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Evening observer. (Dunkirk, N.Y.) 1882-1885, July 10, 1885, Image 4

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' k ’ ^ i t m of thlt'roe» *nfbritiog tlircii io tbe P B O B A B i W t i l S . SlONjq:* STATION. X m w H OmaerMioixx, 8 p, K.J JE40sWorLa1{c»; Cooler wo»ther, occasion- Uloca! rains, froah and brisk norti ly winds. FRIDAY, JP L T 10* i m UDSJOBK LOCAL KEWS. COMB ors* TJIK HOOF. WMlCi tbeotiierliW fwofkloitbejf^ jlnf'tIureo4Ayi,;-' *^OTeriholAl(;e Sb<n%TOf^aa excur-! slon will be ran fo ^iagark FalU on TfVcdnesday, Juno 15, when the ccremon- iei of dedicating, to the public v$e, the illagara P ark wUl bo hold. Ticketa wQl be good on special train leaving bero- a t 0:8J A. ii. that day, good to return until July 17, on any regular train except No. 1. Ticketa are 01.90. --Copitabio Keough this morning ar­ rested at Fredonia, John A. SnUirau, on the charge o f asaault on JelZerson Camer­ on en July 4 and burning lome of the matches which the latter peddica. BuIIi* ▼an, who wai drunk. aaaauUed Cameron at the Half Way llouaei She prisoner was brought before Polity Justice Gal- 4»jr, can't you, please, come off tho rooX? . sroyat gsace tn f«c« ana form, TlVt IhA naliffirae liv Htnrni: fov, plcM€, como off tho roof > 'With axiotukce In aU your w^s, Wlthbaldlnx arer walf-eameapraUo. ITor (ear yoar own mcau-, ncIlUli soul ' May }Mie Iti portioa o( tho dolo. Why d« TOD bold yoanolf aloof ? -SmnlUry Plumbing. E.C.Pcrry & Co. -S«wcr jrfpe a a p e ^ t y J5. C. PerryifcCo. -Sewera bycontracL B.C.Perry A Co. , —Water pipe nerer ao cheap. E.C. Per- •ry A Co. ilSmS —Txy E jck Phoapbates, tho now drink , «|Hcaroo'«. -Ifcubber hoic,UDcn boae.baH qualltica, ait bottom prtcea. E. C. Perry A Cm. preparations for starting a barrel factory Frodonia, and will probably begin opera- tiODS about the 30th liut. For tbla pur­ pose h a baa rented tVie cvinlog factory boildingi, though tbla arrangement wUl not affect U r. Fisher, as this latter gen- tlem ta wlU be allowed room enough to carry o n hia fruit preserving business. It 4rUr.-Plyari*adatentloirt(rBmn!yrT|T a for te of men, and be says he wUI have out C0,000 apple barrelsj%ady for use tbb fall. - U i . 0. N . Bheldou U In the city. —Try Egg Phosphates, tho new drink ratK<Mih)e's. —Ksr. WUHsm UoLarca lias been visit. ,liy;D«ifiktrk. — on tho Lake Shore, was SO lanlauhoiUtei to-day. —B . Bhtrmsn, Nayvillo, rcgtslenxt at itlM 8t- Jsiaea to-day. —(Ifftpe Milk is snoUicr now drink that IfoerM h ia. Try it. -Stanem ber the Niagara exrnmlei’. ''fnckela at Hooie'a cosd yard. —XJwJoaallrako la tbogucst of rcla- 'U tM , 3lr. a»d Uxs. Q- P- Baunden. —Ttie Rmby g o t thrru tons of white llik tCMlay—the biggest catch this icna«>o. —lOsa Ucdlio ihrrows of UempbU, ^eiJB.. UvldllDg at U r. Thomam I.untV, —Tlso Afrlcttilural tiocloly o f North- corn OaauUoqus mads a h iut $159 by t i e faces. - —Jlasler Harl C. Maggett left ycitcr- day fj» IksSoo, wlicro be will visit for a tow wreck*. —iiTbat in an ror« a:» u d u ll BAlnrday UeyVe? lie seems b.deed to bo tho file's Grcerr.” -Itav. Tbeodoro KrucS'-'^, of lirotAlyn, <1., will become Uio pasior of M. Jnhm's I#alhc3an church August t. —S- P. Uootc, Byrarui!'