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Vol. 4. Y O U N G S T O W N , N.Y., 6, 1 8 8 5 . N o . 5 0 . THE WEEK’S RECORD. CRIMES AND CASUALTIES. Ua* Kx plosion at Pittsburg. P ittsburg . Feb. 2.—An explosion of ar­ tificial gas in the cellar of Walker & Son’s paper-box manufacturing company to-day shattered every window of thu building and set fire to tho woodwork. The llamas were extinguished without much damage. The ooncussion shook tbe buildings in tbu vicin­ ity and created intenso excitement. Ten Years for Vitriol Throwing. N ewark , N. J., Feb. 2.—Mary McGee, who threw vitriol upon Wm. Clark, supeiinten- dout of the Clark Thread works, was to-day sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment. Tho judge said persons who threw vitriol were ns dangerouiyis thoso who throw dynamite, and must expect to be punished to the full oxteut of thu law. An Ex pensive P risoner. . aengers to make regulations for the separa­ tion of different classes of passengers, but they havo no right to make any difference in the comfort aud convenience of those 1 who pay equal fare. Tho forward cabin, as signed to colored females, was not in as comfortable condition as that assigned to ! white females, and he therefore awarded <100 to each of tbe libellants. Notice of ap- peat was given. ^ O'Donovnii Roxsa Shot. O U R E X P O S I T I O N L E T T E R . [ S p e c i a l C o r r e s p o n d e n t N i a o a r a C o . N e w s . ) Monday evening, O’Donovan Rossa, was shot in Now York by a woman named Dudley. The wouud is not serious. N e w Y o r k . Feb. 3 .— At a late hour last evening A. C. Butts of Morrisania visited Mrs. Dudley a t the station-house. Among the stories uflout is one that Mis. Dudley’s real name is Mrs, Garrahy, and that she was the wife of O'Donnell, or Garrahy who was executed for the murder of informer Carey. There does not appear to be any foundation for this. KuglniidN Navy Threatened. C hicago , Feb. 3.—A prominent Irishman states that Kossa is about to be deposed from the leadership of the dynamite faction. Joi.IKTT, III., Fob. 2. Wm. Russell, aged Judge John Brennan of Sioux City will suo- twenty four, who lost both logs and one arm in a railroad accident, wns placed in the penitentiary' Saturday to servo a year at hard labor for stealing a boat in Kondalj Couuty. Tho sheriff bad to carry Itusselj into the jail on his baok. It will require the services of an able-bodied man to take caro of tlie convict in prison. They Failed to Pass. D a y t o n , O., Feb. 2.—Two freight trains of the I.ako Erie & Western Railroad collid­ ed noar Kent yestor.lay, demolishing both engines nnd telescoping and burning a num­ ber of cars, destroying inucb merclmnrliso ami killing a number of cattle. Tbe engi­ neers anil firemen jumped from tbo trains without injury. Tho caboose, lu which were several owners of freight and trainmen, wus detached in time to save them from the wreck. The cattlo train wns running with­ out orders. Ilroko liis Neck hy a F all. Joiinstow n , Fob. 1.—Peter Noonas, a woll known butcher, while coming out of tho Opera-house last evening, fell down tbe stair* aud broke his neck. He was some­ what under the influence of liquor. Acriiloiitully Shot. N ew Y ork , Feb. 1.—Miss Georgia Bono- *dict, aged two.ity nine, of this cityr, acciden­ tally shot herself in tlie abdomen in tbe Ori­ ental Hotel, Brooklyn, to-nigbt, while re. moving a revolver from ber drossing-caso. A male companion who shared Miss Bene­ dict’s room disappeared after tho shooting nud cunnot he found. Tho girl cai.not re­ cover. lie Played Polo on Rollers. BiNQHAMPTON, Feb. I.—Cbittonden Rogers, un expert bicyclist and noted polo player, while engaged in a game of polo nt the Pio­ neer Rink hero last evening, fell with such force that lie died from ids injuries before morning. Tlie young ninu was n sou of a retired merchant, and was himself a promi­ nent manufacturer in this city. A Perfect Dentil Trap. W ashington , Feb. 2.