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Dunkirk evening observer. (Dunkirk, N.Y.) 1889-1901, December 28, 1889, Image 3

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I!: t O P m I ■ 4s. ry, Etc. m c e n o a t e e k a . t t l i e in g . I t ’a> f u l l a n d td ’l i n tS i - •ifta UCll t h e a n y 0.M i I i COAL ilUIMiTAPSALT. p,,!. Midhollund <& Co. TELKPU«»NE no . 69. f prni«0 s \ t l Kl>AV. DEC. 28, 1889. ' THE ATHJL2T0N5; VM r o K .\N I> V A N Q U I S H E D . JIY MAUY CECIL rtAY. ' Ilafl ('iiflf (1 IjappUjr, a! any rate,” ha witli an anxious gaze. ■ It htuj eiulfil as I nerer dared to Ijupn tliut U would end,\ sho aiiswored. ■ •• rhauk you for being glad for us, Sir He fe lt then Jmt a shade dlscomfttod; It was not for “ ns” ho bad been glad. He had only rojoicod exceedingly to loe Luia’s face without that look of misery which it had worn all day. Ho lingered bu»iile Mrs. Esdoilo’B carriage. longing U- Bay more, yet entirely at a losa wh.nt t.. »ay, as he hod ruruly been in hia life liefonx Here I am. NeiP,” 'put \ Here I am, Neir,” ' in Miuriorio, to the reecne. *' Nou^ p u t mo in tho hn-ugliam to your motnar. I knowjBho’a tired <)i waiting ; and tbo peculiarity of lire to be put if thov less, almost. 1 tired of waiting ; women Is, that they requi tlemon into oa igs. Noil. I’r . . m my OTeat anrpriao,” she o d d ^ , tam ­ ing with him, after her bright littio nod uitu Mrs. Esdailu’a carriage, \ 4 t the rapid growth of the twin c a ^ rica’ halTes. Why, they must Iiavo been in a botched since I saw tliem last, when they were ol (jiiito onlinary dimeuniona.\ “ I should not like to aoe thorn pricked,'' langhed Nefl. “ I shonldi it wonlrl lie snob a pleas­ ant reminder of tuj doll days. I’ve been us weak as nsnal^ Neil; Fvo promised to go homo iVith your mother for to­ night.” '‘That’s kind, dear,\ ho anaweied, fwlding a shawl about his mothor, and rt'ceivmR placidly the pi ' ' ■mile with whioh she rew| And BO, one\ after an<>t riages dmvo away, and *bo crowd dia- Bolved m! a manner qaual iriHx Ofowds, and as uiexplioable as the gr<}at problem whioh has to do with tho disappearanep of pins. There was hiddly a sound of tho day’s, exeitemo^t lieiird; in the room where Qerord waited: for the tan npon tho street deadened all sound of passing wheels, and the bnstliiig,bangiy demands had hardly yet beg'iu to disturb €ho quiet of the hotel. The twilight of tho March evening was creeping siowly down uimn tbo btujy town, when tho biuidlo of the door was turuM with an unsteady awkwardness. and Gerard, watching and waiting, saw the door opm h» admit J e t’s sradl tlgure and pale, eager face. “ Dadl oh, dmll ” - Sneh a cry it was I bo hill of love, and longing, and overwroiight escitem eut; yet suodued, as wero all the child's words and actions now. Ttiem was an utter fiQenoe in the room. Tho boy’s parewom, anxious little face Was hidden oh the man's broad breast, and tlie , froc.d at last,, X S . ^ ^ ^OVffliTfW n lb« M wmmi liAristMMs. ecuASTojr. Dae. tlm n p i ^ o t f m H tl« if t k W eompaayli eolUwiw ao4 oC six u tb» Dsfawar# airt Iffslta i f^M P y H Iron company, workins «>• Brls raUruad \inci of F onrtCily, QittmiM u d FkiM at Valley, with nearly S,000 workmao. bn-r* Shut iHimi. iBdlTWBUl QpfntO fim tkrdOth tha valby. tiaahL to saam ^ a ts. hnrv also onlsrsd a. sb u t^w n uata the U |d | condittflu i r t IrnttouL H mm la* dividual collieries number n doaro or mors and avaragt 250 n e a sod boyi Mnploysd s t web. The aunounarroent \ wm also made Thursday that malal compimpany Can co shutdown hftee half it oparates Pl^rnoutb. tfaa will, Dalawara and Hi I, |i«U i« e u d o f t iM ' -of ita coUlerlsa, about one- batwaen Carbondal# and ing of these company werks and thf indlvWusl mlpcf will c « um of upward of iS.