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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1928. MICKIESAYS— TH' BOSS SET. HEDOMf U/AWr TO APPEAR HAPU), BUTRUMMIMS A NEWSPAPER. IS OUST APLA1M BUSINESS PROPOSITIOM, AUD IT is up-TOHiKA.TDeou.Eer FOR. EVR-VTHIMS IM nw PAPER TH'ACT AIUT errcusruv MBUS, so HE XIKl PAV MIS BIUS • iim Items of News Pertaining to Gape Vincent and Vicinity. —Three weeks to election. —Pay yqur school tax early. —Saturday of this week is- the last day of registration. -^-The local Grange will- meet on Saturday evening of this week. —For sale, cheap, for cash—living room heater, self feeder. Mrs. K. C. Steblen.—Adv. —-Miss Marion Hodige;\of Water- town, was the week end guest of. Miss Nathalie Gibson. —For sale, the Odd Fellow's lot, west of Pillmore'si, in Broadway. In- quire at Eagle office.—Adv. —iFor sale, a 1-horse wagon, with double box, top huiggy and a cutter. Inquire of J. M. Mason.—Adv. —For sale, two yearling heifers; also one four-year-old, doe to fresh- en next month. Bzi Edisom—Adv. —Mrs. A. McGowan has'\returned from a visit to her son, Edward, at Malorie. She also visited in Ogdens- burg. —Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Lewis and Miss Lelia Draper aire speding a few weeks with relatives and friend's in New Jersey. —Remember, F. G-. Blumi sells Coon's \snappy\ cheese. He also has bread, crackers, and' choice creamery butter.—Adv. —How many- can recall the days when if a doctor \said \You'll have to cut out smoking\ he was-talking to a member of the male sex? —Steady work wanted—as ex- perienced gardner—iby the year. Have been with Walter Hollenbeck 7 years. Charles Reinhard, R. F. D. No. l,.Caipe Vincent; care of -Walter Hollenbeck.—Adv. —Charles Fitzgerald, Frank Mc- Dermott, Archie Garl'ach and Earl Booth will leave Thursday morning for a camp i n the Canadian woods, where they will spend- albout two weeks hunting, deer and bear. —Now is the time to order that winter suit or overcoat and have it made by the International Tailoring coonipany. Every garment is guar- anteed to give satisfaction. See the local representative, G. R. Sheldon, to-day. He will, gladly show you samples and quote prices,—Adiv. -—In the notice in last week's Eagle the naime of Miss Edwatmay Fra'ley was omitted from the list of girls that were camping at the Leon Beb'-farm> east of this village; also it was Grace Wiley instead of Lena Wiley, that was among the mumiber. Mrs. Lena Wiley wals the chap:eron. —The annual Memorial Service of •Cape Vincent Lodge, No. 293,. F. & A. M., will be held at \the Lodge room, on Sunday'afternoon, October 21, at 2:30 o'elowk. The address will be delivered by the Rev. John Fair- barn, rector of St. Jofen's Episcopal church, a member of the Lod|ge. All Masons and their families are • in- vited. —Mrs-. R. C. Luskey and 1 Mrs. Thos. J. Brady- left Wednesday morn- ing by automobile for a trip t o New York. They were accom|panied by Mrs. 'Forrest . Glenn, (nee Elsie Clarke), who has been visiting rela- tives and friends in this village for a nujmlber of days. This is Mrs. Glenn's first visit to the Cape in about eight years. She says there has been a great improvement in the Cape in. that time. A CORRECTION. I desire to inform the public that an error appeared in miy report of the 1928 fair finances, published in last week's Eagle. Under disburse- ments the notes listed as $2,670, on which interest was paid to April 16, 1929, should have read $3,670. George I. Grandjean, Treas. . —W. F. VanScotter and family spent the week end in Watertowa. —James VanScotter has accepted a position in Campbells store, Wa- tertoWn.. —Wanted, ornaments for hitching posts. (Horses' Heads). Apply to Lewis Fitzgerald;—Adv. —The annual Christmas Sale of St. John's Episcopal church will be held on Saturday, December 8.—Adv.. ^-Replace those broken window panes before cold weather sets- in., 1 Get youa- glass and putty at F. G. Blum's.—Adv. —Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Dezengre-. mel and son, Francis-, of Watertown, were recent guests in the family of John Constance. • —Y.ou will make no mistake if you purchase confectionery at G. R. Sheldon's. Stock always fresh and prices reasonable.—Adv. —A card, party and dance for the 'jonefit of .the Daughters of Isabella' will be held at the Hotel Carletoh on rniesday evening, October 23.