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The Medina Daily Journal. (Medina, N.Y.) 1903-1932, May 02, 1925, Image 4

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Wfc it ' if V !4 * i 4 * «W;:V J;f5-:V • ijnft^ ;.« m .^•;4; V - $$& THE MEJUfNA BAlLf J6tJ&KAL SATURDAY, .MAY %_ l«8j»==afr8.* 66'piei. i Cent* SOME FORECAST tales flay' af-ter*;d&y rNow lie says warnier- Sunday-— The string o£ beads kept her -warm' \?**'! T ' , .v* >. Warmer Sunday May snow thi a niofnirig—'They failed to find the nest of 6;ggs— So'itovoi Man's nest egg—Robert is visit the* Vain p- -Situp. A REAL ESTATE BARGAIN A fine home on paved Btreet. House h»s hardwood Boors and finish of,light oak. Vestibule, hall, living room with French doors, also fire- - place, dining room, kitchen, 4 good bedrooms, bath, large attic, electric •water lift, electric water heater. Sleep|ng porch and screened-veranda Hoose^s equipped with all screens and storm sash. Do you want a home at a bargain • .Price is down to 1914 values. CHARLES P. SLACK 445 MAIN . PHONE 583 TAXI FOR HIRE W. D. MOONE Phone 341 R or Residence 63 Day or Night Enclosed Gar !WSrVVVVV.^-:/WVVWVVWYWWSrt WALTER N. SNELL Farming Equipment OLIVER PLOW COMPANY'S IMPLEMENTS ONTARIO GRAIN DRILLS KOHLER ELECTRIC LIGHTING SYSTEM (Generating 110 volt current) Phone 923 F 21 iarVWWVWUVWVWWVyWWWrt General Repairing' Guns, Revolvers, Stoves,* Bicycles -$*wn Mowers, Woodwork of at „£jadjr All kinds of sharpening dor- JOHN BIDELL -lac. Ptone 4S2-R If if s JUNK HIGHEST PRICES PAID TOR SECOND HAND FVRNTTinRE AND JUNK ° A. 3PILLER Highf Blood Pressure Often Brought On by an Unhealthy Liver Diseases of heart, kidneys, blood vessels due t o body poisons Medical science knows that poi- sonous waste in our bodies would actually cause death in a few days if not eliminated by Nature's proc- esses. Because it destroys these deadly poisons, the liver is our most important organ—the body's wonder- ful purifier. The liver prevents the formation of body poisons that cause diseases of the heart, kidneys, blood vessels and are chiefly responsible for prema- ture old age. -When the liver becomes weak, the poisons are sucked up by the blood and health, is broken down. Physi- cians know that the liver cannot be regulated by drugs, but a safe Na- ture substance has been discovered which will at once increase the vital bile supply. The discovery is puri- fied ox gall. Get from your druggist a pack- age of Dioxol. Each tablet contains ten drops of purified ox gall. In 24 hours the poison toxins will be removed. Your liver will be regu- lated. Blood purification will begin. Sallow skin will clear. You will feel so much better you will know you have found the cause of your ill health. Dioxol tablets are harmless, tasteless arid cost less than two cents' each. These genuine ox gall tablets are prepared only under the name \Dioxol.\ If any tablet is offered you under another name, refuse it. Accept only Dioxol in the original, genuine package. PERSONAL „ i for the are Miss Julia .Fay is home week end from Albany. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Darrone guests of relatives in Syracuse. Mrs. W. John Hinchey of Pearl Street is spending the day a t Middle- port. Thomas—CoJl'ins is In Lancaster over the week end. B. E. Packard is expected home tor jthe week end. Miss Stella Rorick is spending sornie' time in Lackport. Mrs. Charles Crowley of Ridge- way is confined to her home by illness. Mr. and Mrs. George A. Newell and Miss Natalie Newell leave to- night to spend a few days in New York City. Mr. and Mrs, Newell Allen of Ni- agara Falls areweek end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edward O'Reilly of Pearl street. Mr. and Mrs, Victor A. Acer and children of Kenmore will be Sunday guests of his parents Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Acer of Ohio street. Miss Rachel Packard of Canan- daigua and Paul Dillonbeck of Shortsville are spending the week end with Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Pack- ard. Breathe Freely Clear the Nose that's Clogged