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November 1st, 1880.] M a n . 15 EDITORS, PUBLISHERS, AGEHCIESI C L U B B IN G R A T E S . Publishers whose c irculation exceeds 5,000 and who will keep standing the first three of the follow­ ing advertisem ents, m ay club w ith either of our periodicals by sending us one-ha'f the subscription price and receive our periodicals in exchange. Publishers wiiose circulation i 3 less than 5,000. m ay have the same term s by inserting frequently the e n tire four advertisem ents. FIFTY SCIENTIFIC LECTURES BY Professors H u x ley, T y n d a ll, Roscoe and others, prepaid to any address for 3 0 Send stam p for Lists of Cyclopcedias, Books, &c., at clearance prices. Address, ASA K. BUTTS, 13 D ey St., N. Y. _ S U B S C R I P T I O N A G E N C I E S May deduct 20 p e rcent, from the furl price on each of the first five subscriptions, 25 p er cent, on the 2d 5 ; 30 per cent, on the 2d 10 ; and 40 per cent, on the 2d fifty ; and 50 p e r cent, on the second hun­ dred subscriptions sent in. S E L L I N G A G E N C I E S . L u ring the m o n th of October, any of our sub­ scribers, or agents, or dealers, m ay order from the list in Supplem ent (except Nos. 16, 19, 26, 27, 34, 35, 39 a n d 40) at 5 p e r cent, oft on £5,00 w o rth, 10 per cent, on $10.00 o rders, and so on up to 50 per Jent. off for $50.00 or more if ordered during the uonth of October, Do not w a it to m ake out the whole $50.00 at once, but send for sm all lots as you can dispose of them. W e w ill credit each rem it­ tance, large or small, towards the §50.00. On most of the books advertized in our periodicals wc are able to give special discounts. Please hand the extra copy of this p a p e r, if you receive otic to some one who will act as agent. ►Send slamps iur sample copies to ASA K. BU T T S , 13 D e y S t ., N . Y . Q O A BUYS 50 SCIENTIFIC LECTURES by O U b Huxley, Tyndall, Proctor and others. Pre­ paid by A . K . BUTTS, 13 Dey Street, N. Y . SUGGESTIVE THOUGHTS Price in Enam eled paper cover, oUc., eiuLu, 75c. Cheaper edition on \\ h ite Paper, without por­ trait. 30c., or 4 for $1.00, 10 for $2.00, 100 for $15.00. Edition with portrait, 1-3 off by the dozen, 40 per cent, oft' by the fifty. Copies p repaid to any address on receipt of cash. This is the new work for which the eloquent author is now suffering persecution in England. It is not the “ F ruits of Philosophy,” but is more m o d ern and every way b e tter. Agents are inform ed th a t the best thing to sell to make mom y on, aqd also to benefit mankind, is this book, it explains- and advocates the only harm less ami practical m eans of avoiding the evils of celibacy on the one hand and of oveimurdened parentage on the other. I t advocates more and earlier m arriages, and increase of family only when health and pecuniary means will p e rm it, b u t it m ost efficiently opposes abortion, prostitution and all u ndesired and inconsiderate procreation. I t contains the latest medical researches and re­ sults of science. The medical directions are easy, plain, explicit, though chaste and delicate. No m a rried couple should be w ithout it. “ Mrs. H a rriet Law in her Secular Chronicle pro­ nounces Mrs. Besant the most eloquent woman liv­ ing. Our readers who see this picture .vill pro­ nounce her also one of the m ost b eautiful.—An or­ thodox deacon and S. S. Supt. said : “ W hen you bring out the new edition (with the portrait) I’ll buy th a t book ju s t for that pure, good face.”— The Evolution. Remarkably well w ritten, with a modesty, candor and eloquence of honest conviction th a t win the sym p athy of the reader .— L ibrary World. Stim ulated by none save hum a n itarian motives in w riting the pregnant littl pam p h let. Uses a lucid, telling eloquence which we have rarely seen surpassed. The very soul of unaflected graphic directness. When she touches upon certain quest­ ions which concern the possible lim itations of ex­ cessive offspring, Mrs. Besant treads dangerous ground with a step of firm security. She calls a spade a spade, and with nothing th a t in the least resem b les a wanton p arade of u n m entionable top­ ics. Indeed, i t is so truly a power for good in tho world th a t i t stands forth among the hundreds of bulkier volumes which yearly m e e t the reviewer as som ething d elightfully and even b rilliantly excep­ tional — L ibrary Table. We are d isappointed in the book, and pleasantly so. It is not a licentious or v u lgar book It appears to us, nevertheless, th a t the general dis­ sem ination of knowledge of m eans whereby men and women may refrain at will from becoming parents without any sacrifice, borders on dan- , gerous ground.