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sssaa^sagssaes^^ ' : i !>• i B LID Hi MODE,Ii 111 in saeasiatmmliKBmicnaiaMrn^m^f^jffyf^i T HE euhwiber takes pleasure to anoouneo to the public generally that ;he ia now .•eady to doc anything in lus line, of business HO H S\E - K M © 10 ff ST C'r Will he done at tho MduVl Blacksmith Slup in u manner In give entire Mitis-fuuiiuii. A In iuf trial v. ill abundantly verify the iiuuve as- sertiuu. Jolt-work ., Of all dreei'lpt/uus, such a,5 fa,nne1'S £e:iei-ully '^vllRfd, Will be done with j I'uiMj VIMIM-, and ^ i<-h '.TO'eiviirc t\ durability. WAGON & CAURIAHK ntONlXO. Those who'\wish to have a good job ilon» in this department of my hu-unews will do well ..to give, me a call and consult tny fae-ilil/lea, im : ••well us nxy ability, in this bruneh of out «»- tublishmenfc. I'pledgo myself to give satisfac- tion to the most fastedious. SLEIGHS AND CUTTERS Cixxx be ironed in the mast fancy stylo, down to the 'fancy of the employer, at the Model Black Smith. Shop. WAGOtf & CARRIAGE IATG. ' Obnxbined with the Model Blacksmith Shop •I have also a wagon shop, and am now ready to build wagons of all descriptions. Lum- ber \V ag-ons for farm use made of the best materials. Farmers' B uggies a ml Carriages gut up to order and to sxxit—made from select ma- terials and warranted to be eqxial to the best in this county. Repairing. Special attention is given to the repairing <i Wagons, Carriages, Sieighs, Gutters aiid an; farming implements either in wood or iroi andof hereby pledge myself to be ready at aibreasuniible tim'es to accommodate |he many want's of the citizens \of Oape 'Vincent and its vicinity, also from tho Island. I respectful- ly solicit a share of public patronage, > . jyi ' A. J. D1&U2TGE. S. 3BE. WKSffiffit., Piano Fortes, MeloiSeoMS, Sheet IStesic, TioEioBS, Guitars, Strings, &c. 1IS1P Agent for tho celebrated M & SI'S PI And Raven, Bacon & Co.'s. Sheet Music received \Weekly of tjxo latest and best composition. Postage paid on all Musiu ordered by mail. Mxxsical Instruments Tuned and. Repaired in tho best manner. Music arranged for Quadrillo Bauds to or- Eer. Music and Piano Porte Ware Rooms K\os. 2 and i Washington, Hall, (up stairs,) Water- town, M, Y. lyl Ciipe Vincent ESotci, OAI'E VXHOENT, N. Y. MARS13E N cfc 130 WEB, PROPIUMORS. Passengers convoyed to and from tho Cars and Boats free of charge. (^\Trusty Por- ters always in attendance. lyl ia. E. SJEK, Attorney & Oousaselloi- sit Iiaw, Office on Broadway, one door west of Hammond's Banking House, Oape. Vincent, Il7 A. SMXTW^'sti^TSST, No. 1 Washington Hall, Watertown, N. T , D EJ.TiSTRY, in all its branches, BH cheap as the <'ht.apcsf and as good us the best. WOUJOBBtiiFff SfiOTSB, Watertown, A r . Y., Opposite Public Square, and adjoining ltailroac.1 Depots. Board for county customer the same as at otlr. cr public houses, lyl D. DOJJSEY, Proprietor. KOISSY HOSJSE,\ Court Street, Watertown, N. Y. •''Prices reduced to suit the times.\ Meals and Bodging 20 cts ouch. Horse to hay 10 cts. Usual ieeding of Oats 10 cts. Omnibus to and from the ears. Stages leave this house for all points daily, ly l E. B. EABLL & SON, Proprietors. JOHH © . McCAK.'ff¥ST, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, No. <t Court Street, Watertown, N. Y. „ lyl . AMSSWORTH <& EARttX, Counsellors at Law. Office No. 10 Oourt St., Watertown, N. Y. lyl i.. u. .USSWOIITII, GISO. it. EAULII, HW^KTATEJIiTS MOTSiL, VA'i'l-KTOWN, N. Y. This Hotel is at the Depot of the Watertoxvn, Home and Ugdensburgh Railroad, and is kept for the accommodation of travelers only. Board §1 per dav. ly l S. P. HUFFSTATEB, Proprietor. Affili!KECA,w\ ! 'ffilOTjBBi, ' VAEEKI'O'WN, S. Y. C0NDT0TED BY E. NOTT & ROKS. Good accommodations for man and beast.— Passengers conveyed to and from the Oars. iyi ^__ 1 \C. V/EIDNEK, \ Wholesale and Retail Dealer in CIGARS, TOBACCO -&SKUFF, GENUINE Mies's«5ua.HMa and Birls» r IPijses, elc, etc. ARCADE NO. 1, lyl Watertown, N. Y. Dr.La. -'Oroix'iS PRIV ATE MEIMC \ I THEATRE O Ti THE Pliysj'ologioalViewof Metiwp.— \50 Pa^es und 130 l-ugravjugs.—i'm:c only Twentyrfivo Cents, h'l-nt tVi>o of po-ta«ie to all part*of the Union. On the inlirmiiies of yoifth (ijxd inaiuiity, iliselmdiifj; th- a i>eerot follies of both sexes of all i>'.?v->, eau-.titiu; debili- ty, ccrvpiisuofS, depression-of Rnirits, pal]>ita- tion of the heart, suicidal imaginings, iuvuluu lary iijidgiiialinn-!, blusliin.^f, di fuetive, lueino- ry, imligestion and lassitude, with coufis-iruis id ihrillingiiitBi'est of a, Buardinjj; gohonl il'-s a College Sf-udeufe and ayoutig 'Hai'i-i''-il.i'i>, <S;e., &o; It is a truthful adviser t-> the me! - .'