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Dunkirk evening observer. (Dunkirk, N.Y.) 1889-1901, December 17, 1889, Image 1

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/ yol;. XIX. B U EP E E S E N T A T I V E USINESS HpUSES O F D U N K I R K . . . ■ vf W Itl'I.INO MAOOIN® lor ruling V ,,„ 1 H of blanks latlio latostnadltlon to ,, M al Uppartmont ol P itikirk. Printing Company. tfojl^'bvery day. j /uijn| every u«j. i LKX* M. m a n ^ , rrftcUcAl Fluni!>er, Qaf A an^l Steam Fitter. Special attentlor fiveo u> Sanitary Plumbing. Buttmates'girei* - L ' r w . ' S . ' U ' w l» B. OIFFORD, 223 and 2Zt Central Avo [ ) . Artistic Photographer. ,I nstaataneom i-ftoiogruptis of BhUca a specUlty. Sltton iK^cil; D«i wait tor atmsblne^ except foi l)<uoK BlJCDEKir—J am es tiiv iiia. Kro- II priptor, No. Ul IS, ■Second •ti’oet, near Boi- (ttM strupi, bunklrk, M. Y. Magazines, Uu iio, i'amplilcta, etc., bouml Ifl all styles. Urdeft prumiiiiy attomletl lo. Alt woYk gugrantcoit/ Dtm C U E iC ’S C K O C K E B Y U O U 8 K, J> 303 Ccntrsl Arenuh. Wnolcsalo and retail dealer id lBt>ortod and loinestic China. U lass ware, Ac. / (UAUTAOUITA h o t e i ., Uatos, II pcB day. Civery and Boaidlog stable in connectiota Victor Itidor, 335 and 337 Lion slroot. /7 i TV UAKBElt SHOP 0 Chas. Nagle, Prop^ 1 n<luF Cako Sboi^ National Dank, cornei l entor and Third Btfeots. A One stDck ol loreigu and Domestic cigars. 1 ioN iu.iN a s p n 7 U Udft center street, Practical horsc-dhoeia. ParUciUar attentio* to inturiurtng tiorsoa. Shouiug ol roa> ir i trotUiiK (lursuA a iiieotalty. j^C N K lK K EVKNINU OBSERVlUt. Largest pgUy to the Conoty. An unequalled adTortising medium. I .UNBIBK BIlOlM E B lUNa 003 l y . Fopnrexly Bellow A Pt>|3ole . Manulacinrors of tSogmes, Boiipr\ CtialUng Uangera, etc. Pnltcrns, 1? Castiugs, and Uacliine Work lo order. f^kONKniK C.1NDV tPOHKS, U S3 K. Third street. Mannlacturor of Pure Homo Mad (lUsh ovary day. te Candiea M. Coeb. f \ r . TOOMEV. I / , 434 and 430 cion BtT set, Dealer |n Flour, Feed, • alt. Dated Hay. Phos- .ibatos, etc. ustablisbod, 1377. 1,'IUB HOTEL and uiulng Saloon, Union ' J 2 i Depot. Daay access to all trams and bus ' mess houses, ^est acoommodaUnns lor Com- noroial Travelers. John J . Morphy, Prop. L'EtEERS * CO., Ci 07 and 99 B. Tbltd stre t. Fine Furniture, Cabinet Ware and Up- aoistcring. Pioturo Frames made to order. D. 51ATTESON Jl CO., 801 Central Are., Leaders ol Fashion and Oontlemon Outdtters •2; in b u e h o u a m t t a i l o i u n g . 221 Center e^eet. I £ AltEEf. STEAM U E A T ^ O C0„ Uanufacturors of Steaip flenUng Apparatus Sanitary Plumbing a Specialty. £^OM K STEAM LAUNDRY. our specialties: Fine Shirts, lOo; Collars, ic, Cuffs, 4c, and Laco CurLilns. Free Deliv­ ery. A \V. Cummings, 207 Center.streoi. ^££ It. OEOM. < E. Third st., cor. of Buffalo. Uanufiicturcr and dealer In Fine Boots A Shoos. f I ENUY WKU j E&'S ICEYT«TORE a 103 E F l Thini 6L Hooka, Statlonerv; Maaicgl ln> •irumenu^Magazmeapbaily am!Weekly P«pera an’l dvcryUupg portutnlng to a Orel clwa book «ioro. 8uhooi Hooks a s|ieolalty.- I o n PKINTENO ofevery dcscrtplionandat »I inwesi ilnng rates by Dunkirk Priul 8 ami 10 E. fe( iting Company, b c c o n d ^ y ^£D-*i{0». S PUARALICY, SOO C en tral A ven ue l.|miners for Well Pajior- Paints. Oils, Ac. pEPJU N S . Min . u tnut u r0i> a it ltd c tt • er I ness, Sad.: lys, (i^l sc 1 JvM?M!ttclJ8 pLCMBlNO. T.W . M umy. A specialtT m ldV o f\sarnm ‘y r Plumbing, team and das Fitting. Workmanship guar* 1 T,' Eaat Third sAreot, r.r. Uouilomocouilomoc will flludltto I'asldonablc Tailo U will ( their advantage to call on me before pnrchaslng oisewboro. “ P.“ 1 B. CARY A Ucneral nan! Supplies, Oil Cl tyj>f Shoe win W ■ H k S: S '\ Dunkirk Priming Company, 8 and 10 E. Seeond bt. '|kUDOLJ>H aiOUtENRACER, ily Cor. Third and Buffalo Sts,, ?«na*t C u t r r ,i . ( 'r t n f l u ’ Whisky, Wines. Brandien Uenesal L,luuur Stem lor Faimlj IT Fain.ly t.'ao. TkOUBBT nf*KAY. JEv . Won stzeet. near the depot. , BoArdJng, Sale, Feed and Livery stable. ; SUMing by the ^ay or week on reasonable Center street B o a x v s s a a o r r a e a - f^ ^ tt n u a H . ~ r - r r • ^ „ ------------------------------- L C. JONES, 1 s ! r™** **®®*’*'®'® ***4* GOODS STURE4 Ileyl Blo^k, Dunkirk; Wood’%Block, Frcdonli _ __________ John O. Parlour. 1 ^A T C H K S , J B W K X K Y . A C . * \t Bay the AnrOra Ballroad Watch. n r « , ? , . ‘ ^ r r v .r u _ ____ Frank F. Stapf. h ^ B L IlfO O M E R . Merchant Tailor, ?10 Central Avei ------------ -- p. m.: Sunday., 9:30 .. uesldence. Central Avenue, call. No. 0. Cal's may be left at I. etoro, night or d«v, and will 1 livorcd oml attemlud to. tba five prlL ---- 1 U> 10:10 a.' bridge leading 1 -pc TelophoiTe F. Beggs, wUb liii S P E C I A L A N N O U N C E M E N 1 1 ^ ANTED Itel able energetic mao b, h»a- f V d o fast soiling iftiectaUles. salary from r | n » , ; r r * V 4 « ^ Fieo. Kxperiuuce Unnecessary .lAS.K.W«it- WBT, Nursyman. aochcster.’N. Y. ! JBANDEST MODEEK D1S00VEE7 T i - i u l i i p l i ( j f I*Iiariii-i<*y. 1h only true practii al E L IX I R o r LIFE ASD IIFA L T li , IS nne thal proinnt « digcHUoii, nnproira the ap|. petite, e'eanse, the liver, p.jrilies ili, I. •• .,1 ,,,3 Htiinulal a brain and nerves wi tio it liijurinul rtvisciiori. a .1 .nir iha* msv l*e t.tkrn a I- h ^ by .