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Dunkirk evening observer. (Dunkirk, N.Y.) 1889-1901, June 02, 1900, Image 1

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ivertisers »re the leediog t e city, and the id day after day, show obseni'er that they sh to the most Dunkirk Evening Observer ' ' .‘ \ii T H E O B S E R V E R 9 9 ^ G O E S IN T O J W T H E HO M lSS. VOL. XXXX. Dl'NKiUK, N. Y., SATIUDAY, JUNK 2 . Mun. N O . 89. Summer Dress Goods A T GUNTHER'S S i l k M u l l s . T is s u e O n d u le , O r g a n d ie s . B a t i s t e , Ir i s h D i m i t i e s . E m b r o id e r e d S w iss M u l l s A l l W o o l a n d S a t in S t r i p e d C h a lh e s . I E n g l i s h N o v e l t y C l o t h . ; E n g l i s h ja q u a r d s . P i n e A p p l e L a w n s . K o h i n o o r C l o t h . P e r c a le s . S c o t c h G in g h a m s , e tc . A m o s t b e a u t i f u l a n d c o m p le t e l in e o f t h e a b o v e g o o o s in a ll q u a l i t i e s . Geo. J. Gunther, | m Central Avc. Cttsb and One Price, Shilling’s Best T r y a p o u n d of S h i l l i n g ’ s B e s t . I f i t is n o t th e b e s t B a k i n g P o w d e r y o u e v e r u s e d , b r i n g it b a c k a n d g e t y o u r m o n e y . I guarantee every pound. L. C . FITZER. JR., W i LIOS STREET Counsellor Parlor: Millinery: Store. I (he l ju t . a <«rt y n tti SJu.l« Hat flo w tr. at G r r ji iU tjrt ca F im Ue(bc»es a ad U!d T c ttott Spreta stteatOi^ e»«a » ord«T% M rs. SoLiUi FUQifaQ. *S» Ceatral AvtawL 5c Cigar. Finest S u m s trs W la p p c i w ith long fille r . They a r r ouidc b> skille d w o rk­ men in a clean fat lo r y . E v e ry cigar Uulea sweet and amokea (rec- ly (rom the lim e ii is liu h tc ^ t i l l the last w h ifl is drawn Once Tried, Always Smoked. - Eaclosive sale at Lyon’s Pharmacy, ai5 Central .\venue HAZEL CASE BEI^ HEARD Senate Committee Listening to Evidence— Justice Hooker There. |m I'l B ii.iis.iu eitaaa ] M .\h ll l.VUTtl.V June ! - A sub-com­ mittee o f the Judiciary comuilUec of th e henale eouatatlair <>f Mesanc Da,i«. ir»too ami Vetliu. lieaul argument, luornlne f**r the cunllnuaUim of txtaliuij of John It llaxel to l>e Juit,;.- for llu- w c lc m t »rU M r llaaet » a . the numti I oiled >»tale dlviKion » f N< twnater Depew who %vith NetiaU»r l*Uttl l«ekrd the |ire*ldrul » Bpp»i)iit.-e wja» aloo ..n hatMl lUunjf all in bi» | m '«. . to «>ter«.aic the opp«wittim Mr Air* aiMler of Huffalo weme«l t«> »el aa chief diractor uf p u i.w d in jr . f«r the Itacel aide of the case aiul lolrmtaced the apeaken from that ^ r t of the atatr The luom w»» packcl alsuont Ui aaf furaatloa w llh the partira of each fjc li.»n Mr Jaroe. Nheruian wa. an in terealrd U*tcner It wa» one »f Uw lle e ilc l B»tt»ertiijr» ImairlQahlr hat there wa» no ha,l fre lln j' maotfestnl J oailcea Wood w ant and lluoker came all the wav tu ttaahln^oB to do wtiai tWv w«ald U. lotluroee the cummttice ROYALTY HERE V i c t o r ia ’s G ra n d d a u g h te r on V i s i t to jhc U n ite d S tates. NEW YORK Juue 4.