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’_'f :; .}_::_#r_r ‘ 7 ‘<\~f«'.;_~. Y,» ». gm <1 4, .\'v 71’EE”K»AWA=NNA PU3L1c~LI3*m::=v LACKAWANNA LEADER, THURSDAY. AUGUST 6. 1942 GIERMATASWN MUNICIPAL FLAG. . . EARS cor MA “‘” ~ H A . ST. HYAGINTH NINE SQFTBALL. PLAYOFFS QN EM tBEAHS CAPTURE GAME? GAMES AAAZEI. T0 18% EREEAE GLINGHES 2 P081“ BASEBALL TITLE BEFWE AWWNAG ~SOMH $AA®%E W ’ . ’ team‘ \'1n“ and waiting fOIL_U'1€“S_e~‘,,011d Gngagenlent -* , ~ sum of the p0St_seaSOn playoffs‘ Full playoff schedule 15 pub-‘ B Walt Andzmv b!>rtde mkxmz nt‘ ' “ ,_ _ . , ,--l1sh'eCf today on [1115 page Man. W-3st€1‘1'T Nev. Xutk Ilnks Anti «-nu‘ aget‘s~a1'-9 urged to read carefully » _____ Of 1351 .\'E'<11'% Pnallsts m the the appended note W1)l(‘h deals win Engage in mayo” Series charnD10I1'>1HD f1t2ht< at Rnuth wtth possible tles at cor1clu<1on nf with ‘Runnemup when Latter Shore Cnuntn Club 1: .st1ll tn the we I'£‘HU1at' bCl‘t£}§ALl1Q.. . _ [5 Decided Next \“,9“ rutmlng fm' the 1942 Has but h1< I'N‘l\.’\‘UWl\R >IaR|-__\ \ 1‘ _W__ V‘(‘0n'1l_)g)§u]‘f\ “as lmrilw, 1-ufflpd .,{~m- 1. The Lackatsanxta Beans became the _“3m““‘“\I’ \’”\\ 5‘”“\\«‘ 3 tlus ctty’s ftrst Class \B\ base- momnl P13 John «snnlmv Cavt: -‘ball champions this week when 183\ ‘tmkmg “‘“' ’’f 1“ bf“ 'I’they \,’,eI.e a‘waI'.ded a 7 to *0 fm._ games of the teat (“rtI'tt(‘t'I tin‘ , fen WCLO1.y'Ovm. the n,_m_appear_ tall Lack-auzmtmn M the mght- vmg Tfn.ee_GME Store mm, and‘ eentlt £t‘e+?11‘ befnte atttnl rt“- 'when a protest lodged against ””‘”' 0” d‘’‘‘“ their 7 to 2 victory over the CYO And7‘9H b(mm”'E ‘‘“m‘‘ \If m“ of OLV parish was disallowed. tee were matched bv Cawley. who Despm, the attending Comp” emploved orts iron» to the pin to Cations in me final days of their stay In the runmmz Other ftz'<.f Campa~1g.n_ Bears rproved Su_ round matches tn the tttle tmmd perior to all entrtes behind ‘the bmugm me“? I‘'”‘‘‘‘“‘‘' masterful pitching of Joe Deserto. J” S‘:h“‘°d ‘1 D‘ E P '“”‘‘9‘ who last year had puched Eh? st 1 up: Joe Maxkv d Paul C‘ud1m\ Barbara Jumdn In a Mldgettl1P1t0lE‘-1r1—(vmE\ expert 2 and 1. Lgague time‘ \ Dave SlltEE’t10t' at E Y Naeel. (in- Crown Club __ __ 10 9 tault: Joe (‘tmmd d Ed O‘Ma11ey_ Victonr CYO .. 60 51 KID: JDA 'RedI Baer cl Jtmm‘: In This C orner with PAUL HOOLIHAN In !\Iasx-er Pa=mk Rittenhouse. ua<..%1:rn»~< second Triump -in. A11(lzLl and Chuck Novak won the that fwld. 1.1%. M11 back in 1937. Monday evenmg. a s1zz1mg battle‘ exists among three geams in the L'i.1.<,.s A Buffalo District tMen'sr Eav'1>Exchn;vrns neft 49 edged Golf A:~~«>c1ar1on- team claamp1on— out D1 Angle Tmats net 50 in :2. skim wnrr the weekend. bestmg th1'g)\t—011t. f0'UI\~‘*\ hF_-1d- Saturday Hwlr P.u-k m the f'1nal<. 