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Dunkirk evening observer. (Dunkirk, N.Y.) 1889-1901, July 27, 1900, Image 1

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I •' - t !l r ., ’’ ■■' V - , ^ ■ ■' , ■ . _ -^ ., ■ ^ .■■■'- \ Du^fdrk E ¥eriidg t M ) s e ^ r ■,^.m rim QMBwmm d o x s i H t b ' - m r u E H o ^ i i i m . ^ i ’ t\ YOI^ XXX. DUNKIBK, N. Y., FRIDAY, JULY 27 , 1 ^ . wdoooeptoooQoooeoooopoocg mm Great Reduction Price Summer Goods. Now is yoor chance to imy good seafoosl^e goods at very low jmees. 6eo. J. Gunther, IS 4 Coitnd Are. C mm ^ amt Qm Price. A fine asso r tm e n t of th e M iagarta B a k in g C o ih p tin y ’s )n»t received. Chnr'^ snpply i s sdwaj^ fresh as >^’e order I have also made arangements Cor a Urge idiipment ot the Famous R. Ovena'fBnltaJo Bread Try*a Loaf. L. C . F IT Z E R . J R . , #SJUOK im i X T iCMIiett Asirtmt •} Gaipaigii Buttons -A T ----- Parlor: HUU kit : Store. Cf«n Itai u 4 B owmm tom r m n a r n Itt lMMig!si Ut Mm* t m . U f tm tk KibtoM M MW ikto Sfria«. M h m ' Wt M« to M)to M i OM IW ItM tUscML W CoMnjXmM. M ix Sank H u t r u . ILp's Flncf, 215 Cetitrjd A.v»mie. ---- ------------- ----- O m iOpfow M m u . Tk«t wrxtd hJM to comm tl, cmkc . It UIMW tjtmetimi bjr nttoj^CaUMM • v U hs H«7 tk»t M mxm m L mm S CM T m > ortivM ta U m Orltai a t^!k>a CMatw wiM lum ba4 « U m M at ««»tf7« dTtO«ttki« wUI cslla allb U m l^nMta I t U a w r tv J llial U llva# I aval otM of Rtx ekbWirrtaM rtp- 1 !.««■«■ 0(1 Tta. AaKrfbrr from KwaiHi Va Wai. ai OQaipk- ' T b , Mc^sma# Mwta* to to a s I ik ^ taad laf «{lb to* ^mnnr, tihal K » f fw o r Kwaittr llw MU fa* rwMa**d lo •aw«r wfoa |K« m ] HEADQUARTERS FOR THE BESTPATENT FLOUR lo D u a k irk. T h e foUowiaf brands are^only mold b y the in b icn b c r . Rob Roy Patont. G o ld^ Slieaf Patent, iftdttdr “ ------ -- ‘ C^am of Patent, Rii^&rdtalei Sitmfht. “ -telk “ “ “ k i t . rntm Bud Straifbt. R l ^ e n k l o S l ‘ StarSIralghi % i k 2 K i i d P a t ^ C^am orW I^ ' S io c t^ t , Fre^ Ground Feed a specialty. Ul tte e«K M snlti u j ftrtM tk (^,it itetoilt ;ifea TtLEmiOKK 40 f. G. P. SAUNDERS. Harper’s Happy Hits H a rper's Im p roY i^ Sodto. C Crsttffl. A a y ^ m i s F lavof, i H a rper’s Imm p rovedoved Soda.oda. G rape Juit p r S W e lch’s I. Lem o o P h o sphate. A Drink for the Gods. John Harper. Cor. H a s t Srd aad Sts, | ' 1 : F u rn iture FOR TOE K IT C H E N . The latMt nolrelty for Kitche® use isa Kitchen Cabinet at $ 4 . 50 , # i d i his Sepmle places V It is veiy cOhvMie^t h t the tkay choose \^e. Kitchen Tables, in ths large size $ 2.25 Kitcheti Chairs, sollctiand stronger 50 c Kitchen Cupboardlelor dishes GRAS. IHLERS C a | STIUTSON JIISSION Cteinlfiioaer Rocldiill Of For €hIna-B#Iieves Most of Fo^ ^ tlgasrs Hsve Baon Killoi. {■r rvMuauHu* ri •.I WASllUilSTOX. Jutj -T - 8etr«Ui»y Q»y tvninieU f r a a Canton toll Mora- togr a»d WM Mrly at his dmk %% toe o u t* Departmeat. Hr W. W. Xoek- hiu WM a u « rtt « a h r . awt U » < ItrcM* of atxnit a l ^ f I m C u ___ le* of atxnit a Half hoo recbiKl hta Onal i^ntmcUc BlUaioe to China. Mr. Kockblll vtorU ou hla towraey tonorrow He wilt lenr, Saa f W daeooat toe thinl of Anewt aad will arrlv* a t litMMifHaJ alKwii the u>Ui