( tbi» namber is a\ th« idkniM and boys, and to r too - qutta likely t be added a harrs. and the S u s q a s ^ a C ^ l ^ m p a ^ in the Wydmlng re«on. Only theatilTsat of winter Weaper can bring a rsactkm and start tha Intues going. A promlpsiil coal denier said that the trade was Xisvsr in so ttsgnsnt a condltlpn u It Is u prm n t. and the year will doss with nearly 3,ogO,POO toag less outpnt than fa 188a A GAY OLD BIGAMIST. Hf lcstss n i i Wirt tnd Tw»lM CMldrM for n Pretty Arksnsas SSlss. Bx. Locia, Pt(c. 28. —Mictiael Bolsod, U m ' buiband of a Louis wlfa and tha fathar of twelve St. L oom children, hss been located St Bright Star, Ark., spobdinf; ,a laccpid honeymoon wfth a 16-year-old brlda. eral months ago ^ lan d , who Is a lalxwsr, left this city fa go to Bright Star sum ! work on tbo levee. Bhprtly after bis aniTal tbsrs his wife ceased to hear from him, and thTaa weeks ego recdviKl a letter from a man sign­ ing himself “Brown,\ and clrimiat (^b# sheriff, saying h(v Bnshand had got fafa a quarrel whllO In a '^ itf on the Arkansas livrr and been killw'. Mrs. Boland pttf' In a claim for 1150 In- turaoce on bis Ufa. The inimmnoe company proceeded to fnvest^te, and a lattar written thsrabiougTitaiwthaf frtgn 8hfrl#B»Wn, saying Boland had been knookjxl o«t of ^ skiff end floated ddwn stream when ba wsS picked up by a steanwr and taken to New Orleans, dying in iBd hospital. Tba Naw Orleans autboritlw ‘ wera communkatsd with,ith, butut replied thathat oo sudsds patlanlat___ bad w b replied t no su p ____ been there, Tha poHco wera called on and locqfcd Boland at Bright Star baeklag ta tbo smiles of a young brtdn UrI. Boland will sue for dJvo«w and tba old man will ba prosecuted for bigamy. KOaots of the IXig^ Wind. AvsTlRDAif, N Y., Pan. lA—Tlia amonnt of damage done by Thursday's storm la tbs aiobnwlc vallsy will mvnormt to many thon- mnd dollars. A number of buildinp in thb dty were unroofed. Including sevaral knit­ ting milts and tbs largo ft» houMs ol Btsb- bins & Stewart. The tiuter Iqaaleover il.OOQ. At Gloversvllls a larga school houas ws4 roofed. Several dwellings in that village were also unroofed. Many farmers’ build­ ings In tba Mohawk valley have beau proa- trated by the wind. At Rockton a dwaQiBf was struck by lightning and badly damaged. Trees end fences fa tbs country have beeh blown dou’n In every dlrsctton. Tha resi­ dence of fainc Place~atGloversvUla Was ooin- pletcly dcmnllabivl. The chute of tbe 8cba- npctady Tohpggan cluh across tha river from Hcltenectndy, fa tho t(>wa of GlMiviUe^ Wae A Drugalat’mratMl I W atektowm , N. emour. Hr. Law,t>iieo Valkenburj Enwr. Dec. 88,—AO8k-At‘C Q oot * 8 Hr. Lawr ci>iii«ty, John D. Van- !>urg lies dfiid; having' taken a deadly liBon by mistake. Mr. VanValkenborg 0.1 sii(r>Ting Bovsrsly from basdsohe end ent to Froil La rack’s drug store and asked r Qvo grniiiit of “ahtipri ire bia bsailacbe, Dr. Ho 1 wore tight • t l ^ \ — tho yonng voioe was tlio first to break tho eilonoo-—• • will you come with grandmother and me ? ” ••Not to-night, ladOie.” Ah! what Joy it Was to the shy, tendur-hearted child to hear tho old pot name oncp more I *' Bat 1 will come bnok to yoiu\ *• When, father ? ’* •• Not father, door,” the yonng man said. “ Don’t yon remenibox that atory which wo leoniod off by heart ouu night t ” ‘♦J mjwt Bfy ‘father,’ ’’ whiapeml tho boy, -wistfully; •* Mrs.—I mean, granny, aays^ t may. Father, she’s so good to \ I know it, laddie; I sow it to-day,\ And Oerard’a'beautiful worm eyes w«ro looking s t r a i ^ t into the child’s, with a laughing light in their deptlis, just as they used to- look ko often in the old busy, happy, struggling times. “ And doesn’t it make you proud to have an English history to read at last? But, listen—you mustn’t be deluded onoagh to fancy that yon will find the stones there exootlyaa I used to toll them. Beal historians are apt to forget tho port9 I used to tomomber.\ Jet’s soft, loag-forgotfan laugh good to hear. “ Yon made- lota of them ub. dad, I can guess, now, by your oyea; b u t—but I cau never read the big history that — that — &Cra. ' Jolfrey used to r-ad, because—bocRuso that very simo night, dad, when I was sitting no miserable by tho no” to taka to la error of gomo ona, gave him five gralag “aiithroplne,” a di^diy poison, instead of “antlpri-eno.