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Lackawanna's steel city press. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 1947-1948, October 15, 1947, Image 3

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\M “WQin1::>mo\; WEDN_ESDAY,”OC\l‘OBEI>t_ 1 5, 719747 STEEL “CITY PRESS LIBRARY -HAS NEW HOURS ST. ANTHONY’ S I-INS The Lackawnnna Public Library‘ is now on its winter schedule. It will be open from 11 to 9 Monday thru Friday and from 2 to 9 on Saturday. TO SPONSOR DANCE The Holy Name Society of St. Anthony's- Parish will present Bob- by Nicholson and his broadcasting band, from WK-B'W,, at the Second Annual Dance. It will be held on Satu1'(l'ny. October 18, at Memorial Hall. Edwin DiCen7.o is chairman and Joseph Spiker, co-chairman. VFW AUX HOLDS SOCIAL The ('01. John B. Weber Post Ladies Auxiliary No. 898 will hold a so(-.iz\l Wednesday, October 15, at 8 p. m. at the Post; Club rooms. Friends are invited to attend. ALIMGHT DOUBT GLASSES START The Albright Court Unit of the Erie County Home Bureau _l1as sl.m*l'vd its 19-17 - 19-18 classes. Tlu-so will include sl.c-mailing, covering‘ lump shades. and making hooked rugs and gloves. ML*:nbc1'sl1ip in the Cl;$S:~x-5 is f1'r'n and classes are open to all women in Lac-kuw:mnn. JOHN B. WEBER ;; Post 898 vrw LACKAWANNA, N. Y. _ __ ; Meetings are held every two weeks on Tuesday night at the Albright Court Community (‘enter at 8 P. M’. The next meeting will be October 289.}: laciuawanna Office: 285 Ridge Road, lackawannu A GOOD PLACE “D TO EAT is Chicken a Turkey . - . ~.~‘nks—Chops I ;:::“J;:: -% _ (7 ”Where Good Friends Meet‘ , it c‘ :§3-—{.j~ ’ ~' ‘ SCHUSE’S GRILL £93.71‘ Lg/>REQUEST MUSIC FRL, SAT. 8. SUNDAY Q 2/‘ €CfBOB MATA & His Stardusfers i-/ig;— \‘ i I We Speciulixe In Chicken In The Ruff PHOENIX CHI‘! ;3D SlMON AVE., lackuwanna PHONE TR. 9550 D.In<Ing Furry Nu: I856 50. PARK AVE. GOOD FOOD OF ALL KINDS W0. 9822 Cafhrine Schuse, Prop Dzlhugmlt, 169 HnlIaud—-2 ram: MEET YOUR BUDDY T THE COL JOHN B. CLUBROOM5 I4 RIDGE ROAD DRINKS SERVED FROM 2 P.M. to 2:45'A.M. Vii/inn Gomiorri. $0 NrImn—2 Tirfulr M. Timmrnmm. S5 IF:/_l-MI'un,- Enjoy Yourself at MY PLACE Let MY PLACE be YOUR PLACE F ’ V / _ 7 W /2’; BEERS — wmss — uouons E Dancing Salurduyl - Sundays from E l0P.M.h3A.M. ‘ E Music by the SYNCOPATORS § Telephone WC: 6949 E LEO w. KozAczKA. Prop. F’ OPEN RGIIIN (REDECORATED) “LA('KA\VANNA'S MOST F1\‘.'\l'OU5 NITE CLUB\ Steak Plate - Steak - Vege- fable - French Fries . .. .50: Fish - Spdghet & Meat Balls Sandwiches of all Kinds Enteriuimncnt Every Nile ROGERS GRILL TR. 9308 W Iunplka It WILL ma nosmss ' Mrs. Dominic Jcnnctti will be hostess to her club at her home, 13-! School St.., Monday Qctober _ 20, 1947. Those who will attend are: Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bcdnar Mr. and Mrs. Victor ‘Kapinos, Mr: BE 'NDlVIDUAL and Mrs. Steve Evans. Mr. and Mrs. James Dc-Pasquale, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sawicz Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kapinosl and Mr. and Mrs. Stove Busty. This is the first meeting; for tlw current year. After cm‘d.