21 to 15 and >%v1nda_. Lrnm FSI1-auss, ‘E. Y. \[‘Y1r* Pmzntrv Club of Buffalo Maze} an! Jn Roof had nets of l)r-\\‘?(I m the South Shor-eties in 51‘ D-' 'I\\1=' won the sweep- ‘L119 >€=m1—f1I‘1als. 19 and 17. It stakex» event ' Playoffs Billed to Start Week from Sunday with Barbs. Royals Also In ‘ Lackawanna Municipal Softball League for me othe1*‘th‘re-.= play- off berths and especialfy second It's all oxwer but the shputing 41: 1] 4) Hanna. H 1 L’AcKAwAm~:A's LEO RYAN so far as the chamfnionship of the Phantoms and Roland Wxldcats completed their schedules Monday with the former continujng theixs belated show of power to crush their foe, 17 to 3 The same eve- ning.’ the Seres A C. tean1 tn- umphed over the Unknowns A C. \rto 5. ‘ lxrull r Rn]: ch. Mo-Ix nu. I U How,“ «I: 4 3 R-'|.l'?1'\. as 1 I ‘\l.u. H. ls striding abmgt the Naval Ah; Station at Jacksonvillé. Fla. these Lackawanna Municipal Baseball League is concerned. The Gl€l:- matas wrapped up the 1942 title Thursday with a 9 Lo 1 tri1_m1ph Over the Meréhants and U19 St .\'-rr-u|':r- PF :1 1) _’-HT1u’m. ‘lb 1 n f‘.-pl-.~I_ 1' days feeling pretty chipper IVI-u-lm, H» ‘-11! hell, ~ 4| f\I'uru\nn, rf l U I’! Winner in 9. recent Navy vs. Marines fpoxing tournament staged at the Cracker State metropolis. Leo. son of Mrs. Bessie Ryan of Highland Acres. had the thrill of his life when Commander Gene Tunney. ex-wor|d’s hegvyweight king. tendered him congratula- tions and a victory ribbon for his 4 '1 Hun‘/.:vr. v -no Jv..'i-ll-~ rf \ I I \\\?1[~‘|II| W’u;Irvl _‘F- ‘i ll 0 \'rrr~. Mvn .1; 1h '1 l I MUNICIPAL BASEBALL Twin’: I‘! 5 R Tnfals: Fighting for second place m ad-. dmon to the latter two teams are the players wearmg the spangles for the Eagles A. C. n[D(|l|'..’.I0(\—-—:'\ Results Giermatas 9. Merchants 1. Royals '7. Friend 0 St. I-Iyacmths 2.. l\'It'I‘L‘.1.tL‘.L.\ 1_ St. H3 acmths '7. F‘r1endship.~ 0 Tvw has» hit». .\:.av.narm-.u-/, (~ Herr. krv;-pal, hump runs. Mav. Rnreh: <'I-nrk n-IL. hv f‘ah'zo=wMci 5 hawk nn halls nf! hart--r I ('n\v-uv .\' Rutkm\sx|u\ 101001) ll 3 av‘ ,Th-e contests for hxgher po.s1- tion< “'11! be decxded tomcmmv evening mm the Unknowns fa?- mg a stiff asstgnment agamst the Cluampfbnshipt Johnny‘s and the Scorn by mnings of the Pinn- tum-Rarand game follows SUCCESS The Damog a.nd_ P_vLl1i.as or last; 3,‘-ears l'ml(s——Tommy tpollce commissioner) J'o,vce and Eat (Rosary avenool McGee, have been so busy with war efforts thig year that neither had play- -ed golf up. to a. couple weeks back. Then, Tommy found an open date and carved his way around South Shores familiar layout. Pat still has his first ball to \vha_ck this year but 9. chap who shoots par consistent- ly as does Pat can‘: lax‘ off too long. He's béing worked on now to bat. the pellet. Standi Phantoms 221013403 17 Rnlands ‘JI000O0O0—3 VV I. Pvt 9 1 .900 Giermata BBC St. Hyacinths HNS 8 2 .80 B1ohm_ K1-epei and Cypply W1I11'am< 1 up. and J Sand: (1 Characzak: McDonald and Herr Hamgv wmrnm. 