\ At 9 O’clock fa the evening Mr. VanViilknnhurg took hU mmliclns and tiun clerk. vra» out of waited ou V'auYalbcnburg and by It) ribla error of gomo ona, gave him firs almost immsdlatsly beosmo tarrtbly Hi. Drs. McPnlls, AJIon and Drury w«rs st c called fa and dul ovorythlnjf poiw 10:S0, juAt two and one-half hour ing tho Usndly done, be d|od. A r’nvertx Atrfelc«n iltat«a B ismarck , N. D , Daa 28.-OQvernoe Mii« lotta snya South Dakota will ba conipeilsd to close up nome of ber InntlCutlons. Tbs re- its of tho state will fall short of tbs ex- ire are a nilmbor of scboole that In North Dakota Malktti .1 dad, when I was slttiah miserable by tho tee, she—granny, I m ean-burned i t ; burned it all, every numbea-, one after another. 1 know athy now, but I waa frightened then.” •• N<iw go, dear lad, to g ranny,\ Tho young man’s voide was gent*® with nn untold gentlenufia, and tha child’s face—so -^ t f o l ana Borrow- pensea Then can be closed, said tba couditions were mors favorabls. but that was not laying much. Gorariiof Miller, fa bis message to tbs Isgislators, spdL mated tb« ctefleiency for ttia first year at f IA5,h70 and called altentton to \titb libipwtc tive iumm I and im p o r one* o t tb® strie tssa economy In til iIpj*rtm»ot» of tlw new state.” Huhsequsnt tlerelopmeate ar^ fig­ ures show that the governor undtirvtood e prohnh;- ileflcienoy and that tha outlook little better than bankruptcy if' tba govsr- nor’g ad VICO h not followed. • 6hot Uls Cueeswfal tttvaX. E aston , Pa., Oac. 28. —On CktisCiuiHi rooru- Ing Rush Allller ahd Anna MUJw of O n s s ^ nine inilfri east of Btroudsburg, wsfit to Col­ umbia and were married. lo tbe afteruixm they returnevl, aiid while tbsy were wtlking along tba public road bae|c of MrihaU*a creek UUIer was shot fa tbe back by John VT. ■ay- iiirii 7Bum nun wbowii | i i | i with MtW Milter, wbo rajectset. hiss Several. weeks aga The cut shotgua and tevcral girl on the nrra ead face, slbcbtlx woanding her. Millar In IcH^ J^w condlBon Msd M it thought he wilt A^jNeover. Buydec left the uslgbfforlH^'jn^ many think ba has gone .to Brpvkiyiv wii Tfi'i whert b« cama from. A L l # L g o r g y s g y t h i h q . ait rateof aicpaiefoii {n ««« ----- ------ .^ l o a e o n s t r l c t o r U telly g o t looso to u I f a w J o r V a n laM r taw p B j, aBd eqaaoMM} ••4 awalfowid k iastcM d by • iw a^w id A t £ i « 4 k | ^ f y . , • iKwiuit thU VM bt* gucLlalSil boa juat beeo setitled. Xt n - . ao&atiesJeaierdorttgo. XVwmgl|»VaJ- lejr bajTi (kdirud i l i iq U m of fencea a # seaay wsa%hX^ kulikUag?*, loav- ingmorfi ipaw focoiffi^fiff Vitmlal^B, C„.Is eatdto b« iW dnUoat city in K<mh fiusli;<6«« men sect down to tlioir offlrti gt I p. m , and Icavo at 4 A fter that tho tow n is coimpbiteljr do. TMXilMoftb«*o«nvaa on wbicli Millet painted. “L ’Angelas.” lha fannoas BllO.flOO picture', I t by I iic I igi . Tbe pgiot- lag was t ^ d for at the rate of C3M.0S per aquara ln||h. A SCBl^a for batohlng pairtridgea for stocldog Moatgomory County, IPX., Is to be put In oifemloii by the 0am« Frotective Associativa of that county. The egga will b« bOugkl in large quantUlea and tmtebed In arUflcMl incabetors. AnUXItA A!fD HiJlIAM tera, whn^pmmlttcd suicide tbe other day In Jtcksdh Couhty, W. Va., loft a letter bearing t^ih Ibair BiKBatorca bii which they ■*“*“ * “ \H ihoy wore tJixU of lllfo, as tboro UK I d it for old maliila that was RacgNt; Storms havo washed thonwinds of tons oCi^alta dawn upon farming landa fa the Tlclnill^ of Bnnbnry, Pa., and a number of rgnueid havQ taketr legal iiction to re­ cover damages from the Mineral Hfaiog Company,^he Philadelphia (t Itteadlng rail road and tnhor operators. Tmiut |laa been a eompotlttoa among ■tenogra|iieri to deddo how mahy wordi oaa be written on a postal card. Bytv.»nas Jwnofc of Richmond, V b ., ha» taken the prize by WrtUng 86,m* words. Mr. Jonca la a sp^ftluind writer employea by the BrighUKioRaQwayCJoiniHyiy of Rkamobd. A n arti^lan well la