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I'A? ^ —IssrED E very TrE-DAY. — E. D & W. M. VINCEST Editors & Propr ietors Local ^6ieties. CLAYTON LODGE. F. « e A. M. M e e tin g s , everv first and tb ir o Tu-.-'days c each month, at Hall. Barltcr Hl,.ck. B okaio N. E stus YT. M. W . II. R ees . . rci- y • I. O.ofG. T. Grindstone Island r » io b Loclcre. Meethlg^ :ir bold every Tuesday evening. BESCBE HOOK &, LADDEE Oo. ^Organized Jan. 1SS3.^ M eetings are held th '■ 1 DENNIS POST, 6. A. E., No. 410. I Meetings every Friday at Si.Lawretice Hall. So). 1 (tiers invited to join, and t'cmrades irom adjohi- ! in 2 _ P osts welcomed. *15 A. P, I.ABD. Com. M. VAXDE\VAl.KL'n Adjt.\ ' IS Marine Engineer^'Benefit Association,. tetiug every Friday evening a! ih '•.)K, P. & C. M. 5gnlar meeting every Frida; t block. E. M. COi Cliurcli Directory. Protestant Episcopal l Christ c h u r c h .) Sunday eervices at lU.ao a . m . and 7 fio r. M. Sunday chool at 12 M. Rev. W. E. A llkk . M. E.Clinrch: Sermon at 10 30 and 7 30 each Snnday. ^undayfSchool a fter tnornins service. Thnrsday eyening p rayerm eeiiag in session room Rev. D. F. PiEBCE, Pastor. St. Mary’s OAnrchi High Mass at lO 30 every Sunday morning: Sunday School 2:00. Vespers 3. Bov. E. G. B rice , Pa'^tor, BRIEF MENTION —Charter election to-daf. —D k . a . Bain is at Dexter. —S t . Patrick's day to-morrow. —M iss Lula Hammond is in Dexter. —T he public school closed Friday. —Su6.AR making will soon be —T eachers institute tins week at ■Watertown. — P rescott is to Lave a new post of [“ QcetKatOnxg;--- ----- — - -- ^ —D uncak still declares that he is innocent man. — S. B reslow is laying a U'-w floor in his clothing store. The jurors iu the Diiiicaii murder c.isu returned last Tuesday. -H orace Gould is working for Mr. Bai'ber at Round Island. —T he hay pressers weic at work at Charles Kent’s last week. —E. E. D oney has cancelled his en­ gagement with C. E. Rees. —W. O. IN'liitney spent the latter part - of last week in Watertown. I , — C apt . Joseph Saunders, of Cape Vincent w.as in town Thursday. V, •— J ames Pennock has rented Hugh i Amell’s farm for the coming season. —A great deal of money was wager- ■ «d at the races at Dejiauvillc last week. — A SIX days go .os-you-])le:ise roller ; race will take jilace at Biockvilic .shortly. —T he second yolnmc c»f Grant's p. memories wi'l be icady about Ajinl Lst. | — J elJU- ;m tiou ol Api o. — H eavy thaw visited us’last Fridav. — W arm sugar socials will soon be iu —C. P. B ass is now iirtrodiicing his paste .stove polish. — A K ingston ' meichar.t was sent to j.ail last week for uei>t. — A nxthei . : milliiierv store will be o)>- ened in Clavton .his s[iring. —Parson Downs lias sued the Boston Post for $20,0()0 damage.^ for libel. M r . and ]\Irs. John Lulonde are I'e- joic'uig ovc! tlic : nival of a {>i lb boy. -jilELvix Dodge will move onto farm near the Biirtit Iv.ick seli.tol bouse about April 1st. F armers . , Insure in tlie o'd Con­ tinental Insurance Co.. Chiulesjil Marshall Agent. L. W. P owers , manufacturer and dealer in cigars :unl tobacco, of Ogdens- burg iins made an assignment to Horatio Bellinger. —T he luniainjr train into this village last Thursday was tl;rec houis late account ot a freight tram bre.aking down near L'tica. T he Odd Fellows lodge i.s now in run mug order and a largo number of our citizens are becoming members of tbi.s wortliy institution —Mils. Loucks, w'ubnv of tbe late Le­ vi Loucks, of Lafargcville, lias moved to Clayton, and will hereafter resiile with her daughter Mrs. T. J . Woolcdgo. —Ti'C Watertown Times of last Fn- d.ay copied a short item from 0>t tic St. Lain-chce ahii gave credit to tlie Clayton Iiidejieiidcnt. Never condemn the dead —Aji\DGEofihe .supreme couit has decided that coasting anywhere is legal — that boys have .as much right to ride on tlicir sleds .as a man lias to drive a horse through the strScis. —I f you have osy idea of insuring, first go and see Charles M. Marshall. Fire, Life, Accident and Tornado In­ surance, is written at Ins Agency, at lowest possible rates. —T he steam yaclit “LotuC Ims been purchased by Mr. James G. Aveicll, by Ogdensbarg syndicate for ^o,0')0. It is the purpo.'