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Dunkirk evening observer. (Dunkirk, N.Y.) 1889-1901, August 23, 1900, Image 2

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EVENiKti. e^i'HV0R;/^TOJ8m;||^^ Ati#8T 19, J ^ . \■£li New arrivals of early Fall Hose in choice, fancy colors, at 2ijc and <^oc. Boys’ blue Golf Capr' at 215c and 50c just opened. '*'*'**\*” “ ***““ ' ' ■^881*lli«n«Meia«jt a t llataceptltin. aottth ot I.\* 89 f8r tb e j U»v« aone nothlDR,, b o rdering on Penw y ll»»t»a..wbero «p* flio m«giuit«« tr e i'eH aw a re rainfall ><fwiafa%fe«(t, Young Men’s Sof’ Ft'lr Hats in pearl,a'^h and stone colors,$i.oo. I. M. LEVY. Reliabir Cioihier. '■11. «*y»rr 0 DKRK 8 1 PRINTING coap«vi£rs\:.^ ‘ ojred man o f tl»d n a tional game. It w as Goianaj. V x r v x m tr, OM m a 10 K»al <M j oKpacted tliat tl»e la tte r would t W«0t endtBif nj„ ^ng, so, OOd. B a capting a few interior counties of the cen9 « l ta k e Region « n d r th e tbb ee Jousta week Pprimp* tlio m agnate* *ro w ell a w a re rainfa ll >fMiW»flloie« t l s t » wise to make^Bfl tkalrielifeelallgoTrr the eastern half ^ r.SittO i«Q<tltoch«al^iog r e p o r t^ In the 80Uth“““* n»— »“~ and therefore deem ft So far the plaj'Ctv bare acted ^ in 1 very aenalble tanbton and If tlreg go 01 iheast q u a rter. thy of the iiublte. Tliey have d in e ^be^ood r ^ r e ^ . loud talking or bragging * they will do to their eroi SEPUBLIOAH BoinriTioig THE BEST everybody TRAVELS MONUMENTAL WORK I Dunkirk and Vicinity ran be lound at iu»*m Of >r- «iid in I r tlo r to •11 fort atscl a ty ta U G. WEIDNERU 2 0 0 C m n tu r tJrm * i. T h e d « S i g t a a r i th e la t e s t . ■ a a ten a U tko h n e s i a n d (h e « cm 1 m a n s tiip ibe t»e*i l^all at c o o v iac x d . uk TRUm, SATCHEL, HARD BA6, Bi' DRESS S O B CASE ~ f t r o n j [ t * l If* l h a W a rid” TUB LAW 01 aoMathing ol Oibi ^olJlltoX asora aeeaplalda h i a prHeel. I ksTs a lai^a oa- •orlaieaii Cim asd aacthain. CMayehia oua wpeovtdefaM fcrt taoud^l «kila ha b e ta I Lota pttMBpli luai to nt»ad ito pt» I A. t . J u d d ’s ; H « r f t tt s s ■ n d T r u n k kwwa»taarii»[j H2V L io n Slr»**t f :S'‘“ l,so«ETHiiqQ\yEW; C t J k AMarsKf a*wrtd«* Ik* I iM talitf, a w ridw b ^ o M i ffsiasatTr,,-\ } t » i UM a a m r u K t Saekty. W M . W I L N B f t . I f u c r y a s M t . H M 3 u n ,w ,r. TE OLD RBUAbLE SHOE STORE THB s^CBNT Pan American Cigar itijm r a m n u a i a t idxi) K m m i . xjl qiMtii h t .11 dMaLw Vrr • A Uniiin Made Wht 11 a K rO L S k»% uh»9 Om a tta n of itw J. E. E. R06E. « V V I U . P D N T U a t O f * « b « f a lb * jw c p l a o l » / \ k t - i V-R I \ Dwakixk b a r s be«D pmKbMBg lh«w> a -b*»l ital o aot ealT I Mir fooivw u J o r lb« p a a t 80 y « u t »»d nu oMd* «attnir by le a H M U ^ ^ w a j a i« e * ir » d ( a li ««*»«!