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'.J THURSDAY, MAY 15, 1924. MICKE SAYS- VJE'RE V41SE TO A FBW QUE k KNOCKERS IN \rt-US XO\UU , WHOA WVOAM ABOUT HOW W\MGS J ARE RUM \ *(V\EM PfcO0M3L.V \ KMOCK. US \TOO \WHEU VUE A\UV AROUViO, BUY ,, CONSK>ER.*H / 1 SOURCE',' JOS *tW FEttERSMO WUEKii HE SGEKl «m' H1HV1A IUAPFW NT WIKA \ LOCAL INTHIIGENCE Items of News Pertaining to Cape Vincent and Vicinity. —Open the cellar windows. —Bead all the advertisements. —'The dandelion crop never fails. —iSbaiwe the flies ais well as \swat' them. —.Gananoque is now working or. daylight saving tiime. —Everett Eotobins is the new clerk ait (But-dick & Armstrongs. —Vegetable and flower plants foi sale by J- E. Rienbeck.—Adv. —-Briscilia Dean ds coming to the Strand Theater Wednesday, May 21. —Automobile drivers should re- member that ia pedestrian has thi light of way. —Bleached and unbleached cottons and other dry goods and notions al F. G. Blum's.—Adv. —Norma Talmage in \Sign on th. Boor\ at the Sti'an'd Theater- Satur- day night, May 1-7.—Adv. —Mrs. Emery U. Steele, of Clay- ton, was a recent guest of. .relative! and friends in this village! —For sale, a few young pigs Price $4.00 each. G. F, Vincent Route 2, .Cape Vincent.—Adv. —It's easy for a man to live on his •wife'is money if she has any, but he can't go to heaven on her, religion. -^Tta'0»an, jMid-goes home and finds the kitchen ;stove in the parlor tdoesli'i have to foe told that its housecilean-\ ing time. —For'sale, house and lot in Lake .street; also good garage. Inquire oJ Alfred Bourcy, Route 1, Cape Vin- cent.—Adv. —Mrs. ICatherine Mc-Farland, oi Albany, was a recent guest of Mr. -and Mrs. Fred 1 Sneddon and oth-y. .relatives in this locality. —Buy your harness at Daley's. The kind he sells is guaranteed. Gei ihiis prices to-day. He does repaii work on short notice.—Adv. -HMiss Mary Fitzgerald, who has been connected with the Clayton paper for the past four years, has resigned her position. She will be succeeded by Miss Frances LeFaiyre. —Just when work on improving the road t o Tibbetts iPoint will be -commenced is not known-, but the Eagle has been inrbnmed that it wil- ibe completed this year. When finish- ed it will, ibe a popular drive. —Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mosier Miss Florenc Mosier, Mr. and Mrs. Donald MoOar-gar, Edward Daniels and Master Charles Kings-burg, all of OgdenisbuMg, motored here and spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bernhardt. —We hear much, these days about •Bast living and we are traveling at a pace that Wilis. But we believe that if we were all pulling in the •right direction the speed would not •—The .man of the house will be, giad. when the cleaning is over. -^Want to buy, want to sell, wont to trade? Use Eagle advertising. —For sale, a few real igood pigs; ready to go any time now. Merchant Bros.—Adv. —Men, why not take a look at the Walker dress. Shoes, sole! by J. F. Peo?-—Adv. —Wanted, a good cook, man or •woman. Apply to Moss. .R. P. Hart, Point street.—Adv. —Mrs, Geoaige iRoadhouse, who has been quite ill for a number of weeks, is regaining her health. —E. W. Coon, of Philadelphia, Pa., paid a visit to has cheese storage plant in this village, last Friday. —<D.r. and Mrs. B. B. Davis, of Clayton, were Sunday giiests of Dr. Davis.' another, Mrs. Ly-clia Davis. -—Raspberry bushes, strawberry plants, gladioiia bulbs and garden peas for sale by J. B. Rienibeck.—Adv —Dr. and Mrs. George A. Potter attended -an Eastern- Star 'Chapter meeting at Antwerp Monday evening. —It is conceded by all that Fj G. Bl-uon has the largest and best line of confectionery In Cape Vincent.—Adv. -^Supervisor John R. Kilborjv at-, .tended the quarterly meeting of the board of supervisors, at Watertown, Monday.