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Dunkirk evening observer. (Dunkirk, N.Y.) 1889-1901, July 27, 1900, Image 6

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M I L R O A D f f i A i W I L L E X T E N D J . f i C ILEOTII TRtCK. Rtaeh Kr«)(f^D^ar Thriwn Strifcins •. * on Hl» H*fi~Tftjurj«i 8 tri«oi» HiiyProvf F»W. . I Definitely Announced. That Chautauqua Lake Restful Sleep. | Railroad Will be Built North Into . Westfield a t Once. CONTRACT FOR WORK LET SATURDAY.; July _27.—(Special)— wi e t with a serious acci- HtocUton, Tboma* Lyi» ja (lent at the il«U Itaaket Factory Mon­ day erealD^. lie bou|;})t m toad of loga to be into biislfOi Mnff. When bo atarted away, a fter umloadiog. the reach of Ida wMffoxt broke and the Mod wheels did not track, they raa against a and le jar threw Mr, Lyno out. Ho sti ) hla bead ajail thoultlera. When hA-waa ] irered t h a t * deep C^imdllne of new pat* of ttt€ Propoaed KomA Paaaes Tfirbugh Village ***•'’*• ■^1 all grades of .^H^atlngs. i ^ \ ' j I^ELDRUM & I lacked up It was die- fash waaeut in the of h la and that he waa of Weatfield and into Lake Shore Yards.—Citizens ii« ws» placed to a wagon and uken of That Village Offer $ 2500 . to Secure Right of ^ Way.—I^ d Will Have Big Rasaenger and Freight Kere and the «tent of Traffic.—Much Bnthusiaam in Weatfiedd. |K>t known. Many are fearful they Nuiy proer fatal. ANDERSON CO, —Definite aisurancrs were given PROSTMTE POLE GIUSES FILL. W a s h F a b r i c s W a « i l ; i l t i i i t k » i i to o s r •p lm - # i e f * ' ... __________ I irtMM tlM» gnxofXMui aaaaiiiH L ri'W i «ad f n m o«r l i o a * l^ j r a b«ir .... _____ i t o w i d sad fju c f W fw 4 gMNAt I s p isis, tdSea. L t f a l s t t e o y n i d , M l i k poiiiifs. half aUk Irt^iatkhisa tadkiMy i^ht t t S i r t s M 4 ^ i r l i » l * K « V ' yard. MNM K 8 * 1 ^ SU(lta» ID K»w ^ksiM lddlN itdlddli*!-. n-iouloia. F> ' nSMllMNiiisalllhteati.tripM a s i i M M s s ^ l i s r s i d : MWiywd. . - J j l tgs . M t s t f i m i t of bM t lit tiiiffcsiWi, is s 4 i ^ sjn I i s i p f e \ * ’' S N S i l IS j h i SltdlM ts A good tWp«^ r»«i ciuM. , .1 tsMrissa tMaiitomts »>w ■id i ^*4 ■ '^ '“ d S s o t c k s ^ l i s J s t , • m 4 am p M . sp»> 1, v o tO iS f e . IllhSlM isasa k k . | i i i « i ^ e o ^ tik s tdqiM. sMHis w i d l i M i ^ M a s a , p d i M 0* i » a b b i l i l ir o u i d i , X$ie at dbsdts, fo o d e<^on^ dim qssUty di MikliUnstAidenM G«. »aa*Hcfcu aiMk jogwo.K.Y. Slii|Vi.ia., twylliS t'bipa ud ffielErlcaiie F. W. SMtt, s Frstenia Mirduuit,S«t- Itrs BaiAssRiMt TmSay EvtH' btf is FrtSinis Fsrk. W estfield. July 37, [Hpecuil^- ^ H Htt fita v'l niWllJl I Y Obacfver com apoodent late Thursday afiernoofl that Freaideot I HI P WS MU O. aWflW, I. I. ^ ^ ^ j J. & C. R. R, and the other New York parties ______ interested have d . i triy decided that the Westfield eiieniion A t r k n r .4 , f im m d a tel.-. The informaUon says that >onira«:i8 Iflor the work will I k ? lei Satordar, July 38, in arcoidanie with the siir- veya whtcii h*vo rcc* »ity berft made, i T h is IsfOrmatiot: k ' i U cau >« much rcioterng. not only m W estfield . I but all along the roa.1, as it m il put the j A C. m a poution to handlo I ” (>tpcclal)-Tbe a mneb U rger Irerghi and r ^ i c a g r r traffic. 