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BER. 19, 1917 STEEL CITY PRESS 1 Bac s VOLUME 1, NUMBER 44 LACKA'VANNA, N. Y., WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1947 15 EIGHT PAGES ‘WE DON'T HAVE 3'0 BUY THEM IACKAWANNA CHAMBER FETES CITY OFFICIALS, School Board Action I Arouses Taxpayers, Vets ! A NEW INDUSTRY SPRINGS UP TO HELP POOR LANDLORD BEAR UP UNDER HIS BURDEN OWNER 8. STAFF OF WWOI. ‘Beef and pork are high priced. So zuv caviar and Cadillacs. Under the circunlslzmcos, we ‘Mum our wnsumption of the em- nmvnud nIl\.\il\ fish eggs. And so w.(h ('udIllucs. It's possilalo to get about in a X939’ Chevvy or oven adv: Lhc bus. The mellow nostalgic hmnmnies Ishat usually result \\.hcn t=lu- Luckn- wzmmx ('l11\luhc1‘ Il\(‘1.‘IS pwwd hn.-chly suu(:.~.~fuI Thumduy. Nov- L-n '_'U. Whrll I\'uunun C. Fwd- nksuu. pn-.-udx-nt of the Lackin- wannu ('h.nmhm of (‘unmnu-mu. ex» tended W9.'l('uI)1\\ gm.-vt.in;rs to the newly-oh-cted city offncials and the owxu-r and staff 'of Lac.kuwunnn's new radio station, WWOL at The Spani.~.h Wclfan: Club, 229 Ridge Road. I'lxpn-~.six\p; imiuznation tlxrmurh coumumimmum. phunc (111115 and pm»-mul viaib to Llw I’l'(‘\‘.~ offuv. STEEL CITY MAN I wnsh to wmp today for the poor 1n.ndloz'd. who Is huvmg a. rml rough um-\ He is Imvmzg suvh El mugh L-mu’. In rh:.~.o.~ spnrtzm duy.~.. u now i:ndu.s‘try has sprung up to help him bmr ms burdvn. The New Yuxk Txmes, a couplp Sundays back. carried a chaste In-tlcr 3d\‘I.'rH5€‘InE“nL It said’ “Ap- artment houso owners — let us help you inrroasc rents.“ (And m rhv smzmost punt’: \Wnh uppmv.-I Q! Offirn of Rent Control by means of hm‘d:;hlp pot- itions.\ u 1'.§lx'ill hum)‘ lu~;1Iuyu1'.s'_alId vol- oum.‘ lulwh-.d the action of H11‘ Svhuul Board majority in lwiun amudmg rhv suhuol minutes In the othm pap;-1. unfair In a local un- tvrprisc and to the local vetoums who own the pr‘-ss. AIR CRASH VICTIM Wnlluun I.c-ihclxulnn. zniutiun ut‘~ (lnunc.(- mun. first class. formerly of [5 Ridge Road, Lac-kawnmm wus umong the nine officers and enlisted men to lose their live: Friday while on maneuvers 100 xmln-s west of San Diego with the First Task Fleet. Bur beef and pork——per cupita annual consumption in this coun- csy Is up to 156 pounds, or 30 luorv pounds than in 1937. ‘ Here is one key to the secret. of lmpluused by the fairness of the I’:-os.s' bid for the minutes \ \ of Lin-ac taxpayers and veteran» could not umlc.1slan<1 and in no unco1't'ain v.orm.'~. conda-mm-LI the stand tzdwn by the majmny mombg-r.~. of the Board. The son of Mrs. Funny Bock- man. Loibclsohn, :1 Veteran of war- tinw service in the Pacific and North Ann-mean Theatres, spent six )'('.1l1‘S in the Navy. high prices. Back in the old days, before the new onlixzhtcnment, a family which muldn't. afford, didn't buy. Cadil- Lxcs on :1 Chevvy income produced : nuxrks from the neighbors about curtmn people being headed for the (4.-rhouso. Usually the neighbors Various items of interest. were read by »*e<-H-Lary Dan Broth and di.$L‘llS~2L'd by the body, one of which war. :1 sv.x[:gcstiun by pm-.