td atatt OKMth. If U llaac O huu la aUll there Mr Rockhlll will probstiy kaw> a oMftrvatw with to* a a ^ wkttmy he- foa« MC'aevalaf m | to Tltn Tala. ifr. Kockhin U atlu tkeylloa) of to* Until of toe varkwa ataUtnwsU thal Mr* lNP«a Klvea o o t far n»la*ae etoktoJ* m to to* Mfety of ih* Im tioaa la Fttoia. aaniadlMmratoU* faelM Ikat tacahif aot ali of the lUyloaMU with their faaaiUt* aad iptani* ba«* ti««a killed. t!» totaka that toe Chtam dHlMa of to* reforted aaaatacfe are |Mt e«t for wRyew* of tklajr. aad lo «aaliU to* (Mlawe to to dltecae of U m U faroM aa lo aM*t efectoally axwt lit* riyieeted atsadt cd iti« allied Ifoofa. [BY p r v u s i i E R s ' B u m . ) B E R L IN , Ju ly 9 b — I'oor thouMUid G e rm a o soldiers sailed (rom Bcmer H a v e n for th « lai c u t to.4»j. Em p e ror W illlM i addressed clio tro o p t ju s t prior (o thetr dopar* ta r e using th s SoUomsg taoguage: ’■Vour task is t m s oJ reveage for the m u rder o I my am b a ssador u d the vioI«t!o« by the O iiu rss o f the rights of bospitality. \G ive 80 p«idoB a n d m ain a o prisoners. H a a a g e your arm s so that wtthln the period of lOOO years no C U n a a ias will nak lo eve* look sritk 18 evil ay* oil • Gerroais. ’■Opes tho Snay t o civaltiation. now, aad forever, com rades, good bye,” T h e deperturs o f the loidtcrs was attended with beartrcnderiiif acencs of leavo-takhag. Will HELP THE HUES. IIOXOLIXI . July ta —VI* Ksw PvsaclNn>.|Jatjr S7 -L ianff CM T kx UMddavMrwfonwcr. toft am Ja l ; 17 tm Ih* »tM*niHi|> .VtiMKM M»r» for VokohaaM, aceiaa|Mai*d Hjr Has dMoac of ikl* dtjr Th* refnnae* reevlna tor** rahle ******* wHlcIi hsd hww am t fnxea to* ortcsi to toui m d tc ^ s n to d kete hy mppemm&aa at I WILL cniniie : IfW ISSUE iryiK will C qs II mi Hit Uif ly to till C i i 0 i l t 4 i to k f i r k l t « . | rt ttnnoMiMato’^rasBMl UXC01..S. i l l y Brjvui to fnwtoMly p e # M M « tlilt|iiuu tor to* CDwdsf trip ta Ghk*«o sad Indlaw- •folU III* aoUOwtowa tfm to «rill o*. entw o«* h o w u to ftortrwv* sidnatr* U m * Uribf atottt ward, la kaitto. Urrmn sam kitav that h« ' HL/*oU8<a&«ifw««a a t t » Lm foltowr the mkm «likh b* WILL OPPOSE ADVANCE SIlAMOtlAl. f a i r R - I t towyortnl that to* rhia«w I roof* who ittSMled fmaiTt** T«dn *r« coanaC n U a f a t YanSf T u i r , cm to* notroad to IVbia. wtto U m IslMBUoa of o|ii{KaUqr ih* '*d- TMW* td toe a llkd f j w t S T ^ CABINET IIHESCfON Cftfiililififif AUiilrti RHniy*t Litist M imgi— 2 S. 0 CM) Trtejit in CklfUL |» r revuvtrsM'FKSMt.) WASniNOTOy. f«ly T? - A t m to* CthlM t ia*t I* Sc^etarr 8*y% ofRce. Becfvtariea n*y. Soot *#d Oeg*, aad PtMtaurdnr Ueneral Smith wrcR ta At t o c e lM of aM»e«Uiig>. SeeteUcy Root Maled that tiininaaUo* ( tom Rewey rst * the total Bawber of forelva tnoc^ i a Chlaa stsaoooi Iteadded U a S TUaaev'sdiioaf«keoaUUL*ed BoOdaeto IndieaUs when the *d*saeeck M d a wmtd h* wade. Seeretaiy Boot alao Mid that bo word had faeea teeelred of the trtlTtl of the Famrteeato infsBUy sad Reilly‘«i bsk* trry of the f i f th arilUcry a t T tn t, ssd Retney’B dliqpBtdi eootalBed aothlsgto indicate that theae troops had arrived. XILLED^IS SOM Confession of Accomplice Sty* Deed was Done to Keep Property. Slflon, ancle of the Mlaltter