1 ^ o f ^ The road to I k * b uilt will t o a o o I with the latkc Shore near the doala^ sacreluuiU a* the tiemocrsUo I present Lake Shore depot and hive the necessary yard connections. It will pasa under ihe Nickel Plate and south on tbc icrracc between > P o itage S treet and tbo C tuutauqoa Creek, passing through the heart ol W c s lfidd village. _ It trill c ross the ktayviUo wagon road neat the F u sdick p late f thence it will run *ooth winding back and forth to rm k , ir.> grade and tctge on tb« south Lvank ol the L ittle C h autau pia. Tb« road will sat the L ittle Cbaulauqua on aa iinm ente none culvert wh.< h will Uter croMtng the L ittle Chautauqua, the road q q i te a I&9 toot till All ill crOfs the low grade to the head waters ol ib, C h auUu iua Lalui inlot, ibence down the lolcl valley and will .rw » t the and conoeci with ih. present line of the J Ur C at H artheld Juociion. The road will I k - ol a good grade, easier than the present \V N . V*. a I* grado from liructon. It will give Jam eiiown and cojthcm points through wesirtn ctm o c c lioat aod will uRcloufuclIy prove a lug passenget road particularly through the ( h »uIao {ua a n d es,u r s l o a The builders prcKntse an rxcvlleot road, as prim a n rat as lan V S ilM i tSM Ns 8 w i has* t» !>• roodstaonl s o d i I m ? r s llnw d We»lCet4 Je ty f? tispevlal* % w»H ‘«i»» couhl & t h i s T h e S ks U oo atteoded Bsrvitar « s s a l V l»sr«o'a »»* fanw shly •liartsMrd and canrkd tipess llocM# Twt««l»» eseolo* U, «•» •Raclm.KMj» Thoie w ho took akUrr the peoposltte® cd the rwllnoad p o » » * scUve part In diaerwaiaei ol pte and take ssxh steps s» rahrht t» ssrtosM qtMwain» that c a n e ep i themght newM anr Iloo ** F NU«o ' ' Silnnee n» Hinra*’ R o h e rtuhaw . «M ma.!« c h a lrtsao an.1 a t i raodsll , •* »»«1 II I- Kent aeervtanr I M M U U ls Ms««. Mr Nison, stated the ohiest ol the t xts,m apwt ih, ,.les* ..f s (p«d meeting, srhleh Stas to gel aa esfeea ' (j,,, ih,»c-t>t the larbe sioa of sm>ilBM«l as to sslwtlwr tSIffa.'w* ow.1 .. famishiBg Slllage shcmUl owBia^wItb U» reqainl | ^ sb>ml raattem rt#M of j iiikeic^ lisvhifttnrv t*f tf>r Footer' iraj frtuca Matti to lA* StcM i haolfn»iiaji iTareooadaorfBaaltefUiwewlowiln the u i . , ^ p n ^ t aMlter of las aad water ralo j orwoera a<vKnnlio£r to h!s sinrr New H I raodalt as chalnnao of | Vcwb siu) |t,nt»a partie. sr» fnrulsh- speela! cumiaittea »p{<«l«tel | te , the eapUal stkl the nsuf win be at Usi Satofday s aKattng wpovird I *i»|aT so esti>wd. n .4 ibe 4 ft r Uui Iher bad coafertad wllb partks | ' ownteg lsB.1 needed- au d it ws» the | On the cjoe»««n .4 » ,ier the .nrtiuon opiSVon i f Ibe rommittee that UJ.tCOOO WI. espn-wnt ht tsrian'ns.«i» ».ilr that would be snffieteni to get the right ol | pnm a t fan>r*,l s , way part i«f the WsUr tl«oi.t .4 the la onler u> get an espreswlon frora iihrrallly ptwalbir those prewral Mr E. A Skinner nsa,!«« moikwi ..f s W Maw.n a iootl««> ihal It be the sense of thr the speetal cnfamttte* spj»«nte,t 1., In- meeting that lweoly«ve hoadrrsl d»l Tealffale and npyrt ,m rljrhl of way. tars t» raise.! by sahscrtptliMi and ten wa* eoaite a perroarent ..Knmltliv to it to the rallraad eotapany tn Uen ‘•**»e matteia seiih the raj)ma.Vfmp;e of title to the property In qoeatlou. It explained that S aa agreetneni , cocilcl not he reached the property would every prrdni I ih« great* oes-esiwre amoant i O b I s * of St » a t work with ADDRESS TO t l l L E