\ —Two • bundles of keys have been left, at this office. . Owners can have same by proving property and paying for this notice. —Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Hart aiuived at the Cape last week and are occupy- ing' their summer home, \Green Shutter's,\ in Point -street. —Mais. Clara Jones and son, Marshall, Mrs. Frank Bernhardt, J\fe. Joseph Leininger and Mrs. Frank Webster spent Wednesday in Water- town. • —An optimist is a man who be- lieves that he can go to. tlie autonio- bi-le show without any risk whatever of being 'tempted to buy everything in sight. —Margaret, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Len S. Walker, has been confined to the family home, in Joseph street, for the past several days by illness. •—Carthage Republican - Tribune : About the time a man readies fifty- five he forgets Iris boyhood ambition to -be president and only hopes that he'll be able to keep his funeral from being held at the poor-house. —A regular communication of Cape Vincent Lodge, No. 293, F. & A. M., will be held next Monday evening at eigiht o'clock. Jndson M. Grant, tlie master, will .give a report of his recent visit to the Grand Lodge, in New York City. —The local members of Media Temple Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, have received notice of a pilgrimage to Malone on Friday of this week. A special train will leave Watertown at Ii2:i30. It is likely that some of the Cape Vincent Nobles will make the trip. . i' ' -r..';,'' - .,'.-..-'• V: ..-—\Pep\ Barharcfe, nine^pieee or- - onestaia, of Syracuse, \will \iuMiisF music for a social .dance to be held at She Firemen's hall on Friday evening, May 23. The price of tickets will be $1.50 pea- couple, with 50c far extra lady. A cafeteria lunch will be served. —The anm.ial convention of the Jefferson County Christian Endeavor Society will be held at East Houms- field church Thursday afternoon and evening of this week. The iRev. A. T. Cart, of this village, who is the president of the County Association, will preside'. —The man who argues that adver- tising is an expense which rniust be charged up to the customer is usually a fellow who does not advertise. Generally his (prices are just a trifle higiher than htose of the man who does advertise, and it is frequently the case that his goods .remain on the shelves so long that he is selling last year's goods this season, ffi he ad- vertised, ihe would have cleaned out the stock twelve months ago, and his turnover would have been, so fast that it would have been possible for him to reduce prices—-and make more .money on a large volume of business. ibe so dangerous. It's the people go- ing up meeting the people going dawn, that causes so many collisions. —A reguular meeting of the Cape Vincent Grange will be held on Satur- day afternoon of this week. The fol- lowing -program will be rendereel: \Some pointers in garden making,\ John Rienbeok; question box, (every- one have a question ready); current events, Harry Robbins; reading, E. J. Vincent; music. 'Endless Chain\ Letters Are Going the Rounds HOW TO GET YOUR BONUS. The John C. Londraville Post, Aimerican Legion, has been designated by the Bonus iComimission a s distribu- ting agency for application blanks tfor the soldier's bonus, and the Legion .rooms on Monday evening of. this week resembled an army headquarters .with a battery of four typewriters being kept busy until mielnigiht making out the necessary blanks for the veterans who were there to get them. The Post is prepared to furnish all information- regarding the prepar- ation of these blanks and will assist in filling applications. Anyone mak- ing application .to the Post must have .with him all necessary informa- tion so as to fully answer all ques- tions; also bring original discharge papers. The Post will also prepare -the applications of claimants for the bonus of a deceased or incompetent soldier who may cai'e to apply. For the first time in a number of years the \endless chain\ letter has •made its appearance in Cape Vincent. The editor of the Eagle received one a few days ago, and he presumes that otheus in the village have also. This letter is for Masons only and reads as follows: \In .compliance with a Masonic re- quest, I am passing on. to you as one of ten brothers, the following: \ 'Oh, Lord, I implore Thee to bless mankind and bring to dwell in Thee.'