~:idvm Norm C. I\:-ed;-ikscn to nppro}):‘i- ale fuud.~. ‘for tho (‘hamhuxs outlin- ed pmgmn1 for 1948. wlximh will be di<cu.s~'.v.-d at a later date. No olmrg. “Unless suuussfu}. j \Watson A..».suu.no.s_ In-* H W. 43nd Street. N Y C‘, It wn.s HKL‘ zxdvtrtnmng fr«~r- holes in the head, or a gr:m;~ map of ll\[)X‘0.s)‘ If :lu- rxrm m q\I\.\‘0I‘ l\x':m1'L dx-hb<~r.u-'._v am-kxng in set :1 record for pul.v'n~ unpup‘ni.nr.:,v Survivim; urn his stop-father Mu-5'01‘ Bo.-cknlzxn; a brother Manuel Bx-ckmun and three si:4t('1‘s‘ All were pl;-awd with thv fr-an!‘ nuumn-1' in vshnh lhu Bonulia mu Um! was ropozu-d to the pl’npIl' of I.z1r1.z1v.anna by UN: 1’n-.~~. Many WPII‘ su1p1‘i.~.-L-d to find out that u- H‘ right. And let no one introduce any >-uhlc-musing.-: hokum about ill 5 --ding: Beef and pork are not the win sources of calories and vita- iu-n.~., of proteins and carbohy- drates. llczxlthful, balanced diets me easily possible with little of tlmin, or none for that matter. It's just a mutter of preference. Like some people, including the Rus- sians, going for caviar. All of which points up President. Trumarfs plea for meatless days. The feeding of hungry Euro- peans isn't the sole consideration. We do not hzwe—-obviously from the siatistics~—-enough beef and pork to go around. So let's out :1. little lcss—-one day less anyhow- md help spread the supply, inci- dentally helping to hold the price down. NF xly-ylux (‘ml Lilly uffiriuls were call:-d upon by Chairin.-.\n Nurm C‘. FI‘L‘dl'il\«¢‘l1 it) say 2: few \\'o!'d.~. but i the in-M‘ 'sl‘[)[ll1dlll'lL',' of all was‘ made by SLlp('l'V‘lSUl' .iu~i-pl; F. Scliwod. Schwod said. “Lax-kip wanna vim be just as pupular and; pmi::c-svonhy as ii. has born dotri- mc-ni.'z1lly. Let's not have any one-U sided st-on-L dealings. let's pull to-I gctli:-r and only by pulling: to-‘ Rollie!‘ will we Slll.'CE'('\l in making: Lxickawuiuui a proud my to be from. and not. away from.\ i Tiw highlight of the progruni evciitiizited when Norm l\rudril.'e-.<-n obllgingly reqLicstud rm-ml»:-ra as well as guests to misc. state mum- and rc-pro.-sontntion, which went along harmoniously until Cl\Zlll\1)(‘.!'; Board member Horace Bodge represented himsvlf with: Horace Bodgo, nails and doors. Newly-elected city officials pros- ent, pledged their support and co-' operation in the outlined program. of the (‘liamlmr for 19-18. TURUL LODGE PLANS Wut‘.».m .L».sn..m.. t'urn.~ on: to be l‘(.“1It)‘~1l‘,',a\l out which A: not at all \\'urr.od lbuul bung, azonvd by nutragc-d '.cn.1nt.s for CO”;lhnl'l'- mg L chamng the rent up.~m'.x':s It nwrc-ly knows about thv ins and outs of rent rmsing. and .~ervc.~, as comulmnts on Lint t0lu'h_\‘ mam-r You bring your books. cry on the rug, and then tho firm ton; you whether you'w~ got :1 r:h1nc¢- in court. which Is to say mu mxvro! people It swm.~ zhr lundlur-is h::-.-.- been sobbing (‘vrr :-H\lCv- 0P.\ frnzv rt-n‘, in Mm-ch 1911 Tho cast of «~vcr_v- Hung wont -,:n1.'e~_v-west. and the-_v were. unable to nook £1 ndv on tho r-\‘p1'cs5. xuuh Hung.» mm zu.