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Dunkirk evening observer. (Dunkirk, N.Y.) 1889-1901, July 18, 1900, Image 5

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’ . k'. V ? , V “‘ WEST. t5CBiit Jigar&'! CA-BINETS, FaREST ROSE, JOCKY CLUB, B. L. W., V. H. C. hi Your Home Made Beautiful. Is not your house show- ;; ing the marks of time? ;: Tou can paint it now with three-foorths of the .. material that will be re- : qoired in a year or two, and this warm weather, when you can have plenty ol ventilatioo is the time to have it done. Let ns talk to yon about :: P a i n t s , C o lo r s and P r ic e s . hn experienced painter at the head cd our paint department if you want advice. fANSCOTER & WEST. JAMES ROCAN, hiannfacturer. MERCHANTS National Bank OP DUNKIRK. N. Y« C A P I T A L . SUBPLUS. Quick Meal iGasoliueaud Oil Stoves. All sizes and prices can be I found at | d . E GRISWOLD, 59 Eisl TUrd Street ZASESEOEE EATIOFAL BA2S7K, V. Vldlp Coil Co. 101 W a s b iagtoa Krt, ANTHRAGiTE GOAL U n e . P e e r k ^ WaUPUster. Stu t o t Akroi G«iiL Tclephooe 106 . H. T MURRAY A t ^ l e r t b * M H id INvHDRANCE CSompwueB of tbs ^otid. dM b^iwdM oitjr from fimiiovld 0«1] «t Sid Oentnl Atwme and •eoare {nofaotikm without ^dajr. Telephoaie No. 63. Mid-Summer Sale O F L A D IE S ’ Shirt WMists, Pique Skirts, Wrappers, Muslia Vttderwear Chijidren'iMtisiin Bonnets and everything in oar store in the ^ n n o o h e f Hne, will be sold a t a I ' I n g redaction fmr t h e next 20 * day& MI^A; lAIKlI’SlljHEif^ BFrfciAL-wraWlnircit^^ THE WEATHER. Ueneralty fitir weather tonight and Tburtdny, modemte temper»turo, rariable wliidg mostly fresh Friday mostly fair weather. Conations indicate qidte laoclerate temperature for a few days, poaaibly extendlDg to Sunday. IIO M M . 1 1 ^ C. D. Kenuta-v, PndSMt. rsAHOi M at , Yloa PmMsat. P. X Hexjucxaxo. CuWift ' R. GL DaoMA Asirt Ouklae D» Summer Suitings At Cost During July. H L KINN. CITY AND VICmiTY. — A bargain Tribose combioatlon bicycle. Ka Aixiao A PiKboa Bom St u odock this mor&log to Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Uroege, a daughter 90t. the bouse 7£9 Washington avenue, lompietely reSalahed, paper­ ed and painted. Enquire at this ofice. —The new brick for the re-layiag of • pavemeot tom-^ op hy the trolley oontractois on Lion street haa arrired and worknest are busily gettlag the paTcatstlB ** condtUoa a»lt 'Boat, Shsda; aftemoon. July • In a •treeiear betnren Dunkirk end F w doala. a pockeLbook cMUalqlng paper* oe to aoyosMD except the owner DUNKIRK. N Y C A P IT A L . SURPLUS.. .S liS ,M 0 . n jm AJweeatP W Weniaiiy sad leWtWwk r ee eeiwiiAi lereiik D A I-^N C E O P SHlin WAISTS DUCK SKIRTS AT A N D B E L O V T C O S T . BiJaaceof Summer Uodertrear asd Ladies’ tad Geau' Might Gewaa mA redseed prkea. Bakace of Haaoraoclu at cost. In SHIpY Tuk^ 8l«t 2 1 e . 7 h I r ( l S t r M t For This Weather, Thin Skined Lemons. The best Teas for icing. Root Beer. Ginger Ale. Mo-Tox. Lime Juice. Limes. NEW ADVERTISCMENTt. Change Otapisy—Monroe’s Phanaa,ey. Change Display^K. Oehm. Change Display—Henry F. Brick. Local—Ailing & Fields. Local—Sullivan & Segr. e»eee»r b , er4ar- Thars la aa sxtrs a) tegular .abMrlytlea etlw- mitVMGJUJ PROUD. Family Enroute a Summer Resort Asked Aid of the Poor Department. The half starved family, conslstinj and foe whoexi-------------------- - -------------------- faio-Monday as to furnish material for loi^ stories i n yesterday’s papers, can to Dunkirk over the Nicke] Plate ra! road Sunday afternoon and while be gave a different faintly history thi that narrated in Buffalo. Here there was no pathetic episode regarding the sacrifice of their boat\ Humming Bird” and the spending of the small proceeds While here- Mrs, Bertrand said with marked eridenoe of pride, that her boshand waa a salt water sailor. She said she was mkrried to Bertrand Jidy 3 , 1000 , and that little Cella waa her child by a former marriage. She