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Dunkirk evening observer. (Dunkirk, N.Y.) 1889-1901, August 23, 1900, Image 5

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; T H M l ^ D A l t A T O t l ^ 2 S M » 0 . ‘ - :i/A N S O Q a E # W f W as! Day woin Worry You IF YOU USE OUR WasWng Compound. 20c I > will b»y enough to bright­ en many blao Hmidays, A quart ol the . Best Bluing you circr uicd, I.or 1 0 c . ; /A N SCOTER;; / * W E 8 T . ^ , - 4 T H E ^ i p F F t p L ^ K R ^ j O ^ H n I . HFMS^ ........... ' ......................... 5 C e n t C i g a r . inches ion^. — IH^nii M a d e , —-Long Havana filler. JAMES ROpAN, •Manufacturer. -NE y e ''A b ^ |aTi(ipi*if^Ta^ .Local— Eric'Kj.' Change display—C. Attrons &8on..^ Change display—Chaa Elders AOe. * Change display—The Beyl G«)oery. Change display—Van Scoter & West. Change display—I. M. Levy. Change tjlsplay—Dr. Bozorsky. THE w e a t h e r . Partly cloudy wUli possibly Iw ^ lowers tonight; Friday, showers vv,ith cooditions,favorable lor thunder­ storms; fresh to brisk southerly winds. T h e ;‘uni end Chautauqua MERCHANTS National Bank CITY AND VICmiTY. 0 Pointint andd hear the now Lake City band. -Go to tho Po an music by the Lake City —Found, s small sumaf-money.OwQ mby have saqie by vailing, at this Ot- OF DUNKIRK, N V CAPITAL.. SURPLUS.... .$ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 KMMO —Dance and concert this eveidnj given by LukeLuke Qr^tiot Pavilion. City Band at Pol tx D. UciuiAT, PraidMt.' FlUMCm M at , Vic* Prr>ldMt ' P. J. MeureiXAKD. Cajdiler B. B. D« o * qe . Amft ir**MftsOMw«si k u a iM pS£sriJ 3 !s^ —PreUonls trustees fixed rate last evening at 10 mills, which is the same aa a year ago. —Wanted employment. House aqd carriage painting■ or garden woHt. J. Blent, 701 Washin n FALL MB l l t o W N, L.' KINN, i WanttoAsk You a Quasltoii Have y&i men <m new line o 4 ACORN RANGES? D. E GR|SW0LD, 313 U m Strtel. iA S E , S S O I l E NATIONAL MSZ. D U N K IR K . N Y A. s.M A s a a r A. j w n n r W, X. PBELPS c a p i t a l . SURPLUS. $100,000 .. 7S.OOO M m m r «r MurekwH i aa* I c»tn4 tiB fMWklila M W * 1 . mm <K»i Co. iO i W aidtiBgtoa Av«. ANTHRMliTE GOilLl Uae. W a l i P l i ^ . m M d ilknfl e m i t TEfejph e e E 1 0 A | H . T . M U R R A Y . A f e o t { q r tke ^ Safe sod Reputable itlliSORANCEi Companies of the W o r tit. iTboM HOSIERY. Wa t i n y a fall Utm *1 the heal Horary aAa. Aak to iM ooT doetda uda aad kaMhoMM lOc Wa alM tbana a t a rf* ssaortaaai ad tha sH makaa ia COtwes aad Conei Waists Hi IMfwUkl' l^klOBfs Oar Ladka* Ptftate Wfappen al SLOO «tl b* to ba appreciaitd A tew aiM« n iln W aka and Dack Skins M l I* doM al a hargaia or garden woHt. ington avenue. —The trustees of FUsdonla last even­ ing accept^ the W ater street done. by'Contractor W. 8. Al of Dubklrtf. —Manager John F. Krie% has return­ ed to Dunkirk in the Intereataof Buckeye Fish Dompaay, which leaaAd the old Ingram A; Ikucton a l No «a Bast F ^ i i t r c e t fo^ a y< -LosL between Fredonia and Yfidtel Plata (tvpof Wednesday morning ond open-fade gold watch. Elgin nsoreqwnt. InHIal|^‘0. E U.” engraved oq baekof cat! Reward it left a t Lake Shore PrinUngCo, Dunkirk, N . Y. ‘ I Fall aad Winter auitiiiga* have arrivcd.atKl now it la t in * for you to ar tlS Biy store and g il a a early choiee outof the flneat line of Importedand do- aieaUogooda ever broughttn this city. P. D. MATTitsyoa. —Walter Hayward clalmi that he did act owe the bone Rob't WUdorff killed the other day to pat him out o f hts mje- ary. Hayward taya he prarloiuly sold the faeast to WaldorE (ortIO bat before rot hta Bsbaey the luWao