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Dunkirk evening observer. (Dunkirk, N.Y.) 1889-1901, July 30, 1900, Image 8

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ltJ . ■ V ■'O H -ppIri'a.-'' V !/ood, C r a c k a n d C r e v ic e F iller. A Perfect, Non-Shrinking, Tough, Elastic and Adhesive Com p ound • - . ‘for Filling Cracks or Crevices caused by Shrinkage of Flooring and other Purposes. This Preparation fills a long-felt want and a gap in the public Market. • Its Durable (Qualities have been tested a,nd not found wanting. , , .. . Its sim p le and easy metlife>d of application not re­ quiring skilled labor, making it a public benefit. W h e r e e v e r so ld th e s e g o o d s h a v e g iv e n b e s t of sat- M a c tb n . A ilin g ; dc F 'l e l c J s , 3 3 3 L l p N S T R E E T , oooS •THE BEST IN THE CITY ------- A T ------ WAGER’S. Nlck#t Plate Grocery, 0 . 3, Dor, Psor. W *thln»ton H. J. H E IN ^ GOODS Sw««t Pickles, Som Picklci, M iiw i Pickles, Spieetl Ghe|. M m , Pickled O n toas, Indut JtdIiiJi, etc. Good supple - • M m y s o B hand and rscrl- • ]«et to o<« SI this leasoa «l Furnishings Furnished ^ tomelmies )rou W hen you buy a t le, oi s C o l­ lar, ur a pair oi Cuiis, y<>u want l«,w p r itc s , style, duratuhly and um fori, don‘1 you! H«imcUm«s you get It, and don't. It def uoy. Do not th e p late wbi srhsl you wa *Th. It d e p e n d s on where you D o not judge all Mores by ^ t i i r tiuti ntusl ad%antages than the thing to do that store. Start aftrrtwii't. gsuiler«l gun t.o* hri4 l^firing fw*’ a»fl sbcmf I ' Uinl* r a r t >ng licmo Ihr \*x GIFFORD’S Msee you a journey. S SCHWEDA, sMAJtB m am Af» ' o } i i.n i ] a i o o n m u i . 3H1 LlOH 8TRBBT I S S U r S I l C C A ^ f C Q C y F o r duuiy years the Meat M arket U l C c B l n l A r e ., Duokitk, N.%’. O ldest established tosurance is C ^ a u U u q a a C o u a ty. |Pk% u f e , Lsahtliiy and A rrtdeol Im i n u io s in Largest and S trong. 4dt Companies. Telephone 39 K. Ice C ream ' * ----- AKD ----- t€B CRBAM SODA. _____ iU lo k t n e lia s of B read, C o o k ses! Up 5 j | j Iliu'MTIiJff 0 Bll 6 r’*, ^ u o n a n d F ir th a t r o s f s ’ | T o i f U l l u l 6 n i i l i« n . l H t l i n s i B. Cor. WnUijtii Ate. ud S<CHd Street Conducted by John Lechner H a s been known lo he H e adqnar. te n lor the finest 3 MZE 3 A .T S - CORNBR SKVENTH ET. A l O I N E Y I W e 'ro so often told is the root of all esil. y»t leave not wished a t times we m isht have a U w cords of the B u t initrad of idle wtahmg, {mideoi (Steeple iditures. Right h e re %e can help look closer after their capeni Arrivals in Enamel Ware Preserving K e ttles in Blue E n a m e l. S q u a r t 2&c, o quart 30c, IS q u a rt 4#c, is quart ^Tc Sauce Pans in Blue, S q u arts S.^r, 3 quart* ^ ■ B iy Pans in Blue I T e a p o tss a t saca whole IB at 13% a, 30, and s id 30c in Ulu 3 T e a p o t a t s s Coffeepots a t Sfic, 3Ac and 4»c. M T e a p o ts , W h ite Lined,, \, W hith Coffeepots W it Laddies at ; ^Soi J Bi] iiicu 31, da and 40c. e lioedr 33, 41 and 4&r. D ippers a t lac, 17c. \V a s h Basins, VVhitc Lined l7c. Podding P a n s in Blue at 10, 1 1, IQ, 1 l a W h ite Line a t 14. 16 a n d t\c. D rinking C u p s a t 10c while line. K # |t|e% * tjq lipd 70c. §ecip}eid^dihj% a a-^ils, blue kt 17, 90 a n d 32c. D ish Pans 40 and 46e. A t S T F E O M a N 'S 127 Center Street. (Continued ftOm Page.) p t F f m g i i E i i r i i i i e f f i ^ B io ttg h t O u t .L a r g e 'N u th h e r off- \ Club Membera and Spectators j Saturday. . | The second tournament of the Klng^ ' aesson given try the nunkirk (iolf Cloh there no fonnal coronation on . -wwonfrt'J haturUay afternoon on the occa*“,toi of this sort In Italy, links at Ij*^ (iratlot and was very Buceesafu.' .