^e of the purchasers to p.assenger and cx- make use of it as cursiOD boat. T he king.slon merchant lately de­ lected in smuggling has been fined §;300 by the customs department and his goods valued at between $3,000 and $4,000 and the horses and sleigh used in conveying them from Clayton will be sold at jiublic auction. —The GoodTemp’ers have designated Sunday, April 11th, as a memorial day in honor of the services and life-work of the bate John B, Gov gh. All lodge.' an: requested to dr.a[)C their cli.-otcr in moui .luig for thirty days. —■W. f have received Vol. 1, No.l, of ihe t lavtonl F i : fi - — Itw illX .'-. —iRsniE witlvCiiailes M. Marshall. —K endrick Barrett is dangerously ill. —S end in^oui local items while they -T h e c i i ^ ^ t i o u of tl'.e F ree P r e .- s I.'grow ing troW lv. — R e m e ^MB r tiiat th e ri:F .E P itE s s rcaclic.*, its’y& > ? c ribers every w e e k . —\iV. O. hYiiiTNEV i.« canvassing the county in the interests of his cloiliing —A muiibcr ol Cbiyton sailors will leave ne.vt v cek for their respective Accidents with He-will do the —T nsvge against. Cliailcs M. Marsliall fair thing 1>y you. —B rot ' gh and Dunn's store at Moms- town i)unied Monday. The origin of the file IS unknown, —Three hundied tliousand head of cattie will start from Texas forNortlicru maikets within ten days. , —C. F. Miller, who sued the Syracuse and Geddes street r.ailway for $10,000 lor loss of an arm. was given a verdict of $500 Friday. Lawrence IMcGinn, jr., of Wateitowu, had his hand caught in a saw, Wednes­ day, and his thumb v. as nearly severed from the h.and. — S everal days of thawing weather last week have spoiled the sleighing iu j many pans of tl.e village. hVagons linye a)j])earcd on tlie streets. — H oes E and lot for sale — On James ne ar Gay Head. It has a good cis- tein and good cellar. Price reasonable. Enquire of IMis. Sophia Giaves. —Sub-Tre.asurcr Brooks, of San Fiau CLsco, vented bis indiguaiou at news­ papers generally upon the person of a re­ porter, wiic has caused his arrest for felinous assault. — C apt . W. J. 'Mneeut 6c Co., have puichased and placed in llieir store the s.nle wliich was brought heie by E. G. Merrick and was the first .non safe that ever came to Clayton. T he Clayton F ree F uess . appeared •for ti)C fust time, last week. Its appear­ ance indicates enterprise on tiie jiart of its publislicis, Messrs. E. D, d: W. M. A'inecnt, — San'ty Cr.cl: Ah/r.'s. J ustice Kennedy, wlin sentenced mimlercd Axtell at Bimington la.st week, will go to Rome next monday and hear the tiial of Fong All Yu, w]io i.s charged with murdering Sing Lee, a brotlici Chinaman. .—Dll. Isaac Munson, of \Watertown died at his residence on Washington.St., Monday of Bnglifs disease. For uRany years he had been jiicsidcnt of tiie Agri- ^ cultural insurance company which ]>osit-[ ion he held at tlie rime of his cleat In Joii.s D. Spencer, who eloped from Mexico hast summer wjili C;irric Barnes, took her money and then dt-.sertou her. was convicted of '/I 'nd 1- - ' —tLa. All Agreeable Suprise. Quite a pleasant'surprise party was given tbe editors *f tiie F r 3 e P r e s s at their residence h this village Pnday evening. About I--couple invaded the house in their abseCce and upon tbeir re­ turn were greatly s^pi ised to fiud such a party of happy yijng people occopying their home which hey had left but a few moments in ig unmolested state. Supper was served ific-r wliich all enjoy­ ed a social time am at a late hour de­ parted for their homes wishing “ye editors'’ many hippy returns of the To Saye Mi*s Drnse’s Xeek. Tlie meeting rot^t^t held at the res­ idence of Mrs. J . t'Loveland, m Her- kiiiie-, to obtain si^Tature.s.to a petition tn Govei uor Hill to ^funinute the sentence of Mrs. Diusc, con deled of murdering licr liu.sband aud burning his body, near Little Lakes, over ayear ago, was vii- tually a failure. ;Tf/e meeting was held .at tlie request of Rev, Jifr.; Wardwell, of Peunsylvania, who lis going about se curing names and sympathy for the murderess Tlie meeting in Herkimer was adjourned to sCme day not named. The I. circumstances sunonnding Mrs. Druse's enme were so horrible and fiend­ ish, that Rev. Mr. Wardwell will doubtless find it upqjiil work to create sympathy foi (he woman.