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iramigVT<faiTHBi'i^'\»i»Wm r T»o Texas Hanger*. FARM \NOTES. 1 •~\\ 7 It was on EI Faao'street, inB! Paso, Texas* that I remarked to a friend that I desired to knew foow the state of Texas, that kohe Star state or lone : thinaiaand wild romance, came to pos- sess \an armed foroeof state troops ever in the field. He replied: \I know but little o£ it, trot there is a mtSn who can tell you ail,\ sard he pointed to a young fellow standing near the door- of the large batoher store of Mundy Bros,, on El Passo street. \Who is he?\ 1 In- quired, \Why who is he? Why. he is J. B. Gillett, how our assistant mar- shal, but once one of the best rangers in the frontier battalion that ever put spu i's to a horse or made a boree thief's \ heart go right down in his boots. I'll introduce you.\ When, after being introduced, I sta- ted the desire I had to know alt about the rangers,, in the interest of The ttlobe fctwoerat, Mx Gillett said: \To tell all about the Texan rangers worth telling would fill a good sized volume, so you will have to be content with an outline. The history of the state In the southwest, from the days of the Lone Star republic to the present hour, has been one of continued Strugs gle with savage and semi-savage foBS, aud the state had from time to time since the war to raise troops to stand off the Indians and help the authorities in upholding the law. It was m 1874, however, when Governor Richard Coke was )n office, that the present organi- zation of rangers was effected. The legislature appropriated $300,000 to protect the border counties, and a suit- able police, under the oontrol of the Btateand Adjuant General Steele,, was immediately formed. \It consisted then of six companies n^seyejity-five men each. '\Each com- \'\p'lriy was commanded by a captain, tno lieu tenants,\ three sergeants and four oorporals. It was soon found that the appropriation would not be sufficient to support this establishment, and xedue*; tions had to be made from time to time, so that at present the companies are only twenty-iive strong, ana have but one captain, one lieutenant, one sergeant and two curporals each. '•What would lie about the present Strength of the force?\ \About 150 men, which is ample just now. In 1S82,\ continued the marshal, \Congressman Upson Introduced a bill, whivh passed both houses and was ap- proved by the president, refunding to Uie state $1,U0U,UC0 expended for frontier defense, but the money has not yet been received by the state.\ \Whatlstheprebent pay of a ran- ger?\ \Well a captain gets $100 a month, rations and allowance for two horses; a lieutenant $75, same rations and allow-, auce fo,!' two horses; asergeaLt 150, ra* tions And allowance ; for one horse; acor- j)0Jfaf $35, rations and allowancefor one horse, and a private $30, and allowance the same as corporal. Privates used to leceive §40 a month when the battalion was first organized.\ '•What does the allowance for ahorse amount to ?\ \A little over §11 a.month. The men provide their own horses and arms, but tue state furnishes all the ammunitios they require.\ \Are the men all Texans?\ \No tbe rule w the reverse. They are Irum every state in the Union, and many ot them are young fellows most respectably connected. 'Very few of the old hands except officers are novt in the service, Capt. L. P . Seiker is the veteran of the battalion. He joined in May, 1874, and has served without los- ing a day ever since. He is now cap- tain of company D, which he entered as a private. Tuis company killed more Indians and rustlers than any other in the service.\ \What are the usual -*\\3S of » ' \He i^ e Perwrws the d-cftt. antt a soldier at« nff mi K in additloj eun 6 capacity ° arrt ' at without warrafl n f a xujsiiives from justice In the state. A list of these lugilives is furnished from the office of the adjutant general from time to time for the information of the rangers. Like to see it ? \ ' Tne scribe said he would, and Mr. Gillett produced a ponderous roll of closely written foolscap containing the names and descriptions of fully 6,000 criminals whom the state was desirous to renew acquaintance. \But times aie changed now,\ said Mr. Gillett in conclusion; \the rail- roads are cutting the country up in all directions, the Indians are dead or rounded up, the scout is a thing of the past, and in the near future even the ranger may follow. There will soon be no frontier, and the frontiersman will be a reiic of the past. We can't put the breaks on the wheels of progress. Perhaps it is as well that it is so.\'. • TMnga Wortli Knowtap . THB pLANiraa cm .BvmaBBBSB,—A j theoourseof some valuable legal deoiduons tree, the toads Pi which have w t tQ traveletB Myron T. Ely, a started, is always a rfsky thing to hanu. ej , furni8teJ tbe following: He die. With evergreens it is different. | ^ m autnority or precedent upon They transplant better -after vegetation. ^^ eao] l oas( , depen a B . Those who has started and the terminal buds begin tiave , muoh ^ do wel j to pu t these to swell. This is one reason why ever- Wnts ^ their pntBe3t their hats or their greens furnished by nurserymen with ; memortea . n would he worth while, « other stook early in the season, often do not iatend to exhaust your fail. They have necessarily been dug ticket immediately, to learn something The St. JPaul Globe, says a man at Milbank, Colorado, has a chicken with a head at ench end, one white and the other blaok, out no tail. too early, exposed perhaps to ohilling or drying wmde daring the packing, and, though, fresh and green in appear- ance when received by the planter, make no start after setting out, and gradually turn brown and die, It is much better to order evergreens to be sent separately from other tieeB and later in the season, say May, or even Jane, if the season is baokwara and new shoots have not made much .growth. They should be fresh dug, quick packed, and soon received. The tender point about an evergreen is its root. If otioe dried, it seldom recovers. It is very important, therefore, that the roots should 6e carefully protected from sun and wind. Impossible, take a oloudy or showery day for handling evergreens. If the right conditions do nob exist, keep the roots constantly wet and rolled\ up in matting. If there are a great many to be handled, a» for hedging, keep