-•'! artd th- 1 e eur.twi. plating n,.i:iiij', \\\a- . ntertain secret doi.blo i'f llieir pliysical condi- tion, and who areeotiseiuusi''f having hazarded tha health, happiness, and privileges to which every human being is entitled. Young nxen who are. troubled with weulc- uess.generally caused by a bud habit in youth, the effects of which are \dizziness pains, firgel- fulnessj sometimes a ringing of the ears, wnk eyes, weakness of the back and l<nv\t' extetnU ties, confusion of ideas, lo^s of memnvy, ivith metaneholy, may be emvdby theuutlmr's Xew Paris and .Loudon Treatment. We have, for the greater part, of fie past year, devoted our time in VUsit'mg the Kurope- nn Hospitals, availing ourselves of the knowl- edge and researches of the most skillful Phy- sicians and Surgeons in Europe and on the Continent, Those who place therasolves under our cure will.now have the full benefit ot the many Ifew and Efficacious Remedies wliceh wo are enabled to introdxtee into our practice, and the public may rest assured of the same zeal, assiduity, Secrecy alrd attention being paid to their eases, which has so successfully distill gnished us heretofore, as a physician in. our Peculiar department of professional praoticoj for the pasttwer.tv-fivn years. FjiKxcn FKMAX.K Pir.r.s.—Ladies who wish .for Medicine, Hie efficacy of which has been tested in thousands of cases, and never failed to effect speedy cures without any luad results, \vill use none but Dr. DeLaney's Female Periodica! Pills, The only precaution gi]e,o.eesai«y. to bo observed is, ladies'shouklnofi take fchemif lihey have reason to believe they arc in eet'tain situ- ations (the particulars of whieli w.illbo found on the wrapper accompanying each bbjc),. tho' always safe and healthy, so gentle, yet so ac- tive are they. Price, $1 per box. They can be mailed to any part of the Ilnited States. To THE LADICS—Who need a confidential medical adviser with regard to| any of those interesting complaints to which their delicate organization renders them liablo.at'opartieular- ly'invited tooousult us. Tins \ Etecrno-GAXVANia PHOTIEOTIV*:.\—For married ladies whoso health will not admit, or have no desire to increase thoir family,may be obtained as above. It is perfectly sale, and has been extensively used during thelast eight years. Price reduced to §10. ggP Attendance daily, from 8 i n the morn- ing till 9 a t night, and on Sundays from 2 till 5 P. M. Medicines with full directions' sent to any part of the United States or Canadas, by pa- tients communicating their symptoms by let- tor. Business correspondence strictly confi- dential. Dr. L's Office is still located as established, under the name of DR. LA CROIX, at No. 31 Maiden Lime, Albany, K. Y. AN ACT OF GRATITUDE. . 20,000 copies of a Medical book of 'i'i pages, ' oil Spermatorrhea, for gratuitous circulation, by a Sufferer who has been effectually cured of nervous debility, lassitude, depression of spir- its, drowsiness, pains in the limbs and buck, timidity, dizziness, dimness of siedit, pimples, loss of memorj\ ifec., resulting from early er- rors, Ijy following the instruetious given in this book, considers it his duty, in eratitude to the author, and for the benefit of Consumptive and j^ervous sufferers, to | niblisli the means used. He will therefore send free to.any address, on the reeipt of two stumps, a copy of the v» ork eontiiinine; everv iofoi million fcpiired. Ad- dress l)ox.}7'.i, l ; . O., Albany, N. Y. $310,0*0 •WtoWEM ©IP FARM AND BUILDING LOTS. JS THE Gold Region of Virginia (Culpepper X County,) is to be divided amongst 10,21)0 subscribers, on the third Wendesdnv of every month, uutil all is sold. Subscriptions ONLY TEN BoiAAiia liAcn; one-half dowrj, tho rest on delivery of the. Deed. Every subscriber will get a building Lot or a Farm, ranging in value from $10 to §25,000. Those Farms \and Lots are sold so cheap to induce settlement, a sulli- cienfc number being reserved, the increase in the value of which will compensate for the ap- parent low price now asked. Ample security will be given for the faithful performance of contracts and promises. Egg\More Agnuts are wanted to obtain sub- scribers, to whom the most liberal inducements will be g'.ven. Some Agents write that they are making $200 per month. For full particu- lars, Subscription, Agencies, &i\, apply to )•:. 1JAUDKR, Port Royal, Caroline. Co., Vn. 26tf > S'ljc (Capital College' TOY* XT. S'H!\TTOX ,t COS ADJAiN'Y MERCANTILE COLLEGE, •to and 15 North Pearl ir'treet., AL(!\K T 11. IJ: KHYAM', ft. 1). SfRATTuX, f the in.