- Cards wilt begin at 8:15 sharp. The public is invited. —The Woman's Auxiliary of the Presbyterian church will hold a meeting at the home of Mrs. ICarl Borland on Thursday afternoon at 2:30 ; —This will also be a Missionary meeting. Everybody welcome. —Mrs. Mamie Johns returned jto 'ier home to-day (Wednesday) from Watertown where she recently under- went an operation for the removal ii. tonsils at the Mercy hospital'. The operation was performed by Dr. J. E,' McAsldll, assisted by Dr. W. N. Maloney. —William H. Fitzigeral'd,. of Wa- tertown, paid a' visit to the 1 Cape last Friday. While. here he com- peted negotiations for \the purchase }f the Ezi Edison property, corner of Broadway and Market streets. Mr. Edison and his family will oc- cupy the premises until spring. —The Girl's FrieMly Society of St. John's church held their first meeting' on- Tuesday evening of this »eek. . Reba Peo was elected treas- urer and Marion Jerome secretary. With a membership of forty, -2 new associates and 16 probationers the rirls look forward- to a veiy pros- perous year. —Luke Ontario is 0.47 foot lower :han in August (since 1-860 the Sep- tember level has averaged 0.41 foot lower than August); it 'is 0.90 foot ligher than the September stage of i year ago, 0.63 foot above the aver- age stage of September of the lust ten years,. 1.44 feet below the high rtage of September 1862, and 2.17 feet above the low stage of Septem- ber, 1925. Based on past records the monthly mean level for October is likely to he about. 245.8 and n'ot less, than 245.5. mm xrVTDiiti:A\ilifS\Smm Fish Hatchery Boat Fired Upon By Coast Guardsmen Under date of October 12 a Cape Vincent correspondent wrote as fol- lows to the Watertown Standard: Coast guardsmen who boarded a boat in the Cape Vincent breakwater Wednesday afternoon, apologized for •their zeal after' they made the em- barrassing discovery that the craft bhey had fired several shots over was \a government service boat. J. P. Snyder, siuperinteindent of the federal fish hatchery at Cape Vin- cent and Clarkson Stanley, a Cape Vincent gmide, were the occupants of the boat which was stopped. Mr. Snyder had been on an of- ficial trip to Canadian waters, the other side of Ataiherst Island, talking with fishermen about the possibility of salvaging lake trout spawn, for the United States hatchery. Mi-. Stanley had accompanied him in the capacity of guide. On their return trip they struck a course in a line between Bare Point and Cape Vincent. A heavy- sea was running and their motor was noisy. They made the breakwater without being conscious o'f any dis- turbance and when they were inside the breakwater and only 100 yards' fi'om shore Stanley saw something' strike the water not far from the boat. He looked around; t o see the coast guard boat CG-153 bearing down on ^thern.. Snyder and Stanley dropped anchor and waited for the rum boat to come alongside. Two of the coast guard crew jumped aboard the smaller b'o'at and ntade a search, informing Snyder that they had shot three times over him after signalling several times for him to stop. After a search of the boat, they asked for papers and Snyder pre- sented papers showing the boat was in government service. The com- mander of the coast guard' boat then offered his apologies and departed. —Shoes for men aaid.fcioys-, also a nice line of hosiery''at''§, R. Shel- don's.—Adv. —Mrs. John. C. Herrick and Joltf MeMillian were recent callers on Fox Creek friends. —Miss Ruth Gibrfon, and Paul Gra'ndjean spent the week end. with relatives in Syra'cusei —Ladies' undergarments—the best- and largest stock in- town can -be found at F. G. Blium'si-^Adiy; —Fresh pies can be found at Mc- Gowan's Restaurant every day. Fresh and crispy. Mrs. A. Mdti<ow.an.—Ad!v —Mr. and Mrs. Harry Grapotte returned Soanday' evening from a, visit to. Mr. and \Mrs. John Howard, at Alpena; ^lichigan. . —There are 1,300 different shades of face powder, and now,and then you meet a girl in Cape' Vincent who look's like she had a sample of each on her face. —Mrs. Charles -Mosier and Mrs. B. S. Go'rdwell and children, Beverly and Harrison, of Ogdens'burg, who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs \Frank Bernhardt for the past few days have returned home. —The school 1 house at Millen's Bay has been brightened up with a coat of paint. Floydtadd did the Work. The school is progressing, very nicely under the supervision of Miss Evelyn Constance, the teanher. —Recent guests of M-ri and Mrs..: Gilbert. Chapman were Mr. and Mrs.' James Bamlbury, of Orwell; Mrs. Chapman's nieces, Mrs. Alta Potter, of Lyons Falls and Mrs. Bertha Curtis, of Lowvillej and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stevens and son, Henry, of Liverpool. Mrs. Stevens is Mrs. Chapman's daughter. '—Good people, remember this: By patronizing the merchants' of Cape Vincent you are rewarded by always 'having good, enterprising merchants •at home. Patronize them and they will benefit you in more ways than one. You will be rewarded by see- ing your patronage and your ' in- fluence build up and maintain your home town. —About fifty Masons, a number of them from Watertown, Belleville,. Browhville and Depauville, attended a regular c : omm|unication of Cape Vincent Lodge, No. 293, F. & A. M.