-« ilm f o r ] p S W “ Tbe awta «b«n CRutNxH j® rts o f itae f m j m m x Chalrcnao JoOMcf ihaHalloaal IX mb orrsUc I ucBaiiOpci »{i«adiieqf »a-oAeta. •oJtn. ih» i*bitip^ce <i«e«UMi la »wry aurda a«kvd the qweatba* 'ta n Ur ilryaa wilbdraw the tro o ^ ffuco II m » i’bitipplDM lUBatedUtoJy it h* 1. elrelr.1— r»(}lled Why IxH' -TW y e urd«r«d the Phtllpjailra. Why % iWy b» entered hack* They wwra takrn la twala Why ra a l they b* tmxogbl bach lo bnala'^ n » Kceatw arvtm to hire (norotlM all aboat lb« itablr gwerwacait* ht* pant ptalforai Uaad* pbdgvd I* glr* U- the totaada or prrtaapatMr tktak* the which llrraa wtll arodlo hrtag «s»» the wohticr* can takr adabSa giro- rrisssroi iwer a« ti*tta«a SaUnaal detf aed IctterwaUnaal oS>> bgalt^Oi* hate B«> piacw lo U m chair' • ample plan trhaowaai l* gtrtauK the «>wtd a Dew Mwwm la dipiaaiaey |!ef<wr ll»e Weoatrar nitarialew hU dalte* a« . haircua he a ll] (H,«m»*r that white »» <«iG»e«ti3r» tw diffiealt U> rat«e Ihe t!»e II ,« 4 raaeh ».,«* apvkima Uali .'I n Iteireai W canrv dlwaanMn irao »r a.<eaor« ||e i« caiopSlcaUxi;^ hi« I a the prveeol i-*japaiga hr pUtigt •• eOttmlHMr iciowri* aa *a«]aat» a lad is^wcl tka whrel aad yoa IlM irfooil Ss.“ jsr.is;;~ ------ ' 7 T Tbe kSora «b«r« today tb* peo ui* a a n IU b O ,» lo « . f l m a o u b ! , S. R. (JOLE, S I E TW ld S l R t L S P R U N G 77 E. 3 rd Street. F . h . K O L P I E N . Carpenter and Builder Ha» com t at last. You lureiy m tend purchAsing a new suit, tow tbat Will become you and look styliab and up>io-datr. Our «i»nng woolens are of gs^ totted designs and out work- rttanship is unexcelled Call and |u i ^ a for yourself. J O H N R E I N H O U D T . 0»«T SJi Ceatral A»« Iloaidfk. S V 7 6 3 EtM S t r e a t . TkbpboM No. tl9 . EatAuateM ibM rhilly gii F K FAKRINGTON, :i; BKitciiniKR. tAPER UAKemei I have L o t if eef Fork. Lamb, and Chickens. D r . C . H . J E W E L L , iK i e t f T tM iiu c M t a d i e « 4 s « n f . Ora tail* ^ K«w Tort Stale TatniBarr Cai l»e» lwa«ll Caimrat* *U fmfUttc aaiaial* inwtrd. MEATS Of ALL lOIM. C . S T R O H M O fttco at M c K a y 's L ivery, U o n S i r » e t. D u n k irk, N Y 8S7 lilO l!i HT DB. GEORGE F. ELUB. ^11 C e r n u t Av«. P H Y S I O I A N a k d S U B G E O N \m . T. BROWN, m e r c h a n t t a i l o r , V hMbc»*Ctrac«<) aiiU|Pre*i»ii.. friLLUM JAORA, SSSCCNTKAL A tr, 0XKXRAJ, BliAOKSMlTlUMO JBon* MeatBt a Hpwwiti FKicM maai. DR. V. D. B0ZU.V8KV, 507 \VA.snU(CTOH AvSL PHYRlCt AN awu SURGEON mvskoolooy a^u'KUAii'n oew H w * -a»«e I w y m s w. * . JOHN 0. BOTE, P ractiqal H orsx SnoxR. iV9 quietly gone ahead and perfe.'iiHlJ Ing. E a rly pUntiHl \puu't their organization and gut the prufe* i s*?rlou»ly by d ponght. with atooahi all over the country Intert-atcd i * *** inroafiecU o f ■ ’ lat«ij|**^^ ^ F«»r I’r«dUlcOt tV lhU A k l M KINURY fo r V'lee PreddenI, TIIBUIHIUK niMi.'iBVBL.T 5W liepresnmUUTe ID CoAgma. ' EinVAlIII U VnUEKAND 5'or Slriolirr i.f AMunnhIy lat dlat. J SAMI HI. furtLKU Fur Srlemlwr «</ Aiae^Uly rod diat. H FUEIIMXUN’ For HurrofrAto Eblll ItT E WllOIlUl'BY FitrCoaolT llerk J A U k i II U A l,l.rp before laylw too mscL ««■ wen ^her<imUUo”^ ''CnoW f leeled rdr the resiionidble posltlcna^in imprured Tpboi.'co l» miOcing « good ' *' the or^anlaatloo are well known play pow tb, eutting lioa I x ^ n t e w few ! I em who tiare coadueud tticmscltrea iD» alio «nt|l inditlon ^ a , p u v r tb , eutting hoa I x ^ n l n a \ ( ^ lu sad will p rohably be Wyneml I d n r in g tb c rnnulng week. Hop* Momlae . . • goodLyirid of dtM q o a lU y r T h e lender* moat new U« m r c f u l ib a i h a rnaif of ^ t a U a b o u t Matabed. th e bothcaded men m n not allowed to g e t'v r o p gencroily bclBg good. lYlaturea ™ « ,., „ u 8 . ,0 r,c7taATu“t5i.r,si.'i.