—Surgeon-General Hamilton has received privnte information from X'anainu that 109 persons died ln tho canal hospital in November. All informa­ tion ns to deaths occurring on the isthmus is concealed, ns, if It were known abroad that the mortality on the isthmus is alarmingly great, it would probably check tho flow of laborers, contractors, tourists, nnd others. People die daily of yellow nnd pernicious malarial fever. In tho new cemetery at Pan­ am a in July last there are already more than 1,000 graves. There nre five cemeter­ ies in tho neighborhood of the city. The correspondent says ho lias no doubt 2,400 persons were buried iu Panama iu 1834. The deuth rate a t Colon and along the lino lias been very heavy. Flopod Witli n ItrnkciiiHii. S c ran to n , Pa., Feb. 1.—Lizzie II. Bogart, aged eighteen, only child of Assistant Super- intendent Bogart of the Lackawanna road, wns quietly married here on Friday evening to George J . Fowler, a brakeinau on a pas­ senger train running between Binghuinpton nnd Now York. Tho ceremony was per- I formed in tho olllee of Alderman Fuller, Fowler’s sister being tho only witness. Tho j couple fell In love with each other while J frequenting a skating rink, and Miss Bo gai t, fearing hor father's disapproval of tho j match, consented to a hasty marriage and j elopement. The couple will live at Bing : hampton. \ I.oilg Life Ended. U tica, Feb. 1.—Dr. Jean Baptiste Maichi- j si died here this afternoon. He wns born at J Carmngnotn, Piedmont, Italy 1789. lie was j attached to the army of Napoleon tlio Groat J In the march over the pass of the g reat St Bernard, when every soldier was given a piece of bread and cheese and a sip of wine. ! Marcliisi was afterward captured by tho English and sent to Gibraltar nnd thence to Canada, where ho worked in tho quarter master's department. He was well known as a manufacturer of proprietary medicines, and at tho timo of his death was tbe oldest person living here. Damage!) For DUrritiiiuatlon. ced him. It is proposed to reorganize the dynamite party on the land league plan* Eugene Davis, a dynamiter of the lirst water, is spoken of as tbe head of tbe Franco-Irish wing of the revolutionary body under the regime. Euglutid's public buildings will be safe, but her navey will bo destroyed. New York, Feb. 3.—When tho attention of Pntrick Joyce was called to the above state­ ments he said there was nothing in them; that when llossn's death was reported it would be timo enough to talk of appointing his successor M U R D E R O U S D E E D S . B ay C ity , Mich., Feb. l.— Iu an alterca­ tion yesterday in a barber shop William Evans stabbed James Williams with a pair of shears in tha head and left breast, the in­ strument penetrating the heart. Williams died soon nftor. Evans surrendered. The parties are colored. D etro i t , Mich., Feb. 1.—In a drunken fight in a saloon known as “ D ynamite Hall” to-day Jas. Culhano, a laborer, was horribly cut in the head and region of the heart by ex-conviot named Michaol Horrigun. Cul­ hano died in a few minutes. Tho saloon­ keeper barred tho doors, keeping out the po. lice. Tho murderer escaped. L y n c h b u r g , Va., Feb. L—Tho body of a man, supposed to be nn unknown peddler, waa found inst night on Cove Mountain witb a bullet holo lu his forehead, tlie body rid­ dled, and tlie clothes stripped off. It is sup­ posed that thu deed was tlio work of an or­ ganized band who havo committed numer­ ous climes in that vicinity recently. D urand , Wis., Feb. 1.—Henry Colenhaus- er killed his wife last Hunday while the re­ mainder of tho family wero at c h u rch. The crime was discovered yesterday by the find­ ing of hor body in tho caller in an improvis­ ed grave. Her head wns battered almost to n jelly, Colenbauier hanged himsolf last night. Domestic troubles were the cause of the murder. V i n c e n n e s , Ind., Feb. 3.