. \Ancient Masons -believed that all who did not pass it on were in danger of misfortune. -Be good enough, there- fore, to pass it along to ten brothers of the Fraternity and on the tenth day you will be rewarded. \Do not break the chain. This chain was started by an American officer and should go airou-nd the world •three times.\ These letters are certainly a nuis- ance, and the Eagle believes that the fool killer should be on hand and get busy as soon as one of these \endless chain\ ducks show up.. Just at this time we are quite busy and have no inclination to write the ten. 'letters, so we suppose the chain will be brok' en. Well,, let her break! •—Fred L. Bu-rdick is on a visit to Boston. —Saturday of next week, May 24, is \Victoria. Day\ in Canada. —Attend the Senior Class dance at fcho G-ianige hall Fr'day evening. . —Mrs. J. F. Peo is confined .to her home, in James street, by illness. —Work shirts and overate—big line to choose from at F. G. Blum's. —George Roadhouse has open-eel a garage in the Davis building,, in Market street. —-The .regular meeting'of the local lodge of Odd Fellows will be held Friday evening. —-Pii'iscilla iDean .and Wallace Beeny at, the Strand Theater Wednes- day, May 21.—Adv. —Take a little pains and acquaint the editor wituhi any item that will ^interest the general public. —An exchange says that about all bobbed hair has done is to improve the quality of stories told in barber shops.- ' \ —The (Ladies' Guild of St. John's church will meet iat the' Grange hall Jon Thursday evening of this week at 7,;80 o'clock. —\Claimed that American girls are getting \hand boiled,\ but #iat can't be because they spend so much time over the cookstave. -—The food sale and,silver tea held: by the Junior Project members at the home of Mrs. G. S. Jones on Sat- urday afternoon of last week netted the Club about $13. —The only thing mast Cape Vin- cent husbands have to do at night is wind the 'Clock and go to bed, and yet ibhey'i'e always insisting that they \nave to do everything.\ —Please remember that the profit •on- each dollar of business transacted •at home enriches the community to that extent anel increases the value of property. Trade at home. —The officers and members of Cape Vincent -Chapter, No. 96, R. A. M., are requested, to attend a special meeting at the Masonic hall on Tues- day evening of next week. —Mrs. Lena Saunders Miller, of Watertown, a former Cape Vincent (resident, has gone to Thousand Is- land Park, where she will. m<:ke her home this seaspn with Miss At-bie Hilts, of Syracuse. —-The Senior Class of the Cape Vincent High school will hold a dance anel card party at the Grange hall on- Friday night of this week. Good music. Tickets for dance 50c; card tickets 25c. Everybody invited. —Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Shul-ette, of LaiF-ar-geville, had for their guests recently Mr. and Mips. Edgar Enimer- son and Howard White, of Perch River, and Fred Vogt and daughter Margaret, and son Albert, of Stone Mills. —Mr. and Mbs. Arthur C. Gardner and son, Charles, and John W. Kil- born spent the week end in -Syracuse. —The village assessors have a notice of the completion of the as- sessment .roll for. the year 1924 in tiusisguW \•'. ;' *•\\•- '\\^-Recent guests of Mir. and Mrs. Frank Bernhardt were Mrs. Edith Sypher and daughter, Estella, and Edward Broadwell, of Bro-wnville, also M-rs. Annie Kingsburg, of Wa- tertown, and Master Charles Kings- burg, of Ogdensburg. —-The unfavorable weather of the past three weeks (has delayed