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1 8 8 5 . N o . 8 . I jVJK HALE. A desirable bouse anil lot on Hecond street in tbe Village of Youngatowu, N.Y. The lot hna aleo n amall I*ani aud some fruit on it. The lace will !>e disposed of at a low flpurs f taken aoon Terma easy. Call upon N. I). H ankki . i . for Informa­ tion lu rtgaid to thu ahuvo SALE. Tho [iroinisea iu Youngstown, formerly occupied by Mra. Doyle. For information aee Hugo Hchwartz, o r address Iloyle Bros., Detroit. Mich. Y o u n g s tow n , A p ril let, 1885. 6tf w I I . 8 M< < 01.1.1 M. Surgical nml Mechanical Pcntift, MAUAUA FALLS, pOBTia'i it look , (Opposite Pottofllct.) Vitalized Air given fn: painless extraction of tectli. i r ah cperations warranted. N. I). H A S K E L L , F l UK AM) NARINE IN R I ’l U N C K A <: 1 > T In First-class Companies. H a r tf o r d .............. N e w H am p shire. B r i t i s h A m e r i c a . I.loll ........................ S t a r ........................ ............. H a rtford, Ct. M anchester. ............ ; . . . .T o ronto. , .London, England. «.New York. I’rovldenee W ashington ...................... It. I. Scottish Union and N a tional. .G iuigou C ltl/.ena ........................................ P ittsb u r g h AUo W ashington Life Insurance t'om - p a n y of Now York. What We May Expect. May Day, Decoration Day, Aud Fourth of July. Moro froat, Aud ptaaiMy enow. The email hoy anil tho angle worm to noon become boon companioiia. Tho featlve fly to emigrate aouth, if thla kind of frigid weather lust* m u e b longer. Our Canadian friend, to \know how 'tie yourself” heforo they bore dono with tbeir little rebellion, And n great many of thom to wonder wbat in thunder thoy'vo been lighting about anyhow. • Spring If wn aro puli vit long enough. Gardening to *00 i commence, if It ceer thaw , out, And the proprietors uf gardens not lo bo nfrall ot having their pr loco robed therein destroyed by roving hug*, cattle and g' eae on account of tha itrlut enforcement of the new vi l.ge by-law. To toon hear of the New Village Hoard ordering thu building ot new nml atiltublo nidrwulka throughout the village. LO CA L . — Look out for thunder-storm.. lock wee a aister of Miaa ElUo Johnaon, w ho waa employed in the atore of It 1). Davla Co. a few month, since, and couslu of Miaa Koaa Thompson, of thia village. —Everything passed off quietly at the polls ou Tuesdsy. Good order ruled the day, and the day Itself proved quite plea- annl, barring a cold, raw wind, aud the con­ dition of tho roods, which made traveling almost impracticable. — U a.ter Sunday morning the good peo­ ple of Zlttle’a Corners, amused themselves by having a friendly eng-euting contest in thst neighborhood, in which Mr. Kit Clap- suddlc came out victor, nnd Mr. Joun Wolff second, the former having dispatched 13 eggs und tbe latter 11. Nextl —During the abort vacation given to the teachers and scholars of this village, the Trustees of the public School, have improv­ ed the time allotted them, in fixing up the old school hfluae as far as practicable, in improving walks, repairing scats, pointing- <Vc , and tnukiug it habitable for another term of hard .crvico. Good act! —At this time last year, people ill this nclgliborboood were busy making garden, but from present appearances, it will be some time yet before the ground will he lit to work; and those who were in hopes of enily peas, radishes, &c., w ill huvo to hong | up their fiddle ou thnt question. —Now is a good time for tho farmer to take an inventory of his farm stock aud im- I plementi, nml ascertain wbat, and w lmt not, he tioeds for tho comiug summer's cam­ paign. Hy so doing, now, while lie is com­ paratively idle, be will save much valuable time, and have everything in readiness for work when the spring opens. —Tlio funeral of Sergeant Slcnnls took place from Fort Niagara