laid down could not ^ t q*imd as Waldorff Is the owner be mast ia<aiy his property. —The Common Connell aad committee n fire and water will r im a Hearing to seven volnnteer firemen tonight in the executlvo rooms of the cdty hall, men are charged with unbecoming and triy eondnef. It la alleged that oa last Bandiy they lehavrd badly at the firemen'a hall and on the atreet ad­ jacent thereto. It U also said they In- , lerffered wlUi the paid men — A peculiarly constructed freight engine wa* turaol out of the Baldwin Loeoffioilve tVorks for the Mlnncap- SL Paul a Banit Rte. Marie rail, last week. It Is a compoimd de­ lay xn.sio pounds In working order and iai,3C0 imunda on the drivers. It hss five driving wheels on each side with a single pair of wheels. The cylinders are 38x33 driving wheeta aro.M ■lifuation I h T h e Second C h g u - tau q u a District. VIIWBO FIRST DISTRICT. Th, UaterriSiU a re Ttn> I * fattest D,Vrlu|m..iii i. Twi ^ttvcailons—Sint. e..i ' trul of D.loa.i... lu h’a t, Couwuii on tJamestowa Journii . titod” D«uuK'ni,'\ i)f the scc- is.souibl\ ill strict arc gtill evidently bent ou |>i-oving that they kre the unterritie<l ami unexcelled Democracy when It conu s to nuything Id ilie Hue of eputentloh nnU belUgor- 'J^Veitnatlon in that .hstrivt is s outgrowth of -ihi* Nil'll-Dowd v_. -Shearman-Heffen^n fight of last .lune. lb w ill he rcmcmbercii ihal the Dun­ kirk district convention lorininalcd in the usual row between Ihv adheroDts of Messrs. Toomey and lielTvrnan. Two Sets o f delegates to Ou- -uiU'convent' wore electetl and two .llstriet « mittees Were chosen Whenitcami isaitlllg the call for Uie fall distric.b c Tention trouble appeared und harmi vanished. Delegates to tlie sta^. so rial and ooagrc&siunai vqn&ntl. 0 to k* solootml at tbia um e a n d _ portant results sro staki-.! ui>on control of the state delegates. At Die last slate convention, tl Mott-Dowd delegates were seuted by unsnimous vote of the committee on >t*fted seats. This tbv Toomeyites — tgfiplsees tiieatamp of regularity on their district oommitt<e«, - which is composed Of Oasosl 'T. Avery, E. L, Bsilsy and Danlti A. ReH-<l. Monday ' took s notice -------- - ------ - ------- - tho only Dem- s ^ l y in the «>unty, of call for the dismet cojavention st MsyviUe, Thwteday, August 30. Now a K. White, editm’of The ilorald. U s close’ friend .of P<^«e Justice Heifernsn and„Was th * uhalnaan whose rulings brongbt chaos out of the last conven- tlOB. Therefore, be refused to print it oa the ground thst he was chairman of the district committee i|iul they had not oalled a eonventiozi. Mondsy's papw soatalaad a eall for a convention a t Dnaklrk. Augaat Z8, aigned by 0. F. White, Angusttts Blood and Thomta ^^*i{eoQ^iaglT. there will bo two con- vanUons a t dlffeiunt timc» sud plaoea Twoaetsof stat* dslcgaUcs will be se- leetad and two tasemhl.Ymen offered up for taoriflee. Then the oontestante will gp to the stats coavratlon with 1r usual bunch of mauifeatoa. aftl- poaouaclaincDtos. Home- Yon W ill Never G c f Another Sucli^Ciafliii^r; IF you MISS ouB Special Sale \ We^tPe now ready to clear out our stock of BABY BUGGIES and GO-CARTS. We will do it by cutting-prices right in half. $ 60.00 bug­ gy for $ 3 Q. 00 . $ 10.00 go-cart for $ 5 . 00 , big bargain, few left. $ 25.00 buggies at $ 15 . 