- I i CHARLES UREXEL, jn.iuc.niiactm'e aaid Sopsiij-ei* of Watches, Clocks, Ac:, At No. 30, Oourt Street, Watertown, N, Y: To Cwnisii»nij»tives. T H13 ADVERTSER HAVING BElSt? RE- stored to health in a few weeks, by a very -imple•remedy, after having suffered sev- eral years with a severe lung affection, and that dread disease, Consumption—is anxious to make known to his fellow-sufferers the means of cure. ' ' To all who desire if, he will send a copy of the proscription used (free of charge), with the directions for preparing and using the same, which th'ey will lind a sure cure for •COiTSTMPTION,\ ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, &0. The only object of the advertiser in sending the Proscription is to benefit the afflicted, and to spread information which he cenceives to be invaluable, and ho hopes every sufferer will try his remedy, as it will cost them noth- ing and may prove a blessing. Parties wishing the proscription will please address Rev. EDWARD A. WILSON, Williamsburgh, 8m3 . Kings Co., New York. SPALDIN G'S €tip!iafe Fills, will convince all v. ho suffer from HEADAC H E-, that a h'p c c d ii a n- (I A''/ /• i' 0 u r r- —.<s-o-*a— — By the use of these Pills these periodic at- tacks of A'ervous or Sick Headache may 1>« pre- vented ; and if tnkun at the cimunenee- ment of an attack immediate relief from pain and siekuess will he obtained. They seldom fail in removing the Xnnsm and llcailoc/it: to which females are snVjecfc. They act gontly upon the bowels,—remov- ing Costi ven ess. For literary men, students, delicate females, and all persons of sedentary habits, they are valuable as a laxative, improving the appetite, giving tone and vigor to lire digestive organs, and restoring the natural elasticity ' and strength of the whole system. The Cephalic Pills are the result of long in- vestigation and carefully conducted experi- ments, having been in use many years, during which time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and' suffering from Headache, whether originating in the liervoi-.s system or from a deranged state of tho stom- ach. They tiro entitely vegetable in their com- position, and may bo taken at all times with perfect safely without making any change ol diec, and the abseuse of any disagreeable taste renders it easy to administer them to children. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry 0. Spalding on eaeh box. Sold by Druggists and n'l other Dealers in Medicine. A box will bo sent by mail prepaid on re - ceipt of the PEICB 35 CBKTTS. All orders should bo addressed to HENRY 0. SPALDING, 18 Cedar Street, Now York. ^ \ir-y Clark's Syrup, the Groat Blood Purine . for Weakness. I T ry Clark's Syrup, the Great'Blood Puritb for Dyspepsia. Di'ugist's Generally. t Inn id\ I lie no -t a.-soeiilti i- \.l,,:., X.-v V. .1:, PI Cie . i i..:. !, 1 »• M < t, Chic.i ;ieLolar»lii| J ]iti.!ii~c.l u good at all the Colleges for nii .unlimited time, ' THE COLLEGIA !E OOlUtHE Embraces Double arid Single Entry Bookkeep- ing, Ooimuerei.il , Coitipnl.ilinns, Commercial Law, lVinimnuliip, Bu.-inois Corre-pondeiice, Partnership Seltlem-nH etc., ete. Tlie department of Bookkeeping and Accounts is organized and conducted on the Counting Room System ; the Halls being filled up with .appropriate tlesks ; ete., and tho student is introduced at once to the practical routine iif Counting Rooms generally. PRACTICAL TEXT BOOKS. Allhouuh tho instruction in the department of .Bookkeeping iniul, from the nature of the study, be given from written manuscript forms, with elaborate oral ami blackboard elucidations and lectures, yet great benefit maybe derived from the use of reliable books of reference, while in the important department of Com- mercial Law they aiv.m.di-'i ensable. To ne.-e'. this necessity, the following TV.vr BOOM !niv« \been prepared: BRYANT & STRATTON'3 COMMERCIAL LAA r , for Mercantile Colleges and Academies, Business Men and the Profession, by AMOS DRAN, LL.D., Prof, ot Law in the Universityof Albany; publislie 1 by P. Appleton A Co., 1.48 and 44i? Broadway, New York. BRYANT oi STRATTOX'S COMMERCIAL CALCULATIONS, for Accountants, Business Men and Academies. BRYANT & STR ATTON'S BOOKKEEPING in throe editions: li-t, Primary edition, for Common Schools, l'J2 pages; 2d, High School edition, for High Schools and Academies, 208 pages;? Sd, Counting House edition, fur »Ac- countants and Business Men, 350 pages (in press). SPIONCERIAN SYSTEM OF PENMAN- SHIP, in a series of.nino books, by R. S™NOEK; published by Ivison, Fluency & Co., 48 and 80 Walker street, New York. For Catalogue and Circular, or informatisix of aay 'kind, call at the Oullege, or address BRYANT, STRATTON & CO., july 19 AMIANY, N.' IT. TJO YOU WANT WHISKERS? DO YOU WANT WHISKERR? DO YOU WANT A MUSTACHE? DO YOU WANT A MUSTACHE ? SBLXiXlsrGrKE^.i^C'S j CEKGDItATED JTII} SMlll'l ' Far tin 117/M'/uYV-v and-Hair. The subscribers take pleasure in announcing to the Citizens of the United State*, that they have. oVlniifd the Agency for, and are now en- abled to offer to tho American public, the above justly celebrated and world-n uowned article. THE STIMULATING ONGUKflT is prepared by Do. 0 . P. But.r.iKGU.nr, an emi- nent physician of Loudon, and is warranted to bring out a thick set of WhLker; ni' :i Mn<t:te'io in fioin thr« e t > r-i\' weeks- \i'hii article L the only one of the kind used by the French, and in London and Palis it is in Universal use. His a beautiful, economical, soothing, yet stimulating compound, acting us if by magic upon |1IM roofs, canning .a beautiful growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to the scalp, it will cure jiAWNKss, and cause to spring up in place of the hald spot a fine growth of new hair.