to St. Bornuid's Church, Friday last, where the burial service of the Itoinaii Catholic Church was perform ed hy Hev. Fathers Harold und O’Shea. The remnb « were followed to their last resting place by tbe soldiers of Fort Niagara, with whom tlio Sergeant was very popular. — Mr. M. C. Ilonestaele, of tliir village, pas in his possesion an excellent oil painting of Fort Niagara, and the grove from the river front, puiuted by Hev. H. S. Allen, sou in­ law of Mr. Boneateele, w hile en a visit here about a year ago Tlio painting shows much artistic taste, aud should ha seen to bu appreciated. —Old W inter seem s to linn,; on w ith nn ley gii|>. F r id a y last we w ere treated lo an old tim e wli te r snow storm , and on M onday an o th e r of tho same kind dam p e n e d au d chilled tho feelings o f our spring-hunting cilizois. M onday nig h t was ex tr e m e ly col I with hard frost. However we still hope for n littlo w a rm w e a th e r , ore w inter in upon us again. —T h r latest th in g in tlio rin k line is the “ r o ller skntuig flirtatio n .” Tbo trouble is th n t a man hns to know too m a n y fancy fig­ ures III o r d e r to m a k e his f lirtation u n d e r ­ stood. It ia thu aw k w a rd m a n , how ever, ' w h o can nm ko h im .elf m v lcr lood in n mo- j m e n t. Uo skates t o w a r d , a young ludy and im m e d iately falls on hie pants, which m e a n s j jfjjjg. Bpx n „. 7 scoureis an d polishers, six PERSO N AL. —S. 1’ark Baker, K*q , haa been quit# sari- oualy ill f o r a week past. W o w ish him a speedy recovery. —N. D lla .k e l l bus been too unw e ll for sevoral d a y s to att* n d to business. —The m a n y friends of Mr. William Cos- te'lo . of this village, w ill rejoice to learn th a t be Is slow ly recovering from his late revere illness. D e n tistry —Dr. L. Balcom w ill be in his office, O n tario House, Y o u n g s tow n , on M on­ day, A p ril 27th. Those w ishing any th in g in tbe d e n tal line should call ou him. — Miss S a r a S w a in, a tt e n d a n t a t the S tate N o rm al School, at Buffalo, w as hom e on a visit to relatives an d friends last Hunday, preparatory to h e r retu r n in g to com p lete her term o f school, w h ich will close in J u n e , a t which tim e she oxpects to grad u a te w ith the highest honors. H e r ninny frieuds and urqiiaiutaucos wish h e r success. — Mr. J a m e s W eldln, kite of F o r t N iagara, b u t w hose tim e has expired, has gone on a tw o m o n th ’s visit to bis b r o th e r in Texas* who is, we u n d e r s tan d , tb e o w n e r of a n ex­ tensive cattle rancho in th a t s tate. It is his In ten t'o n , we believe, to com e back nt the ex p ir a tio n of his leave of absence an d ro-eu- llst again. It is hoped he m ay do so, ns he is well th o u g h t of by ev e r y one in this village C O U N TY AND VICINITY. —The c o u u t r y roads uie in a terrib le Con- j dltion. —Boys are catch in g flue pickerel iu the Eighteen mile creek. —H ay show s a ten d e n c y to rise ns spring i advances. —The L o c k p o rt Union says; it is under- j stood t h a t ex M a y o r M o tt, of t h a t city , con ­ tem p lates going t o Lo lto y to engage in tbe drug business. —Tho tru s tees of tho village o f N iagara 1 Falls have asked tho tax p a y e r s to vo te u tu x j levy of o v e r 810,(1110 for corp o ratio n pur- ] poses for t h e c u r r e n t year. H a u d f o id O w en, of L o c k p e rt, has m a d e arran g e m e n ts to race Fred O w en, of N lag n r a Falls* a t th e Falls r ink, H a turday, A p ril j 18th. Fred is to skate tw o m iles w h ile H. O w en w a lks one m ile, fo r tw e n ty Uve d o l­ lars n side. Howland nnd Clark Foster, sons of ex- I Supervisor I'of; r, of Porter, have returned 1 to Niagara, Dakota, w ith several othors, j who have spent tiie winter around their ol 1 Niagara hearthstones. Their Dakota Niag­ ara wns