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:i§';.:‘, Ygfr‘ i ' -L i II 11:. >‘I~5?T'1,4.::! ..«ff3‘§§»:-131» \A-3 :1 v'x3v.{}-9 Wit 5’! If: 3 :'...*J';z~.I 3‘.?;‘§.-t§5.;§;.§ STEEL CITY PRESS WEDNESDQY, JUNE 11, 1947 New location For Polio Center CROATIAN CHURCH (Continued from Page 1) SHEA'S PROGRAMS The Buffalo and Erie County Chapter of the National Founda~ tion for Infantile Paralysis is now located in Room 402, the McKinley Building, 259 Delaware Avenue, it was announced today by Joseph H. Terreberry, Chapter chairman. The move was made, Mr. Terre- berry said, to make it easier for thc many polio patient: who visit the office. tees of proven ability-—-to insure the success of the affair. All of the Societies—the Altar Society, Holy Name, Kola, Choir, Croatian, Catholic Union, Hrvatska. Zeus and the kindred societies of the Cro- atian Fraternal Union—Zon Kra- jisnik, English speaking Lodge and St. George Lodge, are co- operating in the furtherance of the plans and this argues well for its success. FOR COMING» WEEK gjm »?‘.:E‘?;:~t; »,: ya» M: “Guest Wife” with Claudoiae Colbert and Don Ameche plus ‘“l‘hg Southerner,” with Zachary Seat and Betty Field, will be shown at Shea’s Lackawanm Wednesd..y and Thursday. Bargain math.-e will be held Thnrsdny, 21.06 o'clock. A \m,v;2‘ 33 . ff\ 4? £59,’??? I‘; \‘m 2? 51:‘ 2'1‘ '1 H 13, H “Michigan Kid,” thrilling Oi L door Western drums, in cinecol. r, with Victor McLaglen, Jon Hall and Rita Johnson, plus “The Test.“ with Bin-Tin-Tin, Jr., will be pm. sented Friday and Snturday, w-h special matinee Saturday at 2 o’c1ock. Extra, on the stage, at me matinee,_: will be Ted Rust and 2. s pal Pat, ventriloquist get. \It Happened In Brooklyn,” mu- sical romance starring Frank S.»-. atru, Jimmy Durante, Kathryn Grayson and Peter Lawford, mu be shown at the Lackawanna Sun. day to Tuesday, with matinee Sm. day. 3% 3 “»?..i.‘:'3.'§\\* . .- ggq. ‘<1?! pi.‘ - 53\: ;'!5° 4 '1 :;..i£~. ‘, ii’: V‘-ti: A a 3‘<§i , ‘W6’ . \*\T~.': “The building is equipped with an elevator, which makes it pos- sible for even more polio victims to visit our office,\ Mr. Terreberry said. A beautiful General Electric Re- frigerator, obtained thru the cour- tesy of the Joseph Baldwin Co., 659 Ridge Road, is to be given nwny. The refrigerator is an “N. B. 8\ (8 cu. ft. capacity) and will surely prove a drawing card. Mr. John Cehok, popular owner of the Copper Front Tavern, has been named in charge of refresh- ments. ’Nuf sed! Telephone numbers remain the name, he explained. They are CL. 8882 and CL. 8883. '3, H s...~ :§::‘_\‘” 2‘. “Hi EEIIE! EEEIEIE LOCAL MINISTER (Continued from Page 1) For the first time in several years, the qualified voters of Lie- kawannn will be called upon to cast. ballot: for the extremely im- portant positions of school trus- tees. The election for school board members in scheduled for July 8. In the meantime, every voter should register either Thursday or Friday of this week or on the same. days next week in order to qualify for the privilege of voting. Registntions are scheduled to take place between the hours of 11 mm. and 8 pm. at the Lackawanna High School. educational system !or the city of Lackawanna, it is imperative that the citizen: of our community select men who are qualified to serve on such a Board by reason of their educational background, in- terest in the welfare of our child- ren, and their ability not only to maintain present high standards but to surpau them. It would be in the best interests of our community, if before we cast out ballots on July 8, we care- fully analyzed the qualifications of all the candidates. Let II not be swayed by political considerations but rather by the calibre of the candidates. Then and then only will we have a Board of Education