—A grand daughter of tyuceii VleU>rla l« pa; a vW t to the r H , and la now In 3 Y’orU hho U the IMncesa VonAnl a daughter o f Frlneetw Christian. She la trareling. Inco^aito, w ith a lady and la re^.stervd a t the Waldorf-Astoria as the ixmateaa VunMunaterbety She U to be In this country fur about two .Igpntha. The JVinee*» uwxher was the IVln- eess Helena of tireat Hritala. the th ird dau);bter of tjueen Vleluria. who In laOd married l*rince Christian o f Sehles- n ig liulsteln. T«lay the l*rtii.-e» w ill gn ut.NVaah- Ington to Iw the p a c t of l.onl I^unee- fute. the Hrlttadi atutjoaaadur e c l«> i-oo Uar Awuetalioo to (Wuta «ent wpnrwentatlTe. the eooaraistta.n oo the t^rounts lid not rcjTSurd hli BOMBS THROWN IN^R RIOTS Disorder In St. Louis Continues to Incretse— M iny . injured. asMx-J*IUin clUl tuA remurti him m» ul Ui-ftU UtirL ft pUr«- Mr use In ftn ftfikiftrll In u le of the I lu r o l in le * . rlaicnici: it nsa al !vir tj-asrkrnbaah of tluffalu < ! H a „ i aj imfs.rtanl ra. llrle f . sftl.h»,i I lie Issr II { BOXEBUIIL FOREIGNERS | bv rrv u s a tm . rn r s . | .. U l t IH June 8 -The Urea Of I***‘ceoien and street car rnsplnyra * were eodanger«i«i In the T r s n .ll Coto- paor .ca r bama at l^rainr aeroue last otirhl b» a djtttamlle U ku I. Umwen by a strike sit»palhlai>r The to'ssjlr slmek the naif shit treed a Utrgr w-- iu.r. of it. shed many »lod«»w. and many •taw to cars stan.lmj? in the o«sl luati. the men < tm lklinn t srwla, oi^ht alirm p d t« w s i ’.e struct ate was ci»>le S- attest, fitlt.m e d ts.i n if t ii s . .a ira ^ l: I M itehr.l a lnr>s-r - a. pfOt. ' eharye that .1 fnon dash I GET THE BEST __ _ 5 P a n A m e r ic a n B l e n d C o f i c c a t 2 5 c . 5 P r e m i u m C o u p o n s w i t h e v e r y p u r , hav«* i PAN-AMERICAN HOME SUPPLY CO.. • a.T E A S T T H I R D S T R E E • HENRY P, LA L L Y , Planaser. Chinese Insurrectionists Repeot the Persons of H o n e - Riots Continue. IN -lure * The Fretseh t.ass rv.et.e.1 tetefrafthlc (-•et. i rerieh pnest. at l*ao • Thurs«tat t«i foretjTO S«i» a l es and one ebltd .o a p niJin Isiats to Tien niiaeke-l t»y a f..ree .if Ti* an.1 .pears. -fec»«*e,l lheCJsel»Ts a * ■ M « sii.^rsnn. m.lt.m Fuel. «>■ e iHe , Ihers U not km-wn PICTURES WORTHLESS. Harper’s Headache Wafers. IS oor G uar s h t k r o remedy. They cure all forms of Headache and Neuralgic pames witboat evil cflccts. They are free from Antipjmnc, Bromides, Opium , Chloral, etc. W e couldn't make a better cure if we tried. \V c haven’t a better cure in stock. A lady in D u n k irk said \ I suffered from headaches for many years. Of the many remedies tned. H arper ' s H eapachc W afkrs is the only one which gave prompt re­ lief.\ If you're dissatisfied we’ll cbeerfally refund the pnee, 38 cents. M a il orders filled. John H a rper. Affer Elaborate Preparations Photograph Eclipse, Ba- perimeota Failed. m Ii ft AtU B ritish Advance Continues and Success is With Them— Heavy Fighting. ( hi e i uiiAUKiu purta | U)Rii:^•ZO M A Ilg l KZ June • Latest advice* fnKu l‘returla na> lUai IQ.OOO ikx'ra arc hut.ltD{* |iuUtU>ii, un Kopjea and abual the t,.n n Krugwr it aald U. be al Nlarl.cwi.. Ik.r|i near vVau-nfalbocen the ta.rciiiu Man|uea railnoad LOSEMtN June : \ » a|eu«»n dt» natch t a y t that l.eneral French I, at Itartcbewntcfuntrlo leu m ilr. muu U i ..f IVetotlta. I.A>ala Iloltut. the Ikwr I uaiuuan-lrr in Itile f la. rvp.