-umlly cumv to pan». at a Suhuul Ruzud mooring FALL DANCE and anutnd it was time Sullwunt‘ turn--d the .spu\,light— on their arLiv- Plzuls art‘ lmdcxwny for the zmnuzxl Fall-Dance spon<ored by The Tuxul Lodge, Smuxdny, Nuv. omber ‘.29. at the Hungarian Hall. Steohuvztnna Avenue, as announc- ed by Chzzixnxan Paul Tollm and co-chaitman Paul Sipos. VOLUNTEER TEACHERS COMMENDED BY PRINCIPAL Juhn I‘. 0.~.burm-. prixu-um‘. ot Imckzuvunxm High School. announ- <-od that th-~ fullnu-nng commit!--c-~. vulumm-rod Lh:-ix’ .<«-:'\-ices fol’ Um nu\\I_v-fuzmr-rl fznuhy z-nn1n1vtt.-n~ Other nxomhms of the comInitt‘o¢= incllldc: Dnur. Wnllmm Fm-ka~, Juhus K Andrc-w Evak Jo-mph Kl(‘Sil‘t, William Borxv. Ju11u—- Buda and Ni(‘hU1il.~‘ Bndnar Rv.-fu-.~lum-nts, John Doyle Jr., Glls Ayh-1. Juhu Fuxjc-~'i. Julun I’ob~lL'I‘, Fumk Gzanich, Stove Tul- lar, John I\’lv:<ic. Alva: Nestor, Louis Boxmfoldi, Joseph Posstcr. William Toth. Lester Vilagy, Jo- sz-ph Fitzory. Mzn-tin K1:-.-ic. Ed- ward A\Iagyar. James Fish. Frank Lulz. Paul Fitzury. Andrew H«.-f- flor. Joseph Evans and Nicholas Boris. fuz pxtra CllI'1'itll]1\I' activities Out of tins has hnally comc the \hurdslup pt-Luon.\ A neat mue number by which 8. really deserv- ing. God-fearing landlord can boost his prices. All he has to do ls show. by that over 3 two~yc-nr porzod. from 1939 to 1915. hr‘ wag losmg less romparutivc mnnoy than ht-‘s losing today Or that he made more cnpxml inlprovements or that he increased sorwues. Or that a blood rt-lutionship. whmh m 1}‘ have curdlod. existed between Lmdlorcl and tenants at the time iho 0rx~ KIILLI price wws fL‘{(‘d. There ure all sorts of Lwistors ‘m the tenant landlord axxs tn-i 13' For msumcc. if the man comes I0 you and say. look. let's you xmd me rmsc the rom tlmt authorizc-.1 15¢}, maybe he doesn't t/911 you that the scwond you sign the conI,mr'.. you are 'io‘i‘o\'€>r dcwntrulled. The following commmec-.5 worn commended on the splonded work ncomplished by them: Advisers. Junior Red Cross. Assembly Pro- gram committee, Athletic Counml, Charity C ontrlbution Committee, School Heal-Lh (founcil. Cap and Gown committee. Junior Prom (‘om- miueo, Letter Day comittoc, Lunch P.-rind Activities, Magazine Sub- scriptions commit.to<>. Publicity cornnuttoe. Purl; umc studr-m. work- nrs. Regents rt-part. Senior pl 1}’ txckcts. S¢'mm' (‘ins Day pru;;r:mI, Smxor Prom. Tr-rwhors Sp:-Hal Fund and V-xsuul and Audio Aids comm'mte<-.. ;=_.::::-~.....,“_’ :~.-3-;..¥_h ‘<'(~ ,x_. \ ‘ .,_ r E13 It wouldn't hurt anyone who can Jfford to gorge himself on dollar- Dwpound steak to cut down on the obher days, too. FSOLE DISTRIBUTORS The znccting was adjourned with the entire group settling down to exchange gruntings over sn9.c.ks and refreahnwnls. Wnrdxobc: John Nyitrai, Frank Aylcr. Frank Nagy, Jusvph Pmler. Alvin Hoy<on. Michael Grzmich, John M11101‘. (}u< Pappy. Louis Nagy, William (‘nut-.u1l, Andrew Boda. Rudy Czoldx. Steve Nyxtmi. John Kuty and Stvvo Evan. Tiokc-t=. PL-Lox’ NyH.‘l' SL1-vc T‘os<ter. F1 unk Sypous. Alex FlL'Zt‘l‘(‘., Wllliam Sun and Paul Boris. @ 0!