‘\' k '.?.‘ i \ ■’nirohpds. made o| le rum or hitd whUkry, ■dor the t\ I >,i bittri' '»< bittfSH, UmiiM, vtr* jifiFsIi iothiiitK,; k-a ‘ IwwKith tl lually ralr ripped the wlihont alouhot. l’ he powers In the world. A (IK.NflNK TKMI*EU\.N( E BEVEIIAOE, | d ; r g ? . r \Sled ■\ i Llqi’ID LIFE. I since It stimula os. invigorates a -d rci-nlatrs di-j grstion, nutrition, iccr ti .n.excretion,r spirato.nl and II the fun.tions diher- by III is inaluUiiii.d A we literally take It vitality lu spoonafui. ' It is not too much to assort that the o«|nal of( Vinegar illUem f]o«.v not exist, and no count I grpar^m compound with similar virtues has evei( rootn and herb* of which tuts Rlttcrf is comp, sedj . ^ i Many ol them ic d bv the Indi tn« rod the medi sJ eye WHS tUFT <1 protcSSio t in ihe treatment of rhdK and feersj In another I i« rheumatism eataWh ronsurupt on, ncur .lga FoiTost COst li numerr>(i9 to mentiiirir but easily undcrwi«M*U when bmvo.” fl he iiclionof iho IHubrs on t .c vital fumtt»n4 H - ------- u ‘The d»s*c >verv wr-oa partly AA.\i4len*( I'EUFECT ifiTTEiUS » THE IlESl'LT OF | aCfENCK. Millions of sufferers have g ra'rfuij amt gl idW endorsed, during thepaa- ipiarter Of a ,e ituryl the wonderful success of this t PflENOMENAl^ONIC OF THE WOIlLp. | In order to m*ct. every probable demand, twd formulas of the same lngr.dl«nts arc o iw pu upi THE OLD STYLE 4H STI^D.NUER.-SLtOUTLy UfTTEK. AND UOIIE CATTl.tUTIf THE, NEW STYLE. PliEASA.ST TO TUljl TASTE. ANDEXrnfSSLY ADAITLDTO UBLl| CATE WOMEN AND CUILDUhN | KEUEMDEIL : There Is no ilisease of low vitality, MebiUly ol mnetions, or nervous prostration lor which I VINEQAB BITTKIia 18 NOT Cl'IlATIVE, TOE DEADLY MICIIO AND OMNirRESE.Nt BACTERIA malarial dUea.es, choli tal dUeoi'S, &c., ann so I germicide that It la a i llos^ in. power ai ALLED VERMIProE. A booh c in d be w ritten of its virtues, . nd an­ il her o'testimonial*-, but it Is only n ecessarv ip rem sm b ’r mi general action upon the liver, bfood faniUy shnulil over bo without • liottlo of ^ OLD AND NEW STYLE VINKOAE IlITTEItS IN THE IlOCHK. Send lO.- our Ladles' b j ile Address n. H. .MeUONALU ORt r, r o . Now VorU. Profs Loisette’s MEMORY THE EX A VERDICT CRONIN Beggs Goes Fret ■nd Cwnghll ii Ar* Beoteni Beene In the dncAQO, De word that they terday aftth’noo •eat upon dared to I DUNKIRK. N. Y., TUKSDAY. DECEMBER 17. 1889. ■'y ii: RE.tCIIKI). tbNOEREO IN THE lUROER CASE. Ur. Furresl Jutaplcg fr ake a tu otiou . 1 thutigl I the ju ry w as d isch arge tve a ,la y set fear th e orgi for • COW t r i a l \ ^bts asat, •! del ghl I would • before tnoYlng the arguxueas of a tuo- Kanxe Gats Tliree Tiriua, O’Bnlllvan and tllarhe U fa Im prlseanaeat. irt Room—The Cuijvlcts ppe. 17 —W ten tte Jury miS 1 d agreed on a verdlrit yir*- Judge M cC on n ell took b is be In I atoa and tba w a r t w m de> One moment later I ushered In ovisr the I s Jail Lawyer John dbty pallor on bis face, staring as tbooglu pro- ;1 (fitleacbofl l«a«i of a iktlm • to m ak e a m e until th e iLua fur • cow tm Kryzjc COMJOJCTXLY f s T K a r r a At this stage of the pro'iredmgs the de frmiaot. Konze, w u latid in hD manlfeftA- Uoce of grief, while t« r a Bowed copiously down bis rheeka. Detwren bts suhe a ^ ertee he was beard to u y *I am bmorent. God knows, of tbta. I never wm ot lAke View ff 1 have got l»j suffer three years' lo>ia1siXJ- ment for this It Is a shame. Lmgenerker get wltmsMKs tfi iwcur Ikit I wu in Lako View. NehuBttler' — a t this pcml Kunze's grief tsymme U«> great f,.T utlornnee ami hu words wtrij iralituut After a I mg argti- meot Judge Mef'onoeU set Jan. to as the day for filing a rooti.m f■r , a now trial, the mat­ ter U> bo eoi saierMl by the ewort on (be Uth ol January Jo.lgo M'C-iot.»!l then an- n,ran<-»d Chat the court w<Hibl stan I od Jtiurned until Jan 1-1 aial left the bench. THE PLAYERS’ LEAGUE.} T H ^ FIRST DAY'S MEETING SESSION IN NEW YORK- C o u tltaU a a m J By-Laws A4o|itW —Tl DISVr la Hasiy Pudata flroM TI mw * < the N atteaal LMtgBe—U s t ef PUyt Now Under C«>U«ct — Cob McAJyl Rjccted t*rs«ide«t—O tlu r Oflt S r w Voeg. Dm 17—The CHwttnf oftlj delagaUa of the Ftayuns’ Natkmal LMtgu did Dot begin a t 11 ociock yactarday as pretHl as tba cosmbars c l Lba BrOO«% DitiVT c x r c i^ t ; A/t<*r jury biul mo j ngreralj.. 1-vne with the neMrvpefv-r roea Ins at',]uaii>tam-e To tfcn t u r | rue of all of I Chen, ».« vanl he 'L I n>-t expect ti,a rer>lb.*t as j rendered he bviknl f«-r a iltvagreemesiL lie ratil be c*«ibl ruiko no expmnaU./o of bis I renw n» r. w f ir(L«T itjun lie wu|vN>Kwicd of infiirTna'ion ebn h UvJ him U> U-rieve that enupoi up In a meettag of their osta All tbs dejesatrs wsrs praaent on tlma, bow* ewer, toclsdtcg Temperary Cbahrmaa Job^> Tb) inerting ef tha BrocJtlyn d o b w u at Botox The ofEcer* elacted were: P deal, WcaleiJ Uoodwin; vkjt p m l i i n t , loottoo. secretary. J J. fValtaoe; traasa U M (*haur/'«r. dlrsctora. Waadall 0< wlOy R. F fJstoo, W a II uv CbsuMey M, Wiird “ As * » n as the reaalt cf the BrooUya iDtai* log was known the d etrgatraall adjfnjroad l |3 parlor K, Fifth A resae bolel aad after U|a doer was MDcitrely locked C talrm a a Jobzuob raBni tbs meeting to order and hodnaai gaa Immeduitely what was ootk . It was twenty minatot past fJra brfora ja rottm was takra and ihan Becratary Jobin \VanJ bilii s U rjt what bad beca door. Aft#r the credentialv were preaested aad the ton, beaded Ch Cuugbllii. Witt ■mile upon •very >il»Pr for the ordeal band tUFKfn Martin B i.