>rtr«l It. lie Mt.VriO.V J a n e : -.A dlapaleh fnrai Mau^ru awy* th a t lleoeral lirsbant ha* pravUralfy aam ia&dnt the llu«r« Oae mitea uutaldc Klckbarg CAR1H0 FOR WOUNDED. W lh’ltl'n u . Joe* J - T .» la y lloeTa uodcr a w hite 11*^ rv*)iw. mc«ltcal atlcnttanee fur ( ucusacMtaQl DeVitlera ntwi waa arrhataty eruundiMl rnaterdav a cngafvttaetit ikeneraJ Hue. die an)ttlcw d W it on te m l the nuuodeO Hewn rvoaurnl to the lIrtUah tMapilaJ [macnialoi; lu allow them U. return when reemveted. The tk w n admit that the IIHitah arttltery lolllrte.1 B f l* caa itarlR ir the bettun the N'eUtt caoch T(> and th e khaki «f the HriUa’i f r narruwlv twaprai U a itf oeruJe rararue* «>f ««.«n<le«l fr.aa bam txif rraan are te;»a“lr«l in .HT mw- a (.wwiterl. . I ,.n Hiinth IlnMwtns. a.I csilfhl t twr. It it*m a » t n k ir j oa.w m a n t«». ah.-l iFi ih* arci ’»»l r etn e bile in a rT»«».| 1 «>. cnen wer» ..nr.tr.1 K-icttaer team*’. > nrxj.lrd amr«l art. » IryttSjf to l.;.« fc a .ireet car tratl. «<ih Hi. iryimin II. .a . a n-iuem an ami allirbt , \ .om-lrat It arran'a rharjrter a«ui3'< w ith in tent k '' ' baew been ia.iw.1 a ^ t n . t n 'C/. oen t*> r>a,. n >:u p i.-ate.l n the r*«t to whi.r. ).»hn lit.* *r*l nawtonton t»...v.Ti«»n U II HI. ...n were ah«l Veen -c ...r arw a t. .w» fai-^.-n. m.msr c larev. gaa.mcjj not >»f olerfereoee Wi'h c . •■ervlcaart wee. . rrr.-,...l laat MINISTER'S LETTERS. W e re Stolen Front the P o t U l Box so at to Make Trouble for th e U S Iv.l.T I N MAN Ma, - N a N.w ’ On IfW n Msf pn(*t hii% . f I *5 MitiTSTr^ •taiVn \a h*‘ «»ppn anil tht Miun earn V|tn»^ M«*rr» rr*js lirjnsTk «*ins? ihr to \ wax; iF tfrtr Swii i*rt»TTFrr«t G .at thrpp r^rftt impHTtATlt fir^l fa»r htm H«' efi* tma o f pa riirtilar itilri j f-Nit Wipi? frriTO ( tkri«al W ir^ ftfim t ; \icsLrxiffn». fart lh * l r UtaVn far tr*-nh!r hp Ntaaranirnsft |H«ra in ‘ ^ ^«8i I T.r«i1 that aflc’- %-:« L prrpa*risf»t>tiA hg Itvi-iirh t Ihr •• f n* tw.t« two j T»o!ia* I arr prv-ri. T|r*w-«t A fai'fjrip L? Pr»kf ( npw j ♦ 1 n*tr*f Ahi -tr-t faT»*Httr nf tN* \* I Th«* * ^ tw h a f s'' J sr^Tr } rxp^aoa* ' n Kr i* that thr in a*^I *h** t»f n (t i* tUatijyht th ttm m jm''* taw* pr trrrfTit ' L r riflinp >af H*#' pi>*i f Wts wn* tnfttx'TSai (if (T *lata. in nwwt | 4* no K*x tho a^ont% <4 • ’ .« pa rti wh*» Vft n** i H ank ph»>4»yT?»ph rrlaa-jpair n t ' h»*t f lh«' ph*»t«»|fTftph»o tr A all**- ■ prnrt trail V LO UNGES, C O U C H E S A d ju s ta b le Head Sofas. A full lino of every concoivable shape, stylo and cover­ ing in Lounges and Couches on gale at our store. Prices Ranging from $9.50 to $MJI0. CHAS. EHLER8 & CO. I SOLD m s CHILD. ' F.nW A R flsVH.I.F. II'» June t - I B. I. Smith. L m iin n d man and hi- wlfp recpnllj dpcl.ted l.» lirp afrart bat I after dividing th e ir p.«*ew.i«n» <v>nid not ajrrvp when it rami' to Ihe doelaion of which wa-> In lia r , their tw o and a half rear old Ix.v N.~.letTla\ ?<tnltn of- , fered to (jive up hi» Haim for 81’• and fitlie money wn» paid the wife Ic.arintr inunc'diately w ith the chi d for the Innne o f her plrent* at ‘'pring-CcId WEEKLY BANK STATEMENT. NEW YORK. .Tnnc ? - T h e wcekl bank wtatemenl xhow. the M lo w in change.*: neserre Increase 8l..tin.0vi Loan* Increase 87 M7.COO. Specie tnefca.se S3 . iih POJ.. txfgnl Tender Increase. Sflas.pK) Deposits lnerca.*e 811.14:...V)0. Circulation Intnrcase S4't'».>Wi. Tofeil Loans. 