settled by a colony from this coun *F- A rntus F. Pierce, who ' ns tried in Lock, bort for the murder of Hullock, several years ago, Is.said to ti# seriously ill iu New York city with consumption. Mr. Pierce since loavlng Lockport lias been in the fur business on Broadway. —Tho Richmond Manufacturing Com­ pany, of Lockport, n few days ngo shipped Iho follow iug grain ricuui g machines to the now Central Mill ng Coiuyany at the an unusual noise in an adjoining room, and upon going to Investigate found that bis wife had fastened one end of a rope to the door knob and tbe other ehe bed looped around her neck. AVbon discovered sho was rapidly choking to death. He quickly removed tbe rope and she soon recovered. Mrs. P.berbard’t mind has been affected for sometime, but she was not considered dan­ gerous, either to heiself or others. She was taken to Lockport Mundsy afternoon, snd Tuesday superintendent of tho Poor Lewis had her removed to tbe Buffalo Insane Asy­ lum.— S u iyara Fa/It Courier. » WILSON. Geo Wilkinson returned home last Thurs­ day from Paris, Canada, having sold out hit interest iu the rink, at that place to J. Bon- steele. Fletch.Seeley, while chopping down peach trees lust Friday, made u miss stroke, and tho axe struck one of his legs, making a bad cut near the anklo. Tho lawsuit, of T. Moore vs. John Gifford* which was tried before Eaj. Barger last Fri­ day, resulted iu the Jury giving a judgement for the plaintiff, iu the sum of tit*. J Hig gins, of Lockport, was counsel for John Gilford and 11 M. Davis for T. Moore. Miss Marlon Hlocuin, of Suspension Bridge, has been visiting frieuds in this vil­ lage the past few days. A. J McUriur spent a part of last week In * Canada. Kicbard Johnson died last Sunday morn­ ing, nt tbe ago of TJ. Tho funeral services were held at tho house Wednesday ut 1 o'clock. Hev. A. D. Wllbor, i« expected to preach j for the Methodist people In tbis village next : ■Sunday evening. Hev. O. L. White nud family, returned home last. Monday from Westeruvjll#, N.Y., where they have tieeu for about four weeks past. Ills congregation are glad to seo back aguiu. Last Huhday evening w as the regular time for tho quarterly meeting ot the Wilson •Sunday School Association, hut no previous notice Ii iving been given, it wus decided to bold it April 26. Elisha Wiloox, of the Lake Hoad, is quite sick witli iiiflnmatiou of tho luugs. Thu W. C. T. YJ. gave a lunch on election day. W. T. Hiohmond of the Town Line roud is quita sick with pneumonia. C. W. Seeley bus had a second attack of sickness, and I k again conflned*to his bed. Hov. Ii. J . Gross is recovering quite rap­ idly. \ man, with his family aud household which Is m re than most have don# at tbe Exhibition. ChaiDy, on# o f the Walker Broe., of vto- I lio fame, lak-t rbsigv of the lime dr li very business of Celt & Fieeman, this summer. Colt A Freeman flred up tbetr lime kiln Wednesday last, making a fine start, draw- ; Ing good fresh Urns on Saturday. IV P. Meats returned from a trip tu M«#e- achusetts last week, w here be had bean on busiucss per tail. I' g to the Georg# Skipper Estates Laura Sniitn handles the birch, aud teach es tbe young idea bow to shoot, in the new school house, for tha spilug aud summer i term s - th a t is, if we ever have any summer. Aarou Moyer, whose barn was burned n short time ago, received about fl,7tk> Insur­ ance on stuck anil barns, aud boa begun to replace stock, uml purposes building a small uew bam soon. Wilbur Hu try Intends setting a peach or­ chard on the old ilowilt Farm, this spring. He has done quite a business ia buying and sulliug sbecp this winter.