North Clity, a aubprb of S l MgusUDO, Kla., la saidi to have the largest ^ w sf any artesian well fa tt world, (t Is an eight-Inch well! and ita fio exceeds ^ highest' expcctaBeins, From measurement. m%du-by-Dr, J. K. Rainey U flow exi^ds 8,(i(J0 gaflunB per mfnutjj, i ovOT Il,iDo,a06 gatlooi averj? bweaty-fot OAMrstio . lArg* pimp at tbo Adiroodudu contains about fom acres. The slaepin madta SMO all in separate tonlts,^ l Iog-roont|aod dkftpf-rooct beiing la a very — My tog cabin overhanging tin» lake. In pUco Is an artkiUa ctiildreos* play- le,<^ s4dkd la anotheriotber a perfectlyril rolled out la g^wbla of naueb k iza^. about fOfty acres. The slaeping apai 1 d dttilpg foo hpus a la w a pe __ , , tennis coArt shaded hgr lofty bilrchea. Tba otablea afe near. A QnMAir petusQi who «rrtv«3 ai-CMUe Qurdeo tttceoUy wlti bla pockM bad been told by am epugriti •gent tl]lK gold was so- plenty iln this coun- tkat ipeopi® fave guldeo try that Ipeopi® gave guldeo »rtol thetr c l ^ r e a to play with and Irtmi oarrfhgsa, (Madkiii the prociias mStaL Ho therofsra sold llttla plapo, bought a Uukot foir Now Yi and gavfra farewell feast to bin nelghbc lings ao«f strests wi Ho therofsra named llogoi polished too b b® sent bock. Z n iairis aa old mau In Washingu ed Rogor Evans, wbo claims to bat wnplisb boots of every Pruai Jackson.ackson, Ho t tb« tlma of J at times to resort to i Isb bis designs oo itiva. Up to a foiw ittlent since baa llieeu obliged osort to peculiar dovtces t designs oo tbo shoes of a now i woekis ago ha bad on’s fret, and in an In ({round, and ~bad bad bap- [amson had to submiit. .. beeq oble^to captura Bandsui Iml he OMi tho Presideat onp day re«»i about a block from tbo WhiteBousi riaon'B shoes i ’• shoes wore very dusty, slant Evans bad his bux ou tbo... before the President reaUzed wiUat bap- ponod ha4 begun to wield his IMushcs vig­ orously. ^Hi E.sca4|L Hnenuj cent of Piko's Peal tbd sxporietico. Miu. \ LE OF PROMINENCE. I'esTica Fi i.i4tn's bandvirttiu) as tho \'wurM that could pusstbly Qa.sca4L BnenuAA rocoutly made tbo i nervous dread of reporters. J ak Oopiln says that for the iSrat year of hlfiiaarriedlU® h® Uvad oa |lOO, got up st daybrsaki west to church every Banday, bo 4 wM M ha{)»y <u a hoM (wifibyitMiB m svreecetofer. K m . E disom sUckB to ber biihtm i Ilka a shadow. 8b® ts slways at bus elbow ta Wtifklag lours, with book and p4acU, taking down blii Ideas and expedmenits. Bhe Is. la fact, a helpmate ‘ bis abtlUlas. every way worthy of Upper and hanili Ma. SroaoxoN, tba wall-know* Lqudao ;her, has a bOBatlful residiinca a t El«U- a r Norwood, with extensive grounds ulsomo t?ooscrvstorlos. A sUver (jrom the Queen precious bousetiold gods. Tki IstaChleMustice Wgita was skveol when ba died. Justice Bn two when ba died. Justice BnuUay Is seTenty-AT(4 MattUaws slxty-fumr, Usdsa flftyflve,, Blatcbford slgty-eigb^ Ofiy sixty, rtald sereoty-two, Mllllir ssTSklfk two and Lmnar slxty-threOL game of iHUUrda. Vutm S f ^ i i ^ r i l J t i ^ about iC,JiaaMi alsoost aaybody tm regular tosdd give turn i Ihemmssdof Ipectobte •COI& i praetiM rtl ta oraod rece, WhUh*®!’* Ws-'Uini tJ 7 l thbi B atavis T r Y., Deel 23.-Wll»ani of Buffalo, held, tffakeioan on a west) “doubte-h(^fli\ on thii Cbntral ralli ul u»w that that night had! bea »lled—waa --------’ “ jre6»ed°(MicQ inoro ia ince to his own. Ifev , J e t y m d r i r - iway to Ohttroh- P' silence to his ov A few minutea after that^ ing along tho dusky highwa^ ________ ill, his tired bend gt rent apuA niuid* mother’s arm, as she sat u p r i i ^ t ^ her oorapi of the fly, oubeut and saeraiogly ’iinlieildftblo, but with a strauge new weakness g littering'in her eye®. Add Uui OoloQdl and Qocard flat to­ gether in the inn. \ ’niiitk bettor of fliia decision, 8pen- dir (tho old nanto slips ont, you a ^ ) ; como with 03 to-night, and wa will let you leave again whenever you choose, oven to-morrow, if you wish it. Como and spend this evening with .