— Applied according to directions, it will turn HE!) or towy hair DAIXK, and restore gray lair toits original color, leaving it soft smooth, and flexible. The \ 0» QOMBST\ is an indispensable article in every gentleman's toilet, and a'ter one week's use they would not for any consid- eration be without it,- The subscribers are the onty Agents for the article in the United States,-to whom all orders must be addressed. I'riee 0ns Dollar'a box—for sale by all .Drug- gist's anil Dealers; or a bsx of the \ Onguent\ (warranted to have the desired effect) will be sent to any who desire it, by imiil (direct). «e- eni'oly peeked, on receipt, of price and pos :>;e, 3tl,lb\ Applv to our iiddiv?'. rOiiAOr'. L. HEOF.MAN* CO., Di uggisls, «c, 21 William Stivtl, New York. Manhood! now LOST—no\v HESTOBED. ya/HT'iT'.—i ./\ws* Pidli-jird i,i a Sealed €n- ON THE NATURR, T.vatmeut and Radi- cal cure, of Spermatorrhoea, orsemiual weak- ness, sexual debility, nervousness and Iiwnluu lary Emis^iiois, prndueinglnipoteney and Men- tal and Physical incapacity. By RiiB. J . CltLVtSBXVHI.t, SI, D., Author of the \Creeix Bnok,\ite. Tho woi'ld-reiiowneil author, in this admira- ble Lecture, clearly proves from his own exper- ience that the awlul eonseipieuces of Self abuse may lie effectually removed without medicine and without ihiugerou.ssuririeal operation, bou- gies, instruments, rings or cordials, pointingout ainode, of cure at once eeitainand effect) til, by which eveiy snllerir, no me'ter what Us eon dition may be, may cure himself eheuply, pri Vabdy ami radically. This lecture will\ prove a boon to thousands and thousands. Sent under seal to any address, prist paid, on the receipt of two postage stamps, bv addres- sing Dr. Cu. .f. C. KLINE, M. I>., ISO First Ava- nue, New York, Post Box 45Rti. 50-ly A HOMESTEAD FOR $10; A HOMESTEAD FOR SI00; Also, Homesteads for $10011 and over, situate od on, and near Rappahannock Rive, above and \below Fredericksburg, in Virginia. A 'new Town, called,Rappahannock, has recent- ly been laid oijf, in Culpdier Conrly, in the midst, of the Gold Recion of Virginia, sur- rounded by Mines and Mining Companies; and Farms and Town Lots in alternate divisions or shares, can now be had for a \ Mere sonu,\ simply to induce settlement in this de.-ir.ihie region. $to-t,'.10u worth of land is to be divid ed amongst purchasers or given away as a inducement to come t,..' 'md make improv ments. and the land of the most impioval • qitr.Ittiw Many have already settled i rd scores of o.hers acj coming. Good l'.irtx ig land, in tracts of any size to suit pur-hasers, can also be had at from $10 to $20 per acre, payable in easy quarter yearly installment's. Uiicjuestionable titles will in ail eases be given. Agents are Wanted every where to sell these hinds; liberal inducements, will be givui. I For particulars, apply to | E. BAU 1)1511, Pot t Royal, Vo„ i OBTOD. B, OAKS, AC.ENT AT Sum BITT.AXD '' .TKI'I-IUV-ON- Co. N. Y, MeailSSE assd H* PleasniiriCH : OF., Di?easo with it& Agonies CHOOSE BETWERN THEM! Siel;'Peophi THINK ! After wlr.ch ACT! ONEIDA FAU.S, Mad. Oo.,N.Y., .Inn. 2S, ISfiO. To Hit. HEKKICK & Co—fleiitlenien :— Ah •..! one year ago xour a.'eot eitlle-l . on.-II ire, and 1 -ii.uld ,.1 with an abscess my ritjlit side, an large a? a pint bowl, or larger than a eocoumtt. 1 hr.d not luofoued my vest wiib any comfort for over a ye«r. f had consulted some of the best physicians in l.ho Statu, among which was Prof. Jlamiltori, of Buffalo, and many others, all ot whom doeided that my disease would terminate fatally ; that the abscess would eventually break inwardly, and run my life away. I was notable to labor much for two years, and not liking to be idle, I commenced taking your Pills. Soon al'tei the swelling commenced di.-appeiiring, and finally appeared to point, oxternull.y. I became alarmed, and sent for Dr. Sprngue, who advised me to con- tinue the Pills, as my cure was rapidly being completed, I continued to use the Pills in small doses for months, and found myself fully lYE'ored, tho ulcer healed and f consider my - self a Well man. The news of ibis e'.ire soon spread through thi- section, and more than a thousand boxes of Herrick'a Pills havo sold in this vicinity. My Post Office addiess is Oneida Valley, Madi&.