~;. refreshments will be scrvcd. Gllosts of honor will in- cludc Mr. zuul Mrs H. Brcnneu. Frank I, Bobys If your name is listed in the Steel City Prom‘. with the word “licl:ets\ after it. stop at the Press Office. 19 ‘|322 50, Park Ave_ Ingham A\'o., for two tickets to She-a’s Lacl::ix\val1I1n. H N i 7 7 WV _‘ - Hcrc are some of the advalttages of letting the l\l.'u1ufncturcrs and Tradrrzi Trust Company finance your purchuecs of housz:- - hold appliances or furnishings: I Quink. frluru-My service. 4 Esloblishmunl af valamblo bank 2 Many afficu la main payments. \‘d\- 3 l°W bunk f0MI- 5 Complain irnuranu covet-ago. Tall your dealer you'd like to lin.mcz- your purchase through the I\I.1nufucturcrs and Traders Trust C0mp.mj‘. [om Manufacturers and Traders FOR A“ ' Tr_ust Company - “.1 J. wj .::__Bu 5, New York _ mamas: reoanu. new-osn msunmc: courounou IF YOU CAN'T DANCE COME ANY WAY AND ENJOY THE FUN AT THE ' l. U T N I A Full Frolic and Dance 5:19., oer. lath DOM POLSKI 1| One-Stpp Line WATCH Of Service On All ‘ V POI! Makes 0! Cars 11‘ M. P. BALLARD MOTOR CORP. 7”‘ NEW ”Erio County’: Olden Oldsmobile Dealen\ 2600 SOUTH PARK AVE. W0. 1110-1111 2235 So. Park Ave. Gomc OUT TONITEZ A 3:: sum: TO VISIT... L A D I E S ADMITTED FREE Between 9:30 and 10:00 To The LUTNIA FALL FROLIC 8. DANCE Sat. 06!. I8 Dam Polski 83 INGHAM AVENUE CORNER BAUDER \Where Good Fellows Meet” Stop in for a Sandwich or u Meal FINE WINES — BEERS WHISKIES A1’ ALI. TIMES TR. 9577 T. Gasiewicz, Prop. TRY OUR FOOD jusi once . . . and we know you will be back to see us again RA|.PH’S RESTAURANT 95 HELIGH AVE. TR. 9671 - T Jerry .knn:p_r;.:, .75 Hum/rr—.’ lint-vi} Visit I BARONE S GRILL WE SPECIALIZE IN SPAGHETTI & MEAT BALLS 2294 HAMB. TPKE. TR. 3841 IIINE and IMIIGE - AT THE BEGINNING may, Sah, Sunday . 1 E, ., .1 J1: T. STEAKS - CHOPS at All Times Spaghetti & Meat Balls on Wed. and Thursduy FISH FRY — Friday 8. Suéurday STAN STAFFORD, Prop. WC. 9835 42 Ridge Rd. Mu<;i<' by The Martin Tr-in Jam sossions cvm-_v afternoon 3-5 ”\ir VF!’-:E'L' LOW. COME AND USE OUR CRYING TOWEL Andy Morrisey’s 0 \II 2026 HAMBURG TPKE. Music every l“ri.. SM. and Sun. Nik-9 -— Ken Robinson at the St0in\v:\y Famous for Roast Beef Sandwiches and Fish Fries Meals Every Day _m. 9969 LAcxA., N.Y. e,“+§g4A__§_-+°.-_A4_A‘¢¢2;¢¢9¢4;- COME ON PHLLERS! Let's pay a visit to the MATHEW GLAB AMERICAN LEGION POST I477 CLUBROOMS 511 RIDGE ROAD Lackm. N. Y. 'o\o\o\o\'o\o“'o\o\o\o\o\ HEY, VETS! When you're in South Buf- falo, don't forget to see your buddies at the SOUTHSIDE VFW POST N0. 3170 40 COMO AVENUE THE ; AFTER ms snow Drop In to The O THEATER Gull STEAK SANDWICHES, Spaghetti, Steak Dinners Hoff ’fA_E_ALS All Kinds of Sandwiches THE 3551' DR|NKs 2040 Hamburg Turnpike 164 RIDGE Rm Jose Rodriguez, Prop. ’ Ph TR 9926 one . :<I)risIirIn \Il_l H __ _ _ ' _ _ 79” r___ I MAY 5 GRILLE ’ ’ ' Specializes in Goon roan (Turner! \00! and JOE KUSTREEAI P\°P' . (‘ah-bagv Ilrvry Nile 5122:;.°?*T§f:*a::;L.f“::£:L: M Mr — Fv-~'-Ma in he City. I 2094 HAMBURG TPKE. I I RD! W0. 963! Llchwanna, N. Y- ——... TR. 9955 —-.—._ HANKS TAVERN Beer — Wines — liquors FISH FRY - FRIDAY ‘rank (S/mnpy) Gemza, Mgr W0. 9881 I69 INGHAM AVE. IACKAWANNA, NJ.

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