■‘ I the young man answered. •with graira dociaion. “ T he wish is kind, . but o&n I ovcm cxpl#£ii why,*’ »ind that,” put Ui fee Sla-h^fS\ foupfltobs|tttfd\ff \h the arrivsl trbtohsf* 'm e n f ln s , was ssnt baris and him abauC half a miU thBild.td(’^ j ^ by tbs ilds of tb« track and ahdw oolamn. It fs suppeMd that .whUeJMhlhg out of tha gangway ta ss® if tba trMs wak all rigbS ha was Struck on tilt back 0< ihfl brad by tbs water colnmn and Instaatiy killnd. Colby wwi 18 years old and Uvwl with bis p< nne, Buffala s parequ on FiUmor® av®- \la°* Xa4a«axa tai D o «C®(B. r, Dte SRk-Bo«to Of ®ct< bsBfl ta inaka i B® ta. food oC tba igton house Is Mid itgns of Ycrsallies » wulls ore covered ledsUki RMufB Is fVaacs toQ^ der, afler’toa stylo® of Louis XYl and old moatera, g^d tberu U an abundaioco of Opbe- iln tapestfy bung about. Mas. oJoHom O oclo boa tbccredltof first iatroduciriv into this country title foabicn- able tan l^eda shua® which aro now so pop­ ular. Mr^^ U ouh I bus a curious fauay for tso-coiored, garmont.<i, and it Is said that mors thasi half of her extensivis wardrobe Is devoted! jto drotsea t&Mlo up la tbsteotor. “ BuTVAt^ Biu.’s’* ratkNi |s Hotmtad oa tha North Plaila, ta Nsbrsaka, amd* coatslas uaarly fi^OdO seres of fine lahd.' Ifr. Cody hasabouttoOhuadof thofoughllm} borsaa 9,000 or 3.(XX> head of oattfa Hla raat- denoe is a big frame bouse near the raB- road. on (ho roof of which la palntad la l ^ e tottorii^ “Cokmel W. F. Cody (‘Buffalo lul;®’ Ranche,*^ aod ©ter It arery BUI’) Bcoi day Aoate a big Aa^aritieosuOflOeo mche,”' aod c A - - msdlealoarp H la no rxiggsrstlon to say tbera ara ^,000 in and Broaad Boston. Bo many W««e Knd strsoS railroad amplaysa ~ 7of C tlsdlh ';M a lly o to ^ h e flM e ,C o l. StUM tj 1 ^ c“ pdth-nor oan I ovon explain wl planati n. But I tnu-t you will re ! aider your decision; we' shall oU bo I glad to toko you home with us.” I “ Not yet,\ Bsid Gerard, with ! neae which he strongly fought against. I have a stain npon my name, and—. l and the burden is one I can onW bear alohe, A stain upon jut name, I laid 1 rWhat name have X ? ^Vho can imagine, jaftar that scene in court to-day, that I have any name to call my own—or my ^ t to r ’^ C<d. Stuart, can 1 nao my ireodo^. u ntil J have won ng Q{9 BWO wo inherit ? T ^ t is my ffrst work. ” •• But this id abaurd, Spendir \ ex- claiuiol the Colonel, Bomewhat. hotly. ” Ymi are fit now only to reeLanj uie^p; ^ 1 — Have you eaten anything to* down.wftb it that tbe cumpaay i to open up anotbsr skatrical routa to pot oq tba day advertised. F' and s h y prUouarB in the Hensa b® disease. Hamlet* Merry Ohristm u to all. Hr. Holmea. from Oherry Creek, of the firm of Lapbam d; Holmea, insiir ance agenta, visited their patrons In this vicinity on Friday laat and a cslen dflr for 1890 was the tcault. In consequence o f tho high wind and storm of tbe 20ih Instant. Beveral sraiil| fires took place in the neighborhood.” viz the chimneys hiirnlDg out. Noiqii* oua d a m a g e r e s u l te d . D. n UroQspu and wife of Forcatville, vlaltcU friend! in this flection iBjit week. and Pearmon’earm Butchel^ (broth- o n _____________ led what known a® : Markham, farm, of Mark nttoOO. anaweralj abeenlr have.-* liQagry, bo I «nppoee I j I to be the Tanner consideration ttoOO. Newt rvachqs tbia place from Lincoln, Nob. of the fleriona illneM of Ruth A. w ilkof H. P. OoraelJ, formerly of tlirt ‘-two. alck with a cancer. Masters Glen. P. Wgite.W’m. H. Lew*. OFthy, lErncat M. . Corey, and o th e n wbo h ave been attending ibe Normal School at Fredbnla ara home for a va- #l}oaxhrodf|i l h i hp)jl4#yi. . . • B r i g h t * 8 D i s e a s e s A T®a.Tiitr.OM Cklld Hatsd AHWP MM Fidlar® mC Fwue JMhyolahuw. Mytiuiariifi.t'n fw * of « m UMm sick It lueb. tm with wArkd fjfsr. Whra noavwIM a* took • c4rra-> cofa. wbt<^a drralcurcd BtiahtW gMMa eftboliidtwira Sfev ■aklw.f^ fs>i mm teniUr |iroltta i tiiabsd s bunUuk fsvw. sad Ul tteeTTopfoiiae ei s* wanw»W*.WW \C krtilWr® . j M mwm , Fsi#sf stvtodfiffMMMfliiltiaMlMi hat wUbout ieeawa. itaA H e r t r f * w a s D « « p « lr«d o f . ' Satamether^ lavs sad ptsyws ww wMit s t tm - aoltiM. uid 1 ^Mwaxtswil to try Dr. PatrM KMOMey** l!TotiteRrmh]f,rMMlostRoadaat,N«T. TMswie a bat resort, sad IboiwislthotHdsSKilimi® Isaak , tf(M eass vs® a vary mtsts oaa, -thsfl tha XavarUa. Ibmhiy w ^ iM forhav «hst WlMiwefwskNn' tihoM e®adJttaa had oel htaa. mmmktiir. so hays Sfliw hapiEr I aw « »t t ia-4oas4laiWfai®asmii>MMaaea>s«Witlhla. aib»fArwlafth«a>-termCT.