them trenohed, in- moist soil, re- moving only a tew at a time. EvHinr farmer who can in any way af» ford it should have a pair of platform scales. Hot only should he have a ijaii but he should also make use of them a great deal more than those who have them usually do. There is no more important lesson that a farmer oan learn tuan the one to be secured by using the scales properly. If he will weigh the animals which ho intends to fatten be- fore he oommenoes feeding them, and carefully measure all the feed used in finishing them off, he will then know just what it has oostliimto fatten them, and whether there las been any profit m the operation or not. This is an im- portant and very useful lesson for any feeder to learn, and learn well, if he ex- peots to b e uniformly successful in his business. Besides this great advant- age, the scales always on hand enables the farmer to sell every thing by actual weight, which is an impsrfcaht consider- ation, as it avoids all gueBS work and any attempts to fraad by the purchaser. WHEH a cow's teat beoomes obstruct- ed with thick, stringy matter, and when this is forced out, thin, watery stuff is drawn out instead of milk, it indicates garget, This trouble may be caused in various ways. Lying in a cold, wet spot out in a field at night, a sudden change from hot weather to cold, squeezing the full udder as she lies down, ohasing about with a full udder, indigestion from any cause—all these Will cause it, and so will bad milking, suoh as leaving bad milk in the teats. When It happens the cause should be discovered and the proper remedy ap- plied. Usually a dose of linseed oil or a pound of Epsom, salts withateaspoon- f ul of ground ginger; and rah' the udder with camphorated ointment will re- move the trouble in twenty-four hours. The udder must be completely cleared of the matter and milk in it. MILK is one of the most absorbent of liquids, and is affeeted by the food con- sumed by the cows and even by odors in the air breathed by them. When the food or water or air is foul or unhealth- ful the rhilkis at once impregnated, and shows it by the taste and odor and rapid decomposition. A dead animal in a neighboring field, water filled with vegetable germs from decomposed mat- ter, wild onions, garlio, and other odor- ous or ill-flavored herbs, poisoi plants, which would otherwise dei the cows, as in the well known fa known aa \milksiekness e*.it and all been known qnaangerous^r fa- affeot j^n^nis using it, wbile the^qow, relieved by the absorptive oharaoter-of the milk, has escaped injury, TheBa. facts should be widely spread abroad and made known to dairymen and oth- ers who keep oows or but one cow for family use. Tnapigis no exoepfcion to the rule that all domestic animals require salt. Tbe few animals which are fed slops from the house will get some salt in this kind of feed, but not enough, and they do better if a mixture of salt aud ashes is left where they oan eat as they wish. Many bellewrjthat laok'of propei salting is one cause of hog cholera where large droves are Ttept and given grain and water. When men are deprived of salt senons diseases result. In some respects tiio internal structure of human beings resembles that of the pig. exercised in ••$*•• *jBtow'» Tour Mver?'< 'The Mikado\ *A ssssaraj*: ...rreB-dfiEhAl neadsi. Washington's hair was long and gray. Garfield was bald and his hair of a semi-blonde color. John Tyler was Una-haired, and he was a fine looking njan. Jefferson had red hair and we are told I that he was freckled. William Henry Harrison combed his hair Well to the front of his ears, and he was gray at the time he was elected. • •- j- President Lincoln did not pay much GIVE soft feed to poultry in the morn- ing, and the whole grainB at night, ex- cepting a little wheat or whole grains of corn placed in the \scratching place\ in the forenoon, to furnish employment during the day. GINGER FOUND CAKB.—Three cups of flour, one eup of molasses, one cup of buttermilk, one-half cup of sugar, one- half cup of butter, two teaBpoonfuls of saleratus, two teaspooufuls of cinnamon, one teaspoonful of ginger and two eggs. TKB Dootor faluier who is to marry Emma Nevada is the medical man who gave her a oerjiftoats of sore throat when she did not want to sing at the ^tinae concert last winter, LAW? OATJMR—•\1 mnoh prefer col- ored servants to white ones, don't vou, Mrs. B?\ Mrs. B-.\Wall really, Mrs. it., it depends upon trie color, you know. I can't endure green ones 1\ A JB03T0N mnn is Bald to have a cardi- nal's hat. It is a great oversight that the bet upon whioh he won it is not mentioned at all. A PKoiitNEHU mathematician's wife has presented Mm with a pair of twins. He has now obtained the full sum of nu- man happiness, with two to carry. How TO Usui WASHSTANDS.—The old pine wabhstands, now tuoked away in tbe garret, but so common a few years ago, tne one with a hole in the top for a washbowl, bars for towels and a drawer and shelf below, is a treasure not to be despised. Do yon want a pretty xable tor books or music? Remove the back pieoe and bars and nail a smooth board over tbe top to cover the hole. An ounce of shellao dissolved m a pint of alcohol, with enough lampblaok added to it to make the desired dark shade, will supply enough varnieb to transform the \ iuetable into a fashiona- ble ebonizetl one, as the legs only re- quire to be varnished. Then cover both shelves with dark bine or olive plush or velveteen and put a straight valanoe of the same arortnd the lower shelf. Muish the top one with a worsted che- nille fringe in blight Persian colors and edge the valance with the same, It will take only about a yard and a quar- ter of the piuah and three yaads of fringe. If it is to stand against the wall three sides of the; lower shelf only need to be trimmel, and tho drawer left tfor nse-ffi{ the-back,<-J?orabe \JMPS ate pleaaingj *' t -\\ lie same about how long you can use it, for its \life\ may be limited by a printed clause upon its face—54 N. Y„ 512, And if it reads \Good for this day only,\ don't take the ticket agent's word for it, that it will be good until used, for he cannot bind the company by an oral promise that it will be good at a later date than the printed condi- tions, disclose. If you can induce him to alter the face of the ticket to meet your convenience for using it, well and good. The company will be bound to carry you according to its tenor. But be sure that the alteration is done be> fore it is paid for and delivered to you, otherwise there will be no consideration for the change in the contract, and it would be void.