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Dunkirk evening observer. (Dunkirk, N.Y.) 1889-1901, July 18, 1900, Image 2

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i^iTiacipic jgLt m i m g. a good opportunity rioil^ to irti^st In ir Suttimer Suit. Plenty of seasonable weather yet before you. and what you inay buy now will do service another year. 0 f course we^ intend m aking it an object ^r you to buy now. W e are going to &mpt yotf with tantalizing priceli as we ^arit to unload as m uch Sum m er Suits Ok' is possible. If you need no m ore than i|l extra pair of pants, com e and see #halw« w ilfdo for you. H ■' Wm I. M. LEVY. Reliable Clothier. J.IH, i OLD REU&LE 6 EVERYBODYRAVELS T SHOE SIPORE more or I wm , a n d ia order to I d o to in oosifort nod »tjl# ...O f . 0»jr wmk I ft R U G F ™*l^*SATCHE, HMD6Ag,0I DHES8 SUIT CASE o r loHMUdjig of H ill a*tsrft NoUdftx s o r e ft«Mf»tfthle for ft {lOMMiit. I bftTft ft m - •ortafoat. Cull «ad tkeai. A. E. Judd’s HarnsM a n d T runk 8 tor« ISK) yon la l o M w I mt * tlM peopiftof i t ItftTt b««ft f m m d n g MI^WIMItlor U m p M l 10 f • ftlvajm roedTftd faU ^i«cyMifaiofte7> • aiitft irtMWt todftjr tlrt pto- ’ ' iM l M l I i O M i a f t a price* ftfid la ^ a t ttiflM i ----------- , 7 7 E. 3rd Street* TUB LAW l,l>* Uw mmi»- j|(»4r*W* ■*MW ** «riM-' 1lwiW liNieA'tNft*li^^ Mniftl- 5|* >fj « »»tii* il*c«lft'» «M« Ui «i* Z 3 5 » *N*’i « w w h h - WIphlliillleAewenMK* U ^ t j , r w j i . w i u i * n . ikM eHifttlti leeurk.lt. T. SOMETHING NEW I T U B s - C B N T PanAmBricanOigar^ K4XT!fJ|Cri:iHiaT Q io . S « M £ sa, ftH d h M fc« kMW, c m i u A Union M ade W heel , & R COL£ k u uiM i!s« ^ K 7 el ike FALCON I t&ai a tot oetf fetftei bat eud. Mdiet; fcw Kcs. otiicn u « *aipler«d. . . d - . - l u a . '-jHSHnukiin ^ V iir im »LQ.WeldnM-‘s. WINMAerilMMt. H iid e e if M ft» tk« Ift*Mi,tb* n t u r i fck tlMi iftftil ftftd lb* ireibMUMliip U m bert. OtU tailM « M ilM * d . F^ L. KOLPIEN, [C«i|kMiter and Builder- m r — L iMipiiigi'm m iri DkrcK t S.K.C0U,»g.nM8intl SPRING H a s com« «t last. end porctuung a new suit, mmt4\ op-tiNr woolens ate ol itgntftnd oat •mktthip IS unexcelled, aad judge for ]rourse!f. , JOHN REINHOUDX O w 9 t l CtatnT Aw DasMtlt. It. Y. You torelf ea* be^fnaejroB 4ooV ityJish and a p - v ^ U , Out spnng woolens ate o l *s> sotted designs and o at work* ritftr* * £ ! M l < o l a Park, Lam b, and C hickens. m a n m u x K j a i u , STROHM m i U O V «T Lake T rip s. Dunkirk to Buffalo! E. A B U b « win t » w t>oa)drk T o e s d ty s an d T a a r s d i y s ' B gsl^ *6\W win I mv * Roosd tripk n tsm isg ssaw A sy ......... 86e Roskd tri{^ reiansiDg daring m m m . . ?Sc 'I Afirst-diMdieiiHgsefiriMoalwMd. also tw. coffre, snsdwicbes etc. OBee Md wharf, tootol CotrtmetcUl S t BsW oI* “ m 0 X O B O £ £ . B L U B . itilOftimui. A tx . AtOIAS^imftSOM WM. T. BEOWS, M E R G H A J iT T A I L O R , OothMCCtMftftd kftd ftmmi. mwj^itask, u Bt^maxsaMo] DR. T . P I B O Z O V S ir, i t i . F o o m i 9 t P H Y S I C I A N a w i S U R O J O K A »pEcui.tir. ^ Mkagwr«~* to Hta.at; g ^ f S*l JOHN C. BOYBf PluoTiOAii H o «8« S h o s ^ W)*i(mrFW*Tf*rcoi?MsY i” * oauw ft MO t« IlMn IWWMift * ftBtwtfilAt th. Oaaktrk Fo.