spring work considerably on Jefferson county farms. \Oats are the first crop .seedx ed in the spring, but at the present time but few have been sown in the town of Cape Vincent. In favorable years itiliis task is generally finished about the 20th of April. —The Rev. Arthur T. Cart was in Dexter Monday evening acting as toastmaster at the banquet of tJhe \Hustlers' Club,\ which consists of boys between- the ages of 10 and 20. Under the efficient leadership of Sherman Anderson, of that village, the boys have developed into- a fine •body of athletes and have been meet- ing at the sclioolhouse every Thurs- day night during the .winter. There is a membership of about 89. —This is CleahVUp Week in Cape Vincent. It is the time of year for all householders to clean up lawns and back yards and rid the premises of all dint and refuse that has ac- cumulated during the winter\ months.^ There is no law compelling house- holders or property owners to ob- serve Olean-Up Week but as a matter of civic pride and also as. a preven- tive against elisease it is the duty of Iverybody to do a good job in get- ting rid of all refuse and debris. Clean up and paint up. It will add igireatly to the appearance of the village. —Just a month to the\ opening of the bass fishing season, —(Let's have ah old-fashioned c&le- ibration on.July 4. What do you say? —Travel between the ports of Cape Vincent and Kingston is only fail' at .present., —The place to get satisfactory painting at right prices is at the Eagle office. '—flosiery for men, women- and children—large line to select from at F. Q. Blum.'.s.—Adv. —'Charles DeJou'rdan is driving a new Chevrolet sedan, purchased from the-L. L. Peo Garage. —Kingston Whig: An experienced wife is one who sniffs suspiciously- when her husband shows some sign of affection. —Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kellar and niece, Miss Fern Cook, of Wiatentown 1 , -spent Sunday with Mr, and Mrs. Thomas Busby. —After having been confined to his home -'for several weeks by quite severe illness, John B... Nichols is able to be out again. —Ma-s. Susan O'Neill anel Mabel and Jemes O'Neill spent Sunday with Mir. and Mrs. Robert O'Neill, at Wilson's Settlement. —Mr. and Ma's. Thomas Chalterton and sons, Glenn and Kent, were Sun- day guests in the the family of Amos Fayret, in -Pleasant Valley. —-Mr. anel Ma-s. iF. W. 'Sacket have returned to their home in this village, after spending some time at Atlantic City, N. J., and- New York. —The condition- of Mrs. Mary Gilr beat, ill at the home of Cecil A Cole, in Point -street, for the past two weeks, is somewhat improved. —.The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Presbyterian chuaidi mil hold a -meet- ing' at the home of • Mais. -Walter Grant on. Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. —Attorney Willard L. Best, of Gloversville, spent a part of last week in tills village, the guest of his mother Mrs. Geraig-ia Best. He made the trip by automobile. —The Ladies' Auxiliary of St. Vin- cent de Paul's church will hold a food sale on Satarday afternoon of this week at FitzgeraleVs Store, beginning at one o'elock.-^-Adv. —Arthur Heifer, who spent the winter at Cape Vincent, retivned to his home at Sodus Point on Monday. Mrs. Heifer will remain hea'e for a couple of weeks longer. —'George Mea'chant, Pleasant Val- ley, who has been confined to his beH for a couple of weeks from injuries received by a fall, is improving anel is able to be up and about the house a part of the time. —The regular meeting of the Woman's Foreig-n Missionary Society of'the Methodist church will be held on Thursday of this week, with Mi's. D. V. Seebeiy- hostess. The leader will be Mrs. Emma Holland. -Subject, Japan. —The Rev. Erastus Pratt, pastor of the local M. E. diui'eh for the past fewyte'a.rs, ! and-his family, have moved to Thousand Island Park,\ where Mhv Pratt will have charge of the M. 