*me look of worn ibrui the Inst III I the pHsnnen bands a t the ha en tered th< Alpti behliul et almat tU1 Air soon os 1 lU deferulants bod takeni their seats three dc dty sheriffs tpolt up s pusithin iir. and at tbn uma iiiiuinieat oIBC^rs en tered th e room r m ain d oor, at 1 form eil a rorapleie b artiiraile between tha p 'ijunen' row and all m««if» a t from (h o At 3 -.*J tb( went arounil tbo iiwnibent Every mail h tin hat III h b ros as usual the tx'tnc-'liian iiiillod and waved 1 ■B ami ncw«pa|)or men 3U constlUi Uq« and by Uws. read the report. It wrasdS^ cussed and adopted, aecUoa by sectloo, wB^ only a few rolmw I*tUim 4 tU .4 TAKXW TO JA IL ' After the •late f-w w hcrb tbi» arg u m eo t for a now trial w iU l»» m ad e w as llxr. 1 , th e (irt*- ••cer*. in cliid tiig B *vg*. w ere b u rrteil from , itiv ■'•m rl r»*>tu t«. fb - j:»il T b oy w ere sar r«.u»i.Ud I.J d efe tiv os O J-J lau liffs. every m an I u (es read and adotitwl. th a adoptka of • •f w b n i w as ib-T - o g h ly arm d l A sO x tg b - j cocudltution was Ukea tjp. ~ “ o. ... ...f . o« i l’» » ‘'> “‘‘•“ tJ *w. sg u tc l « .m « o il friends eb a im a n o f th e corainUtew 0 8 . f (If tilU JT f. ,,, ,-T f.w d «>f pe. p ie w h..» w ere s'a rtn g a t Bl U K C . I |,,m to a ru ru iov w ay. am i b e saiu le> l th em Ilohin.! h im carom D an j w lib oM w ave r.f fli« b an d Prt»uQ«r« an d o n ly a half nrrvoii*. half cy n ic a l gu ard s trm n u c'l i, mly a! lag. U :e Ng steel The came agresd upda was \ T ^ Pla; |face. It w a.* B p|>nrei»t t«* ' g n te'J th e )v l tw u > ,g .q eo an>l U ,e en tire N a tto ca l L ragae o f B aseb all C lu h a* plat h e ha 1 cervivl bum aelf j« rty (saxenl in* d o T h ao tlin g a le w as ob,^irt la c»T *n lR og tb * la a g o t w as to t |?«'’Xt cn iiio (> M ulllvaiii. b .s , -UM eU w i'li a l«,•i^l cL sng a iil itio fm o tr jert ' cou rage, foster ao>l elev a te b aesb all en d j an .l th e lin ger* \ f bw rlg b t | w ere sh u t from t..o gen erat vi»w B u rk e i p rotect th e m u tua l lo tsra d a o f p rofeastoual Irvottsly S t hi* niu stach w . was b u rrw l b> D ie U >v» d cp x rtm en t | U ue ball p layers an d clube. a s w ail aa to I clnso b eh in d h im haul th e ' t'oiighlin. K u u z»an > l ( ) S iln v a a »* m token , tabtirh th e b aseb all rixsm p lon vh ip o f tt did in d ifference th at l»o b ad • i„ tn otr cell* on<l L . fee .1 up | w orld . T h ere ore q u ite e n n m lw o f eh aagl It th e trtaL L ittle K unza^ it. ix ., ..v en III* ra i-» m com p ared w tlh th e coosUtuttuo o f th e 2 fl isimJ th e ix'tnciHan o f I ^ p, b is fil U i ga th er , IbN iaJ league. U(> •oiue triiikels l..e ba<i tliere. an<t t b»trrMT«| t«» ibe upnifarr wbirn l3*> k that was pl-Mtsl U-for» bun A ii rzATtroxa o r n i r oosirrm m o a . U ss early tn eau n gs o f th e boamd o f d lraoi I fi rs ar« b l lit on tb a flfxt T uM dA yj hts frletiil*. |*rr^tan,^ likAt •ilu^nre*. TLe pi •-rnsned Ihe 1 1 oftar tfie skxjck I Moodaya It M ifrb. Iht DwvoiUcr m seilnf to lAkt , *ba ' In New York and tha March meeting sere ex. harigwj w . ^ very < w bera The aecretary's salary fs to be «3JX>i t wiU) a bond of II* mtiwt b» t n OBt* Murj.bf. father ,. f the girl wbi flm! b»y tba j^r Now members m n a woelTa a tbnwl story ..f Dr 1 f m in . a.Urg»I p r « e n « In a qn*rt«r r o te and appUoaUrms for .N.irth t lark sTret gnp .-or, when in fact bt* ,;jjp Uior.torvr* wir* |«*<-hirjg hi* mu'ilatml body In the t\ g IrutiS M irpijy caught Hcgjj*' j*!id auillencn, \ Here they coma,\ | tha Jury flted Into tha iruom. on his ovwrnoal and cairrted md. anti this was at onire ac- j Ol ;lAr*lTe eyldencw that a vierdict last b t i reached. The twelva gu.xi | men and tru Wor# isk'i rted to Ihcir scats, | aad the roll » a^ callmt. i iin vennitT -fret *ile|iL^ prevailed. Even tba J|adge. j ' and ctillectod, nervonsly tloii from bis brow Tbo A CRAZY BOHEMIAN. Be SeeesBoe Tory YIelewt omd A ^ a t i d s te MwNler fits C h liarea. Nxvr Y omc . D*& n . - J o a q A Sracko, • Bobemtaa oarpeatec* vrbo tiad been oat of work for a c m ttmiH b a t bad arcured« arday, b e e g ^ craxy on i last night and attempted his famOy. Ba first attacked hit wife, wboaucoaoded ia haoaplag to Utaroofeasof occapoBt of tha teoemeiit hou wharw titey UTod, 199 Areooa A. Kra thaw adaad bia 8.yaai*old a<w iSddia ai tKraw hliu out of Ih t third story window. UU daBcbtar WtlbMstlsa. agad 5. quickly followed. Fortttaately both children struck •lEiBkt • ntUlBg ta d JM ^ o p o o U m Boor of U m firs eeeapa. Mrs. v M k I u > managed to puU tbesa tato U m window of tbe a d jt^ ln g epartmeat wbera ska was bhltng; bat WU- tMtlmlna ta her fright