« OSr* X olaMMUl BMOrr. =f. they cftiMw the ball to fly better. IVWle this is but a tndlUoo, it i« regarded m fthe v«.i mm I. aMVlilW i both patience and •bill..'' it there is aior# bm )> Tbe iexojnjt Ipr h*U» ha* been so < Urely thatkniu>y(» Chose iaiported bare J been-placed ox» thenarlcat Mrlthoi>t.b#* , ,- ic^ 'eufilcieotly seasoned. This isaa red istil' iftlured the r^ntation olsBSByftakws. Ilia jfl.tff.it assocha ball is soft, M d Iaek| - 'Jneeeewiy llrOirnesfc ITbl* fast lua . ISF.UIU0AI IOXHATIOVA For I’reaideiit, W ILLIAM M'KINLEY For Vice r'reaideot. TIICODORB ROOSBVKLT F o r K e p m e statiT e in CoafrsMW. BBWARD a VBEELAND. Fpr M e w b c rol AiwemMy—1st dlsU J ihA M rgL K U W L E R For] Member of Asaem b ly~rcd dial, H KIJEH NISO.V For H o rrtifstr E O IlfllT E WofiDIU nV For < c.uoty i l«rh JAMEM r» U A L L l 'r For I «r.ioer ( IIARLEf* KINNLY For Hhertff. iiB.\nY II iiKii'En For (wtemor of N \ I H FRKimUU K XI X< Of WrstXeld ktoftfure* #Udaaa*s War BwJarattos. Tke Oenuia war tord. Etnlwrtw WiF Haftk baa auide ifc. Cioet prvoiMiawd •ad tftiphaUe autetnrcil of p-JTpwea which the glare crUU in (’hiaai U* yet eOeticd tram aaj oSrial seorre Tkll sraa ia aa addrsas to a dctacb- ■HMK si M itaca <m their drpwrtnie tnm VKiftalaialMrro for (’bina. ta aHkIC* hedeelared that iffTi:»nr wreokl ftot n e t QftUI th. donhte tagke Goal fthofe the Chleea. Gag cn ih. wails ol Ftkla*. \TV. Ueroan Gag has tees tftHShed aad (fee C)«rcan rtnpUe tm i* ed Wflb coftiriBid.^ b* d n t a n a **TtsU fttflMads esnspUry penithosat tad tnfttsaac* I now t«ad gno oq I ( o ataftfe Uw wnsig and la tm oe* rest ■MS the Otfisaa Cag. lolard wtik tftaie of lb* ether powtra (keui irt afftaatly o m Chlaaa tag and aalU bfta bewa ptaom] ea (he trails od IV htag to dlctais (wen to the Chianm'* It Is dlScdt la cell. aJtyibtac stw eel Of this aasecantseat thaa a 4«e> taratica cf war Whai. tadeed. ta U*> laweosl te a ceadlUoa ef war kaa ej* hmd ta Cktaa fjw aocD* Uiae. b*« the fow en at tatam t bar* beea nfoctaal l» dtrlara the brftiaaiag of a n a a l he*. tatlH . The sigi^&raat inra that sweftts hare lately lahta la that <}«^ ■may haa had tia fo tb r s n a n ethatai s4 by the taaalt te tta a o - r m ^ aad t « n » a « i i ta the aHHder ef Its sata* later aad a«w pcopeae* aa a d n e n tta teetnw. ta eweveeatton. hewawat, wtU the ethar psnrtn. lYbUe the etgoraaa deeMMtleft ef (he Oenaaa eatywnr had BsN at the UaM ef tu atteraaee the facM l MeneftHHit of hla raWarl ar the Oeflftftft pafttaiHUt. the tatter aef asnr hria« ta niaalia. It may ha ftaid that the artirda e f t t e kaieer la Uwa* d«yshi« weighty tar pffMe or trar. aad hehJftd them ia heard the etatmaai mmrsssasi ef b e u k ^ p e aad pr»l- iMHlft 'Zh* sHaelVae ta Chlaa la each that »e aatiea M ta (1)# aieoi (a cat- ffeaf fftrthtr fartwara»<« te the aa I t n 4 Q em aa aaaplre, cad ft ie dliheatt aew Is are hew a war ef jM T tieneaa be a rm e d . ft rather tatem tiac BaachlM tai cftftt la la iHigatiam l» Qetreit. irltleh IBaatthUa the txtreaw reluctaaee *t asu tflad cetyeratMHi t« cBiduuge UHf aftare at the eUIgatkme af gar- a f f t i t ftceecdlftKtetheaaronittftt*- ■Mat I f the ofleeca «f m street rtUread cesapafty epersUsg In that city te the bMUd <d aeaeaeora oa Match 2i, ItOO, the total rales af the e*mpaay*a pnp- eny waa gLMLUft Lett year R t e d b n a ameftaed at «3.MO.