— Albany. M orning Expi'ess. ... .Even now, to m any poor people, small fami­ lies become a necessity, or else there may be starv­ ation and beggary. L e t us read and discuss t h e question.— Medical Advance. Mrs. Besant’s touching dedication is, “To the oor i;i great cities and agricultural districts, wellers in stilling court o r crow ded hovel- ;n the hope th a t it may point out a path from poverty, and may make easier the life o f British m o thers— to them I dedicate this essay.” T h a t is scarcely the tone which would be taken by an author of “obscene literature.” The book is an adm irable one. A beautiful, intellectual and high-spirited woman.— Cincinnati Commercial. The book is valuable for the many statistics and undeniable facts it contains, and for its logic, can­ dor and honesty. She condenses the learning of m any into a form th a t the poor can avail them ­ selves of, and h e r motive being a kindly and earnest one, she can but receive a rew ard comm ensurate with her labor, and the opposition she has en­ countered in accomplishing it .--B rooklyn Eagle. P retty widely known, as a radical of the most pronounced order, a close thinker and a w riter of great power. She discusses over-population as an evil, and points out in extrem ely plain term s the remedy. It is almost impossible to follow h e r w ith­ out acknowledging the force of h e r reasoning and practical good sense of h e r position. —Peoria Even­ ing Call. The subject is treated scientifically and yet a s delicately as possible.— Brooklyn Times. The physician is specially interested in this m at­ ter ; he wants to know w h e ther there are any cer­ tain m eans for the prevention of conception ........... There is no doubt but th a t it is effective to a con­ siderable extent I t is legitim ate, as I believe. to recomm end it to many poor, feeble, overworked women, who are having their lives destroyed by frequent child-bearing.— John M. Soudder , M. I)., Editor Eclectic Medical Journal , Cincinnati. Contains a steel portrait of Mrs. Besant, a thoughtful face, with claims to beauty, and bear­ ing the im press of a sweet, chaste and dignified soul. Mr. B u tts is publisher of The Evolution , a m onthly paper devoted to radical thought, and well worth reading by those who would d iscern th e i signs of the tim es.— Spring' cld Republican. i Send $1.00 for six of Mrs. Besant’s best Essays, i including T h e L a w o f P o p u l a t i o n (with p o rtrait). 1 T h e F r u i t s o f C h r i s t i a n i t y , A c ., Ac., and th r e e i other Radical Essays by different a u t h o r s , and i specim en copy each of The Evolution , M a n , and j The Scientific Man. i Address ASA 1L BUTTS, Publ’er, 1 Dey St., N X FO R A SAM P L E S E N D $ 2 , 0 0 THE AMERICAN CYCLOPEDIA. A P P L E T O N ’S latest, 800 to 850 pages,. (6V£x9% inches). Publisher’s p rice §5.00, $6.00 and $7.00. Our price, prepaid, $2.00. A s a K . B u t t s , 13 Dey St., NT. Y. A Weekly Journal of Progress and Reform. The Be.V. Cheapest, m ost p o p u lar and scientific exponent oT enlightened Libei. Jism hi Politics and Religion. 2c. each, $1.00 a year. THE SCIENTIFIC MAN. The Best a n d Cheapest Journal of E lem e n tary Science in the W orld. Popular lectures b y a lead­ ing scientist such as H u x iey. T y n d a ll and Itoscoe in oat h num b er. 2 c. each, $ 1.00 a year. THE EVOLUTION. A M onthly Review of Science and L iterature 32 large pages, 20 cents p e r n u m b er, $2.00 p e r y e a r OUR OWN PUBLICATIONS {Sent prepaid to any address on receipt of price.) Chas. M oran’s G reat Essay on G o v ernm ent 15 cts Prot. A. R Grote’s Genesis a n d Biology, c loth,$1.00 11 “ “ “ “ paper. 