“s aldvrable comptalc ] lo runiroi or to do anything to mabi the morement unjiopnlar It U known Utat the Urn evil the new body hope* to abclUh la that of fann- log out men ra{i«hle of playing lo the major league to amoller organlzallotui. For fknertsor of S V H Funtm n u 'K siaym . Id ttraiAadd Tb# IVtr»4r»H. {.;»» ifcii lb, la to I piaoli wa* .o» .!«] m ibe tUwow Hie pialhirm lu f»W Ibe PtipnlUta t* oot csl- l».l t.. linpinr rooMiVecv (Ml til* part i-f the .Hher mtera. \ party that praeluei dereptoxn epne cwh , etOMof r. Will rK8t hwwitate I d •«tar)r* lb* *0 Ibat parltewlsr Um If Iraperiali.za the IVtooemUr platf.win' I* IMMtlw IVnsoeral* atm^hi a. cr -1 (tesp dlTt=r la thartsgh the fnnrl ikmr This year tlM-T are trttog to «aeah it la Ihrosgh the hark tlnrir oedwr IbJ- etiak of 'asll- i»ljrTsal»»n} The issaaigeicenj of iberom ty Fair fi> be h»M al I .-el I and Hat aUDosBeed lhal r». pamea of rhatw* ire to he at* l<nre,l .wj ihf fair eroomlw Ihl* year It Ka ffsa.l resrn!au.wi wHieh ahoaldbe made pei-roanent mw oolr at Corttasd. hm in , Terr cnanir «f U m > Slate • •oeermw Ronweelt baa lerepled oa Inritaiton to »pMk al the lAhor Day iiwll on Ihe thlrrl of Sepleoitiee is a (Tcsal thing for Hoeenoor tioiwTelt. a better thing for the tabor Inteiesta of ('haimian Jones deelates that the Cotton Compress Tru.sL of which be is a stockholder and heneBeiary.is awtkor-' lied hy the eonstitatiniv We hel the same claim was set u p hy the pto- moters of the Tammany Ice Trash Mr Ilryan ought to he able lo raise a substantial sum amonir Itritish a builders ami ship owners becadso ot anti-American ship Subsidy MU plank in the Democratic nstlonAl ptstAomi tleorge Kelly, agc^ IS years, rcceired aknoekout MowIq a j^rircflgbtlnKew York August in. llecovery rery doSht- ful. The law repealing tlie Uortim boring law Ukes effect September 1. Ipwery Kingdofl Ipped\ bytt sere secm.stofaara They contend, and rightif n ■ u*. that If a club doea not need the ■errlcea «f a player be ahouU eltber lie rriroKd outright and ailowcd to cbooae wbM cliih he wtU pUy with or rile «U»> of t* aome> tmi nua in th* 1 The pUyrm arc con a Jen l that when llw proper Uwo orrire* jiutlcc wUl tw occop M In tlMrai hy Ibe mageatet, a* tb ^ « » gna tn (he bcUrf that tbrir atOhrkiJtHt AH they oak hi a<he«rfng ky UMfr eiapioym and a prtustse lo •V«f to Ikrir owB way of think- It hi olroody known that tome of ■HUrnatM ar» In faror of aoktag WMOMWloiis l» the pJayem and of tog Ortt mmttien la n quirt way not MOy hi rrxnnl to the forwtag o«u e r ^ but olao tha rvam* rule aad rihuf Tbit* are ooi at pr««frai many prr- who take an Intctont In the poU Iku «C Ftaaee. bat It you happru lo b* OUMMi I bow who do. io«i keep your • «M Wohleck iloUMwan and Oe*ero| t omMn. m U ttM> pevator M d 4* OoQlffrt t* the K tnbirr of war Tim latlcF* airatghtforward rocme duritg the ItTwyfca Utoi alinkctrd the Cavombie aitvwuoai of uw woiri l t . ^ bowerrr allbomcb oceepytag a r* exalird poaiiion. to* cot been trry trsO too wo oqu : jw lu o«m coso Tbe UsI Mrau>-a df lb» FwRafeh t«r MI la Use to«wt eawspeetrd manner gar* htm a puk-zikt.zjrwv whSrh be to kwl lArly id •at.