n u i tato lba b a ll Bar tatbar pturaaed ber down stairs and, oatehtag bar la tba yard, kiased ber aad thee threw ber rkdenUy do wn upon the fiagglog. By ik k Uma aevanJ mea war* trying to capture tbe lunatic, bat ba foUgbt Ilka a U ^ , aad iFmkJag away, attacked Mr end Mrs. Friedman, who U ts in tba They wete badly bruised by hM blows He wan finally o v e m w e red and dragged to tba poUcaataUoa Hera bM atronl** <> k eioleor that I m broke the rope with which be WM bound and tore bis clolbes and ’ pulled baodfttlsof h air T rom 'his bsad before tbe oCBoen could g et a straight iseket on him. !ia was tbeo Ukaa bo U ^ v o a botplUL Tbe (diUdrKi were not serlotuiy Injured. Meseacee Net Taxable. !ijtOTO.Y. Dea 17 —Tbe ropreroo United BUtaa b** rendered an opinionplnton laa U m casem of tbeba Westerneslam Uninion Other atata ofllofia. l U m tm ot t W U 'etegrapb ceawpany against tba eecreterr of •U taof Alabatua aad other Tha qufaUoB' InTplvad ia tb* ablybly off a lawaw ot Alabamalabama ImpoMngnpoMng a o a l o r A b s apoa U m groo* rwodpta of all telegraph c panlM for bualitaw dona wfUitn al Under this a c t tbs telegraph company was taxed, not only on buMneea done entirely wflhln tbe etata, bat on M fri arm »n>i t'urri«l hi-a thr-rtigb the gapiiii; . r..«-l l..n <-airta„-o thal Jordan. Ricut 1» filed tlxty d*ya before mentlrg Club* may ba expelled for fail: l« sign itM coosututu duao if , to pay salartoior rtiJl , share of the receipts. for daUbcratvl to play a chauit4acsblp game: beer or I quor, pool telll canton by Jm hardly worth while to make any about tbe matter, as tbs court 1 It U m n wUhln- -ae many yeara di i nKsoagaa wnt from one ftat* fkto smother see not subject to taxatlou. because it would be an Inkcrferenoe with tntoreuta oonuuMm __________________ Accused ot KrauA AuiDHii. N. Y , bee. IT.-xDarM roprlabM- ot “ which wee clouDd «p by the sbertl fmo'jaUiiiEto about 135,0(10. b y b»M) a ^ rwted on - on order Isetiod by Judge l a : rcixw of the supreme c o u rt of New Ywk < 33plaint of Henry Fcra at Mald*n Lane, IW York dty. The complainants claim Wolff. i In this Hty, srtff on claims 'oitufaL Tb* Portocaw* bore as wall os a t Lisbaa deidare th a t fb* ra* port* of Beipa TlntoY itcttoa IwT*, b*pf groaily azaggeratad by Conaol.Jo^M tow wboas Information oonMata wboQy- o f m Jumbled nuun aUtamwita n * d a bgr fright* sued o r otbarwlta mentally warped iKegUili missionsrles Boway<ir this may ba H Is UB* daMahls that Pinto buiip baen f n # a g In for* blddon pastureaaod thathia opporttttdly lo oommlt his queettooalda'aoU was ohtalnod throogh fraud, daoMt BOd fab^iood, for 'bleb tba Portugoasa goTamnMai CDUet nn** OEATBa m TSB FOO. - During the almost unpreoanted fOf wbtoii hung over London *on M d a y akrraB parsona n a n drowned in TarlOBi part* of tb* a f ^ d the metropidls by o n o o i^ o a tly w a lklaf o t b a river, ennali or dooksaadB-bu*g*r mber were seriouily injured by f k l ^ g i n ceUam, excavations, a t a , or tbroogb being knocked down and run ever by UaaEO TO XBTOIUI TO WOMC. Tbe Btriking gas stokart hav* aaooMdad fa| ooIlecUng vary Uttle money toward support* ing thalr bopilNs Qgkt agaiiut the ooMpMiy and tbelr leadars e ra bow oa aornasUy odvla*' log tba mimuidsd men to saak woric »ls** wbare as they ware oararal days ago ootUMsl* ig them to abandon their em idoyaant abd iroa tbs maatore into ootnpHimcB vrftb t b ^ , Ltbcr exorbitant demanda. Tba mdrUnjU 1 quw . ^ I ^ im g . op en n e i^ j ■ ^ ^ ^ pUytng w ith d aq u aliO td clo b s;U in .w to 4 |^ , ^ „ ^ ^ ^ j ^ U j, , came*. pUjrlng on H'jnclay; for disbanding gaooa I tha orgao tzatiaa aad faiiore to com p ly wfth I ’ T to hurry ;± M q| when autering tha court t tt^ t Burke . chewed with r«- rl ener y?at his quid of toluicco white (TSulllvnii n I) his fingers Into bis buir with a desporatior threatened lo tear lit out by thi> n a ita '|Tio volco of Foreman Clarke caino out dm r'aud dia'^lnct and with a tri umphant rtn ^ it when ba answered. “Wo hava,” In re» ckwo to tha qu**tton of the :tark of tba i rt as to wbetlMr bo aod his ■olltmgue* hr I agreed upuu a verdict. lUa- ing In bis SCI i pe handed a fotdsd poiwr to the clerk. T uj stlUnoss a t this momemt was irtisslvn, but patnful I the ■' xauu,^ New York clly. The oomplalnanta claim July “ Is* dlamoudx lie was some w hat doubtful of bit credit, and a short Urns after demanded tha return c f the Jewels, bal - - ^ them. Wolff claim: bail was placed a t the orgautzaMoa aiui faiiore to comply wfUf i *^’'***‘ ubIlgaDuns a n l contracU as a coemb^ of tb* pecuniary punishment ' WAamxoTo.v, Doc. 17.—The weys and with tbe ruka,! moans commlttoe of tba bouse bas arranged 1 betwewi on* a sebeduta of hearing of representatives of played tbe vwtous Urtamts of tbe country t h a t are ootbejl interested In tba tariff quesiioo. Tbo I ------------------------------------------------- , schedule to as ■ ■ows; I v-nx KAXAonocNT. | j f curt, of the Walk Han wbuw- i-.*>nr.