—61 Barb., N. T., 611. -And right here, it is well to hear in mind that nervous travelers are always afraid that the train is goinst to leave them. They rush up to the ticket win- dow, throw down their money and rush away again, without waiting to take the ticket they have paid for, and ticket • agents must admit that they are hot so infallible as to forget to give it out oc- casionally. In- such a case the condue- tor can demand your tare, or put you off it not paid. He is not bound to take your word that you, paid for a ticket you did not get.r-5 f..& C„ K T., 270. Nor is he bound to believe any num- ber of witnesses who saw you pay it. t\our proper course is to pay your fare to the conductor, and if the ticket agent or proper official refuses to refund the money, you can maintain an action for it—Id. • But going back to the subject on, which we started, if youfind printed on your ticket \To be used witnin three days from date, good for a continuous trip only.\ you must use it within three days and can have no stop-over privileges. The obligations of the com- pany are limited to cairying you in the time and manner expressed.—31 Barb., N. Y., 556. And the same thing is true if the ticket reads \Good for this day only.\ Ton must use it on the day it bears date.—61 Barb., N. Y., 611. And a limitation reading \Good this day only,\ is not waived by the con- ductor indorsing upon it that it has only been used to an intermediate sta- tion.—63, N. Y., 101. 'Gjodfor this day and train only,\ compels you to UBS it on the day of its dale, and on the train on which you embark.-7 Hun, N- Y., 670. But if your tioket reads \G«odfor this trip only,\ you are not limited to any particular day, or any special train of cars, These words, so it has been held, to not relate to time, but to the journey, and If the ticket has not been previously used, it entitles tbeholder to a passage en a subsequent day as well as on the day it is dated.—24 Barb., JSf. Y., 514. • , And an expired ticket is not rande good because the baggage man cheeks upon it, or even though a conductor punches itand allows you to ride uponit before he otanother cond uctor discovers that itlif \dead Hun, N. Y., 241; 71 Pa#3t., 432. Ifygoes without saying that a commu- tatijJJb. is not good after the time for wbJieh it was issued has expired although theiiniles of travel allowed by it are not exhausted.—25 Ohio St., 70, jX«.t>n bj)y,a.|icket reading \Portland In tU* comic opera of his imperial'highness says \To mane, to aomo extent, BacS evil Liver A miming river . ,. -»t, 01 harmless merriment.\ • A nobler {ask than making evil fivers, rivers of harmless merriment no person, king or layman, could take upon him- self, The liver among the ancients was considered the source of all a man's evil impnises, and the chances are fentG|LM;tenl;idn to his hair, and mo'st'of his one to-day that if one's liver is in anTgjetures represent It as rather long, it ugly condition of discontent, someone a. | wa » dark and straight. head will bo mashed beforenight! .... n • jjfim Adams wore a wig, and his son, *, \How's your liver?\ is equivalent tol j^n Qainey Adams, had the baldest the inquiry: Are you s bear av an^fig^-nrhjeh ever rested on the pillows angel to day? TfjprSSe White House. Some of Jefferson's portraits repre- sent him with his hair banged in front and coming down ovej. - his forehead in the sty [e of the dude of to-day. ~ \ had darfc hair, Nine-tenths of the \pure-oussednesB*' the actions for diyorce, the ourtain lec- tures,, the family rows, not to speak of murders, crimes and othef calamities; are prompted by the irritating effect of:;.,. President Arthur the inactiviiy of the liver upon the! brain. Pothergill, the great speoialist,) says this and he knows. He also knows' that to prevent such catastrophies nothing equals Warner's safe cure re- nowned throughout the world, as a maker of • \Each evil Liver A rnnnlnE river or imnnlesainerrlnient, » Which was growing gray when he left the White House. He kept it well (combed back from his face and wore it shorty President Cleveland's hair is brown id pin. He wears it short and combs tun from his forehead. His head is paldjat the crown, and its baldness is laidjto be daily increasing. V, Prank Pierce had thick curly hair whiqh fell down upon his forehead, and 'jfames Buchanan kept his gray head TOT increasing frequency of neural- yrelifrimmed qombmg bis hair so as to gic headache among women must have ^gv *o the full his high, open brow. f cause; There is one of simplicitj,*^Pa temed after Jackson in comb- located in one or more of the branches '• Ifi ^ thV, rShf ™ the Oooipnlt or back of the head. The HOUSEHOr-D, nerves of the soalp are irritated by the hair being drawn tightly back and put on the strain, not as a whole, in whioh,- case the strain wonld be spread over a large area of the surf ace, but by small bundles of hair whioh are pulled back and held in place by hairpins. Belief is experienced by removing the hair- pins, but this gives onty a temporary and partial effect. The injury done is lasting, if not permanent, in its conse- quenOes. The present style of dress- ing the hair Bhould be discontinued, as it in part accounts for the prevalence of a form of suffering which is both m- traotsble and distressing. If it were the fashion for women to wear their hair short instead of long and tied up,- there would be lessheadachethan there is. st'Odup all over his head as straight ^.tiff as the quills of a porcupine, but » not aware that he was as gray as ger during his Presidential term, his ban\ was as fine as the thinnest efaatila-ot spun silver. SCIENTIFIC. E. Bohlig, in a recent paper on the jdubility of glassy described experi- 5r|s which showed that 100 o. o. of itflled water at the boiling, tempera- .re will in every two seconds extraot as |uch alkaline silicate out of glass oom- ionly used as will suffice to neutralize jl. o. Oi. of a solution containiug 0.1 «Bl of oxalic aeid per liter. With Jme old flasks and beakers no appreci- ate quantity was dissolved in the short i^ie required for quantitative analysis. GBEAB oaro should be keeping the cow pasture entirely free from rag weeds. These weeds impart a peculiarly disgusting, bitter taste to tha milk of the oows which eat them, and the butter made from such milk is also impregnated with the same peculiar taste. r ' And if the ticlietns-oat tells yoii it will be good in that direction, it will not be a special contract unless you prove that he was authorized to makesueh an agreement, ie will not be presumed f t.tiat a local ticket agent has the au- irity to bind the company bv a spe- 1 contract.