-iii Co,, N.Y , whers persons in- terested can addres me, by enclosing a stamp, and learn more fully my sufferings and dan- gerous condition for three long years. You may publish tliis letter if you like,' to assist the rick and advance your reputation.. Truly yours,' D. C. CAIN. The discovery of co-iling a Pill with sugar emanated with Dr. llerrick. AH others are counterfeits, and if u-«d. will do harm, and disappoint the sick. Merrick's Pills are ele- gantly put up, 80 in a box, with a large sheet of directions, and sell for 25 cents per box; 5 boxes for §1.00. limitUCK's Kill STBltSaTIIEXISO I'LASTKKS. The great Strengthening and Pain Destroyer. The Best and Cheapest Household lUrnedy in the World. These renowned Plastees cures pains, weak- ness and distress in the back, side and breast in live hours. Indeed, so certain are they to do this, that the proprietor warrants them. Spread from resins, balsams and. gums, on beautiful hid leather renders them peculiarly adopted to the wants of females and others. Their application is universal—equally to the strongman, the feeble woman, and delicate in- fant. To each and all tltey will prove a balm and a blessing. Their uso is agreeable, and without annoyance or trouble. Eaeh plaster will wear from one to four months, and in rheumatic complaints, spraines and bruises, frequently effect cures when all others fail. Full directions will be found on the back of each. Public speakers, vocalists,, ministers of tho gospel, and others, will strengthen their lungs and improve their veices by wearing them on their breast. Price 1 8 3-4 cts. The above articles are sold by all the deal- ers in Cape Viiicent, and by Druggists through- out the United States, Canadas, and South America, at wholesale by all large' druggists in the principal cities HEkUICK & BROTHER, Practical Chemists, AlLauy, N.Y. EiA©.B>, WEESS'iraSES, & €©'S • I.Ul'UOVED TIGHT STITCH SEWrNU MACHINES, N'o. O'M) firr.ii.h.ii ', • j p- -de the M. X'hh. 1,-, X-w York. W HAT CONSTITUTES a Good Sewing .Machine. 1. I T SHOULD be well made, simple in its con— * tion, and easily kept in order. 2. IT SHOULD make a tight lock-stitch, alike on both sides of the material, o. IT suorr.1) sew any aud'all articles that can be sowed. 4. IT SHOULD be able to use cotton, thread, or silk, directly from the spool. 5. 'IT SHOULD be able to sew from eoarsa to fine and from thick to thin, with ra- pidity and without changing the tension. 0. IT SHOULD be able to make the tension greater or less, on both the un- der and upper threads, and with uniformity. 1. I T SUOTLD havo a sirainht needle, curved onesrfire apt to break. 8. THU NiitiDLE should have perpendicular mo- tion. This is absolutely necessa- ry for heavy work. i). IT movtn be capable c.f taking in the larg- est pieces of work. 10. IT snoi'Li) be able to bind with a binder, hem with a hemmer; should stitch, fell, run, and gather. 11. IT SUOTLD be always ready to work. 12. IT SHOI'LII be capable ot using she s.une size of thread on both sides of the work, and vf us'uio; different col- ored thread or silk, alioxe or be- low, to coi respond with any two colors'of eloth to be united. 13. Ii^siioii.i) be. able to make along or short stitch. M. IT SHOULD be able to fasten off the seam, and commence sewing tightly at the first, stiteh 15. IT SUOULII run easily mo! make but little noise. 10.1' snnui.i) have a wheel-feed ; none others are in constant contact with the work. If. IT'SIIOUI.D not he liable to get out of order. 18. IT SHOULD let, bo liable to in-oak the. thread our skip stitches. IP. If sue: !.i> not. he necessary to u?e a screw driver or wrench to set the iieedle, 20. IT SHOULD not he liable to oil the operators el ress. •21. IT SHOULD not form a ridge on the under side, nor ravel out, nor ba waste- ful of thread, as is the case with all chain-stitch niachin'S, 22. IT SHOULD not be more trouble than it is worth. GET THE r.E«T 1 . Send for descriptive circulars and samples of ',;:• IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Herriofc's Sugar C ted Pills. THji BEST FAMILY CATHA'it'lTO in the world, used twenty years hy five million of persons anunally; always give satisfac- tion ; Contain nothing' injurious ; patronized h.y the 'principal ph.v- si.'iuneund surgeons in tie Union ; elegantly ••oilted with Mlunr. I.lllge Boke- ±7, el:.. ; live Boxes for One Dol- lar. Full directions with each box. Warranted superior to any Pill bef»re the public. TAL work to LADD, WEBSTER is Co., 5Di) Broadway, New York. REMOVED. A. Henderson. IIOCSB, SIGN and ORtfjUfEXTAL PAINTER, G-rniner, Glazier, 1'aperhauger, etc., luis tvmnved to the s-hop of James Buckley, recent- ly occupied by I. and S. G. Hadlcy as a wagon snip, where he will be j leased to receive iliecill.t if his former friends, a.id all tho=c who ii'ny wish anything done in his line. IvW Particular attention paid toCariiage Painting and ail other work entrusted to his care. [•ALLAIIASSE, LFOX COUNTY, \ Florida, July 17, 1800, \ To Du. HEKRICK. Albany N. Y.