-t,<ia with tl.e-lcf row* movoroont haaalw*,* Iw-o pruminrnt, helped Beggs into lba i-nrriaga Isiwysr Foatef took a scat tiveida h,« ,-l,eat, end then Morphy and Jor-Lan and la w i r r Anic* (iltcil in Imlts- crlii>.r>->t. ly an | .tgiialtwl iLedriv. TUB Jl uviixt p rrcn v itw c n The entire p*rty |>r<*-ee(lad to tho oBtra of __ _____ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ VMorphy & Am,a , n CkirU street A large j ^ ^ b T t n u a f m w l from o M ' delesattun of trubmen wore there to meet ' without a wzittM oonseat fn l«vref‘r'^ n ^ l y T r o '* 1 o ^ w l J ^ . “ b u \ w ^ TH* BANAqMBNT. ^ .* X w w a r e D « . 91 wool J came m and informed him thal be was due ! The leogua to to be maaagsd by a c e n tral I at home Movera, of the Juror* were Inter-' board of directors, which shall oonslst alt f ' y ^ a' Viewed at tfceir Iw rora. but all of thein do slockbablera who a re not plavers and n lavai^ . goods, Jan, 4, sUk, Jan. 0; tobacoo, cimr.J to w&y onrtHiuu f u r t w tKmvj thnt alt not ttoekholLmi ^ talk t‘f iM'nM»naJ cn»*»junlcni in lii« Jar? roofn riub wUJ farm tb t coxd L mj * w » v • ,• ^ . . * • i t a k A T t . . , « n » . t h A ™ n c l u U U « . ffor o r r t : i l ' ’'“^ ?■ to » K ', » |» r , >Jtscl.wa ntvchtng that bad trai»- i T*wr*. eras emaodsd by the the Jury r«».m. Oi» Jarvu- said the ' r«*«Iutioa offered by Mr. Addison: y member can be ditmlseed laytoig season and anotb«', box ■ ! “ la club lo anoi without a wriUam oonseat from him, rm c KAXAonocNT. ____ y«*ar«. and eras emaodsd by the toll Jar.u- said the | r«*«Iutioa o f ^ foll Hetau; ores and coal, Dec. 98; chemloato, Dea » ; 3; manufactures of wool, Jan. 8; flax, Jan, 4; silk, Jan. (1; toba' wiiMB and Uquiaa, Jan. 7; pro- u-m prodnets. Jan. 8; sjmdrles, J a a 0, wood, Wooden war*, books, |)ai»er, distinct, ran sdant J»>h i tbe Indict momc i^tha volco of tbe> < >ut oil tho air F. B*»g*t.' jn L ” Thi s| if a ' thou-xand bated bceatbs The bhxid rushed ito tha >ner and in a second tt fare ot tb< was ot curm had been ■Ida Biul bis man aOltctc Again tha tbreo romnl condrninedi a living d II :j and O’HulU while the d sbo*v«d thtf;| Immao vffi ;j third time proceodcl: Cuagbllll, van gutltyj dk'tinent, ^ upon the five men wbone - mont would ho detormifoad. “*» “«*< fenduiit Jury much as to say. “Be 1 * hi* chair, al rou|,ila at r words In a wllitsper North, when askol why ^ Iwew It low words life sen tcu re Im itm d o f tb e d eath p en alty ha*l b een {{iveo to tV .»ugU iJo, H arko m nA &:ik«e to tw dppot^totS 1 I ■mkY fucrEivKo Ir clork.cUuur and t oil tho air “Wo find thode- B*|gg* not guilty as chisrgtMl —, --i wasa hi ---- - y e r prisoner and in a second 1 a huA Hui right arm, wblcl iig on tbe railing, fell to hto Itire fnim* ibouk like (bait cf * rltb tbo patsy. but the work of a motnent. B of tho clerk rang out: “We tba de ciidant John Kunze gulUty of slaiigbt K knd fix bts penalty at three s In U m jynltentlAry.\ The little ewroed- iwed Ills tenth. To oill ap- JBONMKNT rnn Lira. baf, ro tbe clerk re- romained tbatl tbe ba.1 either been Ing def uilan ^ die on ibo m-aff.iLJ, or to suffer eyes of (Viugbltn. IBurtto riveted on tbe reader IvnUlve movem'nta of tho Jaw* making a ituper solloga F't,r tbe I bu throne and We Ond the pri*on,;r» Daniel il Patrick O'Hallt- .rttn Burke and I iry for the Ccrms C. C. PENFOLD, MANUFACTURER & IMPORTER, 304 HATN 8T., BUFriVCO'. N. V. DEALrn IN Clocks, SHvorware, Lcattiev Oooct*. Eto. s jy a a a r/.Y o , aoz,D <f s i i , r a n r z, e r/.v ff A COMTliSTX L i a s OF m i W A Y aOOBB 3 6 4 M A I N S T R E E T , Cppollt* Iroquoi* Hottlj. tbe th ree | sring* of tl| the room, | rr'rw ^ r Burk^ ail ^ I t b in tba ju fl stood ooii Burke an prisonmci ^ !ie p en itei ise o f tb e p u d i'ors fou n d vfsnt In i«*e«l sh oo t, em l th e d em ean or o f ax'd u n n oticed In th a w ild scam p - ood ofllceni from were con gro- 1 and th e ver I grea test Uf of Coqighllo, Kunzu upde a -wvpoper men ond sr •.’,'»<» fs'ople I ouuitie of the J » l 1 and * etfcd by them wiib Uia ( Irvaaurer of thd _ a auarantee for the pBcrortnaace r«'b cnroihcr cf this leag»s of ito coouacts ic^ O’HuJilvan said there were wvcral place* cicota for cuc?b a rtyrtlic^ . . ------------- - I The duo* of Its each club aggregaffug *12,- OtX) yearly will ba used to pay U m aaiaric* I and oth«-r expenses of the laagna < Foilowtng to a completa list of tbe p U j*n ritest I have tigoed with the Players' N r \ ---- ' Wlust the Londonors Think. Lovtx-x. !>•-.- 17 —Tho Doily Ne*v*. mvntmg i>n tbe yerdw-t of i fix’iiin trtjl, iBiy* “Tbrro wrctihw* yver l»-ft unhung lutvn receive*! I*®S^: j subHiontial J w ife \ Tim Tolcgranb ex- I R««»oarn*. Darling. Brown, Kfl| presses surprise a t the verdtet Inj is (bank- I Farrell, Keefe. Dailey, Boyla, Craoei ful for small mennm T im . P *it says i « ’*»«* Evnnw. CYDay. ilroaUiers. BaklwtnJ -Hb.m fclih«i-aserw.ul.lnatbor x,ghawoken- IDwyer, D. HlcbMd*oa,j in g - f American pobiic opinLm to the true ‘ 'Ybltooy. H. RtehanlaMj, Rartsne clmrocter ot tb« ( 'uu>-na-fJoal (ha mar-Ier of ] ^ toBcf, 0 ILuUfks, Rtovsy, Wl Dr I'r m n w.U col have teen whdly In | gcU y ^ LathSHL ^ ^ t e r y . ------------- I Handera, Foreman, Cmmlagbam, Hastadi be psOd ia foIL Tbe eutpenxion was not uoexpartad. Tbs bank brid a larga amount of the paper of the Samoa EUwr Paper company, and the exteosloo accorded tha company tiirea moatlia ago by Boston smd New York (Mxrtiee atToeded no relief to UMlNUQk. U m bulking ( k ^ m e n U t W f t i b * Ingtoo has beeai notified and aa-«xaminar will be-saot oo to wind U«s IruUUition up. Operation on Mr. B a rrett's Tkreat. UOOTON. Dec. 17.