7 and 5 Nl ggigjgrs 3 (13 g % 8 3 lg otzhe-r fn'<r round {nar«r1P< Jre-> G Szenma and Ne-storuk. maimed [0 h‘ mmpmm Mmfl Chester and Sari-es. ml‘ “\°?k' . ————-————_——— The South. Shore rmm mm- Mrs. Angeline Poliseno P“;“‘“ “f S\‘*““” \\“”\ Seeks Re-Election WEST SENECA ORIOLES ‘ Campaigning for re-elm L101: as PICNIC 15 Republlcan commxtmewoman 1'1 T[‘1f‘f,hlI‘daI‘.I1ll«1l pwnlx of West I.l’1e_IlI'St,WB.l‘dS f1fLhd1s'_I‘1l‘[. Mrs Seneca New NH. 117. F‘x.1H'2l1aI Angehne Pn1is€nn.. of 35 Elm Order O!’1r)ir'a_ ml} 1)? lnirl on street. today pledged ‘the same‘Sunda,v, Auemt Min. :1! Hopp-:» Lhoughtful and smcere admir11s- grove, Inzhrm (‘lrnm rum! Cun- tration of partv affeurs as I haw/° denmlle. All m9ml'>e:‘< and f!i'.‘I1‘i :\I'Pin\'1lPd M zmrnd ran: £411.11- fan‘ a: H. \\.'! Dr‘ .'I- LI”-\-<1 If rm‘ Sr. Barbara AA FISCAL DEBATE MIDGET BASEBALL Lackawanna Royals 4 5 .444 Lacka. Merchants Fjriendship Bears 0 10 .000 ‘Continued from Page One» ArhYet§cs 2. McKinley 1 \'1cmr_v Rovals 4. Ranaerc 3 1\I‘ap1r~ Leafs 4 St Mu-h.1el .Ir< 1 St Hvamnrh Jrs. 23. Bears 0. Games ‘ Scheduled cann0t« transfer funds from sur- plus accounts but 12. stands to rea- son that at least’$8.400 of the so- calleéasurplus is no su’rplus at all.\ i\Ir.- Riordan dreclared. Cnntendimz that the present administration was “not after the golden fleece\ but meielv had sought permission to use the \:0- called surpluses“ to mtet debts \which should have been but were not paid by past, administrations ‘ Mr. Riordan went. on to askali deficiencies in the 1942 budget which have embarrassed the pI‘-”$- ent Mayor and Council,\ Among those items which were not included in the present budg- et but which the adminletration has had to meet. Mr Rim-dan listed the following AT LACKAWANNA \s1j.z\n1t'M Sunday, August. 9. 4 p. n..—Roya1s vs. St. Barbams umpire Thomas. END OF SCHEDULE W L Po.’ Friendmip Athleucs 5 1 8'}: Map!» Leaf Jrs. 5 I .833 St_ Mlvhael Jrs \ 4 3 .667 McKinley Rams ... 4 ‘J .667 Rangcrs . .... 3 3 .500 Arnold Bqfdfn .. I 5 .167 S? -I-I\a«'1nth Jrs. 1 5 .167 V'1cLon_‘ Royals 1 5 .167 (Playoff schedule 1n\'o‘.ung first. four teams. will be pub'.1~l1e\l in Au 1 13th xssue of Lacka- wanna. Leader). . FRANK (POP) (‘OLLETAN Is [one but what he had done _for baseball in Laokawanna and VVest- ern New York will always hold as I. live topic among Steel City and Southside sports followers. ~ Hyadnths have clmched the run- nersup post. With a record onlv one game lnfmmx In IN‘ 1e.u:ue acmmpnshed Ln mv rum ‘fmm Mrs. Poliseno I: No. 13 on the bal Camus S ! AT I..