‘ KOCH BEER 8; ALE Sole distributors of Koch's beer ‘and ale in this area have been an- Enouncod by three local lads with ‘headquarters in the former Luckn- ‘sanmu Laundzry Building, 285 Inghnm avenue. _ The three are: Newton Brod- 'hagv.-n. Walter Donowick and Ed- 'wurd H. Donowick, with congratu- llutory greetings extended by ‘friends and xieighboié. 9?\-:=r 9:11-1.49 CATRONICKS HOLD PARTY A party sponsored by the Cat- «ronicks at 179 B Albrxgllt Court was hailed as 21 gala event by all who amended. as anznoum-ed by Jo- scphme Hill. president and Chm-ry Fleming. secretary. I-Iostesses for the program in- cluded Anna I-Imvkins. Loxs Groom a (1 Dorothy Mccallistor. ode with highest - for anti-freeze. Ring with chem- fard evaporation. supply now. Pfc. Chester J’. Chwala, son of SERVING IN JAPAN Mr. and Mrs. John Chwala. 20 Aniri(I.n st=1'ou-1 1:4 st-rving in Japan with the Fl!‘\‘l‘ (‘uvalry Divmnn, s.c«-n'd1n;,r to an announcvmnnt made by his pnrwnts. Floor, Eugene Kovach. Steve Vorus. Lnui- Sm-2. Sn-vv I‘n<kuIy. \Vxlh.'\m Nun)‘, John B:uhLr<. x\vhcha::1 'IToth. Jame:-= Prum-Ila. An- drvw Kxah, Josoph I\'yit‘rni. Wil- luun Kazan. Edwaxd HL-film’. Frank Mlskuly. Jzum-s‘ Kovach. Louis Tan. Juhn :\hhuk. John \'ilag_\{. Sh-vo Hs-rg. John Czuldi and William Szaho. Whxch is to say when tho lease runs out and t'h(- owner w.mts to hang zmutrur muse on you. you can’: go unxwhng to rent control. You pay up or gvt out Or suppnsv .1 Iomllord fxguros he IS mkmg 3 $5000 boating :Lnm1aH_v, and can rm‘ to prrw it. He has been shming mound among tenants. Lrymg to pcrsu.nle mom to accept a. voluntary an of 15¢}. Three of his tenants agree: the others say mx. The landlord can still go to rent control and get pernnssmn tn r-use his rents the fuli $5000. This might! add extra burden on the dz.-vnnng rcsidvnts. when rnnt ronh-n! says ৮flii fl ଶfi fl ণণસܶ Wewly-Elected Officers 5 onored At IAAC Banquet Dom Polski was the center of at- ‘ftraction Sunday afternoon and evo- ning’ as the IAAC Ciub held elec- tions and a banquet to honor the xevvly-elected officers. Let Us Give Thanks % ' More than three hundred years ago :1 Pzlgrim colony canm out of :1 winter of suffcrin;-: and priv:mon; a tiny band of men. women and children who bravod a new wuzhi. And a Governor, named Brmlfurd. said: “LN us give t-hanks.\ For what‘ shall we give thunk~“.’ Fm hf» itself. In a cool Nnvexnher twilight a wnmzm, Ernestine Schu- rnann-Huink, I0|')I\0d hack '75 years —y:-ars hurdn-m-d by s0rro\V5 And ys-1‘ shv.‘ wan ahlu to say: \To live is to be thankful; to know night and day. chnrw;nu: seasons, to he-nr g'oldL‘rI lau;:htor and even to V.\’l‘|‘}'1 snftly—just to he ahve is to be (.\nzmkfu].\ , Prom-eds of the dance to be used ifur :1 lmm-fit Christmas party for the hmnxlu-rs‘ children. J o h n Pam.-zykowski, original ounder of the club, acted as toast- ISCHOOI PRINCIPAL ‘INJURED IN AUTO CRASH C‘ontimwd on Pam‘ '7 Newly-elected‘ officers are. Chea- Struski, president; vice presi« cut, Stanley Rusczyk, Ed‘ Sawicz, ~ easurer, who tied with Ted uworski but .-ztiil came out ahead r tossing a coin, Al Cybulski, inancinl secretary, Walter Stetz. ecording secretary and sergeant- (’.