\ large iiumls-r of spicui ton. were present ttini followed tin- phivers over tlie eoun 'I’he f.dl.nving t-lul. I!'yVK l.j'y -JO. IJn-.s. eanuol In- ft The nan,-- of .\ngvU> found on the t'oHee ■ 'I'he follow,ug elul. memln-rs .,unU The Popolo Uomano fle .1 the Udies plnviiig slv r,oU-« and 'l‘-ssaKi-ro Ueclan- that the tin aviA ixui u i ; ‘ the irsn.ls were a. \■ diie to King llumlH-rt » gn-«t .oe for the working elas-H-' 'f In l-.il. will rest 111 the t’aMlimu llaiidi(-.ip l.ross Nel .Mr* t I> \ni4*lrong i Miw. MotioH- I SliiSr/L, ;; It*Miki»iavtT 1 I Hh fi.i are m a k ing for th e remorol ot th e remainff to Rome where 2 5 ^ O F F Q^R FORMER LOW PRICES th a t is how we have m a rked our en tire stock of .luly 1.1 -The 1> ck I> I, I I tu rn'art I Ilf ll.»ly Ilea todav , ; 1 t>er of the tt..\al i'alc inn (vuiuine. rcMJrt. whei Monca. Ilal- iJ— ___________________ _ x[ M e n ’s and Boy’s Fine Clothing. n» nnntnmg ami (’lam Z<M>k i e l um I for drsl place OPNTI llaudicap (*rt>M [ ii e retnalna to 11 ■ral will be heli The asKuoilnalton of U m n b e rt ki- a tx)lt from • clear aky. Thei u political e rtsla in Italy a n d no li- iK-tween the pi D for some tim e t Italy a n d no :atrog ;lea h a d been going O II Jones f-aln-artl Madiga <• a U llltam . 1. N Murray The MlolsUir o f W ar h a a o rdered th a t 11. i.j, if^rrisons a t M ilan. Florence.N aplra ■” -J and Rome Iw s trengthenetl and held In J»J '■* readiness fur In s tau t action graph Is elc»ely watched \ ■' .\i prew n t I taly aa seen » fate m o urns her K ing Tlie \ Is leio g rapidly draped In black l*lc- •'*■ lu r e . €»f liuniliert in black frames have I’O *1 i«.eii bung out on many boildingvaod pr.rr and flags a re al half maa|. The King while never a force In ItaU wa* le g vrr, la-lorr.1 liecaiuie of bis general frtriid;m e ss w ith the people and ab- senre <»f liaughtlneaaT lie p a jers recall il.uens of laataneea in whteli llam b o rta r.eaien e t was shown. Ikrtalts of the aaaawunaliun arc awaltie.1 with eagerness bol the an I . as lU. V I s Taclr Uaas, for some reason are with Wl.b .S . H .s.a..r Ssm a. h.ddm g the partteulars of the tragw lv I«ise»«. Iram s .if the baniitorr llress Ibr name given hr the aaoMsIn .»...ps ..f th . llr - a t . W ..rks stio lstu .w n .. I.'w* li n, the man who Willed the ao e». iim g gao.v at |.. ,a j A u sirta Is believed u . have FRAME SHOP WON. ' o . . \t AS.III Vl.TiiV July !«■ The l*re% •eol the foilowing of King llum from choice young steers, corn killing, and IT is Tbs rtrcl Rady Bvsalsa Pagsr The plan of I hi* faiw-r i lUy kaown ibr l*r»prte.tora Jlwrty of aot> tketrb of II 1 lienartm e n t of Huale \V aam souia July JO le. able u . |p , Ma^rsiv VtUgrlo Ktnaooela It, u. name and on behalf of the ' A rorrlean (leoptr I offer ysnjr Majeatv ,W fvalher .'‘f\* \ r of tluffalo ^ w a v e m e n t loolghllw \ \ M. K .sitr FIRE ON A SHIP. f l l l t M iK U M llA July The gcacemily kaown ibr l*r»prt« ocm I ateaa»»i.i|> <*o!dsb«jro of Itw »Iv.tc lane rvapcctfttlly lake Ibe IJWrty of aot trad ne '-ywreo New VoVi aiad this mllium Ibe fotlowlog Kketrb of II la eltv was saoh off U» (amdrn nwasl Ib e perUMl of ibe 1*01,1 v yewientar d while fotk.wlog if Ibe I'ubt: TUe Noca OaieMe win he regularly I'lrr w'aa dl«eoeered In her loi»l lyabtUbrd ryerjr >laf al Twalcw o'Clork ' was on her way op itw thrlawarc aud will eooiatn all Ibe actual news of I »» nrii on I &n}c£^0 t •ptAin t rracn H au . th<*«SadU bnftiJi (Import) •r>«t *rt tSMPQ to Ci:airtM a g m tm i w U h %hv * l.. ojim h#r bottocn