—My Dear Doctor:—-I write this to inform you of the wonderful effect of your Sugar Coated Pills on my elder daughter. For three years she has beeir affected with a billions dorangment uf the system, sadly impairing her health, which has been steadily falling during that period. When in New \York in April last, a friend ad- vised me to test your Pills. Having the full- est confidence in the judgment of my friend, I obtained a suoply of Messrs. Barnes & Park, Druggists, Park Row, New York. On return- ing home, we eeased all other treatment, and administered your Pills, one each night. The improvement in her feelings, complexion, di- gestion, etc., surprises us all. A rapid and permanent restoration to health lias been the result. We used less than five boxes, iind con- sider her entirely well. I consider the above a ju»t tribute to you as a Physician, and trust it will be the meansof inducing many to adopt your Pills as their family medicine. I remain, dear sir, with many thanks,. Your obedient servant, • • S. G-. MountsoN' HFRRTOK'S KI D STRENGTHENING PLAS- TERS cure in five hours, pains and w.oakness of the breast, side and buck, and Rheumatic Comlaints in ail equally short period of time. Spread m a beautiful white lamb skin, their use subjects the wearer to no inconvenience, and each one will wear from ono to tbrre months. Price 18 3-4 cents. Herrick's Sugar Coated \Pills and Kid Plas- ters are sold by Druggists and Merchants in all parts of the United States, Canadas and South America, and may be obtained by call- ing for them by their full name. 'DR. L. B. HRRICK & Co., Albany, ,W. Y. Never fails to Cure NEURALGIA AND RHEUMATISM. This GREAT INTERNAL REMEDY Is curing Thousands of eases where all other remedies have utterly failed, ft is no mere \ANODYNJI relieving for the moment, bu t is a perfect SrECti'TO and CUUE for those painful dis- eases. The vast number of Liniments, Em- brocations and External medicines, which act as stimulants of the surface only, are merely temporary in their effects and of doubtful vir- tue. The NEURALGIA KING reaches the source of all trouble, a'ml effectually banishes the dis- ease frmi the system. We advise, one and all to give it n trial ami become satisfied of its wonderful power. Read the iiUonishhiff Cures of wJl-JcuotL-n eili- v.oi-i of Buffalo. —It em-el Mr P. Ilenvnwny, Pioprietor of N'ei.-.i; :i Mi,,t Ooiuit.us I.n.e, of . \etiialgiit uu.l iLio uiii.iii.-ui in the neck and shoulders. —One Bottle cured Mr. Elias Weed, Com- mission Merchant, of severo_ Neuralgia of the head ui d neck, after all other remedies had failed. —iln. L. Grosvenor, of Perry street, who was confined to l.ho house, aud entirely unable to attend to business, is now well froiu the use of Wat-on's Neuralgia King. —The Neuralgia King cured Mi\ Joseph Cooley, Seneca str-et, of Inflammatory Rheu- matism of long standing. At the time of com- mencing iti use he was confined to his bed. —James Van Vnlkenburir, a well known policeman of this city, was cured of Rheum- a d Neuralgia in its worst form. INFLAMMATORY RHEUMATISM —Mr. 0. H. Reed 80 Carroll street, was cured after trying other remedies for years. INFLAMMATORY RHEU.MATIS:,I, OF FIVE YJSAHS' STANIIINO.—Mrs. H. W. Putnam, oil Pearl si., cured in three weeks—hud been under charge of be:-t physicians in this city. —Neuralgia in its worst form of fifteen years standing. Airs. I.yniau Rathburn of 215 Del- aware si reel, entirely cured. —William Coleman, and'oncer, No. 4 Swan street, cured of severe Neuralgia in his limbs. —'•.Villi uu Moffat, brewer! Morgan street, of Neuralgia of the lace and teeth. Price $1.00 per bottle. Prepared by A. I. Mathews, Buffalo, X. Y. For sale by Stone i: Smith and William II. Webb, .Druggists, in Cape Vincent, and by Druggists generally. Health and Happiness Secured ! Y OUNG HEN who are suffering from the effects of self-abuse, can be surely and permanently cured by using THE CONCENTRATED\ CURE! A certain and powerful remedy for wealme-s in the PKOUK-EATTVE ORGANS. It is prepared by an eminent Physician of this city, and has org been known here as THE ONLY REMEDY that would surely and permanently restore to a natural state of health and vigor, persons weakened by excess, or by the indiscretion of early youth.' „ ^ \ • This preparation is not a stimulant, but A PURELY MEDICINAII REMEDY. The afflicted are invited to try it. Send for a circular first, read it carefully, aud then you will send for the Medicine. Pr.tcB PER VIAT,, ONE DOLLAR. Can be