—Herman Buse- mann and Otto Oraffenstoiu arrived from Cincinnati on Saturday eu route for Califor­ nia. Oraffonstein, under the pretext of tak­ ing Busemnnn to see his undo, led him to a swamp, where he shot him three times, rob bod him, and covered bim up with snow. Husomann revived and found hia way to a oolored man’s house, lie may recover. Graffenstoin escaped. O n e D a y ’s C r i m e in P a r i s . The progress of crime In Paris is still marked deoply in blood, and during one Sunday alone no less than four desperate a t­ tempts a t murder nnd one suspected crime wero recorded hy tho metropolitan nnd su. burban police. Iu the Rue Saint Honoro a quarrel broko out between two women nam ­ ed Loyal and Lovyonski. Tho lattor get­ ting the worst of tho quarrel, called her, ” protector” to her assistance. Tho man was sitting in a wineshop a t the timo. Rushing out, with a stilloto in his hand, he plunged it three times into tho breast of tho woman Loyal, who fell bleeding on tho pavement. The ruilinn immediately ran off, but his mis. tress waa arrested by the police. Tho girl Loyal was taken into a chemist shop, where her wounds were temporarily staunched. Hhe was then conveyed to the Hotel Dien. A woman named Martin, employed in a per­ fumery establishment, carried out a straugo plan of revenging herself on a rival. Hav­ ing procured a quantity of chalk and a load­ ed cane, sho wotted the former, and waited inside the entrance of tho court for her un­ suspecting victim. As the latter passed by, going to her work,Martin throw the chalk in her face, so as to blind her, and then boat her brutally ou the head with the loaded cane. The unfortunate creature fell sense­ less in the roadway, and was takeu up by tlie passers-by in an alarming condition- The woman Martin was arrested. At Ht. Denis an engine fitter who owing to his cruelty, had compelled his wife to seek the shelter of her mothor's house went to endeavor to bring tho woman back to ber home. The man was half drunk at the the United States District Court to-day ren­ dered a decision in tho case of Martha Stew- i ai t and three other*, colored, against the Raltimore, Chesapeake, & Richmond Steam boat Company. Tbe libellnnta purchased first-class tickets on tbe steamboat Sue, af tor having been told tbey would not be ad milted to tbe sleeping apartments occupied by white female*. Tbe suit was brought to rscovsr $500 damages each for excluticn from that apartment. The Judge said It was tbe right of a common carrier of pas­ time, and, as his mother-in-law tried to pac B a l t i m o r e , Md., Feb 2 -Ju d g e Morris of j if F lnm- he 40011 » revolver out of his pock- ' et and fired at hor. Tho bullet, however, rniseed his mark, but tbe mau, thinking tbat be bod murdered bis wife’s mother, turned tbe revolver toward himself, and discharged one of the barrels into bis brain, the bullet eutering the left eyo. He died in tbe hospi­ tal, a fter several hours of intense torture. Another atiocious deed was that of a fish­ wife at the Central Market, who beat a little boy of twelve, wbom she met on the stairs of her bouse and caused bim to fall down several fights of steps. Tbe boy was serious­ ly injured. It appears that tho youthful vic­ tim bad informed on tbo son of his aggi es sor, who was lately convicted of thieving. N e w ' O r l e a n s , L a ., Feb. 2, 1885. To give your readers au impression of the ! feelings of the press, which is represented from every part of the world, and especial­ ly the States and Territories, made ftom ! personal observation, we givo the following extract from a report prepared by the j World’s Exposition Press Association: Tbe reports which are and iiave boen pre­ valent throughout tbe world concerning the ! magnitude, exteut and comprehension of ! the World’s Exposition are fully sustained , by the evidences here, which cannot be ques­ tioned by nny truthful observer. That in \ every department the idea ot magnitude and a wide and thorough comprehension ot subjects predominates. That in tho display of tho n atural resources of tho country and products of the soil, forest and mine, as shown in the government building, no other Exposition within our knowledge lias ap­ proached ill magnificence, exteut and com­ pleteness. That in tho general oxhibits and machinery display loeutud in tho Main Building, and machinery extension, we can unhesitatingly assert that uo reasonable man, whatever his expectation, can in nny degree