STUDENTS. Mia Man FsHw Mil Talk MY. F. S. C. E. I'reibrnla luly (Speelalt—Miss will give aa address in the 1 Ilf ihe Preabytexianchttreh lish - • a s i , sn .L 'K r '* * iMtaeiian,’ KoiKtar rrentng a t half past at the rrgnlai raoetlng of the Y.r.R,C E. CURIOUS OLD RELIC. H. I. M ta tl fiaaitas Faria riHi Valaakia teggMty Wu Faaflt Ksiriaasi. Dentona July rr -tSpeeiali—II H. Alde» of this ptace has reeemly soid from hla cabinet of anUqnUie* a large pUeher, made as a mctcuial of pan nership of Ibe owners of the ship lYai- len, of which old (aptatn Atden. II. anti has Jqat been a t Korthfield, Maiw., Instmetoisat yhe Studeata’ c^ntM taa^iesd Conference and cannot fail to be an in-. oppoaUe. appear the ortgliudaUltcs a platfcwn does to many former Demo- K \V KccHt ratnracd fmao a trip m HitgBlo Toaiday oren- log Wlwa be reached i'rr dopta fia went on Main a tivft ftenew fie waa riding htf bicycle ai»t evidently tried to oroM lfii> park. The dag pole wbkh waa Maadlng la the moml liati lw«n takes dowa that day ami waa tlytly aCfOMoM htsts path ath The shade leeaud Mr. Hcotl from seeing I t Uut lying exac acy h p pieeeau d Mr. Scott fv be soMi foaad f t tmi Haddealy kla sc beet strack the pedr Mr KeoU waa thrown vhdenUy the ba«dl« tarn. lUtklcg owr the pede He aafrrrvd icrlows brolse* ebuut the face ami tiodyji tooth waa knocked ool aod a lad gaah m i In bis upper Up idde waa braised ladiv but eo ribs lh«aghlt0have been brnkeo Kligtil Internal tsjartes ranted euosidetab pain, lie af>!a to get to bt* home sed baa been e«lil»ed to his bonw for or three ilaya So swiinu .-vealt* will STREIT MARKET PRICES. Ibkst nf fara Fiafian t«M by fu m m baa ■tgaM hi NiMkt. IVtQowtcg wvrry Ibe current jwiei farm pm tam la the Uanklrk ■ market ( n la r CoUagS cheew te a roll Egga. tsa and iCe a tioart). Radlahea. 3 bwoehca for Sc I,«tta«e. 3 k tads for to New potattaa. iSo a peck New cthbagv, h? a pound IVdry eheeae. ito a poatad SwanU c heese. I to a pound Rnttemnttem ltk,tk, * qUU fiWw Sc R l * q h milk. I q ta f.w 5. Ihlckee*. dressrsi. toe Veal. 10c to ise tteef. Sc to *e a pound Itcef steak, ife and U r n pooed Saesage. !t c a pooed. Fresh 8tli. 9 and 3 lor loe rickim. »e a doeco New honey. I9c s pound ('urvanUi. SOe a basket, to a q t niack currant* «e a qt • neuBitiem, 3 for to fleet greetts. t«V arsd ISc a peck Htrttsgbeaaa r s c a q t lips. 9 bunches for to loose grorsSu peas. 20c s peck Hickory mtU, Sc qt New beeta. 8c a doi Hlaek raspberries. So s qt. cbcnrica «c a r* M im Fuller attended the Rcankcitieat Mlkdonary t onfervace In New York, Alden'agrand-faiher. wtui joint s Just been a t Northficld. Mas*.. On ode sMc is » pielure of tha ship of thelnstmctooatyheSUHlcats’ with sdl her e a n ^ r and on tho II to be u i iB-i appewr the names of the U teresting. stimulating speaker. original states _and thy follotvinf iting speaker A conital ineitation hits been extend­ ed to all Freilonians to be present. CAILES HE li WELL. Fretonia. July Y7.