—84 Md„ 532i 61 Barb., 611. If the company should have two routes from Portland to Boston, you must take the shortest and most direct one.-69 N. Y, 504. Unless, as in the case of direction, you have a special contract, allowing you to ride on the branch or circuitous route.—Id. Finally, if by the limitation printed on your ticket, you -must use it on oi before a certain date, it will be suffi- cient if you commence to use it before the expiration of the limitation, although you do not finish your joutney until after the limitation has expired. If you are traveling from Buffalo to New York on a ticket reading \to be UBedoncr before September 1, 18S5,\ you are safe if you start on the first ol September, although yon require pari of the second to reach your destination. THB cotton seed product of th« Southern States amounts to 180.000,0011 pounds, a large proportion of whioh U wasted. Besides being convertible inta oil, this produot contains the richest nourishment for fattening cattle, sheep and hogs. It i s also one of the finest ferti-'iaers known. AITTBB a careful study for two years, •and a study of tlie experience of othere, Mr, P B, Oarskadon, ot West Virginia, states that the capacity of the land foi supporting stock is at least doubled by the use of ensilage. require very little care in pro. portion to the profit derived from them, With an assistant an apiarist oould oarq for 200 colonies, and as muoh as fifty pounds of honey has been scoured from a oolony daring favorable seasons. THU dairy produot3 of this country exoeed the oat3 orop.8850,000,000; tha wheat crop. $100,000,000; the cotton orop, $220,000,000; the product of iron bars and steel, $257,000,000, and the pig iron output, $419 000,000. To give some idea how quickly milk will absorb odors one has only to place a saucer of milk iu a- larder in whioh meat or game is hung. In a few hours the milk beoomes so tainted that no animal will tonoh it. GBAOBFUII Diuraso,—The finest art of dressing ia shown in graceful draping ,„„, -..,..„,_ - of a blaok lace saarf from the left shoul- ^Trr\?Wws~s~i~S-—OI BIB. ,io» . a eift fo r I1I-BBH tiBBfl n.tfnmnt. tlii, Not In Ou r O -lleco. BONJB meal and orushed oyster sheila may be nsed generously in feeding fowls. Placed by themselves fowls will devour no more of this mixture than they naturally require to assist in di- gestion, and to help m forming the shells of eggs. \My DRUt,\ said a frightened hus- band in the middle of the night, shak- ing his wife, \where did you put that bottle of atryohnine?\ \On the shelf next to the pepper- mint.'' \Oh Lordl\ he groaned, \I've swal- lowed it.\ \Well for goodness* sake,\ whis- pered his wife, \keep qniet, or you'll wake the baby.\ \Now IHBN,\ said the captain ofpo. lice to the janitor of the-station house, \give the prisoner a bath, and when that is clone let hint be handonffed and sehf.og to.thaeOal.\ remarked the jau- jlie prisonfer washed off.\ \Doctor does it not sicken the stu- dents, or do they not lose all feeling and all veneration for the dead?\ \Some may sicken for a while, bul they gradually grow accustomed to it. and then they give it a little thought as you in your daily avocation. I bave seen things in a dissecting-room that have made me tremble—case hardened as I am—in my second year of student life. One evening we were all in the dissecting-room, waitingfor the demon- strator to call our numbers and appor- tion us ih squads of five around the room. There were some twenty bodies laying on the tables, some were \covered and others not; there were white and black, male and female, old and young. We were assigned to one of the covered tables, and drew lots for choice of posi- tion. I chose the head, and then we uncovered the body; it was that of a girl not more than 17, and she could not have been dead more than a week. Her long blonde hair was clean and in two braids, tied with light blue ribbon. She must have been handled very gen- tly, for the ghoul's hooks had left no marks on her tair white skin, and tha ribbons in her hair were another proof of that. \The boys all paused, i saw a silk band on her neck, and on touching it found a locket which I opened. In it was an old lady's s-eetface, Which seemed to chide me with her kindly eyes. On the other side was the inscrip- tion: \ 'May God so deal with them as they deal with you, my child. MOTHER. \Well we did not dissect that night. JS\or was that body dissected in our col- lege.\ A BRISHT Chicago youth got an auto- graph album filled with signatures; but, as they lacked neatness and uniformity, he bought a new book and copied all the names into it. Now ha is happy, \OAN you paint me a sigh at once?\ \Yes whatkind olaslgndo you want?\ \A sign of rain.\ A olottd lowered on the painter's brow, and, fearing an im- mediate storm, the painter left. SON: \Father please toll me what 'entails' means, and if we have fcttoh a law in the United States.\ SUther: \Udder the law of entails, my boy, tha landed property of the father is handed down to the eldesjbson BucoessiVeiy gen- eration after generation. We have no ench provision in the United States. Here the money generally goes to the ,<iwyers who settle the father's \estate *u see the difference?\ IiriiT TABMJ MAT,— h'or materials use four shades of green single zephyr, one skein of dark green and a haif skein Of each oE the other shades; commence and oroohet with the treble stitch a mat with eighty-nine stitches around; then eleven chains; then rill this chain, with treble stitches; then ten treble?