— Watertown IX MIMORY. The many iiiends of Mr. Clinton Mc­ Cain , of this village, will extend to him the warmest sympathy in the great ^ blow he has received in the loss of bis j eldest daughter Miss Lucy, aged 24 years, whose death >ccurred at the resi­ dence of her jiarem in Clayton at 2:30 o'clock Saturday inVuing. March 13th. A beautiful life has^.Loue out, a happy liouie made dcsolail^ w-uJ—anef bolds with a tight gra.qT^e liearts of father I ABOL'KD TH£ LAKES. (Marijie Pecordl) CLEVELA-XD. i Captain Philip Minch has sold to Louis Coody, of Yermillion. 1-40 of propellerj Onoko for $4,^50. Mr. John Broderick. (;!nef engineer of tJie steamer K . IC. Faiilaink in the city and has conuneuc'.'d fining out. The steamer H. Luella \Worthingtou has been changed from double to single deck for the Lake Michigan lumber Ca))taiu. Plnlij) Minch ha:- sold l'> M'. J. Trinter 1-1G of the propeller IV, L' Wetmore for $1,500: also. 1- IG of schoo­ ner Brunwte for $1,250, and kindred, as tlicj their loved one. S! iiod fnenJslnp of a liiouru ihe loss of a highly res pected young lady .^d had wou the love large circle of warm frien d s , -who, in itsL u d d e n fo r c e c a n n o t realize the loss t^ey have sustained. SuJdeu darkness his fallen upon the pathway of tins higljly esteemed family. Syitqiathy, fneudshjp and loving \words are comforting to jtliGse vvho mourn; they Imre them all, but these cannot cure the wounds whieii death inflicts. She was a bright aijl intelligent young lady and was belovdl by all wlio knew her. She held a high position in the ranks of society aijl was always kind loving and gentle. The fnner.al of th deceased was held at 1 p. ra. at the rciidenee on the main road about l i milcsjfrom Clayton, and at 2 p. m., at the Protestant Ejiiseopal church iu this villaj^, Rev. W. E. Allen officiating, after wl ich the remains wer iutcireJ in Ili'.lsidt cemetery. .Some- tiling lieaiititul Ml ]i- ’i;i> ]i:i.<is<‘d away. ^ ^ f io o r .in h i s g r o c e r y a n d now h a s .a ne.ii — P h o t o g r a p h s ta k e n iu all k in d s , of l^geather at B. Breslow's photogrfqih —A number of our most rnfliienlial ^■business men visited Gananoqiu- la.ct —\W hitney & Walt will soon move pJnto tbe rooms now occupie.l by tlie bil- ^llard room. —Charles Wilcox, of Cauhage is at ^-Alexandria Bay painting llie sceneiy for ^ t h e new opera house. K ■ —T he Lowrille band lias received the ^services of tlieir old leader, Pjof. Frank p-Thompsos, for another year. —N early all of Clayton's school ^ n a ’amsare attending the teachers' iusti- at Watertown this week. —C arthage is to have another hotel ^preeted on the site of the stouc hotel de­ stro y e d in the great fire of 1884. D ukcant . is now safe within the H ^ l l s of Auburn prison sliut^away trom friends and the world forever. Sger^of Watertown, fornaerly of this \ illage is spending few days iu town with her parents. •T he suit of Colon vs. Tiernan which tme off last Wednesday at Justice Cas- elPs oflBe.e was decided in favor of Co- ■' -R obert Robinson will soon com- lence the erection of a carriage house lear his livery barns in the rear of jClark’s store. —“It you have a good business, ad­ vertise and keep it; if not, advertise and ;et it, ”is the wise counsel of one who fepeaks from experience. —T he prophets do not agree as to the ^me maple sugar season will last this ^ a r , but the most of them predict a Sftjr and successful one D. F. Pierce of the Methodist pbuTch and Rev. T. Howland of the Apcist church of this village exchanged mlpits Sunday evening and both deliver- *^'able and interesting sermons. ^ T he United Telegraph Lines sit- in Whitbey & Walts sfoie here- make basTzf messages at twenty wds. '■ Messages can now be sent to iace in New Tork state or the New 'land states 25 cents for 20 words. $75,000 FIRE visited Pulaski, N. ffipnday morning. Tbe total amount Snsurance only foots up $25,000. ^ k i people nave no engine and have down several afemptslp^archa.se ^-preferring the old way, of pass- ^Ibuckets of w-atcr. W i th in engine ^toptly on the scene th ^ p s s would ^ b a v e been over $5,0^! Clayton iiave the same expcrJence as our village land our citizens should su-.K.y iiy 1.. D. A IV. IM. Vnuent. 