that will be intereeted primarily in our children. The general committee from which other committees are to be named include Matthew Oreskovic, Grgur Mekic, Peter Juran, Anton Hunjet, John Novak, Stephen and John Slanae, John Cehok, Mavro and Charles Verhanic, John Pope- vic, John and Stephen Chemon, Anton Milekovic, Stephen Vukelic J1-., Andrew Serback, Matthew Sulmlac, Mark Kezman, Stephen Bahnn, Anthony Kodric, George Celicek, Robert Pericak, Mark Frisic, Louis Spelich, Joseph Peearic, Stephen Tukovich, John Sax-ic, Michael Hacic, Joseph Peri- cak, Stephen Markovic, and Mrs. Mary Revenew, Mrs. Joseph Plas- ajac, Mrs. Olga Radotic, Mrs. John Chemon, Mrs. Matthew Oreskovic, Mrs. James Matuzic, Mrs. Mat- thew Sukalac, Mrs. Stephen Vuke- lie Jx'., Mrs. Paul Sipos, Mrs. An- drew Setback, Mrs. Catherine Cerno, Mrs. A. Meyer, Mrs. Ste- phen Bolf, Mrs. Eva Stromayer, Mrs. Grgur Mekic, Mrs. John Pop- ovic, Mrs. Peter Juran, Mrs. Ste- phen Slanac, Mrs. Lee Gomez, Mrs. G. Marinoff, Mrs. Ann Herman and Mary Pillich, Catherine Zielin- ski, Anna and Katherine Kezman. The names of more of the commit- tee will be announced at a later date. ity to defend themselves. They also charged that Mr. Woodyard than chose his own slate of dea- cons and ordained them privately, which is contrary to church prac- tice. Club Brnoltsie held a Spu--al meeting Sunday, June 8th, at me Phoenix Cafe. A financial row; was given and a date was set l’:r their summer outing. This will be June 29th, but no place was n..-r.. ed. A committee in charge of -Il‘~ rangements was selected. T.. :2 were named: John Kosc, “'u' -~r Furgala, Tony Brese, Joe J -nld, and John Ruszczyk. President Phil Furgala also an- nounced to the group that the «me for the annual Fall dance wil! be Sept. 13. The place will be l‘»m Polski Hall. CLUB BROOKSIE In turn, the minister related how he raised funds and built the church almost single handed in 1945?. He claimed he worked for days and days on the church while the men bringing the suit p\assed by without doing a bit. While do- ing this work, his trouble with the deacons started. “One day ! was working on the scaffold when Wil- liam Lain came into the church roaring like A lion,\ the minister related. “He said I called him a liar. I denied it, but Lain told me to come down and shoot it out, or cut it out, with him. I went down to {see him and he lost his nerve. There was trouble ever after.\ 3\ 1 Hwy There will be four ucancies to on the Board of Education. As usual, there is a bumper crop of hopeful candidates. To insure a smooth functioning, well-balanced 5;? A! EHJIIEI EHE3 At the annual meeting of the church called in January, “they started rough-house all of a sud- den,\ Mr. Woodyard declared. “We had (70 ct}! the law. We called the police, the sheriff, and the Detec- tive Bureau. But even then we had to disband the meeting.\ ALP To Endorse Candidates Chris Sulthin, Chairman of me American Labor Party, annou: ad that the city committee of ms party will endorse candidau-~ '-r public office on Thursday, line 12, 8 p. m., at a meeting to be held at 84 Ridge Road. He mm-zrs all committceman of the AL!‘ to be present at this've1-y impouuns session. The Charter Commission ap- pointed by Mayor Michael J. Hughes to write a new charter to be presented to the voters at the elections in 1948 are busily en- gnged in their work but Iind that the citizens of Lnckavvanna do not show much interest. Members decided to hold meetings twice a month to give all organizations an opportunity to voice their opinions upon the matter. To date, the res- [sense to invitations has been poor. Monday night, 3 meeting was held to which all veterans organi- sations and even individual vet- erans were invited to express themselves. Not. one veteran show- ed