* ohain and proceed all around until it is six stitches deep. Finish with the lightest shade; by putting over the thread and drawing it through' three Stitches' the mat will be very full. Tack the fullness with the thread which will leave a plaoe tor the lily, whioh must be crocheted with one ounoe white zephyr. Set up three-chain, use the treble stitoh, use one ia center, and go back and forth until six deep, then fin- ish the edge same aa the mat; there must be eight lilies; then have half an ounoe of yellow to represent the oenter. Set up thirty stitches on knitting needles; knit plain ten -stitches deep; bind off andsew together; insert a wire'- sew lily together and put it in its place in the mat. agift for dress need attempt the amiil oioas triok. An .easier way of we'in'*: laoe is to gather it for the neck, mi draw the ends in soft folds down thl front of the dress, passing them unde the belt or fastening with ribbons Lace standing collars are worn as J^M as possible, with lace ohemisette pieces for dresses with open throats,' j —A new case ot fraud with preserved iiod has been disclosed by P. Carles in fee Jbuvnal da Phtirmucie etde O/ierme. I sample of preserved tomatoes when scammed differed from a normal speci- men by containing muoh less dry ex- act, potassium bitartrate and total jiRrfisrasid;* The inference is that this simple in question opntained but littlfomato, and was obie'fly composed of cfots and pumpkins, the whole be- ing Ivered with some aniline dry. +Jx Commissioner Le Due gives, in the Xusbandman, the formula for bhc J paint for outbuildings and fences, to s made of sweet slammed milk, mi; I to the thickness of cream with cor ion cistern cement (fresh) and ap- plis to wood and brick. It is of a yel- low a. stone color, and any pigment nee sary to give it any desired color kmtting-Lr^ijje added without injury to the ' w WBt. The lime of the cement and the ?'• cfiine of the milk form an insoluble eonnound. -U. mouth pieee for nipes has been patuited. This invention provides for a rtaovible mouth piece, covering an mnr one in such a way that when one inhiies .the smoke a current of fresh air •;« Be drc»-wn ih from tbe outside, Diabetes Oared. \My wife for years has been troubled with a disease of th e kidneys; physicians pro- nounced i t diabetes, but sh e received no benefit from their treatment. HUNT'S [Kidpey and Wver ] REMEDY ha s made a wonderful change I n he r condition. Her health is good,\—O. M- Huhhell, 8*4 Ftos- peot Avenue, Buffalo, N , X., June 18, '88. Dootors are getting more and more into the habit of prescribing proprietary medi- cines to thei r practice especially that known as BLTOKf's [Kidne y an d Liver] KBMEDY .for diseases of the kidneys, liver an d blad- der, Ihey know from experionee (hat i t la of more value in such diseases than, an y prescription they oan write. G-BDEMVn,i,E| OI, May 8,1883. \Was attaoked wi'h severe kidney dis- ease. HUNT'S [Kidney andlAver] RBMJEDV was advised, an d on e bottle completely oured m e \—Chas. H. Alexander, Foreman Dye House, Shetuofeet Mills. \I will certify to th e truth of the above,\ — John A. Morgan, Druggist, Greenville, CJonn. Three things to hate- gance and ingratitude. -cruelty, arro- CONSTJMFTlOi) CURED . - . An old pliyalclan, retired irorn praottce, Having Had placed in Ills hands l?y an iSast India mission- ary the formula of a simple vegetable repedy lor the speedy and permanent cure oi Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Asthma, and -all Throat and lunK .Affections, also a positive and rodloal cure lor Servous Debility and all Nervous Complaint's, after Saving tested its wondeMul curative powers in thousands ot caseB, has felt it his ditty to make it known to his suffering lellows. Actuated by tnls motive and a desti o to rellevehuman sntrerlngr, 1 Will send free of charge, to-all who desire it, tilts recipe, in German, FrenaU or Bngllsa, vritn Jtnli directions lon-prcparlng ana using. Sent by mall by addressing with stamp, naming tills paper, W. A. MOYES, 149 Power's Jilocle. Rochester, S. T. Three things to love—courage, gen- tleness and affeotion. £100;O0O,OOO nrTHB BBIXISH OotJBT ov OE{ANOEEY I—A large part of thisvasc sum belong to the people of America. Gox & Co., 41, Southampton Buildings, Holborn, London, Eng.,have just-published a tiSTof the heirs t o this enormous wealth. Reader, send adollar and they will forward you thi s valua-Dle-LlST; and if you flnfthy It tha t yo u are entitled t o any mone y or property, claim you r own. Cox&0o. will show you the way . Three things to teaoh- try and contentment. -truth, mdus- -iurGM<M_ -The nWufaoture of solid oarbonio : gas hat been carried on for some i in Berlin. It oomes in stfiall cjl- lers, and if kept under pxedntoe will |t some time. A cylinder one a half Ues in diameter and two inches long |l fake five hours to melt away into SKIN DISEASES —\BEESOS'S AKO-JIAT - toALUMStTLPHtXR SOAP,\ cures Tetter, Salt Bheuin,, Ringworm, Sores, Pimples , all itching Skin Eruptions. 25 cents by Druggiqts, o r by mail . fm. Dfreydoppel, Philadelphia, Pa . Three things to govern—your tem- per, tongue an d conduot. Fi-nzer Axle urease. The TTrazer Axle Grease received medal s at th e Centennial, Nort h Carolina State Fair , Paris Exposition, America n Insti- tute, New Sort, an d others. — 1 W W - — Three things to contend for—honor , country and friends . LYON'S Patent Metallic Stiffeners pre- ven t hoots an d shoes from running over, rippin g i n the seams or wearin g unevenly on tho heels, ,•. -^~ No two things differ more than friend ship and love. THKPUresc, sweuteat aud beat Cod mvor Oil in. the- world, manufactured from tort. Healthy livers,upon the seashore. Mia absolutely puroandBwoot Etttien&s whollavooncetahenitpreforitto all others. PUysi- ciansliave decided itsuperior to uuy of the other oils In market. Made by Caswell, Hazard & Oo„ New York, — • • — *'i Three things to do—think, live and act. _____ see Hero Vounsr Man That girl of mine is twice as hand- some since she commenced using Oar- boline the world renowned hair renewer. I would not leave her do without it for anything. A BBTTER plan for removing grease spots than by applying hot/iron is to rnb in some spirits of wins with the hand until the grease is/brought to powder, and there will bono trace of it. FACETIAE, Tan other night, after the thunder Shower, Jones dropped iu on a neigh- bor and found abottt a dozen people as- sembled. \VS'ell well, you look cheerful after suoh a close oall,'' -growled Jones as he removed his hat, \What close call?\ \Why lightning Btrnek the barn in the alley not a hundred feet away,\ \Oh dearl\ said one of the women; \but I knew it all the time, One of my arms has \been numb ever sinne.