'E. churdi. The many friends of the family in Cape Vincent wish for them an abundance\ of happiness in (their new home. STURDY CHICK'S—gnow faster, mare vigorous, healthier on- Pnatts Buttermilk -Baby Chick Food. Proper feed will save 95 per cent from sick- ness. Try a sack at our a-isk. F. H. Kiilborn, Cape Vincent—Adv. Firenien Want Trustees to Pass Parking Ordinance At a meeting of the board of directors of the fire department, held Monday evening, a- resolution was .passed asking the village trustees to make an ordinance .prohibiting the parking of automobiles within a rea- sonable distance from the fia-e hyd- rants and in (front of the fia-emen's building. This- is a move in the right direction, anel should receive the sanc- tion of the trustees. In- case of a •fke, automobiles parked near - a,fire plug- or in fu-ont of the building might hamper the firemen in the elischarge of their duties. If such an ordinance is enacted it should be rigidly en- forced. Cape Boy Travels Fifteen Hundred Miles In Ford Word has been received fa-oni Oscar Monton-nia, who has a position in the U. S. Hatchery, at Duluth, Minn., telling something of his trip, whidi was made by automobile. Mi'. Mon- tonna covered the fifteen hundred miles in about five days. He averag- ed nearly three hundred miles a day. The a-oads, he tells us, are very good •and are well marked except on the Duluth end where the a'oads are dirt noads, covered with fine stone. The trail is well marked except in some of the large cities where he often had to stop and inquire the way. Oscar tells us that he had very little to hinder .him except the heavy traffic in some of the cities, Rochester, Buffalo, Cleveland, Toledo, Chicago, Milwaukee, and others through which he passed. He says that he and \Lizzy his car-, are fast friends now, as he had no trouble with the car except three punctures. The weather up ai'ound Duluth-, ac- cording to the letter is cold and rainy, and there is still consielerable ice in •the lake. Mr. Montonna says that he likes -the .place very -much and that Ms work is very intei'esting. The Eagle joins with his many friends in wishing Mm success in his work:. —.Decoration Day two weeks fi-oni Faiday. —41. E. church food'sale at Mrs. E. K, Hjollaind's; Friday, May 16,-Ajdv. s-'For sale, two good young dairy eows. T. I. Bates, Route 1, Cape Vin- cent.—'Adv —<Ma-s. S. .J. M'clntyaie, of Water- toiwn, was a.week end guest of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sheldon. —E. G. Wand, assistant at the Tibbetts Point light station, is driv- ing a new Cheva-olef car. ' -^A, meeting of the Riverside Ceme- tery Association will be held at the Town ha]l SatuBclay evening. • • —Tlie only difference a ainan notices after spring cleaning is that the da- venport is against the other wall. —iBefoa.-e you buy paints, oils, varnishes or painters' supplies see F. G. Blum, He can save you money. —Mr. and Mrs. Fred Coopea-^and son, of Watertown, were Sunday callers in the family of Frank Web- ster. —You -will make a -mistake if you .buy a trunk, suit case or tuavling bag' before you -see what Daley has to offer.—Adv. . —Mrs. Charles Kinsley and Mrs. 'Cbaal.es H. Sdriok and son, Charles, have returned from a visit with relatives, in Erie, Pa. .—Mr. and Mais. Clarence Lonctoa- ville and daughter, of Watertown; ware Sunday guests of Mrs. Lonetoa^ ville's parents, MY. and Mais. Hiram •Davis. —Frederick Pilon and Miss Doris Weklon, of Ad'aans, spent. Sunday with Mi', and Mrs. Arthur -Peters and family. Ma-s. William Godfrey, who has been spending the past week here, -returned to Adams with them. -^flPhe condition of Mais. George Kilborn, who has been confined .to her home for a number of weeks by quite severe illness, continues to im- •pBove. This news will be 1'eceived With satisfaction By her numerous friends. —A trial term of supi'eme court convened at the