. \V.t».Worth- ingloa, Dnffalb; and II. C. Tbotnas, Rnf- fnlo, rv^jlitereJ a t tho Hastem lo-rlay. — riieio will bo no icnricn at tho Opera House, mamlog or erreniag, dcxi .Sab­ bath, os Mr. neso goes to F'nnklio, P a., to preach n a that dsy. -S . G. Sadi. Erics A. il. Orcss, Oo- wnnlas T. S . Moas, Brocloo; B. C. l*io. ]:piy, Bndalo; C. II. Dow and danghtcr of IliQdalph tot! at Tlio Uuilhert. — Jconlng*. noracIhnUci Ocorgw L Zahiutcr, Dradtonl; 8. Vf. Hoy- colli, Forcstvlllc; C- W. Cbslice, Go- waodsM Cora While, Pcrtysbnrg, arc at the Erie. —Tbs orphans of ths Asylam, sccoxa- panled by the Hlstcn and Father Stephen and Jerome, enjoyed a fn-c picnic t-o . Chautauqua, Lyce yesterday, taking -^Smmo of onr fast trotters on Uie Atentxe win have to look out or they’ll lose tbelr latirch; Dr. Slone's ponies are ^ t tl D g over tbo grtmnd nt a speed that's more than tespccteblc. -Ucyloffcrs to-morrow Florida Water- melon. Callforaia Bartlett Pears, and Plums. Illinois apples and Tomatoes, Bausnas, Oranges tad Lemons, Cincln- o a tlCacumbers, etc., etc. —About thirty of our young society people aro invited In a party given b y I E a n e tt at Frcdoala to-olght. A atrechcar will leave tho comer of Fourth modCemtcr Sts. at8!l5; returning leave P^cdoOds about ohe o’clock ' tb e diSercQt manufacturing cstabUsh- ntEUhrwt Olean has berm begun by tho BuSklo, N^w York & Pbiladclpbia This Genesee Valley Canal Road from dalo to Olcan. —A large number of Invitations have- been gpiven -0111101 a very select party w liichlsto b e held on tho avenue nest ICoiiclky evening, July 13,1885, the event b^hg' tile 23d birthday anniversary of one Of a.ur eiUmablo yonng ladies. Tbo ttseM ^ ;tU 06 e inatUndanco will be given -^?%iA‘^Btp^oyeea in the Edo machine “V*fcForfcJcrvi8iiavebcen practically Thcfbopa wUIwoflc -o n o ialf TifeIit»tf:^ofr Profe«M)r Brnfaii Fauiidi. Ev^rF y««c this treacherous jttKei buxnsti llfci b u t the S'esson hwiAol, \ofle» been brckdght home to Dunkirk peopfewi closely las this sumoxer. ■Within the past week p a n k lrk has twice been vHlcd by of find- bralth, and settled with Cameron, paying the costs. This was Judge Galbraith’s Ant case. —W. J. Flynn, of Buffalo, is making yin Tke EpbeejMd Saelal. The home of U r. and U n . Thomas C. JouM o n the corner of Fourth and Elk Ureets looked very Inviting last night. The y ard was lighted with Cblmese Ian- term, hammock and saUeei offersdfreat to the weary, and the house was lllurol- nated aid decked with Sowers. The oceuloa of this festal appearance w u a Boebd given by tha Ladlw' Aid Society o f Bt. Jidm'i EpUcopal church. The atteodaoco was very large. Over 100 were prescat during the ercalog. The house accoamodaUons were aoverely tMled. hot the room and the supply of chairs proved lufBclent for tho demasd. About tiai} were taken in, aad the Socie­ ty will have a proAt of $17, approxliMle- ly. Ofver $30 were u k e a la at ihejce- cream table. Betides tho relrcshaunU, Icc-crcim aad cake, an laterc^ng musical pro- gramme was served up daring tho oven- Is f , snd both proved to the taste of tba cotBpsay. laslrameota! duets were ren­ dered by Mcsdsmei Uowo and F . |K . Lyon aad Misses IlllUe Ishsmand Luda Caiy.Tho vocal tnoilc famished coaiiilcd of duct by Mr«. lHIii and Mim Drocgerl, trio by Mrs. lillU. Jilts M omy and Mha Drocgcrl, and duct by Mr. Murray sod Miss Murray. Sctctid cacarcs w a o gives. The Apeilo Otcc Club also itog acTcraJ srlrcttoas with their otual ability. Dnllitm of I/Komotiie Bntldiag. The dullccti in railroad b n ttons affctls tho business «f lucomoUrc builJiu^ all OVCT iHo coaalry. A few day* aj{o port* from several caticro *bo|^ were repubiisbed In the Onstuvus; idling fcilh tho fceblcQcas of tho hatiucst. The ft I- lowing dlipeddi is to the isme effert N bw Y ock , July 8.