00 . Look at them; buy them. (}RAF & LANG, The^-New and Up-to-Date Furniture Store 400-410 LION STREET. — XffiHMI—El— IN l U r M i f i i , - ”r i l l u s i v e S qvc IU cs in Fail Suitings ••tvE in d s ,* OYarc(iating$^ R 0 m 4 r f 0 t Yottr fnsppctiom. , F.l).MAnESOK, The iMdlitf TaRir« ^ 305 CBNTRAl AYS. ..y * You Alt Know About the Celebrated Onslaught BoyntonFurnace of Values. ^GET PRlCES-4- ------A t ----- ALLENBRAND’SHardware & Plumbing Store T ^ ^ t e s t w I U Mt*d aad two tssemhlymen offer ip for taoriflee. Then the oontestac iBvrntlon with aauifeatoB. a(H- it* sad peaonaclanMDtos. Some­ body w ill be r«e*faixed. Twiroey sl- wsy* H u been beretuf«n! lint the wheelo{ polltiea is always luniing and M may find the aumberw vast against b« a fierce one. for The final ilecislon ____ _ invention muddle la to depeacl upon who ruotrola the delegate,. Tlio IldTvrnan cQiiti- ty enatMlttee haa been temporarily recoipilsed and Toomvy wanU Dial verdict reversed. He Is imuallv clow to Hill, but H ill wants ilvlvgatrs The Ileffcman-Hliraiirnan faction- anj pinning their faith to \lavi>r Ms- gnire of Byrscuae. ' aUle execuUr\ isat gnbemftc Hbeamsn of J l , ____ ieste Maguire for Governor Ire Is an setiire candid m u e h lgat stake, in the county Id to depeaef irscuae. chairman execuUve commUU-c it i itorial conrcnU.in F. inchee, and the d laches in diameter. Thia engii expected to haul S.0ch tons of freight up a grade 43 feet to the mile without any asaistance. >. n ^ in a U o a and\ Magui IIIIL 8o the g^une will 5here has Itkowise raised regarding t day's First diatric together the situaU.m coursging one for the Nebraskan. likew b,-«-ii s i|UcaUi ding the Ictralitt ..f Thui iistrict conrvlittonim Soo I ilinn S ah LTf Z JUST AN EVEN DOZEN 7 5 c Shirf Waists in stripes, pink and bl^e, at — 29 c— I DOZEN $ 1.00 Figured Diiuities -------- a t -:— — 49 c— A. H. WHITNEY DRY GOODS, CARPETS aid aOAKS. THE PASSION PLAY. l i t S l ^ t Ytneti a t E t b i r d Strttjkt sure FIRST GRAPE SHIPMENT. FBEDONlA.Aug. 33.—fSpcciall—The shipment of this sci made Wednes- 250 “pony bsa- desinng tademmty (mm fire siumM call at 21 * Central Avem secure protection w ithout di pboaeboae N o . f it. Tefep New Arrivals Beautiful Black and Colored Mercerized S k r ^ i a a vhriety o i « y le * . Pretty Plain and Figured Flannelettes. Cotton Plaid Coods in rich colorings suifAble for child^ ren's school dresses and ladies' waistA. Our prices are very low and our High Grade Lobster And Salmon cost more this year. T ^ p a c k is short. T ^ fish are scarce. The aew pack oi each has arrived. li you want the best, come to us. Qu^ity guaranteed. da^aflcmoon. it being HO. pISfOLS FOR BOYS. L«w WMea Tahva KOiet I k . Ut • ! Bapicn The following amendment to the penal code wa» enacted by the legiala- tnre last winter and takes effect Sept. I. If the law is enforceil boys Mrill net be Able to obtain and nse many dangeroos weapons which in X havp been so pfednetive of Tho Mory of the Savi.mr. ' f.- na told in ilrumallc farm hy ih.- |a-aMints o f Bavaria nods' the,iiainr ..f fn»y o prtxluce 1 Vii- r Iintna. . Faudon or Passion Play It ia acknowledged il\ ai *• Ita p m l s to a ll ih e r - - ' man heart and cause, ih. . » tear to s u r t to tho pm !• sceneaand tells of Mnr' - • weakness, Judas’ irea-'t ■ life o f pure love in «> < ...... ' ncr tha^jwe Is almost inatlon over tlie span\' • . >• furies back to the great • iTWin b RUBBER HOSE Let us.sell you 50 or ICO, feet ta use on your lawn during this hot weather, it will freshen it up wonderfully. pfkthrtic O L J L I S r l K B X j O S S . Store Gi^ses at 6:15 p. m., Saturdays Excepted E v ^ - pair o i Bmmm Shoe* musL.h* of til* wim imw#iktth?i renard to co*t. fh * ttrriSe omboght we haY« taad* on price* ought to iodoc* ym t* b«y rfioc* At almo*t your &m pcice*. NcRhing re«fY*d at H ii tale. ^ ‘ O e h m ' a * , c»f. n m St. flitet wmib A yo , HEP COM3 SnieiSiiltioil