„ Monday evening. Right Worshipful. Roger G. Eastman, of Belleville, dis- trict deputy grand master of the Second Jefferson-Lewis Masonic dis- trict, paid an official visit to the Lodge- that evening. Following the business session, Might refreshments were served under the direction of W. E. Montonna, J. *R. Kiiborn and S. IC. AinsWorth. ROSIERE. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jewett, of Calciums, were Sunday callers here. Mrs. Alvin Hayes, of Three Mile Bay, is spending a few days with her sister here. . Miss Frances Btam' and Louis SchjWarz, of Syracuse, spent the week end with Mrs. Mary Wiley. Mrs. Milford Gosier and Frank Wiley spent last week with relatives in Syracuse and Baldiwinsville. Mrs. G. W. White is-spending a couple weeks with her sister, Mrs. N. F. WilloughJby, in East Rochester. Mrs. Julia Kiiborn, of Cape Vin- cent, spent a portion of last week with her sister, Mrs. Eugene Bourcy. (Rev. Father Sullivan opened a Mission here Sunday. Father Sulli- van is a very gifted- and interesting speaker. Miss Gladys . Bidwell and Miss Eleanor Gosier, who are attending Potsd-aim Normal, spent the week end at E. A. Gosier's. Extremes in Lights . The largest incandescent lamp, as large as three cauliflowers, will burn the clothes off any person standing within three feet of It The smallest lamp In the world is as large as a grain of wheat and will not scratch the tender membrane of a baby's stomach when the light Is poked down the infant's guile! to search Cor a missing piu or button^ Old Roman Glass Roman imperial glass dates from the First century before Christ during the reign of Constantine the Great and Theodosius II. Great encourage- moiil WIIS given to glass making. East- ern workmen were urged to come to Uoi.ie. This was the important period of lloman imperial glass making. Foolish Blindnest O thou that plnest In the imprison- ment of. the Actual, and crleat bitter- ly to the gods for a kingdom wherein to rule and create, know this of a truth.; the thing thou seekest '<• al- ready with thee, \here or nowhere,\ couldst thou only see!—Carlyle. New Site for ''Atlantis\ . Atlantis, the mythical lost continent, has been located In various parts of the Atlantic and 1'acific oceans In the past. Now comes Protessor Aryid Hoegbom oi Upsala university, Stock- holm, with the claim that It was in the North sea. SCHOOL TAX NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned, collector of taxes in and for School District No. 10, Town of Cape Vincent, N. Y., have received the tax roll and warrant for the col- lection of taxes'in said district, and will attend for the collection of the same at my residence, Esselstyn street, in this village, for 30 days from date of this notice, between the hours of 9,:00 a. m., and 4:00 p. m., at one per cent. Dated, October 10, 1928. MRS. J. A. PUTNAM, Collector. HOTEL FOR SALE—On account of ill health of the proprietor, Lein- inger's hotel is offered for sale; everything in first-class condition. Apply to Joseph Leininger, Cape Vin- cent. Now Is The Time For Storm Sash And Storm Doors We have them at reasonable prices J.A.Scobell Co., Inc. ... CAPE VINCENT, N. Y, —Leonard J. Gillen was the, week end guest .of Mr. and Mrs. Jay thin- lay and family. —Mrs. Ellen Vincent returned Sun- day from a week's visit with her daughter, Mrs. W. H. Gilchrist, at the county farm. —Toilet, articles, of \ every -des- cription—the largest and most com- plete line in Northern New York— at F. G. Blu>m's.4-Adv. —Mr. and Mrs, Oscar Montonna, of Nashua, N. H., are spending a •couple of weeks with relatives and Mends in, Cape Vincent. • —Mr. and Mrs. Henry Florence and Roy Florence, of Oswego, spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs.. Lewis Bourcy, at Wilson's Bay. —Miss Evelyn. Breslin left last Friday evening for Washington, D. C, -where she will spend the winter with her sister, Mrs. F. M. Hodges. —For 'anything in the line of school supplies go to- G. R. Sheldons. He has pads, pencils, pens, etc.;. also the best fountain pens on the market.