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+' “Gav. §~ . .0 . “ 1.‘ J 7-‘ J. ['1 rvv 13,-)‘r‘i 5._’$J%‘ 3\ LACKAWANNA LEADER. THURSDAY. OCTOBER T. 1942 ‘mam; projects you pay rein-t awn’ the local projects when we came! icording to your income.’ in here.\ M121-Iuvbble stated. \Wve E “Then. why Rent Control? 1 Imtnd that some rentals were high! , \I don‘t. like the way I recexved and we redueed-acme from $49Tt.o~ a. notice to vacate my premises 2.! a. much lower figure. The rent‘ few hours after I went to see} ceilings we nzorw have at the proj-7 what could be done about the; ects have been approved by the, rent; 'mcrea.ses in government OPA.\ projects m thgs area.” Mr. Putich: He made pubuc the following‘ ' a*dd\~‘C1- ' “ceili.ngs\ in effect. at Baker 3 To Harmon E. Hubble, manager Homes: GARRULI. SAYS ‘CEILING’ UK’ +~£Y GPA GRWP GHRISJMAS MAIL TO SEBVIGENIEN MUST so our NW ' r T? probably made up. including mis-_ cellaneous toilet art ham‘? candies, soaps. etc. T16 conten s~ __- o‘f Slgch packages slgouldhbe tlghtlgi pa.c ted, in order t. at 1; 4e severa. - '““‘““' “ articles may not be loosened in‘CI JU of the parcel itself or causing dam-; age to the covering of the parcel, Appointment yesterday by lchglstsrnas §otxesmvs111ou1dtb§* m- Mayor Michael J. I-mg-hes of John cose 1n su s an a, con alners. - -_ '\“\ Candies in Qhin pasteboard boxea_ M‘ ,zaJ3’S' steel city atwmey’ ,3‘ should be inclosed in wood. metal‘ acting Judge to 006111937 the City‘ or corrugated pasteboard. Sealed com-g bend; during (3113 month’; or me Joseph 3- Me mercantile form may be inclosed Cami W55 dl-5C_10Sed 1551'» Bight- within parcels withou_tV affecting Acting Judge Zajas was sworn the parcel-post classxfmatlon of in yeste,_1,d_ay ' such packages. , , '_ ' PERISHABLE MATTER —— No, _He is a gmduate of Our Lad! perishable matter should be In-' of Victory Academy and was grad. °1§,°11§gI§1m&1f,11§’Eg”g‘3;§;i.ICLES_II1_‘ uaged from the Law School gr bhq toxicams. m \! mateI.4a1S,Un1vers1ty of Buffa._1oin 1939. Ad:-« ti11é:1'i;,_1dr'r11%g gllaitgles %f‘a11 klnds mitted to the bar the following‘ an mg er u r an polsons, or‘ , ~ - c0mp°sitions which may kill or \\.“' Ctmg Judge zgJas,h'a's‘been injure another or damaszv the 9- Jumm‘ P31131191‘ in the 1939-1 mans, are umnailable. ' of Balazewewski 85 Adamski. :_,_{v'J \4 §\_:_$_u v«-., ‘.v’,‘.‘=,»‘ .0}: -. ~~ .5. - ‘Frozen Rent’ Law Questionc-8 By Chairman of Projecfs Rent Protest Body Post Office Officials Warn Bela.- ‘tives and Friends to Mail Packages Early (Student Purchases of Bonds, Stamps) of the projects. the Rent. Commit-I One bedroom apamment»-$30; tee chairman addressed this trues-_ two — $33; th1'ee—-$35: and four ibedroom apartxn-ents-—$36. ' $ HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION __wee1;'5_._ ——Grand—— . School Registration Total Per Cap. Total Pe1'Cap. 7La.cka.wa.nna H. S. 602 $ 75.00 $..12 $75.00 $ .12 (No reports received from Our Lady of Vuztory Academy at ~Linco1n High School Annex). ‘ L, _ ELEMENTARY DIVISION It Johnny Doughboy, counter- pm-vt of Lackawanna young men in the service, is to get; his Christ- mas gifts and cards on time. the packages and gweetings must be mailed out now and no Later than November 1st, Vinoent P. Need- ;2. :g §’i:%;§$ E 2? \\ 3- it (Continued from Page One) ernment projects and to housing accommodations owned by indi- viduals or oorporrations,‘ etc. “I urge a11'txenants that have received a. rent illcraase, not ‘to pay it,\ Mr. Putich cémcinued. \I am not satisfied vnth Mr. Ga:n‘oI1’s'st&tem~ent as given to me by his secretary. ‘that, in govern- \Where do you want, me to “This dope-3n’t,n1_ean;t', that a11,hhe move. on the other side of Buf—. genams are paying the ceiling talc?