When the nose is clogged by cold or catarrh there is instant relief on call. It is Ely's Cream Balm—antiseptic. Apply it in the nostrils—breathe it Note how instantly it opens air pas- sages, subdues inflammation, stops the cold. All by combating the germs. Colds can't get a start if you do that promptly. Th»~y arc quickly ended if you do it Into . End all 11-,at misery at once. Ask your druggist for a Louie of Elj's Cream Balm. Watch how it clears the head. Cattle end Poultry as Weather Prophets Can meteorologists, even with the aid of wireless, forecast weather with more accuracy than country folk -vho watch nature's own barometers? If cattle In a field scratch themselves vigorously, or stand with their tails to the wind the countryman will tell you It Is going to rain and his pre- diction Is invariably correct. If the fowls come out to feed on a wet morn ing there is little chance of It clear- ing up that day, says the Flower Grow- er. The appearance of toads, frogs and earthworms in unusual numbers Invariably mei.ns rain, and HO do the singing of blackbirds, the fulling of soot or the creaking; of furniture. If the ants in the garden build their walls frequently or the house sparrow keeps to the ridge country residents prepare for ruin, though if birds' frequent the eaves they will conlidently prophesy tine weather. Storms from the northwest or south- west are usually brief, but a storm .from the northeast Is likely to lie long and severe. A veering wind brings tine weather, a backing wind means ruin. These are the countryman's barometer. Their signiticanre is based upon the observation and ex- perience of centuries, and the fore- cast made from them is quite as re- liable as any issued from the meteoro- logical observatories. Go anywhere you want to, do any- thing you wish, and advertising has had a hand in it—absolutely. Advertising iB telling again and again the things that the public ought to know. The Weekly Register is a welcome isitor in a large per centage of the tomes in Middleport each week. LOST and FOUND LOSTJ—Bunch ofj keys. Daily Journal office. Return to lt2 LOST—Between St. Mary's church and Orient street gold cuff button with diamond setting. Return 'o Daily Journal office'. Reward. 2 Peak of Luxury in Great Lakes Vacation Travel L Provided by Two New Leviathans Costing $7,000,000 Two giant passenger steamships, known as the Leviathans of the Great Lakes, will be placed in service in May between Detroit, Mich., and Buffalo, N. Y, These new boats, the largest - of their type ever constructed, em- body the peak of luxury In steamship -travel. They are being brought out a t a cost of $7,000,000 bv the Detroit & OevelajtidNavigation Company, . and will .increase the carry- ; nig. capacity between Detroit and ; Buffalo - 70 per Ifent. ; Many innova- tions in lake travel have been incorporated in both ships. All parloiW/de luxe affording an unobstructed view of the lake and river in all directions. The new boats each have 650 rooms for passengers with sleeping accommoda- tions lor 1500 people. There are also accommodations for a crew of 800. The Leviathan, one of the larg«st of the trans-Atlantic passenger fleet, are located fore- ward of the'ja** chinerv ana i large number of si n g I e berth rooms have been provided. A 11 .'«(ceari passenger • jsteamship lines . fiave sin gle berth rooms but im the Great Lakes, hereto- fore, passengers traveling alone ,_^ . desiring a room . 'for themselves. ,1 . have been compelled to pnrctia.se a two-berth room. . The smoking room on the Greater 'Detroit arid Greater Buffalo, th.e new, two steamships, are placed in th« developing 10,000 horsepower. Tele- phones connect every room with a central station in the lobby. Complete wireless equipment is carried. There are motion picture ma- chines and many other feature* ; for the amusement and entertain- ment of passengers. The great lobbies and sa- lons are finished in period styles •f architecture. The ships are beautifully deco- rated and com- ' pletefy and hxx- n r i o II s I y fur- < nished through- out. -• With