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EEMBER 3, 1947 STEEL CIT‘? EEESS §{ 1 .£a>c£atvanna S VOLUME 1, No. 46 LACKAVVANNA, N. Y., VVEI)NEb\l)AY DE(‘EM.BI*}R 10, 1947 15 EIGLIT PAGES STAG CLUB ELEQTIONS I Named Scsies Manager REV. VEFREBQ DEES SUDDENLY WW MEM%ERSH|P DRIVE r. V. One of Lackzu.vunnu's oldr-,.~l civuc and social clubs, the Stag (‘lulu L-lucked the following officers for the coming year: Erasmo Colvllo, president; Nicholas Silve- slrini, vice - president; Pascal George, treasurer; Louis Mauro, corresponding secretary; and Leonard DePau1a, sergeant at Just‘ :1 day In-I‘-u-u he wax In culv- ln'zU.‘v Llm .'}(I1'h aIlI1i\‘n'l>z\l).' of his coming‘ to I.:u-kz1\\2uu1:I, the Rev. Joseph Vifrcdn, 66, pzlstor of St. AuLlum_v's (‘l1un,-ch, dim] in Lhc rec- l‘o1'_v. BEN Inj:hz\n1 AV(‘., Saluulny, of :1 heart‘ attack. SHGWS AMAZING RESULTS MEMBERSHIP DRIVE CHAIRMAN GWOREK HIGHLY PLEASED WITH CAMPAIGN PROGRESS 1‘-type ' E T K The Offire of the Dead was said yesterday at -1 I’. M. and :1‘ ponlifi- cal requiem high mass was cole- bmtud this morning at 10 A. M. in St. Anthony's. The Most Rev. John F. O'Hara, CSC, bishop of the Buf- falo Diocese, celebrated the mass, with M.»-gr. Just.-ph Gambino of Holy Cross Chlll'Ch, Buffalo, as deacon and the Rev. ’l‘«.-ufilo Zutta, assist- ant pastor of St. Anthony’s in But\- falo, as subdcac-.on. Burial was in Holy ('ros.~ Cen1otox'y. President Colello in dnnouncing the permanent committees for the year stated that the organization is planning to take a more active interest in civic and social affairs of the community. The committees which will assure this renewed in- terest are as follows: Stanley J. Gworek, senior vice-commander and mem- bership drive chairman of the John B. Weber Post No. 898, VFW, submitted 21 report, showing the progress of the current mammoth membership drive in progress, to (‘om- mandei‘ Edward Gaul. The report reveals that the cam- paign for new members. the retention of continuous mem- bers as indicated by the number paying their 19-18 duu.~;. and reinstatement. of former members, has produced amazing‘ results even when compared to last _\'<-:'ir's tre- mendous record. Civic and Social Committee: Nicholas Milano, chairman; Michael Pacino, Nicholas Sperduto. Nicho- las I-‘nlc-one, Nicholas De] B0110, Angvlo Gmsso, Alphonso Bmcci, Frank Rcnzi, Anthony Thomas. Clhurlcs Niconetto. Mr. C§wo‘1:L-|(. in conum-nting \tn the (excollvnl l'L'pul'L. dc-clnn-ml. “This l‘C‘S])0n.sl* to a VI-'\\-‘ dxivu :~ not unusual whun all tho t'z\c£uI's involved are consul:-rvd. The great body uf vctumns in our taommunily are increaainpgly becoming nwure of the truly l'L‘])l'\‘SL‘IH2\l1V1.' L'lmI'u(‘- tor and cusmopuhutn nature of HM‘ '\'I“W.\ Mr. Daniol Zzlccarinc has recent- ly boon :1ppuint.od sales nmnagor of the Peerless Sausage Manufactur- ing Company. Having been in the meat and delicatessen business be- fore. Mr. Zaccarinc is well quali- fied to hold the position. W;-.11 known in Lackawanna, M1‘. Zzxcczxrine is a member of tho S1-nior Chzunber of Commerce, the Junior Chamber of Commerce, and Post 63. Ann-rican Legion. Father \'ifx-ndo was born in France of Italian parents. After teaching high school in Barcelona, Spain, he undertook theological aludius at Torino, Italy. In 1912; he was nrdainvd in Susa, Italy. In 191-1 he czuuo to America to the Buffalo Diocese and first served as assistant pastor of St. James Church, Jzunesroxvn. MASS HONORS WAR