said they had come from Ashubula to Erie asd from Erie to Dunkirk and that at Erie they w ,re told that Dv kirk would aenif the)! to Buffalo Mrs. Bertnand. who said the waa ~ and hsrhaehaad \somewhi 4S amd SO,* repre ^. the south (hat would be good for When the remark waa made to her hat it seemed tlnirular that she should larry a man so afillcteit with dsafneas t her hnsbemd, h er ready rci I picked him ouV—you didn't Mid In Dunkirk th from Bay » t y to Aikl way. b a t that a t that poii ly waa eaUrely goari suU without ly for food o r traTellng expeaic* •eased to expect to find some sui retort where her husband wou icetire aMdIead treatmeat. The Duaklrk Potw Departm*i furnished the faaiUy traasportaUc over the Lsk* Shore to Buffalo suods if retaraed otflDovaloo to anyone SotUbU) reward will be to this oflkg -T tw Erie * Buffalo Stoaaahoat ampajiy baa decided to dlscontlaue M Halurday runs of the Peaiuyleaata to Dunkirk Thia onlar face Into effect Bfuncdlatcly so the boat wilt not touch h m Ihla cocnlag Saturday Ih e tar being UsUad la a Ug Iron culdroa at (he Klckel Plate tIaUou. to aiU with cTtuked stoae tot macada- mldag (eatrml uveaue in Fmkmia cuuf fat Ere ubonl 1 o'clock, it made a furioua btaaa and a btg smoke. Tlie •re defiartauaai w u culled out. rmas of water waa pul spou It aad -T h e Board of Water Ccaamiiaioaers which waa to sMet laat uighl to meet Cook of Tidedo, to ptaaa and apedffatUoua ftw Improve- It of tka water mpply. ndalvcd a dtefaldk from Mr Cook yeelerday af- tcraeaa Matiag that he waa ill abletoeome, aad bad nsailed u Utter willi further iaforauttiou —Illf redoettou In prUca for Tan Shoes. A strietly cuah suUls now (tdag cm a t ffulliraa A Hoa^ Shoe Htore, an thla trm belieTre in cdeualaf out their rry twama w e a if they havu to of MHse thiac* at lem than cot*. You caa nee by a permad of priem quoted ia their ngalar “ad\ what a a iMlaecateat they five to hay goods d nrlag thin ml*. -A PainswTlUe lady had an unperi- eaee with a moueu that in w y amu*- lag. Oa epuaiag the rufrigaratoe the lady dUeovured a meaneaiUlng eath e top of a e r o ^ of W U e raad tfie r g s ^ tfagrid o f a larty uerMm, the lady beneU with a heoom and eailed thekoumdog. She made a peeu a t tke It i t refswed to k» i renUgmIhw ^veJeped the faet th a t Ihe we wMfrouea etiC. ■The Irut of the sew IS tilrer eertiS cutee hare bees printed aad are ia U>e (leutary for eirealatiou. From -tixUe point of view they are said to ke mmmmg U m pretUeut ever printed. The Dtee of the hill bears the p o rtrait of the typical AsM iiaa iadlaa of other dayn. Oa one side of this p ortrait is the blue seal of the treasory and on the other a big letter V and tbe word. Five. These printel in blue. The figure 5 Is re- .ted over the bill. On the tfan it is found in back of the b in edntains con- siderablc scroll work, two lAfgie open spsces and the usual lettering. EXGUflSION^ROIIII ERIE Steamer Pennsylvania Will Bring Crowds From That City to Ft. Gratiot. It Is kighly probable that tbe ateai erPfmasylvmaikwill iaaugunte^ siexi of exeurdowa from Erie to 1 which wiU soon be a second Celt in the quantity of its amueetnent a spot o f natural beauty oraiiot , * ' ^ ^ ” toanegelbent of tiie TraoHon company hne for some titaeibeea-ua- deavoriug to make arrangeiaenta witli the owners of tbe steamer to do this. It is bow said everythii^. will soon be fixed for the starting of ^ jps. ^ r a ^ w i n prerre popqlar without k Whole fare latdaditv the ride to the Vdiai will Iw fifty eeuta. Melsrs, llequembourg and Toomey k that they came Ashtabula Ice Greain Freezers and Lawn Mowers A T COST— ^ FOR REM AINDER O F TH E W E E K — at — ALLENBRAND’S HARDWARE STORE ■t^HIrom Uui W IRT^O DIE 8«atlck PaauDgera Could Find No PUasur* in Batog Alive. The deck at the Peansylranla pro- seated a Mirry Utd up a t Ihe dock last night aflrr ibe '****°^ yg h ^ and^ the Uke alasmt anywhere etie. Tbe boat had no soower left Baffslo harbor lhaa wvaral began