\ \And it affeoted my foot,\ said an- other- '\And it set my heart to palpitating.\ \And my elbow has felt queer ever einoe.\ Every one in the room remembered to have been shocked, and every one was thankful over the narrow escape, By and by a boy, who had been thinking deeply, gushed out: \Why there is no barn in the alley I\ Amidst the deepest silence every- body remembered this faot, and the boy olinohedit wirh: \And how oould there be when there is no ailey!'' 3 ones had lied, but so had all tne Others. THB BaAUT-nron Miss SMITH.—At an evening party Dumley wai introduced to a young lady, and after a remark about the weather he said gallantly: \And have I really the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Miss Smithy whose praises are being sounded by ev- erybody?\ * Oh, no, Mr. Uumley,\ the lady re- plied, \the beautiful Miss Smith to whom you refer is a cousin of mine.\ \O-i; that's it. Well, I thought there must be a mistake somewhere,\ Baid the gallant Dumley. \I would no t live alway.\ No; not i f disease U t o make my lite a daily burden. But i t need not, good friend, and will no t if you will h e wise i n time. How many of our loved ones are mouldering I n th e dust who migh t have been spared for years. The slight cough was unheeded, the many symptom s of disease tha t lurke d withi n were slighted an d deat h came. Dr . Pierce's \Golden Medical Discovery\ pauno* recall the dead though it ha s snatohed number s from the verge of the grave, an d will car e consumption la its earlier stages. i»MO i..,ni . One has only to die to be praised. Don' t Hawft, Spit, Cough, suffer dizziness, Indigestion, inflammation of the eyes, headaohe, lassitude, Inability to perform menta l wor k an d indisposition for bodily labor, anno y an d disgust you r friends.and acquaintances with you r nasa l twang and offensive Dreath aud constant efforts to clean your nose and throat, when Dr. Sage's \Catarrh Remedy\ wlllprompt- ly relieve you of discomfort and suffering, and your friends of th e disgusting and needless inflictions of your loathsome dis- ease ? Absolutely 3?ree from Opiates, Mmetles antf JPoisoiijr. A PROMPT, SAFE, SURE CURE J?or OoucKifl, Sore Throat , HoariiciicsBf Influenza, Oolda, Bronelrttlfl) Croup, W-hao^lng'Cough, AetWu, (liilxiojr, X*Ui.a i n Chust, fttnl otliar nflbiutotis of tlia Throa t »*»! Limes . Price 50 cents a bottle. Sold by DrapciHts and Deal- ers, rarttea uiablato indues their deale)* to promptly gel it. for diem will receive two bottle s,Expres3Charge$ pflid, by sending one&ullar to sin£-citAni.ES A.voortrn COMPANY. Solo Ownora and Mumiketiirw*. I.M1UU..U. Jl».-Wrt.r.S.A. ELY'S OEEAM BALM CleHitAvQ Ui« Head. |Allu s H ftiiitumnRation. SSriUstlic Sores. Ke- sfoi-«s lite SeuBC. of 'H'HHI« Smell Uoni-Xue- A POSITIVE CUES. Cream Balm hasfjan ecliuienvialileropu* tatioi wbereYer known, dla- pli oinp all otiier pi-upara- ilonp. A paitlt-lQ Ja nppllod jnloo'ch nostra, no palii; „ —, - ^ _ ap-reenWP t'-upo. ErieoEoo liv i-nil rrnt arur-'saet. Seuai'orcircular. ELY BEO'XHEKS, DruiwlBls, OWCKO, N. T. In tiEcd bytlioiisflndfl of AwtclassTJanuraclnrcre and Mechaiiica on their beat work, nacclvcd GOLD MEDAL. Lonaon. , 83.-l , ronounoi;dinvH^.t otoainowK. Seiidcardofdualer\?hodoeflnotkcop It,wlthaTO2d jtampsfor SAMPLE CAM-rnpE IT is said that ice will/ melt leas rap- icUs if wrapped in n/wspapers and placed in a covered, tor iyjan when kept in a refrigerator. Uia HBBH is a pretty way to malje a toite set which may be new to Home: J?o:^ the foundation use sorim of some pret? *J. open work, striped design. For thj bureau scarf line it with any desired oolor, and then aoross it lengthwise, » short distance from each edge, stitoh a band of ribbon of the saine color as the lining, and finish the edge with lace, You oan buy the antique laoe, or cro-- ohet some pretty patterns of unbleached linen. Make the small mate and cush- ion cover the same way. Put a tasty bow of the ribbon in one corner of your cushion. Tons set will be __ ...I,... piete if you make a splasher and table scarf in the same way. 5n account is given, on the author- 1 of Dr, Hoffman, of Washington, in jji European anthropological journals oarious reliefouiid ia South Ouo- The- relic is supposed to he - a JE(B which contained the coloring mat- F|& and implements that had been em- joyed in tattooing. BABMB WHISK BUOOM,—A pretty whisk broom holder oan easily be made. Take a small round Japanese fan, cover both sides with pretty orefconne, fasten- TJio World's onamplon. Edward Etaulan, the great oars- Fin, and until his recent contest with F^^AaajBilli, the champion of the W ,tl ' m \? Certainly be looked upon as P|kS2££&_ iin -- ,61 ' el 'ything affaoting a|hleTiosp0r7s. Before leaving Austra- Jjjst for this country, he wrote a letter in laiich he seated that he had used St, Jacob's Oil with the most beneficial re- fepts. He found it a reliable remedy for musculer pains in the arms aud t |lanbs, and, from his personal experience ing at the handle; out a narrow'strip of j ! 4°l c E*eat pleasure inrecommendhig it. pastehoard, say two inches wide and^fo stronger proof of the truth of what four or five inohes long (according to \ claimed for* St. Jacob's Oil could be the size of the fan), cover with Oretomne, Jurnished than this, and it will un- fasten the edges of the strip in the cea cfaubtediy carry great weight with all tre of the fan, far enough to admit the fl'houghtful and intelligent peop.e. broom. Ttvist ribbon around the han- J~ ~\\~ ! die, leaving a little loop at the top to jjf OOBDTTROY aa a covering for furniture hang it up with, put a bow of ribbon at jjjs desirable for two reasons, it is very the handle, where the cretonne is fast- 'durable and effers no chance for moths. ened. If desired, one can be put at the l< • handle. , !i OKB on 1 THE MOSI-MELANCHOLY SPEC- „ . |f AOLES in the world is a human being OHOOOL-AOT OAKS.—One oupful of/shattered and broken down by the use butter, two ouplulsof whitesugar, three* 0 f ardent spirits. But the dilapidation oupfuls of flour, four eggs, one oupM of Bweet milk and two teaspooufuls of j baking powder. Bake one half in o< square tin, add to the remaining part one-half cuptul of grated chocolate, osn tableapojnful of molasses, yolks of tw£, eggs and a little more flour, pake in the same sized tin and put together- with chocolate icing, the dark cake out,' top, whioh also ice with the ohocolatd icing. We have always called it brown) stone front, 1 ;uiay be repaired, the human ruin strengthened and restored to perfect ^soundness by a course ol that most pow- ~ful of all vegetable invigorants, DK. aKKEK'y VINEGAR BITTERS. KOVEIU J?raacsBioN.