—Adv. ' — —Mrs. Glenn Howe left. Tuesday -evening for New York wlhere she will join Mr. Howe who- is stationed in that city.. Mr. and Mrs. Howe expect to remain in New York until 1 some time in December. —Remember, Saturday, October 20 is the last day of - registration. _ If you want-to voter you n*ust be reg- istered, so see that your name in on the books. The poll\? will be open from 1:00 p. m, to 10:00 p. m. - —The members of Cape Vincent Chapter, No. 96, Royal Arch Masons, are hereby notified' that a -regular meeting will be held 1 on Tuesday evening, October '23. At this .time Most Excellent John F. Elirming- ham, of New York,. Past Grand High Priest of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of New' York, will pay an official visit to the local Chapter. He will probaibly be. ac- companied by a number of promin- ent Chapter Masons'\ of the 17th capitular district, which .is composed of the counties of Jefferson and Lewis;. Refreshments will be served after \the .meeting. AH Chapter Ma- sons are invited. Pulp Terminal at Cape Bought By St. Regis Company —o— The St. Re'gis Paper company, of Watertown, has just purchased from the Champlain Realty company, the Qld pulp wood terminal',_loaated in the eastern, portion of the village, formerly owned by the International Paper company. The\purchase price was not made known. The property includes about six acres of land, located within the vil- lage limits, all equipment of the old tenmdnal including a trestle and a concrete dock.-. The dock ehtehds-in- to water deep enough to permit large boats to. unload. „ The St. Regis company does not plan to utelize the property at once, hut it is expected that within the next two years, the\ equipment will be put in condition for use. . ' The company at present operates a lange terminal! at Waddington,, where pulp wood for its mills at Norfolk, Norwood and Raymondville is unloaded. Most of the Wood used in the St. Regis mills comes from timber tracts owned by the company in Canada. With a termihial at Cape Vincent, pulp wood could be brought much closer to the mills of the St. Regis and its associated companies in this, vicinity. « EMERY-GOSIER WEDDING. —o— On Thursday afternoon of last week at the Methodist parsonage, in Esselstyn street, occurred the mar- riage of Mrs. LouElla Gosier and Morris Emery, both of this village. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Henry A. Friesen, pastor of the M. E. church. They were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas H. Reff. Mr. and Mrs. Eimery are held in high esteem by a 1 .large circle of friends, all of whom will extend hearty congratulations: They will make their home in Esselstyn street. Oldest English Song The first real English song was \Sumer Is Iouinen In.\ Words mod- ernized. \Summer Is Come In.\ This song belongs to the Anglo-Norman pe- riod, having been written about 1250. Key in Higher Natures The character of each one of u. and the fortunes of the world are en- trusted to our higher natures; this is our way out of moral chaos and darkness.—Rufus Ellis.- Kept Busy Expounding The great trouble about family life is that all those who believe In It are always away from home making speeches in favor of it—Richmond Tlmes-Dlspatch. \Diana\ Monkeys The species of monkey known as \Diana\ is named after the moon god- dess, because its members have a cres- cent-shaped white mark on their fore- heads. FOR SALE. The W. J. Flynn house and lot on James street, Cape Vincent, N. Y. Price reasonable; terms easy. In- quire at the Citizen's Bank, Cape •Vincent, N, Y. -rSunters, if you\ want shells and other hunting supplies go to G. R. Sheldon's,—Advj —Marjorie Flake, of Watertown, was a recent guest of her mother, Mrs. Maude Flake. » —Choice candies—iHuyler's Mary 'Lincoln and .Jwlia Bustih—always in sto,c!k at J?. G., Blum's.