Thl» •Oil tbe i'ocQjnntfltllos j U m U i ftfMmt half ftn boor ate»* wbro thr of real aotbrtitteatevt tnlctllgmee Mly * water Iw-gan to psmf lot., the flames wUI ever be Ibe graod Object of tbU ‘ esswld tse sren .so deck T {SftBl I alswjt ?5 feet .sf water llealdee the .kdrantagv of bavlAg all Ibe Newa of Ibe Nine Moyatac f*apon roaprtaed In one ibe Noea O u e tte ------ will mnlatn a l*o«iset1pt with every 3He»v n g . ' bssral » i K»<a 'Jerk Artk-W* cl Important lotelUfeore tbal |ei«err>s) . ns l*r»teeilvr V«s.. s* .mihi* teay artie mi Ibe Mdmtag of Its pubtl „g si nme slvarp lro(s -lani ihyl «ftotv to J ^ l a* well as a tmlTeraal . . v .,«, w be presen- Momtag Paper ibu PrlBi win hr l^aad tittle If a I aad faJtbfoUy ecy Rpeetre of UUlnforaialiMl and • O C im r MCITINQE 3aaHts aad Daily Regtsur, 1 Baas* Isl, sag a Bkirt. I o tm ri.metDls.T having a noted tom don dortor out at tea fnr a lUtte ajna ti>or Oahlsii lie ir»nld like to Me a IlgD rcttlc caught be aatd I warned n of what wa* Ukel |h*.e nbeefs t tu -llrtng the tsabies between to and », oaty oa a bright day i.irruan llewl Un Keys*J«l for II * -• AUlog A neld* see ad U n o f what 'ly to happen « he did ix>t r ■ t can dodge srn h moat hr for so s ^ r t 1 feltdobloos as to ibe reanll seeing hla white abirt was a prominent object tkroach bl» having sorb an open t « i 1 inaally a m u te took the halt, and as I tfrew tl losrarvl us the doctor lost all Chesght of himself amt bSs adommenfa kla admiration of the movementa the beautifet eye* of tbe creattiTv iDsiani a* t gaffr Ihk charge struck bte Chmat and hablUoientii. -Contemporary Pnctical Horse Sbodag. Special stieotioa given I • naad horte* lacse (a tnierfe^og borsrs prapetl FRANK GROBNBERG, lOMNaat^tnci St. __ _ _____ Ja sewer taaM atoag Kauk tagi* tirtvUa Oe dty ot Dwatitk. traw Ike aM U i^ RaeM Lake ttnet, aonkery is ttn t i m ,K. bakt Crta M be May Is aWMctsace attl) ptas, II. use tteeiiralMH reeyarrd I.T Uw C«y EagI large struck him In th e seer ; Idly blackened hi. white m T B J S :^* g ^ .iT iJS k ? 3 r Contemporary Review wwak ^ t M i-CSaeewyuea ef the Noth B ^ ir . .. .. TlisOotawia Psirballm ewvsibeUgbtlore — ----- -■ the M E. )crtaayera!lMdslhaliMybeB-a.:e FToyaeakitiltlbecpesedatareraiar r= I IM to W l»M Tt d l e a r tbe new iTgai ---------------- - —, cHurch Monday evening Mrs. K D <,f**SS‘» * a ^ * c S » r t t ! ! W a r n e r and Mr Miner soHsts. esw«:ig. Aogi^Tt^^ Igt.^ I’overty lies deeper than hunger, alcrdaess or friendl<.*sm.*»—It Is no deeper th a n worthlesouicsa. lied Daaktlk,tt.;V Co%aeil. J«ly 171k. , JalT». itca W. C. BACiraagnrma, r» sf Use .fttv naaktvfc. Make Hay While the Sun Shines ' tQ4Ens male. V being offered ’jo u in the L ctesniQlt 4»ut p t u ) tu. G etting t ' W e use the term figuratively ••Making H a y ” ing money or saving it, which m eans th e same thing a n d yOUcan , come in to our store and \M ake H a y ” whil£ Uie Sun Shin w ith o u t.. are now being offered ’y o u in th e W e r e cteaniQlJ -Eut jsanyp lines a t t ’pricel (o make-afl're b< sfffling them . G e late fn the Season and we w a n t to make a clean sweep. <- M en's J3.80 T a n Regent Shoes e ither high oriU4rcutnowS2*«0 SJU.IV 1 N& SON. 213 Central A vb . jis bold m a and knot b for quick action. W e .want to make a d e a n sweep ol all o u r if n o bet(er., nor more powerful source than a wonderful W e make th is sum m er clothing « t » - ^ R E D U C T I 0 N , - « s £ > Stop a moment and think w h at 96 j>er cent, off our former low prices m eans to you. t .. _______ O u r U n d e rw e a r C learance S a le will continue the balance of the m o n th. £ 0 pp. Gratiot Hotel. i 30 CcBter