—Anovelty in shape of a pincushion cover is to covei a tliiok cushion of medium size witl; satin, then cover-one corner with shei] white muslin. This should be cut in form of a triangle, and where the mi lin ends andthe satin begins put a jabrV of laee there. The effect is both pretl| and quite new. 1 XIBMON PDDDIMJ.--One cup of rnita, two tablespoonfulB of cornstarch, threo eggs, one cup of sugar, one tablespooifc ful of butter, juice and grated rind 6| two lemons. Mtx these iugrediej^ and bake in a rich crust. MrtkeJJB- ringue of the -whites of two eggs aty pnt on top atter the puddings ate baked. ! IN OASES of congestion, bilious c8!ij~ inflammation, there is no-remedy racjte certain to give relief. In oaseg of stinate constipation, also, wonderfel oures have been wrought. For sjre throaty diphtheria and inflammation] the lungs, a hot compress is one of f e moat potent remedies. LATBE OAMf.--Four eggs, one ourtof white sugar, butter the eissaof a -i*!- nut, one and a haif cups of flouji_Jee large tablespoonful of b&king \poWiWr six tablespoonfusl of water; fiav*rio taste; bake in taoeterate oven. TEpSseea rod of nlantais. milk will &&rfi®JvSM if'ohole J. Politeness requires very 1 ttle capital. St. Bernard Vegetable. Pills, ... --• -.---!•,-... WAJlEiHTEO POBEI.-S: VEOE^AHLB. Tlio beat euro for Liver and Biltiiw , Complaints, CosttveneSB, Headaclw, :£r>iz2iiicsa and UyBpepsia v As a \•Bjood Purifier and-HprijiK Hedltdua -gtliey have no eaual. i;o„ familly ^fc-hould-bevritliouta- r»ox ot the St. - Bernard Vegetable MHfl in thohcraw?, ITicfl 2J centa at Orngrldflte. or by .f.v/~ -\*-;..-.*-.;>;- •« mall SoinpleeBent FBEE. Addreea I JSETJS'XAEDTEtt tt CO., ts> Mercer St, New -jori;. SS3E Tlnsinvl&m-uttnff sin-l iranquldzlng nporationjol Hostotter'fl i-tomai-h Bitters 19 ruo-t powc-rruiij devtlouwl in cjsea of luillKesHiin. The C M effect of this d^tec-alile tonic ia comforting an<i • net'mr- aglnt'. A iflM glow peryftdt B the ny*teu, and (ho Dn-rftnu reStlMstieaR -rliicii i'!n>ra<*3rt;w> tne 'in- vtiseM abated. Tlii3 Usiprc-vement In not tran- sient. rtian-itwcci'Klea -bv tile retqrn of the <AH svwptomt with shiMfr-aihlert force, sfl 13 al- ways the «ax& wh-n miineAteitrd stlttmlaaf-i ai,! given lor the <rorai»liInF» Vol ejle by ah Drogv • waoapeaicragsuerata ' ' ( - & •' Handsome apples are sometimes sour. Young or middl e-aged men suffering from nervous debility, loss of memory, prema- ture old age, a s the result of ba d karats, should send 10 cents i n stamps for large Illustrated treatise. Address, \WORLD'S DisBUNSAm r MBDIOAL ASSOCIATION, 66S Maia Street, Buffalo, X, Y. Three things to oherish—virtue, good- ness and wisdom. Importune When you visit or leave Hew Torfc City, save baggage expressago and $3 carriage Hire, andston attne Orand Unlou Hotel, opposite Grauil Coa- iral Depot. 600 elegant rooms, fitted tip at a coat ot one million dollars, $1 and upwards per day. European Plan. Elevator. Hestanrant suppUod with the beat. Horse oars, stages aud olevaloi railroad to all depots. Famlies oan live hotter for less nionoy at the araad TTnton Hotel than at anv other Urst-class hotel in the oltv. Envy shooteth at others and wound- eth herself. His \lotr should have a thermometer to asoertnn the proper temperature of the water,\ said a fond mothei\to the ool- ored nurse who was giving the baby a bath. \Whaffor?\ \To tell when the water,'is too hot or too cold.' - \Don't need no sioh doekeraent. Ef de ohile turns blue do water am too cold, an ef hit turns red den hit am too hot.\ And now the colored lady is open to an offer. Q-nroriiTiwAK—I am sorry to learn of your wife's death, Uncle Bastus. Uncle Bastus—Sah? (Gentleman—£ say that I am very sorry to hear that your wife lias re- cently died. Uncle Bastus (with a puzzled look)— I gies da' am some mistake 'bout dat, .Miatah Brown. J. lei' de ole ooman in gud health die mawnin', sah. \Who said she was dead? . Gentleman—I've forgottennow. But I certainly heard so several days ago. Uaele liastu8(his face olearing up)— Oh, ya'as, now I understand, sah. Dat wuz er Jormah wife ob mine, Mistah Brown. She died mo'n foah weeks ago. De present incumbent am all right. HE WAS NO OHIOKEN.— '\Xes stran- ger,\ said & passenger from Texas, '\I'm goin* down East on an important er- rand. Don't mind telling you that I'm golnt; to be married. Ton oan imagine how good-natured and jolly I feel.\ '•Yes; but don't you feel a little anxiety, a little trepidation, about taking suoh an important step in life? * \Nary a trep, Btranger.\ \Have yon ever been mar- ried before?\ \No but I've been in one fight with Injuns, two sorimmages with oowhoys, an' went through four cyclones. I'm no chicken.\ \Is THE 'coon a smart animal?\ asked a stranger of old Si Jaokaon on Onion Creek. \Talk about 'coons heing smart, I should say day waB smart.\ \Well how smart are they?\ '\A 'coon played me de meanest trick you eber heerd tell on. I foun' a hole whar de 'coon went inter de groun*, and I waited dar all day long to shoot dat \coon and when he come out ho was a polecat.\ IN A Western town a citizen of the name of William Shakespeare has been appointed Postmaster, Bacently a visitor asked one of the leading residents of the place.if he were familiar with the works of Shakespeare. \Alii know about him is,\ replied the resident, \he has been workin' for the Po3tmastership for sixteen years, an' he's got there at last. 1'hat't abottt all the -work I ever knew Bill to do.