\('KAW.\’N'.\'.\ ‘4T.-\I)Il'T\I Friday. August 7 winners St. Barbara< and RmaI< uhn m-set Sunday at 4 p m 1n the loop's final regular game of the season at Lackawanna. stadium. have sewed up third and fourth plpaces. respecm-rl,\' Rosuh of Sunday's game W111 have no hm.r~ ing on the scandmzs St. I-Iyac'1nt.hs. led bv another of \Chuck\ Jaromms long stung of one~hit. games. (‘li€‘d out a 2 to 1 vxctory over the h;1x'd-f1gnt- mg Memhanbs. 1asL SUUCAV as Jackie Tighe. on MY,‘ mound for the losers, pxwhed one of ‘ms best games of the year in permlttmg the hard-mmng Hjcas onlx‘ four bmgles. Jaromm fannm 10 op- ponents wmle Tlghe wmffed nuie It was one of the fastest. gimea or the schedule and put the H3 as Ln t.1p—t.op condmon for the pain- season playoffs v\l~.xch’s:a:: Sun- day. August 16th better than Hm.~r* nr mo Lu “Pop.\ usho would chew on hig omnipresent cigar and nod quietly whether on or off the ball field, dled Thur’\da,\' an the npe age of 78 and his -‘death caused baseball men the nation over to mourn. M‘-Klnley Rams vs St Michael J1‘~. a'L 9. St. Hvarlmh Jrs vs Vxr-rsnrv Roxals at 10:30. Arnold Bvars xs Rar~9.m's at no-wn MIDTP Lrvaf Jrs Va F1'1r~nd.<.l11p xthletxcs at 1 30 Paym-ent of a 322.000 WPA bond in Interest and prmclple; maintenance if a playground pro- gram despxte us lean budget: payment of 313.800 in rentals to the Buffa ewer Authonty: cost of $12 x\' removal: rr-paxr The slightly-built. ex-Holyoke. Mass. chamond manager will be remembered mostly in this ham- let for that championship 1918 team he welded together. m- cludmg such men as Clem and Ed Stawsky and the rest of the lads. That aggrcgauon swept. e\'e'r}'Lh1ng before It Ln a glorxous season of ball and melding the acorecgxd a la Conme Mack was “Pop M ' GLASS ‘B’ BASEMLL ! Beam 7 Th:ee—Gat-=5 D -F‘m‘f‘- Tixree Gatm V: Crown Club Ppci of streess and sewers. The bond. he sald. was bv the past adrrunlstrancm bm wxcnheld by Frank C; Moore. f1s- cal expert. unul the (present of- fxcxals came into office because of last _\‘ea.r's ex-Ly inv-estngation Piaxgound funds are depleted the counsel contended. smce Health Of Leo M Mxchaelk crdered daxly change of water at true Karsa wading pool This Iat- tor xtem. Mr Rxordan admuted Warriors 7 Boxers 5 ‘lhrve-(‘v1‘:=» 9 Ft M'rhaP' T (‘mun Club 10 Vlctnxv CYO 5 Standing: W L P-\t Larkawanna BPa1< H n 1000 C‘rcm'n Club 3 1 600 \ ‘rt 1'‘ C‘; (1) 2 7? '~ u. Warnors A C 3 3 .500 Sr Mlciw I~ A C ( 3 7. 400 Three-Gite store 3 .1 Inn Boxers A C 0 5 000 Jack Dotsle of the New York Gxants and other bxg-Lune baseball men knew Colletan xnumately and held great respect for the Lacks.