1; issev e n column folio, neatly pi in ted, | aud bears cridence of ability in its local affairs. We wish the new prqic-r success- — Jtff.rsi-i Covutij Jour., A. — “P rogress !%'E euchre\ is being ois placed by “]»rogressive lunch\ jurties. The feeders sit at tiiC table in fours, aud change tables with c.rch c ourse, working Mieir way along from tiie billion to the tootlipick.s. \We have oui minds on certain ])urtics who will c;i)«ture first prize every time. —A fire iu Syrocust- Monday uigii! j totally destroyed Ben Bronuer's w I k . io - sale millinery stock, valued at $20,000. and’guttcd the l.uilding worlli S-20. 000. Kc-uyon .5; Potter. wlioles:rle drugici-st.*:: COO.000. The firemen liad hard woik in fighting the flames away from cliem- icals and fireworks and averting a nir- disastrous conflagration. -Mrs. Horatio Seymour died at the residence of Mrs. Roscoe Conklin, in Utica, Monday morning. Tlie governor removed Mrs. Seymour from country home tQ3Li:g-4^kl^'n'r'Vur'ar:r:ounf of her illness, and while attending lier was attacked with his fatal illness. Mrs. Seymour was a daughter of the late John | R. Bleeker of Albany. —A curious incident li.appened at Ives Seminary, Antwerp, Tuesday eveniug. While tne seminary students were' ccie- brating the closing of school, one of the professors came- down to quell tlie dis turbance, and coming across someone in tbe hall, quickly grabbed him, saying. “I have you now my boy;\ and proceed od to administer a shaking, when the other, rocovering Ids senses, spoke. It was another professoi on the same cr- —O ne of our Claytou young meu sat down the other day aud vi-rote on the back of a couple of postal cards. Then he turned them over and directed them, and by some mistake placed the address on the wrong cards. The result was tbe shirt manufactory in New York got a very polite invitation to go carriage riding some where on the River road, while the young man’s girl was made frantic by receiving tlie following. “Please send me sample of tiie stufl' vour shirts are made of.” -Two gentle girls were coming down Arsenal street, one day last week, whil® the air of the city was impregnated wi*h the murder trial, and these young crea­ tures had breathed enough of it to be discoursiug ou Duncan’s probable fate. One remarked that “it would be to bad to bang bim.” “I don't know,” re­ plied tbe other, “it would tcacb liim better next time.” This is quite as good as tbe Irish patriot’s reply, who being asked \whon on bis way to tbe front, “ what if you get killed in the battle?” ) q ^ b e tte r of this important question | replied, “Aii, faith, an I ’d be a iicro all ich they have so often voted down. the rest of me loife.”— fVdtej'totcn Poet. alia .‘-eiiicneed lo tb iee the Onondag.T jien iten tiaiy. T h e trial took place at Syracuse. ScPERvisoR Kelley, of Fowler wlio committed suicide lecenlly. ajqieared to I>c perfectly sane on all suhjocts except politics. His uillusiou was that he was to be inqieaclu-d fo.- n.isapjiropriating town funds. Thei'c was no occasion for llii.>^. as liis accounts were all c.nnccr. — .V NEW (■.'iiilc di-:('a.sc that baffleds tliC skill of vcteiiiiarv surgeon.^- has j i.rokcn out iu Ghenaugo county. Sevral | lic:i'l.s have died, and many more sick. ' Some of tliC fat:il cases were sick oulv a lew houi'.'^. No jdau^^ihie tlicorv ha.