the opening; of, the 1925 season S i the Great Lakes, • steamers City at Detroit HI and the City of Cleveland\ HI formerly on the Buf- falo-Detroit division What D6 Ym Think •Mr. Advertiser Et *U LINEE \GREATER BDFFAlid - [lias only,f>7i looms^for passenger*. The Greater Buffalo and Greater Detroit are each BfiO feet long \with a heam of 100 feet In every-detail, of cpnttruetion, the boats represent the ¥Mt** rp4jvt a C y.e^;iOw*iw. immmfoinjt. A rna^rnrora speed M:-W *)\«» an honr can D e t r o i t-CIevehutd .division, increasing the carrying cspae-. ity of this .route 60 per cent. Toe steam- ers Eastern States .and Western States whieh.fcave bees completely overhaul- ed f and reftirdshed mil be placed in - _ new division to be estab&hed between Detroit. Mich, and Chicago. BL, with oat atop at Mackfnae Idsnd. A forty.hoar express eebedtu*, .tt» fiutMt \ 'jWW rota* b \ wfflbimaint 'flour a wee* (service on a In todays \Weekly Register, which goes into over 1.700 homes within 25 miles of Medina, and most of them within' 10 miles, contains a vast array of nows, all of local inter- ing matter. The colu,nms are well est. The Register today contains 31 headed news articles of. much inter est; two thirds of a column of per- sonals, editorial about Boys Week, interesting items from nearby vill- ages and hamilets: and other interest- filled with advertising: Parklmrst leading with a page advertisment and also a smaller 1 one; Mr. Parkhurst's advertisments are interesting and are to be found in the Register every week; The Allen theatre. .The Park theatre, both are in the Regis- ter every' week without fail. Land- auer, Inc., always has a three column ten inches adv. each week; in fact they have not missed having an ad- vertisment in the Register for years; F. S. Levan store has been a con- stant advertiser in the Register each week, and his interesting message finds a ready response from tae Registor readers, botn in Medina and vicinity. MacClews Feed Store uses space in the Register to connect up with the farmers hereabouts in a manner that can be done in no other way. Levan & Krompart are consistent users of space in the Register and in their advertisments they always have something worth saying and say it well. And so on down the line. Is not the Weekly Register, with Its 1,700 subscriber? each week worth your interest, Mr. AdvertisierT GENERAL WANTED—Will trade a Ford Sedan top new for a coupe top. Phone 219-J WANTED—Live, energetic salesman for iWatklns 150 Household Neces- sities in Medina. Earnings $I13-?5U weekly. Exclusive teri^tory. Wrltu The J. R. Watkins Company, Dept. J-li, 231 Johnson Ave. Newark. N*. J. i Jt4.\\ ATTENTION'— Now open finest equipped College of Beauty Culture in the United States. Special induce- ment for April and May enrollment. Terms if, desired. Dormitory in con- nection. A C. Hynci s College of Beauty Culture, 320 Franklin Street. Buffalo. N. Y. ' 30t2 WANTED—Will trade a Ford Sedan top new for a coupe. Phone 219-J lt2xx FOR SALE FOR SALE—One tin car with one piston ring, two front wheels, one front spring; has no fenders, seat made of plank, burns lots of gas and darn hard to crank. Carburetor bust- ed half way tnrough; engine misses a hit or two. Only three years old— or four, by jing! Has shock absorbers, and everything. Ten spokes missing, front axle bent; all tires punctured —aren't worth a cent. Got lots ot speed, will run like the deuce; burns also oil or tobacco juice. If you want this car inquire within—mighty goon car for the shape it's in. Call Phoney 131x14. 2t4xx FOR SALE—Cheap; two good work horses. Bell 135 F 13, Lyndonville. lto FOR SALE—Fine eating potatoes. The famous \Mumber Nines.\ Fifty cents bushel if you come after them. William Geiger.Angling Road. Phone Lyndonville exchange.' It3 FOR SALE—Famous 2 H. I. H. i.\ engine. Develope 4 A 1 condition, l'bone 947-F-ll. L. S. Joy. U4xx FOR SALE—Light Brahmas eggs tor hatching Charles Bale 737 South Mam street. It7xx FOR SALE— Black Minorca eggs 51.00 for 15. Enquire 409 East Cen- ter street. 