(IOO aad otOy a ith* before waft oFeied U Detralt*.r«ftftvaft GartSM $17,000,000. f ftVWFYVg becasae ef the S1G.40Q.OQOI ' If the pnperty wm wrocth flTJSOOtOOO a year ago for the psopoee ef p city of Detreft. bow does t that H waa worth taaly $1,101415 fee the pwpoee a t aaeeemeeet by the c«y of DetraitT The aaeeeeon. however, ■Mthed It ai» to $VAOeo,OOQ. aad the rathroad cMBftaay la ceateatlag. The was decided ta favor ef the cdl •eliasm ftttehs them aw*y |o g o Ihritogli. the seatsoniaf ; • W. AISMlStW Sll Aa to the proper else i 1, the cost of tke ban U far in exccsi. ft d a b , when t e d ten ar dii* abled may h e s t e o M f o r |u S c or ootli* Ing by the player, llomifsr. if it cost* more k M a |t| orifrinal price to pat It iRshaiKt again it ia cheaper to discard jtai^tew thrr and boy a new one. A w S Will arerage in price 3S eenta, and JS slogls stroke may pat It o a t of ealatmce «o tar aa Che f ---------- * ----- — ■ ■'* * . A pUfmr ttnahUled or a M a U jaaesp a dollar's la l a f t w t v tW t tim e - day, wnlM prxifeaduiuda w^S** 3 iMtUa la fact, every d i .......... . . . ------ ^ am aotoiioaaly c x t p m ^ t In their mw.' They itoi maly moaire those of the beatbraad, b«t(h«y ansit hare Rasy itew tmee d c rlac hmraameou and laatobaa Thera ins m iny players w ^ moat have a fnda twe fur each TS. M mst ftsp aaSffk. lo (Mtler to feym ftss Idwa Uur aasount o f iMoaef eJiMnidtd for ball, tad elwba. It is oaiy attseMary to : aialce a rough catlaMl* o f lb« namlwr throoghost the coaotry (lUca. oe towRs o f iwy Importajsce. am tew which tack oas or entuv golf d a b s In the aabarbeof all large rltlra links are aaateroaa. and a t sli Ihe win­ ter aad sMjniaer dltpesaable Is laatter to reekan K»co Ihe Idgbeet IS U dlffereas with hwasball gaRto M y be wtiatwMid by of latciviMed speelatCNti whe a Hajid a t U — — rsesRia they are U»- woilld be a dlfficaii the aWRhsr <rt ^ y e r s > ssAlMte wcmld Ue ex- itha, la the crare far lag la vtdease every it iwrMaaally—esba ttenr did aor neter wQI play I t YYllh golf it Is dUfstvst. hfe» ftn4 wtwssro ptrlt aad boya old a ad roaiftr. all cas ami do play K«dt, aad all Mayers are em tkaalaala la aom* o f U m S HaSera sab. arb* of grvat dU ra Ihse som U v of golfers ia Mch srtli awvngw nearly s ihocMUMl Uaatair fsafcHtasiom. oo thea* igarsa. It taseay to tee thsi the nam berot peraMU ai^rely uaurvsied ia the game all o»*r thS coa-wtry will v**Uy *Clfv*f*te MQ.(KQ OmuUng ehltd- rcM m boili sexae, aad U mmw who play, batara c o t c a r a t ^ aadl tk. caiMlca, th^^M lw r will be racakfomd iMrty rffrasansysiftea ftcNe* cf the pbnyers play weery asoaUi Is tbs yiar; otbrn (tisj seeea or *!giit aHeilte;MHMi |rw mnetbt, six o r s e m i timee a se«k, wblle o U» ts pUy aot otUft«r lhaa iwrlce a wewh t*rocB (hla ere cam laake a catwoUikJO. aombcf of moaUta’ play per jwar s*«r age. threw, a n a h e f « l luoei pday per week, ammge. tftft*. RMaber of bells card op«e tost pevtiaM, aterage. tseoc ofuabtr «d fdaysra is Ihs cw »tr» a»d« «m of ill *vba. seae* aads!