8«00.26.<i.Goo. Tank* hold in excess. 820.133.37.'>. Palnl TTaar BactT *»r 73e. srlth Dcroc's Olosa Carriage Paint, ready for use: 10 colors. Gives a high rfOss eqtial to new. Sold by Ailing. Fields & Co., nmd H . P. Monroe. ‘ —H * w y t t o bicycle ready for Spring. Take ih fo Fellows is Fay to be clean^ aad pat in f irst elaiHt .repair. ,>r f h i- r*mn Irr fm?n lh«* I 4* no tho a^ont% «I ih W iioTo ID iho KSnr I nr>4 wHei ^li»lo Iho .* t«* '\Til tho*ir at NETHERS01| SUED. H e r Manager C laim s She Broke a C o n tract W ith H im . .NEtV Y h RK June • —nl,^a Nether- K»le» 1,'tral troubles gwiwing out of Sapho' Iwgnn in eame«.t to<iay whefi. opr.n npplieaUon of Maren* Meyer. J**W e ,u.r‘’ T „ rr . M.ss N..therso!e* f.,rmer m a n a ^ r, I^tu r e r.W iilm o .l attaci.roent was i»vntd affiunsi - V an altacl.roent was i»vntd afrainai th.- B.-trev. f.,|'gl(l.;»ll Tbe attachment w ill 1« serve.J on am of Miss Nt sides wu.o.-y or pro|iert\ that e: found in the city Mover is suinir Miss Nelherwile for breach of contract. Clvde Fitch, who dramnfired .Saphu\ Is als.nt to sue Miss N.-thi rv«de to recover m.rtieT due him on owtumea a nd other material CAME HERE FOR HIS BRIDE. NEW Y o ilK . .hme 2 — lohn Vnndcr- cook. J r . the I/ondon pi>rrespundent of the PubHslif'rs and fk-rlpps MeUne Prow Assoeia.tion arrived thismomin;? on the fit. I’aul trtm Europe Mr. V'anilereook w ill Iw roarried to Miss • .Mmyaret utnaek in Louisville. K y .. on .lane 12. e w ill return to London in about four V a n lih atakes Daroe'a Vsralth Floor Paint cost 8e.inoro a qnsrtonxk^ it Took b righter and wear fully twice as ™ wERMPimj Comfortable Shirts I FOR S U M M E R W E A R . M o r e p o p u l a r l y k n o w n a s N e g lig e ® s h i r t s , ‘a r ® b e D r in th e m o s t c o m p le t e v a r i e t y o f s tjrie s , c o l o r i n g * p r ic e s w h i c h it w a s p o s s ib le fo r u s t o g a t h e r . W c s e ll th e c e le b r a t e d MONARCH SHIRTS T h e v a r e m a d e in a l l f a b r i c s a n d c o m e in a l l s iz e s an d l a ll s le e v e le n g t h s . T h e b e s t d r e s s e d m e n w e a r a n d re c o m m e n d th e m to th e i r frie n d s . The Wheeling, The Golfer. T h o f e a s o a ( o r o n t'< ^ « d o o r s p o r t s is a t h a n d , a n d w e h a v e a la r g e v a r i e t y o f a l l th e e a t e n t W i th a t g o to < ^ i » p l e t e th e p c o fH V o a t i n g o s s t u m e . B ic y O tO i m f l ^ a p p r o v e d c o t . G o l f tr o o M i y , b i t * < » t m u t t o n te g sha p e d L o r B i k e s t o c k in g s , i ^ l t t in a m f s t y l e . S w e a t e r s i n a l l th e tM i r sh a d e s a n d c o lo r in g * . C a p s , in e n d lc e e iu w o r t m e o k p l a i n o r fancy*. E v e r y t h i n g in s h o r t , t h a t a m a n w a a t t lo r o u t - o f - d o o r w e a r fo r S o m m e r m a y be fo u n d a f o a r WIFE BEATER T im BY MOB New Jertty Town Resoiis to Mob Law to Hive Jst- t i c i Done. Iwv rt «4x»ni:is* naii«» j IlflirX IE T tlN N J Juoe ? The nitihral <«xeUrcE»er.t prevail* here I mtwwtCjr fl I a twHevetl Ih** Hastth ALL TBE UIBST IN STRAW MIS. W.J.GRAFF&G0.,3il Central Am Store Open Evenings. >rtl oi Ib is pliww wa.