29U2 FOR SALE—8 room house, modern improvements, 126 Frank Street. En- quire H. J. Morgan, 316 West Center Street. 24tf FOR RENT will alternate on €he*TFOR RENT—Four rooms and garage. 341 South avenue. 2t4x'x FOR RENT—Two houses. Enquire 622 Church street. It2xx FOR RENT—3 rooms furnished or unfurnished. .134 Rbseand avenue. • • ,* 27tf FOR RENT—House on Glenwood avenue.\ inquire 907 J)' 13. 30t2 Advertising jammed your feet In Holeproof sox,\ put Paris garters on your legs and Tiffany rings on your Augers. W&m&jte-i! : The Daily Journal Daily Becipe WHIPPED CREAM CAKE Any good whit.eake recipe will do.for this, but the one used ' is as follows: Vi cupful of butter, 1 cupful of sugar, 2 cup- Ms of cake flour, 3 teaspoon Oils of baking powder, 3 egg.whites, 2-3 cupful of milk, y 2 teaspoonful of vanilla or orange flavoring Crean the butter and sugar'and. add t o it alternately a bit of .he flour which has been sifted with the baking powder, a bit »f Milk, and so on until the required quantities of both have been used. Add the flavoring; lastly fold in the beaten egg whites, and bake in two layers in a moderate oven—about 300 degrees. When ready to use the cake, fill with one cupful of whipped cream and serve in slices on individual plates.. Do you want to rent or sell?' IF YOU want \top\ price for the apartment or house that you are trying to rent or sell, don't neglect to have the walls freshly^and beautifully papered with P WALL, ^APER Niagara Wall Papers are recognized the world over as being of the highest quality selling at a reasonable price. Our stock of new patterns u^ill not be as com» plete again this year as they are now\All work guar- anteed to be of the best. \ FREE—Our New Sample Booklet — Askfor It Full of Decorative Secrets and Suggestions LANDAUER^ y For Sale at Public Auction Entire contents of 9 room house. Oak dining room suite, large antique living room table, sideboard, coal heater, rugs, carpets, beds, dishes, upholstered chairs, etc. Tuesday, May 5, 2 p. m. MRS. M. FLYNN, Corner E. Center and State Street lt4 Painting\ This Spring- ? If so don't forget the ARMY STORE carries all kinds of PAINT, Lower Priced than you can get anywhere. Advertising is re-creating 1 In the minds of the public, the £|ales Ideas .a your own mind. V NK HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR SECOND HAND FURNrrtrRi5 AND JUNK 1870 From Scliool Teacher To Great Eminence A young man who was brought Up on a farm in Western Pennsylvania studied diligently-and qualified for district school teacher. Further pursuing his studies and teaching, he managed to save up enough money to put him thru medical collegei After the Civil War, hebegan the practice, of medicine in the new oil seetion of Pai;, and often rode horse-back thru the woods. to reach and relieve those,who wete sfirl* ously ill. He was a student of na|iii&, knew and could easily recognize riiost'of the medicinal plants growingm tfevfdod^. .' Later, he moved to Euffalo.N.^,verier* he launched his favorite remedies, and, in a short time, they were soldjby'gwsrjrdrujj- gistin the land. Today* tpsija$je.brthis man, Dr. R. V. Pierce, is fchowti through- out the world. His Golden,'B?edical Dis- covery is the best known '{jflorid medicine and tonic. More than fifty million bottles have been sold in the U. S. If your drug- gist does not sell the Golden Medical Dis- covery, in liquid or tablets, you can obtain a trial pkg. of the tablets by sending 10c to the Dr. Pieice Clinic, ia Buftalb- N. H ••>>'•. B. Altman J35 North Main St. P b ?^&' S. W. ROULSTON, D. 0. Dr. of CHIROPiRACTIG For Acute and Oh.ronic Diseases Bent's Opera Block MEDINA, N. Y. Hours, 2 to 8 P. M. Dally Mon., Wed. A Frl. Evening 7 to B Phone 327 M Men and „„,„ w8uiWR^*^-j5lJ#i I. Mndudiif tank*\ 100% 2J*«ji£g make food mo«y *»> bulM '&aE#lPl dienudret > 4*rta»nrnt. V^JS^W&i biteine*. WHMTionV v't>«lgW§ \MakingM#Mont- , - aw&jffl&§ Immmyzto* Coniptt-, I*|p4l r ys CHiCHiJILSJ fc&UMt A«l£T«rl CkKkiMMtralHaM -lMU.In Bill ud«*l#'g *= :&• s m : ££3 I n $* a* m m == wm

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