^ yet been advanced as to tlic naUire of tlie disease. —On the enveiopeof evc-ry letter, and on tlie wrapper of every pak.ngc you mail, your mime ami address should ap pear, so that if n mistake i.s made in our addressing tlic same, or if tiie let­ ter or package docs not rcacii tliejiartv to whom it is nddresstO.the post office department can promptly return the saipcJ T he first uumb-cr of the Clayton F ree P ress lias reached our table. It has a clean face, is well i.innted, gives an ex­ cellent assortment of local news, and starts off iu a manly sort of way which will win friends. Its publisliers propose lo make a pajic-r wortliy of the pretty village iu wliicli it is printed, and we wish them success.— V.'uteriown Post. —D avid Cooper's restauraut ami sal­ oon Saeketts Ilaiijor. was brokeu iuto last week Tuesday night, by unknown imties, aud articles valued at $70 were taken, including ten kegs of beer. IVlieu Mr. Cooper opened the store,\Wednesday moi ning, he found a brown spaniel dog m the saloon. This is all the clue be has of the burglars. Payment lor the F ree P ress may be sent with safety in form of P. O. oiders Po.?tal mites, or enclose bills in a regis­ tered letter. Cost of collection will be deducted from drafts or checks. The cx press companies is.sue money orders also. Our location is on Jane street, between Mam aud John streets (opposite M. E, church sheds)in a building recently fitted up lor the purpose. We shall be pleas­ ed to see our freinds at all times and sh.ow Llicm through our office. —A ll losses promptly adjusted aud paid at Marshall’s Insurance Agency. —Fred White, an Amsterdam barber, accompanied by Anna Trdax, a 15 year old miss, took the Saturday night tram for the west. White is represented to be an attractive but dissiiratcd fellow, and the parents of the young woman, ■who are said to be well to do, are great­ ly agitated over the matter. Miss Truax had just got her cash in a mill where she had been working. Mrs. John Truax, the girljS step mother, has made great etforts to intercept the pair by telegraph but without success. ioD on the iieart.' ; ha: fiieud.' that liei name will long be iGmcmbcred. I want to talk to the bl 0 ( 1(1 - ll I i r.st y Amen .:a ii this week. He has fre- <]uenlly showed iiimfelt dining tlie Duncan trpd, and he is mad a.? a lit>r- nc't because Duucau cs N(.-w here are twelve mciD, “good and true\ swofn to do their duty in a cafe in which the life of a hi’.-[^ being is at stake'.\ They hear the cvidencG witli aUenlioii; the testimony of the wJtnes.ses falls upon their cars; the summing uii and the charge of the judge is Kceived with re­ spect, lliey hear the Ujdiolc matter and render a decision in liccordance with the oath they have •'ouen. Now this cii 4 >niv-Dct'cne minds ii people at rest as to guilt, or innocenco, or degree of crime. But it don't, ,'i'he blood thirsty American who gets an idea of the case l.w i-Y11N-r / T / A.. . .... by reading onc-lialf that is printed upon the subject, wants tbe brisoner hanged at once—thirsts for his blood. The fact that a man is charged t\'itli crime is not legal evidence, but t-j the subject of this sketch, it is everrl?iing. pin him down to bis argument an-J he will say be wouldn’t want to be one -ot a jury to bal­ lot away a Iniman life. Then of course he wants some one else to cio i t . Hasty conclusions aud harsh jiidcraeut is his failing. He thirsts for excitement, and if a victim could be bung without barm, with the attendant exciteiaent, he would be as well satisfied. To niany, Duucan's escape from tbe gallows it a severe dis­ appointment, not from the merits of tbe case, but because they have failed in sa­ tiating a craven appetite for the feast of excitement which was promised at the commencement of (he trial. They pre­ fer tragedy tojustice,audtothateiid look not upon tbe facts of the Oise,and tbro'w down that shield of the la* which con­ siders tbe prisoner innocent until proven guilty. The taking of a l^mau life in tbe expiation of a crime Is a terrible tiling. As a punishment it is not a suc­ cess; neiilicr does it bring back the vic­ tim. -.}:*# A farm against Jefferson county that if Duncan lives to tbe age o' 40 years?, petition for his pardon Rould secure nine-tenths the signatures <,f voters the county. The blood-thir.