sent by mail. One vial will last a month. Sold wholesale and retail by K. CRUGER, No. \j'^S BROADWAY, N.Y. For sale by STONE k SMITH, Cape Vincent, and by Druggists everywhere. Vy Clark's Syrup, for any Delicate Female, sell In- Druiie'i-t? iy D nerallv. (.' QUAKERY EXPOSED!' A valuable Medical Tientise on disease and veakness of the SEXUAL ORGANS, by A FRIEND TO TH E PEOPLE. For sale as above. Price 12 cents. Should be read by everybody. f PIANOS $ 1 5 O RICH ROSEWOOD CASES—WARRANTED Having rebuilt our Factory we are agaii fur- nishing our STJPBBIOE PIAN'OSi All Prices and Styles. Send for Descriptive Price Lists and-Circu- lars to BOARDMAN GRAY it \CO. oiii'.m Manufacturers, Albany, N. Y. SUSStS! AYER'S OATHAETIO Arc you aick, feeble, and* comjniiining? Are you out of' ot-dur, >vitli your system do- ruiijjoU, ftiid your feelings un- comibrtabler a'ueso symp- toms are oftau tbo prelude to aeriouH illuesHi Some «t of sickness \u creeping upon y.oi;, and ahould be uvertod by a 'timely UEO of the right rem- edy. ' Take Ayer's l>i\l% and fMtc-iiwwra ttl 0111130 0llt t-lio disordered hu- ^rltwiiF^^fifHl^i \ ino .* s ~\P u <''fy t»e blood, and „. .sfft^irfBlifflBKjRSllI lut the llui-ii move on unob- structed in health agtum Q?hey stimulate tho functious of tho body into vigorous ao- h tivity, puriiy tho system from — r _ t | )(j ojjs^mjtiQua which make disoiiso. A cold settles somewhere in the bod}', and eb- struuts its natural functions. 1'hcse, if not relieved,, relict u-pon themselves and the :surrouudiug orgunsipro- diwing general aggravation, .suffering, and disease. While in tilts condition, oppressed by tho derangement*,, take Ayer's Pills, and see how directly theyrestore tho natural action of tho syatem, and with it tho buoyant feeling ofhealth again. Whatis truo aud BO apparent in this trivial and common-complaint, is also true in mauy of tho deep-seated and dangerous distempers. U!ho samo purgative effect expels fchoni. Caused by similar obstruc- tions and derangements of tho natural ('unctions, of tho- body, the^aro rapidly, and'many of them surely,.cured by tho same moans. None who know tho, virtues of those Pills, vrill neglect to employ them when suffering from the disorders they. euro. Statements from leading physicians in some of the- principal cities, and from other well kaown public per- sons. , From a forwarding Merchant of St. Zouis, ibb. 4,1S56. DR, AYBR.': Your TUHs are the paragon of ail that is groat in medicine. They havo cured my little daughter of ulcerous sores upon her hands and feet that had proved; incuraolo for years. Her mothor lias been long griev- ously afflietod with blotchy aud pimples on her Bkin and. in 'her hair. After our child Y»*as cured, she also tried* your Pills, and they liavoeurod her. ASA HORQIttDGE. As a' Sraimtly Fhyaic. JJh'om Dr. E. W. Carlwright, 2!ew Orleans, 'Your Pills are .the prince of purges. Their excellent qualities surpass any cathartic wo posBeas. They aro mild, but very certain .and effectual' in their action on the- bowels, which makes them invaluable to us in the daily treatment of disease. Ht;!iilacIie,SicIcHeaflaclie,FoiU Stomack. JProni Dr. Edioard-fioyd, Baltimore. _ DKAUBKO. AYKU: Icannofc answer you what complaints I havo cured with your Pills bptter thau to say all that w* ever treat with apurffativc medicine, I place great depen- dence on an effectual cathartic in my dally contest with disease, and believing as I do that your Pills afford us tho- host wo have, I of courso valuo them,highly. PITTSDURG, Pa,, May 1,1855. DR. J. 0. AYGR. Sir: I havo been repeatedly cured of the worst headae?tt> any body can havo by a doso or two of your Pills. It seoms' to arise from a foul stomach, which they cleanse at once. Yours with great respect, ED. V?. PREBLTC, Cleric nf Steamer Clarion- Bilious Disorders —I.iv©r Complaints. From- Dr. Theodore Ml, ofNeii) York City. Not only aroyour PillB admirably adapted to their pur- pose as an aperient, but I find their beneficial effects upon tho Liver very marked indeed. They have in my prac- tice proved more effectual for tho cure of bilious com- plaints than any one remedy I can mention. 