H ow i*th« lo yottr order for yo«r hot weaduc mlti. We hive theiK I* beaudfa] Cokred Scales, Siriped Flaaieii^ Crsh l£ . PreiMure for hot wuatibei^ and call on J.We^HittclHn8M Mcrcbrnt TMhi% OMTIOT BOTSLBtnLlHlIi^ DDKgmK,H.Y. FOUND The place to buy strictly finst-clasfl injury and loss of life: Sec. 400 df the penal -codo -Is her , amended go as to read u follows; Kection 400. A person who manu- factnres or cansea.to bo manafacture^ >r sells or keeps for sale, or offerti. rivesor disposes of atw instnunent or. fcapon of the kind uaually known as slung^ot, billy, land-club, or metal knjmkles, or who In any city or incor < porated village in this sUte, without Use- written consent o f the evening dnring the we< i. Kach picture Is dcscrii>.-‘l . _____ _________ _ j police mag­ istrate, seils or gives any pistol, or oth­ er firearm, to any person un9er the age of 18 yeampr without a like consent sells or gives away any aft^gun og ----- or other instrument -“’hrhich the propell- ,uer,.nd.oprop ... . J KEEP S T ILL nental innsio will u furnished. • _ _ . , No one ehopld miss this <>\>»<'<’ ' t<» soc one o f the wonders of iii- h (( t Hound p e r ^ ckn sm this life .u.r> • • • • * • • • • • • • • • • * • • • • • ■ • • • • • • • • * • • • • • • * • * • • ■ * ■ • ■ • • * • • ! I WE CANT 'spon in __ . _ in g , force is a apting to any j^rson nbder 13 yews of age, whoaeUs o r gfvesaway ai^hiistrume orweapop known as a. toy pRtol, which or uten, vWhlCli any loaded blank cactriagmiBctridgmi arere ‘tma ^o o r mayy = '“'\T itniment a n ^ r ma be used', is guilty of s mi^^eaniOF. Sec. 2. This act shal) take effect September first, 1900. ■Bose Mellville Is an NEW GAME LAWS; ainderi dr, laws o f 1900, partridge, ami woodcocks or ate' not tb be hunted until afu-r rteptem- !Ut berlC, Heretofore th«- . ’prtiing date i has been September 1 . .•'hon- t.lrds and • ■wild, fowl can be hunu-d after the first. J Another section of the . o<rc of laws m 1 ABOUT HEAD-EASE I '5 Home Dressed iuid \ Western Beefs I Lamb, 5 Mutton, j Pork, Veal • and Foultiy. Home-made Sausage ^ a speicialty. Choice Kettle Rendered Lard. )ur prices t •■sekeriott torgt |uie B^l Grocoy! Ivillels an artist, simple Btatemefit covers the ground. Her work as “Sis Hopkins” is the scene of art. She is in her. own sphere as'finished an artist as Maude Adams or Mrs. Iriske. Bhe might aptly be termed A. femaJc edition of James A. UeameandJoe Jefferson all game from £ - 1 ; ‘ ■ reads that no person shill I in one day ■take from tho water m<>rf- itinn 24 black 'sare rigid in pmsiTvlns ....... 3 extinctioiQ aii'i tin violations are severe. -There are some beautiful novpil in fancy vesto, trouserin(fs and ®vcr coats this yekr, Th^im * that Is most .complete in this city is-ncyn’ on exhibi­ tion nt the store of F. V. >Iatte.son. Come in early and make your selection tvhile I t I f unbroken. ■vlng the. • ocoaltics- S 1 We have to “ break out\ every now and then and tell you how thoroughly good and reliable they are. They do not contain any morphine, antipyrene or any other harnnful drugs. . They act quickly and effectually, andjhave no bad | R B P P IV l R U t h O j aftep^ffects. f ----------------------- 1. _ . Wc sell them for 10 cents. 8uccMti}ritoTiiot.&JMiM. |loDne,30DCiiDM M e n it « • • • « * ! * # * * • • • • • • • • * • » • • • • • • • ' • a * w * » * « * * » t ASOUYEMRSPOON Given with each pound of Bleodiidt^li*k A cup and saucer or fancy plate giVen wiaii _ each pound of Japian and KtUma T m * i I T h d F m p r e s a t t e s i ^ r # J . 45 E- 3rd Si. M.-J*

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