—Adv. ; —A regular meeting of Cape Vin- cent, Chapter, No. 4.91,. Order oi the Eastern- Star, will be held next Mon- day evening. —Carthage Republican - Tribune:- Our idea of a.model mar-riage is one in -which the wife is the treasurer and the- husband is a treasury. —Mr. and Mrs. Vincent LeRoy and Mr. .and,Mrs. Seth Waterman and children,\ of. Oswego, .were recent guests of Lewis Bourcy and family. '—Mr. and Mrs. H. Roy Allen -and son., Clarence, and Mr. and Mrs. C. E, Allen spent the week end with, relatives at Manlius and Canastota. Tboiwas Irish and mother, Mr. and Mrs\. Will Gilchrist, pf Watertowin., and Mrs. William Huek, of Three Mile Bay, were Sunday guests of Mrs. E..L. Vincent.. —'School taxes are now due and can bo paid to the collector, Mrs. Jacob A; Putnam, until ...Thursday, November 8, at one per cent. The' rate is low this year, being only 70c on each ?100 assessment.. •—•Evidently \Ike\ Lyons, edtiof of the Fort Covington Sun, wasn't \feeling any too good\ when he wrote, the following concerning the: fair sex; \Things are getting in- des pei-ate straights, all on account of the women. Thev have become so independent that there is no living with them. It is just like giving a beggar- a horse. He rides him to death. We look for the Women to soon disfranchise mere men. We believe that very soon they will be- come so'bossy that they want most everything, and finally, succeed.\ SSSSSSi&OW \TITf [ MLigii irysri.'-WM-v-ftx'»fri->v«» 0 Deatl of Paul Goodfriend. —o— On Thursday morning of last week, at about 11:15 o'clock, Paul Good- friend died at his home, at Three Mile Bay, after a brief illness,\ aged 82 ..years. .... Mr. Gopdfriend, who was a retired farmer wias_ born on Howe Island, Ontario,. December 1, 1846, a son of Michael and Josetta Go'odifriend. He came t o this country „when a young man, arid resided in the vicinity of Three Mile Bay for many years'. In 1885 he was married to Miss Emily Bartholomew, of Rosiere. She died about 30 years .ago. He was a hard working man and had many friends who will sympathize with his rela- tives in their bereavement. He is survived by ome brother, Michael Soodifriend, of Ohauimont, and two daughters, Mrs. Walter Stock,,„of' Long Beach, 'California, and Miss Gertrude Goodfriend, of Rosiere.-. A. The fufieral was held Saturday morning from All Saints, church, Chaumont; the Rev. Father Bernier officiating. Interment was made at Rosiere. ELECTION DATES IN THE . GRANGES. County Deputy George Merrill calls attention of the Granges in his territory \to the fact that the an- nual election of officers in the sub- ordinate Granges will come at the first regular .meeting in November and the installation of officer'i at the first meeting in December. This is in accordance with the action of the New York State Grange, which made the. change. Formerly the election and installation was one month later than now. The time of holding the annual meeting of the Pomona Granges has not been changed. -The Jefferson County Pomona Grange annual meet- ing will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, December 5 and 6. Of- ficers will be elected and delegates will also be chosen.to the annual meeting of the State Grange, to be held at Rochester, February 5 to 8 inclusive. Better Than Garrotte Cuba approves of letting men con- demned to death on that island vol- unteer to be inoculated with cancer germs. Instead, and remain under ob- servation and treatment for 12 years. Should fli<\v survive and be cured they will hp given their freedom . . •How much better that physicians >-|i<ml<l expormipnt on such men. with their cons nt. for the betterment of humanity, rhnn that their lives should •;o for nm-\-l'< CHRISTMAS CARDS—We have received a nice line of Christmas cards and are prepared to print your name on Same at a reasonable price. Let us have your order early. The Eagle Job Printing Department. Subscribe, for The Eagle. $1.50 a\ Yeiir PILLMORE'S Our Winter Menu Hot Fudge Hoi! Butterscotch Hot Chocolate Sandwiches Doughnuts Coffee Chocolates—in bulk and pound or 2-pound packages Cigars, Cigarsttes and tobacco PILLMORE'S Equal to That of Columbus Whert you first discover for yourself the importance'of saving a part of what you earn, when you learn of the many advantages which this sensible .method of living opens before you, when you see the many opportunities for greater profits and comforts that an Interest Account brings to you—then you have made a dis- covery equal in importance to you with-that-of Columbus great discovery. The Citizens' Bank of Cape Vincent CAPE VINCENT ' OFFICERS C. C. COOKE, President ' J. R. KILBORN, 1st Vice-Pres. T. C. KILLEEN, 2nd Vice-Pres, D. V. SEEBER, Cashier- RAY FITZGERALD, Asst. Cashier Uncle Philander, Jr. . As an aftermath of the beer- running episode that occurred on, the St. Lawrence river, opposite this vil- lage, on, February 5, in -which a horse was frozen to death and a quantity