«»ataiprirrWI ■Saaslasa MxroKsdflinMtort UBM.MMI OM by M l U m wili SaowwsaddrasdMoywatassaattliakllwsaalMSfcaft, Wertefan to«prw »mT$a»*Xtm4)t.mAX ■■as Itta® liMsatiymefamiaiillw Timrila Bwsadr. JIWM A M IARVELOU3 R E C O V E R Y . O r . K i • «C Oaa. jr«n»TDW3r, IT. XrPta^lWr-A^-|»i#inflr •Mtx'pkartii'«M«lT»l i a i ^ B M h b ^ w i lbt8aeoadii%r»®a;ak ahwat 30 aMadkX—S' oftlBOaad s 4 s 4 « m i y H a t f l a M a k a r . mm taaaate of tha p l a ^ ahwat th® hedy. SCwnOw mm m, ttmmmmmr, Hmxnm, Tasa., Dacasi—MaatMl Thetaas, eook of tka Maaastr Coboeeaae, qaamded wtta rumry Trio*, m ro—tebo®^ ■llei b b w liirt,iiil ittbhid k l H l i t k throat, kniiac bim. Tkooiaa rl«l— tkat Tries imultea him. THE MARKETS Nzw Tooa. Paa Sh Ksw; Inantd at I par cent, at t!» ckw riw tanL^. tb* towos rote or tli* Car. Th* hlc»®rt Kxchuga dotad weak oa aceoust of tlw « Cioued Uebca*** of tnoamy Tb* po*t*l nu< however. sn» aoebsoged. vt* fl-fliocm, scti nsUa. fur slxly dtrs. sad |i#l QormnneiKa dosed ateadjr; rsiraacT H I Md bcoup. l«?V4h5d. SHadu lOiRUi PaclSe railroad t>uad* ekMd a* r.jIlowv Vmtam •ncs, Littibvli do lisktsa raadA 1U, d® (batrok 113 hid. ________ K»w Xork t*r*dM® Rxelwiasr®. Nsw Y«aa, Dae. A FLOtJR-noaad dull asd unchacgad {wtardAf Fto* (rod** tnaum. S3 UwASu-. do .prma, SlEtoS ItQ: do luprfflaa miatmt. sprtaa. fXI9Ctf<C •’swa Ko. f wteW. finQX 19; do .prtiic. 50(S.xa> m ra No, I wtab*-. gt IBO do spflax, |319H45I1- eUf taCl axirsA | 4 \ SO- euj taCl axirsA I W«s ladlna Boothera Boor do i]*aaduauu famtlramsiv aziroazxraa S3.C0.O4.san^^avu. atoadj. fcro f o ao WIIKAT- opcloai were wily tnoderstetr Uadad In and •teoUssa «er* without foAtura ktuetoa. Uooa wera coaOisad will,In non ow Umtta sad tb« narket ctoMd about Iflakl'j tower fipot iols Cluaod weak Spot stla* of Sa ! red ■Inter. S<M to Ko. So. 3 rad. Bit« to esc, TO toSto. OUKN-Opsiona wera tctiia bat prIcM flucta oted oolr sJUchUy and ciooed at otxwt ‘tkuiaday’i prtcaii. Hpot h>(s i liMcd stradf Hpot saiel of No t mized. S3.t4-.A4lc. oteataor w-r— STtO to as?^, ateamer wbiic. S»1^ OA'TSt <ptiooa I were mui-rately octl, _ ■teady oad V®c bisber for ancoa mootha Spot ciowd artner. S|«4 aaUMi of ho I white, No S do. tic. Ko. I Gatxed. Sdc So Beauty Ik daalrad aad adaslred by alL Amoni, tb* UilBfa Which nay heat be done to swkasoa p«rsooat A beauty la tbe daily tua of Ayer's IlMr h . Vigor. No nutter what tba color of tha hair, Uda prepa­ ration gtrae It a tua. tre and pliancy tlu l adds greatly to i u ebarm. BboaUIthe ludr be thin, ftarsh, dry, or toroioi; Rray. Ayerii H a ir Vigor will m tore tb® color, bring out a new growth, and rauder the old soft and shiny. For keeping tbo scalp clean, cool, and bealtby, Uiere U no better preparstioa In the market. I am free to ronfMts that a trial of Ayer’s Hair Vigor lias conrincetl me that It Is a gonulno artlcla-.. Ite two tuM not only caused tho hair ol my wLfo and daughter to bo Abundant and Glossy, < bnt tt hat given m r rather stunted mns* tacho a rrapertebfa length and appear­ ance.” — U. UrUtou. Oakland. Ohio. '* My half wat coming oat ( willtotil any ossUtoare {rum my vrtfo. ettbar). 1 tried Ayer'S Hair Vtg»r. using only one bottle, and I now luve at ana a head of hair as any on* rv.nl.1 wl*h for.** —R. T. Schmlttoo. Ulcksun. Teno. * “ I havB uaed AVer's Ilalr Vlg«»r In my family for a number of years, and re- card It as the bent hair preparation I know of. It keep® the scalp clean, lha hair soft and lively, and prcaeiiraa Ih® original color. My wifo has olid II foe a tong Mtao with ro««t sattefactorpr re- ontts.'