ations%% J ’ % 2 ~ . 1 \ ——Printing of fliers, business’ A cards:,1stat_17oi1ery, Signs, you name it . I \ -r —5 )‘ :' '.’».~:*'-5‘§’ A Why do som e ads ~wo.rk a I1} d soime fail? ‘Why do some ads sell and some ads f_aiif‘.? ‘Why do some ad campaigns make millionaires\ and some lead to catastrophe? . .- ' ~ Advertising should not be a gamble, a w’aste”0f needed capital, or as necessary evil. It is an investment. If an investor understands the keys to innovative\ promotion, the invest- ment can pay greats dividends. If’ the investor t1.‘.eats~. advertising like aslot machine, he will almost surely come‘ out on the short -end‘. and accept its message‘. , 5 _ You should consider how credible and how’well_ read your proposed medium And‘ you should consider how to attract readership to your ad, as opposed to ’thej~‘hundreds of other items the newspaper or pennysavier. j T _ In choosing your “medium, You: should understand that weekly newspapers have the highest per page readqership-a little higher than daily newspapers and a lot higher than shoppers and pennysavers.“ {Buying \wide. «circulations with poor readership» is novibsetter than buying low circulation with high readership. The ideal is to finds a medium which ‘offers hpth citculatipii and: readership. Likewise, cireuiatioxi in Niagara Falls probably does gittle or»? no good for an afiveigitisers‘ in West Seneca.. Know where your circulation is aime ; ' ‘ ' Most ads are ineffective. They have very little appeal‘. They fail to take advantage of basdic human. motivations. They do not use art, _grap1 borders and white Space effectively. ‘ ., A T T. ‘ \ ~ ' -Consistent with our desire to really serve you.and;not just sell you} aAdvertising~—whether it’s- effective or .n’ot¢-,9.-let me- -exp1ai_n'*a,few imp -principles of advertising. I have- instructed. our advetti salesmen to advise‘c1iénts when they are not using thesejntinciples» effectively and. ngt‘ Wait .until after the.ad.ver-tiser has wastedihis money onvineffehtive I)I'OIIl§Oti(_5n. ’ - ' » = _ ~ «- - __ Now how are. you going up attract the readers’ attention away from other ads,_ stories and distractionsv to your message? T » T The strength_ o'f:your<appeal important, but ‘so is the way you present it. Consider theunique. People are attracted by something which \ if different, something unusual, something unique.. A unique TV show ‘is: popular until all the -other p;roduce‘r:‘sA try to copy it. Thenjit is no longer unique and begins to fall in the.» ratings. In-..d’eci_ding what to say, how \to say it, what graph-ics, borders, and art to ujse-consider’ the %um‘q'u_e- . _. First, you must understandv basic» human motivations and take adva-‘ntagevof’ them. Do1i’t just-sell.seeds‘.and...garden—- ‘ing: tools. Sell a ‘way to save: 'hu‘I1dreds of _ dollars on our readers? grogery bills‘. Dom se1l‘dresses.-Selllove. Don’t sell st‘_e_a=ks.‘-‘Sell the sizzle. S‘omeAof -the bas-icmotivations to whichyou :should. appeal ;inc_1u’de* money, prestige; love, social acceptance; »cu;=iosity—, Fexcitemen and. drama, and fulfillment of basic human needs and appetites such as rest or 'hunge1i*.. _ ‘ ‘ Ke_eping in ‘mind these basic: human motivations, determjine~-which of‘ these needs Tyogr service or product can- best help to fulfill. Now consider how to best teach your Vaudienjce, Hqtw -to get the-._mess‘age throu‘gh%-tdthem. Its not enough to, ':ius.t% “put the ’I'='ne’s§age:' ion a. ~wide-circulation medium, such; as a shoptier or pennysaver-A You have to Sdméhow get the pro’§‘i5ective c«li'e[n1:‘ to actually read‘ the“ ad The Leader Newspapers offer a‘ medium afimed; at your market. area, a medium with high circulation and ,high- readershipf our sales. representatives have been instrlicted to help you tOQfOPl_':X1I1‘late‘éff:8CtiVB ‘advertising, not to entice you to gamble with your h;a1rd—earned money. We want you to make a wise investment in your future. 'Allow us to -servefyou’. The Publishér 0ctobe1\528'; 1982 ‘A ‘A Th“i',»'?Liaa'dér

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