—It. V. paralysis, tod is lying lu s dangerous condi­ tion. Mr. N«wton Burns entertained memb#r# of his sohool at his home last weak Dr. Ira Barker, Y 8 , had several calls for his s rvio't lost week. He report* an unus­ ual amount at stckuesa among sU*ek tht# spring. Mr Lewis Sberk is preparing tn balld a bam this spring, on th# east part of th# farm owned hy himself and brother. It snowed all day Monday, and out spring bops# are agala <1 >slie<l violently from us. Whi n will it eudt Is beard on #v#ry hand. Kuiv*. THE WEEK’S RECORD. —Ayer’s i 'athartio Pills are suited to eve­ ry age. Being sugar coated they are easy to take, and though mild snd pleasant in action, are I borough end searching in effect. Their efficacy in all disorders of thu stomach and bowels Is cortiflod to by emiuent physi clans, prominent clergymen, and many of our best citizens. RANSOM VILLE Our school cotutnonced Monday last. Mist Addie Harris has charge of the Senior Department, aud Mrs. 8 . Long of the Junior They are both excellent teachers, and we piedict a profitable term of school. Hev. Mr. Gilchrist, pastor of tbe Baptist church, tcudurud his resignation last Hun day, and will sever his couectiou with the them *lerc * bout May 1st. We are sorry | Mr, Gilchrist is going away; he is uu able speaker nnd a chrlsllau gentleman. It will bo a b ng tlm ■ before our friends get a man to till Ids plao <. Wu wish him unbounded success in his new U d i of labor, where ever it may be. Wilt Hansom wns in Buffalo Monday and Tuesday. Allen l-oouard, of Miploton, was lu town T u e s d a y . A. J MoBrijr, of Wilson, was in this vil­ lage Mon lay. O lv u rC 'rtlss has returned from Michi­ gan. Oliver look* well mil bcarty, and says hu enjoyed his trip immensely. Ann (Juad# has t el iiYie I from Bulavin, where she hus been vLlting frieuds. Richard Kiley Esq , was in Wilson Tues goods, arrived here Inst Hundsy mght In a day on official bo*inv«s. I nm mashed — Mr. E. G. Davis, o f this villago, has in his possession a 82 bill, w h ich wns tak e n from the snfe afler tho fi at Ihe stone mills (now Y o u n g s tow n H o ller Mills,) uhoiit 4U The advertiser is (he innn v, ho reaps the j years ngo. Tho bill took us ll ugli It had j b een p r e t t y hot a t one tim e , an d tho im p res­ sion of s e v e ral silver c o ins w h ich I iy on it iu the safe du r in g the tire, are quite plniulj- disccrntble. I M a r u i c d . Ilu W e d n e s d a y aftern o o n , nt | tlireo o ’clock, in Ht. B e rnard's ( tiurcb, by | Hov. F a th e r O 'Shea. M r. Jam e s C o tter, of Buffalo, to Mis* K itio H eurdan. of this vil­ lage. T h e h a p p y couple loft f o r R o c h e ster early yesterd a y m o rning fur n s h o rt bridal to u r , uftor w h ich th e y will r e t u r n to their [ f u tu re hom e in Buffalo. T h e m a n y f riends of tho y o u n g i o iiple wish them a long nnd happy life of wedded bliss. —Mr. J o h n W. Cow a n , o l P o rter C e n tre, o u r new ly-elected and efficient H ighw a y Com m issioner, Is the posseessor of a s teer of the I'm Im 111 H h o rt Horn breed, which w eighs ill the neighborhood of 25(10 pounds. A great m a n y of the people nt the polls, T u e sday, wero discussing tho bovinu's line qualities, nnd ad m irin g tb e unim a l's Hue points. W e doubt if its e q u a l is to tie found iu th e Tow n of P o rter. —Rev. W. L. Warner, pastor of (ho il. E. church, in this village, a*; aunouncod some time since, prepared and preached u sermon list Sunday evening ou purpose for the young people There was ail unusually good attendance, anil tho Hev gentleman select­ ed his text with the express lucent of meet­ ing the wants of his hearers which be un­ doubtedly did. All returned to their homes feeling that tbo hour Imd been profitably spent. barvest. - Nary blade of grass lias sprouted in this section so far this year. Several flocks of wild goeto passed over this villago Wednesday. —Head tho new Niagara and Nt, Cathar­ ines advertisements in this issue. —Olio of our merchants Is already “ rush lug the season,\ with u huge straw Imt’ Noxtl —Tho roads are in a fearful condition