-rrQrc |{to esemlew bod gtontys rrgarJnl Wahlrek ftoo* lewu an n rsttwr w«ih twweL a erra lltf* lo whom fortcoe tmd tweo endaly klad. Iiorfeg the wrwjtm Jaii rfcwed lb*y determJaesI tn harry ibe premSer f* deSpemthKi (a the bope that h* wottk) rcsiJfTt Tbwr •Dcgbt to attala lk!s »s»l by tacMC* of a werlcs of atudM and gpaoyltui latrrpeiuilcaa WoMeek tlmmmm, bowvsvr imek la the brim tnd Mmer tme* waveml fm-aiewtally k# tMMnrrd power* Wkkb nwpttoifd meads am] fnea AlTMdy there to ttlk of rusaia# either Wa)deelt‘ftDMiM>sa or ^etwral de Oal- tiffet far pmhleoi wbea that faaetioa- orr M *«xt ehowen. K«w York perhap* to not- the moat Mtieriy efly In the world, hci It c*»- Sivt t e JetdeJ that its riiizeos a«me- tlOMS girr exbibtttoni of great arif nwtnitat. nrwntly in tbat city a male cmiturw. p resam a ^ a butsan. walked (nto (ke dining room of a ptosilaent betel wtMirtag a woman'a skirl wahii. tTow m were held In pJ*ee hy a l»elL and be wore no coat lie de- nonded tn be aerred and to attll alire. Hie beikl waiter at flm rcfcaci to that the VaBderhntp,,Arior* era of tbat class ore given to wcartng skirt waists the functionary yielded, be anenHoned that ike foot kill­ er Is kkppoeed to bare been oa a catfiMi a t Kewpoft a t the time of thto T r “- We offer One tlfendrcd Dollars Be- wani for any wme of Catarrh that can­ not be eareu by ilalFs Calarrh Cure, r . J . CtlENBY ACO.. Props.. Toled. We.e. tbehe UBdersigoW.dersigoW. baare W t UB h known P. J. Cheitey for thtrlott 15 years, and belksTe Kite perfectly honorable la ol. bariaem transaction*, and Bnanclolly ‘ IM o carry ont any obllgaUmi madSe 'cstlk. Tfuax, tVhplesale Druggists, ThledtVD. WaMlhi ‘ rabU ht.K ihnaa A Marria, Wholesale JDtagriri^Tokdo, 0. tiMlIi Calwrh Coro Is Ukeh !n- terfially, aeUnff directly upmi the blood Wee. tSc. » « bottle. Irimriste. T^im o n lala free. HsSl‘s¥tiiaU.trt1Usatet-fTllls ' are tire beat. T mk quicker you stop a cough orpold ihelesa dangertitere will be of fatal lanctroable. One Minute Coi^fh Cure iaiSeOBlybkrmlesa reinedjf that glraa tiBMediatu*^jRNiiabi. You will Uka it Y 'ltfil^ctfrA W rat . drib0,fheKewltoma.t. 11« m s^briw i^rfoidiicew . |tJ a « euto Indicate a ’ raod crura gMierally f Fall ptowiar to bring rapidly adrpneed, f and to dnlohed tn place*. « *’ TOaOWkel Pltai* ItoaM offers the low rate of ooe cwsl % all* trareiled to tffileago for tlM AnauaL E ^ m p m e a t o f tl»U- A. R- Tlrlhftoma Mte Aiqr 3Jtb to m h . iMtwir«>„ guud rejim log natll Ang 3 Hi lattoalTc or by ciewndt until tWri- JOO* Indatlre (^11 at o r addrwM Clljf TIrkwt o f f ^ . » » Brie 1*8.. 11 C. AU m . C. * '..rjji.tJxrArsij'** Commeorieg Tiuodar, Julyr tot, agd rery tianday and WtdBrariar thcris* \ inUl Wrdoesday Seplem W iilh. A V Jk |» II ' a ^{Xi MtU *0* Ibe U A V Jk |» i r a wt» I day eaourion Ucketo to IJty I the low rate 1 ^ 30 eest».tk)[^u the low r a te (rf »0 e est».tk)|«U jfood u a reffttior tn d a a . Fc* t f c k m a u M a il la< fm m a U o a emit o a D A- V. * P. TUkrL ABSOLUTE SEG U R in. GNinutne C a r t e r ^ s U ttleO v e rPiD s. MtuoA SM tr U p n a tw r* e f CARIEflS ntM a H o a MIMLNftmt. M t T t i i m n t i w ntiMJLnr«Qi. '5c:as, o m m O B T OMLT. SATURDAY, AUG. 25. 