bo disappointed iu his observation and investigation. Taking the Exposition in its entirety, we can unhesitatingly assert that in magnitude and interest it should command the unstint­ ed recognition and patronage of the people ! universally. That in tbe prices of accommodation and j entertainment in this city from personal in j vestigation, wo find them us reasonable as | thoso secured a t any prior Exposition in our experienco. T E X A S . Commissioner T. T. Onmmnge, of the Ldno Star State, kindly piloted your correspond­ ent ovor the vast space assigned him, which was literally covered with interesting a rti­ cles. A few figures will not be out of piaco in relation to the state for last y ear’s crop: In cereals, 77,211,185 bushels; live stock, 13,000,000 head; cotton, 1,(67,875 bales, or about ouo-fifth of tho entire crop in Ameri­ ca; wool, 18,000,000 pounds. In 1875 the population was 1,160,318, while iu 1884 it had roachod 2,215,709. In educational matters C O U N T Y A N D V I C I N I T Y . —Forty-nine teachers are employed in tbe Lockport public schools. —The German Catholics of Lockport are preparing to build a fine now church as soon as weather will permit. —The Afumni of the Seminary of Our Lady of Angels have raised $2,000 with which to oompleto the memorial chapel. —Erastus McKnight of tbe town of Wilson died suddenly Monday morning. He was sixty-two yarns old. Death was caused b y a paralytic stroko. • —Mr. F. B. Clench, photographer, of Lockport, has leased bis studio and will go ; to Iotva City next week. If ho likes the place he will make it his future home. —The chief of the Tnscarora Indians on the Tonawauda reservation wants to take his cornet baud to Washington for the in­ auguration.—Suspension Bridge Journal. —The German Lutheran church at Sus­ pension Bridge announces a fair to be beld at Colt’s Hall on the evenings of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Febuary 9tb, 10th and 11th. -Frof. Kirohor, of the Seminary of Our I .July-of Angels, has offered to tbe students of Church History this term a gold medal valued a t 825, for tho best composition oo ’• Tlie Wcrld before Christ.” —Peter Ellis of Darien, N. Y., was before United States Commissioner Pound, Lock­ port, yesterday for illegal voting. He wns beld lo await the action of tbo United Statos Court at Utica. —The elegant residence of the Hon. Richard Crowley on High Street, Lockport, is soon to be sold on a foreclosure mortgage. Mr. Bliss of New York, of Star-routo coun­ sel fame, bolds tluj heaviest mortgage. It is a largo stone dwelling with a fine surround­ ing lawn. —It has boon rumored for somo time that a Democratic paper was about to be started at Niagara Falls, and it is now learned that Charles E. Honeywell of the Wilson Starf is to be its oditor and proprietor. Tho first edition will appear in about one month.— Lockport Union. —Recent lotters from Mrs. Porter, of Nia­ gara Falls, widow of tho iato Hon. A. 8. Porter, who has boeu spending soveral years it is tho richest state in tho Uuion, ns its at the Isle of Wight, state that her health is school funds run up to tho hundreds of rail lions of dollars. The state’s natural advan­ tages are largo aud varied. Resides agri­ culture its live stock ontorprises are tho greatest in the world. Its building stone is a feature, while tlie coal fields cover 36,000 square miles. The loading attraction is its cotton comparison side by sido with the en­ tire world, as specimens from every cotton producing country are here shown. Tbe credit for gathering thiR display is due to II. P. Atwater and Gustav Toudouse. has raised a great many Angora gonts, which furnish n very superior mohnir, equal to auy imported kinds. Truly, Texas is a great, rich state, with n fine class of citizens. ARIZONA TERRITORY. For a new country, United States Com­ missioner F. M. Murphy brings Arizona prominently into competition with any Htate or Territory. Its specialty is mineral in character, consisting of gold, silvor and copper ores from every county, district and mino in the territory, comprising some 50,- 090 specimens. Tho