\ Mr. Putich works in tr-?1!%§.,§§gjaIe,\h-3 pointed oust. of Steel Company pla.nrt.]them are Qaying pants bemw me ‘ K5 eeing wxt-h Mr. Ca.1~ro1.l’s ceiling. If a. n'uan’s ehrnmgs rise. o on rent claaaifxcation. M12} we raise his rent in proportion Hubble. who several months agotapd if they de-cma..se, his re'n:t is replace-d Carl T. Bartholomy a.s:1owemed.\ . 3“ :1 at 1:.‘ ;.;'.!,' ::?'.!j 1-? McKinley . . . . Washington . . . Bebhlelflem Park Wilson 305 425 643 $707.75 108.45 471.55 x No Report» .25 .73 $707.75 716.75 547.25 135.55 $2.32 1.70 .85 .45 ham, subexintendent of the Lack-_ awanms, Post Office,‘ wammed resi-, dents of the city this morning. 1 . ’ 97 :*c 3,.» ‘ELL 3 (No reports received from other elementary or parochial schools. Principals are urged to follow same pmcedure used in this depa11;— menf, during past school year. Include Ln figures only “those ‘War Savings Bonds or Stamps purchased by or for school children through Y01'1T_ school. Submit weakly report no later than Tuesday noon). 235.30 235.00 manager at Baker Homes. told] Alb)-igh-t Court; has at different the Leader he would \not argue_sca1e of rem ceilings, So will about the notices to va.caLe.\ ‘ggdgewmd vulage when mat, “We adjusted rem; ceilings in opens this December. Eaach gift parcel. Mr. Needham? said. should be ‘nmarlmd: FWA Discloses OLV Expansion He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael F‘. Zaj-as. with whom. 110 resides at 1289 Electric avenue. “C“h1'ist7ma.s Parcel.” .1 V 5-: ' Mr. Carroll was more explicit: “We canvassed the ‘amea and found that the ap=zu‘t..n1en-ts with one b-edroom—t,hey call them one and one-half room apartmvents-— ‘Were renting in places owned by indlviduals or coa‘po.ra.t.1oms for‘ from $41 to $42 per month. “Wh-ll»e the legal maximum vent. we cpuld charge for such an‘ apartment would be $60 per} month, we reduced lrt. to $41 per month regardless of what Uh-E Len~ ant was ea.rrmng.\ Mr. Carroll. sakd, mentioning that he was not- referrmg to r-subs ln La.cka.wa.u.n.a projects but. of one in Buffalo. STEEL WORKERS, OWERS WRREPEE MITOS WM. GET STEGKERS The superimtenldemz released the following instructions: , t SIZE AND WEIGHT——In View of the urgent need for shipping‘ space to transport materials di- rectly essential to the war effort. Christmas parcels shall not exceed the present limits of 11 pounds in, weight or 18 inches in length or 42 inches in length and girth com- bined. Nevertheless the public is urged by the War and Navy De-~ partments to co-operate by volun- tarily restricting the size of ‘ Cluistmas parcels to tliat of an ordinary shoe boicand 1:‘1'ceW‘e'l'ght' to six pounds. They have pointed out that members of the armed‘ forces are amply provided with; food and clothing and the public is urged not to include such mat- tel‘ in gift parcels. Not more than one Christmas parcel or package shall be accepted for mailing in any one week when sent by our on behalf of the same person or con- cern to or for the same addressee. Bids were authorized this w by the Federal Works Ag-ency equipmenwe and alterratxons aft-« Lady of Victory Hospital, Wh. has been allocated $25,550 for pansion of facilitbes to accomma date a training school for nurr Regional Director John M. Gal -‘ gher of the FWA d1.<.<-Iosed t,oda,_v Of the $10 000 \ Thosé Cooperating in Gas and Rubber-Saving Program in Lackawanna Will Be Recognized Lackawanna. motorists who haw “incl: vull be plu.cvd on the right front \t‘I1L1L1t_o1‘ g‘.d..