—Dr. H. saeoesafully operated upoa Mr. Lawreni Barrett's throat, removing about fifty of ti .oltad by a Crmey ttaa, BK. Dec. 17 — A men rail<vj a t the rntist I • H iHilnmatcr. at Ma.1- lon QViouuaiul F'lriy wK*.jiid street, h. hav# a to.>«b ntter..lci to. and while the ctecti>r's Luck was tornrti sf.ru»-k him over the hcs>l Iroa wb cb ba -ir. a t Mai- i Htrtcfcer, Zimmer, Batcllffe, Snyfitr. O'l reel, hi bar* Uakloy, U n ibtr, TwitcbcJl, H cA ker, the doctor’s ! f-srd. Lurkin. McKean, Van Baltren, 1 agbata, Haa Malvey. Woodi Dehhanty. Foat<| brought» f.srd. Lurkin. McKean, Van Baltren, B yi Duffy. Ward, ---- ~ H. Richardson Mr. Lawrence » a t fifty of tha lymphaUo glands, Mr. Barrett- easily ral­ lied from tba effects of tha operation, and tt b beUern! Ui«t tiM troubl* with the gUoib, from wbicfa be bas snffefWl more or lees a t InhHYato for yesjrs, neatly o byutad. be ont in a few days, refsd more or ■ea bar now been perms- d. Mr. Barratt to exp^tad to in a few da and when ooovatoeoent will proceed to a Oennjui watering plans for a aaaaoo of rest and recreation. A B e a k ra tlare. latln, Sai 17.—Tbe Bank n, SnmnMHr oonnty, bas BMigned. Tbeasostsars about 100,000, and the itobUiUes abost *49.000. Nearly all tba O'Connor, Cook, Weyl bail , Murphjr, Tockar, Btorbaaer, Bassett, Becryl p.*l in [jatsn- Tbo I Andrews. McOcacby. Mack. Clark, Fwraonl the doct.T. thoucb ' Krock. Krefe (WashlngtoB) Carney, Wise, . .im.iw.1 I T* the h:..w, rwovcrwl in time to ' J Irwtn. Wblia. Hoy, Beecher, Ftobto, MIL . SamoM county ofBdah and many builnoo* give Utc mar.... aid ih.. n a « » a * raptnred tor. Htaley. Galvin, Maul, Morris, Bwrictoy| men were depositora. The ebarcer of tba i.yani-iLiar afiar running some dtstance. ( Dunlap. Kuehne, Hankm. I I bank expire* in March, 10M, and tb* fatlnrs H« gave hi* D irus Bs .Arthur Z<>lkt and s a tl i Tbo foiluwlng ar* reported to have signed I doe lo toe tact that tho bank ci Ctomants, D*l*e make a clear title to a cotton factory n 1 y ---- tuna on.- ------- ( my made an as* •nia, B#cl 0 fl 7 o:n« ilUtatm. ( DunU|). Kuehne, Hjuilon. gave ht* n .mo n» .Arthur Z«>iki and sail | The foiluwing are reported to have sJj ho wRsa'tonit. ile *atd bo ilnJ rot know ' iwo lodivWuaJ contracto: “ why be .-onmi-toi U-e assault. Tbo wrap- I honty. Miller. McKean, p ns <f « I.b whu tr tbo bar was run- j Ninety -eight us rocs bOTS boon signed, will rcftlNi •Iwibiiru pTcvcatcil the bLtw friim tbe five Bllffed (I'j^bles temvlug nlD«t]r*lli, tamig fuLil As u wo*. Dr livlaatater re- 1 Tho following who signed an lodivU eeived on ugly scalp wnui»|, bat tfc«-r» wiU | rontract wUb tbe P layera' lesga*ar* now n probably bo m> •ortuos reouft. It to ihuugbi ' that A iki IS crazy. JapS' esc Jugto. I Rscap* ills rate. Vt»HX, Dpc. 17 —Ccmnsel few t ' J wfcu was leatenred to bo p ‘Bcx-urutug luI|lYiin eVL^Kft WnCLX> CO R.AO. on undoubted autborUy that ’ of Juror I'ulver going mad aroom-theutbor eleven wooltll have ItlBOiiitely for banging Cou/gbUn, lltvsn, twenty-ono yeair#’ Im* Ifor Bvggi and iourtecn yeara for as the verdict was renderad the itored around the prlsoneirs and prevented any attompta to com* Iththem. Chief of Fohea Uub. bard stoo^|xt the roar of tbe dtrputieai with li-ere in cUtenx’ clotbos, while itood al lba rlglil hand cur cicKiO by tho Ji.i tor neji Fori*^ Immediately emeriMl ft motioD for a n a tfjrial tor Burks aud C mghlm, and snea of Auurnay Donahew for and Kunzn. t then thanked the Jnry, and torn- ttate's attorwiy said. “As to the rggs. o t cuursw b e w ill staud die- thoro b ofithiiig agQlftdt littn, I t Jury will also bo dbchargwl iner remanded lo JaiL” prtonuere* af* remanded, ” retd O'SuUivi ing to thi pt Uotkor, cLarKcd, “JtefuD pa^ ‘W-country . tia« appited for a writ ol lutbea* corpn* ond will rnovB t*ir tho duvVjargo o t the prL*- oncr dn the ground (hat ttxr sentence to un- (-uusUtutiooal, inn.*mucb os'it linos not tpecify the maauer ur tbo tJroe <if tbo Oxccu'ion, ant toavw to ti e wanl o ot ib^ pr.»“«i ilw judi­ cial (un< ti<m ■>( lindiing wbat tbe taw ta. Two Uhlldren Drowned. pLATTM B lM i. .N V . Dec 17 — WbU* the 11-yenr-ot I *on of Ezolucl Hbote of Cham­ plain was •kating oo the rtver near that plane he broke tbrougn tho tea, IJU 14-year-uhf sister was on tlM tmiK and seeing hto peril she b a m e d b) hto aasDtanee. Tb* boy in hto 0 drowned. Thetr bodtee have been recovered. Trial of an AllexMl Cwibexxlet-. PmUADBLTniA, Dec 17 -C b a rle* T. Reilly arr*-stcd Lba charge of embczxUog *3,000 from on Omaha firm wax arralgoed for pro- Utnlonry bearing, hat was granted a asnUn- tjancu In bends of *3,S0a OtHccra from Omnks are now on tha way to this city with PHTt_*Dinrut*. rvc. 17 Tbe board of m ansgcri of R ^ I q j rillroKdl t k t i adepted resolutions erpreasisg sorrow for Mr Qowen’s dtstth. Tb* gener al oSk** wQ] ba draped In motirolnf o a til