-ty Amencan is forgiving it hasty. CHICAGO. Things began to assume a business aspect r°n the vessel line throughout the past week, grain moi-ket being^ active and charters brisk, at a basis of 2 t cents to Buffalo aud I f to 24 cents to Midland, Colhngwood and Saima. These rates, most vessel owners stem inclined to accept, but still a few are holding out for better. A great many vessels and steambarges chartered and were being towed up and down the river, to aud from tbe different elevators. Up to tbe •present time tbe following have been bartered and are loaded, ready to do. part when the time comes. Propellers, \Walula D. C. M hituey, Selab, Chamberlain, Nipigon, IValdo A.J Avery, City of Rome, Montcagle, Geo. Spencer, Calumet, D. M. Wilson and. J. H Far well. schooners and barges Polynesia, Thos. Quayle, Scotia, Minnehaha, Sweetheart, Pensaukee, A. Mosher, Jeremiah God frey, C. B. Jones, Iron State, Geo. Steele, S, B. Pomeroy, LemElswoith, White Star, C. P. Minch, James lilowatt, lil. L. Higgle, Champion. City of Green Bay, Thos, L. Parker, Geo. L 'Boyce, Minnie Melbourne, Comrade, Newt-- Boy, Michigan, E. H. Nicholson, Cam­ den, Lizzie A. Law, Lottie Wolfe, Our Son, and J. H. Rutter. Thursday afternoon as tlic propeller Mouteagle was possiug up the river, in tow of the tug Mosher anti Morloui, when just through Ruudolpli street biidge, they met the large schooner J. H. Rutter coming down lo.ided, iu low of tbe lugs Union aud Carpenter, The propeller H, J. Jewett laying at Uie dock on the south side, makes it a very nairow place, and (lie two tows meeting thers, it seemed as if a collision was unavoidable. But alter coniider- able hard pulling on the part of tbe tug.s, they were stopped and pulled by each other safely. The ice in the upper part of the liver, is quite lieavy in some [daces. T he tugs C’ar[)eutcr and U uku ). in naii-'-fci img tlie propeller Calumet iiom hei winlei quar- ; te r s in Empire slip, found tl.c ice, t;ij heavy for them and had to have hcri .sawed out, in order to tow liei to Hie ^ rdAvrOor *c E-' Tlie siLurner Sophia J . Luff lias, been completely rebuilt, at a cost of about $7, 000, aud will come out in the Bpimg us good as new. 1 BOFFA 10 . . It is reported that the .ochooncr Love 1- and has been placed for .reveraU trips with ore from Escanaba to Lake Erie pons at $1,00 pel ton. Tlie latest cliailers at Chic.-igo for com corn to Buffalo were tlie .scl.ooner Mich­ igan, J. H. Rutter, and News Bov. the rale being 2J cents. Tiling.^ aie extiemclj dull an present, and vessels have refused j 2- ^ cents. T be owners ol the schooner Uuadill.i have ordered a general overhauling of the vessel at Mill’s'yard. A large amount of new work will be put on her. tlio cost of which will be $2,200. The barge Journeyman will also have a new cabin put ou her deck by R. Mills A Co, He: cabin is at present below. The cost will probably be about $500. Captain John O'neiil-, late master of the propeller D. F. Bose, has sold out his interest m the propeller and her tow, and will sail the prepeller D . Louty the coming season. The propeller Albert J . Wright, it is said, has, through the foreclosure of a $ 10,000 mortgage, fallen iuto tbe poss­ ession of the merchant's bank of Buffalo. The ice in our creek is stiU here and makes it difficult to move vessels. X Fit! is a joy forever. ^ Durability and com! fort are first cons-aderations in tliei pnr-j chase of a garmebt, A good fitting shirt ■will outwear two ill fitt’^pg ones. Lewis, of Wateriowh. mak-js them to measure from best Wamsut.ta, 8-ply aT, Hneu bosoms'and' guaraut'-es a fit. P-Jjp fo r sis, $ 1 0 . T h e N e w H o m e Machine at bottom prices. C. P. L e , v » s ^ 8 Am, Arcade. McCARN.- the residence of her father on tbe main road 14 miles fipm tills village, Satm-da/r, March 13th, at 2:30 a. m., Lucy eldest daughter of' Clinton McCarn. Aged 24 years. J 9 . S . H A Y E S & C 0 . , 5 —PEALEHS IX— HARDWARE, TINWARE, aTOVES, V - U BABBEB SHOP. OVER HARNESS SHOP O l a j - t o n . N . 'V . FIESSCIUASSWQEK EOKE FBSD PSIOW , PBOP. SUBSCRIBE —FOR; THE—

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