—(SpedalV—A late cablegram says Ideuteni was not woundcil at Tien Tsln. 1 mcssegc was sent to hin brother’s wife living In Itochester. Mrs. Bchoeffel it t tianila The hlssel na*« It Mtd. nrlll sell evK-nrsion tickets to CU-veland- Au^ist ir«l foror thehe IfjrthUn^thU Dayay Re- t l n D Re- ! fare for the round trip, .. dng until Ang Cth. in- clnsive. on any one of Owr I'ccrleaa trio of dally express trains where scheduled to stop Write wire, 'phone or call on n c ^ t agentqall a t waddpiefa « t y acriptiok: \’F A Sew York, tho ship W airea IL tlanamoml, Maatcr. will sail with all possible dispatch. Fur freight o r passage Spply to said Master on board or toC rof^'r. Ikoson A Co. ” On the front of tho pitch. ParRes frota South Head, Tndlina, ^ u r t d this curio s a d paid twenty-five WHfifiCr WUAXA OCfi W VWfia _____ _ toberftea «c a q t raspberries. 0c a q waienaetons. 9to apiece. Hcfflte grown tomatom, te a p Black (dew) berries. 7c s q t ' Ittackberrien. to and to quart Musk meloas, to relcry I']aBt^ 40c per n SweetSweet Cbifa,bifa, 8ee d o t C 8 d .Apples, 15 and 20e peck. CaiTOts. 2 bunches for to IVachc*. 20« basket Celery, to a bead, pent S for 5, CiEERS INKIHLEY. nip!ey.July 27 —(Specia]>—A strange looking c raft which proved to be k Wheel barrow with a trunk and dog on U and encirdipd with bnhl|ng reached this place arid stopped at the I’hoentx leygave the d. Q ttt of Hotel Tuesday evening, name of Mr. told Mffc ’ fioehester. IK, f . They are traveling bn a wager for Richard fc Fox of the To- Uco tiarctle from New York City to Saa Francisco. They will rciaaia k few weeks perhaps u ntil Mrs. Gc<r j from her present poor heklth- — isibOorlgiiH tKfcarad. K sytr AWetU m O R S O P E i Utch string Hoipftafify^ Out to Every Former Resident tni^ Coming Vlsltorr' The OnsBxvxft lain receipt of the aanouncvmeat and general i I general iavitatign inanal Renni Thla Ifi one of the »o«t enjoyable a<- 1 carried Into fairaaver (bonght of and -cariiad sucoesa in this county. It eoraldBeaaU the pleasures of the old time “ganeral tralniaf\ day with the pure enjoyment of the modem “family raanioa\ yet Is without the bad features of either. There Is none of the bolsterons plsy of “general trslalng” or the orerbur- itng of the eatertainera In the “fam­ ily reunion.” Tbo plcnlo baa been made a tows af­ fair, and a town eoeamittee fnmiabea all the amosement. The partidpatora only bring what they wish for tho In­ ner man. The expense Is light and It bume by the cotaraittee. ’ The day Is made one of pure pirasare. For aervral years thU aunnal T T O o u ^ 'v ] i;' ; IV O R Y S o a p i» a A k in soap. O n o o c i | a a r e flin c h o l y o u r h a n d th e r e 4UTP 2 , 8 0 0 p o res. O n I t ^ ^ w h o l e b o # y o o h a v e 2 ^ 3 8 1 4 8 4 of tfw t e , little c a v it ie s t o lo o k after. E v e r y o n e of R icse o p e n k i s s n u o t be k e p t d e a r , o r t h e k n p u r i t k s d ^ has been growing la favor. Stockton has produced many who are now widely separated, i of these gatb ships. The whole of Chsatanqaa coun­ ty la knit into s firmer ludoa by the general reunion held there in the heart of ’old Stockton.’* May It be an an- aasl gatheilag for the y«»r* to come. The contmonJesUoa from tho commit- b o d y a n n o t p a s s o u t N i W t t o d e a ^ ^ e ^ ^ y o u n e e d - a fm e , p u r e s o a p . S < d e n t l ^ w h o ^ p e « iri fro m o p inkm , b u t fro m td e t t i f l c a n a l y s e s , u r f e t h e tM o i I v o r y S o a p . 