of beer was lost through the ice, Williaim! E. Home, Jr., of Wolfe Island, is out on $5,000 bail, being charged with violation, of the tariff act. There was much controversy over the matter at the time, but als nothing was . done then, it wais supposed that there Would be nothing more to it. ' Evidently the authori- ties had not forgotten the incident, for they had Mr. Home arraigned before United States Commissioner W. Glenn Larmouth, in Watertown., last Friday, charging him with sal- vaging some of the beer and taking it to Wolfe Mated. ' It is not so mluch the fact that the beer was taken to the Island, but the technical point, it is claimed, is that Home failed to report at the cus- toms office on the American side of the river. This may be true, but there aire a whole lot of people who claim that so long as Home did not drive upon the shore, there is nothing in the regulations that required him to report to the American authori- ties. I do- not want to take sides in this, but it seems to me that the matter was a trivial one, and that the officers who are pushing the af- fair might better be engaged in looking up things that are of more importance, one of which would be to hunt up the parties who- were so inhuman as to allow the horse they were driving to freeze to death. That is the part of the affair that does not set well with the people in this_ locality. Umcje Philander, Jr. HHB Financial Term In automobile lliiuiH'iiii! a balloon note refers to a note in which the last installment is much lurgor than each of the preceding Installments, which iwe equal in amount. Usually a new agreement is made to extend the payment of the last installment when due. Nuts Closely Packed The Brazil nuts are contained in a round, woody pericarp, or seed vessel, almost the size of a man's head, with- in which there are many of the seeds Or nuts. These.are packed so closely that It would be quite impossible to replace them, once they were removed. Sign of Age When you recall that the very best baseball game you ever witnessed was played on the village pasture lot back of the grist mill and that the admis- sion fee was exactly zero, then you're growing old. my boy, you're growing old.—Albany Knickerbocker Press. Tolerance Because a total eclipse of the sun is above my own head, 1 will not therefore insist that there must be an eclipse in America also; and because snowtiakes fall befoi'e my own nose, I need not believe that the Gold coast is snowed up.—Rlchter. Apple Notice! To my friends and- customers of Cape Vincent, Three Mile Bay, Ohaumont and vicinity: I wish to -say-that, I expect to be at your town about November 1, with a nice lot of hand-npicked Dutchess county fall and winter apples. Will have Spys, Baldwins, Snows, Green- ings, Sutten Beauties, , Johnethans, Starks, Bubbrdsons and a few of several different kinds. I think it. will 1 pay you to wait for me, as the assortment is large and the quality is the best. You can get apples for all seasons of the year, and as good as money can buy. Will let you know later when t o expect me. Geo. G. Bates Can You Carry the Load? YOU'RE CARRYING THE LOAD OF THE FAMILY. YOU'RE THE BREADWINNER. TOMORROW BY REASON OF A LITTLE ACCIDENT YOU MAY BE THE LOAD IT§ELF FOR THE FAMILY TO CARRY. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THAT EVENTUALITY BY TAKING OUT ONE OF THE STERLING SICK AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE POLICIES WE HAVE TO OFFER. A little foresight now may mean much to you later Insurance is our business—Come in and let's talk it over. CAPE yiNCENT UNDERWRITERS' CORP. Cape'Vincent* N. Y. GAS The kind that gives you more mileage and elim- inates carbon troubles. Why Not Give This Gas a Trial? You'll Like It, We Know. G. R. SHELDON CAPE VINCENT, N-EW YORK Full line of Foreign and Domestic Cigars, To- baeco, Cigarettes and Choice Confectionery Wide Awake i As a rale those who wake up anil i And themselves famous \woke up\ • many years before. Arabian Proverb He who has heclth Ims impp. and he who has hops has eveiytliiug. Get Ready For WINTER Repair or Replace Your HARNESS and BLANKETS Also complete line of BAGS and TRUNKS CX BENORE 336 Court St. Watertown, N. Y. Cummings & Grappotte UNDERTAKERS Lady AssiHfcant upon Request 'Phone 1-16 Clayton, New York RUG CLEANING That restores the original beauty, thoroughly cleaning your rugs _ to the .warp without effecting the sizing or ... | most delicate colors. 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