—But two luctiri >- U v a were shipped from the three *ln-,vs In i’ttcrson during June, the tmalU-t number in any moolb since 18(17. At i b.- Cooko works opcfaliqos b are been alimut entirely luvpcudcdi at tho Grant work* oi^y about a doxca men arc lookiog tifler repairs ami a t the Rogers works oroy 400 men arc employed In place of 2.(XX). the .■:jwBAtCHEBOysaglE*’ . search p arties sent esutin the hope 0 log traces of missing men. Oup party was looking after the young man SVilUam V.V* BclfelLVVUCJAU8|» lost fromlUiU Erie,JIlUf andUU thessv other J | A J O v sought tho crew of tlio^Pbautoni,” There no longer calsts doubt as to tho fate of E»folei»or II. ABruton and F rank J. 1711110 who sailed away from Dunkirk In tboyauiht “ P b ant «m\ a week ago yes­ terday. Tbo body of Bruton bas been found, mad the boat Ja therefore known to Mare sunk. Bruton bad many friends here, sn<3~ht§ loss will bo siuceiely Sere, am Tbflfoilowlngfronatho Buffalo Express gives tbm pirticulsrs of the discovery of the body of Bruton: Shortly before noon yesterday as the propollor Bell Cross -was tying up fnslde the long; brcsikwatra-, about 2,000 fcpl le norlbem ead, a seaman dlscov- 0 body of a oaan doatiug in tbo iixtside tbo breakwater. Uo at once rau alon;; tbo breakwater and noti- fled a number of tuga lying near and tbo tugmen. with their poles,soon brought up to4h9brwskw»teHbfe-remain«ef-ProfjS.A4.t: ilru m n r^M B lrssrtm iirlik rilllT T W rir^ 'day bu t>eoD th e catrso of so much regret and lorroff. Tbo body which was much decomposed was taken oa bosrd the tug Jacni-i A-ab ind brousbt to-the foot of Mila street, whence it was traiuferred to the Morgue. *Tbo discovery of I*rof.Bruton’s remains was Che ahnaJ for a number of boau set- Hog out with renswed ardor to tearcb of the body- of Frank J . Wblt«, the compao. too of I’rof. Bmlon in the fatal cruise froQ) Domklrk towards Buffalo, but at l u t scQoflDtft aoikisg b a d heea fonod, A re> port that the bMMt b ad go&« ishore near BUver Creak was hardly nedited at (be dock, IS it wan not thought poasibio that the best snd its oocuptoia cowld have been 10 Aar Kpaiatcd. Ths fitaind took plsro tbU morolog. Tbnpsll l>earex* wens Frsak E. Blcklca, R o « h U E ^ tU r. John II. Colllot, A. L. BrelUt, EYssk. T. Copplaa, Elma Irlib, Edward £ 1 h 1» auul Carl Mohr. Mr. Bru- too wis SM years of »xo b u t April, having _ In bcea bom la B-ogbsamtoo, EaxUnd, 1930. P a r two years be wsa aulataat secretary to the Toronto branch and bad ebargs off tbi cymnaadum (b«re. then ba rtasovid tollaaaitoa. OaU, where bo in. iUtuted m gymxuuluQk under bU own dl- rectioo. llo was s very popular In Buf- ftk> amoag bis assoclalet and was known Si a n expert with the OH. Tho Erie IloraJd of lut cveotar con- Ulacd t h e following t a rclcrccco to young llclfel'to F^ortws^or i-hrrc d » p tho family af Wca. V. Itcltd,cltd, 10 a u4 Wen. lUifd. the i ■jcnp toanuficturcr, have been dlurc<*- i over Isii dliwpncarmacc. Tho city waa kuted. (hpialo Clark, of tho Hfe-aar. „ crow, when Interrogated, replltd at onca tboX * young man answorlog the dcsolption b id pulled out p u t iht ■WM beaded 'ar a* lie (oald I*- •cca, itl»-u L m been I’* (nr a i(!cit**»a ■t rl it>-s in 1'n.oicU * Workirtgf B O O T S S i 8 9 L*er i ’aii-., D a iifo i- t h & C o . F l o u r ! F l o u r ! I J . F . T O O M F Y ’S Wboloaalo and lietaU Flour and Feed Store, Cor. Lion and Wright atreeta, Danklr^. Clioicp p Gni'bs of Minnesota, Mlcblgan and Ohio Flours a specialty. Ht-ndquarters for the old and justly pop. ular brands of Flour. Alcron Fiuli. While Dove, and White Lily. All grades o f Flour. Grain and Feed, at prices that d e ^ compeliiion. We hftve sold 450 pairs o f the.