Jon. L ported to have clgt»d with the Natl tongue. Clemenia, Detohanty, Mlltor, B toy, McKean, Mulvey. Foilowtng are tb « • who ilgned tb* a bal cantract with the players and I J jin p o l; UtoMcock, Clarlnon, Denny. Sa ib^ytv, Husto, Becktey, Bbriver, Oteoaon. The first t b li^ done in tb* meeting h night was nn amendment to Mr. Addtooaw nw.luUonnw.luUon too theha effectffect thathat If any club to a ^ t t e t If any club to I peitol or withdraws that club shall low *3.000 goirante* to the IdJ.OOa , Then came (be •lection of afflcersi, *rhlc)i resulted unaninmstly in tba c IM I oq of tip fuUowtng baseball advonttes: Freaktont, Col R A. McAljdne of New Y ork, t I co prtxklent, John Altltioo of Chj- terretary and trca»nrer. F. IL BraiP Cbtcaga Tb* exeruUve committra ’ will be made op of thedelegatqi ;plres in March, 18^, and tba dcM to the ta c t th a t the bank cannot ’ make a clear title to a cotton facto ry until I June. 1890. The factory was kAs.gfiad to the , bank when tbo ootlon rompon|] •Ij^iuant tom* tnootbt ago. j ' Draw tk e U s e Cislers-d Men. ! 'N xw Y o **, Deo. 17.—The 35d white tpng- shoremea employed a t tits National Bteam- I ship lioa pier, demanded tb* dlsduitYa o f tbs laevantj-flvs oakMtod men also amplbyed therab The demand was refused, and tbe I whites left work, bat b ung a round a nd mad* thraata a g ainit the negraea. A raaerva foroa of police wee called out to guard agaiesC vioJeoce, b u t no u nlawful act waa attempted. The oompauy hxj secured thirty men to take tba plaom of tbow wbo laCt aad will ebon bare a full srorktng foroa. cago; terraimry and tiwaxarw. fij- this year aa above stated. Tbs cotntniUe* on playing role* a i ^ tiito •election of playing belli for tb* saaaoo of UNO waa elected as fcUowa: Btn BiU of Fhliadelphta. JuUioa B. B a rt cf Beaton. WUUara Ewing o f New York, ; . M. Wtifd c f OrookljTQ lo d F tid F fifftr ( t ChicEgftx Xi>v scbcdttl# conxaaittee Sa to coi •M of a rfjLrcwntativeof Brooklyn, Cbioef: ^ Ctoreland and PbUadel|d>ia, the bidJvldoa a be selected by drasring lota at soum ' be hereafter appointed. ‘o gfter Uw i n t i ^ odlvidttal Just Take a Look at MONROE’S Faa*Am*rieaas la Ui* MatrpfMlU, N ew Y obx , Dto^ 17.—Tbe pai»Amerieana wer* mat by a raoepUoBeommitta*. of which C. N. Bitos to c balrmaa, and aaoorted acroai tb* rivw and to tba City ball. w b « a Mayor Grant and tta* other dtyol& d ato formally welcomed them. 8«m r Zegarrs o f Ptra ra- ■poodfd to tb* raayorto oddnw of watoom*, Tb# p arty w«»* tism aaoortod to tbe K fth Avaou* botal. wbofa Bacretary Blaine bad gon* d irect from the depot. ' Prtow ssn K a e e ^ UirrosTOWi, fA , D k . l7 .-m p too F n a i. —atonoed to sevao and • fajOf yaors in U m to be b ereafter A kgal c o m m i t s t lock ta:a c f tiw d o b s and c f t ^ iodirtdttal plaj|[» ere wUl be oenoanesd to-dxy. Ancqig tb* vttitors test nl|(bt were Jok • B l Bags a nd John llu-Jolph, bmb o f Btiffal i, _ « bo ore ooxloos to get tha cootnet for U s teooe made by tb* district attoraey In the yrlatlfig of tb# a*ff kigue. Il bMi b tn ciiio(Ri«e}ficlrio lu p r twlodltn wbo ^ stated that they have raoeived tbs o o o lrac: pleaded gaUty to grand iaroany and allowed It fsrary largo and tm ratlva. them to d M ^ fibtir ptoa to ooa dl Adjoimiad. opM tb* t t r w t door. Non* of tb* m « i hava beta no^icwredL Clta-rngwl TlMfr Idei H»w Towc, D*a 17,—Reowdw Broytb* d a o k d ib* moUoe for a amsModonof i teooa made by tbe district isttorasy In l o s e . GROSS EXAGGERiTIOK. PORTUGUESE OFRCIALS 8 0 CKMiftf ACTERIZe AFRICAN RgPO R T A Aa laam* KxpartrtI Ool*My la Ow ■artNl^ riB to Cos#—story a t a Iftortagaae* Xw“ glaaar-^Etevaa D*atb* O a rlag a p i ^ r * Laafiaa Fcqf'— Oa* W wrltan Vrg*^ t* S*cstr* fMbsr W ark. . LoiisoNi Deo. 17.—T h t aad pro* rlnciai pres* o re b rtotiiag w A dw iandatory mte sued b*lUOo*a a u fctattoa* « « tb* la of Portofal la 1 ^ Afrioft b a d tib* govarom rat being, m fs f to caa b* l aarnad, in a aimUar atato ef iadlgnaMott, It'MdUBoalt prompt official aotlOB IntlwBiat* iTolded, o r how •oob aotida OM ■wise than la ' to aa* bow prom pt i tar can b* a v o i d e d , . ............. result otkarwtoa tba a ia tb* oomplet* back­ down of FortugxL Tb* i\irtt)caw * 0flk3M BRIE ' ' ■ ' • IK T b a low H^ka :Al»UMates<| L»«li5?“oS|- ‘ \ uuiici, ttla, jjti9 impr^ivament' bowl flllod for Mvoral day* and U m oou^pany could not relostate tbe old bads I t it would. It is stated that Us* raMuont a t It* meetiiig yeateexlay d avoud most of tb* aaodoa t b o ^ * stderatlou of a local govarameut artiaiB* tor ' tralasd, wblcb, It to qiwertod, wnbodias many a proviikKM tbo Liberal letdon baro iteidiy declared tbamselva* tp ba In Tba IluaMan government b a i deoldtod, a ftar inch deliberation, to appoint technical at* (ches to the Russian ambaaelw a t London, and tba c o n tlnanU l.c^tato, tbe oddlUona to ba mads Immadlately.- This o oarwia adopted with a vUw of obtainiiqc tba bast poosibls in* '* ograw of oclancM, !.bar oounUioe, to i of similar* pursuits dottriw In Ruaata. Tb* Itiblan government baa sOnt b tCrong foroa of troops to Lombardy to fittOU U m to* volt of tb* peasantry w h k ^ to InuaiBeat in that province. THE AFRICAN TROUBLES. Eogiaaar Caatelluss Olvaa Roatobs far Serpa Pinto's Actiaa. LtHBON, D ea 17.