\.~. of ms ii-Ut.07 mobile \ he add}-d. The War T1‘-an.xpo1'Ia.tion Com~ II1l[[P(-' of the New York State W'2u‘ (‘uunml has. dL»u'1but.L—w1 L50.- U00 of me “D<-uble Up!‘ stlckers to 1135 W.u' Tmznpoxtatxon Com- I‘n1[LH:‘.\ of local War Counclls througumn the state. joined car-sharing clubs in thexr .. amount 15 ear- marked for alberatlons of an ex- istlng wing of the hosplbal while the remaining $15,500 has been bslnesses. plants, factories. and neighborhoods will be asked to dis- L.. M. Fai1ing.‘A. T. Rm. 8. A. Hal} 166 Franklin St, cor. Mohawk play, “Double Up To Save Gag and Rubber! 1 Don t. Dme to Work Alone!\ car stickers on then automobiles. Celestine E. 8hea1 Administrator for the War 'I‘rans~ portaxtion Committee of Local Waz- Council.’ ,a.nno\mcec1 today?‘ . “Every “\€a.r-.oWner in Locka- wanna. who has coopemced with Federal and State authorities in the transportation conservation program by ‘pooll.ng‘ his car should be proud of the part. he 15 playmg ln this war.\ Mr. Shea. declared. made ava'11a.b1e for equ1pmeuL Mr Gallvagher stated. The bids will be opeuwi one week from next. Wednesday at the office of Arclru-t,ect Monuner J M11I'p}u'. Curus Bmldlng. Buffalo Variety Shower Held . Em “The FHA mapped mus sched- ule, based on oompaarable rent.s,I a.nd- It was approved in New York Cxty and pe§h\d.‘ps Ln Wa5hLng’Lon, however far they went. Ca!‘-u\\'ne1'~ who a.n= participat- .1.x 111 ‘.share-tine-1;de' clubs here .u'e c=11g1ble for the stxckc-rs which M11 be l>.5ut‘d fxnm Im-.1! War Tran.spm'L.mon Comnurtpe head- quarters C1t_v Hall ‘ PREPARA'I‘ION—~Owmg to the great distance this mailrrrust be transported and the handling and any storage it must‘ undergo. it 15 absolutely necessary that all articles be packed in substantial boxes or containers and be cov- ered with wrappers of sufficient strength not only to resist pres- sure of other mail in the same sack, but to withstand the weight of other sacks of mail. which in the long transit may be piled thereon. Furthermore. as each parcel is subject to censorship. delay in handling may be mini- mized bv securing the covering of the parcel so as to permit ready inspection of the contents. I 7'1/nou.-5 for , Purity and - 5.: \Now \ Said Mr. Carroll, “here's where the ‘Bugaboo’ co-mes Ln: For Bride-in-Be ‘Mam’ last. _\ea.r were earning‘ no more than $1,000 per year and; accordingly got, 9. government‘ Subsidy that meant. they would‘ pay a. rental of. Let's say, $20 per‘ month for an apaamtmnearrt where 3: $35 ceiling had ban fixed. 1 “Now, if we find by the most; recent‘. survey that the ten-a.nt's, earnings have gone up to $32,000‘ annually, the rent automatica-11? goes up according b0 the compar- arbl-e rent in the area. If his earn- ‘ings decreased, his rem‘. would be‘ towered. Stlvks-Is Mil bv 1:-zuh for d1sl‘,Tl— MISS Mary CavanaL1s',h°. wk-.osc marrxage to John D. HJ..\.~/r\V' vvzll be soleznmzed Saturday mormnvg October 10th. at, Our Lady of WC- vory Basilica. Was the auest of honor recerntly when a. varmv shower was held at the home of Mrs Arm Haswv, nf 116 M1‘.nr>r |)uLm11 \\x1h;n the m=xL few days. Mr Stwa. reported It. 15 hoped that a11n1oLo:M~L.~. who have joined (‘LIT-bh (‘inns here wlli apply for the stwken. “His loyalty and willingness W111 be evidenced by the red, white and blue circular sucker T5222 qenerafionl \ Two greof Bu Beers are- Be<|<‘x Old-Time Formula and Beck‘: Llghi Beev Legion Auxiliary And Junior Organization - Elect Officers for I943 3.V9TlU.E‘ Gifts were pn=>.