«i«dili*M ftl|leytrr aban o e e to C30 of f»oMlAlfc*iBra«Mte« ThU •» Uamte ralla tor a total cf r i oo.ono |r«-t*’|wrcha golf telle wbbeb i. a tow w iiimau o f eeeh oa* of Ibe differ* «at lum a, aad t« t eeaaservatiie «stl aaate ^ ri>e nsmber o l Uamts. sa ibai the average gaUtr fkjra derteg the t$ ceataareragepwlmn ibw graad tcDtxl for balls woi^tel$.4«d.Gm (taow playsara are rery eatitragsist la (he loe of balla, asver (alclig Ue trvobls to took wa d ie (te l tea gfoat a lltile wtdei. Thia daaa ol wkjm* hare (heir balle mhds oni eitlwv ftv* tlwftB io tiMilr caddks or whisk (hem oC IhlfttpkSNa«ral| for the e«« of Ow 1 1 ^ . JOI a f U mm era »ot toe*. IrawatsEt- teaddyflatethesa. lUMl kaa d*. TtW teaaaklim rM sdera ____ w h a laaadkr. of eetrae, b a t la l u term t t U Jeat lamMbe aad jam aa eeftble aa U Wha eriilaally, aad good « k o ^ for prehUe(._al s a y raWs. ThecoM '-efa goff btiZmay bare- dawd hy earliff aad iHKftlag la old balla to be m a M e . a* U»y are worth ahowbfl a doesa, eecoadkaaed. yasi for the gwUa-t^^vha. A 1 ^ ball w ^ t e f7M eteirtvra^kte baits of 0 ^ a » « v i d u r a a h £ ^ iftide by any* body wtUi a imdd, a liMlsf potmsb bo remove tiw p a tet a ad acHMrfMd white paiat t h a t will dick. I d l e too aeudJ io beliaadc e|«ad« over caa In asMd for the miiterial that is 1» thea. RrgabllBg the talk abowt baXlft ilia* u t i l float, the a w it ball, Ihere ia ao ahtolaV* * l a a ^ aid. These eoaslderfttloaa are regola* ‘ 1 ,SXSSa.-.t.,..a. „ 1 . requlm too aaach atreagth to over* cocne the iaertla aad (» sxaihated too UDch by the atmoaphsre. Haeli woald reqolre clab* o f greater weight than are »ow caffl; betides, it would suH -‘bole” tu readily. asMi then again it wuold cost too nttoh. O b tb« oAher band. If the bad] It too tasall It would not b are welghit raoogb. could aot bo picked up a* readily by a stroke from the turf aad would atot roll well. It Is not profltadds a o r wise to d«| from aa aewpted aim. Amoag beat known tegllak braadi them ia qdlte a (Uffereiaca m to iia». I t la tadd that a n AjnerioaB maktr stowvd ai serend thooMcsd dmaen of balla a ol the best gattx pcrclm errr ImporV ed for the mtxpussr and they w«r* all too small. Tboy wei to larger slscw. Y< balU of (be Ideatical aad sold This .tou __ ___ _______ ever preferred to (dace uo (he aurkvt a ball of kauwm age and o f a atae that johl defy ciiUidm The anlnUlated in „ know a nlblkk froan a cald'lroa- . _ whistle durllly _ M to be heard two-thlrda cd a Mll«, aad then exchaara aeswe* te ahontlaMr throusb bis haads t« aaotnrr ca aad exekaag* (hrm acnarstely, too. There are U cadhllm ta thw raaaMy of llnrlnnatl lAolf Club, a ad ( h ^ are I aa the isarefasseed artatoeraey o f invllln. Tbs cesldtvs are wrilllag feilacrs, aad am paid lAwala (he Aral. 10 cvBU fow the *ei waueaU addlttoaalddlttoaal foeoe U'ltryon hoar and i r e cs a f say part of a half hoar Uswr week. As are all boys, (her are (jcemiaomally lacltsesl to asUiehtef. imtU cacaght a t aey Ukka (hey are sub}*** to mawemstaii. wkteh kwya them {wvtty well (a Ua*. A Ca­ v i n g schem few I wFs Clnb gi me few aaktag coitni aanaary dMmrUd a t the a U toa Oclf. rsxrafta waa for (he a to hasten ahead wham the ball drtrva overa hUl T t e t e ll wae foaasl and pockaUd. awul th* ewddV iha» lutoed to the srarch with \lhen balls becssaoe semne the eaddks had fLm for b over caa hi asMd for the iterial th a t U l a the a . Ret talk about baXl«Uift*ii4U fls exfcrtnicat haa beck ktedevvlth a doeexs badta (amw.oM, maade*yttaiM a»d ub - IMdhted), plaeed i a wataur, a h d omly one of the lot toaled. T ^ w a e ot»e that had beeas aMde over. Tl« hot tried m tained thoaecdtix or *fwte difTeit hrahda.