-zmns Ernie Panc7.ykowski. Presiding chairman Jnhn PancIy—- owski introduced guests and neakers. Clare-ncc C‘on\\=ny. 60, of 923 Palm SL, primipal of the Franklin Elo- muntm-y school, crashed zxgainst L119 middle-of-the-stroot nbutmvnt of the Lake Shore, Ridge Rd., at 3:50 carl_v Tiuu-sduy morning‘. Suffvrxng‘ from hand and 10;: in- juriz-4. hmpital l\lll7hUl‘i\.lu§ of Our Lady of \'n-fury ‘lIuspit.:1I zumnunr- ed Mr. Cvnwzty's condition as being fair. Nearly a century and a half later a man named George Washinmon turned to a nation born nut of a cruciblo of pam and sacri to say: “Let us give thanks.\ Seventy-five years later. a man pamed Abraham Lincoln uune out of a long night in which a people and its dc-shiny were czuuzhv. in a valley of crisis. And he too chow a day in November for a day of lmnkcuzivimx. Today we look out on our would. and somewhere perhaps :1 voice. wearied by burdens, whispom: “What have I for which to give thanks ?” luckuwannu Food Drive Lackawunna Fund Cun.~r1'vuIlOl\ Committee announced plum to on- list Boy Scouts to disml-ute posters and literature to consvrve fund. Chaimuxn Floyd R. Schuun stated that Smut (‘unnn~?—~mm-1‘ IIm'nc(= Budge had plvdgnl co< opernnion. For what xhall we give Lhzmksi’ For glad laugzhh-r: for the chxld whn walks bx .<i-iv hum. and in whnse eye.» a meat Iuzht ahmus; for glass and tn-vs and water and sumhlnc. ‘chc u.hLlc of oak lczwc-.~:. and the .fru-mlly bark of a dug; for friunds and nci;:hl-ms, and snan;:L-.r.~ too. who pause in :1 tn-xnim: {Ln-huh-nt hn:h\-«ay calla-d 11fu- to 1's.‘.mind us chm it is good in lxvu. Pity him who xwigzhs -his hlu:s- ings by counting: what he holds in his purse. Pity him who cannot few! .1 real oxulmtinn and a dvep humility as hv says. “I will give Lhanks hmzuxsc I am alive in free Ame),-ica!\ For in that is the root of gratitude . . . the principle of divine law. CATHOLIC DAUGHTERS Size Of Paper [ Comm(-ncs fur and zu:ain~t :1 standard size paper has in-on made. For this reason we wuuld mm to conduct a survey wlwl-her the majnrity of pooplv would pr(‘.fm‘ the now tuhlnid size or the standard size. Eugene J. Jablonowski, son of . and Mrs. Anthony Jab1onow- JOINS MARINES Fluwcr\ Troop 01‘ the Jumor Cath- olu: Daughtcrs of Amenca, Lhv fol- lowing ofncors were eh-ctvd. Pros- idont Rim P Momomari. vico—prz-s- idcnt Pn.h'icizL A. Miclmlnk. scum- Lary M:1rgm‘:‘t J. lvmzzucvhi and treasurer Elc-n:nor A. Marcaccia. Other members included are: Mm-y At a recent nxoetmg of the \Limo A. Novoll-i. Eleanor G. Fiore and Vivian 3!. Thomas. The counselor is Mu. Dennia P. Kano. Jt. i of 24 Arnold Place has enlist- in the United States Marine ;~ and left for Paris Island. - Carolina for training. Jablonowski, Lackawzmna High ‘V3001 graduate, class of '47, en- iga in the Haime Corp; hr '3 M “What. thanks shall I give 1”\ asks a grey-h:1irod man of 70 who faces old age, which should be a sunset of tranquility’ but instead is a nightmare of wand, and prism- Please submit all replies, pro or con, care of Steel City Press, 19 Ing-ham Avenue.

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