50 cts How The Geom etrical Lines Have Their C o u n ter-Parts in Music. By Prof. I . L. Rice. Author of “ W h a t is M usic,” & c .. . .25 “ Zacho’s Life of P e ter Cooper 25 “ Prof. Grote’s Education and the Succession of E x p e rience 25 “ How to Get Rich. A Key to Honest, W eath. Including “ Poor R ichard,” by Benjamin Franklin 50 u Treatise on the Horse and Its Diseases. An excellent b o o k ; better than some $5.00 volum es 26 “ Gibbon’s “ Rom e,” 6 V o ls....................................$ 6.00 Hum e’s “ E n g land,” 6 Vols .................................. 6.00 K n ight’s “ Popular H istory of E n g land.” From the E a rliest Period to Our Own Times. 8 V o ls in 4. N ew edition, iiius’d .. . 6.00 B Y MRS. A N N I E B E S A N T . 1. Constructive R a tionalism ..........................05_ cents. 2. The T rue Basis of M o rality ....................... 05 “ 3. On Religious E d u c a tion of C h ild r e n .. . .05 “ 4. THE LAW OF POPULATION. T h a t Famous Book. W ithout portrait, cheap edition, 30 cents, 4 copies ........................................................................ § 1.00 5. The same on extra tinted paper, w irh fine steel portrait, (by R itchie the best a r tist in Am erica) 50 cents. 6 . M arriage. P a p e r 25 “ 7. “ W ith p o r trait 50 “ One dollar worth of above hooks or pam p h lets will be sent free post paid to any new subscriber to M a n , T h e S c i e n t i f ic M a n or T h e E v o l u t io n . Address, ASA K. B U T T S , P u b l i s h e r , 13 Dey St., N. Y. AS T H E P U R P O S E AND PRO C E S S OF ALL T H I N G S . Illustrated. Cloth, 75 cents. The annonym ous author is a very advanced thinker. . . . The book is a curious and a suggestive study .— C incinnati Commercial. All his thoughts are striking. N o space is wasted in more w o rds; it is crammed to the brim w ith ideas, each idea pointing to still others not expressed. T h e w riter’s theories do n o t agree in m a n y respects w ith the accepted science of the day. , . . The w riter carries his theories on and upw ard, and over into the im m o rtal life. His chapters on tho higher stages of individual life, and on “ Boundless B e ing,” are full of thoughts th .t point to the highest philosophy.— H a r tford Times. THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE. By P H IL A N T H R O P E S [J.A .,L L 1).] 12 mo. Cl. pp. 452, $2.25. A book of much learning and wisdom .— Cincin­ nati Commercial. W e are glad to see th a t the author is not afraid to discuss certain reasons fcr divorce which are generally ignored by w riters on the subject. In cLing this he has shown adm irable m oral courage, lor he handles his them e w ith frankness and modesty, never defiling it by a prurient touch. He discusses the nature of m arriage, m a rriage and iove. love and m o rality, promises of m a rriage, qualifications a n d conditions to m a rry, the for­ mula of m arriage, irregular m arriages, legitim acy and legitim ation, the property and disabilities of m a rried people, conjugal rights and duties, divorce in general, the developm ent of which divorce is susceptible, fu rth e r a n d ultim a te developm ent of divorce, a n d foreign m arriage and divorce. His append ces, which are six in num b er, contain some interesting statistics in regard to divorce, a d r a ft statute to am end the previous acts passed upon m arriage and m atters connected therew ith, an abstract of the law's in E u rope and Am erica upon divorce and separation, recent and rem a rka­ ble c ses cJ divorce in E n g land tried by the Special Court, law versus reason and nature in point of paternity. Our people need a m uch w'ider and deeper view of the subject than they at present have, and any work which tends to pro­ duce this result accomplishes a good end. — Even­ ing 'Telegram. “A Ears and Precious Pamphlet.” Library Table. NOW READ Y THE SEC O N D T E N TH O U S A N D — OF — The Law of Population, B y M bs . A N N IE BESAN T . On e x tra T inted Paper W ith Fine Steel P o rtrait (by Bitchie, the best a rtist in America.) Author’s edition from the Thirty-fifth thousajjd ®ii*!ish •dition.

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