Yvapi county collection contains very rich rock, wherein freo gold can be easily seen. The Governor’s copper mino in this county is ono of the most valu­ able in the southwest. In Mojave county aro some sixty mines displaying fino gold and silver bearing ores. A show case is filled with beautiful and rare goms, clustered iu common stones, from Yuma county, which win tho admiration of the public. Apache county shows a wonderful pyr.i mid of flue colored petrefuctions from na tivo wood, whieli arc susceptible of polish. Jilii county’s display of copper, gold and silver ores, with bullion from tho old Do­ minion mine, is unexcelled. Cochiso county shows a variety of valu­ able ores from a hundred mines, together with base bullion from Benson Smelting works. Arizona probably stands at tho hoad in mineral displays in tbe United States. ARKANSAS. This state is in charge of J. \V. Corcoran commissioner, lt is very proud of the fruit display, which carried off the premiums from tlio southern district contest last week. The quantity and quality taken together, it has been remarked by many to be tlie best exhibit of nny at tho fair. AA’hoat, oats, corn, tobacco, sugnr-cane and rico nro shown to advantage; clover sovon feet high, timothy five feet, is proof that there is no lack for feed; of red top grasses thero are 100 varieties which decorate one of the three summer houses. Everybody has heard of tho “ Arkansas Traveler?” Well, among many curious and amusing specimens of pottery conceived nnd executed by tho blind children of the state, a model of the vcrit- nblo cabin wherein the old fiddler was p lay­ ing his hurdy-gurdy whon Col. Sawyer rode up to spend tho night, is seen. The mineral display is fine for an agricultural country. A veijr fine hone and <41 stone is produced In q u antities. In manganese It is the only state except one iu America that furnishes this roquisite to manufacture Bes­ semer steel. Marble and building stone are almost inexhaustible. Arkansas contains over 50,000 seres in coal. The wood inter­ ests are immense, and furnish tbe raw ma­ terial for large wood turning fuctorios. —Loomis Willard was discharged from the Niagara county jail Wednesday under the provisions of tbo United States statues for the discharge of poor prisoners held for n on­ payment of costs Ho was fined 835 for gel ling liquor to Indians in lockport rapidly failing. Sho is over oighty years old. Some months ago she had a paralytic attack. Numorous friends would gladly welcome her return to hor old home with restored health. —Some Lockport buisness men are talk­ ing of building n free roller rink, where all may enjoy kbcmsolves, summer or winter. Band con ’arts and dancing parties will be given, a permanent o rchestra engaged and other attractions secured. A bar and ice Texas | cream and refreshment stand will be attach­ ed to tho premises, as well as special police. Tlie refreshment department will bo the only source of revenue. —John A, Graham, a pedestrian and run­ ner of considerable note, succoeded in heat, ing the best four-milo running reeord ou Saturday night a t the Central Kink, Lock­ port. His opponent skated five miles against Graham, who ran four .miles. The latter was victorious In the remarkable time of 18.38, b eating tho best previous rocord) that of John White of London, England, for tho same distance. —Last year, February 20tb, Miss Lizzie Dempsey disappeared from the residence of John Henning, of W right’s Corners, Niagara county, and from that timo to this nothing has been heard from her. A report was started in Newfane awhile ago that her peo­ ple know whore she was and that her cloth­ es had been sent to her, all of which is deni­ ed. Her clothing is at Mr. Henning’s, nnd thut gentleman lias spoilt considerable time and money iu trying to ascertain what be­ came of her. Mrs. Monro, tho estimable wife of the president of IW e an x ( lollego, gave a coast- i ing party Saturday to tho cadets and ahout t thiity invited guests, the latter for the most part being young ladies. The coasting be- i gan at four o’clock in tho afternoon and