her at tho present time, ths mud being almost hub deep. —To save a doctor’s bill: d e a n out your cellar and cistern, and scatter a little lime about the premises. - Ur. P. Irish, of Sanborn, has bought Mr. John Truesdale’s three year-old colt, •• King Georg\ for #30(1. —Orest numbers of w ild ducks were seen on tbe river Sunday An old sportsman says he has never seen so many duck* In the rtvor a t thi* point. —Wlmt about our new village loci, upl Are we to lmve one, and where is it to be located, is tbo next question. —Tlio Youngstown Holler Mills nre doing a flourishing business at present, being ruu to their utmost capacity tbe most of tbe time. A new counterfeit twenty dollar gold coin has just been discovered. It Is made of lead and glass, with a thin coating of gold, and Is elighty larger ttasu tho genuine piece. —Our Public School commenced the spring term Monday, with Miss Mary L. Van Dus j en in charge of th# Henior Department, and Miss Imnoia L. Van Kureu iu charge of the J unior Department. —R#V. James A. Skinner, pasto*-«f the Presbyterian chinch, in this village deliver ed two very able discoui res Sunday morn­ ing nnd evening last, to au attentive and appreciative congregation —Froiu tho present outlook, it appears as if w# are going to have all winter and no summer this year Tbe solving of this pro­ blem will have to be turned over to the weather prophets to decide. What Is your verdict, Wiggins! —There wst the smallest attendance at ths Presbyterian Sunday School lost Sun day, so far this year, ow ing, uo doubt, to the dreadful condition of tbe roads and gen­ eral appearance of tho weather, which woe not a t ali prepossessing. - Mr. John Qowanlock aud wife were aruoog the y.ctiins of the let# Indian massa­ cre a l Frog Lake, Manitoba. Mra. Uowsn- No. 4 grain sep a rato r - , ono No. 4 receiving separator, and tw o horizontal bran-dusters. These m a c h ines nro now being set up. —The teu m ile rnco n t th P a r k rink nt N iagara Falls on W e d n e s d a y evening, for the cham p ionship of N iagara co u n ty , be­ tw e e n Mr. H a rry Muck, o f Iiockport, nnd W. H . Fellow s, of H u spension B ridge, w as won by Muck iu 41 m in 4 sec. F o r tbo first five mile* tho m e n wero nearly even, but In iuaj.,rity li’J suil boat from Nlngnru, Ont., Intending to take up his residence here. Tho town election here la*t Tuesday, re­ sulted as follows; For Supervisor. — Oiear H. McPbesner, Democrat, majoiity 105. For Town Clerk - ('buries N. Marble, Re­ publican, majority Hi. FnrJustice of the P\aao Goo. W. Han sum, Democrat, mujority 11. For A»*\s*m Geo. L (irilllti. Republican, majority 5. For Commissioner of Highways,—II. II E v a n s, liej ublican, majority IU F ir Overseer tire Poor. J. W Hsckftt, 1st District, Denied st, majority 02 El- wood L.Brace, 2nd District, Republican, m a­ jority 18. For Collector.—Charles llener, Republican, TOW N ELECTION. At the Town of Porter election on Tues­ day, the following gentleman were elected to f it town offices for the current year: — Supervisor—Joseph Thompsuu, democrat, majority IS. Town Clerk- Samuel I>. McCracken, re­ publican, majority 84. Justice of tbe Peace—Ira Race, republi­ can, majority 40. A s s e s s o r — W i l l i a m H i l l , r e p u b l i c a n , m a ­ j o r i t y 3 1 . Commissioner of Highway*—Jobn W Cowan, democrat, majority Iti. Collector—Christopher Robertson, repub­ lican, majority «5. Overseers of the Poor—Abner Holden, re­ publican, majority 44; swmuel Baker, publican, majorlt) 40. Inspectors o f Elections- Rensselaer Ward, republican, majority 34, Kug.no G. Davir, republican, majority 30. Constables- Dan Hear Jan, democrat, ma­ jority 44; Krauk L. Powley, republican, ma jortty 55; Richard Riley, republican, majori­ ty 3 3 ; Jeffsraon T. Warren, republican, ma­ jority 51. G a m e C o n s table— J o h n C. M cClelland, re­ publican. (lie lust five Muck gained 3j laps on hia corn petftor. Ju lm F. Frnlick, p r o p rieto r of the A m e r ­ ican hotel, died suddenly about 4 o'clock P. M. H a turday. Home fifteen m inutes p r e v i­ ous to his death ho w as phiylng billiards w ith a g e n tlem a n in t h e A m e ricnn billiard room . Suddenly di o p ing his cuo lie e x c u s e d him self, s a y in g he f e lt sick. Ho then w e n t to his room on the floor above, lay dow n upon th e lounge a n d died ia a few m o m e n ts Dr. K ittln g e r was called b u t tc. late to bo of service. w h ile M rs Je n n ie F ro s t, o f M ichigan, was w a iting the d< p a r t lire of th e C h a rlo tte at tbe C e n tral- H u d son d e p o t ih R o c h e ster T h u rsday afternoon, a I. lack sntchel belong­ ing to her wns stolon from ono of tho w a it­ ing-room seats- Mrs. C o rnelia F e s r y , of M u ldloport, w as a f terw a r d arrested on su s ­ picion of I s v in g tak e n th e satchel, and ) u p o n being tak e n to piollco head q u a r ters j she d u a lly ow n e d up to stealing the proper- j ty . The satchel contained about #5 in m o n ­ ey, a raT rond tick e t f o r U n iou Hill, and a | tru n k check The tick e t and chock w ere ! found ou tho floor of tho depict, w h e r e th e y had been th r o w n by tbo F e n ry w o m a n In leaving th e building. An ex a m in n lio a of the cose took (dace S a turday, a t tb e Roches­ te r police c o u it. — Il was rumored Sunday morning that the trains running across the cantilever bridge, at Niagara Falls, Ont., bad been stopped. On Inquiry it was ascertained that L had refused to work out of regular hours. It being Sunday, owing to tbo fact that for some mouths they have received lio piay for Sunday work. It sppiears that through tome arrangement between tbe Canada Southern and some o f the customs authori­ ties at Ottawa, tbe officers nt the canli-lever considered they were not getting justice in tlds respect as to pay for Sunday work, and they took tbts way to assert their right*. Before noon a conference between Collector res| William I-eggott and Canada Southern Agent Turner settled tbe matter, and tbe men being guaranteed their pay, resumed work. —Monday morning Mrs. E irebelb Eber- hardt, *bo was rest ling with her husband back of J. M Locber's saloon, attempted to commit suicide by banging. Her husband, wbo is smp 1 >yed in B. F. Hill's pulp mill, was waiting for bis breakfast when be h i ard Fur C o n s tables.—W m C a rver,R e iiubli -an , It. It. B e rber, R e p u b lican it L. C raw ford, j D em u crat. A. I*. B u rcb, R e p u b lican. J . l ) . I Irish. Republic m Fur (1 im e C o n st a b le.— Josiiib M. I)i»y, Re . publican. Fur Inspectors of e lection D istrict Nu I Miles 8 . V o eburgb, D e m o c rat. F red M Ta- < bor, D e m o c rat. A n lben B a rger, Itepubli. ' F u r Inspectors o f e lection D istrict No. 2— | Harwiaknu l Hitchcock’s H in k Is still the popular place of r e s o r t for old n n d young. C. 11 I ’e r i y wa* In N.-w fane Sunday. Miss Carrie Ransom is visiting friends at Charlotte, N. Y. Mi** Mari.m Graves Is visiting friends lu Buffalo. William Taylor haa been c o n fined to tbs house for som e tim e , by sickness.—E d ik O c h I i . t r k k Hansruvllle, April 13th, J NWS. NOR T t T r IDGE. Mr. Charles Townsend started for Dakota Inst week, where hn intends to spend the summer improving hi* farm, w hu h ha owns in thnt Territory. Mr. Leander Aimis, of East Albion, w h o has been visiting Mr. George K. Wright aud 1(H) Years and M erer Sick. I thaca , N. Y , April 1*. Starr RUutey died bore to day, aged 100 yetr* aad three months. He was born la Dutchess county In 1TH4 Fcr four days previous to bis death he refused food say mg he had Heed as long as he wanted to. He was never stall. ( u s l *.10 > t u B r e a k IL N ew Y o u , April 13 Fanny it. rovlch to ­ day secured a