- wanna mans knowledge of the game. . By fafxlmg Lo f.e2.*. 1 f:x.Z team for a thxrd consecutzxe game. the F‘riendsh1p Bears forfeited to [its Laackawanna Royals Sunday and automatlcally forfened titexr fran- chxse m the league under rhsr ruhng that three forfrzted games by a. smgle team m one .<€.i>C‘1’1 shall result Ln lts automanc ex- pulsion from Lite Zrugm‘ B: d'.1;‘_. of this ruling Sundax < g.1l'I‘.E’ 0:- iglnally slaved between the S: Hyacinchs and :he Bear: mi: ba written Into the records .15 a fox- fen. no the Hyas_ Baseball in Lackaw-anna, has suffered much from the present war, what with star ballplayers and youngsters who showed Games Scheduled the budge: 15 “terrxfxc m cost and not me: AT I.A('KM‘VA\'.\‘A \T'«\DIl M Fridaw. Auzust 7 great promise now in the armed forces. but it is the opinion of all of us that the biggest blow is this loss of \Pop\ Colletan. a. grand Sbortsman to the very end! “ RITES HELD FOR MRS. AGNES SARI S’ .\1'1r'na€Z.\ \'~ Bw 3' 6 .'VInnda.\‘. August 10 T'.‘.ree—Ga:«es H Crown Club 214 8 '(\r1n1a p:‘('\'p;?F-4\ xx‘... De annv‘-ur.c'9d .\[>r.d.a‘.' SEASON CLOSED “other of Prominent Attorney Died Last Wednesdav MUNICIPAL SOFTBRLL Funeral sernces were ‘weld Sat- Results Phantoms 1? Roiancis 3 Eagles vs. Seres. Ppd Seres 7. Unknowns 5 vrdan afternoon for !\I'r< Aznes San mfe of Joseph Sar1Ma‘,r,1,dh mother of W1‘.I1am A. gan, Lack- manna att.,:n1_'r1-s,v formerly con- nected mth the city law depart,- ment. BLACKOUT BUE Standings tcontmued from Page One‘ W L Prr Jahnnzvs Resaurant 8 1 .889 Walter Se-res A. A. 6 3 .667 Unknowns A. C, .. 5 4 .556 Eagles A. C .. 5 4 .556 Pltantcm: ... 3 7 300 Roland W_1dc.a:s 1 9 I00 raid sL1'en. ail autos except !hos= marked emergency exungtlnsh hghts and puli to c'u“rb '2' A11 bx:.<'.:1es5 :23-‘¢= fa‘- tones and orher hugdznqq =‘m1uZ-2‘ Prarers were wnd m the {am1'.y resldence a’ 20 Lebanon sweet and m the .\Iag\_~ar Presbynerzén Cmzrch. R.dee r0ad\ mm the Rev. W;.1;am F P‘::rges.s offmatzng. have hghts ex‘1ng\.:x.~\u=d ever: those places so shaded with blackout maternal that no Llzltt Games Scheduled Friday. August 7. 6:13 Eag.es ‘rs. Sex‘ at Roland. um- pLre Zslros. 1s v1.s1bZe from out.<:c1e Un1iI_1o'xns vs .Iohnn1e~s at Franklm. umpire Rutkowskx -3' A1‘. persons must be off streets and sLa3 zndoors except- PLAYOFF SCHEDULE mg poilce firemen wardens. fue auxxharxmen pvehcc air-ram Monday. August 10. 6:15 auxiliary and auxxizarx umts of the Civilxan Protvcfxon Corps Parents must not allow r‘r“.Id:‘en Johnnrs Rest. vs, Team No 4 at Franklin. umpine Zsiros. Team No, 2 vs. Team No 3 at Roland umpxpre Rutkourskx Friday. August. 14. 6:15 01‘ young peT.~'nn'~ Vn *..n‘..:.