continued until six o’clock when tho party repaired to the refectory of tlie college, j where rofrosbtaenU wero served, after j which dancing was indulged in for a short | time, when tho party resumed tbo sport of | coasting “ by the light of tho moon,\ and j dispersed a t ten o'clock. —A meeting was hold at tho American ! Hotel Saturday afternoon, and attended by i about thirty persons, the majority of whom j were opposed oe the bill to raise money to j build a now city nnd county building in Lockport. Goo. 11. Bradley of Somerset i was made chairman to and John L. Chase j of Ilnrtlaud, Secretary. A motion prevail j ed for tho chairman to ask tbe Supervisors; of the several towns to obtain an expression j of tho tuxpoyers of their lespective towns j and report to a meeting to bo held ut tbe J American Hotel, Ixjckport Fsb 7th, at 3 : o’clock P M. It is understood that Judge Davis will head a committee to appear be­ fore the Governor asking him not to sign the bill. L E W I S T O N . The sleigh-bells bave jingled m errily all the week, making the streets very lively. Harry Hull has returned from his Canadi­ an trip. We are glad to welcomo bim back. Mrs. A. Davy, of Niagara Falls, was in town last Saturday, visiting her sister, Mrs. Pendergast. A. H. Millar went to Lockport to-day. He Is preparing to ship a carload of apples to Chicago. The Episcopal Society are to giv» a dra­ matic entertainm ent to-morrow evening.— , S amantha . I>ewiaton, Feb, 4th, 1885, N I A G A R A , O n t . The good sleighing up to Wednesday made the streets look p retty lively. Rev. D. Mann will preach In St. Andrew’s (Presbyterian) church Sunday next. AVe hope the Council wfl) do something in regard to covering the opening ef tbat dome in Music Hall. Many complaints aro being mado of par­ ties neglecting to clean tfio snow from tbelr sidewalks. Our Amateur Dramatic Company will soon presont in tho Music Hall, tbe play of “ The Hidden Hand.” Our old friend, H. J. AVatts, we are in­ formed, has been awarded tbe contract for numbering tbe bouses iu Lockport. lu publishing the list of subscribers to tbe International ( ’amp scheme last week, we omitted the name ef Mr. H. Woodington. Mr. AVoodington subscribed $300. AA’e are pleased to state tbat Clarry AValsb, wlio wns so badly wounded some time ago by tbe accidental discharge of a shot-gun, is rapidly recovering, and expects to make bis i reappearance on the streets in a few days. Mr. AVm. Locke has opened a general ! blacksmith nnd horseshoeing shop in tbu 1 old Monro shop. He is prepared to do all i kinds of work In bis Hue iu a good, work­ manlike manner, and at reasonable prices. Give him a call. On Tuosday last a shooting match took place betwoen Mr. AV. Lansing and Cbas. Holton on one side, nud C. Milloy and R. Bishop on tbo other, for $30, at 31 birds. Lansing and Bolton won. Lansing killed 18, Bolton 14, Bishop 15, and Milloy 14. The regular monthly meeting of tho Town Council took place Tuesday evening last,His AArorsliip, .Mayor Garrett, in the chair. All tho members were present, with the excep­ tion of Councillor R. Best. Outsido of the general routine of business, nothing was dono. Otir well-known scenic and portrait artist, Mr. F. H. Granger, has painted a handsome window curtain which he intends presenting to the Niagara Fire Co. this (Friday) even­ ing. Tlio painting represents firemen in the act of rescuing a child from a burning build­ ing, and is a handsome piece of work. Mrs. Mtilboiiaiid desires to inform tbe public that she hus received nn additiou to her stock of millinery, silks, satins, velvets, shirtings, winceys, dress linens, all colors fingering wool, &c. Best Canadian yarn at 50 cents per pound. Twenty-five yards wincey for one dollar, and the same of cot­ ton. Call aud inspect before purchasing elsewhere. A Church of England Temperance So clety was inaugurated hero on Tuesday ev­ ening, January 27th, when twenty-eight persons became members of tbe order. It is their intention to meet tlie tbird Tuesday of ovor}' month, a 8 o'clock p.m. Tho fol­ lowing officers wore appointed: President, Archdeacon