verdict of |50U against Itsao Blumhcrg for broach of promise of mar­ riage Tbo parties were brought together by a matchmaker, and the suit created a sen«atlun The pdaintiff demanded 15,0(10. litv d of Life LCXIXOTOH. K v , April 13 Es MayAr Ful­ ton of I'arls, Kv., continued suicide todey by taklug laudanum, lie lost a fortune and became depressed. A riou* Nroiindrel. M'iI’ntaix I si . ako , N. C., April 11—Joe. Williams, who pretended to tie a Baptist minister, and collected #5.01X1 to butt I a church, lias disappeared wltb tbe money, he married a Indy here when he bod a wife Using In Georgia. For F i l t h ) Lucre. I nhkhndmck , K a a, April 13 -Hiram Faulks, an eccentric old farmer, was mur­ dered Friday night, and the bodpthrown in­ to u well. Robbery wns the object of tbe crime. One thousand seven hundred dollars wa* found on Ph-ilks'a person. To Be H a n g e d . Hrisrzm'a I' oikt , L. I , April 13. Bugs, tho colored strangler was to day reaentenced j to be hanged May 15 th. M u r d e r e d nnd M utilated Wilkem Bauimk, April 13 Andrew Com- I Islpy of I'ort Blaiichanl wus murdered and I laid on the I,ehigh Valley Railroad track last night. Tho body shows evidence of a ten ibis struggle. W ar On O u r FM irrnian. | Hci.ivax. N. H , April 18.-A ll American Vessels caught lUbdig In ( nuadlau water* within the thres mile limit, or putting ! into harbors for halt or supplies, after July i 1 st, will be seized nml sold as priao. The Dominion ffeet will ooiupriac fast echuouere and some steamers, armed with two or tbrse guns, are to be commissioned as British | crulseis. Ilo r s o n h i p p e d th e K d i l o r . Nr ACT, April 12 John V. Oodrrdouk.rs- cise commissioner and editor of tbe Imtf ;vn,f«n( und Aduertimr, a weekly paper pub Halted here, wns publicly horsewhipped to- 1 day by tho wives of Constables Shakespeare nnd Hauls, for publishing an offsusive ar­ ticle about their husbands. Ths whipping waa witi eased by a large crowd, and creat- i ed a great sensation. A M<'v M inisterial W rinkle. N kw Y'.HK, April U Tbs Her Edward family, on tbe Ilanlwl'c Uoad, tbo past week, D Kelsey, of the seventh Presbyterian returned home Friday Iasi, tiklng w ith him Church, who runs a rollor skating rink next a pair of Mr. Wri jht's Premium Turkeys, d mr to the church, caused tbe aireet of a For lie -iisii 359; ugainst license 133; Pro­ hibition 47. -11. | -Perfect soundness of body nnd mind is possible only with pure blood. Lending medical authorities of all civilized corn trie* j endorse Ayer’s Sarsaparilla n* tho best • blood purify ing medicine in existence. It vastly Increases tho working and productive powers of both hand and brain. r i v e h T v i e w . Perhaps some of your readers do nut know wiiero River Viuw is. It has uot been mentioned so ofteu in your paper a* Hiatr ville, aud other noted places In your's, and neighboring towns. But then, thero 1s such a place location- IUver Ihiad- 2j inilssfrom Sus peuiou Bridge ll has a nice depot, a col. lego w ithin sight of tlia same, a good cider mill, A No. 1 lime kiln nnd crusher, and stone quarries attached, and last, aud not (raft, a candidate for office, U. 8 . Consul, at Clifton, and if tieavy men fill the bill, be anada custom officers nt that point j ought to be the lucky one in bis <p dh estima­ tion, aud by weight. During tho last year, a flue new school- house was built across tbe road from the old one. tbe Estate of Hetzel Colt giving tho lo­ cation, nud any Trustees of Districts, con­ templating building now school houses, j ought to step in and are the inside, and also style of desks, which nre a great improve- j ment on tbe old style of Pateut Desks. Tbe ; house ia an houor to the District. Henry IVoolcot, an old resident of your I Town, died here at the house of his son George, two week* ago. Tha farmers In tbis vicinity, w bo bought trees of Drlioyue, a year ago, do not want any more of the same kind. They panned out too many dead tiees, A. D. Colt returned from hi* Missouri and New Orleans trip last week, feeling well, nnd report* havii.g enjoyed himself, with w hlch he intends to stock hi* farm. Mr. Charles Nabi -s Is very low with Infla- ; ■nation of tbo bowsls. Dr. H, T. Clark, of | Lockport, D hi* attending physic!