8 © ^ p e r cen t, p o r e . NkM BKavMaaa ta Ntsfara FfUla, “The forasrr and present m ddcnuof Ute town of Siockloa with aU tkelr frtond* and neighbors are invited to come to thcNiockton ''AnnaaiRoanton'’ which will be held In Thompsoa’S waxlv Aug. VHh 1*00 lavitaUun U extended to a ll who wish to rcaew old friendshimor fonn new oacii. Come earlv bring yonr lunch baskets aad sUiV alt day A W ONOETO CHANGE. ' ' a series of cxcurdoas from duiiitatiiaa S to r y of • BrocLOll D i d y W b O to Niagara Falls daring dalyftad Jla- H . d e . D i . c o y . n r . r u n . t e ’5 ; ^ tag dstaa: ' Uatmrday. Jaly Hlh, Batard^bi 31st. Hatttiday, July saUi, Aag. m il. TitoMby, liU i, \-‘“ day. Aag. IlOi. Taaiday. Aag. 31 u s u s l X a ttre s i. M uch luMtvsftaitaalHn l a tficax days to a rtsUr attthaatkaud «ue where • enno o( a tUieasw treated wll ,lgnr«l the fnrcn<io«) for old lime sports sod rccrvaUaoa. The noon hour will be devoted to pnaaatlng the greatest good to the greakna anmfaer. The sftertKxMi pxrrchica «rUI consist of short talks cm the cariv seltlemcaX iqivslml Ileiemrvea, MlllUsy Illstoiy. KdacsUottal Htstas, Modal and KeiMr loe» tkrvetopeneal aod other lopU-s re- Istlog b? the town tw preavat s ^ past rwddents at the town, coonty sad The masie will be vocal and readtred by a cb,dr of old tlcne slaters, who will sing the htar Hpaagted llanner*' \ fhe 0'.d(l*kvn ttocksL* 'Ikmnte tkiaa.* America^ sad selceUona of like char acter. the way they were sang fifty The Istcb strings of HtockUsa are hinging outside for you This Is Intend­ ed ss a (all aad formal luritatloa all to stteod. Dunt foTget the date Ry order of the (teoeru Committee. B t- MrO-l ---------- ■ elariwitJi Dsaldrk and Fredoata fa*- sengera for several years {Mat, tlM ttau u a realwayaaai ways — ■’ ------- ^i — * - ------- ----- - — tha* aaf m r ty • , landag tialas leave Niagara 1 K. Hafi!alot;i3jpafi!alot;i3 m.. Arrt* rm tag I s *')• H a. m A r kiric 843 p ax ym a g edght Niagara l ^ l s . Nine acd oaeh Ia rtslly sktheal . of s<tli«*aa treated w ithoot I iv tocsl phyateisiMs can be traced tbaolately to a proprietary remedy, inch s rasa Is that o f MU* Bdaa nraee [tatlock of UKWtoa. N. Y_ who adTefvd for OKI two treara from one of ihoee _ ____ ________ ... aUncoU cwcttitar to htr sex. and dor- {iimalo Niagara Fi log thst UtMlcied bolkloea) pl^ysldaas Retaralag tiala a leave and «te at Ihe scH alM wamra’s * “ “ ‘ “ rvmcdlra wrlUi absolutely the belter • Ao o sacatmt reporter called oa MU*' *y. Nhels aa a ttractive' 5 r,jr,l'iSl.*K — 7 .^= 1 .- a itrr rartmts are w«U. Mealed {wopoMla for farnlsliiag the acre liriag aboatoae- diffeeeat *dbM balldliqpi of Deidtlrk f llroeto* oa the Mala wUh caal far the (raealBf yvarsviU he a iBTalldof two ycara naedved h v Uto Miadcixlgaed efto r W •eriorm Utakonaa datlra tore Friday, the 37th of Jalv. to any smonat. she Is Maid prarpotal* mast be for 400 toas roiy cheeked aaci steemg. able to aMre or tcM aa shall be detenalacd tqr bear Ue borska ol tb b eb bo os sm m^ a ^ work, the proper ecaamitte* aad la^ade cost Her Bjolher. snd older dster both bear ol dellvWy to theichool . ------------ ------------------ lf hoari lalDda. FarefbOORw roaad trip from Daakltk- wtoekum. N V i m r o ii. FrspIdeaL aaoctaw max ao a s wiioifm Uroctno. July 7? —tMpectalF Caswell lotbnra waa arrested Monday last charged with petty larcvnv He bad been working for W H Marlin getUag throngb Saturday Sundsy Mr Martin attached to hts witch chsio- He soon discovered Mr. Cotbnra had been seea with It- but h ad disponed of it. Jnstice licwU fined Colbnrn 3ia Lewis had money with which to peiy hts fine acd was sent