~enI.ed by me 75 guests who attended the affam Magnum Bock Bmv-mu 69.. Ineuau N. V. Mam’ combination packages will Local Women Tell Me They Prefer Annual election of officers was Execuuve Commute-e. Mrs. Helen Reed. Mrs. Helen R)szka. and Mrs. I..n‘f\:\%=‘ A\‘m1\ De 1’€2'ate.<. Mrs. OV.f‘I‘..\ M: . ‘.Lv;. Gximan and “At no time.‘ he o<m:cl:ud~ed., “can a tenant. be asked; to pay! more than the ceiling rent fxxed for ms type aparunenm. We could see merit in the complaints fxled months ago by housing tenants and We have done just. all we can to make the rents com- parable to those in the area,“ held Monday eveznmg by members of American Legion Auxilxary Un\. 63, Lackawarma. at Lemon hPari—- qtmrters in Memorial hall. Rxdqé‘ road. Officers are: VOGUE BEMJTY SHOPPE, Says Miss Mz.~ J-»I.n Dan.» .Ir. -‘kuxrliarx [‘IIP(‘L< Buohan, Famed cooking School Economist P'res1cient.. Mrs. Luc-v Stumk vice president, M.rs. F’1'a.nk E;-1.v..r:. n‘.rrr.J- 1.13:1; I‘ ,IL 63 elm‘ ed the fn‘.1ow— Owens: 2d vice president M.< Margaret Black. secretan 2\.I\= Lxllian Bodge: ‘treasure:-. Mn Mat Butler: finance officer, Mrs. L01». Ncswak; sergeant-at—arrn.<. Mr: Rita Bmdzv. m; offzrnrs P1» ~zr2~r‘.' .‘»1 Fl Free “Wave and Hair Wash srbrop Your Cooking School 3 Coupon at the Shea‘s Lack- \ : awanna Theatre. No complaxms other than that by Mr. Punch were reported to the Leader yesterday. Mr. Carroll explamed the ad- J'ustmen~t.s in rentals like th1.s: “If a. man is eaming below that amount which“ controls the ceil- mg rent of the apartment he oc- cupxes. the government considers him a. subsidy. However. if 9. ten- ant s ea.mm;_z power increases enough so that his rem. 15 equal to that of th»? ceding under the act. he no longer 15 classi as a subsidy\ \.(s' 11:: wffztl \I Hv‘t‘.\. E1171: 2d urn p:- J-=1; Siva. r:-1~$‘\.‘.T;~.x Dnro‘hv C13'7“'~- ““ ?''-’1'‘ F. ‘M’. Rvszlca. '\Ix~< Est;-€216‘ TO A GUEST AT THE LEADER- SHEA’S COOKING SCHOOL Hundreds Attemd Soldie-r’s Rites Hundreds of friends and nexeim .~ In. C.t~.me:- Son- 2:11. the RH Ar un Borhva.a.k‘ and “9 RM \\.'a\A\ j\‘[.1_;r_<k1 Szx pa..‘r)raror:. mmnoers nf the sold B.1tt.1':-tn of M1‘:'arv PULDCE’ sq’ \3‘_r\l 9' B»Ht_-.‘n, arr‘-od at. at- bors attended F“r1d3.ys r1t,e.~ fnr WGUE EAUTY SHOPPE Pnva.te Czerw. Jr. SD99‘. Cry servuseman 1:111-ed 1.1’). an acudenr, at Walterbovro. S. C. Army Au- Base less than two weeks ago. He was the son of ND‘. and Mrs Jo- !r:‘.’:/‘P \x'v~.u- a ..--.r:~:!-. member .»«\:r:ce=._1 rdp- 2.’ ‘av 213:9 An Aman.-an L.ncw~ Past 63 «quad TR. 9813 706 RIDGE ROAD seph Czerw. of 26 Fremont =Vr9e'.. Offxciabmg at. the solemn Re- q-Luexn Mas sung in st. Michaels Chruch before burial 61 me so!- dier's body in Holy Cross Ceme- tery were the Rev. Michal P. Bu‘.- iskxewicz. pastor of St. Mlchaeis ‘= ; egf . All Hollywoo2:l’s talking about the \Cook Book of the Stars\ with its new recipes of the stars‘ own favorite dishes that are simple. easy and quickly prepared. Protusely illustrated in full color and black and white lt not only tells you which foods are rich in vitamin content but completely plans your menus as well. Like your favorite stars, you'll add glamour to your table’ FEATURES: ° 1 195 modern recipes ' 39 classi ° Notes on menu planning ° Whaf every cook CHUBBS JEWELERS should know ° Table service ° Profusely illustrated ° Special feafures 736 RIDGE ROAD LACKAWANNA, N. ACROSS FROM THE SHRINE TR. 6254 OPEN EVENENG5 ...u.~.. I V, LACKAWANNA scI-IooLs' ,*§',f.:;=§, DEFENSE B OMS. s'rA‘m=Isk HONOR stmisx. VIII’ -Ron. WE! Mrs. James T. Karnes. Licensed , Lady Assistant IAMES T. KARNES FUNERAL HOME 1240 Nlcliinley Pkwy. Triangle 5752 305 Bu Street Hamburg 541

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