-‘P the movement law Team No. 4 vs. Johnny's Rest, at Roland. umpire Rutkowski. Capt. Cumin warned that per- sons violating the blackout or- dmance will be mr*.s.dered a~' he1p1_ng me enemx and M11 D’? treated as such. sub]ect to arrest Team No. 3 vs Team No 2 at Franklin, umpxre Zsiros (NOTE: T.>ams .\'~ .’ 3 and L are those Whit}: finish m ‘Id. 3 a :1 HR places In tons!-nu-.m nf sched- ulg tomorrow 9-6-rurzg In rhp ¢\anP He ur2Pd all prr)te(“mn unzts to repoz=t— to posns Lrnmecixatex or. 9-oundmg of the ax:-razd .>1I‘€‘I‘. teams are 'wr1 m =ra'~dvv'»zs, managers or re:-me-=r~'a':-vs-s M th-159 vaams win men. In Lpadrr n“;e \'atMda)/ at 10 1. m. where a cam will be flmped to determine pn<v'|r\n< 1*’ thugd garrws kr necessary 'n dacxdn vhp senes. they will be played on who f-xllrtv.-xng Monday. re- vevs-nz .’e» 1- ard u-nrnre= Final s achoviulo wxli be publisher: nevt. Thurs- day.) . - e. Bela Fusnm h NlCHOLAS DEL BELLO. ouzscron _' 7 ' \287 Soiath Division Street, Buffalo, Y‘. 4: /2 R103 33% ‘ « I:-1-—.'=— 7‘. '?-- ,~ $530 Panamas. $2.50 % \:»:;,;,»¢ “ ' ‘ . ‘Z: ' «' « $2.00 8traws,$l. 3; $2.09 nun! 991.0 slums . I-Om: SI!-‘€‘VP,°-—— Rayon——Sizes 36 and '18 Onlv ‘ C $l.50 SPORT SHIRTS $ A 00 Shnrt Sleeves. All Sizes . $1.50 Rugby Swim Trunks, mm‘ Gabarding Pants. $3.95 up .i .’ U R T S I755 SOUTH. PARK AVE. nmzx EVENINGS —— M0.’~'.. 'rL'Es., 17111.. SAT. 28 New 3-Level and I-Fleur Pian» Homes All on 50-Font Lois Priced at $4.5%% Each Down Payment. $350 or Mare. With Monthly Payments From $38.50 Up 7- .-_,e ‘homes l\': ‘*9 ‘v‘.e;‘€'” SavH'VgS F‘.- - at -1'_ —Ir\fereS1’ an F HA : d’ *-*'r~*es ~c~'ude large ' M; \32\\ ¢$«:;;;§:~_d‘:jefte. t-.~. rerjrgcms and bath /~ ‘'99 1«\'.*é* \aw-'\e.fs of -2 ' :-~3 ‘zrd on tn exoera e >‘:~-:1 \ _ 1 a\ €xCPD\2\»a' 7\’ \‘ \'-‘ “ -T‘--*O~\\€' ~ dwemngs F; r’) the rv- '90‘ r_.\*-\ * ‘~““\~“. \ 3 \aw '—~jrv~7 3\ f:A(L’,' g V.-= -‘ al 4 \”\“” '*:rv~e for /it FRANK H. ARE? & 39% M68 SEHEGA STREET Phone Tkiangle S134 Vwa-———-THESE Hduszs OPEN FOR !NSPECTION—-——-———- DAN SKUDWI.CK’S Proiessionul Drug Company E‘-?‘O|dest Drug Store in Lackawanna\ , H9 RIDGE ROAD (Near Wassou Avenue» DO0TOR.'S PRESGRIPTIONS HLLED ONLY BY REGISTERED DRU ' ‘FRESH DRUGS RECEIVED DAILY NEW MERCHANDISE RHRWIHG EHGH DAY For FalLWear 4 Come in and Look Around JUSE. WGIIZMM 79 RIDGE. RUAU Spring Painting , USE‘. ’ “STEEL EDTE RUBBER AUTO and Furniture Enamel tin 11 I 5! “Lea.ves I1: b:\c1)sCl)1r marks\ For 1::-\'A:.\z°t'.a]n*.:§1'edx-Wm’ Vieregg Waterproofing and Paint Suppiy EXCLUSIVE JOBBERS 164 Ellicott St. CL. 2076 WANTED -- BEC@RD5 3. Cents We Carry CompLefe Stock in All ( POPULAR REGORDS -—-- ALL LANGUQEES , ‘NEW AND USED REBORB SHOP - 44 RIDGE ROAD

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