* — Iteulamln U, Johknaon, M U , ThOssaa lUlI, Mo. I •'MybaJrwaabecontlBKbiiriltiHiddrTi hat after oaing half a bottto at Aywra Hair Vigor It grew black and glossy. I Cannot expvaiM the h»y •to’l gralituda X fast.**—Mahal Q- IJuudy, LXalavan, IIL * !Ayer’s Hair Vigor, >»J»AltaD BY D t . j . C. Ay®r fle Co., LowaH, Maas, •old by DcontsSs aad ratftaaera. Prof. Lolaette’s MEMORY IIS 0 iV I X Y AMI TtAjMlNM METNOI AH’, OtTir A tonal^ Xhs^savacfiiUtofSgp. fT\ ■M dlreese,! aad detlvenKS bTtlw tHMriet At- . wl ^ osm aiidoiier S'AS’clSfSS'KSy. wt: and all Joatk^ol tlwi other ^ f s wbo havila 'Paris Exposition, 1 8 8 9 . P c c i r S obtained the only gold medal awarded solely for toilet SOAP^h competi­ tion with all ■the world. Holiest pssibk distinction ^ hditoltlstd him before leaving Lli what you want by t^urd known shoei thif irc osSt fnuS boy shoes thst have no ojtme and ~ I izifed to r 8obd»- shoes wlthotd ------ - ----- - ------------------ J are jui a dflfect to ths Factory for you can gel |iL Deatea* make more profit on u«- M thtraforaslo not be inducted to ■ A b a te W . Is. I> g u irla8’ a sure to get fUll value (br formed, as rov shoes a r t nWuSe In a great Variety Of widths, sixes and half sixes. I fuarantrt a fli, prompt fkfirety and perfect sAtlirtctloii or money refunded upon Ktum of Ute shoes in good coodltloa. w . x,. XMMxaxjkh, sy—,., W. L. D a U C L A S SHOE asa*SSi«sa. selamsewa Omm w m W9mr «Mi I m C me tw 9 M i n i o f oorntnu.* ahead ssdMhy iMeMra thwtAca net wawaiJBted au etharM »«. etyUaJk, Iwcter fltttea a»® •«> t t gf vwa heMargeateral aattafaestoa. •Mb ftShT®ti»er»liilMi«yf»rthaeenaBmer. •tis- xalasaldAy sises» iaalsra thraaabuat Tth. l^grMsHsa®a®®afadeeteveerit. A!aaeaa!.ha*atfk*had hy say « •Su SlatM b e e h latheirerM ,i 9 2 5 5 ^ t S S w l ^ * * ' ieimhetmtmma th a j m ^ r u m h*fllawiMI.Se h®.«r,.|A»#|s^Q|i9(my «t Kxwdtaaaa. S 3 ; o o S M ^ ^ i S a £ ^ . i a s w « x , . £ itidrk sMwQv'jVDronmqmwmATOo&rrjtomMaTomjiim. a l i C a l i W i l W i H W t l Omm P^wiil wewkiairtfipiavrskcwcTWFildat thepnee. J l S I t e Q C ? ^ ' i P t ^ l E l f U It lha to s t SclKXjlSkos Is Bia world. S1.7S SH0teSSWA2’£SJfeSSr'*'“''\*~‘‘*'“ ’' ■*“ _______ ______ J V f c o i . a X aHsto la Ca*tia»itlkd«in sad W. L. DOU&UtS S3 UNO $2 SHOES Both Ltdke’SlKwt ir t Kuik rtifmboM I to?. tschM|isi|bagshM.«fid IhCJ}. SLaw l o m f O f x a u iw a r «*«»**• I^2S1 i .’ F O R 8 A J , K B Y W . a H E T T S B E & C G . trsaryieeat.faiiiaairt.. It4 ' SrECHAL NCmCKS “WagiMNn* laraai raadu** T ub CaxAT CiaauASi Utxac F ood . Fna igFAJtmi Api»CHiii<f>tii}i-A raUiit4» |g«V v ii.ipii.ip» »-A - A platlDX!ri etnirtihicg food. DTnj-xmtw—I’slstshteaad ossUy dl- roR l p Fo^DTW xmrw- I’sl Foa T u t .VOCD-A Strtsclhaalrgdehdoili For sate h r all dniy g u ts. O rrolarv inaitrd on appUcaUda. Ww. c . W ai IJrooiK ^ 'N ’. ADVIPI to UOTUgRN. Are you dlsUirbed at night and brokeh if your real by a sick child sufferiog, irylagwiih paia of cdtUof testbf if o. aend at once aad g o ta BqUSeof JXxa- ¥ i M l i H i r a l k ) e ( l d i « i r ^ l w O y M TeelMag Its vb I jm m Bsoalcalable. It will Talfeva the poor little safferer iat- Msdlately- Depend oroa It, atotbert. there is BO mlMakfi shonH t, !t oirfs dysenterr and dlairbcsa. regalatea tbe stomaeb aad ^ w i l a . ouree w iid ccdia. •cdtesi t b t g tm i N t i t o i lidAMinkilol* aad gives tone and energy to the arkole ^ t o n . Mrs, Wiasiow^ .,3oOlh}nf By* rtip f treh lld r e i tecfhiogU tdeiitB t to the taata. and U th® oreacriptlon o t oac Of iho oWmi»«S bad n in e taffd pbysleiaiis In the United States, and Is for l i l t ^ all drujrfiiig throoKbooi tbo world. Price 25 ceoli • boUl& K e y im ii drtiftdfi Nn 82. o rder oj Railway Cowdortoni, held its annunl meeting la MeMlrillc, F a . Tuesday, The fnlluwlog officers were elected; C. t\, John Ulnes; A. C. C-. William Ilcmlci- sod ; secretary and treasurer. E B Ilu n i; delegate to the grand division, wbicti tieeti t t Rochester tfi Juno. nallock Foil No. KH» O. A. R„ tisi elected tho followlnc ofilcers: Deles Boutwell, Com ; A. It Wiluinnn, 8. V. 0.: 0 - K . BeouetL J. V 0.. U. 0. Bui* loeJc,LM ia.; N. O' Sbepard. Gbap.; WUUi^aWJldcy.O. G.; 8. U . Bwoot, O. D Mrs. Itopanaoo was eleeicd prct* Idem of the Woman'* IlcMvt Corpa. 