McMurray; Vice-President, the Curate, Rev. Mr. Jones; Secretary, Capt. AA'ilkinson; Treasurer, Mrs. Morson. Wo wish tlie Society evory success. Tho Canadian Chautauqua institution at Paradise Grove, in old Niagara, is meeting wi I Ii n grand success. Tlio citizens of Ni­ agara appear to realize tlie importance and benefit of such nn institution in their com­ munity, and aro going into the stock witb a vim, which means success. Some twenty thousand dollars lias been secured already. It is to be hoped that our Youngstown | neighbors will become fully alive to their interests ulso, uud join with us in muking it a grand success. Send in your subscriptions while you have a chance to becorno one witb us. Tho roller skating rink In Rogers’ Rlock, under tiie management of Messrs. Gutchell & Richardson, i< a great attraction te our youug people, and older onus, too. These gentlemen conduct the rink in flrst-clnss stylo. AVednesday night of last week, a three mitmto race took place between Mr. Hugh AVatt aud Mr. AV. Long, Mr. W att giving Mr. Long one and a half laps start; Mr. Ixmg won tlie race by a quarter of a lap. Monday night of this week the man agers offered a prize of flfly pounds of flour for a three minute race between gentlemen who had never had roller skates on before; there wero only two entries, A. Davey and J. AVarrs, Mr. Davey winning tlie prize. Tuesday night a three minute race took place between Mr. A. Rowland and Mr. F. Best; Rowland made 20j laps nml Beat 18J laps. Tbis (Friday) evening, a prize of a handsome photograph album is offered for the best lady skater. Thero should be a good attendance, an there is likely to be some nice skating dono. A grand skating carnival took place Fri­ day evening on tbe Niagara curliug rink, near tlio wharf, formerly the car-works building. There were about 1 5 0 present, all appearing to enjoy themselves. Tbe ice was in excellent condition, and tbo building was brilliantly illuminated wltb Chinese lanterns of every color nnd shape. Also, the street lamps, once Intended to \ en­ lighten ” our towir, were used, and when we looked a t them we could not from our hearts say “ well done, tbou good and faithful servants,” for thsy bave never done their duty, and this is tbe first tima, we be­ lieve, tbat tbey bave beeu put to any good use, snd from disuse they appeared like FalstafTs brigade—no two alike, aome in full dreas, others in undress, tbat is tome wlb glass in them aud others iu a orippled condition, with no glaas or even glass in in­ stalments. We understand it is tbe iqten tion of the proprietors of tbs fink to have tbe building supplied witb better light, so that spectators can better observe tbe move­ ments of the skaters. During the evening the Niagara Brass Band, under tbe leader­ ship of Prof. McKle, discoursed soma ex­ cellent music. We feci confident that ths enterprise will be a financial success, for a place of healthy recreation and pleasure is something tbat has long been needed in this old town. AVe wish it every success. Tbit (Friday) evening tlie rink will be againopan for skating, and on Friday evening of next week a grand masquerade carnival will be held, when Mr. McCoomb, of Welland, will be on hand with oostuine* for hire. A good time is looked forward to. For tbe benefit of our Preabyterian frianda we publish the following statement of Ht. Andrew's church, in account with T. P. Blaln, Treasurer, which was received and adopted at the annual meeting on Janu­ ary 31st: 1884, Feb. 12, Balance on hand $ 7.8t Kent of Glebe,................................ 32.(10 i’ew Kents, ..................... $ 1 6 6 . 5 0 . Collections & Envelopes, 322.05 . 488.55 Thank offering from n member . 10.00 Mrs Oliver, Rochester ................. 1.00 Fruit from Manse Garden 18,57 Receipts from concert, ................. W.75 I-oan from J. Carnochan ............. 90.00 F e s t i v a l . - ..................................... 99.35 Payments: AVood ........................ $ 27.25 Expenses concert and festival ................. 14.84 T. P. Illniu, advance on organ ............. 