% sboea in the latt year and perfect Hxitii-factiiin was given in overy case. Thuso ahocs coibei in Button. Lact) nud Curigres3, and can- only ho ohuun^rl i,{ SU L L IV illJ & SON. •10 C-wter St.. Dunkirk. N. Y. AT THE B uffalo S tore SATURDAY. JULY lU. Isas. wc WILL orrsn C -!3 la M bite \ trtorta lava, lb nroiraaad Whits CotiaoiL la Ladles' Jacicta. to OUltuiau. la DvVM Uotcit. la IZ annact. of lulks. M iiTtrca vcLtrb lha La- tikew I n o w B IS a iw a f i r tjtttu AT rns m r r . t t u atoel . OStA T. W. SIDEY. wFa mai*. a n t i Jnty al in U « » lir a * l i r w s u i r c t i p d tln x o a t Lakt' Kill- .V i'=»tty «cnl util this teanil--Kil 1» March. rnwmioj; an Narotira! Noir-. nF.l’OilT OF TH E CONDITION I UKE SHORE NATIONkl BANK, £wmc Itao with i,o»*trt, 10 I’ m * *talo el V*w Yorfc. at Uo u p ly A l c p r a s « d |, t o ^ e l twainew,. J a i f i,». ua U«) oven-, — nK«»t, et ro I .nan* *n> I jr»t^ Uvcr>tr*n« i *s, hnMHwi« tvs O ih « r •lovM , $o«t iiue Irtinft npitnavc*! rwerte $s«ntJk - - o lliee ? £ a tt* a a l b a i ' Ice-Cream! M . L O E B ’S s2 C E N I E K S T K E E T . EsttblisUed la ISfiS. COAL COAL S.M. Hamilton's COAL YAEDI Cov.Eagl© and W.Third st. Dimkii;k M aybe found SAXT, IQjGE AND CEMENT. Pipe, Brwtk Tile. Fire Brick, Plaster and Hair, Phosphates, COAL.WOOD AND LUMBEE, Shingles, Lath, Red * Cedar, arid Chestnut Posts. Vpbtae. Ontan tofen Inr Teiepbtae. FOTE SHOES. \Vo have Jnst added to our Be'tail S tock Five Thouiand Dollars worth of Men*SjWomen'a and BIliseB' n i f £ SHOES. Which we propose to aoll nt tiicJi wo propose to prices LOWKB than ever olforcd in this market Wo Guarantee Our Fine Shoes to to As gtKhl a* any tnndo. Ecinciulier tho location. The wholo- Shoe 8 ton, lUCE & ABELL, IIVI rm.r Sh, fcilit 5 . t. dm anil a t the Ilogcra work* oali 1 arc employed In place of 2.(XX)! vbcT oeceasary when the work* running al full blast. It U caUm*tc«i at least 3.500 mechanics who arc in busy lime* cmpioyol at locomellro building In PaiersoB are now Idtc. Exenrsioa to S k g a ra. Tlic tm k'ng free of Niagara F«U« and tbc dcdicaltoo df that bcautilui sjna a* a public park on July l.». Is ad event which should c*ll out a large n out a large numlMzr of Dunkirk people. It w’dl not cost 0 cent to visit any of tha lulenislInsrpIaccsThTBe’viclDl- ly on that day, and the presenbe of so any dUUngulshed men—Governor IIIE id staff, the OoTcrnor General of Can­ ada and staff, etc. —will insure a large at­ tendance. Tbo cheapest way and the best way of getting to Niagara on that occasion will be by the excursion given by the Presby­ terian church of Frcdonla. It will cost adults $1.2Xond children 65 cents to go tqr this cxcuratott. You tarn get tickets at Mr. J . T. Boole's csal office on Center Tha Ability to Bear Pain aaro In t o nraturUy n a n (Bat wbteh rife* rUrt 1, then of atadci ■ ■ — • 1 hey started exactly at 5 u ’clock a . m .. and followed tho old Halu road aU tho Vay, reaching tbeir hotel at Buffalo pro- claely a t 6 p. iL.ihusi In twelve bouts Ui« ' The yochl T«rk. n f U iQalo, railed out n! port tlilj inorning . Mic carried with her only She crew who c»mo In here, Mr. C II. Ladlow not solog. Hbo found smooth vmlcr inside tin' breakwater, but pitched hscavlly as soon os s^o pot out­ side. A hoivy sea appearwl to be r«o- ntn.r in Ihsc open lake. The Turk did nut appear t o mint! the slnklnp mucU. but kept nn s. stfaipbi e»».affc 1-1 the ^ u w a fd, rolling