*n. Measles nnd scarlet fover is prevalent on j the North and South Ridge. Mrs. Juntos Goodfvllow, wlm hn* been dangerously sick tbe pa«t week, is slowly re covering. Dr. Hagadorn, of Ransom ville, Is his attending physician. Hov. Francis Grey, c f ttio church of tbe Redceiiwr. I,ockpurt, will occupy tho pulpit in tho Universnllst Church Sunday n e tt, at ; three o'clock, I-. M. All aro Invited ti at 1 tend.—Hkcky Hbamv. North Ridge, April 13th. 1885 young lady yesterday whom h# charged wltb stealing a pair of skate*. Justice Gor­ man tors up the Complaint this morning without a hearing aud discharged tba young lady, telling tbs minister, that skat Ing rinks, In bit opinion, ware not calculat­ ed lo carry out tbo aeiitimant of tbo prayar, '• load us uot into t'uitatlon.” The episode t reated a sensation in court. Too Much Fight For Him. B L A I R V I L L E . Ex Mayor Blair has goua into the pill bus i lions for tbe Globe Work*. Mr. Norman Whittaker, of tbie place, shot three pike in the cieek last Saturday Mr. Timothy McCarthy, of this place, was in Buffalo throe days last week, visiting Ins brother Will, who Is working at thut plsce. < buries Johnson, of Tryonvtile, has rnov e>l on the farm owned by Royal Johnson which ho has rented for a term of years George Calvert, of Youngstown, has pur­ chased Ihe west hn'f of tbe farm known at tho Force Farm, and formerly owned by Mr. A. H. Dutton, of the same place. PEKIN. Last week djick shooting wa* Indulged in on the marsh by our sportsman. Ih e game waa very difficult tu get, but a few bare been killed. Holiday evening the Band uf Hope gave an eutcrtemmeut, consisting of literary ex­ ercises and music. Mrs. Kims Roberts, of -ai.boin, taug a solo by request Mr. Samuel Cary aud family bave return­ ed lo this place, and he ia engaged with 8 . O. Btover. Mr. Abram Lsvan will resign bis c.ffleo as Justice of tbe I'eace, on account of bis age an d ill health. C M ' Samuel Sehmeek has bzd a stroke of The other eveoli g, dm ing tbe performance of the s|>ec-tacle of the Zulu war, a t Cooke's Cirrus in IJverpool, Mr Cottle, wbo lin|>*r senates Lieutenant MGvllta, bad a band to < baud conflict with a 7.u!u chief, tbs combat lasting for some minutes. Tbis encounter was too realistic for one of tba spectators, for after watcbb g tbs combat fur a ilma wltb Interest end aoppi osvml kicltemeot, tbe man, evidently thinking that bia coun­ tryman wee being overpowered by e savage foe, leaped Into tbe nisna and at onee grap pled wltb Ihe Zulu chief The oi sLugbt was en sud'Wn end to vigorous that tbe Zu­ lu chief w e t quite t*ken aback, aud before bia assailant could be drawn off tbe uufur- tnnate Impersonator of the savage chief had received a somewhat severe pummeling, one of the blows leaving a memento In tlia shape of a not veiy presentable or ornamental black eye. ” Don't ell so near tbe window, darling,\ atud a spooney young bridegroom to hie bride on Ibeir wedding tour: “ let ua try u> keep tbe car ail to ourselves Howe <vanh le euis to get in If be eees your pretty face.” ! Tbe samve)waker, thirty ) ears later: ** Move np to tbe window, old woman, ao tbat wa may bave tbe car to nurselvet, yoa will frigbteo all tbe oilier | aaeeogen assay, yon know.” Safe! Sure! Reliable I Botanical Throat and Lung Care t urea C >UKhs, *.,'ohie. Consumption, Ac. leading physicians use and r•commend It. 8 - faction guaranteed, or money rt! For sale by H 1) Davit Co.

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