37.82 Mrs. Rogers, bal. due Mr. Rogers ........ 23.88 Insurance ................... 20.00 Estate of Mr. Boyd, lo a n .......................... 50 00 Paid for supply 374.00 Assembly, Synod und Pres. Fund ........ 6 30 J. Carnochan, loan,. 20 00 Books for choir 5,00 Board of M inisters... 57.23 Interest on n o te 4.70' S e x to n ............................ 45 00 Sundries, coal oil, &c. 9.77 •742 01 Balance on hand. Nlagnra, Jan. 19, 1885. •095.7V 45.22 V I R G I L , O n t . Niagara Township Council met on Mon­ day last. After the necessary declaration of office taken by the Ueevo, Dopnty Reeve aud Councillors, that body adjourndd for dhraor, nml after supplying tbo inner man with all the luxuries nuppliod by mino host Wood, they appointed tlie officers for the year. Mr. L. Phillips met with an accident tn trying to atop a runaway horse on Satur­ day, breaking his ihoulder-biade. AVe aro glad to seo that our Reeve baa taken the initiative ln tbe m a tter of taking shares in tbo camp grouud stock company at Niagara. AVo hope the Depnty Reeve and Councillors will follow suit. Ws are glad to see our fellow townsman, Mr. David Goodall, on tho move again, after being coufiued to the house for some days past.— D e a c o n . Virgil, January 36th, 1885. The representation of the seseral munlci- apalitios of tho County o f Lincoln mot in the shire city of Ht. Catherines on Tuesday last, said assembly known as tho Couuty Council. Tlie first businoss of Importance was to elect Jacob Strong, Esq., Reeve of Gainsborough, as warden for tbis year, a gentleman who is well suited to fill the position, and a success­ ful farmer in his township. Tbe first ap­ pointment that he was called upon to maka was an auditor, and th a t office he filled by, appointing a gentleman from tho the city. Slid gentleman being well qualified to fill that position; but 1 think that a person equally qualified might liave boon found In tho county. This heaping all tbe offices of emolument on men not pay ing taxes in tbe county is nothing less than absurd. There could havo been a t least ono hundred men In the county fit for that office; but I sup­ pose the newly electod Warden liad forgot­ ten that there was any person outside tbe city. A detachment of tbe Halvation Array paid a visit to this village on Friday evening last. They did u ot bring tbelr musical Instruments with them. Thermometer 2 ° below zero this morn ing. H. II. Moyer paid a visit to this place and Niagara on Haturday last, looking bale snd hearty. The annua) meeting of tbe Independent Ilors# Association of tbis county was beld at llntner, ou the 22ud Jan., and elected tbe officers for tbe ensuing year. Thoy decided to hold tbeir show about tbo 25tb of May next. Tbero was a large attendance of tbo members.— D ea c o n . Virgil, Fob. 2nd, 1885. n o r t T T r i d g e . Mr. Andrew Iaiofard and Charles Lock­ wood, of Olcott, were on tbe Ridge Satur­ day of last week. Rev. G. Radamecher, of this place, wae called to Buffalo last week, on account of the sickn- m his daughter Anna, wbo ia at- tending school in that city. Quarterly meetiug services wer* beld ia tbe M. E. Church, last Hebbath, Hav. A, D, Wilbor officiating. A valuable hors# belonging to Mr. Pat­ rick Kartnet is very sick. Tbers ia not much hopes of his recovery. A revolver iu tbe hands of Fred Hhurrs, of tbe Town Line, wa* accidentally dlschargad oue day last week, the contents eutering bi« left arm above tbe elbow. Dr. Wm. C, Wood was called and suoceeded in extract, ing the ball near tbe shoulder. He is doing as well as could be expected at tb* preeeot writing. Diao — On Tuesday of last week, a t tbe borne of ber daughter, Mr*. Joseph Jenner, s t Huspension Bridge, Mrs. Jens Bedford, wife of tbe late AVm. Bedford, of pleuro­ pneumonia, aged 61 year*. Tbe funeral wa* observed a t ber lata residence in Cambria, on Thursday tbe 29tb u l t . at one o’clock I*, jr., Kev. D. Clark officiating. Tb# rsmaina wer* interred in tbe family oemetery in tb* North Kidga burial lot.- B e c k y K h a k p . North Ridge, Feb. »nd, 1885.

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