court house, in Wa- tertown, Monday, Justice Jerome L. Cheney, of Syracuse, presiding. Cape Vincent is represented on the trial jury by Jlohn C. Stunipf, Otto John- son, Clifton -Hurst, Morris Emery, and Joseph Favret. —At a meeting of the Watertown Produce Exchange, held at the Hotel Woodruff, in that city, last Saturday, the price of .cheese was advanced three-quaaters of a cent, making the basic price 14%cents. A year ago the basic price on the coiiresponding elate was 15 %. Nearly 5,000 boxes were sold Satua-.day. —Mrs. Gerald. Woolaver, of this village, underwent an operation at Jhe House of the Good Samaritan, in Watertown, on Thursday of last week. TJje operation, whidi- was successful, was pea-foraned by Dr G. D. Gregor. At this waiting she is .getting along finey .and it is expected that she will be' able to return home in a few elays. —Under tlie management of- Rich- ard S. Kesler, J. Haiiry Grapotte and .Sfidter F. Blum a> grand May_ ball will be held at the Firemen's hail, in this village, on Friday evening, May 23. \Pep\. Baa-nard's nineipiece or- chestra, of Syi'a/euse,, under the direc- tion of \Pep\ himself, will furnish tlie music. Tickets $1.50 per couple; extra lady 50c. Dancing from nine until two. A cafeteria lunch -will be seTvedi Thi -nay Cemetery Association Meeting. The annual meeting of the stock- holders of the Riverside Cemetery Association will be held at tlie Town hall, in this village Saturday evening, May 17, 1924, at 8 o'clock. J. E. Rienbeck, Sec. FOR SALE. Cottage on Union House property, to be .removed within 30 days. Will sacrifice for quick sale. J. W. Reeel, 436 Woolworth Building, Wateitown, New York. GEO. F\. HILL Optometrist and Optician Eyes scieutlQcaUy examiriea. Prescrip- tions filled, Glasses designed, made, fitted and repaired. Otis Building, Watertown. FOR SALE. One milk wagon, 2 carriages, one with top and one without top, 1 mow- ing machine, 6 ft. cut, 1 gang plow, 1 plow, 2 pulverizers, 1 spring tooth harrow. Victor L. Gosier, Cape Vin- cent. Variety Shower for Miss Cora M. Wiley On Thursday evening of last week Mrs. William O. Wiley and Miss Winifred Wiley gave a variety shower at the Wiley home in Real street, for Miss Cora M. Wiley, who is to be- come the bride of Harold Coseo, of Watertown, in July. Games and stunts were played during the evening wMdi afforded nnucih amusement for all present. The dining room was prettily decorated in pink and white, the color scheme being- carried out in the favors, napkins, etc. Miss Wiley was the recipient of many beautiful and useful .gifts inclueling linen, silver, pyrex, etc. Those who attenel- ed itlie shower were Mrs. Len Wiley, Mrs. Harry Allen, Mrs. Arthur Heifer Mrs. Walter Blum, Mrs. Frank Pig- den, Mrs. George Londraville, Mrs. Charles Fairand, Mrs. Kenneth Steb- len, Mrs. Roy Stanley, Mais. Franklin Kilbom-, Mrs. George Sheldon, Mrs. Roy Wiley, of Three Mile Bay, the Misses Ruth Gibson, Eleanor Peggs, Dprrie Merchant, Ride Dawson, Mil- dred Rutherford, Nathalie Gibson, Pearl Rrownlee, ICatherine Gregor, Gertrude Fitzgerald, Ethel Allen, Blanche Timmerman, Louise Mer- diiant, • Aileen. Fitzgerald, Mildred Willoughby, Irma Fitzgerald. Each pay day set aside a certain proportion of your wages to go into your SAVINGS ACCOUNT. It is only by following some definite plan of this kind that you can get ahead. Take out the Savings first-then economize on other items if necessary. The advantage of this plan will be evident to you after you have tried it for a short time. , s JoanKot <uape CAPE VINCENT C. C. COOKE, President W. J. FLYNN, Cashier Uncle Philander, Jr. Perhaps is never a promise, an answer, or a direct foundation upon which t o build. The stone of criticism you hull to- day may come back to yon later on as a boomerang. That man certainly has right ieleas who plans to live better toin'oriior than he did to-day. If you have to work for a living, the task isn't made any lighter by grumbling about it. Following elenoniinatkmal lines too closely may result in your being called church clannish. Conduct yourself in such a nianmer that the wiorlel will know and feel that you are living right. It takes genuine sympathy to make the efforts of .the man with the .