1* Barglsrs arc aifd lo have v I r U ci I PI- e i* Valley, a few nlghla a^fo. also, at CJbeny Nwrvocf DiniAiiEi.--Forthln;j Teija! t waa alUlcteil with nervotuiprostration. also Liver and Kidney Coumlaint. and paM out huadredt Of doUarato of the brat phyafclans with little 1800, I BaA- sume of the Bi. On ibc SOIh ;bl a bottle of phyafclans __ ____ 80t o r August, 1880, 1 hongbl a boltla of Baroamd, or BaA - acbe. IJvarand Kidney <^re. and in three daya after taking, tbe pain b ^ n to leava ma aad 1 have bgea frrowlog rapidly b etter every day. I would will- tsgly nave given •lOO.uO a b attle If I had ^ known what Barofma wculd do tor me. 1 w u so weak 1 could bardiy drew my- relf, waa white as death and could not tifl ten Doaods withtrat pain, but now D Feiiecity free from ptiU ifidtiui ||R uaack as moat men. A. C. MC^KintLL, Sworn and subscribed to before sue. Sept. 7.1880 ■ J , J . llo u )]» , i. P. TIUMvIlle, P a Sold b y druggists. T. O. J 0 N £ 8 » e lls the boit and cheiL sat of anyoae that leals la pooltiy, •ytters* fm b and salt ataata ha^i •auM f M. o r lard Im B m w m o t o t B m i o m x m ifnrsthu tvrsatxptaeeCQfhsaaraam—ijrfhseisg. Ska vrai art sMate walk Aretgkt BWBihi^ and wsB oneniiclM»iyaar. tltoikctonirivli^ tstioki. hot 1 rsAMMhS. sad put bsr on B.& a •hs Is new as wflHaad playfBl flis toy etAKL Maausona Owsuito, ooluiahoa, Qa. ‘ItotifluseanoMaad «ctn Diseases assBcd IvinMractfioOx. Dnwsr A AUaaia, 9a. ,11. A V,tI!.IlAil.« A\ is is KaTIfonre\* !!«+sahl£ 11 t o ­ ll M HS4LTS IS WmTH! |§ IfiSBS \itass taas-, lists i is ilj a w w 4 a n g B O T ia* a t r p v i i u w . . b . a T H E a H G l f t ' ’- L t S l k : Tito! Tihrt 'll •ffaM KfT.Irtjl j i * ; l l r * =; IS fSSHiid I iSjsB' |lto is s m 9IP > « Orc.h.snn’ark oo hOS-nsr llufialo h « w I tm 1 .fl I „ I 1. Fm rm q aa uiv. Kx. ’JoUl BTATiOWA ■ssiSi” fi'iSKj;\ ■ii 3*ii840 y w| Rtn M M d '««d ■■<3Thail«t ■ V ^ I& ISMI i y IP ? I liw '14*1 I w 1140140 Ac®c® .a 1043*0 at am ['■Booliv t*nDo*s iji |^«w!a,p«iiinl#tniyl|jix 1 A .ii:^ 10 4# p M S to kAe. B|iSax aE2r^s.%'.'i?ssar'..tt'aK^^ #s oy r»iln#!ltor Untokrilla/ ttnyltowivUll m .tatlouaoi Low tinulodtvIsloB. . Tkonsat d-.N<lle Uokete sold'st tWi4 ««ate :>lrect1tfn)a te- New York, Phlladotphiai Baltim o re, W a ihington, Elm ira, B ln o h iin - ton» Bradford.. Jrtmoatowm AKi> AU. F o m r a bast Attti OO^TU. T I M E . T A B L B , On anil after Koveaiber ITlb, 1880, trains laav® Dunkirk os ItAjomm. Ksstera Stondart 'llatu; 7:05 A. M. SS;7S3i‘!sS;!.''i‘'CS; ellSViUo and rcaehM NoaOTorluitlOl.'tTjN w;’’ Conneeta st f)iteton,K. T. tor JatartlAWii, Uo-' w i^a sod Buffalo a®d atcarrolUoa fortilrad-^ wan Sloepora. Dlreot oonnspudai at Idti a. m. i'uUman 8U^ C m fruwt Gosranda Bradford. T rains arrive a t D u n k irk frtwi lb s east at: ^ a. Soi.ils)' i J ;14 p. w, 4al y aail j F o rth*r'lar»m istinn frnsi J ItouA iva. \xm iti' a t D u n k irk, o r OKo. R ,A i.i.B N ,U e n a rs| K i ^ . « w Tsssengor A gent, Buffalo, If. T ; I- P. PAftMltB. Qeaerat I’aMwagerdkgsab r. J. a o m i’jiT, licncrsl b u p e rlatendoat. T i r r r FURN.T’JRE jaW —,^s0: M T H E N I C K E L P L A T B : Haw VosK, C hicaco and Sr, t«v» U aojiua - . CO 'The iaUowklii h O bm ccnecisd ts juat lai; *^ralns depsn fr®a « b S arrive at U bio , ita- «rayDcpoi,Vas Bursa Su, Piksga, aa i N. Y ll k. A W® R'y Depftt»Buiu{«. AU trnnek Ami % 9 tOtiO t9> H*dUiUiM'4l’wiil Is is II,11 iji. Chautauqua Uke 1-l H^ Ti»« tsbls-.-lB effect Xsv. 4, Mtor » Baswra Tlwe, |,T3ai X«irldlBa.t In oosaecliOB wlA L. i, A H. R. 85. •TATIOgR. ‘H i m E S 'K K i I f f i i a l i v - I * 9 1 «eeti®B with ■ir.'WrT.'jl^.^jr.'^ : --------- ^ ---- yfy 1 g p p i i i B a B in W ' r n w s Tsbis la sfftot Get. 1st, liik ight ti --a , . * SlUSMH MMnuMMiis ctiMjr, i » . — Jii fsM ’lvis'A. w - •‘u •

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