-aU cdaaldered o f Ihm bfsv quali­ ty. so U U safe tocooclad* that abaO b o ^ h t bcraaae it will te a i tnx»t be too light for all parpoate. ft Hall That insaee. la clear runniag wfttet at liall that will d a k readily f* more esudly found. If there are links near or ftcrom ponda \ ■ ball teay te of adtaaUge, 'hdefl^cat ' l ^ t t aa otter l e a s t s . --r« thdug l olte r teaxecl Outta-peridiala wort*, ftfter bdi m « b e ftat^ahrtm k ,i'te aad a Bound of gntta.] a 10 to U balla wmabeft a t ^ ahrtmk, a e l l i a potmd. itta-pertha wilt tnake \■ In ofthef -word*,- rcdl.tedlk^rth e thetal ia an Aamrieii* a d white gnUa-perehi fnaathe leaves of ttelmeiaver laa- . J r tt* vray, ha* a P K ^ i y ftoisW. The ■haze ef ttxnttoft. mol^ag, or eoaaptaari«g:U atroa top to \ ; . ■ hoAtom. aad the *naa hori ----------------- jttg h o ira la the eddy teraaleli rmaedy tLal prodncee t a r ^ - ' »»• Oaaalet ftpaisee. l*t*-wanlte.Trjlt. TanSdoter Atfeaft * Oipltal,tttfflhaft Yftritie tBgeatdty SteNrliteflgoLc^Slteahrte*' Theteftc* 'stefiaranattk-.-I<at4ar-|dlf. ilaiUatedIn gulf who do aot nlblkk froea a caid'lroa- are when they a n la ­ tte tarf. Is ki raddle Is s I'**’ tam ing a domally ivtUetrs the tacdlam ol iploymMt by dlirardieg (he each ■aatentand Y ----- ‘ ~ «ak*chm^ This p rsetke baa, teratster. bewa i§- fretcaily hmliwo op -aiandlaaall Ea- ftrtilah Reft fagra. It rraOy tmekl ipiwnr t t e i the faCty aad ateunilti of ear war o«e* a » hwMdlrat aad bedamlMe. The priftM Is ft««h AtHaa a*« ZMvired ta rrpty aa acrrpua<« ef (he grepotal. b* wkich sraa a*M am ttU ■mtkm (hat the sngaM mm £rem ftattnaa (e Kagluwi la eede* that they mbttt •t Weeiwtoh Iwran they wvn fthtetebed la (he 0e»a Thta •m a gemaet levatrta a -giitni vayage «r aearty n » » alka tad ik* wmiB «f twe ftMfttte teraly ttex* mmt* ht eeaftt eftlctel at tk* Cape wke ia c» •■hie *r tftipii^** thaae Am wtgoM-Lemlwa i m k te . Osftsaar s RwClfwwaeau ^ T T a ie t e a m e f S e e to e eSfK ®Tie ■ewa ^ the wunearat eftteKev. Dr Bemuft Oageed fma tt# heeiatett rt the (Md XettaMmt drpanaM t iff ttc Kettarter Theetegiad aemteiy * f » SS ytara *r aemhle aerric* w|l he t» ralTed wHii rttmet kcp ite ^ty-w h s tera peuteet bf tel tafttreetie* teff by aB «h» tie ftogaaMiedl wkh bki vrett aa taacter sad nma. Bt. OegMd hu! waa a teragalatd ytlftce mmrnm ttt ■ekelarly asthertties ■•## the OM Tee (■meat.*’ iwratieth eeatneyr feu akrady femgea haa scat the tiffiowlftg letter ea the ■abject to The CtoairegftUoftftItat: *TIr - I t la to be. U oh . It a a allow, akrady had gone nlcffteh watery and come twraty ceatnry. I think ra that yed wQt welcome happy new a year. Sx- case me for past o f coraaosleattef aad ttew o o d lscnw used ass sabstitob for ebony In the tnaldng of the darl piano keys. dram o r O mo , C ttt or Totiox}, I • T.t*f?i*Conwrr, XtSbaaCornm. Fftairsd. Caxxcr n akesoaththafthe iberof the firm o f F. 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