St., DOKKIRK, N. Y u can g e t M e a t from oxen and m d cows, but it is far from the b e s t You can get -Meat BEST fed before THE W e handle the latter. T h e r e is none better. Merner & Litt, HHdqiuten ftr Flue iHts, 824 C e n tral Avenue. YUSEA Welsbach Mantles Gsaraoteed 100 CiQdk Power. DOUBLY STRONG P 'a r a h e a d o l a n y o th e r m a n tle b o th a t t o b n l l i a n r y and d u r a b il ity P n e e , 60e e a c h , n o r* t r a c h a r g e for poltinK on O p e n S a tu r d a y e v e n ing * . E. C. PERRY & CO. I HAVE MOVED IRTO MY NEW SHOP at XHH Ceainl Aveaae. aad aai raidy la bmci wjp ^ custoawn aaJ a » bctiw ibaa crar {ovpafod ID giv« ntitfactlM oa ANY KIND OF TAllOR WORK I kaw Jm received ib« laUaH SprlBf aad SaaiaMT atylet fiK lEQO. OMM tk« >iceHdis;Maretrvnte«s I b pfTEtibtefc t3 914.00 a p —style aad 6i tbe Utest Matt Meyers, Merchint Tailor Wm. I. HARVEY, Painter and Paper Hanger a i 4 S W A N ST R E E T . Agenl fdftfce Poller Wall Paper Co. Wall Paper from 4c a roll op. Estitnatta cheetfally { o t n l t ! ^ m e Eximinatloi 0 F 15 F 5 S cklb for profaktioul ikill M. VAN DB yBLDS. OptlOUn. I tb« New Home'Sewlaff Machine Oflke 46 EaM 3rd Street. T ' h e E t e t z e i e L i r . This advertisement contains some hints as to our methods, that will interest you, and some creamy bargains that will be a saving to you. We have been whittling prices again, your fault now if you allow them to skip by. C u rtain Poles, cherry an d oak, all co m p lete ................ 10c C u rtain Pole 3 j^ white en a m e led .......................................... 12c C u p s an d Saucers, all perfect, no seconds o r thirds ............................... ..................................... a o u a set Yellow C h a m b e rs.................................... ................ lOc an d 18c Yellow Bowls, in i sizes ................ 10c. 15c, 20c and 26c F ru it lars. p i n t s ........................ ....5 5 c Fruit Jars, q u a r t s . ....................... OSc Fruji Jars. 2 q u a r t s .......................... , . . . . . 88c 12c \Vhisk B r o o m s ...................................................................lOc Wash Bowb and Pitchers 05c White Wash Bowls. THE WORLD'S BAZAAR.209 Central Ave. B a l e d S h a v t n g r s , 35c PER BALE.— E .irh bale weighs 100 pounds and contains 16 bushels. A. D L o n g h o u s e & Son. YOU RBCBIve, 100 per cent. YALDE year ts& ay «baa la r c s tiifit la AmericiD OentieDian — CIQARS.— Do yc« get aaytkmg bk« thu voice wfcea auag other braads of ,o called Hsvoaa &Ue«f c i n n ’ BcUn tavciUgate Oaty ttctorj ;■ ci(y ouag sew crorj, Ravoaa WFLLSVILLE TOBACCO CO., DMrihutacs. G«x X. rmatem, fteaUaut Ageat W RAT IS \Jtpuestlfi^e.HiffRetOFB'7 ----- ------------ fiSBITSSTDlSCOTElT^ IM CUTHIT Grovrihoir oa baM heads, restore* grey hair to its natara! co4or, beard oa smooth k stops falliag Of hiir. grows fo new __ (^ares all kOalp diseases when all other retaedies fad. Every bottle war­ ranted. Call oo or address, MRS. M .& GRIGGS, 117 Siieoe Street Oeaertf W l»i««d* AgMt. W e have received a laijge shipm e n t of the raeoTfli l u SHOES FOR CartBRBN. Black, R e d . - - Parlor Sbot Store, W. F. FRANK. Ho. 35 Eist Thiid Stmt WeddiM^n^l W e are riiowuig the very lateet de«gas u i d moil popular ^ y lM ill JBIOH OUT GLASS and STEB ^ „ - ------------- U K G S I L V E S g o o d s o f tu q o e l l i Q n ^ and exbeUencej^ J36 i^ro to^soo the advantages wfl are oXfocing this season in vreddlug John A. Stapl & Son, Jewelers, 2 3 0 Central Avenue g f * ' Opposite Lidee Shore Bank. -- - - WeYe Got a Lot oP Gi

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