II DEAD Sponsored by the American Serb Club, a Muss was held Sunday, December '1, at the St. Steven Serbian Orthodox Church for thi- World War XI dead who were mem- bers of the parisli. The Mass was said immediately following the regular Sunday High Mass and the pastor, Rev. Miromir Dulfnk. offi- ciated. An ovc-x'flow crowd of over AOO was in attendance. Present at the service was an Honor Guard in charge of iVIich:\ol Budimirovich. Other members were Gem-go Arbutin. George Buicll. Steven Zailnc, Sam Dujunovich. Michael Munich, George Smiljnn- ich J12, and Charles Vranjus. Mmnbers of the parish who were romombox-ml in the Mass wore: Nicholas Dukich. Bernard Bud- imirovich, Peter Kozlinu. John Mink, Lazo Sinmndich, Nikola Vukbrnlovich, Eli Schuaticlx, and William Drnkulich. or giff n who cks in House Committee: Anthony Do- Pusquale, Anthony Grasso, Louis Poui, Louis Corsi, Valentino Muri- obto. and Anthony Ranalli. Special Awards Committee: Joseph Pacillo, Samuel Mzlrinnccio. Nunzi Oddy, Joseph Milano, and Gerald Pucillo. - mforh \Alnmsl (‘VL‘l'_V xlutionnllty in the community. L-very sect:-m of the city is well 1'cpres<*.nLud in the huge me.n1bm'ship rolis which in the short space of tlweo years has swelled to such proportions tlmt the Weber Post is recognized in the County as onv of the lnrgc-at. and in the (‘niy as tho lau-gun veterans‘ organization,\ he added He was later assistant pastor of St. Lucy's in Buffalo and was ap- pointed pastor of St. Anthony's in La<~.l~::\wanmx. This appointment was made by Rt‘. Rev. Nelson H. Baker, \vhu was vicar-general of Lhe diocese. osome. ack hr The Stag Club has been in exis- tence for the past twenty-five yeans during which time their an- nual banquets were n. feature oven: in the community. saving JAYCEE NEWS The Lnelcmvannn Jaycees will hold :1 private bowling party and buffet ltmch at the Knights of Columbus ciubrooms on Delaware Ave. at 7 P. M. All members, their wives and friends are invited to attend to enjoy themselves until midnight. Members not having transportzxtion should contact the president, A1 Vercl, at TR. 1717. Edward Szymanski is in charge of all arrangements. On Degember 12th, at 2 P. M., the Junior Chamber of Commerce starts the first phase of its safely emnpznigu in the city. Police Chief Churles ('m'tin will paint the first sign on the sidewalk at the corner of Ridge Road and South l\u1‘l\. This will be the first in a series of “Safety Reminders\ that will be painled throughout the city in the next few weeks in an effort to make Lackzuvanmi the safest city in the area. Father Vifrcdo is survived by two b1'oLho1's, (‘L-lostino, of Valence, France. :1 (‘hristian Brother, and Vincent of Endicott, and two sis- ters, Mrs. Anna (Thiabaudo of Susn, Italy, and Miss Marie Vifredo of Lackawzmnu, who served as Faiher Vif1'edo‘s housekeeper. Agree On Library Contract Changes Continuing his oxplzxnatiun of the success of the drive, Mr. Gworok pointed out that more and more veterans are convinced that the Weber Post has taken :1 cour- ageous, sound. and impartial stand on matters which vitally affect the wellnre of the great majority of veterans, and by joining up in such large numbers they indicate an en- dorsemcnt of that policy. Representing the newly formed Erie County Public Library Sys- tem, Jcéseph M. 0'Mara, principal of tile McKinley Elementary School,‘ agreed with the delegate of the lBuffalo Public Library, on several major changes in the con- tractual provisions that will serve for more beneficial and more ef- fucxcnt library service for Western New Yorkers. FUNERAL SERVICES Armngenxcnts were under the chairnmnship of Dam Stojunovich. ‘ 1*?’ x 3:‘; 5 '(.~' R ‘V'§3.‘ {$3 « 2 mu-\‘ §:- =¥:\gg-‘§;I?s‘ ‘ J 2:; ' ,,¢_. x. -, \E Q .,.,\ :2. 3*. 4/ ‘ \\5 M. A -\>S'~.* .. , .« r\-‘. g , ‘ HELD FOR BUCZEK Funeral services for John Buuzck. 34, who was killed last week when fue swept his gamm- aparhm-m at 38 (\nld\\'s-.ll PL, were held Saturday morning at 9:30 11. m. in SL. Barbara's ChLn‘c.l1. The Rev. Stephui Szczepanski offici- Med. Mr. Buczek was the victim of a blaze §t.;u'ted. appzusently by 1:, lighted cigarette which he had been smoking before falling asleep and which ignited the bedding, police said. Firemen, who were at the scene about an hour before they could enter the building, found Mr. Bucze‘k’s charred body in the ruins. According to police and firemen, Joseph Buczek and hi: wife, who also lived in the same building, were awakened by smoke. They believing‘ John -also had escap- ed. GALANTI AA HAS ELECTION Thank: Committee. Pres! In addition, he re-cogm7.--Ll the exv-.-llrnl work of the nu mi-.1~l..p conuuitt(-.<- which is workmg wlth him. Giving cre.-dnt and thanks to the P1».-ss, Mr. Gworok o.xup!u\.<i7.c--i thc point that its coopwutiun in pnlblicizing the drive was nlsn an znpprcciahlo factor in the cum- paign. Meeting last Wednesday both delegates decided that holders of (Bounty Library cards will have the privilege of drawing books and amphlets from the Buffalo Pub- ia Lilirai-3?. Such books and pum- hlets may be turned in to any Bounty Library for forwarding uck to the Buffalo Public Library, rovlded that reimbursement is At an elm-t.inn nmnting in thn Galanij AA club:-oom.< Sunday afternoon, the membcrs elected Ralph Czxrestio, a Board of FJducn- tion mmnbor, as president for the coming year. Mr. (‘urostiu plodgod his utmost efforts toward making this the biggest and most success- ful year in the annals of the Ga- lnnti AA. This marks a new departure for the Jnycoos. who will now main- tain a permanent Safety Commit- tee to function year-round. under this ‘giiidfincé of Chaifman George Saab in a concerted drive Lo kc-op motorists, pedestrians, and chil- dren safety-conscious. In the two months since the 19-18 dues became payalxlc. M1. Gworck stated that the number of mmnhers paying their dues has far e.\‘c.eeded the number who paid their dues for the corresponding period last year. E1'e:\king it down to percentages, he pointed out that the paid-up membership for Octo- ber of this year was 143% larger than for October 1947. For No- vember of this year the percentage sonred to 195% more than lust; Novembc-r's paid-up nxemhorship. The total menlbershnp now runs well over 800. ade for any cost incurred, According to Mr. 0’Mara, who a chairman of the Public Relations mmitteo of the County Library yslem, n majority of the twenty - community libraries already An excr-.llo.nt golfer and sports enthusiast, Mr. Carcstio will have the active support of the other of- ficers elected with him: Louis Marinolli, vice-president; Ralph lilarinclli, treasurer; Edwin Di Cenzo, recording secretary; Joseph Spiker, corresponding secretary: Fermino Piotrocarlo, sergeant at aims: nnd three members compos- ing the Board of Di1'ocl‘or.