to grow faint and give way to that meat naswav li^r allteuan—wa siekaem Aa tha boat baffeted agminst the waves more and aroru were added to the ranks of tick ooe* tod la enblBa, cm deck* sad etvtywher* wtro prantrate forms of -------- children who had ______ i to the roUlag of the ship^ Wh«a the whbitle blew for Daoklrli harbor there were aowharo oww that ful hearts to be fouad thaa aaoag thi There were very few paascegers wbo were aot In variows stssres of •ickneaa whea tbe boat reached tbe I>ooklHi FIRM HMD VULUES Thu County Is Now Taxed for 90 Par Cent, o f Its Real Vatu- Ths foBowiag valaatioos prr serr ctf farm lajuds w « e givea yesterday by Ihe Ssperviaon u td Assmsiws of ibe iwaa o f chkutawqaa county, to tJ (ats Beard of tA x Cmamiisrooef*. Arkwright. I t to SMt RasB. *> itiUBiw we nfUVTT 7 X TTcx, m t a r m e r . to asa m io t M t m i e r y . I b te> . N to » » j KUlagtoo. f i to freaek Oeek, t? to tM: Oetry. lo to fW (Haaovurwakthe ooly town that diti a c t appear by its represenutives Msd eomwwiseaUy a o report was gives ) Barmouy, f7 to ffia$ Jamestown. g7i the lowest wcke: Kiaafoee. S5 to ZM. M laa,tiato n s : Fotaad, fiio to t3S. Pom frevllO lotiaej Portland. Iio to fret, to f lO ? ^ Arkwiigha is the utost «trictly fanainfif town of aay ia chanunqua eownty a s U baa sk > village or hamfet, *0 bank, no railroad, ao telegraph, telepbooe aad ouly one store T m folkrering other V»wn» have no railroads: rbsriotte,(which wa* bonded heavily however to bring the Dunkirk. Allegheny Valley A Pittsburg <-lo«c to her boundary line, French < rwk.Kli wing have uo tank It,t, Busti,usti, Carroll. Hu - \ rmer. Kllcry bn uony. Klantone. fpley, Sheridan, Stock- \SSKi. [Wrigh if Cai Cherry freefc. Clymer, t too, Vlllenova. The report of the State Board of BquallXatloii sbovrs that rhantauqna _ County’s rate of valnation was C 8 per f cent IB 1895; 89 per oenL in ih 97; and 5 90 per cent iu IMfi and 1899. a ■eUt toe p aint th a t wears twice as long | as lesd and oil—Devoeslead and xinc. S ground by Bnachiaery. Z Pstrolasn John W. Parsons is visit- ^ iog friends in Sinclsirville. see time tshls in another eolujub. Vfanted: Potatoes, apples, butter a s d eggs. Addxess, W. B. Barnes, Lake- wood, B. t. GRAF & LANG. The New and Up- T0-Date Furniture Store. 400410 - Llon Street FOB THE NEXT To tnake rooi» for: my FaU . Stoclk, 1 win sell for $20.00 CASH ■ Sumnier Suiting That fc^merly sold for | 25 ,bo a n d | 3 S.OO. F e D a M A l i ^ TteL e tdlB f SOS €B m R A C AVB, tS r S w %Ymddw Dwpky, POPUUR MAKES. American Lady Corset, F. & C. C o r s e t, Jack s o n W a ists, ; S u m m e r C o rsets. F. & C Corsets are guaranteed to wear and^ fit or we refund the money, A.H .W H ITNBY mr GooiySs caifbts aid aoAtes. Cherry Fitters. We have received another lot of them. They are the Enterprise, and are great labor savers. O I x A J R T S : B X j O S S , s t o r e C loses a t 6:15 p. m ., SaturiJays E x c e p ted lObcslty Salt!|“ [»™'' OnslaugM of Values. Evety pdr of Sdmmtr Shoes xmist b«'t»tit of ttt^e immediai^y, irithofil: ffigard to ootd* XI»i |«nrifie we have m > pricci e«ght to iiidiice yoa to tMiy shcMMit ilmok ytmr tvM Notixiiig fMemd at i;hie *«te. O e f i m * i ^ Cor. Tllid WMib, AVir nEPCWHJ nurMiMt Now iilhe time to kete yoorordk^for your hot weether mtM, W« have then la ||l)&aatifQi Ctiird Serges, Striped Flaitis, Crask SiKs. Ac. Pfcjnre for and can on hot iJeedHutehinsoo htercbgmt TmUm Qmkm/s ncmiCiimaamB, T>rnmMk,iis.% > Kowak & Btfwski phmmw te Filmll a Cm. HD. 144 Rfiierts . DXAUUtS nc- WeVe the new treatment for fat people | Vichy and j Kisscflg:cr Salts. | All enninent authorities unite in saying | that the alternate use of these salts will I safely reduce flesh. | Price 50c a Bottle- ? Idnroe, 300 Central irane. || LUMBER TtfiiiMHiiri. (M m M ili WHYISTHE M cH Piano SecMd to Hone? McfiHAILPJAmS MAYEr§«U$IC4tiMfe eoijppDDeoiiioiiillilliilij

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