* Ivorheil eitsU* hy * tout, las* ctljh* |\. m>e«l n « ^ are tmnariKt «be «*<**{, »d,trijf fov Alfoevl and ihev »*p»e* i.» Cxi hl» bo d j avwinglng fr*«a a lev* MTseO law*t wen rUDml wa* to the hstHil* (d a tnnb o f wblterapw w ) k > had itragSTii h.-Jtn io m »<in,! iw«. mile* feen here and U r m l atai fealhenr.t him and iaudtnl btra let.. itj«pn«,»d'.u w llh borssewhlp* The* ma.ie Ibreal- T jf-tT O tito g tn»l It >. purtsnw wma t a r r ic i .rat* AifnnI U* ahnti* «£» re»r»\»!d ll«« wife d i d three day* ajpt. her death hetry allrilm ted tn» heating which her hn* baad Is » s iii te have Inflfvtesl upi«i her •Alford ha* been anfacrrahl, bnown a* a w ife lieatcrin thl*TietnUv f.n«pvr.*) mean* Xeljrhl»w* rharge that irhcin ih» wtKtBan wa» at the pe n t «.f dealt. hssband Irvaled be' r >. w 1 .c.:c|[, MASOmC OFFICERS In New York State Named for the Eneuing Year by Grand Master Mead. NEM Yi»RK Jnw '' W Me-atl i.ran il M a *'r- ' the state »r New \ ..rk aim- folUnrinf? grrantt *»f!?*t‘rxa ^ r * ,* * r.Acsirt(r vrar f haplaiin% tr© W ater New % *,r ■ i i i t i i t A i i i t i A l i l A A f t •ii-l It is Reasonable W h e n y o a i n s i d e r th e s iz e o f th e t t o d k w o c a r r y ; th e fa c t th a t w e im p o s t iiir o c ^ a n d th e o l d . e s t a b lis h e d g o o d r e p u t a t k w o f t h is fir m To State O u r Prices Are Lowest * o n C r o c k e r y o f a i l k in d s , L a m p i r • C h a m b e r S e t s . T a b l e S e ts o r o d d p f e c a t. Y o u c a n a ls o s u p p l y y o u r ta b le h e r e w i t h S il v e r w a r e , C a t G la s s o r a n y t h in g in th ® J lin e o f fm c C h in a . Joseph Nelson & Co. 106 TO 112 C E N T R A L A V E N U E T . f , , r tc W ater New helmer. Eki.«t t,rv«-ni.ii«.'. H iittrivk, .* Iloini ■and VI ar»ha J*nj»- V Itn-vUrtl .n-i —1 llcarr-r | r*ri-l STVT.r.l ( Urand Vfar*ha Hnusic Fsllw. i.ia-i t*lilltp Kerlc .Inlm-i'.” Hearer .V*'. H»r»».urv4lU friand MewanU ll«r>wr< K llugrlet Albany thar'i-* K **herTO»i John •» Uallenm--,<-r .tr T-mawandt I Builder and | I Contractor, | * Speaai aiienuon *tren <•'— - <■ Kestdeece Baildtcg >AirrnifG. APER HANGING. and all other *rork that sboulA be done byy a first-classi b a f i P A I N T B S ^ J| Such is 8 WM. I. HARVBY, 8 314 S*ran St, Draoghtsnian. Mitectural -.riiw . lirand 9 ibwhewter , J Pbtns of all descriptioa* fumtshed • DD abort nottre at reasonable prices. • : DR. G3EO. E . BLAOEH a ISC, aaD O T S iiBZXT. n ™ v ™ w s Benj. F. A ld rich :iPHY8ioLaSM^’R9E*» James T. Hanrahan Albany. John, ■ I.X!VV. Elmira. Ytr-di-nvU l i Stnilh. ^ ~ Goriicwiter. Wm .1 Jm-km.an !.,< George f Y'o*. ItufTalo The family of the late Mrs. Evalyn IlavcB vviikh t<> thank Uie many friends and neigh lures who so kindly a.*.*isted during their recent sad hereavcnient F r f i , t). FI a V e * nwvpjr Bern* for Xale. New seven (7) room house. No. 71.1 Deer street. W 4 OsI 0 ». .A bargain. For particulars apply to Stapfs Real Estate Agdtttyy, ► —Wanted, a girl for general hotwe- work. Enquire at. 30 C Washington PE-NO-LIA SANDWICHES A d a i n t y , ta s t y n u t fo o d . N u t - S a n d w ic h e s a r e h e a l t h f u l, a p p e ­ tiz i n g , s a t is f y in g , g o o d . J u s t th e th i n g fo r L u n c h e o n s , T e a s ^ D i n n e r s , P i c n ic s , a n y tim e . . C. AHRENS A SON

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