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Lackawanna leader. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 1936-1982, October 28, 1982, Image 11

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G r EE % VET I sme leader 4‘a|larSF1or Memb?ers I I I I 3 I I I L 7 l_{Namg If Addréss _ A *75'%percen;t on Discount: Card« IF you buy NOW: ‘A ‘ Buy at -d,‘ozens~ of }loca‘l'.bl,1sine$ses: for“h1mdret3s-.oof‘donar.s -‘cash. counts and? receive up to:§36*in Leaderclassified-advertising:-all for iust . Presgnt your Leader cash Dis¢0unt;Car£l¢I.3Ild -buy just? aboutoanything at a discount,rct1ttiI1gi'hundre”ds ofd'o11ars in your cost »o.f:1i~vinB‘»* Use. -Leader clagssifiedo ads andturn. your unwanted ‘:2’ ends. into «cas11.:There is no way to lose with this‘;-offer; can~.;sell'vsom¢=white ‘elephant’ for-theo cash needed“-toAoopa;y £0r~1c,1ub membership, then 1lSe;the«di_scqunt gard go bun-A dreds of-.dol1‘a1:s=I.nore. ‘ . 1- \ . ,_ f . i- ' fr 3 months £o_1t;6 In0Vn §{M,j]{$;1«;4-v%for a full year \ Fo11oW'.the.ads=.:in: section. -Grocery stores;, drug stores;,;depa1§tn1ent- stox-45, .and,rnfany other merchants be partjicipati;_1g,;'rhose.:be1ow repre- sent just a small .samp1¢. Their »disco'unt\wi1l change from weeks-to week. ..som“ejtimes they‘ offer ‘as jsinall discount «onoall items‘ in the store and a much larger discount on~special\iiems;‘ Stores with low profit margin but high. utility\ wi11..o££ez-.11ow ‘discounts, Qther’ businesses higher profit margins will: offer <higher ¢1iscounts:Begard1ess. tlli‘s-willibeoa discount j‘Iist- for youeonlygior those with.a*‘dis._cou,ntocard; V I « . , To becomea Leagier c1ubrmen1'ber,e:iust fill out the oaccompjaniying‘ form: and send'$4vthe\Leadex:.«;You_ yvilljreceive a discount c_ashA.card';goo_d.for the next three-months. A_';Iong*=.With »the.caSh. discounts, you Vgill be=‘able to-putoone personal adxa week. into‘ the Léad Klasified Advertising Section. ’ is ..a specia1,of£er itself; Club membership wi11;.eve‘nteua1ly-costsup $16. a quarter-‘andwill be W,e11'wo1-th it, Youwill soon discover that you can that muc1t1h<;rvmore.in arsinglet day; hundreds. of dollars over’ the space of several men .. A . A « — 4 ' H \ Phone ‘ . J ..___.._.. I I I Leader Group, Inc. 6‘«16:Potters B_d'.., .Wes_t.Sfeneca 14224 * 822~4'l00’or. 824-9264 ' T Accept t11is.?5VVpe1?cent'§1isco1_mt from The Leader-now and s‘ée'=how‘in’u‘ch money ‘you Vc1an—sa_-Ve thi.ST.Weék. Plaée a _c1assified*ad. in thenewspaper and sell’ some unused:h()usého1d« item. for more. than the cost of this». offer. Act -to-' day. Ourspecial offer won’t last forever, and with each passingday you are loslin BIG7,SAVINGS*!. . 4 _ ~ . .. 'V , . . _ \ _ * $1%off regular =price,on V any new prescription “ rblqw dry % Apen:entj—un*empIoymentL gdiscouht with card } : “ \\ ~£i[_l.EAI|, ‘xx. ;El\lII ' 5 , ‘—-‘Great value’ specials -each month on ‘popular “.-Dstnmyi and surgical’ suppli available --Additional. senior citiien‘ ;disco;ints% Agiv ' Bidge’vm;od% Pharmacy --Cl*othi.ng -—G‘roceri‘es:% As-iR?eI:reation%. J --FormaI4 Dining --Take-out Service —-Snacks 1385 Abbott Road Open under new ow.nership:*Wil|iam1,F. Kania» LACKAWANNA. N‘Y' FOR -AEPI 82.6-521 1 IB1Ci?‘ABBOT?l' RU. «l.iq%u%ors/Wines» --Ente_rtainment —-HoteIAs/ Motels --Automobile Services .—Home Repair ~ --Health Care inning-Mondays starting Why. 1, 10-6 pm] I\ht;:s(l.ay ejvefrdngs-_‘_ti|—“3 »p.m. off on rolls, breads, and doughnuts with purchase of one dozen% or Aore ‘I>'U_ES‘DAY-. FRIDAY 7:00 A.M.‘--5:30 F’.‘M 2.!’ SATURDAY 7:00 A.M. - 4:00‘ P.M _ .SPAll~K—S' LBAKEBY‘ g ! of Me’ gbilfé C’mm; Gaf/ms Much, Much More! BAl<E‘J_3- ‘FRESH Dam’-.Y on PREMISES CHARLES TURCO; 2824a 4745 T ’ .1453 ABBOTT ‘ROAD LAt:1<A’wANNA. M. Y. 14213. The Leader Odtober 28-, 1982 . Page 11' % of &~ ‘ ' « a2:;;4sooA»A\v% 4 ; Open 9“a;m:\t‘a 5 ip‘:.m;j ‘

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