-ub- •soriptiocn, paper fruitful, - Do not be mistaken. People may look at you for the purpose of criMcis- ing instead of admiring. Some people seem ,to practice self eternal because of .the lot of fool pity that follows their actions. What you owe the community is a determined effort to make it a fit and decent place to, tarry in. Many are punch lock with as- sertions, but the balking time oomes when the proof is demanded. It is what you .actually know, not what you assume to know, thai makes your record among the people. It seems to be wonderfully easy to get beyond tlie \thus far, but no farther\ point in' this and genera- tion. .Don't tell about your many talents unless you can prove they have been a benefit to you and the world sit large. A lot of times you and I may dis- play good judgment by keeping quiet anel mot try to answer the ohild'a question. Uncle Philander, Jr. eed May Have a Fire To-day After the lire- starts? it is too late to take out Insurance. To-day, while you can get the protection against loss, is the time to investigate our liberal policies, which will cover any loss which may occur from fire. The cost of this protection is BO little you cannot afford to be without it. p ViiMM HnflerwrlW Goiwaiiion Cape ¥incent, sMw Y. - &atiWBxaiaomsstSEmiJxi;umxaifB «nwiff SBMSaw »* h!ife > i ^ *li M all 11 99 lever Holler Motor Boat for Sale. Staunch, well-built craft, long, 8 ft. beam; Sterling hunting cabin forward; sleeps two people; finished in mahogany. Wcller Garage, Alexandria Bay. 30 ft. motor; hafs What I Call Real Lumber Cape Vincent Fair Gets $2,467.02 From State The State Department of Farms and Markets has apportioned the State -aid money to \the agricultural fairs of the state, and the Cape Vin- cent Agricultural \Society gets §2,- 467.02 to .reimburse it for premiums paid at the 1923 exhibition. Other Northern New York fairs receiving money are as follows: Wa- tertown, 53,381.36; Malone, 54,000; Boonville, $2,608.37; Sandy Greek, 53,308.24; Canton, $3,392.61; Ogdens- bua-g, $2,963.23; Gouverneur, $2,823.32 Business firms who make it a practice of buying their stationery from us are always satisfied with the paper, the printing and the prices. If you never have had any of our work, give us a trial. The Cape Vincent Eagle Job Printing— The Right Kind- We Do It. It's the kind it pays to buy, too, for even if the first cost is a little more than the cheaper grades, the extra labor required in using cheaper lumber more than makes up the difference. The completed job is also more satisfac- tory when good quality Lumber is used. We Lumber we handle is all first-quality. J. A. Scobell Company Cape Vincent, N. Y. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Rev. A. T. Cort, Pastor. Prayer meeting Wednesday even- ing at 7:30. Sunday Services. Morning Service at 11:00 A. M. Sunday school at 12:05 Christian Endeavor at 6:30. Evening Service at 7:30. ! Dr. Philip E.Rossiter | *• Ofllee and Residence a, J Constance House, James St. ,j. % ODlee Hours-7 to SI. 1 to 3, 0 to s * J eAPKvmciii(T,«.i'. t j Telephone Connection % Subscribe for the Eagle Keeping Your Car \Up\ s the Safe Way A. regular inspection of your Oar is the only safe plan to fol- low Then at the first Mgn of wear or weakness the cause may be remedied at a small cost and your Car will be safe to drive. Drive in and let us inspect your Car to-day—The cost is not much. We carry a big stock of Tires and Accessories. HARRY W. MONTONNfl, Garage Let Us Have Your Next Job Printing Order

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