1 sincerely rejoice that wo havo at length &• purgative which is wor- thy the confidenoo of tho profession and'tho-people. DEPAKTSIBM OF THE INTERIOR, \ Washington, D. C, 7th Feb., 1850, f Sin: I havo used'your Pills in my general and hospital practice ever since you made them, and cannot Irritate to say they are the best cathartic we employ. Their regu- lating action on the ; livcr is quick and decided, conse- quently they aro an admirable 'remedy for derangements- of that organ. Indeed, I havo seldom found a case pf bilious disease so obstiuato that it did not readily yield to them. fraternally yours, ALONZO BAIiL, M. D., Physician of the Murine Hospital, Dysentery, Diarrhoea, Relax, Worms. Irom Dr. J\. G. Qreen, of Chicago. Your Pills havo had.a long trial in my practice, and I hold them in esteem as one of tho best aperients I have over found. Thoir alterativo effect upon tho liver makes>- them an excellent remedy, when given in small doses for bilious dysentery and Uiarrhaa. Thoir sugar-coating makes them very acceptable and convenient for the uso- of women and children. Dyspepsia, Impurity of the Blood. From Jtev. J. V. Himes, Pastor of Advent Churchy Boston. DR. AYEU: I have used your Pills with extraordinary success in my family audamoug those I am callod to visit in distress. To nfcgulate tho organs of digestion and purify tho \blood they aro the very best remedy I have over known, and I can confidently recommend them to my friends. Yours, J. V. HI31ES. WAHPAW, Wyoming CO., N. Y., Oct. '2i } 1855. DEAR. SIR : I aui using 3'&ur Cathartic Dills in my prac- tice, and find them an excellent purgativo to cleanse the- system and purify the fomitains of the blood. JOHN O. M.15A0HAM, M. D. Constipation, Costiveness, Suppression,. Rlienmatisiu, Gout, Neuralgia, Drop- sy, Paralysis, Pits, etc . From Dr. J. P. Vaughn, Montreal, Canada, Too much cannot bo said of your Pills for the cure of costiveness.\%$( others of our fraternity havo found them as efiicacioug*us I have, they should join me in proclaim- ing it for tho benefit of tho multitudes who suffer from, that complaint, which, although bad enough in itself, is tho progenitor of others that aro worse. I beliovo cos- tiveness to originate iu tho liver, but your Pills affect that, organ and cure the disease. From, Mrs. E. Stuart, Physician and Midwife, Boston. I find ono or two large doses of your Pills, taken at tiny proper timo, aro excellent promotives of tho natural secre- tion when wholly or partially suppressed, and also very effectual to cleanse tho stomach and expel worms. They are so much tho best physic wo have that I recommend no other to my patients. From the Pev. Dr. LTawlces, of the Methodist Epis. Church. PULASKI HOUSE, Savannah, Oa., Jan. 6,1856. HONORED SIR: I should bo ungrateful for tho relief your skill has brought me if I did not report my case to- you. A .cold settled in my limbs and brought on excru- ciating neuralgic pains, which ended in chronic rheuma- tism. Notwithstanding I had tho best of physicians, the dispaso grow worse and worso, until by the advice of your excellent agent in Baltimore, Dr. Mackenzie, I tried your Pills. Their effects were slow, but sure. By perseTuring iu tho TISO of them, I am now entirely well. SENATE 0UA3IBER, Baton Bouge, La., 5 Dec. 1855- Du. AYBR : I have been entirely cured, by your Pills, of Rheumatic Goutr- a painful disease that had afflicted me for years. VINCENT SLIDELL. &&• Most of the Pills in market contain Mercury, which, although a valuable remedy in skilful hands, is dangerous in a public pill, from the dreadful conse- quences that frequently follow its incautious uso. Those contain no mercury or mineral substanco whatever. Price, 25 oents per Bo?, or 5 Boxes for $1. Prepared by Br. J. G. AVER & CO., Lowell, Mass. A perfect AitTIDOTE, SPECIFIC ira<i CUKE for lEUIMTISM & HEURALG has long been noeiled. After earnest and patient -research, this lias been triumphantly discovered. It is called \Watson's Neuralgia King. WATSON'S OTJTOAXGIAKnre- roaches the source of the trouble, and banishes the disease from, the sj - s- tem. Unliko the untold number of Liniments aud Embrocations ivhioli merely stimulate flic surface, aro but temporary in their effects, and aro, at best, of doubtful virtue, it STKIKES AT THE SEAT of tho ailment, ABEBSTS IT, KILLS IT, ERADICATES IT, and 1 javes no traee behind. Watson's Neuralgia King ALSO CUBES GOUT A5TO DYSPEPSIA, in all their forms. It is now giving relief to thous- ands who have been suffering from these descascB.aud who -nave TEIED ALL OTIt'ER KBMEDIES in vain \Watson's Neuralgia King Has received tho liiqliest testimonials from the lilgh- -a sources in regard to its WONDERFUL EPJI- OAOY. It operates-n-illi equal success in mild aud chronic cases, -never failing to work out a speedy and permanent cure. Watson's Neuralgia King CosisbiA one dollar a bottle, and LESS THAN A POTTLE often effects tho end desired. •WATSOTS jrETTP.ALGTA KING is tho only SPE- CIFIC AND OUP.E FOB EHJSTJMATISM and NETJ- ItAL&IA that lias ever been discovered. JTor /Sale by all Dealers. Prepared only by A. I. MATHEWS, Buffalo, H T„ and Fort Erie, 0. \W Chilli's .Syrup, for ' sore throat, • is magical. Druggists generally, Clark's Syrup, for weakly, deliente Females, or Sickly Puny Children, is sure. ^ •\^^y Clark's Syrup, for Scrofula, Jaundice . &o , or any blood disease. K . f XI W

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