'Tkete ala I s o * » m in Jeea’ Boolilf Bose Meivilie ‘SisHopW ii” Second sraadnl Kerised t a d rhsMwittitte^ riih now and spedol {satures. ' The ttsatbrilU a a t food ------ - . i k aCa rit»M>6'^' _ P e o p l e L o o i d i i g For special lowY>rices in ^ e s will find thenu at our I Kore this week. Having i^ p lite d <mr Semi-Annnal. | tpvcntpry. and the sorting over of stock, we place od I ^ e sev^raJ lots of Fine Sho^, Oxford Ties-and Low I apoto at very low prices. HifeelRbles Loaded with Bargans 97 t , $ K 25 , $ m . S h r e w d b u y e r s w ill n o t m iss t h is op p o r t u n ity . e c o n o m y S h o e S t o r e , 218 CENTER STREET. W. CfaHELMCIt^k CO. * N*xt deorfto Thn H*y O 'o ^ a r y . QMpst Mtisic Lioase im Vw Umttc4 States .ter^ S U S H C D 1 9 3 7 . C I T Y O F P I A N O S . \Jle S«lHtlio9 we ore OQW ibowiim; in , o«r ap a c itusdttpfgy rooCM. ittM b e - fond cotnpam o n in m agnitude, variety ol a t y k i a n d beauty oi O r iO f i. Erery mtes4tng buyer (hooW In- tpect oar lii^ 01 - w ^ P I A N O S Our loag c-xpertenco and iatiiiwito k s e w ltlf* n x m s ol Py»o» k » d us to rtco««ie»d tikfWMnred- 17 these lewadrxs, (he STEINWAY. KRAKAUER, CHASE. SHAW. LUDWIG, FISCHER. MASON A HAMUN. W e icadn genctoai ke term s to )fms to anil m o d e ta te purset. 'tanos taken in ex c L ^ g o . B i S j f G r a d ied F a y a e s t s U D « ^ r e 4 . B a r c a U i s l a S c c a t d - H a i d P t a B ^ Wiiie for Cauicfue. e r o N , ODniER & m n iels . 361^.271 MAIN « T R « r r , » U r r A L O , i i T h e B u s i n e s s M ftn JS KNOWN BY ms PHmriNQ tilAT It? THB ONLY 'WAY'TH® GREAT BCTING PITBLIC KN6WS HIM. GOOD PRINTDiG MUST BE ............. . .................. ^ f i s b a n d M o d e r n , THEN IT WILL ATTRACT ATTENTION, rr SHOULD ALSO BE............................... Neat and Attractive, BUT ABOVE ALL ELSE ET, MUST BE WeB Muted. Tliis means good prese-rrork oa iwitaibtk paper. Gw imprint inwrw alL iSew cweatigls. T h 6 DUNKIRfC PlRiNTINQ CO., ^ 8>i* Boot S«raa« StTMt. DUNKiiMf,^Y, ;; » » »i»»p • it > • i >| <M»i' A it Elegant New Line of E s t l L a n d . - i W i n t e r ’ - i S O a d s They include the For Suits and Overcoats now on hand, sweliest designs^and choic^t fabrics. ’ Ei«»im L T rouserTngs, Fancy Vestings, Oxford Vicunas, , . Blank and Blue Granite Worsted. Friedas low i^^^'SItftt^Jwith^g^ ti^orkhiln^p. JOS. EFFEMBFRGER, Olistom tailor/ HEM TOfti Often mal than a life unbearaBh B u t there a safe, nev ‘ Or., I soothe and I disordered take away ache witht the alight ant after-el [EW F lrt oay laianail |AME8€i r rgyae lyspep; ilgetliwl ^ spproacii lb li E w e ^ aq«r ” o(lMrnMdMort i«kg E.&IM You May N#etf W « W l ! K tarri __3* h HEA! SifN SlwTrarv ^ B at ^ TAmat 9 I'tT’c.a.ai gPEfelta.qrwi.WJ PATENl irHagaa ,3fiarc PD i-ato1)PO<

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