of the tedor ia* the Dominion GoVeratnent was fonnd dead tm his farad tea days srd. He was a Tfldowee, had been mar' ried twice and # m enpsftd to be agdn tnarried, although BMrly 70 THtra old okUa^dsylM tev.hta death: l i wan anhoimeed th a t his deatli Vrat cSiiaed by ha accident The story was accepted and he was haHed, hut rumors got ,ahvetd that canaed the coroner k.esfhUtse the body ahd hold an ln({ttest As a tesult Gerald Riftontheonly sonof the dead fnan, and Walter Herbert, a itlred xnin. Were , , anm ted bb a charge of mttider. tEhia < f vraamalnlydBetotheoetiiew^iiof He^ ^ b ert, w teatates that the\<dd tods easae> tohtad*B thatthe .])sads of the aoa. hadenteitid into s plot SO kill prevent tod third tSsBriafe. NO. FIGHT FOR REVENGE URGES WILHELM _____________ ^ 1 I d Address Today to Departing German Troops, He Tells Them to Give No Par­ dons to Chinese and Take No Prisoners. WHITE MOBS IN NEi^RLEANS Klllitf An N H m i m M w t f i i f — i i t t k M W C M i r i l t e t t y . tltiiMUHHHMIBmMBHHHiMtM— f i t —MMW YouArctoo BDsy To Read Lengthy Advertisements these \yarm days. : For your sake we will simply say: For the next 20 Days we want to decrease our stock and in order to do so we will Give 25 Per Cent or 1 4 Off Our entire line of Ctothing for 'Boys or Children or Flannel SunSnier Suits,SeTge Coats and all Summer Cloth­ ing In our store. And it doesn’t mean .an old stock as ft does with most of the reduction salei, ALL OUR CLOTHING Should anything you buy of us p w e different from what we advertise we wli refund the money to you. {»V rCMSMIHM* N8MS.] BKWORUCAHa JMy 87- H Maher, aa *fwa BcfArM U v itf on X«w MM* mvn I. wMttoci aad b I mc *!!*- .tM U y k ltk^B loM o likck totowiWiN toatwM il to her homm « m 1 tfnid Uumwk to* wladkrw. (M m w«« Mtocft am SkrhmM wlwa U m f*kit « tool* w«r« A n d fltr won M d hU rai*. J BMtaey no<>MJo* INM*. aad ta toal pmr. I dcwMcd .3(*y«r --- --- ------ htwmm to# j I um . ______ Uon la wan t* kaad aad U mvb pkulana of ItH «kN!wwl U m u ao fflttUitoid tlMt fartlMf WftoM IBCsUoa to be UM fantaBOVBl \ ------ • ' Biy BOtltCBUM *f**dh, d wtBKMt tUof ' iMtrtBr tto oOMt 4|a«*tlau to lM,to<to(«*iiMMh l a u ^ BMBtov oi ^ «sato!«wl In mtj t«U*r <»* BO|frtM* «■ tlM ttowri* tola*. riflM i S t I iM U u s ^ la . Th#m*Bl«l»*q*e*tloe« ctm tvibvU M rlaU tew iof i»»«>itlb« tAkcB a p IB «Bjr fetter of B«w»fitoe** to '*—*aiMTk ------ * ------- line tfuer to* ITiiiTf tnwiffi lB d l«K » |d[»1^tlat. STEAMER OVERTURNED TRUL PR06BESSIIIG. R o w t r t C a a * la X a u tu c k y SUtl 18 H a n d s o l tlM P ro f« - ; L m M WItli MM«kin H Wu TwH««Tr“T*»* 7 uM*|ir» »«*«<-», sirik.ii.(,. BoBBe ktarUtoir CTidliica I b Its rlwiBirl ------- — teetlaMiir. U VcMtocy doc« wt pxHJi . to* riaad. It fat to.1 »•* rcwjttifltwi r«to« | O o M cb BMjr icriify for toe icute The I r s t witacM tkf* BMwiBr wm Judge Jfeien D. lU a ^ mi, Dtobotcnrill*. who' traaBeaM lM aleior th e gtiiMTns ' kOMlBaikM. Re to*Ua«d th u h kletoer froat 8 sw e n t o I’wof la wkfadi Powtfal eald t h u H ip s . ' the DetBoenlfa* c t r ty wdl doe t. £ . R. 8 t Clair. aUBagerff the I Telegraph ComtMajr B& Fnmiitfin Ooebel aad Chlait ihortir heioi eaterod the gaU on J a u 13. *n<i directiy