up. This is indeed 1 strange situation. especially since it was a group of veterans who first started the movement for the charter. The oharter committee mem- bers should not be forced to give up precious time for which they receive nothing in order to do all the work themselves. This is even more true when one considers that all their work may be thrown out by the votes of the very ones who showed no interest in the work. UPOW, CIO MEETS The United Public Office Work- ers of America, Local 530, CID, held a meeting Friday, June 6th, at Hotel Lackawanna. The elec- tions, which were scheduled to be heid on that night, were postponed because the nominating committee had not as yet. reported. Only routine business was transacted. It was decided to hoid the next meeting on Friday, June 27, in order to give the nominating com- mittee time to present its report. SENIOR CLASS PROM The Senior Class of Luckn- wanna High School held its Annual Senior Prom, Friday evening, June 6, at 8 p. nu. in the Hotel Lafa~ yette Ballroom. The affair was a complete success with most of the Teachers from the high school on Ridge Rd. as well as from Lincoln and Franklin annexes were pre- sent. ' Q ii. 3 WANTED! NORMAN E. GANNON READERS OF THE STEEL CYTY PRESS may be lobkinz for the very item you want to sell-— tell them about it through the Want Ads in this paper. ?,..:§ 3‘: a $7 1?» ‘.,'.‘I ,-5‘.\ ., §V FUNERAL HOME 65 ROSARY AVENUE Lackawanna, N. Y EH11] 5'3 2:‘ 7 ;’;;'A\’ ‘I j.f ‘j-§, _. _ ...o._-§_4. L?‘ ‘W ,< ' ~,.<-__ _ .- .=~’.€\---: -~'.': ~'‘'. “ ‘\ '. J ».’:~’.z ~. .‘‘<.,A ,! .'. ' : v r.- ..a.... oun IEVI ALUMI- IUI IMLK IOTTLE ILOSURE I8 IETTER . . . The new sanitary aluminum milk bottle ctosure now found on an Bares Dairy milk assures a maxi- mum degree of health protection. It completely covers the top and pouring edge of the bottle. It seals out dust and moisture in the air and on the hands. It's easy to re- move and easy to put back on. Here’: Lnother important advance- ment emphasizing more than ever that ‘Be:-ea milk is good pure milk.‘ CLEAN CARS BETIE ‘6;\‘li~\\“6“F?en g: ,.g \ :2 FOR EXPORT! 4 {#3335 31/ ~ a \: *rr‘..‘ ’f.‘.'v3§ _*I- I .41 ',\‘qji ‘_.\j STAGGERI N G Every BERES bottle is passed through a channel of Slerilizing Ultra Violet Ray Light, insuring positive purify. 1' ~s.‘-E PRICES PAID “'5? \3\ ‘:3 .1 ,4 I H 33:2,‘ :,_'4!E 11$‘ ‘ ., 1.31:; .. \;§§;£‘§_i:’ 131“ -V « .« ' .$ 57“. ll :9‘ Ii’: ' I‘; \J \\1\ . ‘* ‘;151»‘. -r .1 4 :, 2,1114‘ ;»§»'.%‘ J. BERES 8: SONS DAIRY PRODUCTS I230 ELECTRIC AVE. Cull W0: 4011 For Delivery I..ACI(AWANNA'S LARGEST HOME-OWNED DAIRY WITH THE LATEST AND BEST IN DAIRY SCIENCE Open Daily In A. M. to no I’. M. EDW. H. SIMON, Inc. 2400 So. Park corner Aldrich PHONE W0. 6187 mi! L4tkawmnur’s Progressive Newspaper ‘l0,000 copies distributed every Wednesday in the interest of eonunuuily betterment for Lacluwumn, Bludell, Woodlawl and South Buffalo. . Published Wednesday of Each Week at 19 INGHAM AVENUE, LACKAWANNA, N. Y. By The Steel City Press Corporation Phone WOodInwn 0665 Editor: and Publishers: Julius Dodo, Raymond Giibonu, and Tladdeu Guievticl Axivenining Manager. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John N. Stefan Circulation Muunr. . . .. . . .. . . . . . . .. . . Jfieddeu Guiuviex Adve:-lining Ieprenentn|ivea.Doniel Znceorino and Andrew lode Society Editor I: Clonified Ads. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Helen Hunk Sporu Stuff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .S|cp8on Toneloff and Don Smith Staff Photographer. .. .. .. .... . . . . .. . . . .. .. .. .A|do Filipelli GARCIA TIIILORING 90 Ridge Road Lackawanna, N. Y. CLEANING AND PRESSING SUITS MADE TO ORDER I-‘or Ladies and Gents

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