atsd pliingina unlit out --f .igbU She I* flltcrl up for such w*-alhcr, having a cnaWns ail*. V%’bcn-4n racing dress she carries ■> tngi-1« tboa-jtb and topsail, ttellh-r of Wbicti ' ppr-arcl hern. Prom Ducakirk cheTar-k taj^ l i*» Niurj-eoa I’olQt. Ibemcc crosiln^ the lokc to Point Albino. jahawilixaLch. B ufliUono j»ua- l£z. Ildfcl, f <thc' «( the boy wbh is * VatHiaal bank* a h«a** a o j hanker iltnre, aixl flslarOi * «a<i l a i c s p O H l j rrtetinsM p«*>* L h * v a < i» » l o lb c -r r -a U i IL eta * run* a t o th e r tv rarttanal paper enrr »n«l pennie* . l.«jral ttmter isole* Ualrtapuan rand with L‘. Tr Brer i Sr* per ccat of rlrcaUl missing txom Elric In a row-boat, came to Duokirk yvilcrday, a s rrlatcd by the Un- siBvoB. i a the stcaxn-yacht Sutton in setrch nt ktUtoxx. H e returned to Erie at night by railroad. Tho Sutton tried to leave, but tlioicawas too high. Sho was still here at noon, waiting for belter weather. Tho harbor looked very b c ^ t h U morn- g. with tho di edge a t work, and tho togs . uby, Oreyllng and II. Porter Leo and the stcara-yscht Suttoo nil here. Messrs. D . D. Ludlow and son, Charles H. LiUdlow, have buQt a little craft to cruise in aznund this vicinity. She is in­ tended for oilher rowing o r sailing, and promises to bo very stiff. A center- board is y e t to b e put i a her. L.I A R I L ir tK .* . ..S OTATK OF XK\T >ORK. ( -»r-<Tf <»r t II ST r* 8nb.*vrlbe<l *rwl a <U t of Jair, ISM. (Vrrvrf—Alimt: M, U HINIklAN. r-. P. .‘lAlA DEKS. Vf. T. COI.XLUV, till Ipi ft! i Directors. Monday evening Olivtr P. Brink of Haymaker. P a , a teamster aged 69 ycara was fnnnd lying dead In tbe road between Pour Mile and [wnuro, about three and one half miles from Olcan. A team at- zbcf]bcf] too a be*eavy tac t a h wagon was standing “trink, who had evidently been dead ‘ * irTsr TOi^roscd h e i Tho First Electric Railway. S2d there i s an item relative to tho Edison- flcId-Daft railway experiments. Permit mo to call ;yoiir attention to tho fact that “ tho first ctlcctric railway in tbo United States run o n n commercial basis” i< nos* £ij/ operalim. in Cleveland, 0.,having been bpcnsd by tho Bemtley-Knight Elec-, trie Kailway Company in August, 1884. R. \W. Bi-ioKwiix, Sec’y. 'I w u siSl run down, and Hood’s Sar piroved initthem s d icintT seed- ■ t ^ d l oipAopta Ttk* ' thrown by a sudden jolt from tho high spring scat of tbe wagon, and as be wa* a very heavy man and struck on bis bead and shoulders, death Tcsnlted from fall. The deceased leaves a wile ahd four children. If bUions, or snffering froim of blood, or weak imics, and sumption (scrofulous discaso nf fake Dr. Pierce’s “Colden ovrery,\ and i t will cure ions, or snffering fro impurity o r weak imigs, and fear of con- 13 discaso o the luncs, j ‘'G Medical Dis­ will c you. By drug- B o a ts to Let. Parties wanting to go flshiiig should ill on Bucher & Thompson at the foot Eagle stceL They have good now boats,and cxi>cricnced ffsbennen will take pnrticsoiit if desired. They have fine boats for plcasuro-riding also. tf my rheumatism such quick r Thomas’ Eclcctric Oil—beliei for rheumstids. —4Irspe Milk is snotberuew d r l ^ IhsX Monro* hss. “ T ^ T L m 1 $ J ® James C. Eussell! -SUCCESSOR T O - N. J. JacksoD & Oo. Dealer in and shipper of nH kinds o f COAL & WOOD _ OfllcojEatslFitint Street^Foot o f Buffalo Street CZ2 ^ o ^ p u , . H 0 3 H Z - O § p i C 5 S 2 § ^ o i O) '5 0 3 - y PAKoo? c r o a a o iiESB s ^ a m s n a i r a s i ® - ■ /-. -r SPE •V.? Du

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