to hta otSke, a litti W.J.eMfFii!0.,3IIGMnlln. Stort 0 ^ '\ ij *A A q * A A A * M 4 U JU L Y S A L E i Thnrsdaj.FridafiSatDriii, JULY 2 6 ,2 7 and 28. We {kopore to fell 30 IHfuMr StU m il m mmy • Cliaint^ Sets a t an.onhcaM oC price. ^ k** Yon can actually satvt from One to Three DoUafi. Fine Cbioa .and Cut Glass, At 2 ? P e r C e n t D is c o u n t. r. Come All. We looi« you tare. Oar itock ym I istYer 90 large and ccmfpkie. Joseph Nelson & Co. lOfi TO lU OKHTBAL AVKNIJS. VICTORIA, Jaly 87 —The etoueer CotU g eaiy M a g a aew* that toe top| heavy river ttetoaer florecoeS . nn toaareaw*y. Aahe _ h a a M *‘bu»eh o f awseeges by orrd nail. Two o f the in«aaw« we offered la erldeaMe, one B»MrrsM<l to | Lieut Cbl. G n y o f tjoaisrlUe. and bb * , other to Cot Roger Wlllt*ma of liHftan. * i«! ....... . I L e x jk a t Y o u r ,|TIN ROOFS, which were73 fOoadIkera, loand fo r '# . - . , While iloTv with taaeh gold, lumcti; X a n d if tn c v n e e d iBrtle iB T hirty ^ l l e Caaonof U wrialS iaiS ' lUver. J*iy Id. kad It* punier an aomcB peaeeager* lost their Urej New* was (dnai by Mr. K n t ___ the* t rich miner who arrlvwl by the roiugp liked I City of a t k h placer .trike at the head rer a ! of Htewari Rirer. A atiaer had —— to hla. that he thought It Jrty ^ l l e Caaoaof /.ev — ... painti NB., il he w aa'bd . -------------- col*; perhaps the lode which o! K lc ^ b * with their toe’l l treaaor*. I ■ Call on WILLIAM WEST, W h o will h a v e d i e m Utama o f Lex* _________ *-AII right\ and ■e dgned \ky General Collier. BRYAH OK WAR PATH. ! t put in good condition. I Phone 185 X. TODSLMN INJURED. Pamoiis American Jockey Pell With Hia Horae at Liver* ' 8a*****lMia.*«a*«****«****«i I C E . . I C E I C E T h e weather b getting worm, t Ijhave as fine tcc aa ev e t w w i . \ J harvested. Send in jrour Ofdrif»»^ •; J. 0 . S H B A R , D B . GEO . R B M O X H a II; tB O o T S iru u n - PHYSIGIANairoSURSilON apeadl -LIVERPOOL. July 27.—Tod Sloan, ----- ‘ -icrican jockey wa* eer- Uneeda Biscuits* Uneeda linger Wafers,^\ Uneeda DrabUm Wbsfirs, Just In fresb. CniCAOD^ July S7.—Awarding to. tha preaeat piVgram Col. Bryan will | leave LifviiohiAaguHtf. lad will apead the flrat d a f la Otlcjign. tte •« expected | id receive a fdtHdng rm p tton aa by. lonaly huH In thb racing her^ today. th a t time a g reat m*ny Of the j?romJ-hp toe nx* for toe .Liverpool Cup. . _ Root Beer Bottles 75c Pet' DiaieSjt to?d^^KSe«SSSS’’um *\■ ■ S o m e m o r e of M o ther Jo n e s h o m e ' c a t s u p . ^ B o n e d T u r k e y a n ^ C h ick e n ,. V e « t:;[^ a f , itlla toe paint th a t Vreatfa twice “ ■ Ip4 d «-*.r ........... avealog at ak lead ap4 lead tp « ui 4 bynia*idnri>y«.. •**keBtenher t i i i «pBovrt with Devours oloM Carriage Paint, t f o n e c i f u r K e y a n ^ U h i c K e n , . v e « l ' [ ^ a t , a a iong g 2 ' J ^ y t o ”^ « ! * 'J ^ ^ ^ ^ L u n c h e o n B u f f g L u n c h T o n g u e , L u n c h j J ( | M | | g ■d aiae. p e l d a A Co^and &. P. Monroe. ^ L u n c h O x T O h g U e , 8 t C , . . - ‘'-fcS —Hear thenetir organ at ‘ the M. E. ICoadaylehvreh Mtmtlay .avening, Mrs. E. D( ^Warner a a A K a iCincr * 4 c. AHRENS A rar-s

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