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, Thu*§dev;F._6v;9%v%st 24}. 1967 “TLW3 iL: 'L39‘d31F5L7LG¢Tk¢Wqn\d;» N-Ya lroqu:oi%s Brewing Earp. Vcreatesj New W1est%ern AHo[sp%italiAty $=teevl‘work.e:rs. Golf Set General Chaigtman ‘Brad C-ar'~ estio annoupced that the annual Local 2602 United‘ »Stee1‘wo;cker.s (A-EL‘-C10); Golf Tournament is scheduled’ for Monday, August 28, at South Shore Country Club. He (named the following com- m;1t,tee- members: NTICE OF OPEN VEGMPETITIVE J: EXAMINATION ‘ ' FDR V POLICE PATROLMAN. CITY OF LACKAWANNA Applications accepted up fog September 20, 1967 ‘Mm; Fox estimates fhat some 30,000 people have toured the brewery in the past 18 months and predicts that this figure will “business cards\ of.rea1hones§:'- to.-€§odnesS area residents 'Wh,0 now happeh to be in fhé. Mbus:ir__1e,s§ of‘ distributing Iroquois .b‘e{r-‘ érages. \ ,; more than double now that both d_§lFEe new Indian Head Saloon and _7f eA Bw th_sk§ll_a~r.h0sDitality rooms Ray ‘ ~A. Zembx.'ycki,bew- ery vice president, was assigned the task of converting a former sales‘ office\ ipto the. Indian Head Saloon. With the Eimétable call- 1. ing for early .fcompl_etion to help, e‘ase- the ba‘ck»1og of .s_c\hedi11ed tours lth2_1j;_was créaiti-ng a log jam lih booking$,V-M1‘-, zembxtycki pulled out all the stops. ' The result ‘is‘a Western motif * hospitality room that would do credit to the>.most meticulous Hollywood designer- creating an ‘epic ‘setting. for a face-to-face showdown between hero-Sand vile lian. -6 w ' J 1 From one of .the~iri directors, George J“. Patterson Jr_., came. an especially appropriate gift: of uéeful props, including Civi1~War and:.Wild West ri branding irons, and saddle. The massive bar was located-‘—_-after aihunt that covered many miles and much; effort——-zjuset two doors away! ‘An: abiapdoned and sealed off; attic ‘in ta Downtown hostelry produced a |pr_'actica11y oriceless c,ol1ecti_on~ of .st'ra_ight-backed chairs that were typical of the day. Neatly «framed by a pair of mir-rors, over the hack bar is‘ a large replica of a favorite paintingeof ,the’day, a female more undraped‘ than draped. _ ‘ 5 A ‘ No matter whether‘ you are a d'yed-in‘,-_thec-.saddle Western ‘afi- cionado ‘or just plain tourist‘ brewery ‘visitors will find many more interesting and “authentic artifacts lending f1avQf- and'di‘s.-,. tinction to the Indian Head Saloon and there’sva story behind every Refreshments, Joseph Bierut, Peter Kamenda, Joseph Garcia and Clayton Walters; Golf ‘Greens, Chester Wojcik, J ack I-Iughes, Clyde MC Donald and Casey Gemza; Reception, Dom- ‘inic~ Coia, Sal A m a r ant e and Ralph Galanti. ‘ ' Daily between 9:00 a,.:_n, and 4:00 pm. , Except Saturdays - Wedneusdaysé between 9.200 a.m. and 11:00 a..m. Cfld$'§iifi.'edi Ads Sell Detaileg aung_>u’ncements- and general statement of dutiés and ‘necessary rec1a1reme'nts_ may be had by calling at the oitice or the. Lackawanna Civil Service Commission, Room 2, 6’Connor Bixilding, 724 Ridge Roéd, Lackawamlzi, New York. Also, gee Legal Notice for further information. . ' “ . The‘ Lackawarma: Junior eG'ar\deners weeded andecultivated the area around the f_i'ft‘eén Althea; at the Father Baker Bridge under- pass; These trees were Selected by the Juniors to prfovide screen- ing fof the bride pillars and as a.backg;round for the iannuals which will be planted =1a_ter.. Shown digging the \weeds are 1itt~ie Amie 1v_IaLrie Downey helping Juniorf Joanne Downey and Naiicy Pawen_- Skin’ . \' ' I‘ . ' . . ' DATE 01? EXAMINATION: Cétober 21, 1967 By order of LA.C‘KAWA_NNA CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION T \e orabilié of the era per-.' mea e .the yoom, from a hitch-.