<:: Joseph Covino, Virwoni. Bmcci, and Frank Renzi. we returned signed contracts _gr-ceing to participate in the unty System. BONUS MEETING TO BE ATTENDED BY VFW MEMBERS » Horsehid ht Jacket Fult Rayon Lining Ah-endy approved by the Trus- Medical Examiner Aaron Wag- ner issued a certificate of acci- dental death. Damage to the apru't.- ment, whic.-h is owned by Joseph Buczok, was o.~:timal.od at $1500. ~es of the Buffalo Public Library ml by the Trustees of the County nibrnry, ratification of euch pro- isions by the Buffalo Common ouncil and by the Erie County onrrl of Supervisors followed at he December 9th meetings held Jr those two legislative bodies. Conmuuider Edward Gaul of the John B. Weber Post No. 898, VFW, announced Sunday night that the Post would be represented at a nieet-in}: in the Masten Ave. arm« ory at 8 o'clock tonight to hear a detailed explanation of the New York State bonus. Leo V. Lzmning-. director of the Veterans Bonus ‘Bureau, Departnlent of 'l‘nxal.ion and Finance, Albany, and officials who will have charge of bonus work in Erie County, will be prin- cipal speakers. \The nu-nnlwrehip drive WI\ con- tinue until ovory potcnLiM and l‘1l< gilrh‘ mm-mlu-r has had rm oppuL'- tumly ha join I.uckawnnn.n's um-.t: Osborne Hurt In Accident PRESS CARRIERS JOIN SERVICE While cm»-ing Ridge Road near ElL‘.L'l.l’lC Ave. Monday murnmg. William Osborne. 1405 Electric Ave.. was struck by 9. car driven by Edwin Knspmvk, according tu police. He suffered a frzu-‘turod nose. Z1f:m'P'<'~’1\‘r V:-In-r:\n§ orgunizzm.-n -ihv Jnlm B. Wvbor Pnst No. 898. VFW. Two former Steel City Press carriers last week entered the ser- vice of their country. They are Arthur DiCenzo. 18, Sturluxxmnm Avenue. and Donald Antonucci. 17. Wilmuth Street. Both were juniors at the Lincoln Annex High School when they enlisted. leather jacket Nd hosts of friends. If f uxiliury Society Tho C‘Y(‘ of St. Hyacinth's I3 holding‘ :1 mid-holiday dance at Dom Polski Hall on Saturday, Dw ('O.l11b(‘l‘ 27:11. Dancing‘ is scllodulcd to begin at 9:30 p. m. to the music of Johnny Brouks and his orches- tra. Sf. Hyucinfh's CYC Dance nt, shoulder epcaulr \=- pocke§s—-bull ct-*1 slened. Knit cuff and Average length 26 It in. Sizes 34-48. Sara? rent Sears value. A gala New Yen:-’s Eve banquet ponsorcd by the Lake Erie Ladies’ uxiliary Society, will be held ecember 31, 1947 at the Lucka- nnnn Hotel. Dinner will be served In a statement to police. Mr. Kaspcrok said that he did not see Mr. Osborxw crossing the street. Mr. Osborne is employed by an office supply company in Buffalo. The two former carriers dis- tributed the Steel City Press in N10 Steelzuvannn-Baker Homes section. They are both former high school athletes. Each played at an End position on the Lrckawzmnu High football teams of 1946 and 1047 where they earned varsity lemurs and swuteu. The invitation received by Mr. Gaul was sent to all post: co1mmmd- ers by Edward J. Zenger, director of the Erie County Veterans Serv- ice Agency, asking them to attend. the meeting with the persons desig- nated to direct the bonus setup in it respective organizations. 10 p. m. $4.00 per person in- ludetr everything and attendance ill bé by reservations only. For servationa call, Mrs. Samuel arinaccio, President; Mu. Yin- enl; Mada: or Mrl. Michael Kili- The chairman for the affair is Eugene Knrmelck, assisted by Angie Koltys as co-chairman. Proceeds from the dance will bo Bled to improve the clubroomo. RSDIIY -EN NIGIITQ T0 12 MORE SHOPPING DAYS '1'\. CHRISTMAS

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