\ Death is an expert sportsman, arm never -wavers. Does not getwell of Itself; it req.u'res oarefnl, -persistent attention and a remedy tuat will assist nature to throw otf the carta and tone up the di- aestlvo organs till they perform their duties wil- lingly. Mrs. Bo -Worth, ot Amherst., N. H., after tryTug many \anre oures\ without benefit, found that Hood's Sarsaparula hit tho natl on the head and restored her to health. Among tho agonies experienced by the dyspeptic, are distress before or atter eating, loss of appe- tite, lrreoniarltles ot the bowela, wind or gas ana pain in the stomach, heart-burn, sour stomach, &c, causing mental depression, nervous irritabili- ty and sleeplessness. If you are discouraged bo of good cheer and try Hood's sarsaparllla, lit has cured hundreds, it will cure yori U you give it a fair ohanoe. Prepared only by O. I. HOOD & CO., Lowoll.Mass. Price «1.00. Only Temperance, \sitters Known. A FASBioNiBLB Austin lady, immedi- ately after the death of her husband, married his brother. A visitor at the house, Eoti&ng the picture of her late husband, asked who it was. \It is— is,\ she replied hesitatingly, \my de- ceased brother-in-law.\ THAT city cousin of yours, who is now ready to end hisltttle visit of sis week's durationj will likely ask you to drop in and see him at tue office when you are in town. Job wasn't wanted by city cousins. IN speaking of the junior class m the- university thi3 year the professor said: \The junior class will embrace seven- teen young ladles.'' \It wili?\ ex- claimed the young man addressed. ' Great Scott! then I shall Join the ju nior nlass.\ - -, / . a ~_ Best, ettukm to qSa and cheapest, Hfio'S JSemedy for Catarrh. By druggist*, feto Grateful XJiousaiirt s prbelauh Vnraa&R BITTEHB the most wonderful Iuvigoront that ever sustained the sinking- system. made from California roots and hertra, free from Alcoliollc Stimulants. A Piil-fEStive andTonio. '1'IH» Bitters cures Female Complnlnia, Inflammatory and Chronic ItUeumuOsm, Gout, Bilious, Remittent and Intermittent; Fe- vers, Blood, l,lvcr and Kidney Diseases. By»I>oi>sIa or Indigestion,Headache, Pain In the Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of tho Chest, Dizziness, Sour Stomach, Furred Tongue, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of the Heart, Pneu- monia, and Pain in the regions ot the Kidneys, are cured hy the use of the Bitters. Bor Slcin Itl«eai>e«, Eruptions, Bolls, Erysipelas, Scrofula, Discoloratlons, Humors awl diseases of the Skin of whatever name or na- ture, are-literally dug up and carried out of the system fn a ahox. time by the uee of the Bittera. XtInvlsojrat itluc stomncii} andstlm- utat03 the torpid ijiver and Bowels, vrhloh ren- der it of nnequaled efficiency in cleansing tbe blood of all impurities, and Imparting new life and vigor to the whole System. No Vernon can take the Bitters and remain long unwelL Vln, 'fane finfl other -Worm*, are destroyed and removed from the system. CloaiiSB tli o Vitiated Blood whenever it is foul; your feelings will tell you when. Keep the blood pure, and the health of tho system will follow. In conclusion: &Ive tho Bitters atrial. I t wlllspeok for itself. Onebottlo will prove abet- ter guarantee of Bamoritu than a lengthy ad- vertisement. K. H. nieBonnJtiBms; Co., Proprietors, •im Francisco, 0»1., andESS, mh 53Z Waaulngton St. Cor. Chariton St., Now York. aola by all Dealors anttDrttKsriests. Indigestion Cured. I suffered for more than. Ave years with Indigestion, scarcely able to retain, fclis filinplesfc food on -my atom- aph, I declined In flesh, and suffered all the usual depression attendant upon ttota terrible disease-. At last, falling to find relief In anrthlligr else, I com- meiwefl the use ot Swift's Specific, \The tafidiclno toned up tho stoma*-h, strengthened the digestive or tsuw, a»il sona all ttjat burning cea''fld, dftd X could retain food without difficulty. Now my urnltfi 14 S oitd, end can eat anything Jn the phape of food, an3 Ifieat It without diOiealty. TaketheprascHhcd dft«e after eatlnff. JAMES JIANN, NO. H Ivy St. For sale by all druggists. Treatise on BloodandSfeln Dipeasps mailed free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO y y.Y,,!CT , W.B3dSk Drawer 3, Atlanta, da. HUP PLASTERS Kid paliKRorthe and allmnlfttft tt!9 tired muscles, Mttl vonflomdlsr HFrengfiien vrn *k pact* All the valuable BJ'-dfclnftl virtues of fresh H pajcatamnodiylth. ttt-- tmri'Iy pitch and f'anadH Balaam- Applied to Buck* ncM% SeJctta£, KIIOUH ytls»ii» iSH'ik, SUteho^SIdeifho, Kidiiov Affefjtlrin^Koreahaitorany 6T tu« Various paiUsa'-i i W' akrKgsjs'nr, coijm m, Instant re*lot If tdi/ktt. Cur«s»Dyspepsia and Liver troubles ivlthont interna) dosing. HoVl everywhere^ 25e.; 6 fur §1. Mailedf tyrta: HOPH-ASTEKCO.. Bttfein, ttsas. &Z It U* STAPLE GOODS f A|> mm p^^j^^&f^jml ZKat&t 'K«nt Bee <se tesetjrtBf flie>3'3re:Se$ of nbtttom (is o & yeatiaW). efid SM csptt to pay lit tills fldverustmeftt and to 45 yeatiaW). efid aj csptt to pay lift tl„_ _ ,-._., . £5M ft limited. EflAO-ASA. S^ DrATrar %m» Bl 1600. .lB6.T0«l Apliyslolauina rton-hern city writer that ho had tried some of the fooda hiffh y pra'Rediu tho inod- Io.lJ»urna'« forhiso^vn iiifint; and, tUoutfh soma VfavA bat er than >thera noaoworori«ht in their ac- tion uoonthQ bavvela. TUJ little UUJ p.nod, aud thoy had-al no t despaired of tta life. wii>>'i RMlg.^a Food waatrled. and tin little ono at ouco improved aud perfootaotion-ot tho bawo.a raaultod. 500,000 ACRES CHOICE HARDWOOD FARMING In NORTHERN WIS- CONSIN for sale on cosy terms to Actual Settlors . Tho mo»t prosparoits and promising Hold for aottlomoat in tho U. 8. TJ^tH information with good map free. Address L1KB C0M3USSIOKER, Wisconsin Central It. R„ Milwaukee, Wis, HA'BET. Ruro euro in 10 to J'Udttya. Sanitarium treatinout. (ir uiudicinoii bv expf as, 15 . - - -- years cstabliaho'l. Books frao- 5 soil WAGO!^ SCALES, IiuQ haicrt, St«*l Bt»rlngi, Sr M Tare Scftm aod Beiim B«i, Ptie'« Llit manlloo IMi J)»P\ *» * add^»> JDHES Of BlNflllAMTOM, BinffHniuton, N.Y ^ remedies, and has efrt» . almost universal litisfio- I pun, MURKjy BROSj Paris, ?9X— CJlmswon theJuroT c£M '^etn**ti t £ a «rps& ^\^X ft t^ SMITH Solnby Druj*fJstt. *\ Price-iS l.O to &A huma n body R&AXHCATKO by tuinsr| An oM-tlui e remedy. Naf o and oflcptn- al l a it« acUan. Frfo e 2u ooota a bottle . _ «*-FOIi. SAX. E BY DKU«OI8T8.-«k R. U. AWARE- THAT « Lerillard's Glimas Plu0 bearing a red tin UMI-; tamt LorlJIord'fl -™»>-- R.oeol.enfflnoeaiii that toi-mara-l Navy OHppinffs.atia that Lpriltea'fl SniiOa, »M SIB best aia olioaBMt. ouolitT (SntinWoroa 1 iniBsnui'^anu Keeping ToetU rorfec t and Omns Healthy, 5aSS S ISISSB ^mm^ilo Remedy. Oval Bnx, 81-00! rfmiicl. 50 ct». , \CHICMESTEH'S ENGLISH\ •Mic Orlginnl and Only Oeiiuine. gnfo anil .Wsy. relUfelo. 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