- ing -_ osi: veranda, vleadedé glass wind ging' doors, t6 the pine plant no r, beam ceil- ing, and gas-type globe lights. J afnes G. l§url€e The Junior Gardeners are devoting several gays each wgek to making and keeping Lackawanna beautiful. Nicholas Bahorski, Chairman John L, s“abuda Fr_ank E}. ’Ho11ins, Secretary GREAT LAKES PRINTING PUBLISH: August 24, 31, 196'? September '7, 1967. For All Your Print’{r—i§T~Tééa§ 24- TA 4-9264 The furniture and props are out of the pages of the West: Pot-bellied stove with old-fash~ ioned metal coffee pot, player piano, brass-railed bar, spittoon, elevated stage with red satin curtain and a drop curtain decr orated in this case with the item which Proprietor Fox and his associates are hankering to share with their guests. ' Brewery ‘tours may be ar- ranged by contacting local Iro- quois distributors or by calling the brewery direct. At present, tours are being scheduled Monday through Friday evenings for groups up to 150 people. QUANTITY These Eqatures Only At Your Nearby /228480 7'7’-Z The Indian Head Saloon was created by Iroquois Brewing Co. to meet a demand for space to accommodate the growing num- bers of Buffalo and area people visiting the brewery‘ at Broadway and Pratt Streets in the heart of the Buffalo business district. “This hospitality room doub- les to 150 people the number of guests who can now participate in our daily tours}: explains Terence J. Fox, proprietor of the Indian Head Saloon who also doubles. as president and chief executive officer of the brewery. . .~ ‘ _ . :7 - — “With the Rathskellar booked. up beyond the first of the year we just had to do something. Turn-. ing people away just isn't good business, e specially when we know that brewery visitors be- come loyal Iroquois boosters. People tell us the tours are both educational and fun. ’I'hey’ve~'be;- come the ‘in thing’ to do around Bufialo, it seems.’.’ Team Openings Men's League .. WEDN ESDAY7 P.M. \ ( 880 Average and Up ) § \ “-\. Mixed Couples -:- SATURDAY 7:30 P.M.. 4: I V ‘ ‘ A ‘ i -‘-—.-{-— ' \ ' <¥ T_ . —-j J \ New Men's Lebgue i—-sbéing organize_d A : 9 ‘ 5. , .fbr‘-Tuesday, 9:30 p.m.,; Team Ave.rage:w3‘§a3?\ -,»_ER[H'TIN.G...for all your Great Lakes Pritm‘n—TA 4-+9264 nI.Asnm._ B ACADEMY 4219 LAKE AVENUE —- ' ‘{ ’ ’ \“\— - T s»oLaasx 4 ‘ROOFING 3: SIDWIG (5 .;.g 25 Years of E iperience 5;: §:§0nIy the 8 es? Materials U 's¢d3 - F199 Esiimutes All Work Guoganveed 5':'!'::::::-::.? '5 ..T...‘.3f. 9.3 1? -::::::::::::':’:':' BATH POOM .r 3-9. at -, .5} 56‘? 7/550! PHDNE 825-9735 OPEN EVERY DAY ‘£97’ Ron limi+ » 4- rolls please KRAFT SALAD DRESSING M//MCI! W//5/P “ u % . k limif V. 1-Jar I V please Jar Ask for Sahlen’s aLyour meat counter and refreshment stand Sahlen Packing Co.,|nc,° 318 Howard St..Buffa|o,N.Y. 7.1» QENSA \7'/0/VAL SPRA V 6:. EA/\/E»? NOTILCE snmsr IK 1 +; Size ~95. '.. 1 or CDMPLETJON AND “ % FILING or ASSESSMENT Rm run THE cm or LAVCKAWANVNA. coumv or ERIE, V Tenafer <51-een W: ’ ¢8..% A‘ Tuna T 0 ’-6402256 Co‘?/C/(EM 3°“ 4/ kyma ‘ FOR THE YEAR I968, A copv THEREOF HAS BEEN F:lL:ED IN THE ‘OFFICE or THE _QLV:j$7l_0N or ASSESMENT, ROOM IT, IN THE czmr HALL OF SAID CITY; THENCE THE SAME wnu. REMAIN open TO ‘PUBLIC INS-PECT-ION. EDWARD A. WNEIg City Assessor ; 0Al3.hliG;'|%T V Y.’OlU:R—3EE:L—F? 'R\e,n‘ta|o,w-cost V‘ U—Ha.u:I .::2:i;1¢_r. a«3.c!;. ‘ give. yoqr projects a ‘ lift. With éasy-towing ’ U-Haul,.’you can store . up enough materials for a dozen projects , imone trip*!~ Hitch fur-A M nished‘ free. Why téar up ‘your ‘<;é~_r, wh_er‘1 U.~Ha'uL ‘is .50. ha . Call today! - ; MME 7 1'M5iWnldd!I I1 Tlwuwny T M ‘ ' T3 5'73?” ' ' Aw. I ; 1MCL&IdT—%Jees~ . NEW'- emc . ‘ ' .uANn1svANs ‘ 5 4- W M\ 31998 : at Ansorugiamt IT éw |n‘ | Used 71‘r|_Ii:lg- in: 1%: Area . TL ' . ‘ K . I \ I Bill's Ahbqtt'ShelI' Service 975 ABBOTT ROAD’ (corner Kimberly) Buffalo, N.Y’.,. 14220 Phone: *a2.5-.9430 5! § FOR BEAUTIFICATION OF WEST SENECA ' PLANT FLOWERING CRAB TREES. WE HAVE A COMPLETE LINE OF SHADE AND ORNAMENTAL TREES FRUIT TREES EVERGREENS & Fnownnmigsnnuss. Bus’! FROM YOUR LOCAL GROWE-R~ J-—- V » V T “ V . One mile s;outh - ‘5 _ K of William St. ' ’q H zzoo old . \’ UNION RD- A” Union at V ‘ ~ { . ' z zghench rm. 5 9 ewaga ~ , 4: 674-2433 ; — _ 2: ~ _ 3 One mile north ’ of dlnton St. W_%/‘M This .Caupa’nan%c/fhe Purchase oFAng Fa () /V27/0% ‘in’ wt 19/22‘ 80/4» A24 ob/an/.5; Vaa m'// Race/V3 A . . . .. - % g to” Couponv [id 0; I %a+_L_ % % ~ ww j +a:;:p::+§2~aee:2'*%:Z*.;,e'~3*\3‘3’e‘ ‘HUID LEACH B75.”-50.55 \ ‘W -' \ \5\A'7VT55§' ?5'?EE\ % ct 7‘/sea: mm’!!!//mi Big limi+» lb; s i ch-m,+ Ron % i 4roHs Can 1 . :LcAan[ M » A% , please T “ % please STRAINED Bay r-oop 3555'//[V07 539' , *L§§§E:

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