tn Mayvilte f« horska ol t e _______ , . ___________ __________ >lher. snd o!dev dster hath hear ol d«llvi»y to thes hqaieor I mmsm s to the collapM of Mis* Edank deaJgaated by taideonmill«e.iildBMWd bndth sod her ssaodwvtttl recovery givw all neieva of Ihedlfirsival ktiidaesi Mlaa Uoilovk'n itoey ta bvst told la coal sad said coal to he ec^lm d her own wvwds. Khe asya. amM eeal«s derigwated bythe cofimrit- In isnoary. l»V7. I contracted a Ise. hard cold a t sn aafortonate time for ItootoNsJa to he seal direct to Ckaa me ami Hiia ted to aa IIIncsM that lasted C. Famer. CJudrmaa of the Cumaillee for two vean. I was not confined to oa tleatlag. Fael aad FlnmWaf aad my bed baft lafiered greatly I had eadoned on the oatidde of the ea- wTcre palasa In my stomseh snd la my n-tofse, “Fropcaials for CoaL* left akie ssed aaate patee aioaad my tkrxKiax, daly |9th. 190ft besrt. Icsanldftot walk f a d and ' oU U af fItf |t f t ] » ikUghieatktighicat «xrettom. tired o a ! ] » S c T i« law ladds both aiaker and d rea- I s t ^ »s(reTwl from distiora* aad had Jsotr of a eoanterfeil eqaally galUy. *11* yon a dsagetuai A tiaa fi Utt all tbeUnae The dealer who aril* yon a i , of um . npoo the ad- eoeaterfelt of DeWtU's Wil ----- , I derided to try Dv. Salveriikaytwr life to saalcL , . YTtUIaMi'Flah }1Ua 1 femnd raltef kt|ra profit T o a c a a *«i trM iU ia. afUr Iritlag two hdxea of the pHU tm | p«WtUb t* the aaly g caalae ami ae^- eoaUaeed awliig Uirim enUl I had token tfiST YYIteh Haael Salve, a firil kihw a sbt boMs. Pnrvtoa* to this I had been care for pOes aad all akta dUeaaea See under s doctor’* care for four months, that yonr desler give* you DeWiU'* then <riisng«d and k x ^ soother doctor’s Salve. Vaa Scoter A Went. treattaeBi f a r three moBths but fonad BO rvtlet imUl I begam- tridag Dr. Wll- ^ Cara jrarvoaiaaaa IpeadOy ■ liatca* ttnk 1111* lor Ihd« I'ecqjle. t — - — .. .. _ - mral mall delivery radiating friKn South Dayton, will be started on AegnstTd. One of the rontew will rmw the northern part of this town, thus taking to South Dsyton mtsrh mail laxtter Usst ha* herefafare cenne to this postofilcv. t reeomtitead thci Slgued. Mws Bo** J. UruLOOt. SaboKribesd tnd twovti u> before a lb 13th day of Jnly. tSOO ~ O, FrKUAv. Xolury INibU To (Tara idiM y T r a u b la Ifor THINK TWICE. It Will Amply Repay Residents of Dunkirk to Pollow This Citizen's Advice. ;d crer the old sdsgh ’ Tbink twice act once\ appear aa much to the point'* Can it be driven home more ef- fcellvely? The majority of our readers have seen tbeop'.nionaof and experience with Doan's tudney l*ill8 expressed in our Dunkirk papers Inr Mrs. M. M. AVhite of 831 Eik street Over three yrare from the dale that the op!( first apprairil in the Dnnkirk newspa­ pers rile was ^ a l n Interviewed , .... following forr ’ “ ’ AlimaBiatciek also previ- ■ ■ it faiU to c n » you we rrtl cheer* . ’ *nd ytsa-wooey. Trial rise tree. E^fou'a Fharma^. oosto the sue of Dr Pills fw lhste P ^ e , she h ad A *rd*1r*5te*T She had iriusdii and b w to reach them T«a Thauraad feltads. nicely iU a s trat^ Tboumad proprietory remediw. She bad ^also Islsudi and horuTto reach tbem will I U k t^trtstoB c n t from two phyaidaju r e n l ^ say whOT I s s B ^ k ^ B l « S i ^ ^ i a J l M te Vork. The work Is No, 10 f w the diaesses of women. 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