—Senbor Oastallo**, tb* en­ gineer who is larveying tbs Sbirlii district in Etost Africa In tbe construction of a rail­ road, has made an official raport in whicb ba says that be arrived with hto party in tha Makololos country s t tb* end of July, H* endeavored to part with the Mabololos, but I PaoTibawna found It Imposeibls to do ao. TnsTeed ot re- m, to tb* p turning the friendly advaneai o f tb* Porta- htuinaga guBM tbs Makololos attacked them (|md the Para b y tb* i Purtuguose were forced to rataliafee, killing ^ ^be Comps * ■iz nativoa Tbe Portuguew oatnp was too small to admit of tbrir rtajrlng tber* under the menaces of tb* oatlvea, ao CMtelloes araaod the river, w l ^ be Joined ienbor ido, another cioginaer, aad tb* two lafr oomblofd foroN fortiHed thefi)* Mdves a t Mupaata to await tbe arrival of Barpa Pinto. Caatelloea says th a t two Eagllahmen Hwad reports that tlx obiefk bad o o o ^ n e d ter tbe lead of Melaare to make war AUm m i. I'•nlh g b l i d t o ^ J^arji to f lct | y n d w u e w plota itn * ( ' Toye, L e tter Kiofikk, ^ r l k t a i « k i Oooda. bayi « reeetve uptU oailad ^ o f, 1 p r w i Bpdft . M r o i i t l l i i 4 inakiuA tn a lr M Icetlim aM . bic< ih e a b y t t d »riiitA kino laioly ftofore 4 ' 1 in ififitr w f lir m \ » • Im m e n e e . c^lh ibtlatt. ' AUiUlVUW . 9%. TbtlsA b ttai H ifid 'm id th l(» KM S b b w IiorB lA ttlilti; l^gg in a , I b f a n to' T A I^oyeltyA M o riU ilfilfif i C a shniers anti 311k. Mtofilf tiCIUllfUl JTiMipAlOWf W illow Wire. ^ : Cli riet r a w Tdk< «*> O i MMS “ a n tll 10 o'cloee*-. fancy B o x N o a SUk m b - O l i i li f f s lM Scnkilila FlUkfi CRfiiluiJi ttbput one b k U Frtfiilh Cblldm n ’i Ol iik*. 6 e n o i b a J M y i M i l k io i fblM M lifillt M W all Sizek, rjiba i>«r fo r S th e r e g u l a r U « » a 'N - i ^ G rand HoUdaypiI^ jN Toy#, ■e'ERIpUll Gf tb e I under tbe lead of Melaare to make w ar upoi the Portugueee. Be conclodee by exprtoaiog hope that tb* Portoguesa govsromaat will effectually acatter tbs inrargant*. The foroa toe,0C port that Herpa Plnl to olficiaUy denied t to 6,000 attoufc . The meet tbe aaeortion I* Mr ially denied bere^ and tb e aaefrUon i« made, also ofilciany, th a t be has only 9,r ~ ^ badly armed negroes under hto oommai Tbs aam* sutbority deelaras that fully advised of command, t England Pinto’s ezpedlttoa. The West Ea4 Soaatdal laqalry. MitDoa, Dec. 17.—A eecret oobfm'eoce I held before the magUtrato of tbe Bow eet police court in vrhicb tbe crown law­ yers I d the case of tb* Weet Bod d u b scan* eto, tbe boy* committed I tberewitl beerd. le hesring suldltlonal v sv* been issued against persons h suspected of oompUeity in the crimes qbtalninga export datJi, M toaU remain to ^ nominal Yalwe ft- a tow to o u r « obliged to a d ^ ured g o o dea Mr. tog’^ p r o v b i alitoonly on t that province^ - j - - : nor will e M b M i '^ l M t Itiiikt ' RefasM to ReeegiilH the Keptablla LuBON, Detx 17—It is statet Cirdw that tbe Bancko IMIlbim Ilian provinoeo, has a o f a r s p I for in banking boner, bowi mX4 of Oporto, tytJJtit VrUicb bad contracted a loan wiUi one-of th a , Brazilian provinoeo. h refused to a c c e p t ^ 1 ^*** 7f* if a P aris bank few the money, a n d > 'StKUBifi — —cewlse repudiated tb* deniein<I* of St*rrba*,i , auotiutr province. In both oeaee baidng itt re* * ^b* AIlkeaM fatal on the grounds that the Cfmtract was Davie aad Jt yerdict * drafts of a Paris bank tor the money, and likewise repudiated tb* demands of on tbe grounds that made with the empire of BraxIL Arrested on fiusjilelea. L ocktort , Pe.. Dac. 17. — Charles and' W'lUlam Brown, brotbeijt, of Dunnsburg, were arrMted on sutpldon Of being the mar* derevs of. tYilUsm Lorett, wboee body was found in tbe public road in Lockport Bundar. The murder was one of the most brutal ever imitted in this county, tbe uoffwtnnate I having bero beaten to death with a club. A Wilful Murder. Z anestillx , O., Deo. 17.—Eri I 45 years, empl -Erwin Coulter, yssrs, employed on tbe farm of D. ■ ~ ship, went to Dre*: ). UcGipniw. Case towushl ton, carrying a muskat, we If Obrto Hahn and shot him tn the face, itly. Tb# murderer r e ^ butaw igi toaaiato ba tbe aecond I for tiia deed. It be tbe e man be has killed. T b Saoceed Mr. Treadwell. AxSAirr. Do& 17- —G otmtjw BEUl has ap­ pointed Jobff A. Sleicber of Albany as civil service oommlaktoner in place of Treadwell, reolgiMd. , Mr. sbdeher was formerly editor of tbe Albany JourM i, and Is now e d itor of Frank LesUs's l U u s t o ^ Wetoiy. Be Is a Republican in poIftfce/i|s tb* statute reejuired one Bepobllcan to be npoo tba board. Ettx.anzx.raiA, D SQut, tb i Will kfiOVD bomoipfit died j*<terday. aged 08 years, for hi* knowledge ' 'osc#yt ele..«M|id-waaa-iM » MBaa^Anpyp 5*»2i£?!S:S^ , m m ' lt*r EilW:a:]aborar.-'fdMi X ytoali ro m m l ^ ^ t o f te ja arac a ||i» MM ^ bouse by turittac oa 4 w aaa , s throat wit No. 00 Polaodera W.lKl'Wiff 1 • awanu* raiUoaia .kmsefe. bruised. JfflitoOCllM lrb-^ \ BaooKhTi HOLEDAT; I

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